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YouTube SEO: How to Rank Videos Higher

teacher avatar Dan Prizont, Photographer + YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. A Quick Tip on Gear

    • 3. High Quality Encoding and Exporting

    • 4. SEO Titles

    • 5. SEO Descriptions

    • 6. Eye Catching Thumbnails

    • 7. SEO Tags on YouTube

    • 8. Adding Videos to Playlists

    • 9. Adding End Screen for Engagement

    • 10. Engaging Comments and Pro Tips

    • 11. Promotion and Audience Retention

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About This Class

This YouTube SEO course is aimed at content creators who want to rank their videos higher.

This is the process I follow, from start to finish, to position my YouTube channels at the top. Recommended for beginner and intermediate levels.

You will learn some valuable SEO tips and techniques to get your videos on the first page.

YouTube is the second search engine in the world, so it's crucial to have a good strategy to rank your videos and get more views.

Topics discussed in the course:

  • How to export videos for best results
  • SEO titles
  • SEO descriptions
  • Thumbnail creation for free
  • Proper tags and keyword tricks
  • Adding an end screen
  • Getting more comments
  • Video promotion
  • Pro tips

Enjoy the guide and happy ranking!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Prizont

Photographer + YouTuber


Hi there!

I'm Dan, a portrait and travel photographer who also manages 3 YouTube channels.

Sharing everything I know about photography, filming, editing, and more!

Feel free to follow me, more classes coming soon :)

