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YouTube Success : How To Create Engaging YouTube Videos

teacher avatar Peter Johnson, YouTuber, IT Student

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Hooking Viewers

    • 3. Content Structure

    • 4. Importance Of Conclusion

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

Want to create Engaging Youtube videos? Wondering how to make a GOOD YouTube video as easily as possible? You are at the right place. This video class walks you through all the necessary tips that you need to know to produce engaging YouTube videos.

I have shared all the knowledge that I have acquired throughout my 6 year YouTube journey in the Simplest and Fastest way possible. More importantly I have provided relevant Examples through out the video class.

This video class is tailored for Beginners and for anyone who needs to know more about What makes an Engaging video and the basics of Youtube algorithm and we start all the way from :

1. What makes an Effective Introduction - How to present an Intro - Some best practices.

2. How you can Organize your Content - 4 common Tips that all Creators can implement and More..

3. We will go through how you can Conclude a video - Importance of Conclusion - Basics of Youtube Algorithm - How you can effectively make use of End Screen.

And that Wraps-Up the Topics and I am Excited to See You Guys !!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Johnson

YouTuber, IT Student


Hello, my name is Peter and I'm an IT student, Youtuber and Online Video Editor with 6 years of experience editing short videos for commercials and social media skilled in Final Cut Pro. Received unsolicited positive comments on my work from 97% of clients. I'm really excited to Share my Skills.. 



