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YouTube SEO: How to Create, Rank & Profit From YouTube Video

teacher avatar Christine Maisel, Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

42 Lessons (2h 30m)
    • 1. What We're Going to Cover In This Course

    • 2. Why Take Time to Create Rank YouTube Videos

    • 3. Section Intro Understanding Video SEO

    • 4. The Life Cycle of YouTube Video Ranking

    • 5. YouTube Ranking Factors You Must Know

    • 6. How to Profit From YouTube Videos

    • 7. Section Intro The Importance of The Video Creation Process

    • 8. What Types of Videos to Create

    • 9. Tools to Create Videos Yourself (Even With No Video Creation Experience)

    • 10. Creating Common Video Resources

    • 11. How & Where to Outsource Video Creation

    • 12. How Long YouTube Videos Should Be

    • 13. Section Intro Video Keyword Research Selection

    • 14. Understanding Video Keywords Searchers Intent

    • 15. Tools For Finding The Right Video Keywords

    • 16. Video Keyword Criteria and Keyword Selection

    • 17. Section Intro YouTube Channel Optimization

    • 18. YouTube Channel Name Selection

    • 19. Factors for Setting Up Your Channel

    • 20. How Relevant Are Your Videos

    • 21. Bonus Tactic For Getting Videos Found 2

    • 22. Section Intro The YouTube Video Optimization Process

    • 23. What to Do Before You Upload a Video

    • 24. Step-By-Step: The Video Optimization Process (With Real Examples)

    • 25. Trick for Quickly Finding Extra & Relevant Tags For Your Video

    • 26. Getting More Clicks Regardless of 1st Page Position

    • 27. The Trick to Near Immediate Rankings

    • 28. The Benefit of YouTube Video Playlists

    • 29. How to Dominate Related Video Results

    • 30. Extra (Often Missed) Opportunity for Competitive Keywords Niches

    • 31. Improving Current Video Rankings

    • 32. The Power of Social Proof

    • 33. Sharing Videos How It Helps Your Rankings

    • 34. Where to Find Backlinks for Your Video

    • 35. Video Sharing for Backlinks

    • 36. An Easy Way to Build Your Channel Authority + Extra Views & Links (1)

    • 37. Quick Tip to Get More Views

    • 38. Options for Using Paid Advertising

    • 39. Section Intro How to Know What's Working in The Ranking Process

    • 40. How Long Will It Take to Rank a Video

    • 41. Using YouTube Analytics

    • 42. Putting It All Together

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About This Class


Discover the exact steps you need to take to create and rank your own YouTube videos in both YouTube and Google.

Inside this comprehensive YouTube SEO course, we'll walk step-by-step through the entire process from creating a video, optimizing it, ranking it and using it to generate leads, sales or whatever your goal may be.

In the course you can expect:

  • The video creation process (and options for those with no experience)
  • To see different types of videos so you can see how this will work for you
  • Free and premium tools you can help you
  • To hear about your options for outsourcing
  • To see the entire process of optimizing a video (including both before and during the upload process)
  • An alternative way to boost your rankings during the upload process
  • To see the promotion process to boost your rankings

You'll see different types of videos used in the course so you will see how this works for different types of videos.

I will challenge you in the course to take action as you go through the course so you are well on the way to ranking your video by the end of the course. 

Are you ready to take action? Ready to see results?

Now you'll know the exact steps to take when it's time to create and rank your own YouTube video.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Christine Maisel

Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur


Christine is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps web design and SEO startups through education, coaching and services. 

Christine has been a web designer for nearly 15 years - 10 of which she has been self-employed. Her work has taken her from working for some start-up dot com companies in the early 2000's to working as a contractor for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense to her own home office.

In her time, she has built 100's of websites and blogs primarily on WordPress and Joomla. Christine has also provided training to individuals and businesses to help them manage their websites on their own with no knowledge of web coding.

