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YouTube Success: Full Guide to YouTube Channel for Advanced

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 55m)
    • 1. Introduction To Advanced

    • 2. Video Codecs

    • 3. Channel Banner From Scratch

    • 4. Keyword Research

    • 5. Title Research & Structure

    • 6. Using Advanced Analytics

    • 7. Thumbnail A/B Testing

    • 8. Audience Retention Analysis

    • 9. Description Template & Upload Defaults

    • 10. Playlists

    • 11. Multi Channel Networks (MCNs)

    • 12. Contact with Audience

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About This Class

Welcome to TubeHeroes: Advanced Section!

Here we concentrate on expanding of your YouTube channel Even More and establishing it as a Niche Expert:

  • Learn YouTube Video Codecs;

  • Learn Title Research;

  • Learn Using Advanced Analytics;

  • Learn Thumbnail Testing;

  • Learn About MCNs;

  • Everything is here, from basic software to advanced YouTube practices!

This course is going to be great not YouTube Beginners, so you should already have an established YouTube channel and wishes to know to work more efficiently!.

Disclaimer: This is an ADVANCED Section of the course! If you are a beginner or Intermediate user, Please Refer to BEGINNER or INTERMEDIATE Course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction To Advanced: Well, hello and welcome to the Advanced section. First of all, I would like to congratulate you through foregoing, through the beginner intermediate section. And if you're really went through all of it, FSR and implementing everything. Now we do know every thing that an average YouTubers knows about, a YouTube, you know, every single two that they use, every single thing that they use, you know, everything that you need in order to start growing your YouTube channel and all that is left right now is to put in a lot of work and a lot of creativity. That's an only two things that are left while controversial, it's actually the most difficult things to do and not everyone has those. But the only thing that no one can teach you how to be creative and how to be productive while they can teach you. But it's, it's, it's actually all up to you. But okay, welcome to the Advanced section. So this is a bit of a different section compared to all the previous sections because all the lectures here are practically disconnected. Mean that this section you can go, how ever you want. You can go like boy in order or you can go scrambled. Some of the lectures are actually connected to each other, but not that deep. So it would be very difficult to understand whatever is happening in the other lectures. They're connected, but not very deeply unlike the beginner section or the intermediate section, they are basically loosely connected to each other. So this will be more like a tips and tools and tricks. A section where you will learn separate in individual things to help you to fuel growth of your channel. So who is this section for? This section is for the people who understand well how YouTube works. Basically, you know all the tools, you know all the stuff. You can find, anything that you want it because we're not going to explain a lot of stuff here. So basically you understand how YouTube uploading works. You have your own workflow, you are doing this. Well, you can upload your videos regularly, maybe not every day, maybe not every other day. Maybe around the once a week or at least wants two weeks. You're uploading of videos and you have established YouTube channel wood, around approximately ten videos because it depends on the channel by channel basis. How many medias you videos you need to be at minimum, but I usually see that ten plus videos is practically mass. There is rarely a case where you need, where you, where you can go big with less than ten videos, very rarely. So I would highly suggest to not count yourself as a rare exception. Just count yourself in a room and have at least ten videos on your channel. Well established channel. I mean that you already have a YouTube channel and you are creating your videos rolled regularly, basically, you whatever you viewers, you have your subscribers, you have whatever people you have an n-channel, they understand that you are doing a YouTube video. So they know that once a week or once every two weeks or whatever time they have when they will come to your channel, they are going to see a new video. That's what I mean in an established channel. So, and what is the end goal of the section and end goal of this section is to give you additional tools and tips to fuel your channel growth. So this is all about additional tips because now this tips that you will not use any of the things that I teach you in this section. Any of the things you will not use, any of the things you will still be fine, you'll still continue growing. But with these things that I'm going to teach you, especially the analytic stuff, you will Abdul try and understand more the different numbers that you're going to see you on YouTube, different growth patterns. You will understand a different workflow patterns. You will understand many more things that can actually add an additional fuel, like maybe a little bit of fuel to your road. Because if you are creating a lot of videos, if you are already have an established channel, you can get all the help. You need, all that, how did you can get? And this section is all about the providing this section. Every video here in advanced is in this section because I deem that I highly Think of that none of the videos that are here were necessary in beginner or the intermediate section, you didn't need that. Things that you learn here in the beginning, especially in the beginning of section, because it would be very confusing for you. And you didn't need here in introductory and intermediate section because you didn't need either this event just to scale, beginning scale of your channel. You need this only after you well, understand, understand well how your YouTube channel works and what you want from your YouTube channel. This is a bit, this does not come very fast while you are creating, whether doing a YouTube, but it will come eventually. Well, welcome to Advanced section. This is the last official section. It will be any section after that, if available, will be a bonus sections. And well, congratulations again on finishing intermediate section and let us learn some more. 2. Video Codecs: Let's now talk about one thing that is usually overlooked by majority of the YouTubers because they deem it not as important. And to be fair to things that I am going to teach you right now and I'm talking about right now is a bit long shot, but you need everything possible just for yourself to grow your channel as fast as possible and as steadily as possible. And today we are going to be talking about the quality of the videos. And we're going to be talking about the codecs because it seems like YouTube is using two different codecs for your YouTube videos. And one of them is actually more about the speed of loading and another is more about the size. And to be fair, one codec is looking a bit better than the other one. So we have two cortex with the y21 is a disconnect, a VC1, which is basically the same as H.264. Kodak is a very, very regular codec on internet. And another one is VP 0-9 codec. This is two different codecs that you can get on your YouTube videos. So what's the difference? Well, technologic speaking is they're very, very similar. They work in different ways. I'm not gonna go like technical in this case. But what it does is abc is easier to store. The, it's a less stressful for the YouTube itself, but the qualitative video is a bit, I'd tell you a bit lower because you're going to lose some details like hair details. And in game place you're gonna lose some details in the far etcetera, etcetera. And another one is VP Nine, which is a bit more difficult for YouTube itself to run that your computer, that kid, I'm in the YouTube codecs to run because it has different codecs. It because it's smaller aided compression is a bit different, but the videos look tiny, tiny, tiny bit better. If I would say that all the difference between those videos are huge. Well, actually they're not huge, but in many cases, depending on what type of video you're creating, they can be noticeable. And for that reason, you need to try to get vp nine Kodak instead of a VC1. And in order to get the VPN codec on your videos, if I'll open the videos of the any child that has a lot of use, let say this video right here. I'm just going to turn off the sound as soon as possible. Yes. Just to just to not get when you open this, this is the MK VHD video. When you go to the stats for nerds, you see right away that SVP nine and how to get vp nine over AVC first things first, the easiest way, man, not the easiest way. The most sure way to go with it is to have a larger channel like Charles, which has a size of around five k to D23, 5K subscribers. They usually get vp nine. For example, one of my channels that has 5 thousand subscribers is getting VP nine on practically all of the videos. Unless I do not upload for a long time. Then started uploading, if I will do this way, I'm reverting to ABC's y1. So it's more like the views rather than just subscriber. So your channel, it has to get a lot of use in order to get vp 0-9 oils called VP nine Kodak. The other way is that is a bit easier for you and can be done with any size channel, which is like my channel, one of this, this is my channel and how at 192 subscribers here. And it doesn't matter how many subscribers you can is to render reveals in 1440 p or higher, like in my case, I rendered out this videos in 4K, even though it's recorded in 1440. So it's just a regular 4040 P video that had been rented out in 4K. It's not 4K. When you put this in 4K, you're actually still getting 4043. If you put in for the VDB, you're still getting 44 dB. And any video that has 1440 P resolution and higher, like in this case, 40 4p, 4K, 8K or I don't know if you can record a do it 16 K, then those videos will have VPS. Your nine Kodak question now is it's the huge difference for you, whether it's a VC1 ovary P9. Well, if you want to have a maximum quality video, VP E9 is the way to go. It is the maximum quality that you can get from the videos on YouTube, because YouTube compression is huge, as you can see when I pulled this video, that this noise that you see right here, and I know it's visible in recording or not. There's a bunch of noise, one here, individual itself in the original video, there was no noise. It maybe it was, but it was not visible. And in this case it is visible. It's very, very visible because the, because of the compression, even though the quality of the video is not bad, it looks pretty good. As you can see, it's fairly clean, fairly good. In this case, it's older video or the video and its quality is a bit different. It's a different recording. But if you go and see the details, you're going to see that this video MOOCS more washed out and looks more hazy and this video looks more clean? Yes, the lighting and the staff affects this as well, but I was trying to record the videos with the lower resolution in this lighting as well. A, it looks way, way, way worse. So dependable get videos means that the viewers will both likely to watch your videos because they like what they see. And they think that this is the high-quality video. Unless the content is, the content is bad. There's bad. It doesn't matter how qua, high-quality video you have. But the high-quality actually helps you to boost whatever content that you have and why not to have as high quality as possible. So simplest way, just the simplest way that works in every single case. There was another way says, well, like in the past, you could just trim out the video within the YouTube studio and then it would help. But now it doesn't work. The only way that for sure works for now with this in 2020 is to upload your videos in 1440 p or higher like 40 4p or $2160 billion 4K. Even if your video resolution is 13 or 1439 p, it will be a VC1, meaning that this, this Kodak in foreign, it should be in 400 4p or hires I just recording for the 4p and just upscale it to 4K and it is just going just fine without any problem. So I hope this will help because it kinda used to doing this and I'm doing this for my channels as well. Not, not all the channels, but the main, main channels as well. So the Soviet for today, let's go to the next one. 3. Channel Banner From Scratch: In this lecture, we are going to be creating a channel banner from absolute scratch. And we're going to create it by ourselves from the very beginning until the very end. So in the previous modules, we will learn how to make, not how to make, how to find out the good templates for the different banners, etc, etc, use different services. But always the best way to do is to make the banner, uh, yourself because it will, this will be completely unique for you. You will not be repeated by anyone. And this thing will be completely, completely, completely for you. And right now we're going to create this from scratch. So I'm going to be creating this on my iPad. And as always, I do my editing on my iPad. Whether the Affinity Photo and if you have any photo on your Mac, you can do practically the same thing. They layout will be a bit more different, but