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1. Introduction: in this video class I military guys how you can create an engaging YouTube video by just implementing three important steps. And I'm sure that by the end of this particular video last, you guys feel exactly no water due in the next video. So there's get started. Hi, guys. My name is Peter Johnson. You divert for the past six years on guys having northeast of the introduction of for this particular video class, have you, and that is basically the first on one off for the most important topical for this particular reader class. That is how we can go kill yourself basically, how we can convince your viewers to watch your entire video on. Do you know why it is really important? Here is the study consumer switch believing screens up to 21 times an hour according to ever be sturdy, which core lights with the microscopes. Reason claimed that the average post institution Spanish just eight seconds. No. So there is only just eight seconds or less to convince your viewers start to watch your and dire video on that. It's really important to make us over the 1st 8 or maybe the first and seconds over your beauty because that is repeated, in which the viewers desired a better or no to watch your video. And I have seen a lot of people basically putting an end second channel introduction of the beginning off the video and that basically spoiled to the golden time. That is the 1st 8 seconds. So it's really important to make use of the 1st 8 seconds off for your video to cat or convince your viewers to watch the rest of the video. So, guys, this particular really glasses stainless for absolute beginners, or else keep your already a youtuber. It is really good towards. So this particular really class, because you get to know some really important so that you can make your video a bit more engaging on guys. I have a lot of information. What I can find all these into. Three tips are listed as a three different topics on talking about topic number one smoking and he was so basically I have all super wired some life example so you guys can get a better understanding of border. What I'm saying on in the first topic, I will be providing you guys with some really good practices that begin implementing toe gov. Was a coincidence your viewers to watch a video on. Also, I will be talking about the first introduction as Solossa. First engagement on these things that make more sense of a night, aka boredom in the topics topping number two content so basically condemned the Saudi Mito for video, So it is really important to provide a valuable information in almost every video. Basically, we need to provide some grinding to our viewers orderly. Then they start to in Dr or basically engaged with our video by providing a common like share subscribe on. Only then you do. I'll go with them. Recognizes are viewed you as valuable because are you just being a engaged by a lot of people by providing all these paramedics like lice? Comments, shares, subscription succeed on only then YouTube's I'll go to the recognises. Our view new as available on our readers, start to rank higher and higher on Guy will be providing some scripted structures that can forward to provide every little country and also moving on. Now be will be are talking about middle engagement and also why providing a bonus to place importance on assessed before these things make more sense when I talk about them. Indeed, a Topic three conclusion and I have seen a lot of people just spoiling the conclusion part off the video on guys, the conclusion parties as important as the introduction because it is a really good point in which you can convince your viewers. Basically, if you were watching the end of your video, it means that he or she phoned some value in your video on. It's a really good opportunity to trigger a call to action. Basically, you can ask them to subscribe to channel like your video shared. We share your video, asked them to leave a comment, or basically can do any sort of call to action to make an engagement. Your channel. Andi. I will be providing you guys with some really good practices that begin make use off at the end of the video as well. So, guys, this is basically the core structure on. I'm sure that you guys will find a lot of valuable information throughout this particular video class on. I'll see you guys on the other end 2. Hooking Viewers: Hi, guys. Welcome to the first stopping Titus having who give us up or basically how we can convince you of us. Soto, watch to the end off for your video on guys, please always keep in mind and border the eight seconds the golden time. Please don't based it on Bright. No longer provide you guys with an example that I want to replay my introduction and this really class I'm initially guys, how you can create an engaging YouTube video by just implementing three important steps. And I'm sure that by the end of this particular video last, you guys feel exactly know what to do in the next video. So there's get started. So, guys, if you look closer, the direction is basically split into two different parts. The first part is not the future part in this video class. I'm initially guys how you can create an engaging YouTube video by just implementing three important steps. And the second part is no nasty benefit or outcome part. And I'm sure that by the end of this particular video last, you guys feel exactly no water due in the next video, so there's get started. So, like when a viewer here such an introduction, he or she will get to know about the features off this particular, beautiful us, and also the benefits are come. We're basically talking what he or she will learn when they completely wants this particular video. So it's a really important way in which you can convince of us watching you till the end. Decide to provide introduction that has brought feature on aka Ministered in a single straight. So this is how you can get a really good impression in the 1st 8 seconds on. After that, you can put on your channel banner that reads Original Introduction. There's nothing wrong about that as well. So what I'm going to say is that a police are always the 1st 8 seconds by playing the channel introduction. Basically, provider. The introduction that has two different parts on that can make a lot of difference in the first sense. On After that, you can provide of the channel introduction on, but there's nothing to worry about that as well. Moving on now, the second part of Easa, the introduction that is basically self introduction on right TV, I'm gonna provide you guys with an example How you divers Pieter on Welcome back to another video in this particular video. I'm gonna show you guys the three tips static and implement to create an engaging video on . I'm sure that at the end of this video, you guys can get to below your eternal re anger videos higher on more our build invited to a channel. So, guys, this is basically how I give my introduction. Basically, I have a self introduction on if you are on exporting something or if you're on drip American at that as well. And that can make a