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YouTube Success: Full Beginners Guide to YouTube Channel

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Who is This Class For

    • 3. What is YouTube

    • 4. Mindset of YouTube Before You Will Start

    • 5. Creation of YouTube Channel + About Section

    • 6. Topic & Type of YouTube Channel (Beginner)

    • 7. Naming Your YouTube Channel

    • 8. YouTube Logo & Banner (Beginner)

    • 9. Equipment for YouTube Videos

    • 10. YouTube Software for Beginners

    • 11. First YouTube Video Ideas

    • 12. Recording Your First YouTube Video

    • 13. Editing Your First YouTube Video

    • 14. Uploading Your First YouTube Video

    • 15. Assignment (Class Project)

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About This Class

A Full Guide to start making, managing and growing your YouTube channel!

Here we concentrate on building your Youtube channel for the WIN and use methods that worked from the very beginning of YouTube and will work forever!

  • Learn How to Start a YouTube Channel

  • Learn How to Create a YouTube Channel

  • Learn How To Record YouTube Video;

  • Learn How To Create YouTube Thumbnail;

  • Learn How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

  • Learn To Nurture YouTube Audience

  • Everything is here, from basic software to advanced YouTube practices!

This course is going to be great not just YouTube Beginners, but with all YouTube users, no matter their level.

Disclaimer: This is an initial version of this course. The course will be updated constantly with newer versions releasing from time to time. Buying the course will give you access to current and all future versions of the course.

TubeHeroes YouTube Course Version History:

1.0 - Initial Launch;