not by much. And if you want to do on Photoshop, you can do it on Photoshop as well. This will be practically the same things. They're not gonna be a bunch of different new things that I think if you want you can do it even in Canva or, or any other software because we're not gonna do very complicated stuff. Only thing that we're gonna do is probably adding some effects like shadow, which is Jeju, etc. So first thing that we'll need is the canvas. This is a transparent canvas and the size of the canvas is 2560 by 1440. That's the canvas size that you want. This will be the entire canvas size. The next thing that you want is you want to understand that this Canvas will not be your entire banner. It will not be visible everywhere, in every single device that you have or that my, your users will have, will see the banner in a different way, in a different sizes. And to help you with that, I have downloaded this for oh, this was not created by me. This was created by a certain individual and I downloaded it from Google. And this shows you the different places visible on your banner depending on where it is opened. For example, if someone will open your channel on TV, the entirety of the banner will be visible. And I think it's visible because it's used as your background, like background for your channel. So only place where the entirety of this banner is visible is the TV. So you actually don't need to use like this place is completely, entirely, you don't even need this places. Desktop max is this one is the widest place. This is where the widescreen desktop display, this one. This place, this a bit darker grayish places will be displayed on tablets and this darker places will be displayed everywhere. So this is the place where you need to put, well, majority of the info that you want. All these other places can be used for stuff, but it's actually not necessary. So you need to use a display. So what I do in many cases is that just go here and just make the opacity of this a bit, a bit low, just to see the everything behind and to understand that everything is in the safe area. So first thing that we're gonna use here is we're gonna need some backgrounds. So in my case, I'm, I'm, I'm going to use the slide overview. I'm going to use my Vi's HREF app. And I'm going to use this photo because this photo is kinda more in line with my channel. Because I wanted to create this one for my gaming shall this regularly I'm recreating the banner from my gaming channel, so just be mindful of that. And we're gonna put it in the very edge. And I'm gonna resize it just to make it as big as possible it because the photo is actually unconventional insight. It's not 16 by 16 by ten. I'm going to resize it just a bit more and I'm going to lose some space on the sides, but it's, it's not a big problem. I can increase this bit to the top because I do want to, any whitespace is visible. And what I will do is I will resize this like that to have it approximately in the middle. Okay. That's practically in the middle. Okay, this will be our background. But what's most important, I'm going to put the layers, the layer that I use on the top so it would be visible always. Yeah, as you can see, this is how to how it will look. So I know that I need this space right here for my logo, for my tax, et cetera, et cetera. And I do I should not put anything right on these lines because I know that they would be cut away, so that will not be using this place. I'm going to just make it invisible just to adjusting case. And what I will do right now is I will add a logo was already I want to have my logo. I'm going to copy this logo and I'm gonna paste it right here. And I'm going to paste it in like that. I won't this logo to be visible and I will position it in the middle. So I'm gonna go alignment option, bam, bam on, press missed, is clicked when I did this one. So I'm gonna just make it a bit smaller. I don't want this to be very, very large, which is, I'm going to check out the positioning, okay? This, okay, the size is pretty much fine. And I'm gonna go and continue with positioning and make it in the middle. Okay, this looks predefine. Now I'm gonna take away this layer. Ok. This looks pretty much perfect. And the people will see or only this larger logo in the middle. So what I want afterwards is I want some text around. So I want, in my case, I what I suggest you to put on the right side and left side, put the type of videos that you do to explain what type of videos you do. And on the right side put how often you upload or any other additional info that you want, like follow or subscribe or etcetera, etcetera, whatever you want. Uh, usually sketch I use schedule here. It's again up to you 100% depending on what your channel is and what you do is 100% up to you. So we can go and put whatever the text that you want right here. I've put, in my case, I put it the logos of the games that I do that I play, I'm gonna put them right here and that will do exactly that right now. But unfortunately it's not working gate, it is working. So what I will do is I will put this Star Wars logo right here. I'm going to copy this Hours Logo. First. I'm going to just put some stuff and then I'm going to resize everything here. And I'm gonna use this mass effect logo. I'm going to copy this one as well. A paste it. I'm just going to dump it there first and then I'm going to work on them. And I'm going to copy this halo logo and paste it right here. Okay? They are all here. And we're gonna make those two invisible. I'm going to start working on Star Wars first. As you can see, it's way too big. So I'm gonna make it smaller, of course, to fit in size. I'm going to just resize this stuff so I don't wanna see entirely of the photo. I'm gonna put it somewhere to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. And we're gonna put it somewhere in the middle between this logo and between this align. So it's somewhere in the middle like that. If I take the background away, it's perfectly visible, but we will work on visibility afterwards. Then I'm gonna do the same thing with Mass Effect. Or I'm gonna make it way smaller. Because it's way too big. Because I wanted to put three different things to get there. So that's, that's practically okay. And then I'm gonna do the same thing with halo logo right here. We want to put it like that, but I think that he will always wait to stretch. I'm going to make it a bit narrower. Just a bit narrower. It looks a bit better. Way better, but a bit where it may be a bit more narrow. Yeah, just like that. And I'm going to put it somewhere. Arrived here. I think it's fine position. So we will make this disappear. Yep. It looks okay. It looks pretty much fine. I like it. I like how it looks. And it it is within the borders, within the safe areas, which is practically amazing. Very nice. I like that very, very much. This. You see that one thing that should be addressed before we're going to continue and but that we will fix afterwards is that because the photo on the background is some, some places brides and sublist is dark. The logos sometimes are not visible very well. This, in this case they're practically visible. I like that how they're visible, but we're gonna work on this a bit later. Now, what do we need afterwards is we need text right here. What we will do, I'm going to use a text tool. I'm going to put it right here. And first I'm going to choose my, my font. You can choose whatever font that you want. I used Helvetica font and I use condensed black there we very often. What I will do, then I'm going to change it with the color white. And then I'm going to type some text. And this will be now know first, I want to work on sizing a bit later. And let's go with this one. New videos. We use. I'm going to put it all caps every day, something like that. Or maybe I could do a put every single word in a different Hawaiian. Maybe yes, because yeah, we need to fill it up. I'm going to increase it in size. And as you can see, it is reaches looking pretty much fine. It is looking pretty much went, of course, warned the coloring. We were going to work on the coloring on the of the text. We're going to make this disappear. And yeah, we're gonna work on this, but it looks pretty much fine. Everybody would understand that this is the type of the videos. Or something like that. I would explain more stuff right here, like on my banner I have more staff explaining right here, like the fantasy and sci-fi strategy videos or something like that. We could explain somethings. But because people will come right here, see Star Wars mass electron Halo and what you are talking about, what you are talking about games, you're talking about the movies, you're talking about novels, whatever we're talking about then. Well, it's not a good explanation. But for these purposes, I'm going to I'm going to leave it for now, just like that. Then it practically done. We don't need any more elements, would do need anything here because this will be enough. Even on the largest screens, people understand whatever is happening on the screen. And it's weird, right? What every single element is only this small place, but this is how it works and that's what people usually are not doing well with their channels. And what we'll do right now is we're going to work on some of the effects. Now we are going to select the text and we're going to work on text. And what we're going to do is we're gonna go into effects and start with an outline. We want some outline we're going to increase because outline helps the text you come out of the background as you can see as soon as we did that every single place where the background was bright enough to counteract the whiteness of the text to eat is just making it very well visible. And then what we can do is we can go and put some outer Nova. We're gonna put some outer shadow because we want some shadows. We're gonna increase. I'm gonna go with a fully intense shadow. Offset is a bit like that and increase the radius as much as I can. I want this to be very precise. You know, I don't need any radius to changes. And I'm going to make the offset is just like that. And just remember one thing that if you put the shadows on the tax, tried to have it on the same side, like it's around 45 degrees is hidden, ladies kinda heating from this side. And if you will, you'll do the same with everything else. Tried to do the same thing with everything else. Now what I will do right here is I'm gonna take this text. I'm gonna take this logo because there's practically nothing else that I need to deal with this because otherwise it will be a bit a bit over way too much. So I'm going to copy this. I'm going to select this, and I'm going to go pasteboard and pace effects. As you can see here, the situation, it is not looks, it does not look that well, so because yeah, the borders do not look that well, I'm going to decrease the borders in this case as much as I can and then I'm going to work on the shadows as well. So this is how we started. And instead of black shadows, I will do here a white shadow now and that will shut out the outline, white outline. It will make it look a bit more different. It's pretty pink. Ok, this is white now. And I'm going to increase just in size to see this. And increase radius just a tiny bit. Then work on outer shadow because offset is way too much. We're going to decrease it offset and make it just like that so the shadow is visible, but it's not that powerful. Okay, very good. And now we're going to do in this case is we're gonna take this one out. Okay, wait, wait. Accidental remodel all the shadow. Okay, no problem. And we're gonna do an offset just like that. And radius of very, very, very, very low. Okay, then we're going to select, now we're gonna go and selection tool. Go and select a copy this one and then try to paste none. We're gonna, we're gonna paste effects only. We're gonna paste only effects. Ok, it looks okay. It doesn't need any changes to be fair. And do hear the pasteboard, the paste effects here as well. Okay, yeah, this is the same thing. What we did right now with that is that we separated every single thing in the logo, in the banner. As you can see, we're still in the, within the borders, but we separated every single thing in a banner from the background, which makes it look kinda like it's sitting there and gives like pseudo 3D look as well, which is very, very good. We cannot do a bunch of stuff with an image as well because images comes pre-loaded with the shadow with cells over just put a shallow till we have a shadow overshadow. And it's it might look, it looks okay. We can use this to be fair. If you do in increase in intensity. As you can see, it is not looked at well, so we're going to decrease intensity and yeah, it actually, it makes it look a bit more separated from the background, which is very, very good. What about an outline? Can we do now find, oh no, there's absolutely impossible. So yeah, it looks okay. I can say that it looks okay. The shadow looks more or less. Okay, this is a bit stronger side. And I'm gonna decrease intensity just a bit because it looks kinda way too strong. And now you know what, I'm going to decrease opacity instead, make it stronger and decrease opacity. Very good. It looks pretty, pretty nice. And yes, this is basically the simplest banner that we could do. And as you can see, it's not that difficult to make even for an advanced user. And you see, you