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YouTube SEO: Rank Your Videos Higher Using YouTube Subtitles

teacher avatar John Smith, Business Owner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction and Structure of the Course

    • 2. Prerequisites of this Course

    • 3. Take Action to Fully Benefit From This Course

    • 4. Class Activity 1 - What Is Your YouTube Channel?

    • 5. Benefits of Creating Subtitles and Closed Captions for Your YouTube Videos

    • 6. Case Study of Exact Benefits of Subtitles and Closed Captions

    • 7. Introduction and the Structure of This Section

    • 8. Let YouTube Create Subtitles and Closed Captions Automatically

    • 9. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method

    • 10. Writing Your Own Subtitles and Closed Captions

    • 11. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method

    • 12. Creating Translated Subtitles and Closed Captions

    • 13. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method

    • 14. Class Activity 2 - Your YouTube Video with Subtitles and CC

    • 15. Outsource Subtitles and Closed Caption Creation to Others

    • 16. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method

    • 17. Uploading Subtitle and Closed Caption Files to YouTube

    • 18. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method

    • 19. Letting Others Create Subtitles and Closed Captions Create For You For Free!

    • 20. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method

    • 21. Class Activity 3 - Which Method Works Best?

    • 22. YouTube Announcement About Community Contributions in 2020

    • 23. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is first class within the series. Within this class the structure of this course is presented. Furthermore, the concept of subtitles and closed captions is introduced. Also, I cover the benefits of having subtitles and closed captions and why you should also strongly consider to include subtitles and CC in your videos. I also show you a large case study, where the benefits of subtitles and closed captions on YouTube are estimated.

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John Smith

Business Owner


John is Sharing His Expertise & Secrets in 13 Classes


I have been an online entrepreneur since 2010 using various methods of earning money online. I have multiple YouTube channels, tried working with affiliate marketing, consultant on Internet, Forex, selling e-books and an online teacher on Udemy. I love to share my own experiences both from my entrepreneur life and also when I was working in one of the largest corporations in the world (see my CV below).


YouTube: Over 8 million viewers on my main channel, increasing by 200,000 viewers per month. I have several other channels, which are training related.

My CV:

I finished my BSc Business and Management in one of the top UK universities with a first class degree. After getting the... See full profile