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction: Well, hello there and welcome to tube hero scores. I will be your instructor, Nick and Nixon. I am a full time online structure and a YouTube and I've been doing YouTube and online structure for past few years now and learned a thing or two about the YouTube and online video creation. So congratulations on enrolling in the course. And if you're not unrolling I enrolled, I hope that you will be enrolled very, very, very soon. So what this course is all about. So this course is about transforming you from the YouTube viewer and the user into the YouTube Creator from the very, very beginning, from the creation of the channel too, being an expert in the YouTube field, you're going to learn a bunch in bunch and bunch, bunch of things that I have learned in the years of being a YouTube rated growing challenge from 0 into something at several channels and from managing a bunch of different channels as well. And you're gonna be able to create your first videos as soon as possible through this course. This course is no VS. Here we're gonna learn orally. They're real things only the real things for the YouTube, only the things that work. All it if things had been checked thousand times by thousands of difference YouTubers and only the things that do actually make your YouTube channel, period. There are a bunch of things that you might expect here that is not here, but trust me, this here are the things that you need to learn about the YouTube begin. Congratulations on being here. I'm going to be telling about the stuff that you might expect them, might not expect from these lectures, from, from the different lectures. So stay tuned for that, watch that, and pay really, really close attention to every word I say, because this will be the beginning of your glory on YouTube. So welcome, and let's just get started. 2. Who is This Class For: Well, hello and welcome to the beginner section. So here we're going to go through what you need in order to get to the beginning section or who are these beginner section is for just to not to waste your time and to get you to the places that you'll need. So first we're gonna go to, goes through who is this section for? Before we're gonna start, you probably reached, as it were, the section starts and where the section ends, where the section actually starts from this video right here, this lecture right here, and ends with your first video upload lecture. So it is a quite a few lectures, quite a few videos that you are gonna go through. And this section is made for specific types of people. If you are in this type, then you need to go through this section. If you think that you are not an issue, I think that you have done all of those things. I still highly suggest you to go through these lectures because I'm pretty sure and that particular, I'm confident that you'll still learn some new things from a dissection. If you think that you are above this, if you think that you don't need this, then by all means, go to the intermediate section, which starts with the video called Introduction to an intermediate. So you can go there right away. But who is this? Section? Four. So this section is for the people who has the YouTube user, meaning that they are registered and they have a Google account that they can just access YouTube as a user. If you don't know how it's done. Well, this is a very, very basic computer knowledge, very, very basic computer knowledge question of the Google account. I will not teach you how to create a Google account because this is the thing that you need to have and that you need to know. The, despite this being a beginner section, this is the beginning of section today youtube, that beginner section to how to use Google. So unfortunately, I'm sorry, but I cannot teach you this is a very basic knowledge. You probably know this already, but if you don't know this, I would suggest you to go through Google and probably just ask someone how to create a Google account and how to use it. If you don't know what Google account is, maybe notice as a Gmail account name. So if you have a Gmail account or robots real name, Google account, then you probably are already YouTube user will need to do is just access to login to the YouTube. And that's it. Very, very, very simple and extremely basic thing that you probably already know. If you have it. Good, great, you are on the way to start. But this is section for the people who has no YouTube channel. What do I mean by this? Everyone who has a YouTube user, Everyone who has access to YouTube with a Google account, they automatically have a YouTube channel. In the past, you needed to create a separately YouTube channel. Right now you don't need this anymore. You already have a YouTube channel. When you log in on your, on your YouTube account, that's already you can upload the videos right away. I mean, by this, I mean that people who are now no set up YouTube channel, meaning that you don't have a logo setup, you don't have a banner, you don't have an About section, you don't have any videos, etc, etc. So you don't have a thing that's called that you would call a youtube channel. You have a YouTube account, but no YouTube channel. And of course, if you don't have to tell, you shouldn't have a Youtube videos, not a single video. If you have a YouTube user, this means if you don't have a YouTube channel, if you don't have any YouTube videos, then at this section is for you. So if you are one of those, then okay, you have a Youtube videos already. And again, if you think that you will not learn, You want some advanced stuff, some intermediate stuff. You want some things to get you going and scaling up. Then by all means you can go to the intermediate section. But again, a house he asked you to go through this lectures as well. So what is the goal of this section in its entirety? Because all the sections that I'm going to talk in this course in this class has their own goal. Because I highly think that you need to have separate goals for each sections in order to get you going. And the goal of this section is to create a YouTube channel and upload your first video as fast as possible. Why is that? Why this is the goal? Because the most difficult thing in the YouTube channels journey and your YouTube journey is to create a YouTube channel because you are getting into an unknown territory. You have no idea what's going on. You have nothing. You don't have anything about this. You don't know anything about this. And this is an unknown territory. And I will try to get you through this, a beginner type to give you all the knowledge that you need, only the knowledge that you need to make your first video. Because when you get your first video, you will learn from the stuff that we're among. And did you hear that the first video, we'll be deal very worst we did OK, great, because it's going to be the first. And then you will learn everything from that video that you will create. You will know exactly where you need to go. So this means the section is made to give you only the knowledge you need to make your first video. No more, no less. You're going to go through this section. And if you will follow this section according to lecture by lecture, in the end of this section, you will have a YouTube channel created and you will have a Youtube video uploaded on your channel as well. I highly suggest you to live all the knowledge about the YouTube that you have outside of the course. Because here we are going to go only to the things that you need because you probably have a CNV. Elba watched a bunch of videos maybe on the YouTube itself about teaching this stuff. That's going to feed you information, all the information in a bunch of different information that you don't need when you start by friends. So just follow the lectures. Because this lecture is going to give you all the information that you need to start your first video. And of course, in the layer sections in a later video, we're going to expand this knowledge more and more and more and more to accumulate as much as possible from the YouTube. Well, congratulations on the starting of the introductory section of the beginner section. And let's just go and legis, create our first video as fast as possible. 3. What is YouTube: What is YouTube really, what YouTube really is? The question is seemingly very simple, but let's just try to answer it. So YouTube is now tried to think what YouTube actually is, and then try and compare it to my answer. So sit down, pause this minute. Potters video for a few seconds, maybe a few minutes. I don't know. I don't care. You can pause it for our Tammy wanted and think of what YouTube is and write it down. If you don't want to write it down located can remember it. Just few things. Youtube is this, this, this and that. Think of this. Maybe let's go with 34 things. What YouTube is, and then you can compare it to my answer. You can pause the video right now and I wait. Okay, let's assume that you are done. And let's go through the things that YouTube actually is. Youtube is for things. Youtube is this four things. Youtube video hosting platform. Youtube is social media platform, YouTube search engine. And YouTube is advertising business. Youtube is all of those things at the same time. And they are all interconnected. And they have impact on what do you do as a YouTube energy, YouTube creator and as a viewer as well. So each and every one of these effects like, gives like one thing that it does for YouTube, like some things that it does for YouTube, it impacts like Swan side of the YouTube. And it is a one part of the YouTube. You understand what do I mean when I go through each and every one of them, we're going to go through each and every one of them. And when it goes through all this, anyone, you'll understand what this things are, what these four parts r, you will have a better understanding not just as a creator, but as a viewer as well. When you go to the channels of the other creators, you will start seeing a bit more, which will help you in the future to understand more and just gain some information from the other channels. So let's go and start with the video hosting platform. So YouTube is video hosting platform means that it hosts the video for the creator, meaning that it takes the video that you upload to the platform and put it on YouTube domain for you. And this concerns only the unlisted on admin beyond some private part of the YouTube. This is uploading a video for you. Just put the video there. That's it. That's what video hosting platform means. And it impacts the video quality side of YouTube. To give understanding what this means is that it is giving you the quality sidemen. That is, what's the resolution? It is what frame rate is, what codec it is, the transcoding side, the audio side, etcetera, etcetera. This all is governed by YouTube as the video hosting platform. Is it important? Yes, because it's the technical part of YouTube. Because with this knowledge that you can gain from the video hosting platform when you go to the other creators channels and videos, you will see that they have a certain quality of the video, certain resolution of the video. They have a certain Kodak maybe they're using. We're going to talk about this in an intermediate and advanced parts of course as well. But Just to give you some understanding what the perfect video will be for you in the future. Next is social media platform. Youtube as a social media platform, allows an interaction with the video content. It's your comments, it's Joe likes, dislikes, and it is your discoverability features meaning that when YouTube understands that you watch the video and you liked the video, you too will show it a similar type of videos from the other creators. This is the social part. We you liking? The video is the social part of the platform and it will start giving you the other videos. This cover other videos. This is what happens on the videos. Youtube's recommended section or the training section. This is what it gives you and we did it increases your rich, showing you more and more and more people. And it is the social part of the YouTube. Now let's go to the next one. Search engine. Youtube is a search engine, very, very powerful thing that you need to utilize. Absolutely. It allows people to find your content to a video. This is when it goes public, it impacts the search ability for the New Year's meaning that if as a social media platform, people will stumble upon your videos, discover your videos. With the search engine, people are directly finding videos, are searching your videos. They're looking for your videos. That's the distinguishing part of the social media platform of YouTube and the search engine of YouTube. People are directly searching for your videos and they're finding it. And it is a data part of the YouTube. What does it mean that YouTube is getting information for the search engine for me video. And this metadata is as metadata, basically, which Metadata is titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails, and the video subtitles. Even what you talk about in the video is a part of metadata. And this is the data part. And with this compilation, YouTube is showing is an understanding that what people, how people can find your videos and showing when people are getting their inquiries, what they're looking for the videos, of course, we're going to go through this when we optimize the video for search engine as well. Last but not least, is YouTube as an advertising business. Youtube is an advertising business. That's how YouTube is making money. This is how the content is monetized. Very important type were important part. It impacts income made how much money you and YouTube makes both of you, not just you or an adjusted YouTube, both of you make and it impacts reach. What does this mean? Is that if your view was making money and a lot of money for you and for YouTube as well. Youtube will try to show this video to more and more people and directly tied to the social media part. It always shows good and well monetized videos to more people than an unmagnetized ones. So that's why advertising, understanding YouTube as an advertising business is important. And understanding what YouTube is will allow you to have great basis and will only allow you to see more as a viewer as well. Maybe that again, if you go to the other people's channels, see more things, you will see more details now, what type of titles are getting more views? What type of disruptions are getting more views? What type of tags or getting more views or tables, thumbnails are getting more views. What types of monetization is getting gives me that only the beginning and Andrew advertisements or the middle advertisements or many advertisements or little advertisements or what type of, let's say how many likes do you need for your video to succeed? Like to dislike ratio the or does it have an impact? How many comments do you need? You will start seeing more and more information, understand these things, and you will be one step ahead than every new creator. So let just go to the next lecture. 