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1. What We're Going to Cover In This Course: welcome to this comprehensive YouTube S E o course. I'm really excited about this course because we're gonna walk through the absolute entire process of everything from creating an actual video, optimizing it, ranking it, using it to generate leads or sales, or whatever your goal is. And I'm also going to challenge you to do the same within this course, because learning is all about being able to take action as well. And I want you to be able to rank your videos that you create all on your own and know exactly what to do by the end of this course. So that's what we're gonna cover here. So we'll start off by looking at the video creation process. If you have never created a video before, we're gonna look at the tools that you can use. We'll look at the different styles of videos that you create, and we'll definitely look at some options that are very easy to implement if you have no experience with video creation at all, and even after you look at those easier options, if you still don't want to do it, whether you don't feel comfortable, you don't have the time We'll look at easy options for outsourcing the work, getting it done very inexpensively as well. So you'll have everything that you need to know how to actually create the videos You want , Teoh there. We're gonna look at actually ranking those videos not only in YouTube butting Google, because if you're just ranking your videos in YouTube, you're really greatly lowering the number of views that you can get and you want to get the most eyes on it. And the way to do that is by also ranking those videos on Google. So here we're gonna find the right content for you to create your videos around. We are going to look at how toe optimize it, step by step so that it ranks very well. And then we'll also look at how to distribute the video so that it will also help you with the ranking process. Now, creating and ranking videos is not just about the views. There's always a goal behind why you want to receive views on your video. This could be that you want more leads or more sales, and that's a very important part of the process. So we'll look at that as well. And as I mentioned, I really want you to be able to see this process and understand it. So the best way to do that is to look at riel examples. And so, as we go through this course and then a show, you real examples will look at riel. Videos will look a rial, keyword research, and I'll walk through optimizing real video so everything will be very hands on and you'll I know exactly how to do this when it comes time to implement these steps on your own video , which will also get to in this course. So let's get ready and get started. 2. Why Take Time to Create Rank YouTube Videos: So why should you want to rank your videos in ghoul in the first place? Now, I'm sure if you're here, you already understand some of the benefits and just how powerful ranking videos and Google can be and what that can do for you for your business or you for your client's business if you're doing this service for others. But I do want to step back and take just a minute to look at why this is so beneficial to Dio. First and most importantly, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. And, of course, Google owns YouTube. So as you can probably guess, they love YouTube. So that means if you are taking the time to create videos, they should be on YouTube over any other video platform that it's out there because if you notice when you see video search results 99.9% of the time, those videos are going to be hosted on YouTube over any other platform. On top of that, you do not need a website. In order to rank a video, you can rank a video as a standalone video. You are not required to have any sort of website attached to it. So if you don't want to create a website, you don't have a website. This is a great alternative to being able to generate some traffic through search engines with how having to take the time to create a great website. If you're into S E. O at all, you are working on ranking websites. You know that it can take a bit of time, especially depending on how competitive your niche is. But with videos, you can often rank them so much faster than websites. So it's a great way to generate so much faster results for you or your clients who are looking for more immediate traffic. On top of that, people are more likely to click on video results than any other type of results. So why this is so important is because typically you want to aim for the very first position on the search results page. The reason is the searchers most likely to click on the first result in every position that you go down. The chances of the searcher clicking on your result dramatically decrease, but let's say you have a video and it's ranked in the third, or even the fourth position on the first page of Google, searchers are still going to be more likely to click on your video than the top first or second position articles that air ranked. Why? Because video stands out. Videos are powerful people like toe watch videos. Which brings me to my next point people actual retained mawr from a video than they do from reading an article. So if you're really trying to get a point across, you're trying to really highlight a product you're really trying to teach or to educate. Videos are an excellent way to do them. And, of course, videos are an excellent source of not only traffic but being able to turn that traffic into leads and sales, which is really what it's about at the end of the day. Video is also a very easy way to keep people engaged with videos. You can ask people to click on different links. You can ask them to subscribe. You can ask them to follow you. You can ask them to get involved while they're watching your video so you can do a lot more . You can interact a lot more with your audience through video, then you can any other medium. So there's really a lot of ways to keep people engaged with your videos, your channel, your website, your brand and we're gonna get into all of that. But it's important that you really understand just how powerful these videos can be and what you really can do when you know how to create videos and rank them for the right keywords in Google, and by the end of this course, that's exactly where you're gonna be. 3. Section Intro Understanding Video SEO: to kick things off. I believe it's important to start with an understanding of the process off what will be doing here. So to get us started, we're going to take a look at the life cycle of ranking YouTube videos as well as the important YouTube ranking factors that you should know about and different ways that you will be able to profit from creating and ranking videos. So once we have, this foundation will then be able to dive into the video creation and ranking process. 4. The Life Cycle of YouTube Video Ranking: I want to kick things off by taking a look at the life cycle of the YouTube ranking process so you can get a general overview of what this is going to look like each time that you create and work on ranking a video. Now, of course, the goal is that you know you need to start out by creating an actual video, and you want to use that video too. Either send traffic to your website to drive sales to build up your brand. So you understand what you need to do to start and you know where you want to end up. And the question is really about what goes on in between in order to make that happen, because just like you can create a great website. If nobody knows about it, nobody sees it. It's not going to help you get closer to your goals of more traffic. More sales more leads the same thing with the video. If you create an excellent video, but nobody knows about it, it's still not going to help you get towards your goals. So that's what we really need to understand this middle process, and that's what we're gonna spend a lot of time here doing now. Of course, if you are ranking videos on YouTube and you have spent a lot of time building a huge following, this isn't a process you need to worry about too much. But I'm assuming that since you're here, that's not the case. And what you need to do is learn this middle process. So this is where we're gonna take a look at starting with creating a video, you need to upload the video. And during that upload process, there's a lot that can be done to really optimize a video to rank better for the keywords that you're going after. So that is a huge step in the process that is very often overlooked, or pieces of that process are skipped or not known about, so we're gonna look at that in detail. But then the middle process of that is really getting views on the video. You want that video to get shared. You want links going to that video, and all of those are then going to help that rank in search, and that is the ultimate goal. And then when you have that video ranking and search. That's when it's going to help you achieve your goals. That's going to get you more views. It's gonna help build your brand awareness. It's going to send that traffic you're looking for. Its going to send more leads to your business. It's going to generate more sales on your website or whatever your videos purpose is. So this is a process that we're really going to concentrate on, and when you're thinking about your videos, this is the process that you're going to follow. 5. YouTube Ranking Factors You Must Know: Now we're about to get into the actual video creation process, and this were things were really going to start picking up a really going to start getting our hands dirty and actually working on the process of creating a ranking websites. But I think that's a good idea to have a general idea of what YouTube looks for what Google looks for in videos that they're going to want to promote in their search results. That way, as you are creating your videos as you're starting the optimization and ranking process, you'll have these factors in the back of your mind. And then as we go through a real life example of this, you'll see how we can put this into action to make the biggest difference in our rankings. So let's start talking about what some of these ranking factors are. One of the most important factors is really the quality of the video that you are putting together that you'll be sharing on YouTube because it's all about engagement. And just like with websites, YouTube is going to track the bounce rate of your video, and that means the number of people who are gonna land on your video and then immediately hit the back button and go look for a better video. So the higher quality video that you have, the one that is really capturing the viewers attention that really engages them in the video that is going to result in a higher search ranking for you. So what YouTube is looking for is really high retention. Re how many people I actually watched the video and watch the majority of the video are all of the video how many minutes that they actually spend watching your video? Obviously, the higher the better. And when your videos actually displayed in YouTube search results or Google research results, how many people are actually clicking on that video? And that's going to be very, very important now they're also gonna look at the video's metadata and the overall optimization that you've done. And this is how you have used your keywords when you've been uploading the video, which will take a very close look at here shortly and just the overall video optimization process that we're going to go through next. They really focus on viewer engagement. How maney views does your video get how Maney comments how many likes dislikes shares? How many people are linking to your video? All of these are signs that you have a quality video that viewers air able to engage with your content and that it really makes them happy. It answers the question. It satisfies what they were actually searching for. So these air very, very important factors. So I want you to keep these main factors in the back of your mind as you start creating videos. And as I mentioned, we're gonna look at exactly how to satisfy each of these factors so that your video will rank as highly as possible. 