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1. Introduction and Structure of the Course: welcome to Discourse. I'm very excited to see you here. And I think that you made the right choice off enrolling to the course. So let me cover briefly what the learning objectives are and how the course is structured. So the first section is an introduction where I talk about the prerequisite off the course , the learning objectives. The second section is about the benefits you gain from using close caption and subtitles. And the mean and largest part is different ways. How you can create and upload you are Subtitle seven close Captions to YouTube That will be at least four different ways. And after talking about each off the way, I will also talk about drawbacks, benefits off the method and also my own personal experience, which methods I use and why. Obviously you can choose different methods, but I share my experience in order to help you out. And finally the last section will be conclusion. So it's you guys in the next lecture 2. Prerequisites of this Course: in this lecture, I'm going to talk about the prerequisites off this court's. So I expect that you will have a YouTube channel and you have created some videos where you speak s O. That means that you need to have Subtitles on and, uh, CC, and so I will not go through those steps. And as you can see, here I have I'm locked in into one of my channels and I will be using this video as an example. As you can see, it's already have I have already created the CC file, but I'll show you different ways how you can do that. And it's relatively short. So transcribe it. It won't take me a very long time on DA. So you need to know the basics of YouTube. But in terms off, creating close captions and why they are important, I will be going through does subjects step by step. So you you don't need to have any prayer requisite knowledge in terms off, creating cc files or transcribing the does. So See you guys in the next lecture 3. Take Action to Fully Benefit From This Course: in this lecture. I want to emphasize that this course needs you to take action for you to see better results and to apply the knowledge that you have learned you need to take action. So don't just watch all of the lectures. You have learned something new. That's great. But if you don't take action, you won't see any benefit for your YouTube channel in the future Luxury, I will discuss why CC and subtitles are important for your videos and your viewers. Eso remember to take action and applied their knowledge. You'll learn in this course. 4. Class Activity 1 - What Is Your YouTube Channel?: in this lecture, I'm going to talk about the first activity within the course. I would highly recommend you doing all of the activities because they will benefit you. So for the first activity, I would suggest that you put the link for your YouTube channel into the discussion boards. If you don't know how to access the length to your channel simply Logan, then here you can see the icon off your channel. Press your it will be a channel and then following the steps and you'll be able to go to your channel as others seed. And then the link will be at the top. So copy and paste that in ah, into the discussion board. Maybe write a couple of sentences what your YouTube channel is about, and this activity has two main purposes. Firstly, you will get more exposure because other students will be able to see your channel, and maybe it's an area off interest for them, so they will check it out. Potentially. You get also some subscribers, and also you get to know other students as well what their channels are about. So let's get to it. And hopefully I'll see you links to your YouTube channel in the discussion boards. See you in the next lecture 5. Benefits of Creating Subtitles and Closed Captions for Your YouTube Videos: in this lecture, I wanted to talk about the benefits of using ghosts, captions and subtitles. Why you should care about and and why you should do them. So there there are two main reasons on the 1st 1 is that it will improve your search results ranking in do tube and also on surgeons engines such as Google as well. And why is that? Eso the search engines need keywords that you target on. So for those specific keywords, it will create a ranking off the different videos and they do it by looking at text. So the first and mean area where this comes from is from the title. So this one, then you should write a description and some tags as well. So here and here. But another area where this can come from and the YouTube looks at, is the subtitles. So here you write everything you say in the video in a tax form. And this allows YouTube to understand what the Vedas about and also you will be likely to use your specific keywords within what you are saying or within the video several times. So, for example, in my case, I will be talking how this video is how to fix Max lakhs per file, that it's Microsoft access error. So I'm likely to use either this phrase or a certain combination off those words several times, and the YouTube search will be able to pick that up because that will be in a text format. So therefore, my video will be able to rank higher compared to maybe some videos without the subtitles and close captions. Another very important reason is that you are allowing people who are deaf or half are in a situation where they are not allowed or can't use sound. So by looking at the video if there are no gross captions and maybe if it would be a very visual video, it would be beneficial for them. But in my case, I explained everything I do by talking, and therefore, if they aren't as they said deaf or are in a situation where they can't, you sound so the video is muted, then they can greed the close caption instead. Furthermore, you can also publish subtitles and close captions in different languages. It doesn't have to be English, and this means that some people who are from different countries, non English speaking countries. The can understand the video. In case they don't speak English. They will be able to understand what you are saying by reading the subtitles. So those, I think, are the main benefits off. Subtitles and close captions. Andi, see you guys in the next lecture. 