Lord off Embarked on a video on the Moreover, I gave a small welcome message Onda a bit off a specific introduction about my topic So the viewers can get to know more about my topic and what are more in that benefit that they are going to get. So this is basically the introduction part we having loaded self introduction and also a specific introduction to overtop Gassville. So, guys, moving on this is that the most appropriate position to provide the first engagement? You can directly ask us to subscribe the channel just like this. So guys moving on, please consider subscribing the channel because there's a lot off cold condensed coming on your way. So let's get started. So, guys, this is how I basically provided the first engagement and I basically directly asked me, was to describe Journal on. If they are convinced with your introduction and a basic self introduction, they will definitely subscribe the channel on. But this is so the first hooking up. But we have completed the first part. That is the main direction, the self introduction and also the first engagement on. Now we have completed the first topic. That is how we can cure us. Number has moved to the second most important bond that is reconvened part on. There's a lot of thing that you need to consider while are doing the content. But on that issue, there 3. Content Structure: Hi guys. Welcome to top the number two. And in this particular topic, we are going on this case aboard conduct and some best practices that you can implement to create some good quality and engaging content. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the creator to make sure that they have provided what they have promised in the thumbnail on title last video. Our guys, it is really important to do so. One off the commenting that the first from a creator, the creator is that the delivery or presentation style. How a beauty blogger delivers are their conduct is entirely different from that off a daily blogger andare things differ from a creator to creator based on what they produce on guys. There are some common tips that all of the creator cannot follow toe increase their ordinance engagement or audience retention. Andi, I have ah broken down all the information into four different tips that you can follow as alone on the nodal. Start with a tip number one talking about tip number one. It is titled us Occurred to the taste And what does it mean? Consider this example as a beauty Vlogger, You are a beautiful ogle. Making a video about a makeup situation I don't know for the cool thing that you can do is that you cannot pose to the highlight diabesity before and after effect off the makeup after the first off the video as a highlighted part, that desiccant he's your main highlight. Offer your video by just doing the before and after effect, or for your makeup and posted at the beginning off the video. So any viewer watches your video the first thing that they are going to see easily before an up terrific on they are going to get a self introspective awareness data. This video is valuable, it is alleged video on. I'm sure that I will be valued or I will get Why didn't need from this video? Because you have basically provider that the main juice off your content. Assad the beginning part off the video, and I can make a lot of difference. And if you are available over, you can just put the highlight off your blogger at the beginning part so that I can also make a difference. And right now I'm gonna show you guys are an example of what I will do in my case in this video, I'm gonna show you guys we can collected. You have you do using final cut pro on Literally. You can't change your video from this to every to do this and let's get started. So, guys, this is an example that shows that the before and after effect and I have ah, basically indicated the main highlight off my video that leads to example video onto the introduction, and that's things together and goes well, So I hope you guys got a better idea about a lot occurred to Chase means Now let's move through topping number two topic number toe movements. Consider the situation in which you guys are watching Evita, just like a me talking to the camera for an art. Definitely. You guys will get a lot board on the ordinance. Retention can brought like crazy, and that's where movement comes into place. And there are different types of movement, just like a camera angle movement in which you can change the camera angle from this to this or else I can changing the shooting position from one place to another, or else they just simply have Asuman effect and that can em back. Don't your audience engagement and it is always important. Provide some engaging elements in your video, just like a bit of humor. What a bit off exercise like going to the common section. Answering some questions on these makes on engagement a bit most wrong on impactful, and I am sure that you guys got the basic idea. But by movement is and what is the importance of movement Anomalous moved to the next topic survives. Now let's move to the third tip on it is named ASA Steps, tips and waste on What does that basically mean on? It is a strategy that a lot of people used on YouTube and it seems to be successful on. Basically, if you apply this particle strategy, your condom gets automatically organized. That is, basically, you get to organize their content on do steps, ways and tip format and let me make that clear by an example. So consider this example on gonna choose basic title, like how to make more me on YouTube and right now I'm gonna apply this vertical strategy on this title on it sounds like five ways to make money on you. Do so, guys, this title seems to make a bit more sense personally. In my opinion, I feel like the second our title that is so the title to the statistical approach seems to make a bit most sense and seems to be a bit more appealing than of the basic title on decidedly so basically used by a lot of people on. Personally, I have used it as well, and it seems to be a bit more impactful. Donna Basic title on. But this is also a really good tip that you can apply when some of your videos to check it out. The Hellfire Your audience is responding. I know that's it. This is the number 3 30 steps. Tips on the way strategy. Now let's move to Tip number four. So guys talking about our topic number four, which is stated as do no lag your content on guys. I have seen a lot of people doing the same, that is, first of all, they will put their introduction forward by the Channel banner self introduction, which takes a lot of time. Then they'll talk about some announcements, discuss ever some upcoming videos on at last how they put their content that is, that they lack there. Commended the end of the video on guys, Please don't do that, guys, can any. So the most valuable part off for your video on People are here for the convent, not for any other thing on. You are responsible for providing the content latest. So guys started this on all the tip that I want to share with you guys. Now let's move on to middle engagement on the middle. Engagement is the right place. You can trigger