make banner to convey information about your channel. That's what you do right here. We're going to delete everything. And as you can see, this banner looks pretty nice. This place is what your viewers will see and it looks pretty good. It does not look that bad. What I would do again is put more text right here. I just did, instead of this four lines right here, make the text a bit more and duck new videos every day and then put a strategy videos, strategy gaming videos, and then put new videos every day on these two lines. That's what you could do in my case. So you can see it looks pretty okay, it looks pretty fine. Your viewer will be very, very pleased and this might entice him to subscribe because he will understand with this banner what this channel is all about and if it resonates with him, he will most likely subscribe. So, yes, tried to create your own banners afterwards. After you understand what your channel is all about. Because in the beginning, you usually do not understand well enough what your channel is and what it is all about. But in the bean, afterwards, very soon you will understand what your channel is actually all about. And then you will start. You will have all the knowledge needed to create something like that. Well, this should be it for this one. Let's go to the next one. 4. Keyword Research: Okay, in this lecture, we are going to go through the key word research. Or more importantly, we're gonna go through whether it is that important to go with the keyword research in 20-20 and legis, discovered and discover the truth behind this and how it actually works. First things first, let's think about what the key words are and why do you need it. You probably have seen the many YouTube videos that people are going through. Things and going, yeah, keywords, keywords, keywords are very important to our curators, essential, you're gonna see billion different videos about the keywords, et cetera, et cetera. But now let's actually understand what keywords are. Keywords are the data in your YouTube, mainly in your title, right here, in your description, right here, in your tags, right here, and in your closed captions or subtitles, we want to call this right here. That actually explains to YouTube what your video is all about. Not to reveal words to their YouTube. Because viewers are not going to go to the tags. You are not going to go and read entitled The description. They're going to see is they are going to see the thumbnails and titles. That's what they are going to see before they are going to get to the video. And all of these that I said, the titles, descriptions, subtitles, tags. This is all for YouTube algorithm, if you want to call it or YouTube itself, to understand whether what the video is all about. Because when you just created the YouTube channel, youtube does know what your videos are about. Youtube does know who your videos are going to be good for. They have no idea and they need to understand what your videos are about. And that's why your keywords help them to understand. And you need to understand that there are different things like titles and descriptions are far, far, far more important for the YouTube keyword understanding than the tags, because you could write anything you want in a tags. And unless you have software like for, like for example, Tube Buddy or vid IQ or something like that. Let me open the video as well. You're going to see the vid IQ tags right here. If you don't have such softwares, you most likely are not going to even see these tax. So you need to really well understand that tax are practically have 0 impact. But if you reduce it, it's still not going to be bad for you. It might have some impact and I would still suggest you to use that. But as far as I know, Tags do not affect keywords that match your subtitles or whatever the you talk, not the subtitle that you edit, whatever you really talk, because YouTube is pretty good and understanding what you're talking about, your titles and your thumbnails are far more important for the keywords. How the keyword actually work for YouTube. When you gave YouTube different keywords, YouTube is trying to find out who this keyword will be good for. Their either going to push this word, come these videos with the keywords, either through the recommended section. Either to the suggested video section right here, or in the search with the people are looking for this specific keywords. If they see that people are picking up this videos and they are watching it, they will understand this. These videos are good. And then they are going to push this to even more people, but not to every people, but to the same type of people who actually watch this video. And as it grows, if they watches as well, YouTube is going to show it even more, people, even more until they are going to run out the people who is similar to the first audience. And they're gonna trust show two different audiences. The circle will end. Basically, they don't have any new audience to show your videos to. The video will start dying down until the new people will start showing to, showing up who have the tendencies that they might like, such videos, etc, etc. Then you will put this video to those guys as well. That's why you see a lot of videos like let's say the year ago like this one, because YouTube decided that this video might be interested for me and interesting for me. And even just three years ago video is, it was not interested in the past, but it might be interesting right now. So it's pushing it to me right now. That's why you see a lot of older videos. Now what's for the keywords and keyword or actual keyword research. It might be very controversial and just bear in mind with me. Keyword research is not important because YouTube is understanding what your videos are about when your talk in your videos all the time. When keyword research is important, only time that keyword is really important is when you are creating videos that can be searched specifically. For example, top 11 best movie SQL. Who's going to search for this one? Nobody. The problem with the scaling in RPGs, nobody's gonna search for it. Somebody is going to search for the path of exile review. Yes, this is the searchable video. Somebody's gonna search for Aurora for extra review? Yes. This is the searchable review video. Maybe someone's gonna serve her Darth Vader compilation. Yes. Maybe somebody will search for it, but nobody's gonna search for it. Under vaulting my Intel 9980 x, xy gave huge results. Nobody's going to look for it. But you can see they still have the views despite not having keywords. But keyword is this, is their seal keyword right here. There are no keywords you're scaling in our produce. It's going to be very difficult for this individual to come to compete with any other people who are using words scaling and RPGs in the world's yes, but if you're creating videos that can be searchable, for example, how to make a YouTube thumbnail. Then yes, you need to go and research keywords. But even though you do this, YouTube understand perfectly the different types of this, different variations of this. For example, how to make a thumbnail of 40 YouTube, not that you your thumbnail or how to make YouTube custom thumbnail, or how to make YouTube thumbnails for free, or how to make really good thumbnails on YouTube, or how to make a YouTube channel with Photoshop, et cetera, that you see all the variation YouTube will understand. What you will need to do is just to use the words that perfectly describe your video title or whatever the video is. They use it in your titles, in your description, just explain well, what your video is. That's all that you need to do. Just explain what it is and how it is. Because YouTube is an algorithm, is a program that works in not the way that you think you are cannot trick the YouTube. Youtube knows what your video is about. An YouTube knows who are the people who might like your video and then they are showing it to them. If those people will like your videos, then YouTube will show two more people and more and then toward, if they will not like to videos, YouTube will not nacho due to this video to anymore people. And next time they're gonna show this video to less people because they understand that maybe they were wrong. Trials and errors. That's how they do. They're trying. If it works, then there continue. It doesn't work, it doesn't continue. That's how they work. Now, as for the keywords, actually, if you want to know exactly what type of words that you want to use or what type of words that people might be looking for. That's a very important thing that is different thing that people are looking for. Keywords are important for search. That's what it is. Keywords are important for search. Nat Ford recommended for search searches, not the majority of the views you are gonna get recommended as suggested videos. That's where you're gonna get the majority of degrees from. Even though at the beginning it's going to be searched, probably 90-95 percent of the abuse might be from search. For the keyword research. I suggest you to use the YouTube search bar. For example, are you gonna go for a YouTube thumbnail? Thumbnail, maybe thumbnail, and it goes on like that and see what people are looking for. So Tanna tutorial and someday makers and but size thumbnail template that's people are looking for. That's not what you words you want to use. That's what people are actually looking for. If we're going to use a YouTube dominant size or something like that, you will understand that you are talking about sines and not about creation of the terminal itself. Or if you're creating an iPhone, people will know that you are talking about. Let's say, let's refer you have thumbnail, iPad. People are looking for it on iPad. As people actually are looking for either an iPad, which is very good. And as you can see, a lot of videos are pretty old. And that's actually a very good idea for me. I think I'm going to create a video about this one as well so you can search for it in the future if you are going to watch this video may be, I have created a video about this as well because a lot of videos are pretty old. And let me see the median area average age in the top videos are cool years, two years. So we had this problem. I'm going to create a video about it. Other thing that you could do, this, there's nothing better than going just for search. There's nothing better than just going for the search. So you would understand what people are looking for. And other than that, you can use a keyword researcher, keyword explorer of two buddy. In this case, you can go into go and lunch, a two-body and launch keyword explorer. And if you go for the YouTube thumbnail here, did I read? Yeah. Yeah. Nail you to panel. I just wanted you to thumbnail You yes. Explore. You're gonna see that people are looking at, it's practically giving you same stuff. It's saying you Institute's poor at z, worse for myself. But because a lot of people are actually creating videos about this, there is a huge competition, etcetera, etcetera. But this program, this software cannot account into everything. They cannot account everything. So they say this poor because it's pretty competitive. And yes, you could do something else. But still if you are going to go with this one, you can still be competitive. Somebody somebody built is going to watch it if it's, if it's good, of course. So overall, my outtake from Everything is this search. Just, just write the titles correctly, meaning that, right, what your videos are about. Don't try to be using the bunch of different random words in your descriptions, just right with a girl, right with the good descriptions where of course we are going to have if if we haven't had before that, I think we had it already. If not, I'm going to create lecture. We're going to have a lecture about the descriptions, how to craft good descriptions, et cetera, et cetera, uses a good tags. Tags, the YouTube, the two-body and vid IQ. We're gonna help you a lot, just search for what people are looking for, whether the videos are old or not, whether you can compete with them or not and just go for it. Just, just create the videos about whatever you want. Try to do them as best as you can. We're already in advanced section. I'm pretty sure you already know how to do that and you already know how to do that. Well, so just go on and create that. And the question, Why didn't talk about this before in the beginning intermediate sections? Because it's not that important. Trust me, the, what is important is how you title your videos. Now that thing is important and we're gonna talk about this in the future lecture. But the keyword research itself, it is not as important anymore as it was in the past. So this was it for this one. Let's go to the next one. 5. Title Research & Structure: Okay, let's now talk about your YouTube titling, meaning that how you should title your videos, because this is probably the second most important thing that you're going to do in your videos, after your thumbnails, you're willing enough. Thumbnails are more important than titles. But titles at doneness should complement themselves and you should name your videos well, as well. Okay, now, it is not as difficult as you might think to title your videos. It is not a rocket science. It is not about the things that work of things it does not work. Go to your recommended page and