6. Case Study of Exact Benefits of Subtitles and Closed Captions: In the last lecture, I talked about the benefits and briefly mentioned that you see an improvement in s your rankings. However, that's great and all, but you should also look at the numbers. So I have found you a case study. This is done by Discovery Digital Networks. So they did it in 2000 and three. I'll just emphasised the main points of this article. So you will be able, Teoh, understand the numbers behind the improvement off the benefits you will gain in your YouTube channel. So what they did was across 100 and 25 days across a channels, they created captions and they had at the time, 300 34 videos published. So you can see that there were 125 transcribed videos and then there were 209 without the subtitle Senkakus Captions. So what they found was that there was an improvement after 14 days, as you can see it, 13.5%. However, all time increase was bit smaller seven and 32%. So you can see that across many with us because in such case studies, you need to look at many videos not just create on one core, create close captions and some titles on one video and then look at the results. But you need to create on many as many as possible on. And I think that this is a good case study, because 125 is a large enough number to see how the views change. So this is not watch time. This is number off views now. Another very crucial point is in this part here they talk about that the looked If the video is indexed for a sudden key, would that is within the transcription? But it's not within the description, title or tags, and you can see that the in this case, the video was ranked number fourth for this specific keyword. So this proves that YouTube surge looks at the transcription and looks for the keywords within it. Therefore, by transcribing, give ID issue increased your ranking within your targeted keywords, and additionally, you also be found using some keywords. Maybe you didn't think off, but you talked about but didn't write in description, tags and titles. So this is another very important benefit, and then it talks about investment if it's worth wilding and they calculated for their channel. And they found out that it is profitable for their channel to create subtitles and close captions. And after this article, they created subtitles and close captions for all of the remaining videos. So I hope you found this information helpful. Andi. Interesting on. See you guys in the next lecture. 7. Introduction and the Structure of This Section: welcome to this section in this section. I'll be showing you many different ways how you can transcribe YouTube videos, and you will be able to select the most convenient way for you and which is the easiest one . I'll also briefly mention the main drawbacks and benefits off each method. What I think the benefits and drawbacks are. Onda and also some experience personal experience from myself, which methods I like and which I dislike and why. So let's get started and see you guys in the next lecture. 8. Let YouTube Create Subtitles and Closed Captions Automatically: So let's talk about one of the ways that you can create subtitles and close captions on your YouTube videos. So here I am in my channel, and I have selected one of the tutorials. So I just searched here and you can see this is the video and you can see that the this video has close captions and subtitles. So what you need to do is you need to press the arrow here, either edit or go here to subtitles and closed captions. This is slightly faster way and basically this way is probably the easiest one. Since you actually don't have to do anything, you can see that there is an English automatic one and English. So I have created this one myself. But YouTube recognizes that this is a tutorial and I speak in the video, so it has automatically creates some coast captions. And let's go to this Ah, close caption and subtitles. And here you can see this close caption files or the lines that I'm saying. So see you guys in the next lecture where I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks off this method 9. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method: So let's begin with talking about the benefits of this method. Obviously, the most important benefit is that I didn't have to actually do anything YouTube automatically recognize that this is a tutorial with a speech or there's a need for subtitles and therefore it automatically created this subtitle file, and I didn't do anything. However, there is a major drawback, and that is that YouTube's recognition off speech is not perfect. There are mistakes within it, and there is a huge black off punctuation. As you can see here, for example, the first letter should be a capital letter. Hi, guys. So H should be capital. And then there should be a comma here in the before in this tutorial eso There is no punctuation in this file. This makes it's not very readable for the person trying Teoh, watch this close Caption five On another very important drawback is that YouTube does not recognize all of the words correctly, especially if you are talking in a very technical language or about very specific things or you're speaking with an accent. There is a high possibility that what you are saying will not be recognized and there will be a huge mistakes within the subtitle file. So, for example, in this file, I can straight away see that here I was talking about a V D filter that assists arrow on Dhere. You can see so it waas w And then instead of d it decided that it si dot then e filter and this filter is correct. And then that cysts. So you can see that there are mistakes like that that needs to be corrected. So how do you actually correct this file? Well, you can. I don't think you can. No, you can unpublished here while you're editing, but basically press edit, and you will be able to edit each line. So, for example, here I want to end it. Hi, guys. In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how you can fix blue screen of death error and and then capitalized window when those 10 then a punctuation. Here, I need a dot as its the sentence stops. I had this error myself, and the error message said page fold in a non paged area and a system fire was mentioned. So it was the D shelter. Duck sits and then you can also, uh, delete some of these files. Eso press X here and now you can see that. And there, this line and the sooner Because here we deleted at one of the alliance within this close caption files. So drag this out and you'll see like this on. You can see that by doing this, I have changed the time of this line. Alternatively, you can change the times here if you know the exact timings off when each line should be shown. Once you have finished the edits, you simply press published edits, so I would not recommend using. And then there there is an error message saying publishing the south of the subtitles will overwrite existing subject. So I do not recommend leaving this English automatically. Uh, and, uh, thinking that it's okay because there will be many grammatical errors which make the subtitles file hard to read for a viewer. And also there is likely to be many mistakes which will not help in terms of s e. O. Because, for example, in this video, I want to talk about V d filter and I want to target the specific you would. However, every time I talked about this the automatic subtitles did not capture this key would and therefore this subtitles file would not help me in terms off the S e o rankings. 