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1. Introduction: no everyone, My name's Dan. I'm a photographer on the youtuber, and in this course you're going to learn YouTube a CEO or how to rank your videos higher. Have a couple of YouTube channels. One of them only has 700 subscribers, but have still managed to rank some of my videos in the top five Top three and even talk to you're going to learn the whole process from start to finish and also some helpful tips. So hopefully I'll see you on the other side and thanks for joining. 2. A Quick Tip on Gear: before getting started with the whole process. I just want to talk a bit about gear. There's a lot of YouTubers that started coming with their phones and have a huge following , and I made a lot of money. But still, nowadays they probably have better cameras, so this doesn't mean you need to spend $2000 in a camera and the lens like I have in $1000 in a microphone. But it's nice to invest a bit of money, and you can make a cheap Imagine that your content is amazing, But do you really? Equality is terrible, and it looks like it was film with a toaster. Probably some people will leave the video, but especially important is all the if your image quality is the best, but the other quality is terrible. I can guarantee that half of the people, or even more, are not gonna watch your video Me personally, I like to film audio and video separately and sink it later and post. So I have a separate audio recorder that is a portable recorder. It's just like 80 $90 and we'll have a lier microphone. You can see here that cost me around $40. So in Toto it's more or less like $120 which is no much, and the other quality is much better. Another option if you don't want to sink audio and video and post you can buy was called a shotgun microphone and goes on top of your camera. They're a bit more expensive than these. They cost around the good ones $200 or even $250. But the results are quite amazing. I add cameras that could film for K. This one can film for K, but I still prefer to film in 10 80 people. Not everyone has a screen or a TV or computer that can play and four K, and it doesn't mean your videos air going to rank high. It's nice to have it, but keep in mind that the files are going to be extremely big. So 10 80 p is more than Please take care of your audio because even though you think it's not important if a viewer leaves your video in the 1st 10 seconds, that does affect your rankings. So now that's help on to the rest of the course 3. High Quality Encoding and Exporting: Another tip I want to give you is out in code and export your video with the best possible settings. You can use the final cut pro you can use at over. Premier can use Sony Vegas I prison use Ccamd Asia. I have a course on that on my profile if you want to check it out, but it doesn't matter which program you're using. YouTube has its own cheat sheets over speak. I'm gonna put the link here in the notes of this lesson, but just to let you see more or less what you can find the video Codec that you need to use the frame rate, the mid rate and so on. So everything you need to know before uploading your video to YouTube is here. In this website, for example, let's say you recorded your video in 10 80 p at 24 frames per second. As you can see you, toe tells you that your content should be encoded and uploaded in the same frame. That means that if you recorded a 10 80 p 24 frames per second, you have to export at 24 frames per second. So if you want to make sure that the people viewing your video like the image quarter, the end, the audio quality try to follow these guidelines. And now we're gonna jump over to YouTube and start with the S E O and the ranking factors. 4. SEO Titles: Okay, so let's begin with our titles, which is one of the most important ranking factors. So my first step here is Don't use scam me and click baby titles more than in tip. It's actually a request. Stop doing that, Okay, because it doesn't work, it doesn't help rankings, and it's terrible. What do I mean by this? I'm sure you've seen many times on you tube videos with titles like I Eat a Pizza and you Won't Believe would happen next. Those titles are unnecessary. So let's say, for example, we're uploading a YouTube S CEO video tutorial you don't need to use as a title. I tried YouTube CEO for 30 days, and you won't believe what happened next. OK, you can use shorter titles. For example, YouTube, a CEO. My results after 30 days or my 30 day experiment, keep your titles short and straight to the point, and make sure that your title represents what you're actually showcasing in your video. Another tip that I can give you is to try to use their competitors keywords to your advantage, so you open you tube and an incognito window, and let's say you're filming an adobe premiere tutorial and you write down your keywords and you can check the first positions, the titles that they use. For example, this one learn Premiere Pro in 20 Minutes tutorial for beginners. That's a good title because he actually has a video that's 20 minutes long. Do not upload a video with a title. Learn Premiere Pro in 20 Minutes If your video is 45 minutes long and lastly the final tip , for example, if I write down the Cure that I'm interested in, if I'm doing Adobe Premiere tutorial, I just have to write down Premier and all these are gonna pop up so that I can use these keywords in my title. And now let's move on to the description. 5. SEO Descriptions: the description of your video is the second most important thing. When it comes to rankings, some people will tell you that you need to write 304 105 100 words or even the whole transcription of your video. I don't believe that it's never worked for me, but that doesn't mean that my descriptions are poor. And obviously you need your main key word here and there. Let's say between three and four times Do not put your keyword 85 times in 200 words because then it's going to be considered spam by YouTube, and it's going to hurt your rankings. But at least three or four times is okay. So, for example, let's say I'm doing a video about the Apple airports. I'm going to use this as a title apple airpods worth it in 2020 and let's start righting our description. Remember, we want to have the key word in the first sentence. Are the Apple airports worth buying in 2020? Find out here, keep in mind when somebody searches for a video in the search results, only one line or maximum two lines of text will appear so it's important to catch the attention off the viewer, but obviously without being scam or a Clickbait. So that's right a bit more. The airports are one of the most popular brutes with headphones on the market. In this video, we'll talk about the pros, cons and if I recommend them in 2020. As you can see, I'm also using a variation of my keyword. Instead of repeating apple airports all the time, I just write airport. I'm gonna add one more paragraph to make it a bit longer. These wireless earbuds work very well with other Apple products, but are they worth $150? There are other cheaper options available, So should you buy the airports in 2020. So as you can see, I'm also making sure that I'm having other keywords in the description. For example, Bluetooth headphones or wireless your butt or even helpful products. So that's another tip. Always try to use similar key words or keywords that can get you more views. So as you can see, I only have four paragraphs. But I already used the key word here once, twice and three times so three or four times for me is the perfect number. If you're making a video like this one and you're talking about a tech product, you can also add some of the specifications. I have a camera channel where I upload reviews off cameras and lenses and many times in the description. I put a bit of information regarding the specs of those cameras and lenses. That also helps because it's more information for the viewer, and now let's continue with the some names. 