see how people are naming. The video's. Just see how people are naming. Usually, Usually the names, the titles of the videos are consisting of two parts. Usually they're not. In many cases they're not the same, but usually they are consistent from the new part or two parts. Example, terminator dark fate review. Yes, it is really what? Yes, it really is her bedsore ethic Eigen Andrey for her for a second to particle. The actual title is terminated document review. So this is the what and yes, it really is that bad. It's immediately coming up with the opinion. And when you have an opinion in your video, in your video title. Now, that's what sparks many people to watch this video. People are gonna ha, is that really that bad? The question? And then go to the video and then watching it. So what you need to do is consist, you're turned to consider videos from two parts. First, what you video really is, and second, something that instigates opinion. For example, or you can just go have one of the effluent. This is how much money I a podcast with $50 thousand mix. This is the dosage without knowledge, make sorry, this the second part. This is the question that it needs to. This is the answer. I mean, this is the answer to the certain questions that people might be interested in. And people are like, ha, how much money you actually the 50 thousand downloads on podcasts, actual mix. And we're going to click and then just go there. That's what you need to do. Instigate emotion. Answered the questions. Nobody wants to know your vlog number 22. Nobody cares about your vlog number 22. I don't mean you personally, but nobody cares about any ones. Vlog number 22. People want the information or entertainment from your videos. Let's say this, this, this name is of a very long title. Give words to what profession class should I play? Up-to-date? 20-20, all elites facility. This guy basically divided his head on the four different places. First, Guild Wars two. You know that this video is all about guilt or series of your gamer. You know that, okay? Okay, I'm going to give us u then what profession should I play? It's a question, Ha What professionals should you play if you know that you'll just sort of core. Of course you don't even really care. But if you wanted this game, then yes, up-to-date 2020, you know, that's video is new. Very good. And then all elite specializations, you understand that? Okay, this video talking all about elite specializations. If the people understand what this thing is about, an interesting new thing, he's going to click it because we have what videos about the old deformation is up to date. All the information is provided in the title. And now people can go there, or for example, how to double your video views and make more money with Pat Flynn? Well, yeah, you understand how to how to double your video YouTube views. If you are interested in is pretty short. You are interested in this. You might click this video and just go there and just watch it. Answer the questions in your titles, or ask the questions or instigates, or show your opinions in your titles. All waste by friends, every single one of those videos just go there. Rdx finally has arisen to exist Minecraft and get what you will be like. What do you mean that occured? I'm gonna open this, I'm gonna push this a bit later than this. This is what got me interested in for a second. So I'm going to watch this a bit later. So you see that this a question, well, what do you mean or really microwave got meters in cut there. The titles should not be the copying that cookie cutter of something that someone told you that it's a good title? No. It should be either answer to the question. It should be at the question itself, which people can relate to you or not that, oh, what I ate today. Question mark and the video then the vlog number 22, nobody cares what you ate today. You understand that? Nobody cares. But if you do something like that, oh, which is which is the best food in Los Angeles, mortgage, best restaurant for satellite that I'm coming up with the title now, I discovered the best restaurant in Los Angeles. And is it really that that was amazing, for example, and an exclamation mark. And you are going to do it if you are if you live in LA, you've ever been to LA. If you wants to go to a law, your intestine hard, which of which one is the best restaurant? And then go there, have something like that. It should be informational, educational, emotional, the title should be something like that. Don't be a blend title that nobody can care, nobody can relate. For example, she'd your girlfriend play anymore? Animal Crossing New Horizons. Haha, wow, that's a really interesting video. And you can go there and get watch this. How to fix currents combat with only seven months. Okay? Your styrene player, you want to, you don't like a combat, is it could be actually better, or maybe you don't care about combat. But this video, glad you will get you interested right away, plus console friendly. And you see that it has 700 thousand views. Oh yeah, that's a herd mentality again, is, as I said in one of the previous videos, in the growth time video, it got you interested. This is what it should be. There is no formula that I can give you up. I'm sorry. If you expected a formula, there is no formula can give you because there is no formula. There is no formula like that. The videos in old times, ever, in the past, in the present, in the future, always acted on. The emotion at all, the ignorance or the knowledge of the Viewer. If you don't know the answer and it's an interesting answer, your title should Got you intrigued with an answer. If you, if you're if you have opinionated are have some certainly. Sorry. If you said there was some opinions, for example, would a terminator dark fate, you're liked it or I didn't like it, then you're gonna go there. If you liked it. Or you're going to go with a negative emotion into the video saying that, oh, you actually liked it. And they'll listen to these individual. Maybe you will agree with him. Maybe we'll disagree with him. If you'll agree with him, you can change your opinion. If you disagree with him, you are going to be well, be mad. If you actually didn't like it as well, or you found someone who is who has your opinion and you always want to hear the opinion that is similar to yours or exactly like yours and you're going to go there and he said, Oh, exactly 100% agree with this dude. That's what your titles should convey. Similar to your thumbnails, of course, your thumbnails shouldn't be doing the similar things. Convey emotions, convey questions, convey answers, convey opinions, convey even conflict. Because conflict is very good way to make people to watch. That's what he should do in your titles. And you are trying to have the two-part titles or few particles, because it just works. And if you don't know how to actually do that, go to your recommended page, coach your sandbox, coat, your big YouTubers, are they titled them and watch it and just try to find out something that you like. It's somebody that might fit to your videos or something that you could look at this very simple. The first ever G-force. You like, what the hell? The first, it's, it's actually really the first ever G-force like video course on them that, and you're interested in, and you're going to click there and click on it. Very simple title, very, very simple title. And you got there at k silk and get you. So my friends, just no. Convey again, convey emotions, convey information can make conflict, convey opinions through your titles. Your title, should you half of your video when people are gonna read your title and they are going to do a deal, should know exactly what they are going to expect individuals exactly. They should have something, they should have built the videos in their heads when you're giving the titles in your videos. And when they come to videos there, she's either going to agree with you, with everything and it should be exactly the same thing that was in their head or they're an absolute disagree because he was completely different thing that they had in their head and they're still going to be bad. It's not bad when people are mad on your videos. It's not bad. Trust me. It's not bad where people are watching your videos, even if they're dislike your videos, is not that bad. Because for you, you want an engagement. If people have and say that you suck in you, they don't like your video but still watch until the end. There's something that attracted in your videos. But if you did really bad thing, yeah, of course you shouldn't do and bad things in the videos. But even dislikes are very beneficial for you. So my friends just think of your titles as emotional summary of your videos and name them accordingly. Well, this will be for this one. Let's go to the next one. 6. Using Advanced Analytics: Let's now talk about YouTube's channel analytics and overall analytics a bit more in depth. Because what people are doing wrong in their channel editors are, they're going to their channel analytics like that and watching how many watch time of views they got, or how many views they got, how many subscribers they got, what was the reach and each, and every day and they are scratching their heads. Why there is an up, why there is a down, why there is some things that are going well, why there are some things that are not going well, etc, etc. But what they're doing wrong is they do not understand that. Metrics that you see in your analytics, in your channel analytics is the combination of all metrics of each and every single video. Well, they know this, but they don't want to understand this. What do I mean by that? Is that what your videos are doing individually. That that is what dictates the main channel analytics and main channel growth, meaning that you need to concentrate on each and every video separately and see how they are growing instead on fixating on your channels growth overall. Because if your videos individually, every single video individually is doing well, then your channel in its entirety is doing well. And each, and every video is fueling entire channels growth. Concentrate on that. Think of this as something like that. Do not think of a channel analytics or did I get many views today? Why did I get less views, etc cetera. Concentrate on each and every single video because when you go to the reached half, for example, and go to the impression CTR and you have like 7.61% day, you have 5.9% and now they have 8.7%. You don't understand what's going on, right? You cannot work on this when you see the growth trend, for example, I'm going to show you in the 90 days tab when you said that, you see that it's actually stabilizing and overall there is a growth trend of 17%. When you see the growth trend, you know that you are doing right. You're doing things right, you're doing something, right, but you have no idea what you're doing, right? You will have no idea what is actually working. Because you may have a channel that you have. You may have dozens of different types of thumbnails or different terminals and you have no idea which one actually works in which one is actually doing better than the others. But when you go to the separate videos individually, even with the least amount of views, from the least to the best, you might start understanding what is actually working. Plus when you go to the other stuff, not just I'm not just talking about the CTR, talking about any other thing. For example, average view duration. Why your average view duration is actually up even though you see that there's a bunch of ups and downs. But there's actually because the views are going up and it's destabilizing stabilization right here. Why the View average duration is up? What is contributing to that? You have no idea, right? Because we just happens, you should be in control of stuff more. You are in control of the stuff like that, the better for you. And each and every video individually will help you do that. For example, let's open one of those videos. This is a video that has been recently uploaded. It has only 47 views, but around six hours of watch them, which is very good eternally to subscribers. If you go to the average retention, I had average duration is seven minutes, which is extremely good. 20-30 percent of the watch that because the video is around 30 minutes, you see the real-time activity, etc, etc. So what do you see right here is that you see the gradual decrease in average view duration, right? That you don't see a drop. You all don't, don't, don't mention that in the beginning because this is always what happens. Don't, don't measure this distance right here and the first minute, it's in every video because people usually don't know what kind of videos they're going for. And they usually just go and see and the drop or, or the drop happens when the people, when people are doing the preview, I'm going to show me what do I mean by that? If you go to the YouTube like that, when you hover over the video, sometimes it will just order playing something like that. This I think I'm not sure about this because this is not a very old thing. I think this is counted as a view. And when you're scrolling this on your mobile, sometimes the video just starts playing without a sound and this is counted as a view. And what people had just keep scrolling. This thing just drops immediately. You understand that that's why