10. Writing Your Own Subtitles and Closed Captions: Let's talk about another way how you can create subtitles and close captions for your videos. In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how you can create them yourself. I think that this is very useful method, especially if you want to try to create your own subtitles. At least couple of them. And in this tutorial, I'll be doing this for a very short tutorial of minus. You can see it's only one minute and 40 seconds. So, like always, you need to navigate to subtitles and close caption section. So either here or this time I won't go through edit and then at the very top you can see Subtitles on growth captions. Now here, press add new subtitle or close caption and you can select a language. I'll choose English, not one of specific English. So not United States and United Kingdom. Just English aan den. Since I already have a draft, it will say adding new subtitles in English will override all existing subtitles or close captions named English for this video. So our override and we will use the turn scribe on auto sync function. So basically what happens here is that when I started playing. I will be able to right here What I'm saying. So here it says type everything that's spoken in the video here. Thank let's click Start timing store automatically line up your next your text with the speech in the video. Now, when you are doing this, it's very important that you take this unless you are extremely fast diaper because this will stop the video as soon as you start typing so you can listen and then start typing. It will pause the video. Once you stop typing, it will resume the video. So let me transcribe this tutorial. Hello, everyone. Today I will be showing you how yourself off an error that sometimes happens in Microsoft and excess. Here is a screenshot off the error. The arrow message says filed a sharing look count exceeded increase Max looks bare. Filed registry. In order to solve this error, you will need to go to their registry. Go to start Ah, on in the search for you, type a rag Edit African sheer you. Now you see record edit duck e x e and click it to run it. As you can see, I am now in the registry editor. Now you will have to know Forget as I say in a show in there along with Screenshots, go to H key machine, then oft where Go to Microsoft and then off it. This here I believe you need to go to the latest eso here, let me scroll back a little bit. Microsoft and then office go to Microsoft and then office here. I I believe you need to go to the latest version. Meaning that the highest number you can t go to access connectivity engine than engines and finally a e locate Max looks for files. Right? Click and press. Want if I here selected hex additional and type eight efs uh, on press. OK, this should have fixed the error and her message not appear anymore. I hope to found this use. All right, so this is the procedure. Basically, you listen a tiny bit off Dravida, type it up. In the meantime, it will pause, and then Ah, once you have stopped typing, it will resume again. And then you can listen again. The type what has been said and ah, repeat these steps until you have completed the subtitles and close captions for the whole video. What happens now is you press set timings. This will take a little bit off time, as you can see here my draft English and then it says, setting timings. This were take time. But if the video is very short, then YouTube sets the timing quite quickly, whereas if the video is very long, then it might take some time before you will see a screen like this. So now, Previously, it said, setting timings. Now it says my drafts and then it's English, so it's not yet published and you go back into it, and here you can see the timings. So, for example, the 1st 1 let's listen and see how good it set the time. Hello, everyone. Today I will be showing you how yourself an error that sometimes happens in Microsoft. So, as you can see, I believe that this time was quite correct. I did se and Microsoft access when it changed. There can be slight differences I have noticed. Then simply I either here said different times or just do it like this and then stretch them out, and by doing it, you can change one. Each line should appear once you are satisfied with what you wrote and also the timings simply press published. And now the subtitles are alive. So, basically, let's go to the video press here. Hello, everyone. And you can see our subtitles. So they are lives and people will be able to read the subtitles. And also, search engines will be able to pick up what is being said within the video. So see you guys in the next lecture. 11. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method: So in the last lecture, we talked about how you can create your own subtitles and close captions for your videos. And I have done this for this particular video. Onda uh, let's discuss the drawbacks and the benefits. So let's start with the benefit. I would say that one of the main benefits is that you are 100% in charge. That means that you you know what you are doing, and you can ensure that the subtitles have high quality. And the subtitles have exactly the things you are saying because you created the video yourself. That means that you know what you are talking about, Andi, especially if you are talking about a very a subject that requires certain knowledge. And there is a certain terms used that maybe not every person would know what they mean, and I even heard about them. Then having that technical knowledge and having that expertise ensures that you are definitely writing what is being said in the video. However, the main drawback is that you have to do it yourself. So you have Teoh do it yourself and that means that it is time consuming. Obviously this is slower for some people and faster for others. If you are very fast diaper, you can type many words per minute. Then maybe this is not so bad and it doesn't require you. Ah, very much time. But you can manage it. However, if you are very slow ah, diaper than it might take some time. For me personally, it usually takes due to three times more to type everything. What is being said, then the original length. So, for example, here it would take me about four minutes to transcribe this video. The more you are doing this, the faster you get. Because with practice, your typing skills will be, will become better and improve. So the more you're doing this yourself, the faster this will get an ah, In time, you will be a transcription master and be typing it very quickly. I've also noticed that YouTube is setting the times very correctly, and I'm quite pleased with this transcription procedure. So if I want to transcribe something myself, I definitely used this method to do it because I think it's quite easy on duh. Basically, you just need to ensure that everything that is being said within the video is written down correctly and the times YouTube takes care of it. So see you guys in the next video. 