4. Mindset of YouTube Before You Will Start: Let's talk about YouTube mindset that you need to have as a creator. Because majority of the creatures when they start, they have the mindset of the viewer other than creator. They see the videos as a viewer, but don't consider themselves as a creator. And by having the good mindset as a creator will help you in the short run and in the long run because it's a difficult task to be a YouTube creator any you need a really good mindset, correct mindset in order to succeed on YouTube at the, somehow succeed on YouTube. And to help you with this, I will give you a four phrases for phrases. You need to remember for yourself and understand its meaning and always have it in your mind while you're being a creator that will help you to push forward to the new heights and will get you to the place where you want to be. So let us start with the first phrase, which is, yesterday, was the best time to start. Second best is now. That means this is the thing that you want to do when you're beginning a channel. Yesterday, I was actually there anytime before today. Before now was the best time to start because if you started in the past, you would already be one step ahead. But you didn't or maybe you didn't. But you still have the second-best time, which is right now. You, there will not be the better time to start YouTube then now did will not become easier than it is now. Every single day that passes, every single hour that passes, that you do not create YouTube videos. When you want to create your YouTube videos, it is becoming harder to succeed on YouTube. It is becoming harder for you to find the strength to do a YouTube. So just start creating YouTube videos right now. And this is perfectly tied with the second video. Which second phrase that people is being stopped by? W1 is better than perfect. That's what stops us from creating the YouTube videos in the first place. You want to create a YouTube video so perfect and so good that it would succeed from your first video onwards. Which will not happen, which never happens. Well, maybe 99% of cases does not happen. So thinking of yourself as the 1% is, well kind of really selfish and all not smart. Because none of us are really special Medina way that many of us think we are special but not in a way that we think. So. Instead of thinking of the perfect videos that we can create and we can craft perfect first video or whatever number of video is. We can just do it. Just take the video and make it done. Record whatever the capacity we have. Our first video on, whatever the knowledge that we have and then learn from it because this is the baseline, our first video or whatever number the video is will be the worst video ever. Every next video will be better every next one. But in order to have A better video, you'll need to have a bad video First. You will need to have a baseline when you watch the video and see, you know what? Okay. I will fix this, this and this in the next video, and then you'll do it. And the next we do better than watch the second video, let's say, and you know what? This things can be better now. And then you'll fix the second ones and the third one and the fourth one. And then you'll continue quit your videos better and better with this doing, you'll improve your capabilities to do a video your workflow, you will do it faster and better and better and better. But in order to do this, you will need to do your first video. Focus on starting and finishing tasks rather than making it perfect. Because nobody wants to see the perfect video that you never made. But people will see the ok. video that you actually made. So let's switch to the third phrase, which is beginning is always the slowest. Meaning that whatever you'll do, your beginning will be very, very slow. Growth speed is not constant. More time passes, the more content you create, growth will increase by exponentially. Think of it like that. Every single one of your videos is the window to your channel. It will have only one Vin window. It will be very hard for people to discover you. You will have to Windows made two videos. You have double the chance to people to discover you with three, triple four quadruple with 3030 times more chance to be discovered, 5050 times 4000 thousand times more to be discovered. That's how it works. More videos you'll create more. There's a chance that one of your videos either will hit big or go wire viral. All it gets discovered by a lot of people and you, then that's all you need to do. More videos you have, the better. So think on creating videos. It's not the quality versus quantity. Think, don't think about that just yet. It's very early for this. That means they just create videos. Because when you have a portfolio of the videos, meaning that you will have some amount of videos. It is easier to get people to get on board on your channel. And that's why the beginning is the slowest. And number four, which is very important, is it takes time. Push it into your head. It takes time. Youtube is not a sprint. It's a marathon. And be prepared for months of work, seemingly without the results. Because you'll upload your first video, it will not get views. You'll upload a second video. It will not get views. You'll apply your ten videos, tend video, it may get four views, et cetera, et cetera. You can continue creating videos and they will not get views. But you'll push onwards. You will get a 50th video and you're 53 will go viral. And that's all you need. It takes time. Just understand that. It takes them. You'll never know when to push through. Just do the videos because you want it. Not because you want the results right away. Just you wanted because results will come eventually every single channel has its time of world and your time, maybe a few weeks or maybe a year. So just you need to push forward towards this this time. Because if you'll stop even the week before that, if you will stop in one video before that, you just did all for nothing. Don't do all for nothing. That will be for this lecture. Let's go for the next one. 5. Creation of YouTube Channel + About Section: Now let's talk about the creation of the youtube channel. It's usually people are saying that L equation of the youtube channel simple and SFIA, it's actually very simple, but I'm going to give you some understanding, some insights about the creation of the youtube channel. This is the thing that I'm going to show you right now. So you have a Gmail account, Everyone has a Gmail account, and it's very easy things to do if you just log in with a Gmail account on your YouTube and that's it, right? No wrong. You can have a personal YouTube channel and you can have a brand new YouTube channel. It's usually people are creating the personal YouTube channel, but I highly suggest you to create a brand new YouTube channel because it's easier to control. And to do that all you need to press it, press your name right here. Go down to settings. You're gonna press settings right here. Then all you need to do is go to add or manage your channels. Press add your manager, your channels right here. And then all you need to do is create a new channel, are gonna press Create new channel. And that's it. Or you can go with the creation of the huge pill that's called a tube heroes, QP, heroes channel create. And you're going to wait for it to be sexually brand account. It's it can be easily added and deleted. And yep. That is just did UK, you already have a channel. But is it done? No, it's not done or you're gonna press a customer channel right here. And yeah, you only need to do is go and add a channel art and the dis, the logo right here. We're gonna go through this, through this, of course, in the other lectures. But, uh, you will need to understand the equation of the channel and how it's done. But before you go to the other staff, before we go to the logo and channel art, I highly suggest you to go to the About section and fill it out, fill out about second, it's a very important thing to fill out and about section, you can go and add a description right here. Always press district AT channel description and explain who you are and what your channel is, all about 100%. Always do that first before you're going to go through anything, just who you are and what your chairman's all about. You can always change this in the future, changed at any mail for your business inquiry. And of course at the location, you can add the links later. You don't need this 101st% because people are usually rarely clicking the links between links will appear right here in the corner of the banner. But you can add it if you want, right away you could. All you need to do is press the link, add, add right here and add the title. It's a Pinterest. You're going to add a Pinterest link right here, and we'll have a Pinterest logo actually and add, however, whatever amount of lectures that you have, whatever most of the links that you have, you can add this to your channel at that, that's it, that we'll all be edX. You can have all the names right here. It is not necessary to do links at the beginning, but it's necessary to do the About section and the channel equation. What brand account? Because he can change and delete the brand account, whatever you want and how. It's, you're not restricted with anything on brand account. And it's actually very simple to control. And you don't have your e-mail showing right here, which you don't want in some cases. So it is very, very simple to do that. 100% recommend you to create a barnacle than that. Well, that's, that's it. So we can just go on to the next lecture. 6. Topic & Type of YouTube Channel (Beginner): Now let's talk about how to choose the topic and type of the channel. It is a very, very important thing to think about at the beginning of your channel journey. At the very beginning, at least very, very close to the channel creation, because it is a bit more difficult to change it in the future and it will reset, it may reset the progress that you already done, but it is not forbidden to change the topic and the type of the channel a bit in the future. But tried to come up with a topic at the time, at the very beginning or close to the beginning of, for example, if you go and upload 50 videos on a certain topic and tie, but then decided, you don't want this anymore. Changing. It will result in LD nation of your audience and it's better to have the topic and the type of the channel at the very, very beginning. But first, before we'll go talk about, talking about what topics to choose, what types to choose, et cetera, data. Let's discuss what topic and type of the channel actually means. So let's go with the topic first. So what is the topic of the topic of the channel is what your channel is about. And on YouTube, this is usually called a niche. Niche is a very, very narrow type of the topic. Basically, for example, easier channel about technology or is your channel about making money online or easier channel about gaming or specific gaming. So you need to understand that, for example, the channel about gaming is a topic, but it's not a niche. It's, it's a bit, a bit of difference. It's quite a big of distinction because gaming is very, we're very broad sense, in a sense, it's a very, very broad thing. And just classifying a gaming as a topic is a bit more difficult, then it's classifying as a genre. Gaming is more like a genre and then the topic. So if you want to go with the gaming topic, you can say that, let's say strategy games is the topic or the niche, whatever you wanna call it. Because it's a very, very vague distinction that many people are calling niche gaming a niche. But in my opinion, gaming's not a niche. It's a genre enclosed topic. So you need to choose something that you want, that you want your channel is about. For example, again, strategy games of your water technology you are concentrating on max may be on Mac computers or on Apple computers, or you are concentrating on, on iPhones. For example. If you go with one of my channels, I have one. I have gaming channel as well, which is more concentrated on sci-fi and fantasy games. And specifically in that I'm focusing more on moderate games, meaning that modding, games that are not made sci-fi or fantasy alike and transforming it into the fantasy like for example, if I, if I will take a strategy game, but that is about a historical battles and transforming it into the, transforming into the Lord of the Rings strategy. It's something like that. It is like unmaking. Topic and narrowing it down as much as possible. And with this, I find very, very specific audience that will like my channel. We're going to go about the specific, specificity and nourishing down a bit later. But you understand the union to topic that is as narrow as possible. You don't need to choose as broad as possible because choosing a broad topic or getting closer to genre than just topic or niche will make it a bit harder because, because the topic is way too big, the people are the people who are very, very different in their genres. Like it's, they're very, very living within a single channel as well. For example, people in gaming niche are completely separate from the shooter and FBS niche is very, very different from the strategy. Nice shed if you're making an FPS content, doesn't mean that people that like 70 games to like it. So you, you understand this. You need to go as, as narrow, as ns, as narrow as possible. Don't go wide, as narrow as possible. Go with the very, very specific Dalvik. You can of course, expand a bit later, but at first, try to go with as narrow, as tall as possible. And