it drops that much. You need to start looking at this at around one minute mark because, yeah, if you're losing like 90% of the viewers, lower than one minute mark, then you are doing the videos very wrong. That means that most likely your thumbnails are misleading. You are doing using the clickbait and people are just not liking what do you do? So this is 100% not what people are expecting. So you are making your expectations very wrong. So you should fix your thumbnails and titles if the drop of more than 80 or 90% is within the first minute. So this is what, what it means. So this is what we are trying to understand right now. We will go for the rotational analysis. You see that people are just gradually, gradually, gradually dropping and around 14% or maybe 17% are actually getting till the end. So this slope right here is a good slope. You may even think why, why 70% is going through them till the end, it's good. Well, this is a 32 minute video and won 17% is actually getting till the end. Even though they are probably just skipping some stuff because we have as low as maybe 9% here. If around five to 10% is going all the way to the end, this is good, especially for the really long videos. This is a good thing. So this means that this video is actually capturing those people's attention that are actually looking at the video. You may not see that there are a lot of views, but the watch time is pretty good for this amount of use. You'll go to the right. You see that there are not a lot of use because there are not a lot of impressions, because YouTube does not think that not a lot of people may be interested in this video. So when you compare it to the CTR, which is 8%, which is very good. Again, anything about anything between two to 10% is good. The higher the better, I would highly suggest you aim to more than 5% because that means that your channel will start growing rapidly. Aim for more than 5%, have less than 5% start AB testing. We're gonna talk about AB testing or we already did in the other lecture. So we're going to talk about this later. But you see the CTR is good. If you go to the overall channel analytics, you see that channel impression is 7.4% and this video has 8% CTR mean that this video is actually contributing in increase of the CTR. That means that this nominal is actually good enough. So you need to concentrate on something on thumbnails that looks round like these oldest theme is something like this. For example, if you are into gaming, if you know what Schuyler means, if you know what Elder Scrolls games is, you will recognize this logo. And that's why I use this logo. And that's why I use these colors because this is an epic picture on the background and the logo in the forest and you immediately get interested, plus with the title, you understand what the video is all about, and then you're gonna go and watch it. If you understand what it is, then you're going to watch it. If you if you don't understand what it is, usually go in the video and just drop very, very soon. So that's, that's ok. There is no problem with the drop. Then the subscribers, you see that this video is generating subscribers. If you were generating any subscribers, this is already good. Any subscribers, if it's only just to already good, concentrating or something like that, then go and engagement. You see the view duration is pretty high. Pdi, I'll ever, what overall watch time is very good. Like it's drops in inner average, it's not below average. So this means this video is pretty good and you can concentrate on creating the videos like that. Let's take a look at the other video now and see if there is something, anything different. So this video right here, it's generated 287 views and 21 hours of watch time. But this video has much lower average view duration. So 4.24. So in many cases to people or just do not are not into what the video is all about. So is it because of the CTR? No, CTR is pretty good. Let's go and concentrate and other stuff. People are just yet, it's sometimes people are just not into the theme or the expected something different coming to the video, you see that we have, in this video we had a drop of immediate drop-off to around 43% after one minute. While here we have around 33%. So this is drop is a bit more severe. So this is not what people were expecting. So maybe people were expecting a review type of video and they came up to the gameplay type of video. Or maybe they expect the SOM analysis and this is completely different thing. So this is the thing that people were not expecting. So you might want to change the title or change something. I don't know, just work on this stuff because in this case, the title is not saying that it is actually gameplay video. If I did part one or something like that, then people might be more understanding whether its gameplay or not. If I had to like number one, like I have in this case, people understand, many people understand that. It's actually a multipart video. And they would expect whatever they will expect exactly what it is. That in this case, I probably need to work on the titling, not on a thumbnail though because thumbnail is do good because again, it has around 8% of CTR. Plus you need to constraint on the other stuff as well. Like for example, in this case it reached is your traffic sources. You see majority of the people are coming from the search that we, the people are actually searching this type of video. They are actually searching, actively searching for it. Which is very interesting thing there is that that means that you might want to actually concentrate on this because people are actually searching for it. Because 90% is coming from the search and you have what they're searching for. So you might want to concentrate on this because it's coming from external. External is kinda like the search thing. Because as you can see, a majority of the theory of user coming from Search and with enough from Facebook. So people who are probably someone shared it and that's why it's coming from external. So that means that search, you need to construct a search and you need to create more videos about this one because this might try view or a new traffic, new people from outside. In my case, it didn't generate any subscribers for me because my channel is not about these type of videos, but it actually is really, really good every day duration, yet need to concentrate more on titling to let people know exactly what it is. It might decrease my overall CTR or views, but it might, it will increase my average radiation. But still four minutes and 30 seconds is still very, very, very good. If I'll go to the overall tell, it's exactly my favorite channel duration, so it's not a problem. Let's see maybe another type of video like this one. This is a very interesting thing. This is the very interesting thing that I want to concentrate on. This video has around the same blow you duration, but as you can see, it has a lower CTR. And why is the thing? Well, the thing is because I am working on AB testing of this of this video, the thumbnail has changed and as you can see that this is the day where the thumbnail has been changed. And as you can see, CTR went a bit up on the terminal has changed. And I need to concentrate on the CTR of this video. For example, if I will go and not change the since, since published, since uploaded. But if I go for the customer and I want to say a video upload date. I don't remember when it was uploaded. Actually, it was uploaded on let me just check the date. On first of April. So if I'll go right here and I will go for the custom date and i will go from the first of April. No, not january logo. The beginning will be first of April and the next state will be, let's say the 18th of April. I will know that this is the CTR, Python 4%. Over the other thumbnail that I used. We're gonna talk about this a bit later, but now i changes a thumbnail and now it is different. So we're going to, we're going to work on this. So we're going to work on this 100%. But let's watch that. One of the biggest videos of the channel, 12 thousand views. As you can see, the views are going up and up and up and up and up. And if you will see the curve, it's actually encouraging inside. It's like killing everything. On the average we owe. On average because there's nothing closer to this average of nine hundred, ten hundred percent more. On average, I have like 39 reviews, but this video has taught 1000 views. So he has completely different audience retention right here. This video is actually far shorter. It's around 12 minutes long, but isn't good. See video is dropping gradually. It's not looked very steep drop. So meaning that people are actually watching this video on average and usually are getting wherever they want in the beginning of the video. And then other than that, they just ignore it. So this is very, very good curve that you need to take a look at what you need to concentrate on, on an average view duration and adios rotation. We're going to talk about this of course, a bit later as well, is the cards where the people are dropping your gonna put cards on them. We're going to talk about this, of course, in the future videos. Right here I'm going to put the rich tab, CTR and may zinc. And weirdly enough it is increasing because YouTube understands, as you can see from depression, YouTube understands what type of people want to watch this video. And then ET is more and more and more better on the showing these to certain type of people visit. Because as you can see, on the lowest it has 5.7%, but an highest, It has as much as 16%. And YouTube understands what type of people would want to watch this. You are giving this video time and people are understanding more and more with this video is all about. So this is the things that you need to concentrate on in your analytics. You're each and every video individually, tiniest things, tiniest changes. You need to concentrate on those because this is what will grow your channel. This fuel the overall growth of the channel. You need to put fuel in your channels groves and each and every video individually is this fuel. So this will be it for this video. Let's go to the next one. 7. Thumbnail A/B Testing: In a previous video, we talked about thumbnail AB testing amine in advanced analytics lecture. And today what I'm going to, I want to go a bit deeper into it to just tell you and show you how you can actually do advanced a bit thumbnail of AB testing and what is is useful for. So there are actually two ways to do a sum LAB testing. One is the paid way and one is the freeway. So the paid way is to do it with the two buddy. This is the Tube Buddy application. You can go to your dashboard and you can go and do the two-body AB testing from this one. I'm not going to show you this right now because it is the paid option and it requires legend subscription from Tube Buddy Legend is the most expensive subscription for the Tube Buddy. Let me just go to Tube and show you what the legend subscription actually is. Show with the pricing right here. And this is the next most expensive $49, which is very expensive. And this is the only way you can do it internally. What it does basically what the AB testing that is, you upload it to different terminals or you can upload to different titles or even descriptions or even tax ads. And it is rotating every single day or tofurkey any 24-hour basis. And the measuring the ABD results every single day. This is the easiest way and the best way to do it because he does not require a lot of working from you. And overall, after few days, it's gonna give you results whether the thumbnail is better or not. This is a very good way. But for the beginners or for the channels that are not generating enough income, this is a bit steeper and any bit expensive. So other way is to do eat your self. So how you can do AB testing is you can create a two different sets of thumbnails. You can create two different sets of thumbnails for each and every video if you want to, if this is your first video of your this the first time you upload this type of video, you can create two different thumbnails. And what you can do is you can go and test your thumbnails for three days. I remember, for example, if your take the video of tests, thumbnail for three days, covert toggle for custom and tested for, let's say. As an example, we have followed it if you uploaded it on April first, tested from a prefers to April third, and see what is your CTR like overall? I do not suggest you to go with just three days because it it might change a bit. And then what you will do, I suggest that you go for a week at least, but if you can go for the for this one as well, it's not a problem for three days as well. And then after this, change your thumbnail and test it for another three days or another week, depending on what time you dude. And whatever you see the difference is see in a customer. Always check over the custom dates. Like for example, if you do that for four to six, check, check from four to six and grow whatever it is. As you can see, in this case, they CTR went down even though I didn't change the thumbnail, so it is still the same. And then do it two or three times. Do you will see approximately which thumbnail is working better? Approximately. This is not going to be exact thing. And you see if the CTR or from one time nail is higher than from another thumbnail, then that means the