12. Creating Translated Subtitles and Closed Captions: So let's talk about another way. You can transcribe your videos so I'm already in the edit mode and subtitle Cynical, Sketched. Now let's go here And I've already published this English without any brackets. Now that there are here, as you can see, 182 different languages basically type and find any I'll select a different one so that I don't overwrite my existing subtitles that I have published and then we will crest create new subtitles or C C. And you can press the question mark. And what this does is basically here. You there are the same action, this card at its upload, the file. But here, uh, you can it's automatically selected that it's a copy off from original. What that means is that since this has been transcribed, I selected United Kingdom. But let's say I would be speaking fluent Spanish and a large part off my audiences from Spain. So I would want to have this cc in both languages, so in English and in Spanish. So I would hear type the translation once this is done for each line than, uh, publish, and then I would be able to see two different subtitles on the screen on select which one is moved suitable for me. So in this way you can make sure that you have some translations as well. So not only what you are saying in English, but dude in different languages as well. So in the next tutorial, I will be talking about the benefits and drawbacks. 13. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method: so, like always, let's discuss the benefits and drawbacks off this method, So the benefit is that you are creating multiple subtitles and close captions for the same video. This means that potentially a wider audience can view your video on understand what is being stepped. So, for example, in my previous lecture, I talked about that. Let's say or assume that a large part off my viewership comes from Spain. And let's assume that some of these Spanish people don't speak English. That means that they do not benefit at all from viewing my video on this tutorial because they don't understand. Maybe they can look at the pictures and try to figure out by looking what's happening but on copying and doing the same thing on their own computer. But they can't understand, want I'm saying so by having a translation, you will satisfy more people because they will be able to understand what is being said. Maybe they speak some English doesn't have to be that they don't speak English at all. They could speak some English, but they would still prefer having a translation in their native language as well. Another benefit is that for the S E O rankings. Since you have typed it in a different language and I would try to search for this particular problem in Spanish, it will be more likely to appear higher in the search engine that this is the solution to the particular problem. So if I type how to fix Max looks better file in Microsoft access, uh, in Spanish, then and I have a translation and subtitles for it. Then it's likely that they will find this particular video. However, this has a couple of drawbacks. So first of all, you need Teoh. No, the language. So to create the translation either yourself, you need your know how to translate. So you need to be very Samil Year was obviously English from which you are translating and the other language with what you are translating toe. So you need to be flint in both of them or have good enough knowledge to be able to translate, or you could hire someone else to do it. But then it would obviously cost you money. On. Other drawback is that you will I need to spend time on this. So in order to translate this yourself, you will need to spend time, whereas you could potentially use that time to create another tutorial. For another, let's say Microsoft access error, and then you have to wait. What's more important, you if you want Teoh, uh, create the new video and then great the English subtitles and try to reach audience that way or you want to translate Teoh certain languages. I would not recommend you to translate to all 182 languages because this would require too much of your resource is. So that's either your time. And obviously you can't be fluent in 182 languages or you need to hire someone else on. That can be quite costly if you want to translate every single video to so many languages. 14. Class Activity 2 - Your YouTube Video with Subtitles and CC: in this lecture. I want to discuss another class activity. I want you to do so. Now, you have learned how to do the subtitles and or close captions on YouTube. And therefore I want you to, as mentioned before applied the knowledge. Do this yourself, Andi, Uh, create grossed options for it. One of your YouTube videos. So go do that. And to show the progress, too. Me, the instructor and also your fellow students, you can put a link to the YouTube video where you have placed the close captions. So please do that. And hopefully I'll see the links in the discussion board. And you can do that by going to the video manager and then, ah, go to the video. Or you can simply right click and copy link address and place that into the discussion boards. See you guys in the next lecture. 