6. How to Profit From YouTube Videos: people get into creating and ranking YouTube videos for all sorts of reasons. But when it comes down to it, there are so many ways to profit from this process and from actually ranking YouTube videos . So if you're still thinking about why you want to be creating these YouTube videos and spending your time ranking them, I want to look at a few ways that you can actually profit from them so you can figure out what works best for you or the business that you are working on. The first is the easiest, and it's one of the less profitable to unless you have a really huge channel and that is joining the YouTube partner program, which is basically Google AdSense. And that means as your videos air played, different advertisements will be shown on your actual video, and sometimes they appear as banners towards the bottom of the video. Other times, you'll see the intro advertisement that plays before the video actually begins, and that means the YouTube video creator will actually receive money for that. The next is affiliate sales. If you are promoting a particular affiliate product, you can receive a commission. If the video leads to a sale of the product that you are promoting. Likewise, you could have your own products that you sell, So if you have a website or a business that offers products, your video can promote that product, and then you can sell it on your site. If you are a business where you're working with the business, YouTube is a great source of leads. So many businesses create videos around their actual services or showing off results that they've achieved from other clients that they've had an awesome any receive leads just by creating how to videos. They try to teach others how to get a task done, and when the person becomes overwhelmed or they decide that they don't want to do it themselves, they don't have enough time. Whatever the reason may be, then they reach out to that person for help because they're seeing That's an expert, so it's a really great way to generate some leads and show off your expertise as well. Now most websites are about making money in some form or fashion, and YouTube is a great source of traffic For websites. You can place a link within the description of the YouTube video. You can also place links directly on top of the video that lead to your site. You often see people say you can download a checklist or you can download a report and by clicking here and that will take the viewer to the actual website, so that will help increase traffic as well. And lastly, you can also sell YouTube S E O services. So let's say you want to work with local businesses and you want to help get them in front of their potential customers. A great way to do that and do it quickly is by ranking YouTube videos, and so that could be a great source of leads for you. And that can be an introductory service that you offer that can also lead to higher price services that you can offer. So as you can see, there's a variety of ways that you can profit from creating and ranking you two videos. Totally. This gives you a good idea of some ways that you can monetize your videos 7. Section Intro The Importance of The Video Creation Process: I find many people delay creating videos because they're not sure where to start or don't have any video creation experience. But justice with websites these days, there is so much that you can do with little or no experience, and in this section will take a look at the tools both free and premium that you can use to create high quality videos. So by the end of this section, you'll know the different types of videos that you can create, which tools you may want to use. What resource is you should create to speed up the process. Each time you make a new video, the free video resource is you can use and even where you can outsource the video creation process. So let's have a look. 8. What Types of Videos to Create: There are certain types of videos that do particularly well on YouTube and Google and it really just engaging the viewer. So I want to take a look at what these types of videos are. Depending on your experience. Depending on your comfort level and what you're trying to achieve, you can pick the best type of video to create. There is really no right or wrong answer here. It completely depends on your goals and what you would like to dio now the first type of video that does really well our review videos. This could be a review of a software, a review of a product or something that you've tried. Reviews do really well because before people buy, they want to see that somebody else has made a purchase, and they want to see if they're happy. They want to see what they've liked, what they don't like. So if you are an affiliate, you're creating affiliate videos or you actually sell products directly yourself. Creating product review videos is an excellent way to get the word out there about your videos and help generate more sales because people always turn to Google toe, look for reviews before purchasing another type of video that ranks really well is our tutorial and how to videos. So if you have a particular skill or something that you want to share, something that you know how to do that, others want to know how to do is well, and you can show them exactly how to go about doing that. These videos do really well because they keep viewers engaged. They keep them through the majority of the video because they want to see how to start and complete the entire process. And this is very helpful for users, So Google tends to write these very well. Now explain your videos are videos that can describe how let's say a software works or a product works so often times you'll see these explainer videos on the home page of different services, as this is a really great way to show people very quickly what it services about what a product is about so people can decide and let's say, 60 seconds if this is going to work for them or not. Another one is Webinars, and this again is similar to Dettori ALS and how to videos that you are talking about your expertise, your your sharing your knowledge. And this is a great way to get a lot of views to get a lot of shares. And it's also a great way to lead from ah Webinar to being able to sell a product or to being able to offer your service four feet. So people often turn to videos for education, and a webinar is a great way to do that. So with this being said, there was the review videos, tutorials, explainers, webinars. But then how do you actually go about putting these videos together? One of the ways is what is called a talking head video, and this is you directly on camera and you're talking about your product or you're talking about your service or you are teaching something and people can actually see you. That's a great way to connect with the audience and also keep them engaged with the video longer. No, not everyone feels comfortable doing that, so there are definitely other options, and we'll get to those in a second. Now you can do interview videos as well, So if you have an area that you would like to talk about, bullets. They are not an expert. Ah, great way is to bring on other people who are experts. And you can interview them where they are directly on camera. Or you can make it a presentation style, depending on what you want to dio. So that leads me into the third point here. You can make any of these videos just a PowerPoint presentation that's similar to what we've been looking at in some of these videos I've been presenting just power point presentations and you hear me talking as we go through. So that's another option and other courses. You actually see me on camera? I'm talking and you can engage with me right there. The next one is a live demo. So if you have something that you can actually put your hands on, you can demonstrate how that works. That could be zooming in directly on your hands. That could be showing you in a whole room setting something up. It really depends on what it is you're showing or what the purpose of your overall video is . And you can also create an animated video. So there's some software that will look at that will help you easily create animated videos off. You see hands going across the screen and they're drawling and animation. Or you just see different animations going back and forth on the screen as you hear a voice telling a story. So that's another option as well. If you don't feel comfortable talking on camera, if you don't feel comfortable showing your in your face on camera, you have different options here, and the best one really depends on what your goal is and what it is that you're actually trying to do in the video. So if you ever have questions about that, you can feel free to ask, and I'm more than happy to help you narrow down what is the best particular video for what you're trying to achieve. 9. Tools to Create Videos Yourself (Even With No Video Creation Experience): all right, We've looked at the types of videos you can create, so hopefully you have an idea of what you'd like to do or what you feel most comfortable doing. So trying to take an open mind on the tools that we're gonna look at, as you may find that you're gonna start with one type of video that makes you feel most comfortable right now. But as you gain more experience, you'll likely start to expand into other types. So still, take know of some of the other types of tools that are going to be available to you. All right, let's have a look. Let's start with some of the easier ones. Right now, Google has hangouts on air, which is very popular, which is going to be moving to YouTube. Live here in just a few days. So this is actually something you can long in directly to YouTube with, and you can go to live streaming from your account and click on events. And here's where you're actually going to be able to stream right from your Web cam. A video of you talking and presenting. So this is a free tool. Obviously, it makes it very easy to create the videos, and everything is done right here directly within YouTube. And, of course, it's Google's tool. So they're going to give a little extra love to your video just because you are creating it using YouTube live now. Another option you have is called an emoto, and basically what this software allows you to do is create animation type videos, even if you don't have any experience. The idea here is that you can upload different photos, and it will actually turn them into videos for you. But you can still add photos, videos, audio, and you compile them all together here to make one video so they make it very easy to use, and you can even start a free trial just to play around with it. They have different styles that you can work with, and then you can add. Like I said, the photos, the videos, the music, audio, whatever. Add that in to make one full video, and then once you have added in tax, you've edited the way you'd like it to appear. Then you're able to produce that video and you can upload it then to YouTube so you simply would click on the create button here, and then it's going to display different styles so you can select a different types of you . One personal business, whatever category you're looking for, and it's going to give you different styles that you can play with so you can select the one that works best for you, and you can watch a little preview of how they've laid out the video. And then what's gonna happen is if you like this one, you can click create video, and it's gonna allow you to pull in your own videos, your own images. You can change the text, anything you like it to be, so just walk you through the entire process here. So here's weaken and your logo. You can add pictures and videos, so I'm gonna upload a photo here. So then, now that the photos uploaded, I can continue adding more tax videos photos, and I could make a whole long video here. It automatically includes music for me, and so I can edit that, using the different clips that they have available on. Then I can collect to preview the video as I go on that way I can see what it looks like, and then I can always make any changes that I'd like. All right, let's move on. We also have adobe after effects. I don't have this one live at the moment, but this is really good tool because it's by Adobe. So it's, Ah, fabulous tool, but it's also really inexpensive, I believe. Yes, it's only about $20 a month if you want to use it. So this is something you plan on doing on a continuous basis. This might be a tool that you want to consider, and what I like is that they have a lot of stock built right in. So it says they have 55 million different images graphics videos that you can use right within the videos that you are creating. So that's a really huge resource to be ableto have right there. Be able to pull it into your video, see how they look, and you can do a lot of animation if that's something that you want to do as well. But one thing that I like about using Adobe tools is that there is a tremendous amount of documentation out there. There's so many tutorials, so it's so easy to learn all of the different tricks that you want to do. So it will take you a little bit of time to figure out how to use after effects. But once you get going, and once you are able to go through some of the tutorials, there's really a lot that you can do with this tool now. There's also some tools, like screen flow, for example, that allow you to take screen cast kind of like what I'm doing right now where I'm showing you what I see on my computer, and I'm recording that for you. So it's the same thing that you're able to do if you want to record power point presentations. If you want to be able to record you doing a tutorial, for example, this is a tool that you can use again. They have a free trial, and Cam studio is another one that you can use. It's actually completely free because it's open sores and it looks exactly like this box here have used it myself before, and when it comes up, you simply click on the record button and it will record any portion of your screen that you want to. So again, for PowerPoint presentations for creating tutorial showing that's a great free tool to be able to use. Now I'm actually using a tool called Camp Tasia that's I'm using to record right now, and this is what it looks like on the inside. Once you've recorded video, you can import it and you'll be able to just select your files. You can drive them down here onto the screen so you can include different shapes. Here you can include arrows. You can draw boxes around certain parts of your screen highlight areas. You can also zoom into a portion of your video. You can adjust the audio. You can transition between different slides between different images and anyway that you'd like. So this is a more expensive tool, but it's a really nice tool that I really enjoy using. So again, this is good. If you plan on doing a lot of videos now, President is another good one. So if you plan on doing a lot of slides or presentations, this is really good, because you can create more engaging presentation so your slides will have different animations to them. you can create as you can see, different backgrounds here. So on your site, you can actually see some different videos that people created using President. So this is something you may want to go through if this is something that you are considering using, So if you don't really feel that you are very artistic, you're very creative. But you want tohave more visually appealing presentations. This is definitely a tool that you may want to consider using a swell. Now, of course, with any of these or just outside of tools. You can also use your smartphone if you have, when you can use them to record videos. And you can also just use an app on your cell phone if you need to record audio and just go in a quiet room. So hopefully this gives you an idea of the variety of different tools that are out there at the end of the day. Just pick one of them that you feel is gonna best work for the types of videos that you are creating. Stick with it, learn it and create videos. Often times we can get very caught up in picking the absolute best tool or the right tool. And a lot of times that comes down to a matter of opinion. You know, if somebody else is creating a different type of video than you, something else may work better for them. So the point here is just to pick a tool that it's going to help you in this process, stick with it and focus more so on creating the actual videos. And also, hopefully, you've seen some of the free and the premium options. There's a lot of inexpensive options, so please don't use budget as a reason to not start creating videos. There's definitely tools that you can use that we've already just looked at that are completely free that you can use. So just don't stop yourself with that excuse either. 