understand that one terminal is actually working better. Or if you see an another thing that you can do is whenever you upload the thumbnail and you see the CTR of it lower than your channel's average. If it's lower than, let's say this one, your channel's average for this amount of data around one week. For example, if you upload it is for one week and you see it's actually lower than the average. And only after that work on for the same amount of time to the other terminal. If you see the thumbnail is still not doing the greatest for next week, do the third one and etc. etc. until you will find out the best AML that works for you because you need to work on CTR. 100% CTR is the thing that drives the views for you. When you have the high CTR, YouTube will try. We'll start pushing your videos more and impressions will increase. Because what YouTube is trying to do is it's trying to decrease your CTR as high as possible. What does it mean? It means that it's trying to try to show you the video to more and more people, and more people chose your video. The less people will actually click on the certain parts percentage will click to your videos. And they wanted to just get your videos to the certain type of CTR. For example, if YouTube would show my video 2 million random people and generate a million impressions match each year would immediately half. It will not be 7% because the random people might not watch my videos. They might not all day might, or they might most likely they will not. And it will just drop my CTR. Youtube does not want your CTR to be very, very low. They're aiming for the certain CTR for this, for the channels. And they're trying to spread your channel depending on your CTR. So work on your thumbnail AB testing, uh, do different thumbnails. I cannot tell exactly what thumbnails will work for you because it is completely different for each and every individual channel. For example, despite this type of London's being the best on the channel during the doing, overall, generating the most watched time. This video is generating the most CTR because this terminal has been here the longest than, longer than these ones. And YouTube knows what type of people are watching this, and that's what impressions are going that high, that quick. As you can see, even the speeds even increasing Gandhi later dates because it gets, growth is a bit gradual right here and here is baby team and faster. So work on AB testing. It is not necessary again, it is more of an advanced stuff. If you have everything other than o, every other thing. Very well. If you have high leverage, what stem and everything, and you want higher CTR, This is the way to grow your CTR. So the showbiz for this one has got to the next one. 8. Audience Retention Analysis: Okay, now let's focus on audience retention analysis. It is very important thing that a lot of people are overlooking. And audience retention analysis is the best way to understand where do you want to put your cards, your YouTube cards. We didn't talk about YouTube cards a lot because I don't think that it is necessary for the beginners to understand. You can put, as a beginner, you can put your cards wherever you want. It, it will not make a big of a difference. But when you try to understand your analytics, you and you understand your audience retention, and that's where you can start putting your cards. So first things first you see this audience retention ounces. You can go and see more. You see this audience retention rate here. And what is very good with a new studio is that you can see exactly what points you are talking about right here. As you can see, this is a just gameplay video. There's nothing big of a difference here. But you see that you have an immediate drop right here. As you can see, like people are dropping after 19 seconds and they're dropping 258 seconds. What you can do is you can go and do on the 19th second right here, put the card right here. What at this moment? Because he can, because a lot of people are actually moving away from this video. Again, put a card of your other video right away here. Right away people are going to come here and they're going to see the cart right away because they wonder, go, can't come to your video, they're going to watch for 19 seconds. That means that they're giving you a chance to impress them, basically to get them interested. And if they are not interested, when the card will pop up right here, they are, there is a chance that they will click it and get to another video, maybe other type of video will get it will interest them. That's what you are trying to do. It right here when you go. And what you can see there is a very gradual drop right here. There is nothing big of a difference. And you see increase here. That means that people are actually very likely. They're jumping to this point. Maybe the people that were right here, they jumped to this point. You see whatever the hell is happening, just to understand what the video is all about, what you can do. And then after this we have we have a drop. What you can't do is put another card right here. When you put another card right here, when people are going to jump there, or when people are going to get to this point, they have an option to get to the other video, other type of the video, not the same type of video, but other type of the video. They can go and put the card right here. And this will have economists see the chart go right, correct here. So that, that's a really, really good, that's a really cool thing. If you press right here, it's going to explain everything to you. As you can see, the flatness showed that viewers are watching from start to finish. Nice work. This is the best case scenario that you want. The gradual decline means that viewers are losing a bit of attention over time. It's not bad. A bit of attention is not bad. Boundary the viewer rewatching or sharing those parts of your video. There, there, there jumping. This will be the viewer skipping over these parts of the video, which is right here, is skipped over this part of the video. You can even put the card right here if you want. And, and you can see is the sudden drop means of yours are living the video or the specific part. Well, that's the thing that you don't want. You need to just ignore unit to just work on this. That means we will have something like this. Your video is bad. Video itself. You'd have something like this. That means that this thing because parts are actually a bit boring and people are still giving you a chance and they're just going through the different part. What bewildering this, that means they're specifically looking for something, something and you can put the cards right there just to gain their attention as much as possible. There is something like this. It's not that it's usually means that video's pretty long and it's dragged or something like that, you need to work on your video itself. If you increase the as if you have this well, perfect. So walk or something like that, tried to identify this slopes and hills and valleys and dips in your channel and put the cards accordingly because there's not much else that you can do. Or otherwise what you can do, which is a bit more important, is watch the parts that people are dipping and skipping. What supports? What did you do there? The people were actual skipping those parts are not getting interested. Or for example, this you see dropped from fear and upper arm here. What was happening in this part from here to here, that people are actually not got interested in. And they just went away to try to avoid these types of parts in your videos as much as possible so you know that, okay, this is the thing that people do not like, you know what, I should try to not do it in the next video. So try to do something like that. Concentrate again on slopes and hills and valleys, on your audience retention and use your cards and future videos accordingly while distribute for today, let's go to the next one. 9. Description Template & Upload Defaults: Okay, let's now talk about description templates and upload defaults. They're practically the same thing and they are very, very, very useful thing that will help you in the long run to, let's say, a void, the TDS metadata input every single time you upload the video. So that means that every time you will upload the video, if you have an upload defaults, your description will be filled with the things that is same for the majority of the videos, then you can fix after that. For example, if you go to the settings right here and go to the Upload default is the new studio, of course, because the old studio, for me at least it is not no longer available. You'll see that you have a title, you have a description, you have visibility, you have tags and advanced settings that you can fill out. Whatever you will fill out right here will be available on every single upload. You upload on your videos. While every single apple, you will make a sickly. I just, just talked a bunch of nonsense, but we were ever single upload you will do it'll fill out your description, it'll fill out your title if you have like some certain titled visibility and tags. Why is it that important? As you can see in my links, in my description, have like hello valleys. In this video I'll be talking about some stuff because this will be the same in every single video upload. Join me and don't forget, subscribe every single video. I'd have my Twitch channel in every single video, my Discord server, every single video, my, some of my links in every single videos on my affiliate links, some of my other channels, hashtags. That means that I need to put hash tags right here. It will be the same in every single video. Imagine filling this up by hand every single time when you apple your new video. You'll go insane, right? And in addition, this video is, I'm doing video daily here. Imagine filling this out every single day, every single time, you will go insane. And with an upload defaults, you can fill it out, fill that essential stuff, and in advance. And then when you upload the video, I will just change at some texts right here. If I want to add anything, I will add after this. If I wanted to do some additional links or whatever with a specific video, I will do it right there and we'll change the hashtags of the video. And that's it. Because in my case, because I don't have my titles are different for every single one. I don't have a default title, but I could do this one as well. And because I want the visibility to be private all the time, I suggest you to go with a private eye, have visibility into private. And if you want a certain tax to be used, you can go and use the certain tags that will be available in every single video. I don't use this because I don't want to fill out the tags like my youtube channel to name tags because they are useless, because people are using their names in attacks, which is useless. Your channel name is your biggest part of your metadata. Why would you want to use up the taxpayers for this? So that's why I'm not doing it. And what you can do as well as go to the advanced settings, choose that licenses, which is usually this one category, which usually for my cases, gaming, always choose the video Language, 100%. I talked about this in the uploading workflow, but always use this one because this will generate you closed captions, which is very good committed contributions. Yeah, you can go on and off if you want and allow comments, whether you want to allow or not allow the comments, or if you want to disable the comments, users can view the ratings of your IDA, meaning that like dislike, they can view this one if you want. You can do that if you don't want, you delete this very, very, very useful thing that a highly net just suggest. You must do it. You must read because you will go and sit. Just craft in a, not, not, not the as soon as you start creating videos, craft your descriptions as the time goes, as the time flows. Remember the, remember, okay, I want to include my Instagram and my description. Add it in your apple default. So the next time it will always be there. Okay, I want to include my Discord server added there. Okay. I wanted to include affiliate link to the certain service that might generate me Sam income. You can write it there. Always fill it out with a tube buddy right here. You can actually have multiple upload defaults. Like as you can see, I have like some, some different games. I have some different upload defaults. I could use it for myself if have a two buddy, but you need to pay license to have the multiple uploaded defaults, at least the PRO license, just know that you can do it 100%. Again, highly suggest you to use uploaded for. Now again, not suggest you use upload defaults 100%. So this will be for this one. Let's go to the next one. 10. Playlists: Okay, let's now talk about playlists. Well, you know what Playlists are. You add your videos into playlists and they, they will be shown with other videos. If someone will go to the Polykleitos in your channel, for example, if someone will go to my channel and they will see the videos, they are going to see it. Let me just do. They're gonna see the playlist tab right here, and they can go and watch the playlist taps if they want. But is it that simple though? Let me just turn it off. Is that simple? Is it only made two? Just show with like that. Well actually not playlists are very, very, very