15. Outsource Subtitles and Closed Caption Creation to Others: in this lecture. I want to discuss another way. You can create transcriptions for your YouTube videos and that is by outsourcing. So one of the most famous websites where you can outsource simple tasks is fiver. In case you don't know usually there our services, they're called gigs and the cost at $5 so you can see logos. Ah, develop an app your record D J drops excess. So what we want is a transcription. So here you can I other here here type, would you? What service you need? So let's type transcription, and you will see here I'll do 15 minutes transcription Within 24 hours. You can look at the different gigs and and you can see that the prices differ from each person, so you can see 15 minutes. So here is 10 minutes, five minutes for $5. Also, please note that when you go in, you can see almost always extra add ons. So here is basic Get quantity. You should read the description. What? Ah is included within the basic version on and here, Extra fast. One day delivery. Do you up to three or more speakers transcription. So what? This transcription means is that they will basically right up a word document with everything you are saying within the video on did usually what they do. Is they right? Inaudible and certain timings. If you are not speaking at a certain part of the video, however, they will not set the times for each line. So it's not a close caption file where you would see that this line should be shown at this particular point in time. Off the video, however, you can use YouTube's automatic future to set the times similar to where I showed you how to transcribe yourself. So just copy and paste the whole text in there and the timing should be set. I have noticed that they said quite correctly, the times, however, if you want to Ah, great close captions files, I think closed captions. There should be someone creating clothes, captions Let's search. So here you go. I'll create close captions and subtitles for your video. So I think that, uh, this will create the close caption file with the exact times Yeah, off when to show each line. So see you guys in the next lecture 16. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method: So let's talk about the main drawbacks and benefits off outsourcing transcriptions to others. So you end up with the subtitle. Sankoh exceptions, but you won't actually end up doing and you can use other websites, not just five, or there are quite many where you can outsource specific tasks. So the main benefit is that it's less time consuming. Basically, what you need to do is to find a specific person who can do the task. So go to any off the websites similar to fiver or fiver itself, and then find what suits your needs and also is within your budget. Andi, use that person. So what you end up doing is, ah, writing a description off which needs to be done ascending them. The files either linked to YouTube video depends how they operate. Maybe they will ask for an MP three file. You send it to them and then wait for them to turn transcribe it afterwards. You just need to upload those subtitles and close captions to YouTube. However, the main drawback from this method is that it's not free. So you have to pay money and you have to have initial ah budget. If you are starting out and you have a budget of zero. And then you cannot use this method and you will have Teoh write your own subtitles and close captions. 17. Uploading Subtitle and Closed Caption Files to YouTube: In this tutorial, I will be talking about how you can upload subtitles and close captions to YouTube. So what you need to do is first of all to have a created closed caption and subtitle file. So I have created it on YouTube myself and then downloaded it. But basically it will look something like this. So, as you can see here, it says which close caption number it is so which, uh, messages. So, as you can see, just incrementally increases by one for each tax box it chose, then it has to show the time. So from what time this particular, these particular two lines will be shown to what time, then? The text. And that's it. So for every single text box that appears, there has to be these parts. So the number, then the time which is very important and tax with is shown here. So let me go back to YouTube and let me show how to upload. So let's say I select English, United Kingdom and the first option upload a file so you can see upload, text, transcript or time subtitle file. So this would be subtitle file, because what I have shown you is there as our defile So you can press, learn more and hear it talks about, uh, this feature. So these are the steps. Basically, you have to go to the video edit and then subtitle CC and choose the file and here you can see So before you start me, sure, that file is supported by YouTube and this is the file. I will upload this this sub rip file, which is one of the most common subtitle file types and and you can also see here examples . So that's exactly as I showed you before. This is slightly different format, so you can see that the arrows air here instead. There's a calmer here on. The numbers are not within this file. But then there are these two arrows which should be here before the text. So every file type has different formatting, and you should be familiar with it if you are using it. But as you can see, you cannot upload a word document file. It has to be those specific subtitle file types, so choose file, and then it will be in downloads, captions and upload Very good in its uploaded. And now you can see. As always, we are in the edit mode so you can see the start time, the end time off this particular text box. And then you can also added lungs here and then the text in the this side. And then you can see played the video and see if what you are saying matches what is transcribed. So see you guys in the next video where I will be talking about the benefits on drawbacks of this method. 18. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method: in the last lecture, I was talking about how you can upload subtitle files to YouTube, so the benefit is that it's super convenient and very, very fast. Do as you saw. I uploaded it straight away. It went into the edit mode where I can look through on, watch the video, make sure everything matches and then simply press published Super Easy Super Fast. However, the drawback is that you have to create the subtitle files yourself or have them created for you. So you have to have this file from somewhere. Eso This is not a method. I use myself basically, either you need to type everything that is being said within the video in this or similar format, depending on what subtitle file type you're using or if you're outsourcing, Maybe that's how you will get your subtitles than yeah. Maybe it's good way because you already have it in this format. However, if from my own personal experience, if I want to transcribe myself, I prefer using the YouTube's feature, which I have shown you before. So where I basically transcribe and write everything that is being said within the video and the timings are said by YouTube, so I don't have to worry about the timings like this and write them out myself. YouTube does that for me. And if I'm unhappy about some timings, I can edit them as I have shown you before, just by ah, sliding this like this, the bar. And then it will change the length off this particular message box. So I would not recommend using this way unless you are getting, especially if you are transcribing your videos yourself. Unless you are getting the transcriptions somewhere else, for example, outsourcing them, then maybe it's a good method because you already have your transcription in e subtitle file format. 