10. Creating Common Video Resources: when creating your first video for a new channel, it's worthwhile spending some extra time creating a few resource is that you can use for all of your videos. This really helps people to be able to identify your channel easily, but it also really helps you to be able to speed up the creation process as you create more and more videos. So I want to walk through some of the things that I like to create. For all of my videos, the 1st 1 is a watermark. So as an example for my portable entrepreneur YouTube channel, you'll see that I have my logo down here in the bottom left hand corner, and I use that consistently through the videos, and I used it on different videos so people will see the logo and they recognize the videos as mine. I also like to do this this way. When my videos are embedded on other websites, people see my logo as well. So really, all this is it's a simple file. I just have a transparent PNG file here with the logo at the bottom. And to do this all I did was open up a photo shop pile here and I grabbed my logo and I just pasted it down here at the very bottom. I like to change the opacity down to somewhere in that 60 to 70% range, depending on your logo when and the colors how that looks. And that way people can still see the actual video through your logo, so it's a little bit transparent there. So if it's easier, what you can do is you can also just create a white background temporarily so you can see how that looks or put some different images behind it, which is actually easier so you can see how transparent it's gonna be. And then you want to make sure get rid of that background and save it as a transparent pile , which is why I use a PNG now, another thing that I like to create. This depends on the type of channel that you are creating, but you may want to create a thumbnail template. So for my other YouTube channel, S. E. O. Toole hunter, where we cover a variety of different s you when Web design tools, I usually feature thumbnail that is focused around that particular tool. But other channels like to have a very consistent image. And if that is something that you plan on doing to, people can easily recognize your videos and search results. You can set up a thumbnail template that we all you have to do is swap out a basic image or text and save it and be able to upload that to your video. Now, if you'll be creating slide videos, you may want to have different slides each time. But if you think that you're gonna be using a consistent slide, this may have your logo a little design with it. Then you can create that side template as well. Another one is a video intro, and what a video intro is is it just makes your channel instantly recognizable. So when someone plays your video, this is a little introduction that usually last just a few seconds. That usually has the logo or the name of the channel, so people know who's channel that they're on and then immediately leads them into the video . So this is something that you can actually create using your own tools that we've discussed , or you can easily outsource this intro very inexpensively. which we'll talk about in an upcoming video. But there's a couple of tools. For instance, with video hive. You can go here and you can find some different animations that already exists where you can put in your logo and you'll have that ready to go for you now. Another one is info maker dot net, and basically this allows you to animate your logo so they have a different catalogue here of different animations. And when you find one that you like, you simply upload your logo and it will automatically put your logo into the animation. You can download that and use that So similar to the video intro, we want to have a video altro, and these are really important because this is how you are going to keep people engaged. This is how you will send them to other videos. Help keep them on your channel and eso these outsiders are really great way to do that. You can ask your viewers during the outro to like your video to comment on it, subscribe or even watch another video, or if you've set up a offer you're selling your product, you want to build your subscriber list. You're directing them to the website. You can also send them directly. They're during that outro as well. So that's just a handful Things that I like to have ready so that every time I create a new video I already have. All those resource is done can easily add those into my video and be done. So if you want to keep a handy list of video, resource is handy of such as where you can get these types of resource is where you can get images, videos, audio, different things like that for your video. That's a great thing to keep handy as well. And I'm also going to include some of those links that you might want to keep handy. And you can bookmark those for future reference as you start creating some of these resource is in your videos as well 11. How & Where to Outsource Video Creation: If you don't want to create videos or you'd prefer to outsource the work, there's some great options for doing so. So you may also choose outsource certain parts of the video creation process, such as the video intro or outro, or even video editing, so you don't necessarily have to outsource the entire process. With that being said, let's take a look at a few options that I've used. The first is five or which you've likely heard of starts at $5. You'll see here, starting at $5.10 dollars and so on. And you can go through look for video creation, editing information, whatever it is that you're looking for, even voice over if you don't want to use your own voice. So just take a look at this one just as an example there, saying, starting at $5 they'll create a professional whiteboard animation video. Now you'll see. When you click through that, there's actually a few options. They have a $5 option, a $35 option and a $60 premium option so you can click through and see what's included for each one. A lot of times a $5 option gives you, Ah, great value so you can decide just depending on what you're looking for, which package you want to go through. But there's a lot of different providers here. You can get an idea of their actual work, the style that you can expect and you can see all that is included with each package, So this is a great way to have completed for you. This is also a way for you to get pieces of a video if you want just apart to be created for you and you'll be creating the rest. But let's take a look at another site. This one is called video Hive, and this one has a lot of different videos that you can download. As you can see, they have after effects, which we had looked at. If you want to be able to pull project files in two after effects, you can have a pre created one here. Yeah, different motion graphics or stock footage, so this is a great way to get some videos that are already done. They're pretty low cost here. So this is something that you may want to take a look at another option is using up work in you can again look for video editors here video animation, whiteboard, animation, voiceovers, commercials, whatever it is that you'd like to produce. There's all different types of people on here, and you can find freelancers in all different locations all over the world, and they work with a variety of budgets. So don't let it budget stop you again here. So you'll see. For instance, this person is in Serbia. They charge $50 an hour. You can see how many hours they've worked and how many jobs they've completed successfully , and you can even click through and read their reviews, which is very important here on 100% job successful in 69 hours, a little bit less. But you can also use the filters here, so I like to look for a 90% or above success rate. I also like to filter by the hourly rate pain and what I'm looking for. But keep in mind that you can also create a project here, and half freelancers bid on your project, and you can set a flat rate if you have a specific project that you want done so do keep that in mind that you have a number of options when it comes to outsourcing all or parts of the video creation process. 12. How Long YouTube Videos Should Be: when creating videos you definitely want to take into consideration how long the video is going to be now. There is no exact science here. I can tell you that your video should be exactly X number of minutes long, but there are some guidelines that I use that I would like to share so that you can keep these things in mind as you create your videos. Now, the first and most important thing is quality here, and your video really should be as long as it needs to be to get the message across and really no longer than that. Google knows how long viewers actually watch your videos, and they use that in their algorithm to figure out which videos they're going to rank. So the more engaged users are in your video, the better your videos are going to rank. So the longer that they watch your video, the better your videos are going to rank. Now there is a balance between keeping viewers on your video and also having longer videos . So typically, I like to see videos that are about five minutes in length, and so I use that as a guideline because longer videos do rank better now. Of course, again, this is no exact science. You're absolutely going to see shorter videos outrank longer videos. Because just like with Website s CEO, Google looks at a number of factors and this is just one of them. So of course, if you are creating an tutorial, you're gonna have a much longer video. If you're gonna talk about a quick review of a product than it's going to be much shorter. I do like to make sure that videos that I create are a minimum of two minutes. But I do like to shoot for five. It just really again depends on the topic. So do take into consideration how engaged the viewers are going to be on the video and how long you believe that you'll be able to keep them watching your video 13. Section Intro Video Keyword Research Selection: just as with S e o for a website. Keyword research is a process that is crucial to your success. After all, ranking your video for the right keywords is what is going to send you the most targeted traffic so here will go through the keyword research process. Together, we'll take a look at the tools that are available to help you, and we'll look at the criteria that you should use to make your final keywords selection and, lastly, how to pick the right keywords specifically for videos. 14. Understanding Video Keywords Searchers Intent: as you begin your keyword research process. One thing to keep in mind here is that you are selecting keywords specifically for creating and ranking videos. That means you want to think about this a little bit differently. So there's a few things that I always like to keep in mind. The first is when you think about a keyword, Think about the intent that the searcher has. Do you think that they actually want to read about what they're searching for? Or do you think that they want toe watch what they're looking for? So I'm gonna give you some examples of that here in just a second. Now, one question that I hear a lot is how do I know that I can actually rank? And of course, you need to go through the keyword research process, just as you would with S e O for ah website, for example. But here, if you can go to Google and put in the key word and you already see that Google has ranked a video on the first page, that is a good sign that searchers want to be able tow watch a video versus actually reading an article and that Google also thinks ranking a video is going to be beneficial for the searcher. So that is a very good indication that you're going to be able to rank on the first page. That does not mean that if you do not see a video right that you cannot rank. But it's just one sign toe look. For now, there is a lot of topics that make for good video keywords. So these air typically how to or tutorial type videos where you are actually teaching somebody how to do something. This could be product reviews or something that's funny. People like to be able to visualize thes topics more so than reading about them. So let's look at this first example. I put in the keyword cute kittens, laughing. Now, of course, here we're thinking about intent. If someone types in cute kittens who wants to read about a cute kitten laughing, they want to be able to see it. So that's why Google immediately puts images. But then you'll see below look, video video video, just continually ranking videos. On the first page, you can see all but one actual search result. Our videos now next I put in construction trucks for toddlers and again look video after video. The entire first page here is just videos. You have a little bit of images, everything else. Videos now going on to how to Now look, Google has decided feature this video here, so that shows you just how powerful they think videos are. And then you will see as a continuous scroll down. The next two results are also videos now going on to how to fix the zipper. Same thing. There is a video result ranked first right there. Now here's reviews. Now, if you are actually trying to sell products or if you have affiliate products, you can look at this one. Thomas and Friends Train table reviews. I think by all some of these examples I'm showing that I have a toddler at home. But you'll see that I'm looking for this review and I see a video listing right here. So hopefully this gives you some ideas of what will really make for good video keywords. So, really, just when you are looking at your list as you go through the keyword research process that we are talking about here, just make sure that you're keeping the intent of the searcher in mind and what they may actually want to do. Do they want to read or do they want to watch? 