what's most importantly do make as content about a, about a topic that you know, don't go into distinct that you don't understand. Or you just want to know. Always go to the topic data, you know, always 100%. You need to be expert in the field, or at least you need to be closer to the expert because people need to come to you for the knowledge or entertainment or whatever you are doing that will go to type in just a few seconds. But you need to know these things well. But you need to know these things more than your viewer do for Viewer to beat viewable if it's mitigate makes sense, of course. Now let's switch to the type we're going to of course attended topical 80 more intermediate a section and we're going to return to topic more and more. But let's switch to the type right now, like type, when you choose the topic, you are choosing type only after that. You can choose the type of beforehand. But topic is like, type is not a thing that you know, type is the thing. How, how you will give out your content, how you create your content, what type of format your content will have. And usually we have three main types of content. They are not completely independent, meaning that you create one type of content. You cannot create a second one, or you cannot merge two of them, all three of them at the, at once. But if you want, have a distinction, you can distinct, we can differentiate the types of content into three different types. First is education, meaning that this content is meant to teach people what you are doing a certain topic. Second is entertainment. You are just entertaining people and people who are actually enjoy and have fun with the content. And last but not least is information slash news content means that you're talking about the stuff that is happening right now and giving good news breakdown, etc. etc.. Education, entertainment content is more evergreen content, meaning that they are active and they are watchable for a really long time, but usually have less views and informational content I usually active and important at the moment of the recording, they have their virtual content, but they gain a lot of use as well, but they're a bit more higher-risk. Again, we're gonna talk about the types and topics later, but, uh, you need to know as a beginner that you need to choose one of them, concentrated on one of them. First, on one of the types of the continent, then you can spill out as, as, as you will learn, as you will understand your videos, as you understand your strengths and what you can do with your videos, more spill out into the other types. Or you can just merge all of them at the same time or do all of the videos at the same time. Just understand that different types of content has different audiences as well, even within the same very narrow niche. Even within the same very narrow niche, different types of content have different audiences. So if you'll create a one type of audience in one very narrow niche, you will get very, very specific audience. That is very, very, very great thing to have. So this will be it for the topic and type. You don't need to, need to know more than this at the same time. And let's just get to the another lecture. 7. Naming Your YouTube Channel: Now let's go to how to name your channel. Before that, we actually didn't talk about the naming channel. We talked about the creation of the channel. We talked a little bit about the about section about topics and types, but wouldn't talk about the naming of your channel, which is pretty important thing. And people are just ignoring this at first in the beginning of their channels and then they're just regretting the naming of the channel that they do. So it is not very hard to name your channel. And it is a onetime job, basically that you need to do in the very beginning of the channel. You can actually do it a bit later. If, even if you have a 100 subscribers and he changed the name of the channel, you'll lose a lot. But yeah, it's better to not change the name of the channels later. It's better to have the good name or the appropriate name at the very, very beginning. So there are a few rules that you need to follow. So here are some of them. No numbers in your name, tried to not use any numbers in your name and know there are quite a lot of YouTubers who are using the numbers in their names and they're still popular. But mind that many of them have numbers in the names that have some function or some meaning. Or they created these channels way, way, way, way, way before. Youtube was even mainstream. And they just got popular in the very early days when there were not a lot of YouTube channels at the first place. So the number one rule is to not use any numbers in the channel. So it's why it's important is because people tend to not remember numbers were very well, especially the longer numbers. So it is not very useful to have a numbers in your name. You can have a number as a ladder like fives or something like that. You can have it, but we should be as short as possible. You can have like Nixon, Nixon, the 3-4-5. No one will remember nixon. Three, 55, everybody will remember just nixon. Nobody cares about three by five. So you need to try to not use number, not to try, don't use any numbers in your name. Don't use any numbers in your name. The next is to not use any special characters. No dashes, no exclamation marks, no question marks, no dots, no commas, no nothing. This is, again, this is a special characters are not used in speech. We're not using the speech we are using in writing. And you need to remember that people will call your names, name of the channel verbally. They want, they have it in their heads. They don't have a name of your channel written in their head. They're saying this name in the hat and you are saying this name over and over in the channel and the channel as well. So having a special characters is making it a bit hard to remember and you want your name to be as easy to remember. Third rule is to not use any silly or swear words. Even though if you, if you are a teenager or if you're a young adult and you think. Using the Sealy and swear words will help you to grow your channel. And it will actually grow your channel. But in the future it may backfire on you because it will be very, very difficult to land a brand deals or have some other monetization purposes with the Sealy and swear words. Don't use the Sealy and swear words because it will, it will just hurt your business if you want to transform a YouTube into the business in the future. So just avoid it as much as you can. Don't use any silly or swear words in your channel name. So next rule says, are that real names, real full names are fine to use as long as they are. More or less easy to remember. For example, if you have like very difficult first and last name, tried to come with a shorter version of your firstName and have a your last name in full. It's no problem again, just try to tell your last name like over and over again on the, on your channel that people will just remember it, how you sow to spell it, right? Because many of us who are who does not have a western names or the last names. It will be a bit difficult for the westerners too, just to use these names and last names. So just, it's fine to use it. But always give your viewers the information about how to spell it, right, and how to tell it right? Otherwise, it's very, very fine. Plus it's, it's easier for you to remember that. It's most important that when you use it comfortably, if only you use your name comfortably, your viewers will use as comfortable as well, and that's what you want. Made up names and synonyms are fine as well. For example, for my tensor purposes, Nick nix and is not my name, it's my pseudonym and made up name. My name and surname is actually completely different now my My name is like my mic, but it's spelled differently. And my last name is completely different. But I use this name and last name, like pseudonym in the brain or quotes, lastName because it felt right for me because I always called this name for a really long time and I'm comfortable with this name and I used it and it's easy to remember and easy to say is to tell Nick nix and it's very easy to tell. It's spelled differently than how people usually write Nixon. But it's not a difficult as well. You can do the same things. And plus it will transform the future into your brand name. Your name and last name may not transform it your brand name, but your cDNA may transform into your last name, means your brand name. So you want to use that. And last but not least in here is in the roofs are one or two worlds are fine, so don't use more than two words in your name. Furthermore, Nick nix and is two words or you can use it to just regular words. Or let's say, if you remember the cynical bridge channel or total basket channel or he was, he unfortunately passed away already. He was an amazing gaming critic. He was named, his name was totaled biscuit led to regular words, but it's it's kinda silly name. But it's not, it's not that silly name. And he was a really, really big gaming movie. Or you can just go and use these two words for yourself. But to regular words, it will be a bit difficult to transform it into the brand name. But it's not that, it's not that difficult. So you can use the two regular names and liberal words as your name. It's very simple to do and just use it without any problem. And remember that your name is your brand. It is your brand. It can, it can transform into the huge thing very soon or not soon enough, but still it gets transformative. Very cute name if you don't want to be embarrassed to use it. And you have to be concentrating on two things. While you are naming your channel, you should concentrate it on longevity and simplicity. In longevity, I mean that your name should be usable both at 0 subscribers and a million subscribers. You should not be embarrassed to use it at any amount of subscribers you are on. You may go to 2 billion subscribers. I don't know. You may transform into something really, really big and you don't want to be embarrassed to use it. So just concentrate on that. And another thing is simplicity and names should be easy to remember. It should be easy to remember because hard to remember names. People are just tend to not remember it and just forget about it and just move on because the competition is so big that hard to remember names are having a really hard time to be remembered. So you don't make this mistake. Make up your channel name that is easy and will be usable for really, really, really long time. All this will be it for this lecture. Let's, let's go to the next one. 8. YouTube Logo & Banner (Beginner): Okay, now we will talk about the logo and the banner of the channel logo is distinct right here, the thing that is written besides your name, like in this case, and your channel banner is what is right here on the top of your channel. This is two of my smaller channels that I actually use at the moment. That Nixon accent, which is my personal channel that are talking about video creation, course creation and a YouTube Goethe right here. And in this case, I use my photo as my logo. You can use your photo as your logo, it's perfectly fine. The simplest way to do is to use your photo as your logo. You can use it 100%. It will not be a problem. The thing is if you're not making a personal channel, you may not want to use a photo as your logo. Then you can go and create your own logo or something like that. Or if you don't know how to create your logo. So I'm going to teach you this right now. So don't worry about this. And you need to do the same thing with your banner. That actually explains what your channel is about like right here. As you can see that I have the names and everything. I have a new video every three days and some Logo subscribe for more the same here I have things right here. It tells me that my videos uploaded every single days, sci-fi and fantasy gameplay videos every day like I have the different logos for definite different franchisees. I have my own logo, etcetera, etcetera. So these banners, these two banners should give you understanding what type of banners and logos that you should have like for yourself. But now the difficult thing, you don't know how to create a logo and a banner. So this logo and Benner has been made through Photoshop. So it's a bit advanced. So I'm not going to teach you how to do it on Photoshop, at least at this, at this moment, we are going to go through the advanced logo and better designs later. But the thing that you can do right now is go through and create your logos through I'm going to be of course, including every single links. So is your best bet to start with your channel design. It is the best place to start for yourself. And when you go to the and you login, you can login with your Google account or with your Facebook account. It's not a problem of already can register. It's absolutely free to use. There is a paid subscription as well, but let's concentrate on only the first free subscription. At the moment, when you go here, you can have a creative design tab or you can have the search tab right here. What you need to concentrate on is YouTube channel art right here. And I'm gonna go switch here at logo. This two things that you need to concentrate on if you don't see it right here, you can just go and search for logo. And I like you hit until just search a logo for you. Or you can go for the just search YouTube. And it will give you your YouTube icon, YouTube channel, thumbnail and YouTube. Youtube icon is very, very good thing to use as well. You can go and see YouTube like Angela, and let me just switch to YouTube icon right here. And as you can see, when you press the YouTube icon and it will give you a bunch of templates. The same thing is with the YouTube logo. I'm going to show you the YouTube logo right here. Just a logo design. Yes, logo designs look pretty good as well, but YouTube icon will be a bit simpler for you to use and it will be a bit better to use because it concentrates more on the circular design right here, as you can see, despite the logo itself being square, it's shows you in a circle right here and the same here. It shows you in a circle. So as you can see, if you just typed, have a circle around this one, it will be perfectly fine here as well, here as well. Here's