6. Eye Catching Thumbnails: some nails are also very important for you to rankings. As you can see when we first upload our video, YouTube selects automatically some frames from our video, but they're quite ugly and useless, so we have to upload our own. I personally recommend two different options. One is photo shop, and the other one is Campbell, which is free. So first, let's jump to photo shop, so I give you a quick demonstration of how I do it. I create a new document with the dimensions and YouTube recommends, which is 12 80 by 7 20 Resolution 72 in the background color white. So let's say, for example, we're making video about dogs. One of the easiest ways to do that is the open ghoul we write down. Our cured your damages, and here on their tools, usage rights we look for labeled for re use. You make sure that you can use them without any problems. So we scroll down and research for an image that we like that saying, for example, this one and I just drag and drop into voter shop like this. And now let's say I want to resize it so it fits the whole campus. I had control T and I just drag the points until it fits my screen, and that's it. If your video shows up, this is the first thing they're gonna notice. It's obviously you want to catch the viewers attention. In case you don't have Photoshopped, you can still do some things for free with Canada dot com. We go to create a design, and you just type in your family. I already have it here, so I click on camera automatically load up the correct dimensions. I go back to Google. I right click. I don't know the image. That's name it dog. Save the image. Okay, I go back to Camber and here to the left uploads. I search for my image Lord double click and I wait for Campbell to load the image. And now I just click here on camera automatically loads the image. Obviously I can resize again and there will be it. I just have to download and I would have my YouTube family, and this obviously is completely free. Another tip that I want to give you regarding come nails that you're going to see content creators that use text on top of the image. This is not mandatory. I've tried both images without text and images with text, and it doesn't effect rankings. For example, here you can see an image of one of my videos. As I said before, I have a camera channel where real cameras and lenses in Spanish. So for this video, I was doing a review over Lens. And as you can see, my video is ranked number two. There's a picture of the lens with the name of the lens in text on top of it. And on the other hand, here, for example, I have a review of another camera, and it's ranking number four for my target keyword. And as you can see, it's only a picture of that camera without text on top of it, so you can use both. I usually do one video with text, one video without text. Both of the options can make you reach the top spots on YouTube. Just make sure that you're using I quality image and that it catches the attention of the viewer. Now we can move on toe tagging our video properly. 7. SEO Tags on YouTube: Once we finished uploading the suddenly that we want to use for the video, we have to make sure we're using the proper tags. If we keep scrolling down, we're gonna find the year where it says more options. We have to click there, and down here we have the new tax section. So, as you can see, it says, enter a coma after each tag, it's am filming a video about chocolate chip cookies. I'm showing a recipe, and the title of this video is easy chocolate chip cookies. What I usually do is the first tag is the same as the title, so I'm going to write down the title in a tag, and I try to write down 15 to 20 tags that have something to do with the title of my video . So let's keep writing. So as you can see, their first tag is the title of the video. And then I have chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookie recipe, best chocolate chip cookies, easy chocolate cookies, chocolate cookies. So it's my keyword or a variation of my keyword. Another tip I want to give you is to open a new incognito window on YouTube and just write down your keyword in the search bar, and you can use some of these other suggestions as a tag for your video. I know some of them might not sound very good, but these suggestions are here because somebody actually was searching for these keywords so easy. Cookies or doublet? Chocolate chip cookies are some nice tags for your video, and another tip is once you've entered your keyword here in the search bar with you can do is take note off the name off the channels that show up in the first positions and use those channel names as tags have blurred these results just in case. But imagine the first channel name is the best chocolate cookies in the video. That's ranking number two. That channel is called Cooking With Mary, so you go back to your tags and then you write down Cooking with Mary. Just don't write down 400 different tags. First of all, you tube won't allow you to do it, and also it's gonna be scam me. So just stick to the basics things that have to do with your title, things that have to do with your description and obviously things related to the content of your video. And now let's move on to the playlist 8. Adding Videos to Playlists: when it comes to playlists. They don't help to rank your videos iron, but it's really nice to have them and to have an organized channel. For example, If a new person comes to one of your videos and wants more information about you or wants to see which other types of videos you have, they can go to your channel. And if you have different playlists about different topics, it's easier to find what they're looking for if we take one of my channels. As I said before, I do reviews in Spanish about cameras, lenses and microphones. Even though I don't have many videos, I have approximately 2025 videos. I still have five different playlists. So every time I upload a camera review, I put it on my camera playlist. Every time I review a lens, I put it on my lens review playlist. Every time I do a photo shop tutorial, I added to my photos, your playlist. So that way, every time a new person comes to my channel, they confined any type of video they're looking for, and also, once a person is watching one of your videos. If you have one of these playlist. Some of the other videos on your playlist will show up in the right column on YouTube. So if you're gonna fill many videos and you have many different topics, I strongly encourage you to build a nice channel with different playlists. And now let's move on to the end screen of your video, where we can promote the channel and other videos. 