15. Tools For Finding The Right Video Keywords: There's a very critical step in the video ranking process, and it's one that's often skipped, whether that's because it is just more of a tedious task or you're not sure what to do or you just don't know to do it all together. And when I'm talking about is keyword research four videos, and this is crucial, just like it is for ranking a website. You need to know that the key word that you are trying to rank for are going to deliver. The traffic that you're looking for is going to help send enough people your way for it to be worth your while. And so that all starts with keyword research. And this is something that you really need to do early on because you need to be able to optimize your website as we're gonna do it, an upcoming step for these specific keywords. So I want to walk you through the process and give you an example of how I would go about this for an actual video. So to start off, I'm gonna look at this video here, and this is a tutorial type video that was created, and it's all about how to use the divvy theme from elegant themes. It's a very popular WordPress theme these days. You do not need to know how to code in order to create really unique and professional site . So this video walks the viewer step by step through how to create a website from scratch. Using this particular theme here, I have uploaded a video already to YouTube, So the first thing that I want to do is I want to create a list of key word that I think people may search for. So there's a couple of things that I'll do first. I'll just brainstorm some ideas so this could be divvy tutorial or did the theme tutorial. So I'm just brainstorm a couple of ideas, and now what I want to do is use a few tools, tell me, expand on that list, and then I can go research these keywords further. See which one of these is going to be best for me to go laughter. So let's jump into some of these tools. One of the tools that I use is Google trends, and you can actually search for trends in YouTube, not just on the Web. So let's say, For example, I throw in Davey Tutorial and we'll see what it gives me here. Once I go ahead and enter it into the search box and it pulls up this search, you'll see here that I can search for a particular amount of time. This is going back 12 years or so, but I can also look for a particular year or set of years. I can narrow it down to a particular type of category if I would like to. And here you'll notice that there's Web search, image, search news, Google shopping and YouTube so I can change this to a YouTube search. So as you can see, the interest and Debbie theme is continuing to increase, so that means this is a good term to go after. This is a good theme to have a video around. Now, as I scroll down, you'll see related searches. Now some keywords. We're gonna have more than others. This one is just pulling up. One. This is saying the divvy, theme tutorials or related search. So if I didn't already have that, I could add that to my list here, so that's a good way. And to know that there's something interest for your video now. What I also like to do is go to YouTube, and I want to put in a variety of just general keywords around my topics. I'm gonna start just Debbie, and I want to see what Google suggests. And the list that they're giving is what people are going to already be searching for. We have divvy, theme tutorial, divvy builder. Apparently, there's a divvy in Aruba, not exactly what we're going after here, and so I want to see if there's anything else that I could use divvy, theme, customization. It's not exactly what I'm looking for, So let me see if I start typing in to Tora. Okay, now we have divvy tutorial 2016 People love to see dates, and so that may be a good one to go after, because that tells of it's the most current tutorial for them. So that's one that I could add to my list, and I can change this to let's say, review, because if I'm talking about a particular product, people want to see tutorials on how to use it. But they also want to see reviews. What are people actually out there saying about this particular product. So here we have divvy reviewed divvy theme review so I can add both of the used to my list . Did the WordPress review. So as you can see, there's a number of ideas that it gives me so I can continue going through and just altering these keywords a little bit and pulling some suggestions. Now what I'll do is I'm gonna go ahead and grab, Let's see divvy tutorial and I'm gonna go to Google and I'm gonna throw in divvy tutorial and see what comes up Now a good sign is when you put in a key, where do you think may work? And you already see that another video is ranking. That's a good sign that Google likes toe have quality videos for this particular search because they believe that that is going to produce a result that people are gonna want to click on. Have you already see videos? That's a good keyword. You may want to add to your list. That doesn't mean, though, if there are no videos that you shouldn't go after, it just means that's a good sign. If you do already see one. But while we're here in Google, what we can also do is the same thing that we were doing in YouTube. And we can start looking to see what suggestions Google gives us, and we'll see some that are similar to you, too. But this is pulling from Google searches, so it may be a little different when we have divvy tutorial 2016. We have divvy tutorial videos so we could add that to the list. And so what? I can do the same thing with the reviews I can add in TV review elegant themes that you review WordPress. So those are all key words that I can go ahead and add to my list. Now there's another tool for you to called keyword tool that I o slash YouTube. They have a keyword planner, as you can see for a number of sources here. So again, I can put in one of the keywords will go with TV theme tutorial, and we'll do a search to see what it pulls up. Now, if you have a pro version, it's going to give you a little bit more information, including the search volume, the cost per click, but I'm gonna show you how you can get that without having to pay for it. Now, this gives me some other idea. This has DV 2.4 so I can look to see what the latest version of Debbie is. And I could add that to my keyword list a swell similar to this keyword tool. We can also pull up uber suggest. And this is one that I would do s e o for a website as well. But I could put in divvy tutorial here is well and suggest and I can see what it comes up with. So tell me it found 99 keywords so I can scroll through here and you can see that this is going to give me the monthly volume and the cost per click. And this is because I've actually installed a chrome browser extension called keyword keg. And so it's now going to display this information for me so I can see that some of these related to be tutorial YouTube, divvy, tutorial, wordpress. But then it starts getting into divisions. Mother math keywords. Uh, let's see here. Continue to scroll down so I can go through and I can pull out any keywords that look like they may work. Of course, we like to see search volume. But if I see a zero, I've often found that in looking at tools such as Google keyword planner, Uber suggests keyword tool that we were just looking at that, even though it says zero that I often find that some of the terms still do have some search volume. And when I rang for them, I am getting some traffic. So I really think about the keyword and think about if that's something that users would actually search for, and I feel confident in that, then I may want to consider that as at least one of my supplemental keywords as well. So again, I think continue going through this list everything tutorial videos and adding it to my Excel spreadsheet here with everything. Now this is the browser extension that was talking about keyword keg, so you can do a couple of things here. If I go to Google and I put in divvy theme tutorial and I search for that, you'll notice right below the search box here, it's going to give me both the search volume, the monthly search volume in the cost per click for any ads. So this is telling me there's about 480 monthly searches, so this is one that may be good to go for us is one that I would likely go for, and I would note that on my list. So this is a great way now when I scroll down to the bottom of Google, you'll see the searches related to the key word that I just typed in. And now, with this browser extension, it's also going to show me the monthly search, volume and cost per click for some of these other suggested keywords. So this is a really easy way to see the keywords that I might want to consider its while and be able to turn the search volume without even having toe leave Google. But I can also go to the keyword cake page, and I can type in my keyword under YouTube, and I can do the same thing here. I can pull up some other searches. Give me some other key words that will give me the search volume. If there's any cost per click, the value of this keyword. So this may give me some additional ideas here. A swell Now, SCM Russia is one that I use all the time for both websites in YouTube videos and I would do the same thing here. I would put in TV theme tutorial and I would see what comes up because this is going to give me both related search keywords and this is going to give me ah, phrase mash. Keep word so I can get some different ideas as well and see the search volume for those. So that one didn't pull up any particular search results. So I'm gonna try another key word, so sometimes you'll see that it doesn't have enough data on it to display. But we're gonna look this one, the WordPress divvy theme, and here then we can go down and we can see we have the phrase match keywords and we have related keywords. So if you have a free version of SCM Rush, you can get these main results here. But you can also click on view full report. If you have a paid version and it's going to give you an extended list of information here , it's really useful. I also have a 30 day free trial code that you could use if you need to sign up. And if you don't want to continue using it, you can always cancel. But I will give you access to all the information that you need A swell. But this is also going to be helpful to see who else is actually ranking for this particular keyword. You can see ads that are actually being used. You can see examples of these ads, so this really gives a lot of useful information about the particular keywords. So now we have a full list of keywords that we can consider, and next we'll look at what we're gonna do with this list. 16. Video Keyword Criteria and Keyword Selection: now that we have our full keyword list. Now it's time to look at the actual search volume for each of these keywords, and we also want to take a look at the relevance and the intent of these keywords. So let's talk about what that means. First, I want to look at this search volume. Now the question always is. What number am I looking for? And you hear people give different answers. Some people say you should go after keywords that have at least 300 or at least 500 or 1000 searches per month. Some people say 5000 So I'm sure you'll hear all different types of advice, and I'm gonna throw in my advice. And that is, it really depends on what it is that you are trying to achieve with your video. So let me give an example. If you are promoting, let's say a local business, and the purpose of your video is to produce 10 new leads per month. Now you may only need to drive ah 100 views in order to produce 10 actual leads that follow through to the website and contact the business. So if that's all that you need, Let's say the businesses looking for two new clients per month and you drive 10 out of 100 visits. You drive, let's say 10 of those to the website and two of those convert into leads, then that may be all that you need. However, if you were trying to sell, let's say a product and you want to make $1000 per month. But the cost of the product is Onley $10. Then you need a significantly more amount of traffic in order to generate enough sales to make $1000 a month. So, as you can see with those examples, the number of searches that you need to tackle are gonna be a lot different. So it really comes down to what do you need to get out of the video? Are you looking for leads? Are you looking for sales? What is the price of those? And you have to factor that in when you think about the search volume. So if you have questions about that, you're not sure what to pick. What search for him to go after them? Please don't hesitate to ask, But you also want to look at the intent. So let's say I'm looking at the keyboard Debbie Theme tutorial. Now somebody is typing and Devi theme tutorial. They want to learn how to use dippy they may want to learn is divvy right for them. And so that is a buyer intent keyword. If someone is looking at Debbie Theme demo, they are contemplating purchasing divvy, and they want to see a demo of it before they buy. So that is a buyer intent keyword. Same with some of these below. Divvy Review, Divvy Review 2016 Divvy Builder Review. People search for reviews before they purchase a product, so these are all buyer intent keywords. So I'm gonna balance looking for the key words that have good search volume. And they don't have too much competition going on in the first page. And the people who are searching using these words are ready to buy. Those are the people that we want to target, whether that's for Leeds for local businesses. If you want people to sign up for webinar, let's say, or if you want people to purchase a product, you are promoting affiliate videos. Whatever it is you're looking for people who are searching for fire in 10 keywords. So really think about your individual situation, and then from there you can narrow it down. Now, when you start to narrow down, you'll notice that there is a variety of search volume. So let's say, for instance, divvy theme tutorial. When we were looking at that, that had 480 searches per month. Now I noticed a couple other keywords had the search will. You must 90 of 30 of 10 and they buried a little bit. So I'm just gonna make this up at the moment just to give you an idea here. But let's say this next keyword of 90 than it was 30 30 and 10. The rest. Let's say we're zero. So let's say I want to target all of these. So if I I'm targeting one video, let's say I'm gonna pick the top three now. My main keyword, then, is going to be divvy theme tutorial that's got the highest search volume, and then I can supplement that main keyword with these other two key words. So that means I can also include those. Maybe somewhere in the title I can include those in the description. I could include those in the tags, my videos, and we look closer at this as we optimize the actual video when we goto upload it. But this is a good way to find your main keywords and then find a couple secondary keywords that you can also target that will drive additional traffic to the video. 