all. You can just go and choose whatever design you want, whatever suits your needs. And let's say, let's concentrate on, I don't know, let's choose one of the logos. As you can see, there are a lot, a lot, a lot of different logos. Let's concentrate, for example, something very simple. Let's constraint on this one. I'm going to press this one right here. It will open it in the editor. And what I can do is I can change the name, for example, if I want to have it in a knick-knacks and name Nick and Nixon. And I'm going to press Enter right here just to have it spaced out. It's gonna say Nick Nixon since 1992. Bits this actually my year of birth, which is very, very nice. And I could change this logo. As you can see, this logo is watermarks. So what I will do is I will delete this one and only use some other element to add. I'm going to press elements right here. And for example, let's use this one. I have been using this thing. This is a twitch logo. We've I want I'm gonna put it right here. And as you can see, it fits perfectly fine, it looks perfectly well, or it can change some, something else. I can go with the upload. I think I have a YouTube logo somewhere. Oh, no, I haven't. Nixon logo actually. Yeah. You can use if you have a separate logo or you can just upload whatever you want or search for internet. And as you can see, I can just put it right here and it looks just perfectly fine. It does not look the best, but it's perfectly fine if you are doing it as a beginner, it is very, very nice thing to have as a beginner, you don't need anything complicated to have at the beginning of the channel, like, what is bad about this logo and why I, myself would not use this logo is we're just small. As you can see, that logo right here is it's very, very small and details will be very difficult to distinguish. And what I would do in my case, like I would just delete this tax entirely and just have since only 1992 and just have something like that or just increased in size and have something like that. What I would do in my case. But if you don't have this one, you can just write a big letter and just have a text ad heading and write letter n, and then just change its size into something very, very big, like 144, or maybe even larger than that. And like have a font that you want. Let me just move it right here and have it something like that. Like make positioning. Positioning may be a bit difficult, but you can position it however you want. And this is a logo. This is a very simple logo that you can create. The same thing you can do with the banners love, which is right here. It depends. You can choose a different banner, whatever you want. Let's say, for example, I'm going to choose something like choose it together. Let's use the sunlight that I'm going to press this one and I'm gonna, I'm gonna change the text. Making your let's say life better. And yeah, you're going to have some travel videos now, I'm gonna say a content creation videos and tips. Bam, we have our banner, Dan. It's very simple and very fast to do what you need to concentrate on as well as try to have a color schemes same here and here, but tried to have the same. In my case, I don't have it the same. So I can just go and choose this color. And I need a hex color for this one, but okay, no problem. I can try to have the similar color to here. I'm going to select this one and select something like similar, not very close, but similar to this one. I'm going to change every single color to this one. And yeah, I'm going to have something like this and this. They look more or less similar and which is very, very nice to have. And it is extremely simple thing to do. You only need to do is just go and play with It's absolutely free. Just focus on things that are absolutely free because you're gonna see some remove watermarks, stuff, etc. etc.. Just concentrate on the stuff. And then what you need to do is go and press download right here and it will download the PNG. You cannot work on these things right here. And sometimes what will happen is that it will be a bit too large when you download. This is the resolution is I don't know if you can see it somewhere. I think you can see it right here. Yes, if you go to the channel id set 2560 by 4040, that's data you need to have as the resolution of your a channel art. Sometimes when you download it, it will be way too heavy. And what you will need to do is change the pictures sizes, make it better. You need to do is just Google it. Like change. Picture size. Picture size. Right here you can go and pick Resize right here. It will be, you can upload the picture right here and just make it a bit smaller. That's, it's a very simple thing to do is just go and make this thing smaller. It happened a few times would meet may happen. If map and would you as well just be mindful of that. So this was it for the simple logo and a banner design. As you can see, it looks pretty good and this will boost your channel at the very beginning. You can change it anytime in the future, unlike names, you can change the logo and Benares in any time that you want. It will not be a problem in the future. So just work on that, improve on that, and just start learning how to make a better logos and better, better gentle arts. And yeah, we're going to return with the next lecture. 9. Equipment for YouTube Videos: Okay, now let's concentrate on thing that a lot of beginner YouTubers are concentrating way too much on. It is an equipment. They think that you need a huge equipment in order to grow on YouTube. This absolute BS, it's not true that there are some equipments that you need to have in order to succeed on YouTube. Not just to succeed in order to not fail on YouTube, because there is some things that you need that will give you a baseline in order to not shrink your channel in a doom your channel from the videos from the very beginner. And I'm gonna give you an exhaustive list of the things that you need. Absolutely need as an, as a beginner like absolutely exhausted as exhaustive and Middle East. And we're going to start right now with it. And what the things that you need is the microphone. That's it. That's that's really it. That's all that you need. A good microphone is all that you need to have a good YouTube channel. That's all that you need to have a YouTube channel. It's weird, right? The people, you probably thought that I would say, Oh, you need a camera, you need a fantastic computer. All you need something, something, something, something lighting, etc, etc. Yes, all those things are good. Although things are very, very good, but microphone is essential for the beginner. We're going to talk about the stuff that you would will be useful in the future for more a grown-up channel. But as a beginner for the person who have not done any videos, will have done very few videos. The microphone is an essential thing to have. And you need to know what microphone to chewed like. You absolutely need to know how to choose your microphone. Otherwise, you're gonna have some problems. So let's just talk about the microphones because it's an essential equipment that you need. You have the three types of microphone that you can choose from. And you can understand what type of microphones are with the pictures. Three types are level year mikes there, condenser mics and dynamic mix. Like you don't need to get very deep into this stuff. I don't suggest it to get very deep into the audio stuff because yeah, there are things that are different with those, but you do need to know, but understand that level here mikes are the smaller mix that is attached to a color condenser. And dynamic marks will be absolutely similar for you, but they work a bit differently. You don't need to know exactly how they work, but just know that dynamic mix usually costs more because they are better. Because they, how can they say they filter out your environment better? For example, on concerts and on the big venues that dynamic mics are used, not the condenser mics. Condenser mics are usually the cheaper versions of the dynamic mix and they work very well in a well-treated rooms. That's what you need to know. That's all that you need to know between dynamic and condenser Mike's level Lear mikes are always worse quality than condenser and dynamic because they are much, much, much smaller, but they are acceptable quality. And because of their versatility, I highly suggest to buy a lavalier mic first and they are the cheapest one of the bunch. For example, I mainly use for my videos, like not right now, but for my videos you can check the mnemonics and channel the majority of my videos. Has been recorded with the level Lear might you can actually seed within the videos. And the audio quality is not bad, is pretty acceptable. It's pretty good. It's not as good as condenser and dynamic mic. Right now I'm recording it on a condenser mike And it's a clearer and has much more base, much more, it's much richer sound. But it does not mean that level Lear mikes are actually bad, is the cheapest version that you get. You can get level, you're makes its cheapest 15 or even $10. And I highly suggest you to go, go for those ones there. All of course, much more expensive lab mix, but yet don't concentrate on expensive ones. Even though I myself use $15 lavalier mic, It's perfectly fine. And I know a lot of YouTubers who use even cheaper mikes and they're doing perfectly fine. But the thing is that it needs to be a separate microphone. That's what you need to do. It needs to be a separate microphone going by and lavalier mike, then maybe if you went up the game and if you are mainly recording your voice while sitting with the computer, then focus on condenser mics. And after that, if you are, if you have finances, if you have enough money, concentrated on dynamic makes. There is also a type of Mike that I did not talk, which is a shotgun mic. But a shotgun mic is working mainly when junction with a camera with well high-end camera. So you don't need any shotgun Mike at the very beginning. Just concentrated on those 3 first and then think about the shotgun mic plus lavalier mic in many cases is as good if not better as then maybe shorter than making pleasure than Mike's costs, way more than lavalier mic. So concentrated on level your mike first. But you may say, okay, microphone is done, ok, you will buy a microphone or you already have a microphone. What about camera? What about the video editing UI? And they important, don't you need them? Well, actually, yes, you do. But if there is a high chance that you don't have a good microphone and you need to purchase it for your YouTube channel. And there is even a higher chance that you already have a camera, because you can use any camera that you want and any camera that you have, you can use the phone camera, which is in majority of the cases will be at the best camera you will have for a really long time on your YouTube channel. Or you can use any camera that you have, any old camera, you can even use a webcam. It's not a big problem because you can make your webcam look pretty good. And people will forgive you for the webcam quality, even though you're trying to make it look as best as possible. Phone camera looks already pretty great and people will forgive you bad camera quality of the content is good, but they will not give you any bad audio and microphone quality. People will not forgive you that. So just concentrate on good camera. Nonalcoholic. Sorry, forgive constraint on good microphone. Don't constraint on good camera, because cameras are much more expensive, you will need a probably at least $1000 capitalist and Nebraska scenarios, $500 CAM. Use to top of your phone camera. If you have anything that's from last five years, you will need at least $500 to top off your phone camera. So imagine how big of a investment it is. So you don't need to concentrate on camera, at least at the very beginning of your YouTube career. Now, what about a computer? What about an editing? Yes, we can talk about this as well. Of course, you can use your existing computer for your editing. You can use any computer for your editing. And most importantly, phones are so much powerful right now that you can edit your videos on phones or tablets. Plus, you're not going to like added like exceptionally powerful videos at the very beginning. You don't know how to edit and you will not need a very powerful computers are phones generally to edit your videos. Simple cutting is enough for you at the, at the beginning, because that's what majority people are doing. Simple cutting is enough for you and adding different tracks that say like add video track or audio track on top of whatever it is. You don't know. You don't need any fancy effects for your videos, especially for the YouTube videos and your photos and your existed competitor will do just fine. Don't think about this too much. If you have exceptionally bad computed the chances that your phone is good enough, because usually the phone video editing software is well, very well balanced and very well optimized. I myself edit all of my videos, including this course videos on my iPad or my tablet. All of my videos on YouTube has been edited on the tablet. That's how powerful the tablets and phones are nowadays. So that's why you don't need to concentrate on buying new rig for your editing or for your, for your video. All you need to do is concentrate on your audio first. Well, this will be for today. Let just go to the next one. 10. YouTube Software for Beginners: Now let's talk about YouTube software needed, okay, well, understand the hardware that you as equipment that you need to buy a microphone first and you don't need to concentrate on anything else. But what about the YouTube software that there are quite a lot of software you might need to use, but let just categorize them and I will give you a clear understanding what type of software you need to use as a beginner, YouTube or and in most case scenarios, the software that I will be talking about now will go with you from the very beginning until the very end. You don't need to change them or upgrade them, at least as often as you might think. But I will give you a clear understanding what type of software you will be working with. So first let's go through, again through the types of software that you will be using yogurt you'll be, you're using mainly for a different types