a second call to action. We have already provided the first call to action in the hooking period. On that right now, in the kernel section is the right time to provide a second call to action. It can be asking your viewers to come and down for a question. Orders. It can be in the gold toe action like a subscribing liking, sharing any sort of contraction. Ask for your personal choice and it is a really good point in which you can convince your viewers to trigger for a call to action. So guys wyborne a step. It's important there are a lot of different based in which you can make yourself bonus tip on right now, I want to give an example in which I show how I make yourself bonus tip. So, guys, if you stay till the end of the video, I will be providing a born a steep It can give you some exclusive access to some really good quality article. So I'll see you at the end of the video. So, guys, this is how I make use of bonus tip. And there are a lot of different reason which you can make yourself it as well. On that, this wraps up for the condensation on. I hope you guys gotta a basically about how you can tailor your contender to get a bit more engagement and audience attention. And that's it, guys. Numbers moved to the topic, that is, are the conclusion part and I was you there 4. Importance Of Conclusion: Hi guys. Welcome to the third topic and in this particular topic BR according discuss, a border conclusion. Why conclusion is as immortal Nissen direction on day I already gave a basic hint about conclusion in the introduction video Onda. Right now, let's get a bit detail on the conclusion on what are the main benefits of having a well organized are conclusion on one of the other thing that I always the start. A lot of people just we know their conclusion without understanding how important on how effective the conclusion is. Basically, even viewer watches your video till the end. It means that he or she have found some benefits or have fountain value in your video. And they are adadi words off. A engagement on it is a really sweet sport to trigger them for a call to action. Either it can be a external ing to a related article, or else it can be a normal call to action like subscriptions like Comment, share, succeed on guys white. Um, I always sing about this call to action. Why is it so important? Let me explain. Are the YouTube's algorithm in a more symbol on the easy manner. YouTube's algorithm basically works on the basis off engagement. For example, you are having a really well organized and neat video andare off course. In such a video, people start to engage on YouTube's I'll Go the Pics of You Do, which has a really good engagement and also a very good ordinance. Attention In such a case, YouTube's I'll Go, then basically pushes your video. That means that your beautiful start orbit on recommendations are home page and, moreover, your beautiful startled rank higher in search result. Aspen, for example. You are having a video titled Are So How to Make Money on YouTube on it so well, valuable and beneficial video off course. People will engage with the video. You do so algorithm pushes the video. People will see the video on recommendation Home page on off course. You're reliable rank high here if a person search for how to make our money on YouTube, and this is basically how YouTube Al Gore them work. So, guys, something which is more important is that are you decide to go to them? No, just simply push yourself video head. It has a track off click through rate, so basically, when you to promote your video, it starts to appear on recommendation on basic Citra on you to basically track how many people are looking on your video. Wedneday's Show Your video on recombination home by taxi truck, for example, if you're having a high click through rate beautiful still promoted video ahead Onda vice versa. If you're having a locally through rate, you develop, stop or reduce it and one of promotion that they give you. So this is basically you to go to them, works on it is crucial to have a really good engagement on assisted before in my previous topics, like First Engagement Born, a steep middle engagement. All this basically in backs on on the engagement off your videos on can be really, really beneficial if you give it a try on. Not okay about are the conclusion part, I said before. It is a really good sport to provide another call to action and get me a nickel to action, and that can also benefit. Don't go your channels efficient growth on another. Most important, our feature is called end screen on its an inbuilt, powerful YouTube tool. Andi, I find a lot off big YouTube in north, using this particular feature on I already have a Peter Class on how we can efficiently create a visually appealing and screen on guys, creating an and its greenest basically it on the winter task on. Once you have another screen, you can use it almost all of your videos on basically, with the help off in scree. Lord Off reports say that your video starts to get a bit more reach on guys, and screen has a really good impact on your channel and videos. Basically, with the help off screen, you can couple apart your channel logo. That access is a cry butter your next previous video or you can a couple in a playlist on all this together. Can you? A lot of impact on your videos on your channel and basically it is a really powerful tool, and it is really easy to make you something screen as well. On guys. We basically home later. Now deter top Gassville Andi. I have gone through a bit offer conclusion why conclusion is important, how you can basically make it so conclusion on guys. Right now, let me give you an example or know basically how I make you software conclusions. That's it, guys, I fall about this video wasa beneficial law for you. If so, please consider. Like in this video, I'm pleased to coming down below, which deep seems to be beneficial for you and that's it. Guys, I'll see guys with another video until then by so, guys, this is basically how I pro watch conclusion for all my videos on. That basically raps about the conclusion section that is the conclusion topic. Andi, I hope you guys got a basic idea about to be Morton's offer. Conclusion. How basically, YouTube's algorithm works on how you can basically integrate in screen with all your videos on how and screaming is beneficial for your channel as well. Andi, that's it. Now let's move to the rap video off this particular video class and I'll see you there 5. Conclusion : Congratulations. You have gum Litter the video class on how you can create an engaging your video on guys. I have shared all of the things that I learned on my new throughout my YouTube journey on. I really hope by hard you guys got a basic idea about how you can create an engaging YouTube video. And we started all the way from introduction how you can organize your content and also the importance off the conclusion. Police let me know in the review section. What a nice thing about this particular class. And I said I hoping I saw found this particular video glass as valuable. And I'll see you guys with another video, plus until then by.