19. Letting Others Create Subtitles and Closed Captions Create For You For Free!: Let's talk about another way how you can create subtitles and close captions for your videos, and that is very unique. And I think very interesting way of doing things and that's community contribution. What this means is that your viewers will create the subtitles and close captions for you. In order for this to happen, you need to first of all, have it turned on. So, basically, go Teoh this creator studio and then I think you. In the past it was under community and then settings for subtitles and close captions. But now they have created this area. Translations and transcriptions press here and then turn on for all videos. This will obviously turn on for all videos. Press that and community contributed subtitles and close captions done all for all videos. What this means is that anyone can submit Ah, there what they think is being said within the video. So let me talk about how to disable it for a specific video because obviously for this it ends on for all Deividas. But maybe you want to disable it for some videos. So there are two ways so go with individual. And here you can see community contributions on Preston off, and that's off another way. If you don't want to do it one by one, you can go here, select the particular videos. You can select multiple it once actions, more actions and then it should be community contributions and allow viewers to contribute . Translated the titles, descriptions and subtitles on so you can select, allow or do not about select which option suits your needs and then press submit. I recently found this out myself, so there are no in review at the moment, But basically people can view transcribe and right subtitles for your videos. Then, when they press submit, it won't be life on the leader. There are two different ways I believe so. Firstly, you can approve or reject their translations. So if you, for example, don't know Spanish but you get a trend insulation in Spanish, there is an option where you can select that it will use Google translate so you can sort off, see if the translation is similar or seems to be correct. Another way that other viewers can, uh, watch the read the transcription and the subtitle file, and they can approve it X as well So if there are enough approvals from the community, I think that then it will automatically go life. And then there will be published section as well, where you can see all of the published transcriptions. So I think this is very cool and interesting way how you can create subtitles and close captions for many languages. So see you guys in the next lecture where I will be discussing the benefits and drawbacks of this method. 20. Benefits and Drawbacks of This Method: some off. The main benefits off using community contributions is that you can reach a much wider audience and have subtitles and close captions with many different languages. Because there is a limit off languages, you might speak yourself. You cannot translate to all of the languages by yourself, so either you would need to hire someone else to do it. But I think this is a very good way that the community can help you out and create those subtitles and closed captions. Teoh many different languages You can't speak yourself and potentially don't want to hire a translator to do it. Another very important benefit is that you don't have to use a very important resource, which is time. Basically others create the subtitle sent close captions, and your job is simply to that. Prove those subtitles. Do you think are correct? So let's move on to the drawbacks, because this method has some as well. So, first of all, one of the drawbacks is that you need half a loyal and active community. That means your subscribers or your viewers, because you are basically asking them for help, so you need to be engaging with your subscribers ask them for help. Otherwise no one will create these subtitles and close captions. So either have very good community and subscribers or half lots off traffic to your videos . But I think that they're having an engaged subscriber bases works much better because, uh, the will value your channel and therefore they are more likely to spend some of their valuable time to help you out and create those translations. Another drawback is that you have to approve those subtitles and close captions yourself so people can misuse this particular tool on Try to write either rubbish or maybe promotional material. Ah, or something that this completely different from what is being said within the video. So therefore, I would highly recommend using the Google translate to Teoh, see if what is being said within the video matches what has been translated. Also, you can use other subscribers knowledge and see if they approve the particular subtitles that has been created by your community. See you guys in the next lecture 21. Class Activity 3 - Which Method Works Best?: in this lecture, I will discuss another class activity. So I have talked about various ways how you can create subtitles for your YouTube videos and by now, you should have tried at least one of them. But hopefully you have tried several. So I have shown you how you can import if you have written it on the text file. Or you can use the transcription tool on YouTube and create your own, uh, subtitles and by typing up while the video displaying and what I want you to do in this class activity is to post which methods you have tried. Then select which one works best for you and finally write a couple of sentences. Why you think that's the best method? And by doing this, you be able to see other students, their reasoning and hopefully you will be able to, by looking at others experience and combining it with your own, you will be able choose the easiest and most effective way to create subtitles and close captions for your YouTube videos. 