17. Section Intro YouTube Channel Optimization: before optimizing videos to ranking Google. It's important that you've set up a solid base you can promote individual videos from, and that base is your YouTube channel. So in this section you're going to set up your YouTube channel. If you haven't already done so and we're going to walk through the important factors, you'll want to know the have a quality channel in the eyes of Google. 18. YouTube Channel Name Selection: the first thing we're going to want to do to create a new channel is we're gonna need to pick a name for a channel, and the best thing to do is to really pick a name that is very relevant to the industry that your videos will be about. If you are creating this for an actual business, if you can use the actual business name, and that is a great channel name for you to USA's Well, so depending on the types of videos you're creating, you either want to go with the business name or just a name that is relevant to the type of videos that you're going to be creating. Now, whenever you are setting up a YouTube channel, you're going to need to create a new Google account, and you can do that very easily. Takes a matter of seconds just by going to accounts dot google dot com. And you can fill in the basic information here, and your next step will just ask you to accept the terms, and then your account will be created. Now you're going to need to enter your mobile phone number. You can see here now if you already have multiple YouTube channels, you're only gonna be able to use your phone number with so many channels. So if you run into any issues with that, you can always use a 40 in service, and you can have a new number created that just Ford's to your actual cell. So that's a way to get more YouTube channels if you need Teoh. But once you have that set up, you're going to go into YouTube and you're going to go ahead and log in, just using that user name and password that you just set up. No one's you've logged in. You want to go ahead and click on my channel over here on the left, and this is gonna walk you through the process of setting up your channel. Now, if you are just creating a channel for yourself, you can go ahead and insert your name here. But if you want to use anything other than your name, a business name or other name, you want to click on this link here at the bottom, use a business or other name, and that's going to allow you to have a different name here, so I went to create an channel here for the types of videos that I'm going to be creating, So I'm going to call my channel. Local dermatology help so this channel is going to be for anyone looking for dermatology. Help if they need. Resource is if they're looking for actual dermatologists, this is a channel they'll be able to visit that I can go and select the category here, agree to the terms and click Done. Now it's simple is that your YouTube channel has been created, and now it's time to start setting up your channel. 19. Factors for Setting Up Your Channel: Now, if you already had a YouTube channel set up when you got to this point, it's OK to continue through this lecture here. You can make sure that you have fully completed and optimize your channel as you think you may have, or you can go through and you can improve upon it. But if you're just getting started your new to a channel, you're gonna want to take note of everything that we're talking about here. So this is the page that you're gonna land on as soon as you create the account. And there's a number of steps that you want to create, and they really only take a few minutes. But it can make a huge difference in really just helping you boost your rankings when you are uploading videos. And as you can see here, you're going to start with a very blank channel and a blank channel or channel that's only half done or really looks irrelevant to the topics of the videos. It could look like spam, not only to the viewers but also to Google. So that's definitely a red flag for them. And so that's why it's so important to make sure that you fully complete the set up process here. So as you can see, the first thing here is we have no design here. We have no what they call channel art, and there's a couple of things you can do here. You can upload your profile image, and this is what's going to appear below your videos and next to your channel name. And this is what people are going to get to know you buy. This is how they are going to remember your channel. So you want to make sure that this is relevant. If you are working with the business, it could be their logo. For example, just make sure that it's very relevant what you're doing on the same thing with your channel art here. Now, when you are designing a banner for the top of your channel, when users goto actually read more about your channel. Specifically, this is the banner that they're going to see, and they can see this on their desktop. They can see this on any mobile device or even on their TV. So when you click on this button here, add channel art, you're going to be able to upload an image that you've created. It's going to give you here below the suggested size, and you want to make sure that you are creating at that size as users are going to be looking at your channel from different devices. So it's really gonna make sure that it looks professional across all the different devices . So if you're not sure how to create our this is something new to you, they have a guide down here. A the bottom. But really, just any software will do. There's a lot of resource is I'll attach them here. Plenty of free worry sources out there that you can use to create some really nice artwork . You just really want to keep it simple. Nothing overwhelming. Just make sure that it's relevant to what you're doing, and you'll be fine now. Once you've uploaded your channel art, you also see here that you can add a channel description. Now you have up to 1000 characters that you can use to write a description about your channel. So this is really an opportunity for you to talk to the viewers about what your channels about what it is that you are trying to teach them. What are you trying to accomplish with this channel? But you also can use this as an opportunity to optimize this content just like you could for content on your website. So now that you've gone through the keyword research process, you know what some of your top keywords are. Make sure to include your top keyword really within that first sentence, as long as it makes sense, if you can. Definitely. Within that first paragraph, and then as you go through the description, you can add in some of your related keywords again, just like you would with a website. You want to make sure that you just don't overuse your keywords, and you just want to make sure that is very user friendly for the viewers that are gonna be coming and actually reading this description. But this is a good way to really make Google understand what your channels about so that they can link your channel to the searches that will be coming through now. The next step here is up here in the right hand corner. You have this settings icon and we're gonna want to click there and then go to our Advanced settings page. So this is very important because you're gonna want to select the particular country that you are targeting. Where are the majority of your business is going to be coming from? Or you can at least select your location here, and then you want to add in some channel keywords. So again, this is where you're going to want to put in some of your research Keywords definitely put in your top. Let's say 2 to 3 key words here. So this is going to help pull up your actual channel in YouTube search results and not necessarily just individual videos. Now, the last step that we're going to want to do here is we're going to want a link in the social media accounts to our channel. And to do that, we simply click on my channel, and we're going to go to our settings here, and we want to enable this option here to customize the layout of our channel and click save. They were not initially gonna notice any difference here, but when you click on this pencil icon here above your channel, art, you're going to have a new link here and that says Edit Links. Now clicking on that that's going to allow you to add some more custom links to your channel so you can add in your contact information. Here again, you can add in up to five different links. Now what's gonna happen is when you add in your links, whether that's your website Facebook, other social media profiles When someone actually land on your channel home page here, down here in the bottom right hand corner, it's going to have small icons with all of the links that you've just added. So again, I'll show a Facebook icon toe link directly to your Facebook page and and so one. So you want to use any of the profiles that you have, so especially if you have a website. That's something that you definitely want to add in. But it's not necessary to use all five, so just use what what you have, so you can just simply click on the add button and then you can say so I'm gonna add in my website. I'm just gonna make one up here because I don't actually have a website for this one, and I'm just gonna put that here and click done. So now you can see it has my website here, and when I go back to home, that is going to be a link up here for me. So again, I can go back here and I can add in Facebook in any of the other links that I would like. So as you can see, there's not a lot of steps for setting up your channel. But these are some of important steps to take to really make sure that you have a complete channel, that it set up, that you've integrated some of the key words that you'll be ranking some of your videos for , and then you'll be ready to begin uploading videos and optimizing them. 20. How Relevant Are Your Videos: I now have my YouTube channel set up. The only thing that is not showing currently is my profile image, but I have uploaded it and it just takes a few minutes, sometimes to actually start appearing. So if that happens to you, that's perfectly normal, and it will appear in a few minutes. But now there's one last step that I want to take before actually start uploading videos. And this is something that you can do, even if you already started a channel, and that is to come over to this featured channel section. Now. This is a great way to associate your channel with other people's channels who have a much higher authority than you but are definitely within that same industry or are very relevant to what it is that you're doing. And a lot of people tend to shy away from this because it seems like you are featuring your competitors. But this really can do a lot because it really can show potential viewers who land on your page that you are at the same level as those people. And so that's why it's really good. It's the way to associate yourself with those who have a much bigger brand than you are much more well known than you. And the way you can do this really is, for instance, with this local dermatology help. What I would do here is I could just go into YouTube and search for dermatology. Now, if this is a niche that you already know, you likely already know of some YouTube channels and you simply want to grab their link and you want toe added to your channel. So here, I'm gonna take a look. And I see I have Doctor of Sandra Lee, the doctor Pimple popper. So this is her actual channel here, So I can go into her channel, and I can pause this here. You can see she has over 1.5 million subscribers. So this sounds like somebody I would want to be associated with so I can copy this, and I can go over to feature channels and I can put in her user name Earl here. Click add, and it will show that she has been added and click done. So now she's going to appear here. So a couple of things that you want to take note of here when you edit this, I like to change the name from future channels to something else because featured channels is a little bit boring. So we want something that's really gonna draw attention doesn't sound so standard, so anything here would would really work so we could put in here Top dermatology. Resource is if we wanted to and click done and you'll see that changes the name here. So again, I could just go back to YouTube and I can find some others and grab them and throw them in here. I saw as I scroll down, I see that there's a bunch of Dr Sandra Lee. So let's see. Let's see if there's another one here. We have career Wonder that doesn't really sound to targeted any other doctor. She was really dominating here. Okay, lasers and lifts by Dr David limb so we can click on that. And again, I like to just take a look at these subscribers here and see how many were working with. So if they have a higher number of subscribers, I can see that they're active. We can see that they last uploaded here two weeks ago. We can go and read more about them again. I can describe that you're l go back to my section here and I can search for them and add them in. What you want to do is you want to put the channels that people are most likely going to recognize or that are the most authoritative at the top of the list. So if you get them mixed up here is your adding them in, you can simply switch them around like this. It's very easy to Dio and then click done now. I would go ahead and fill up this list because the more names that you have, the more likely people are going to recognize somebody on that list and associate your channel with their channel. So that's definitely something good to Dio now. This is also good. If you want to be able to start building some relationships, you can start reaching out to some of these other channels, and you can let them know either directly and YouTube and their comments. Social media email. However, it works for you and you can let them know that you feature them, and that's going to hopefully drive some traffic to their YouTube channel and help get them some more subscribers as well. So there's another really good way to just build some relationships. So go ahead and add in some of those featured channels Philip that list there and starting associated with some of these higher, authoritative channels. 