9. Adding End Screen for Engagement: the last step that I do before uploading a video is making sure I'm using an end screen, so we have to click here in video elements. Add an end screen. The end screen will enable you to promote your channel or promote another video or add a link toe one of your website. So it's a very good option to keep the We were engaged with your content. We click here and add, so there's different options available. We can add like one video and one subscribe button. It could be on the bottom of the screen could be on the top of the screen. It can be in the middle of the screen. We cannot two different videos, or we can also add one, a video, one playlist and one subscribe button. Personally, I like to use this option over here, which is one video and one subscribe button. This way, the viewer can still see me in the middle of the video, but when the video ends, they can click on another video or subscribe to my channel. So let's click here. Immutable automatically plays. These were so what I do is move a subscribe button to the end and move the other video to the end. So we just click here on drag to the end and we do the same. Here we click and we drag. Why do I drag these two to the end? Because if I don't the other suggested video and the channel subscription button will show up here in the middle of the video, and I don't want that. I prefer that you took shows that at the end of my video, so it doesn't bother the viewer. So I double click here in the subscribed tub, and as you can see here, it will show the channel icon, and I double click here on top of video to choose what I want you to to show by default, they select best for viewer, allow you to to selectivity from a channel to best suit of your. You can also choose the most recent upload, or you can choose a specific video many times. I leave this by the fault because YouTube's algorithm is quite good at showing people what they want to watch. But otherwise you can choose a specific video, so we click here and you just choose one of the videos that you want to pop up. If you want to show other options, you can click here and you can choose between a video, a playlist, a subscribe button. Maybe you want to promote another channel if you have more than one channel, and the last option is a link you need to be part of a YouTube partner program in orderto had links to other websites. But if you want to do that, it's right here. And once you're done, if you're happy with the results, you just click, save and recommend that you do this with every single one of your videos had the nan screen with a subscribe button and another one of your videos of the viewer can keep watching things from your channel. This way you will increase your rankings, and now we can move on to one of the last steps of this course, which is publishing the video and replying on managing your comments as well as some useful tips to engage more viewers 10. Engaging Comments and Pro Tips: So this is another one of my channels. As you can see, I have more or less 12,300 subscribers. And every time I uploaded a new video, I usually get between 152 100 comments. I'm not going to tell you to reply to each and every single one of those comments, but I will give you some advice if you can, of course, tried to reply to all of those. But once you're getting 304 100 or even 500 comments, it's going to be nearly impossible. I try to read all of the comments, and at least I tried to give a thumbs up or, ah, heart and I usually replied, Best comments, the ones that I like the most, or when somebody is asking me something. So now I'm gonna tell you one of the pro tips that I want to give you. And for the last six months I've been experimenting with a common section, and I found out that if you stay online for the first hour since you published your video and you're apply to each and every single comment during that hour, it really improves your rankings. Another tip that I want to give you is to use the pin common function. Obviously, I blurred the comment because it does nothing to do with this course. But what I always do is right a question and panicked to the top of the page. For example, let's say you're making a video review off a book that you just read in. That book also has a film. You could write a comment asking to your viewers if they prefer the video or the book. This is going to help because many people are going to reply to that comment. YouTube's algorithm will see that your video has a lot of interaction, and it will rank you higher. It doesn't matter if comments are bad or good. Obviously it's better if the comments are good, and obviously it's better if you have more likes and dislikes. But as long as your video is getting a lot of views and a lot of comments, it will probably rank higher than your competitors. So, to recap, be sure to reply to your comments. Try to reply during the first hour to each and every one of them, and also use the PIN comment feature to write down a question order, interact with your subscribers. In the last lesson, we're gonna talk about promoting your published video. 11. Promotion and Audience Retention: now that you have successfully published your radio, added up in the question and reply to your comments, it's time to promote your video. Why is this important? Because right when you publish a video you took gives them a bit of a boast to see how they performed during the first hours. So you have to take advantage of this and try to promote your video to as many people as possible to get likes to get comments and higher Rankin's overall. So, for example, if you have a website, make sure to publish your video on that website. If you're a member of a forum off a topic that has to do with your video, try to publish it there as well. As I always say. Don't be Spammy. If you're a member of a motorcycle forum and your video is a chocolate cookie recipe, it would make much sense to publish it there. But if you're a member of a cooking for him, it does make sense to publish your chocolate cookie recipe there. Personally, what I always do is send the link off my newly published video to all of my friends on what's up or on Facebook. I always tell them to watch the video to give it a thumbs up if they like it to leave a comment if they like it as well. And this whole process really helps my rankings, especially when the video is now. Also keep in mind audience retention is one of the most important things, if not the most important ranking factor. What is audience retention? It's basically how much time a person spends watching your video. That doesn't mean you need to do a video is two hours long or three hours long. But if your content is amazing, then the longer the better. That's why you probably see YouTube creators making videos longer than 10 minutes, because if there longer than 10 minutes, you too can place more ads on that video. So the creator wins more money and YouTube wins more money. I made a lot of videos that are shorted in 10 minutes or even shorter than five minutes, and I still manage to rank them in the top positions. But obviously, if your content is very good and it helps people and it makes them laugh, then go ahead and film longer videos so overall, try to promote your video with people that you know that are gonna watch your video and I'm gonna enjoy it and make sure to spread the word as much as you can. So that the end of the course congratulations for making it this far. If you found this course useful, please leave a review. If you have any questions or comments, send me a message. Be sure to check out my profile for more videos or feel free to send me suggestions. Thanks again for joining, and I'll see you around.