of software for your YouTube channel. First, screen recorder, which basically records your screen or wherever you incur a computer. Next is audio recorder slash editor, which will record your voice or your audio. If you are doing a voiceovers, etc, etc. We're going to talk about this, of course in a future videos. Next is video adjourn. Well, the thing that you edit your videos in and last is the photo editor. It's basically for the creation of your thumbnails, of your logos, of your banners. Everything that is there is not a video and then its visual, basically everything that is photo, let just talk about them one by one, enable higher details. Let's talk about screen recorders first. So scrutiny corridor is, well, basically how you record your screen will be on a computer or if it will be on your phone. So you can use a native square nu quarters on your phone. Like majority of the Androids, iOS systems are actually do actually have a native screen recorders. You don't need to go and purchase scrutiny quarters for yourself. Or you could use like a bunch of different screen recording software on your Android, iOS. I know what did happen in 18 months, but some Android phone to not have an edge is gonna call this mainly the older versions. And you can use like ASI square Nakota are bunch of different screening quarters for your phone. Just experiment with it. Find a different software like I myself on Android use a screen coordinates like a and Z letters at density recorded. You can just go and use it for Android, Android and Java PC, like the cheapest and the best usage scenario and the uses your software is OBS Studio like this is the logo, OBS Studio, you can go and download it. It's absolutely free. There is no paying part. It's absolutely free. And it is the most powerful screen recording software that you can find. I'm using it myself at the moment to record my screen, end my voice at the same time. It is very, very, very, very powerful software to you you can actually use as OBS Studio is an audio recorder as well if you wish to do so. And it is very, very powerful like OBS Studio will be your best friend if you're using if you want to use screen recorder, pretty, pretty often. The next is audio recorder. There. It is not as often used for the many people, but I highly suggest you to get familiar, at least like in a very, very basic level, level with the audio recorders and editors. Because you will understand that recording your audio separately in the future will be a great best thing that you will do. That record your audio separately from your video and like in separate microphone. And it will be very, very simple to do. Don't concentrate on this too much right now, but just know that you will need this in the future. And audio recordings of course use, you can use it to use microphone to record voice and the voice overs. We're going to talk about the voiceovers, Of course in the future lectures. And there are actually two softwares that you can concentrate on. One is Audacity, which is free and probably the best thing that you can have at the beginning and next is Adobe Audition. Adobe Audition is a bit more complicated and a bit more powerful software in this part of Adobe Creative Cloud, if you are subscribed to you Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use Adobe, Adobe Audition. It's better than Audacity. It's way better, but it's a bit more complicated. So I highly suggest you to go with Audacity. It's absolutely free to use. There is no, they're not paying parts. And you can just use it to record your voice. That said, it's very, very simple to use. A very, very straightforward addition is again, paid one, it's a subscription fee, it's a monthly payment. And yeah, you can choose whatever you want and just start the learning whatever you, whichever you want. Again, I highly suggest you started with Audacity. Next is video recorded video at Editor. I mean, of course, yeah, this is probably one of the most important parts of the YouTubers workflow and you need to choose your video editor editor wisely. So here are some video editing software that I'm giving you to use. You can both edit your videos on your computer and your phone slash tablet. It doesn't matter. You can have a pretty high quality videos upon both when you will be advanced and you will want to have a very high quality and lay a lot of different tracks and lots of different transitions and advanced traditions, etcetera, etcetera. Of course, you will want to go to the computer. But at the very beginning of phones and computers will have very, very similar quality of video editing. So let's start with the Mac. So for the Mac you can use an iMovie, which is a free and very simple to use, or Final Cut. Final Cut is, of course, very, very advanced video editing software and yeah, it's paid, it's pretty expensive. I would not suggest you to go for the final cut at the very, very beginning because it's pretty expensive, such as few, $100 at least. So, yeah, I would highly suggest concentrate on iMovie for the windows or the PC. And there are two options there I will suggest its first is de Vinci resolve, and second is nobody Premier. So da Vinci result is free to use. There's of course, paid version of the venture is always called the vinci results studio. It cause I think 300 or $200, I'm not sure. And it is very, very powerful video editing software. I highly suggest you to learn the eventual. I really, really love it. But a lot of Editors are still using Adobe Premiere and thinking that Adobe Premier is still very powerful, I've been using both the vinci resolve and Adobe Premier. And in my opinion, DaVinci Resolve is a bit better when you are getting a bit more advanced because it is giving you the bass color grading options available ever everywhere. And plus it has a motion graphics ability as well that Adobe Premier lax. So yeah, you can choose either or, or another one. You whatever you want to ensure soil against free. It has some paid functions that you will not need at the very beginning of eyelid. Trust me, you will not need some dissipate power functions. And the very beginning, and Adobe Premier is paid part of a double Creative Cloud and has a subscription fee to pay. The vinci resolve is onetime fee if you decide to buy the insurance of studio. But again, I don't suggest it to buy the material studio, at least in the very beginning. For iOS, there are two options that you can go with is one is Adobe Premier rush, which is a free option. And another one is luma fusion, which is a paid option. I highly, highly, highly suggest you to go with the luma fusion, despite this being a paid option, is only cause the 20-30 dollars. I don't know exactly. This. The software that I use myself. It is great software. It is a full on video editing software. Uh, maybe on par with the Premier or DaVincis all. It's not as advanced of course, but it's pretty, pretty close. And it is very, very good software for like a tenth of the price of the each and each and every one of them. And it's only one time fee and you can use it both on your iPhone and on your ipad, which is very, very, very powerful software and a house he asked you to go to the luma fusion. But again, if you don't want to pay any money, Adobe Premier rush will be very good option as well. For Android, we don't have a lot of great options. So the only option that you can go with, it's kinda master. It is free, but it has a watermark so we can go in. By the time he had. Remember exactly because I don't edit on Android and just pay onetime fee and have your watermark removed. So last author that you will need, but not least these of course, but oh, editor which will allow you to create the channel art logos, the thumbnails, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So we talked about Canvas, which is free software slash service that you could use. Cannon was actually available for where basically it's for both PC and Mac and available as a separate software for Android and iOS. So basically you can edit whatever you want everywhere at the same time. So whatever you want, you can do it 100%. And I highly suggest Canada for the beginners. So you would get more familiar with the editing for the photo editing because it's very, very simple thing to do and house gesture to go with candidates. Very straightforward, very quick, and very nice to use. So if you are a bit more advanced, then I would go with Adobe Photoshop, which is paid option for Mac and PC. Don't go with the Photoshop versions of the phones and tablets. They, they, they suck, they're not very good. Only constraint on the Mac and PC if you want to go with Photoshop. Again, Photoshop is very, very high gradient, high-quality photo editing software. You can go, of course, with Adobe Illustrator as well. And if you want to go with the like, vector graphics, etc, etc. But their Photoshop is the best option to choose. The option to go with if you are on iPad. In my case that I use myself Affinity Photo with great, great, great option, very, very close to Photoshop and very, very close to the desktop class photo editing software on your iPad. So this was all of the software that you will need. You can choose whatever you want that will hide this just to go with a free options, each and every type of software. And then you can switch to the paid ones. You'd want you to think that the free options is not enough for you and you think that they are restrictive and you want to do more. So this will be it for today. Let's go to the next one. 11. First YouTube Video Ideas: So we are now ready to record our first video. And only thing that is left for us to do is to come up with the first video ideas. And when you go to the different courses and different YouTube videos, thinking about the YouTube video ideas and what type of videos you should create, you'll come up with a lot of different people telling you that you should do a research. Your keyword research found that give finding good topic by an, a good niche, you should think about saturation of topic. You should think of the type of topic, etc, etc, etc. And you are going to go deeper and deeper and deeper into this information that you actually do not need. As a beginner, you don't need to know any of this. As a creator of your first video, you already came up with the topic of your channel. You have understanding of a topic of a channel. We're of course going to go through the topic of the channels in a deeper, more into intermediate section of this larger course. But you come up and came up with a type, at least you have an understanding, you can change it in the beginning and however number that you want, you don't have a UV or ship, it will not affect you a lot. But all you need to do right now is to go out and create amy VD0 that you can and want. You should create any video you, if you have an understanding of the topic, if you have an understanding of type of your channel that you want, I'm pretty sure you have an idea or two or of what what videos that you want to create. You don't need to go and search keywords and find out whether this topic or this video is already been created or saturated or not. There is 95% chance that whatever idea you will come up with. It's already videos already created about this, about this particular thing that you are thinking up. There is a ninety-five percent chance of that. It's already been created. And 95% of all Miami video that I've ever created on the YouTube. It's already been done on a YouTube. It doesn't mean it didn't matter that it was already being, was already created. I still credit them and they still got views because the one thing that differentiates, differentiates my videos and your videos from everyone else's videos, is that it's created by me or by you. Your personality is and only thing that cannot be replicated by any one, it's you and your videos, you are only yours. So that means that whatever ideas you will come up with for your first video, it will be unique for you because it's been created by you. Don't overthink it. Don't sit down and just thinking of, well, what type of videos adequate. Come up with an idea and create a video. Come up with a second idea, crit, second video come up with a third idea. Could the third video, it doesn't matter. At the beginning of your YouTube career, of your YouTube channels live. Your videos to not matter, you don't have a viewership. And wherever you video you will create whatever the first video will be, it will always, always be the worst video that you will ever create. It will be the worst video that you will ever create. This will be the rock bottom. You need to find out what's your rock bottom is and then start building up from there. That's why you need to come up with the first video idea by yourself. Nobody can tell you, people are just giving. I've seen quite a lot of YouTube channels itself and the courses. They're actually giving you the list of ideas that you can create the videos about this budget, BS. Nobody knows what type of video ideas you can have accepted you, nobody can tell you it's what worked for them. There are there things that worked for me. But I'm pretty sure if you would do that in 99% of the cases do not work for you. So why would I lie to you that? So sit down. You all know your topic. If you followed my previous lectures, you already know, at least have some understanding what type of channel that you want to create. Now, sit down and think of ideas. A lot of ideas. Then Choose whatever you think is the best and create the video about it. Then create a video about second-best. We're gonna talk about, of course, recording and editing and uploading after this lecture. And you will have an understanding, but at least have some ideas write down. Since it down, write down what your video will be about. Write down. I have a small script, but tiny, tiny script Atlas have bullet points that you want to talk about, individual, show individual, or doing the video does have some bullet points. That's it. That's all you need to do for our first video ideas. We're not building a role when one days here. We want, I want you to do this as it should be done gradually without overthinking. Overthinking kills 90% of the YouTube channels. Overthinking killed many of my YouTube channels. And I will not allow you to overthink the stuff that should not be over thought. So