21. Bonus Tactic For Getting Videos Found 2: now, depending on the type of channel that you're creating or the videos that you'll be creating , you may be tempted to upload unrelated videos to your channel, and this really isn't a good idea to do. It's really better to niche down to make sure that all of your videos are going to be related to the same topic. They're going to be relevant to subscribers, especially because you want people to subscribe. They want to have relevant information about a particular topic, and you also don't want to get a bunch of UN subscribes. As you push out. New video is that people get notified and then they see it's completely unrelated to what they saw originally when they visited your channel. So you want to make sure that you are keeping related videos on the same channel, and if you're going to be creating different types of videos, that's OK. You can just simply create a new channel and you can optimize it and set it up for those types of videos. So now that you're channel set up, you want to continue to upload new videos, and if you are able to stick to a regular publishing schedule. That's even better. Google, of course, is going to like that, but especially for your subscribers, they grow to expect videos at certain frequencies, and they look forward to those videos. They share those videos, they watch those videos. So there's a lot of benefits to being able to upload on a regular basis or by having a regular schedule. And this is really a good way to also help build authority for your channel, because what you'll find is what we're doing is we're going through this course. We're gonna talk about how to actually upload videos, optimize them how to promote them, to make sure that they give you high rankings. But what you're going to find is if you really stick with your channel and you are adding more videos, that is the easiest way to build more authority for your channel. And the rest is is really gonna work itself out as long as you are uploading quality content, of course, and you'll find that over time, as you continue to upload these videos, you're gonna have to do less and less promotion. You're gonna have more people automatically watching your videos because you'll have more subscribers, you'll have a lot more going for you. And because Google will know that you have quality videos, they're automatically going to boost your videos ranking just because of the authority of your channel. So there's lots of good reasons to continue uploading videos for both search engines in visitors. That's definitely Ah, good thing to think about as you move forward. 22. Section Intro The YouTube Video Optimization Process: welcome to one of the most exciting sections of this course right here. This is where we're gonna go into detail on the exact steps you should be taking for every video you create so that you are optimizing its rank highly in search engines. Now, just as a website needs to be properly optimized for Google, so do videos. So get ready to upload your video to YouTube and walk step by step through the optimization process with me. These tactics will give your video an excellent start to the ranking process. 23. What to Do Before You Upload a Video: for this section, I'm going to use a tutorial video that I created for S e o toole hunter dot com. And the to total is on how to use S e o power. Sweet. Now what the video is about, it's not too big of a deal. But just so you have an idea of what we're doing here if you're not familiar with S e o Power Sweet, they have a popular set of seo tools and this tutorial video walks that by step through how to actually use it and benefit from it to rank websites. So what we're gonna do here is basically treat this video like a mini website and justice with a website. Before we do anything, we need to go through the keyword research process as we've already done, because we'll need those keywords during this optimization process. And the video optimization process actually begins before we even upload a video. So that's why right here, you see that I just have a video on my desktop that I haven't done anything with it yet. I want to show you what we actually do here. No, real quick here. I want to bring up some of the keyword research I started to do for this particular video started generating a list of potential keywords just like we did as I won't go too much into this. And you've already seen this. But I wanted to look at my two main keywords here. It looks like the best keyword here to go after is S E O Power Suite Review, which has 720 searches a month, and SDO power sweet tutorial on Lee has 70. So I use that as a supporting keyword. Now, the reason I want to know this is because as I go to upload the video, I want to do a couple of things. The first thing is, I want to rename the video file. So as you can see, here is just a combination of letters and numbers. It doesn't really mean anything. So when we actually start this optimization process, we need to remember that Google cannot understand what a video is about. They rely on us to tell them what it is about, and a very simple way of doing that is simply by naming the file something relevant to the video. So for instance, here, my main keyword is S E o Power suite Review. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna right click on my file. I'm gonna rename into S E O Power Suite Review. So, whatever your main key word is, I suggest that you name the file after that. The one we're gonna do is we're going to go down to properties after we right click on the file, and it's going to bring up the details section here. Now you notice all of this is blank. Some of these details about the video are already filled out. So you want to provide a bit more information here. Now the title here. This is where I can add in my main keyword here again. And I can call this main as your power sweet to review and tutorial so I can incorporate both of my key words right there. I can add in a subtitle here that's also descriptive. I don't want to just jam packed these with my main keywords. This is where I can go back to this list and I can pull some of the other supporting keywords how to use S e o Power sweet as hell Power Suite Software review. And then I can put those into right here now the same thing with tags. Now, taxes just going to tell Google what this video is about. I can use s e o power Sweet. I can use my main keyword again s yo Power Suite Review. And I can also use the individual tools I'm gonna talk about in the video. So, rank, assistant tutorial, for instance, I could go through an ad in a handful of tags there that all relevant Now, if you want to, you can scroll down and you can add in your your URL. So if I want to put in the site where this video is going to be hosted, I can add that into. And if you want to add in your copyright information that this is gonna make too big of a difference here, really, But this is more just toe put your mark on the video, so you'll see here is now showing us the new name that I gave it. And we just really here. Want to make sure that this section here is filled out and we'll hit apply end. Okay, 24. Step-By-Step: The Video Optimization Process (With Real Examples): All right, so we've named her video. Now we've optimized a bit before the upload process. Normally, when you're gonna upload a video, you go to your channel and you can click on the upload button. It's gonna take you to this page where you can simply upload your file and then begin Teoh , enter all the video details. From there, we're gonna go through a different upload process. And the reason I'm going to do it this way is because, yes, you can upload your videos, Justus. You see here going to the typical you to process sometimes that can require a little bit more s. You work a little bit more effort on your part to get higher rankings. So this is a little trick that you can use to booster rankings a bit mawr. If you're in a very low competition, you can often get very high rankings right away with very little allessio effort after the fact. So that's why I like to start off with this option. If you're more competitive, your rankings may not be as high, but they still likely be higher than if you use this typical method, and then you can boost your rankings using some of the other methods that will talk about in a bit so before actually show you what this process is? There's a couple of things that I like to prepare before actually go in and upload the video. It just makes the process go a little bit faster. So the first thing that I like to do is create the title. And this is where I want to enter my main keyword. Now, the closer to the beginning of the title that you can put your keyword, the better and the more effective the title is going to be. So, for instance, with this video, I want to use the key word as you power suite review. And, as you know, power sweet tutorial was my secondary keyword. So that's why I'm gonna name this as your power suite review and tutorial. And I like to make my title as long as I'm able to. So I want to add in any other keywords or anything else that's relevant so that I can ring for some other long tail keywords as well. Here, I'm gonna add. It s your power sweet discount as as your power. Sweet has agreed to provide discounts to the viewers of this video, So I'm gonna include that which may bring up some searches as well. Now the next is the description, and the description plays a very large role in the ranking process. Because if you think about it, ghoul cannot understand video. You have to tell them what your video is about, and one of the best places to do that is the description, and that's because it gives you so much room. So a lot of people came to have at least 250 words in the description. I'd like to aim for at least 3 to 400 words, and this should be all unique content. That should not be something that you've copied and pasted from somewhere else. Really, if you think about it, you want to treat this like a mini blawg post, and you want have high quality content and the mawr content that you have, the more opportunity you're giving yourself to tell Google what the videos about it gives you more opportunity. Toe rang for additional keywords, so always keep that in mind. So again, you don't want to just jam your keywords everywhere you want to use different phrase variations. So this is where you can go back to your keyword list, and you can grab some of these and throw them into your description in different places. So that's gonna help you get range for various long tell of keywords. Now you do want include your main key word as close to the beginning of the description as possible. That's going to give it more weight. Now, the 1st 3 lines will be the most important in your description because, as you see, when you scroll down, you're only going to see the 1st 3 lines written here. And then it is going to have a show more button. No, not many people actually click on show more. So if you have a call to action anything that you want the viewer to actually do any information you want to give them your keywords, that should all be above the fold right here in your description. So, for my description, what I'm going to do here is I'm gonna put in the URL where I will actually have a post about this particular tutorial. So I want to make sure that include this http section here because that is actually going to make the URL clickable like you see here. If I did not include that, it would not be clickable. That's very important. I'm gonna write my description here. This is actually much shorter description that I'm normally include. But I'm just putting this here just as an example for you. Another thing that you may want to include is an authoritative link. So this you're all here is much more authoritative. It will give a little bit more value to this actual video, and you can also include links like Wikipedia. Just make sure that they're one high quality and two that the relevant to your topic is don't be afraid to share link within their It's just says like you were writing a block post on your site. You can include a link to a high quality resource and then associates your site with that high quality resource. So it's a good ranking signals. Well, now, in addition, due to social media, you can also include Hashtags at the bottom. So this is a place where I like to include my keywords again, but also other relevant keywords. So maybe 34 even five hashtag will include at the very bottom of the description. So these are just a few of the things that I like to pull together so we can go through the upload process and this is already done and I'll have to do is copy and paste it in and I'm done. 25. Trick for Quickly Finding Extra & Relevant Tags For Your Video: So when we upload the video, we talked about the importance of the title, the description, what to include. And we even looked at tags, which appear here below the description, more deadening our video. And there's actually an easy trick that you can use to find some relevant tags if you are struggling to come up with some ideas now, I like to use about 10 to 12 tags, and I like them to be around my primary key word that I've chosen for the video. And I use a mix of both common keywords and more specific keywords. So, for instance, I use S CEO and keyword research here as more generic keywords. And then I get more specific. ECM Rush reviews ECM Rush keyword research ASEAN Rush tutorial, etcetera. So what I want to do here is I want to come up with some other ideas. So what I've done is I've installed a tool called vid I Q. Now video I Q is a free tool. You can obviously pay for some additional benefits, but the free wanna work just