useful tool. And let's just find out where can we access it. All you need to do is just find a playlists under the YouTube studio. You're gonna press this one and you are going to be opened with something like this. At the moment of the recording of this lecture, this page have not been updated to new youtube studio. It's just old YouTube studio remnant. And here you will see all the playlists that you have. You can create a new playlist here. Or alternatively, you can create a new playlist while you are uploading the video. But if you have created playlists, only nutritive to edit it, for example, pressed edit playlists and you'll see something like this. This will open into a new YouTube part, at least for now. So why playlists are very important and how you should use playlists? Well, the thing is that if you share your videos somewhere, if you share videos anywhere, or if you share your videos in your cards or anywhere sending or on Facebook or whatever you are doing. Whenever you are sharing your videos. If your video in the playlist, I highly suggest you do share video from the playlist. Let me explain what do I mean by that? For example, if I have that this massive AC system, so Lance, episode number six, if I open this one, it will start playing. Let, let just call this one right now, downplayed. But as you can see when I opened it, it did not open it in a separate video. It opened it in a playlists. For example, if I will share this link right here that you cannot see by default shared the link of the video. Everybody who will open the video will seat just like that. They will sit entire playlist on the side. So when the video will be, if they watch the video and the video will be over, it will autoplay the next episode and the next after, the next after that. And this is the way to gain a lot of views and watch time, a lot. And this is why you should put your videos and playlists and share videos in your playlists. For example, if you do the videos, sharing your videos in the description of your videos, share them in your playlists. Shared this video like make this video link shorter or like link shortener or sunlight deadly Bitly or something like that. And shorter than this video and share this leg link instead, whatever you have, you cannot see it, but you, whatever the link of the video is, share it in a playlists. Other thing why playlists are very important element the sharing is that they actually play a huge role in metadata off the roll, meaning that it helps you. The higher ranking in the keywords. Why is that? Because in a playlist, you have alongside the video's itself, a title description itself. In a playlist, you have another two points of metadata or keywords. One is the name of the playlists and another is a description of a playlist. Always fill out name and the description of the playlist always 100%. This will not just help you to be discovered on the separate video basis, but if someone will search for the playlist, let's say I'm gonna go to the YouTube right now and go and search for lars mass affects the Larry's mass. Mass effect was, if I will search for this one, as you can see right away, the first video is mine, but there's older video second, whatever you will see is not my video, but my entire playlist. Third is someone else's playlist for Earth is my video. Then he's my other playlists as it gets each is on the top right here. That's why I'm getting the majority of the views for this keyword goes to me because you open it right away. You see the five videos for videos from this five is mine. And you can see me in the top channel, TRP channels right here. Even when over the channel with over 642 thousand subscribers. That's how powerful playlist, sorry, that's how powerful the keywords in playlists are. That's what, that's incredible, that's incredibly good. And that's what they should talk greater Nixon TV. That's, that's me right here. That's why you should use playlists if you go down every other. Even there, my, my videos are prevalent. Here is my video. If I go here, here, this two are my videos. This one, these two are my videos. This 2R my videos. This All of those are my videos, as you can see it is this two are maybe users can see they are very, very powerful design. My, this is my video. This is my video. This is my video just because I have an additional way of key wording it in the playlist. That's why it's important. My friends use it in playlists as well. Another thing that you can do is you can go for advanced section with the press right here and do the play the settings. You have to play the settings allow embedding, meaning that you are allowing someone to embed your video in the playlist, which you always should say Luckett and add new video, certify the playlists. I don't do it because I usually do it manually. So press advanced settings. You're going, oh, be opened with this one. It will open in older thing. And you can add a playlist settings right here if you want to place being public. Private. Ordering is a manual update, edit, most popular, etcetera, etcetera, settings, official series, if you will do this one as an official series, ET is effecting your keywords even more. This is even better if you'll do this one, but this means that you cannot add these videos in any other playlists as well. So be mindful of that and allow embedding is good. Or to add if you want to auto add the videos to the playlists. I don't suggest you do that because you are already uploading it into playlist while you're uploading the videos and collaborate if you want someone else to add into your playlist as well, if you select this one, you're going to get parse, get Lincoln might collaborators, et cetera, et cetera. I'm not using it, but if you want, you can use it. So playlists are very, very power full, not just because of the ability to share the videos within the playlists and ability to expose your potential viewers too, not just one video but to its entirety. For example, I managed to boost my just gained 100 thousand views by sharing this video on Reddit, this video on ready justice video in the playlist. This is Cassie display. This has one hundred and three hundred views. I share this into playlists and people just jumped on it because some of them, but many of them just watch the video and just ignore it. But some of them continued watching on words on and on and on and on and on. And they are still videos that there are still not published. That's how powerful the playlist is. You will find someone who might be interested in your videos and he will continue watching your videos. And additionally, if you are aiming for the surge, adding keywords in the playlist, title and description just boosts and amplifies your ability to rank. So that's why purely, sorry, 100% important. And I highly suggest you to create playlists for every single thing that you can. Not just a very small thing did not just a big thing things. If you have a video, two videos that are connected to each other, each other. And if we don't have any videos connected to them as if you are just two videos. Create the fricking playlists for these two videos, guys, create, create playlists for these two videos. Did it's that important and it's that powerful. Use this 100%. And if you have workplace, it's better. Just don't spam, it just don't do useless playlists. Just do it. However, you see that it will be the best for your viewers. While the siblings for today, none that for today for this one, let's go for the next one. 11. Multi Channel Networks (MCNs): Let's now talk about MC ends are multi-channel networks or multi-channel networks, or however you want to call them. They were very, very, very big thing in the beginning of 20 tens in the early days of the YouTube. And if you don't know what multi-channel networks is, it is an organization or company or ordering individual whomever, it doesn't matter. It's just an entity who is uniting as several creators under one banner and binding them with a contract. So you're basically giving the power over your channeled to this multichannel network in exchange for some benefits is some additional stuff. They were very, very big in the past and many instructors and YouTubers and many people are still talking about them. And many of them are just telling that multi-channel network is still gives their words it, etcetera, etcetera. And right away, I'm going to give you the answer about whether you need to join MC ends are not. Add, no, ignore them right away. Doesn't matter what size you are, doesn't matter what you want from them. Just ignore them right away. You did it. You may have needed them in the past because it was a bit different back then. It was different that would that sponsorships, It was different with an exposure. The situation where different people were making far less money and people wanted to make do use MCMC for money purposes because they thought that they would make them more money. For some it was the first Sunday, we're making some more money. But now they're practically useless. Like majority of them are just either non-existent or gnats doing practically anything for the viewers. Plus, they are not free to use, meaning that you are giving the portion of your revenues from the monetization to them so they are just not worth to you, uh, use it. And if you are saying that, okay, I'm small channel I want and exposure, I assume that you already have a childhood some years, some following. You have a small challenge units of exposure. You install sponsorships, et cetera, et cetera. But you see what's the problem? If you're a small channel, they are useless because you don't make them enough money, make that they don't help you because you are not making them enough money. You are just monetized. You're very, very small and they don't bother. We, you plus they just can't do a lot to you as well. But if you're a big channel, they are useless to you because you make more than enough money and you don't need them because they cannot do anything to you on with you. They cannot help you. Many people were going against the ends because of the YouTube problems, or they had some copyright problems, etcetera, etcetera. Or they wanted to use MCIS as our intermediary with a YouTube. But you see, you yourself as a creator have practically the same connection with the YouTube as a small channel. As any other MCM has. So you're practically there. They have no use there. But you know what? Let's talk about actual MC ends and why. Maybe, I don't know, maybe you just want to join any MCM and you're just stubborn and wanted to do this right away. Okay. Let's just talk about the stuff, what MCM is providing you, maybe you some, somebody actually told you that all of them scenes are good. Let's, let's just talk with AMC and can give you and decide together whether they are worth or not, okay, why you should want to join him CN. So there are actually four things that they can provide to you. First is support team. They have their own support team and all the parts of the MCA and all the people in the MCMC can communicate with the support team. And if you need something, they can help you to sort it out. Well, what does this support team do? Ball, if you have a problem with your YouTube channel, let's say some things that solvable. You don't know how to use analytics, you don't know how to access certain features, etc, etc. If you contact them, all they will do is tell the okay, there's an article, read it. That's it. You've got a problem with the copyright. Oh, they're gonna send you article with a copyright, read it. If you insist on the communication and the value one is contact YouTube, etc, etc. Oh, they will tell you that there's nothing you can do because you violated tools, etcetera, etcetera. If you didn't violate the rules, decibel cannot do anything because they don't have any connections with the YouTube. Well, at least not anymore than in the past. The bigger MC ends head, but there are no more bigger MC ends left. They are, they're dissolved or they just, just bankrupted or just went away, you get they are not existed. So their support team, it's practically useless. When you have a problem with a YouTube, you are practically, you are left with a bunch of articles and with the YouTube itself, so you have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Yeah, support team is big. Minus then additional perks. Ok. They have actually some additional perks that can be seen as a useful, like, let's say some MC ends have the access to the Music Library's, let's say at epidemic sound, which is amazing music library, some of them will provide you with free access to, to Buddy Pro features. Some of them will provide you with some assets, et cetera, et cetera. They can provide you with a, quite a lot of different things depending on MC And of course, but no matter what they do provide you with, if you would pay them the services yourself, there will probably cost you less than 20-30, maybe $50 a month for you. In worst-case intervened in the most expensive scenario and the most generous MCM, it would cost you $50 to do whatever they additional perks they provide. So most likely, most likely they use more. They take more money from you. Then there are spending on a perks. Because why would they want to spend $50 maybe a, maybe they're buying everything in bunch and just making more money from it. But why would they want to pay for you? They