just sit down, come up, come up with an ideas. And in the next lecture we'll start recording it. So let's just go. 12. Recording Your First YouTube Video: Okay, now we're talking about the recording. So you came up with your first video ideas hopefully. And you have already, you know already what type of what video you want to create. So here I'm going to give you a list of some techniques that you could use in order for yourself to have an understanding how you can actually record your videos. Of course, it will be very surface level talking about this techniques because you don't need to go very deep into it. So I'm just going to give you just understanding what you should do and how you should just the recording techniques. And of course, we are going to go through the editing of these types of videos as well. So without further ado, let's just legis got, okay, these are the recording techniques that you need to concentrate on at first and then at the beginner level, don't go way overboard. So you can go with five different or recording techniques. So this is not made for the cinematographer as it look something very difficult or very hard. This, that very, very beginner level for everyone to understand. Ok, you can have like five different recording techniques. You can, meaning that you can mix and match all of them with each other. It's not that it's not a video type. A recording technique is you understand, so it's a different type of recording you can create. So you can record a voiceover, you can record a talking head. You can screen record. You can record voiceover plus B-roll, and you can record a block type. So I'll just talk through each one of them very briefly because again, you don't need to know about them very deeply at first. So voiceovers, just record your voice, talking about any topic of your choice. And US stock videos as a B-roll. This is in an editing phase. We're not doing internet duckface. So voiceover, voiceover Bureau, it's very, very close and similar to each other. Again, additional record the subjects, objects or you're talking about as abuse. It's the same thing. But in the first case, we're using just a stock bureau like any video that you can find. And in second case, we, you specifically record it ourselves. So they're practically the same in 95% of the cases they are the same, but I just gave you in the separate way so you can just it would be easier to understand. Ok. First is you're sitting down and just recording your voice in an audio recording software like Audacity would talk about this in a previous lecture. Like I'm doing right now. I'm recording my voice. And you can do you can do is just when you're talking about some certain staff, u1, of course, some video accompanying it, right. But you don't have any videos recorded and you cannot record or you don't record or whatever reasons you don't have any videos. What you can do instead is go to Google and search for some stock videos that can be free or paid nanometer South search form stuck videos. And just put those videos as a bureau, meaning that as a top is a visual representative or the things that you talk about, that's all that you can use. You can even use a picture says a B-roll, it doesn't matter. It's a very simple thing. You probably have seen a lot of YouTube channels that people are talking and just, just having a random videos playing. On the background that somehow related but not really. That's what you can do as a recording technique and just sit down, talk, and then just put a bureau on it. As for the voiceover plus b role that you can record, is that it all, it usually works for the videos that is product-based. For example, if you are making a review of something, let's say if you're making a review of keyboard, what you do is you take footage of the keyboard you just recorded on a camera. If you have a camera on the phone, because recorded footage of different angles, just panning or growling just from upside down, from the down an app like pressing the keyboard, typing whatever the things that you can do on a keyboard, you're just doing it and then you're just talking about it and just putting the appropriate type of video on top of this voiceover. It's very simple thing. Again, very, very simple thing given for the people who do not understand the video recording. You probably have seen a lot of videos like that and you have already an understanding if you haven't seen a lot of videos, just type any product that you want to just review. Just for example, a large attack Mao, something, something good review. Just go there and see what type of videos people are recording. They usually combining a bunch of those together. And just you can have an understanding what type of videos you need to record for this one and what type of voiceover unit you have as well. Talking head, video is point the camera on yourself and start talking about particular topic. It is kind of voice over. But instead of just, I don't know, just talking and do not do recording any videos. You're recording video of yourself talking. It's as simple as that. You just record a video of yourself talking. Very, very simple. Talking head means that its cameras pointing upward, pointing on your head. And you're just talking to the camera. That's it. It's a very simple thing to do. And you've seen a bunch of videos like that on the discourse itself when I just sit down and talk. And like my whatever I knew right now, it's like voiceover plus B roll or whatever you want like this to case. And in this case it's like something like mix of this and this right here. And then we're gonna talk about this in a second. So that's, that's what we have right here. So screen recording is, well, exactly the thing that I'm doing right now. It's exactly the thing that I'm doing right now. Actually, I'm not giving an Bureau, so sorry about that. I'm not it's not an unbridled or completely screen recording. These two are very, very similar. But instead of just recording thing on camera, you're just recording your screen. That's very, very similar. So used RBS or other screen coated software to record whatever you are doing on screen using voiceover. So right now, I'm not doing it separately. I'm recording my screen and my voice all at the same time. That's what I'm doing right now. You can do the same thing right here. It's an extremely simple to do, extremely simple to understand. Just use your RBS and record your screen. That's all you need to know. Last but not least is vlog slice skeet type. Record just a situation on a camera. Additional record your voice over later. So you've seen a lot of logs, alot of skits, lot of situational comedy stuff. You can do the same, just record is different situations. And then you can add a video or voice over a leader. So unlike this one, not unlike like this one, basically, if you're, if you're recording bureau of the certain subject, in this case, you're recording bureau of the certain situation. Or let's say if you were to travel video, you'll record at different travel things at different destinations, different places. And instead of a voice-over, you may add just a music. That's all you can do. That's all you need to do. Or we can add both VoiceOver and music. That's what the things does it, it's, it's very difficult to talk about recording techniques without actually showing it. But showing it. It's difficult as well because a lot of different people are doing it in our different styles. They will want to do a lot of different ways. These five things are the simplest things that you could do. They're all very similar to each other. They all practically means that you are just talking and recording different types like they are all about the total. They all contain voiceovers. In other ways you can do with, without a voice or if you have a compilation videos or something like that. But I assume that you are, you want to record videos about yourself and just talk about you talking about a particular topic, explaining or entertaining or whatever it is. I just assume that you're recording something like this. If you want a compilations, it's even easier than any of that. You take the different videos and just stitch them together, or just add a music or whatever type of audio that you want. That's all there is. It's even simpler than all of this. So this will be it for now. In the next lecture, we are going to, I'm gonna give you some footage that I already recorded. And I'm going to be editing it in a simple way as possible. So let just see it in the next lecture. 13. Editing Your First YouTube Video: Okay, let's now talk about editing. So I recorded two videos right here. One is my talking head video right here. It's like I'm actually sitting down and talking. And another video is that the recording of my screen. This is the exactly the thing that I did. I recorded my screen. They actually are both do work together. The sexual, the video for my one of my YouTube channels. And what you see is there are two separate videos with two separate audio tracks. What I will show you right now is a bit more advanced type of the recording. With a recording with the two different videos. What you see right here is I'm doing a collab. What I'm doing actually is am synchronizing to different tracks. Because you see there is one track by right here and there's another truck right here. And this, you actually can see this clapping On and visually on an audio track, which for me to synchronize this video would this video, so you can ignore this at the beginning. It's a bit more advanced stuff because I'm recording to videos at the same time. But the just know that this is a very simple technique that you could use a what I will do it like in this case, I'm gonna take this video and just put this and synchronize them together. This will happen exactly. And you see the tracks are synchronized and they can do it. It needs adjustment. It may need adjustment just a bit. If you go and zoom it way and you will see that it's maybe just one frame ahead, but we can just use this and see if it will synchronize. It always leaves one or framer hat behind them in. Yeah, now it's because he heads. The difference is more than just wireframe, less than one. It will not synchronized it very, very well, but you cannot, you will not be able to hear the difference. So the first thing that I forgot to tell you, I'm editing this on my iPad, the software called luma fusion. It is very, very simple, but the same technique can be done on every single one of the editing software would I will show you right now, is how I edit my videos. And you don't need to know again, a very, very majority thinks of the things that I'm talking. But you need to have very, very basic thing to understand. And I'm going to show you this very basic things of editing. So you're already recorded your videos. Whatever videos you're recording, you know what, at this moment I'm going to ignore the bottom video right here. I'm going to ignore the screen recording and I'm going to focus on the top, even though I will still affect the bottom layer. So what do you see right here is I'm sitting down and I don't know if you can hear it. Okay. Yeah, you probably will be able to hear it, but you will be able here to here the two voices. I don't want to, hey, have two voices because I have my main microphone recorded way here, but I'm going to ignore this. And we're gonna pass this three times and delete the way can hear it. Ok. Test, yeah, whatever. Ok. Ignore this at the moment. At the testing that I'm doing. It's very difficult to get away of the things that I'm doing. But still, so where actually video start is that I'm preparing for the video and advanced the recording has started way before I actually was recording the video itself. And as you can see, I'm doing a synchronization. I'm now I'm checking the things if it works, if it's not, I have a screen right here. I'm just showing you on the screen. I have screen right here for me to see if I'm in frame or anything. And if everything looks good, you can restart recording way before. You don't need to just press record and start talking right away. You don't need to do that. And what I will do is I will just take this part and where I actually start talking right here. And then we'll just cut it and I will delete everything in the beginning and boom, the video starting right now. And what I will do is I will try to look at audio waveform a try to find the places where actually to not talk. As you can see, like all I do here is like pulled my hands up. I don't talk right here. And what I will do as I will press right here and I will cut this part. I'm going to go and it will just jump, but it doesn't matter. It will make your videos go faster. You just can't see. It will go, you will see a lot of pauses. A lot of, a lot of this higher wave forms that will be like as an, as an et cetera, et cetera. That's what you will hear. And what you'll need to do is to find those places where you don't need this silence right here, as you can see, it's 43. It's like more than 1 second silence. You don't need this one. This is completely taking you away, thinking people away from the videos. What you'll need to do is take this down and delete this. Delete all the unnecessary policies, unnecessary noises, unnecessary voices, close and just delete them right away. What gives kids you like, how long this is? Well, this may be because of the Takes or for example, you talk, you said something and you didn't like it, and then you pause, you set it again. You just will just come there and just cut the, cut the particles go and just cut the part. It's a very, very simple thing to do. Just all you need to do for your first video is cut out all the unnecessary voices. I will I will just pause the video right here and we'll show you how the video will look like a bit more into the editing process. So as you can see, I cut it out. All the parts, all the unnecessary pauses, and it's more or less, as you can see from the waveform, it goes more or less smooth. It looks way better. What I, what I did here that you don't have to do it at first for your first video is I took the both tracks are actually working. But what I did right here is when you switch to here, is that the top track is becoming smaller right here. It's just made it smaller and corrupted out. And the bottom track is becoming