22. YouTube Announcement About Community Contributions in 2020: Welcome guys to this video where I will be talking about YouTube's community contribution feature, which I have talked about previously. And I actually had this feature enabled on my YouTube channel as well. I believe that this feature was very useful. Personally. I did not get many community contributions, but still I got a few. And I think that it's very useful to reach a wider audience. Unfortunately, YouTube has made an announcement this year, so in 2020 that there will be removing this feature. And here is the official announcement. And they also sent an email to all of the creators as well. So in the announcement that the set V, as you can see here, that the have three ways of adding captions. So Manual Upload, automatic captions and captions provided by the community. However, the community contributions, that was the thing that people can translate their videos or for example, some craters The only had the automatic captions so people could make the English caption for them and the creator would not have to purchase such service from third parties core caption themselves. So very useful. However, as you can see here, we have due to rise that while we had hoped, community contributions would be a wide-scale, community-driven source of quality translations for creators. It's rarely used. And people continue to report spam and abuse. So basically people would be able to write whatever they wanted in the community contributions. So as far as I know, especially for more popular channels, there would be community contributions were people would promote their own channels are for example, I've also seen some community contributions on my own channel where they were incomplete, so I can see that they have started writing the translation. However, at some point they stopped and last half of the video is without the community contribution. So yes, I cannot say that this was a perfect feature, but I would still say that it's very useful. So getting back to this announcement, we can see that both craters and viewers have reported problems with community contributions feature including spam and abuse and all the submissions. As a result, the feature is rarely used with less than 0.001% of new channels having published community captions showing on less than 0.2 of watch time. In the last month. Instead, creators are using YouTube's of alternative captioning tools. So here are some statistics. However, 0.2% is still a fair amount considering the amount of watch time that is on YouTube, I would not say that it's very insignificant part. So going back, we have decided discontinuing community con, contributions feature across all channels after September 28th of 2020. You can still use manual and automatic captions, as well as third party tools and services. So this has not changed these to other methods. It's only about the community contributions. No other captioning tools are gone, going away Bian contributions. If you have contributions currently saved as drafts, they will be available until September 28th and you will have to publish them. So any published contributions will continue to show up at. So things that been created up to now, they will remain on the platform and there will not be removed, which is very nice to hear. We know that many of you rely on community community captions and thanks for the feedback we received YouTube be covering the cost of six month subscription of for all creators who have used contribution feature in at least three videos in the last 60 days. Descriptors will receive a notification on their Youtube Studio Dashboard in the coming weeks with more information. So at least they're trying in a way to help out the creators. But I think it's a temporary solution. But her, because some of these YouTubers, they have gathered a community around them and that are willing to spend their own time in order to translate the videos. So from community contributions, I would say there were two main benefits. So our two main groups of people that would benefit, that would be firstly, people that do not speak the language that the videos created. So typically it's English, but it can be, for example, let's say a video in Japanese. And then other people translated to English and you want to watch that video. So that would be one group. And then other group is deaf people who might want to watch videos with captions that have been created by machines. So not the automatic captioning, but by people who which is more accurate captioning. Because I believe that the automatic captioning is about 70% accurate. So fairly good, but still, there is a lot of room for improvement. So we'll see that these two categories will be hurt the most. And in terms of looking from the credit risk point of view. And this will ramp up the cost if you want to be helpful to your community. For example, there are some channels that have viewers from specific countries. And let's say that within these countries, let's say a large proportion of their viewers are coming from these countries. And a community was be surrounded and they would caption videos for. So now in order to maintain this habit or this audience, you would have to use third party translators that would translate your videos to those specific languages. So this is the recent news regarding community contributions and subtitles from YouTube. Lets see how, how does develops. I really hope that YouTube will listen to the feedback of craters because few would look through the spread. A lot of people are, a lot of creators are not very happy about this change and the one to keep, keep this feature. Obviously it's not perfect, but I think that it's still very helpful. Anyway. Thank you for watching and see you guys in the next video. 23. Conclusion: I would like to thank you for coming to the end of the conclusion section and watching all off the course by now, you should have learned several things. So first of all, you should have learned the benefits off, including subtitles and close captions within your videos. Furthermore, you should have I learned about several ways how you can submit and create these subtitles and close captions. I have put at least four different ways. So, for example, automatic close captions by YouTube and there was creating your own on transcribing your video and so forth. Furthermore, I would like to emphasize the point. I meet in the first lectures where I said that you need to take action. So in order to see these benefits that I mentioned, there are several a couple of lectures only talking about why you should do subtitles and close captions. So I want to emphasize that you need to take action. You have learned how to create these growth captions and subtitles. The benefits. But if you don't take action, your channel won't actually benefit in any Wait. Therefore, take action, create subtitles and close captions. Andi, uh, your as your rankings will improve, and then you also gain more views. So do that. Hopefully you'll see good results in your channel performance. I would also like to encourage you to leave a review for this course. If you have found it useful. If you have some suggestions how I should improve it, you can use the discussion boards I reviewed them regularly on. Please let me know what your suggestions are. Maybe some areas were I need additional lectures to explain a sudden concept. Andi and I will get back to you as soon as I can.