make less money from you. Well, right? Because they don't, they're taking more money from you. So when providing with the Pyrex, they're still making more money from you as a monetized channel because they're taking the percentages of the channel. So you're practically laughed with useless perks that you could buy yourself anyways. So yeah, additional perks, just yeah, practically useless. Then the most important thing that people are calling for the MCMC sponsorships and contracts. So what happened in the past? What was happening was that when someone wanted a sponsorship or for example, when company wanted to hire a YouTube URL, we'll just make it do a different promotional campaigns. There would usually go to MCLs instead of YouTubers because MCLs had connections to the bunch of different YouTubers and MCM people at this communists would pay MCMC a certain amount of money for the certain amount of exposure. So this money, a big part of this money would go to probably, you know, 20 to 30%, maybe would go to the AMZN and the rest would be divided between the MCM. So maybe someone would again, a $100 per sponsorship are maybe $500 per sponsorship. Why the real cost are real price would have been maybe 700 or $1000. That's just because you are the part of AMZN and just company contacted MCM instead of u. This was happening in the past. So you're practically, we're still losing quite a lot of money because you're just not searching for the sponsorships yourself. And was it worth it? Well, absolutely not. Every single one of the individuals who were there, they felt like they're being ripped off because they had to do this. They had to do sponsorships and they could not bail out of it because they were obliged to do with the contract. And the contract is the most atrocious things with an MCM, because in the 90% of the MC ends, when you would sign up, you had a time contract and you could not be loud until this time would pass or until the certain conditions would occur. And this was awful because people would not just read contracts because they were YouTubers. Youtubers just want to have some parents have some stuff. They would not read the contracts and EMC as we're using it. And for that reason, many people are still stuck with their MC ends. Thankfully they were where and there are some NCN is right now. Still that do not bind you with contracts and you can just bail out anytime you want. But it's still, it's very, very difficult thing to do. And not bailing out W meaning that defining the good MCM. So yet still not worth it. The last paragraph that you could get, and this is probably the only thing that's good with an MCM. I don't know how good it is, but depending on the money that you lost, but you get a different payment methods, meaning that you are not obliged to with an AdSense as only and if you want to get it with a PayPal, you can get with a paper gets paid with PayPal. For example, one of my bigger channels is part of the MCM, which I am the part of MCM just because Adsense alone is not generating MY income. And with the perks, I'm actually getting more money that the channel, because the channel is not non-English language at that, many non-English smaller language channels are actually generating very little income. For that reason, I'm part of the AMC and I'm actually earning more from the NCN. Them scene is remaining for me, but thankfully the MC and is pretty good enough. They're pretty cool with that. And I'm getting paid with PayPal. That's the biggest benefit. Probably. Would you want to be the part of MCM because I didn't know but still would not suggest you to go for it. And overall, no, overall no. Mc ends are not worth it, especially because majority, majority of them have timed and binding contracts. That's the biggest problem you will never know until you read the contracts. And you usually don't read a contracts because oh, someone would join you in CN would invite UMC and you're excited, oh, I will be the part of the team or wham and a YouTube are now on the big, big, big deal now because someone has invited me. Well, there actually getting using U because they're not doing anything in there during the early part of your income basically, and which is awful. And I would not, not, not suggest you to do that overall. Avoid them CNES, they've just not useful for you. You could, you could find some use, like for one of my channels. I did find some use there, but it's nothing that I could not do it by myself. I just did it in the past and just I didn't bail out of it and that's that's it. That's it. If I would do it again, maybe I would not do it again because it didn't change when nothing because mc and is not doing a lot things for me except for paying me with PayPal. For non-English channel. Despite, no matter what size it is, AdSense is, is atrocious. It's awfully funny how much money you can make with the non-English channel. So yeah, net worth it. Avoid MCM as a wildfire, do not get into MC and well, this will be for this one. Let's go to the next one. 12. Contact with Audience: Okay, let's now talk about communication with an audience because, yeah, you need to communicate with their audience. And sooner or later people are gonna start pouring on your channel, pouring on your comments, liking your videos, asking some questions, being very funny, maybe being useless and very negative, being as well as positive being very useful as well. A bunch, bunch and bunch of, bunch of different kinds of people will poor to your channel. And trust me, you haven't done a social media yourself. As a creator, you are not ready for this one. You have no idea what is coming. This is just in saying this is completely different world and this is completely different from any thing that you've ever encountered. Just go and read some big channels, comment sections. You will be amazed at how many different types of people are there. This is probably the most diverse place. Most, most diverse, most positive and most negative, most useful and most useless Pele's ever in the world. This is amazing. The YouTube comment section especially is fantastic place. Just you need to learn to love it, my friends, you need to learn to have it. But here are some rules for you. Here are some rules that you need to follow in order to be very good with the communication with your viewers. These are very basic rules. These are not anything difficult and probably of this, but you forgot how to follow them or you may forget to lead them. Let's start with a deuce, then go to adults. First. Answered the comments. Always answer the comments, whatever they do. Well, no matter it's just good job or, or great video or o. So you thanks. Give a heart emoji, give a light to the comments, etc, etc. More engagement. Your comments has. The better, even if it's engaging, all engagement from you. It's better. Just end soon. The comments, whatever there is, except with an asterisk and this Sx is go to the don'ts part. Hell, I'm going to I'm going to talk about this a bit later to censor the comments, then ask to subscribe. And like it is not begging, many people are saying that, oh, I do want to beg in every single video to subscribe or like people. In many cases, in 90% of the cases, when they go to the video, they don't think about subscribing. It's not that they don't Don't want to subscribe or will not subscribe. They're just not thinking about subscribing there. Get you a video because of your video and they stay because of you. So you want them to stay and come back, right? You need to say that you need to subscribe to the channel and liked the video, et cetera, et cetera. Tell them what to do and they will do it because they already wanted. And all we need to do is just nudge a bit and they will do it. Always ask to subscribe and to lake, and you should do it in your videos. Within your videos, not just going outside in the comments. Or you can go and ask them in the description and ask them in the paint comment as well. There is nothing wrong with it, my friends. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Absolutely do it. Number three, do is be helpful and polite. Be helpful, my friend. Why would you be negative? Be positive because your positivity is attracting other people. They are making some people angry, but there are very little amount of people angry. So just be helpful, be positive. Entice people to comment, ask them to come and tell them that you are interested in their point of view. Tell them that you want to hear what they think about it. Because people want to share their opinions wherever they can. Whenever they can, wherever they can, they want to share their opinions at all they need to do in many cases is just, which is just to tell them to do that. There's all that you need to do permission to do that. In absolute majority of the cases, they don't even need that. But still, for the ones who need that, tell them, be helpful. People like Be very, very positive. That's all that you need to do. But the things that you need to not do is a bit rabbit bigger. First. Don't lie. That's a big thing. It's be helpful, polite and honest would be the better case. Induce. But don't lie. People are like people under your viewers and subscribers elect tigers in the bushes. They are capturing every single word you say because if they are watching your videos, you are at least some kind of authority to the, to them. Some kind DO positive, maybe but negative, but you are authority to them. They listen to every single word you say. And if you lie, you will get caught because you will get tangled in your lies. Don't lie, no matter how bad it is, just don't lie. If something was really did you want to say is really, really bad? Just don't say it and that's it. Don't lie or don't say. Just be, be absolutely honest or be silent. There's two things that you need to do. Be honest or be silent. Just don't lie. Secondaries. Don't communicate with trolls. Man, trolls, they are everywhere no matter what type of videos you do, they are everywhere. And they want you to get into their comments and just be getting into a fight with them in the comment section below because they live with that some people just wanted, it's not that it's bad every single time. You just don't need to communicate because they will awake in US some things that you don't even didn't even know that you had hidden anger and stuff. Just just don't don't communicate. Like identify troll right away as soon as you want and identify the troll, just ignore it. And that's, that's why we have an asset of scheme here that just don't communicate with them. Domino negative. Negativity is not good in your comments? No, it's not good because when people see the negativity in you, they are immediately going to attack you. It's like when you see the something is negative with the, oh boy, they're going to tear you to shreds because they don't want you to be negative. Or maybe they will join you. Otherwise, it's even worse. They will join you a, B negative against every other people in your comments section or in every other video. They might dislike giving them permission to be bad, and they are just going to be bad. Just 100%, don't be negative. Don't give the negative people fuel to destroy your comment section due to destroy your channel. And last but not least, don't do things for commenters, things they can do. You see what happens in many cases, especially if you're doing educational tutorial videos. Many people will come and don't even watch your video, or maybe even watch a video and ask you to do for them whatever you were explaining in the channel. For example, if you are doing I don't know, if I'm explaining how to do YouTube thumbnail in the video, they're going to come in, Oh, can you make me the Tamil, et cetera, et cetera, something like that. They're they're being very positive in many cases, sometimes they are begging your police, my computer is broken or warm. My Grandpa grandpa died today. No. Now look, gives 15 seconds ago I cannot do a thumbnail, please do something like that. They are going to be a lot of people like that. They are going to not just do things too that you already explaining them to do. They're gonna ask for money, for things for promotion. They are going to ask you for believing things. Don't, don't do it. Because if you'll do it for one, you're going to have to do it for everyone. Just don't do it. If you want to explain something, if you want if they want your opinion. Yes. Gave them your opinion. Just opinion, not the fact. Just opinion. That's not a problem. Giving opinions is 100% allowed in 100% good. But don't do things for them because it's just going to turn out bad. And you will be the one to blame, not them. You will be want to blame. So just don't do it. And what's most important, communicate with your viewers and subscribers. Communication builds trust. Trust is far more valuable than simple views because somebody will view your video and go away and never come back. But if you have a trust with your viewers, he will become a subscriber. He will come back for your videos. He will be active in the comment sections. Maybe he will purchase your products or whatever you do at the depending on whatever you do here will be trust hue will be trustful and loyal to you, which is very, very valuable. So never forget to communicate with your viewers and subscribers. Well, this will be it for this one. Let's go to the next one.