well, basically, this is the main track, is the base shrank. It just became visible. That's all it did. And while I'm talking, while I'm showing some things, I'm actually showing it, I really had to do, I have to do some stuff. For example, when I do show something, as you can see, like I select this right here on right here at the press, I selected right here on the top. What I can use. I can just take this right here. And I come from, come from here and just select like whatever that will do. I'll just select this track. I will cut it right here and I will, what I will do, I will double press. It's for the luma fusion for different software, it will be differently. And I will just go to this one, frame and fit. And I'll put and show this part of the screen just like that. And as you can see, what will happen is that when I talk here, I'll put down all the volume. I'll try it and node I will try to make it, yeah, how take down all the volume off. And what we'll see is it'll boom and just zoomed in in a place where I'm actually pressing some stuff, it needs some working of course, but you understand what they mean here. I'm just gonna go back. I don't need to do this at the moment. I'm gonna fix this in the future. Yeah, I'm gonna do this. And all they need to do first is just go on and cut all the unnecessary parts. As you can see, you don't focus on here, focused on this part right here. All the pauses, all the moons, all ours, and all the other stuff has been cut unless it is very beneficial for David, for example, you'll see that there is a silence right here. And this silence because I'm actually typing something on the screen. As you can see like Alien or video. I'm typing something on the screen. I don't need the silence. There was silence right here after that and I just cut it out as it gets filled out immediately. Wall you need to do is go on and cut the unnecessary part. You need to have really high pacing in your video. It, I know it's a bit more advanced, maybe more more advanced for the videos, but you need to retain the attention of your viewers. That's what you need to do. Retain intention for the US. And when people hear silences and notice here, here and ours and unnecessary policies and you're scratching your head, you we're looking on a camera. They don't want to see it. It takes away from the video and of all introduced. It just take down and cut out all the parts. That's the basic editing that you'll need for a first video. Just cut out all the parts that is unnecessary. Don't focus on the stuff that I do right now at the moment, I'm going to teach you all of this later, of course, how to do, how to increase the size of wide Am I doing this? Why am I'm just changing from here to here? What, what's the purpose of this and et cetera, et cetera, and the upper class. And I'm doing a lot of other stuff as well. Just edit out this one. I'm going to teach you all of this and how you can maintain, retain the attention of your viewers as long as possible. But first, only, concentrate on cutting. Only constraint on cutting the unnecessary parts. I cannot teach you, Of course it on all different software. But usually look every single software it has a cutting thing. Even if it doesn't happen, if does not have a multi-track feature is against the law right here, have to video tracks. I can add an audio tracks as well if I want, like 123 in this case, I want to throw, in this case what I did a separated this tracks from here. And if you want, you can do this, of course, but I just don't need it because this is both video and audio track. Every single software has an ability to cut out the tracks and just cut the video. So just use it 100%. It just cut the video. That's all you need to do for our first video. Don't constraint on anything else. Cut your video. That's only willing to do because this is the basis of every single technique of your video. You may not need to add anything in the future like something like that or like increasing, decreasing sizes and go zooming in, zooming out, you will not, you may not even need this because cutting is so powerful. So, so powerful that you may not need any other techniques that I'm going to teach you in the future. So just focus on technique and do it for your first video editing. Well, let's just go to the next lecture. 14. Uploading Your First YouTube Video: So we already recorded our first video, we already edited it. Well, at least in a power that we could edited at a. Now, we will upload this video on YouTube. So this will be your official first video uploaded on YouTube. I'm going to show you how you can actually read it. Of course, probably you can figure it out yourself, but we're gonna just gonna go through some things that is very, very important and essential to know while uploading a youtube video. So when you go to your just YouTube channel, just regular YouTube channel, you can upload your video through two things. You can upload just video through your YouTube, YouTube channel, basically homepage. Or you can go to a, let's say YouTube studio. I'm going to press this open in a new tab. As you can see, we opened it in a new tab. We can upload it from two different places. All both of them will act exactly the same. So it doesn't matter where it will, you will upload it from. So in this case, we're going to upload it from the regular YouTube homepage. All you need to do just go and press this camera by button with the plus. You're gonna press this one and press Upload video. That's all you need to do right now we're gonna choose just a random media to upload. And we're just going to upload the video and I will show you how it's actually done to do so all you need to do just press select file and select the video that you want to upload. So in this case, I'm silicon just a random video to upload. And what you will have here is ignore at this Icons and this things. We can ignore this because you actually don't need this. This is all coming from the extensions that I haven't sold which called tube with a Q in this case, in 2D, in this case, ignore all of this. So as you can see, it filled out everything for me in the description and in the title. But usually for you it will be in the title of the movie will be just a video named, the video file name and a description. It'll be nothing there. So what you will do in the video title is you're gonna choose the title of the video. It's a very simple and it's as simple as that. It's a very simple. You're going to choose the title of the video. Don't think about this too much. It will be very important to choose titles well in the future. But in the beginning, well new uploading your first video, it doesn't matter, just give the title. What do your video is actually like? Really good accurate title should be very, very accurate. That'll so people would just go and just go to the title. It's as simple as that. As for the description. And describe what your videos all about. Describe it in as a high detail as you can. You can even put entire transcript of your videos right here. You see a lot of different things right here. I'm going to just delete this geo. You would not be confused. If you want to just copy it or my descriptions, you can just go to one of my YouTube channels and just see, but it will not be a big benefit for you. Just don't, don't do it. It is, it will be useless for majority of us. Don't do it for this one. And just describe what your videos all about. Describe it in as high a detail as, uh, you can't describe it. It's hard to tell it to use the words that. People can find it with, don't focus on it too much though, because we're going to focus on keywords a bit later in more than intermediate section, but not here. Just describe your video as simple as that from here. Well, you will upload the video to generate three thumbnails for InVideo with thumbnail is, you know what thumbnail is, basically the picture outside the cover of the video. You can choose any three stills from the video, or you can upload your thumbnail. What I highly suggest you to do is just to have any thumbnail and usually it's better to have a custom thumbnails. And we're going to learn about dominoes in an intermediate section because it's but more important. But in the beginning, you can just go and create your thumbnails in, the same place where you can what I taught you in the software place you stuff to electro. She's just go and create your thumbnail right there. And it can be anytime they use any template that you want and just use other YouTubers videos as a reference. So how it should look like this? Old introduce? Don't think about this too much. And here, ignore the playlists. For now. We're going to focus on this later. And right here, just, this is like 100% mandatory. Just select if your video is made for kids or it's not made for kids. Not made for, made for kids means that it is exclusively for kids. Like kids are watching this. This is for the kids. That wasn't means if kids may watch it, then you can select this one. If you think that you are a majority of your audience is not kids, are now kids. You select not made for kids. But be truthful with that if it's for kids selected because you will get penalized for that. You will have you'll be fined for reading for you if you will be caught lying in this case. So just don't lie. And the same here. Restrict your videos for 18 plus or not. Do the same right here. After you will be done here, you can press next even before it's finished uploading and press next right here. And you can, you can ignore this one right away. You don't need any integrated info cards and all you will need to do is either publish it right away. You can push it public right here, or you can select it as a private or unlisted. What's the difference between public private unlisted? We're gonna talk about this again later, but if you want to publish it, just select public and then publish it. We don't want to publish, just leave it on private. We're gonna talk about scheduling later. Just don't focus it about this too much. Why I am telling you to not focus on the majority thinks too much because this is your first video. If I would told tell you everything that can be done here, if I will take you through everything and start explaining every single detail at the moment right now with your first video, it will be overwhelming to you. Trust me, it is overwhelming for everyone. For now, you need to concentrate on thing that matters for your YouTube channel, and it is your Youtube videos themselves. That first video that you will apple, that matters the most in this case, anything else? But it does not matter. Title and description only thing that matters and the thumbnail that you can get away with whatever you want. We're going to, I'm going to teach you how to do better the thumbnails later as well. So you can just go and return to this and change them this later. You can change every thing here anytime you want after you upload your video, everything except the video itself. So don't focus on this things too much. You can return anytime in the future and do eat again. That's why I'm not I'm telling you to not concentrate on the things that are does not matter for you. So let, let just move to the next one. 15. Assignment (Class Project): Congratulations, you have gone through the first section of our course. Congratulations that it's a very, very essential to take your first steps. And you've gone through every single one of the letters I hope that you did because if you skip something's yet, it may just backfire on you in the future. So I assume that you already gone through all of the lectures and it is time for your first assignment. I know some people just like it's just people just aided. But if you are going through the course, you are probably are willing to do some stuff and implement some stuff. So I can assume that you are already ready for your first assignment. So we can call class project. It doesn't matter for me. So we'll just go through the first assignment and this will be it. And your first assignment will be, of course, start your YouTube channel. You need to you three different steps. You need to create a YouTube channel. You need to set it up from the things that we did. You need to record and upload your first video. It doesn't matter what you will do, it doesn't matter what it is about. I need, I need you to just do those stuff as best as you can for your level. Don't just overdo it, John, just overthinking, just do as best as you can from the things that you've learned from this class, just go and just do some stuff for your videos. And what I need you to do for me is upload your channel screenshot up and the link and give the short description on what your channel is all about. Just give me some understanding. So I would have a bad back background and understand what your channel is all about. And we shall see, maybe we can fix this. And at the beginner level, of course, maybe you can change some stuff. Maybe you can upgrade some stuff all for all, depending on, of course, the beginner level stuff. We're not going to go to the advanced stuff. We're not going to go through that intermediate stuff. We're going to go this into the other sections of courses or classes. We're going to go this in separate things. Here we are talking about only beginner stuff that you have a learned right here. Don't do the things that you have not learned here. If you want, you can do this. But I'll tiles just did not do anything that we have not learned here. Destitute, very, very simple. Don't overthink it and just try to make it look as good as possible. Imagine that I am your first subscriber, that you need to just, just just lowered your channel and I'm giving you a chance to just give me an explanation of your channel. Just tried to get me tried to get me as your first subscriber. I don't know. Maybe a tenth or I don't know if you even if you have subscribers all introduced, you have your first video or maybe a few videos as well. Just, just I want to see that you implemented this stuff from our beginner section. Well am, I cannot wait to see your project. I'm really excited. I really want to see what you, what you will create because I'm pretty sure you are bunch of very talented, talented, talented people of discourse. And yet I'm, I cannot wait to see what you'll create. So see you in the class assignment.