fine. If you want to look at some of the out of benefits you can do that as well, but one to go ahead and you install video like you. What's gonna happen is you're going to see the next every video you pull up, it's gonna pull all of this data here for you. It's going to give you an overall score for the video. It'll give you an S E O score. Tell you how many views per hour overall, it tells you how many words you have in the description. It tells you how many of the creator suggested videos you have on what that means is down here where you have all these related videos. How many of the same channels videos appear in this list. So it's telling me to. So right now we have this ECM Rush review and then down here, this other one how to generate S CEO leads. So those were the two that's included, but you'll notice down here at the bottom that you have all of these video keywords. So let's say I want to look and see what other people have. So here's another video free best Google Webmaster Tools, video tutorials. I'm gonna click on this one just as an example Now you'll see this box comes up again and down here below. I have all of these keywords, so it'll show you the positions that they are ranking for if they have any ranking. So here we have a couple of number one number three positions. If I want just one or two of those, I can go back and type them into my tanks. Or I can click on this little paper clip icon here to copy all those keywords. And when I go back to my video, I can simply pace those in there. And then all of those are now in my tags, and then I can save it and I'll have all the ideas. Otherwise, I can just pull out a few. Let's say that I don't like or don't want, and I'll take just those couple. So when you are selecting your keywords, though, I do like to rearrange my keywords so that my best keywords ones that I like the most that are most relevant to the topic are all appearing first and then all the other ones. I'll list more towards the bottom, so it's a great way to find some additional tags for each of your videos. If you are feeling stuck and not sure what to put there 26. Getting More Clicks Regardless of 1st Page Position: optimizing your video to rank highly is obviously very important. It's what we're trying to do here. And there's something that I want to spend just a minute talking about. And although it is not about actually ranking your video, it is very much related and it's very important and it's often very overlooked now, just like with websites, if you are working really hard to rank a website that is very poorly designed, just a ugly website has no call to action. There's nothing that is actually going to convert a visitor the most properly crafted in creative meta titles and descriptions and everything that you do in terms of S E. O isn't going to do you any good because you'll drive the traffic to your website. But they're not going to stick around. So you're really wasting your efforts and it's the exact same with video. So we've covered some important optimization steps so far, and now we want to make sure we're doing everything we can to get more people to actually click on our videos when they appear in search results. Because just as Google really licensee traffic going to websites and they use that to determine how relevant and worthy a website is for high rankings. It's the same for videos, so if you have a lot of impressions on your video, but you have a very low click through rate, Google doesn't see that as good. So there's a couple of things that you can do to influence that, and the biggest thing that you can do is to create a good, unique thumb. Now, Now, the thumb now itself. Is it gonna actually help you boost rankings? But it is going to help you boost your click through rate. And this is important because let's say you only get to the third position on YouTube or Google search results If you have a compelling thumbnail or creative thumb now that really draws in viewers, I they're going to click on it so you can still get more traffic even without a very top ranking. So you really want to create a thumb now that really pops out in search results. So I typically like to look both in Google and YouTube and look at the existing thumbnails that air there and see what is it that I can do to stronger, bolder colors like red, orange, green. Anything that's bright. Oh, and I want to make sure that the image is high quality. I'm using a 12 80 by 7 20 size thumb. Now I can do things like at a border to the thumbnail to highlight it, adding a person so people can actually make eye contact with the person in that image or very living in number of words. You know, I I don't really don't like to use more than three words in a thumb now because it's so small, so really just creating a symbol thumbnail that is very strong. It's bold, it stands out. The unit describes what the video is about now. The next thing, which we've already covered a little bit, is creating a very compelling title. So when you create a title, of course you're incorporating your keywords. But then take a step back and ask yourself, Would you actually want to click on your title so again, go back to Google, go back to YouTube. Look at the other titles. Is yours the most compelling? What can you do to still use your keywords while making it the most user friendly? The most compelling title that you see. And lastly, once somebody's actually clicked through, you can use in notations within Google. And this is really to get your viewers to take action, to click through into perform in action that you want them to do. This could be adding a subscribe button to your YouTube videos. So, for instance, at the bottom of my YouTube videos, I have this subscribe button because I want users be able to very easily subscribe to the channel so that every time I have a new video, anything that could benefit them, they'll be notified about that. So YouTube actually gives you guidance on this for the invitations, and this is an image that they produced and in the green areas here, number one and three. If you're going to include annotations, this is where they suggest that you put them. Ah, small annotation doesn't have to be huge. Doesn't have to be overpowering. You don't want to distract from the video this where you can put your call to action, lead to your website. Lead toe a product as someone described to go to anything that you want them. Teoh 24 and six are other areas that are good, but they're not as good as one and three. Five, of course, is right in the middle of your video. You want to avoid that and number seven. You also want to avoid here because this is where you typically have your subscribe button . Ads are appearing or close captions. All of that will appear there so it will block that and doesn't make for a good user experience. So adding annotations is very easy. If you go into your video, you have annotations icon. You can simply click on that and you'll be able to go in here and at any point you can click through to wherever you want. The invitation to appear and click. Add a notation and you see it automatically pops up here in the position. One imitation spot I can add in my annotation right here. Whatever I wanted to say. It's going appear up here and then I can choose. I've I wanted to appear bigger. I can select the background color where I went to start and end, and if I actually wanted toe link to, let's say another video. If you want a link to another video that you have on your channel, another playlist under their channel that you have. You want them to subscribe or even want them to go to your website. You can click through and you conclude the link right there and hit apply changes and that invitation will be alive. So this just a few of the things that you can do to really help do some small things that can really make a big difference when it comes to S e O that are often overlooked. 27. The Trick to Near Immediate Rankings: now that you've named your video and prepared the video details, you're ready to upload it. So as I've mentioned before, you can certainly go through the typical process of uploading where you click on upload from YouTube once you are logged in. So in this process you'd simply click and upload your file, and you can upload it that way. So if you want to do it that way, you absolutely can. I certainly use that sometimes force of my longer videos or videos that I don't necessarily want to rank so much. So it's completely up to you. But there is an alternative way that you can use, and it really just gives your rankings a bit of a boost. And this is through using YouTube's live streaming feature so you'll see that here and can click on it. But the fastest way is just from your icon Here. Click on Creator Studio and then on left, you'll see live streaming. Now this is going to bring up the Livestream Beach or here. But what we're going to do is click on events because the live stream is really set up to record yourself using your live cam it's really intended for, as it sounds for live streaming. But well, we want to do is use a pre recorded video. So we're going to create an event. So to do that, we're gonna click on new live event Now, this is why I said it's good to have some of your details about the video prepared this way . You could just copy and paste him here. So we're gonna insert our title or description, just like we normally would with any video that we're uploading. So I'm gonna insert my title and description here, them copying over and you can add in some relevant tags. So I'm just gonna put in a couple here just as an example. But this is where you can put in some of your keywords. Your related keywords are other relevant keywords that you want, Teoh. And now what we want to do is we want to set a time for the event. Now, since this is actually not a live event, we don't want to schedule this for right now, so I like to pick something a little bit later, so it's already the afternoon here, so I'm gonna pick something going on a little bit later and you want to make sure that you have this set to custom and not quick because we're not using Google hangouts on air. Now, once you have this set up, you've enter your details. You've said a future time. You can go ahead and click, Create event. Now, if you haven't never done this before, a page is gonna come up that ask you to enable live streaming. It's literally gonna have the button you click enable life streaming. It'll ask you to agree to some terms and conditions agree to that. And you will be on this next screen here so you can add in a thumbnail here if you have already created one. If not, you can always go back and do that later. Now, below here. This is very important. This is where we want to select a bit rate and this basically is just the quality of the video that you're going to be streaming. So obviously here, the higher the bit rate, the higher the resolution, the more computer resource is it's going to take, so I like to select is at least as possible in order to get the job done and make sure it's dreams smoothly. So I like to stay here in this 4 to 500 range. Really? Just depends. Right now, my internet is actually not very good where I'm at. So I'm just gonna select a really low one for right now, But you can select one that's a little bit higher. No one's have done that. It's going to ask me to select an encoder. And this drop down is going to give me a few options. So for here, I'm going to use wire cast for YouTube. Now, this is what wire cast looks like, and it shows you an actual webcam you see in the bottom. And this is where you're going to be able to add in your video so you can actually stream it. But what we're gonna do here is just look at the directions. It actually shows you what to do. Here, you'll download, install the software yule log in with your YouTube. I d just means you have to connect wire cast to YouTube and then we're going to connect the event and start streaming. So when you go to download wire cash, you're going to see. It's very expensive. It's about $500 and you can use a free trial. But I believe puts of watermark on the video. I haven't tried it in a bit, but I believe it does. But what you can do is you can use an older version of wire cast and you can use it for free. And that way you don't have to pay all that money, and it still does the exact same effect. So here I'm actually using an older version of wire cast, so it will be the same for you. So now what we want to do is we want to pull in our files. I'm gonna import the media here. I'm gonna grab my tutorial. Open that up and you'll see it's gonna peer down here on my timeline. I'm gonna click Stream. This is going to bring me to a box where I can connect my YouTube channel with wire casts that they can talk. So I'm usually here. I just put in the name you can put whatever you want here, but I just usually put in the name of the event and that I want to click on authenticate. This is gonna take me to a browser and asked me to log in. Okay, Now you can see it has connected my channel, and it's even pulled in the live event that I've already set up. So now I can click. OK, so we're gonna go and click on Stream, and then we will click on our video. You'll see that the video starts here, and I'm gonna click on mute. Just we don't have to listen to that, too. You'll see that the timer is going. You'll see how many resource is. It's used on your computer, and we can go back to YouTube here, and we're gonna click on Live control room now from the live control room. We're going to be able to monitor the status of the stream, and we'll also be able to preview it So you can see here that the stream status is good. Health is good, so all is going smoothly. So now I can click on preview. Sometimes there's gonna be a delay with the preview as it's pulling in from wire cast, but the viewers air not going to see any delay or anything. So now we can actually begin streaming the video, and it's going to start the live event. You'll be able to go down here shortly, and it's going to start pulling in the video. Like I said, there will be a little bit of a delay between the video and what you're seeing here in this video, so you'll see that this has a count down here and you can let that go until the end of the video. Once the video has gone all the way through and you stop the stream, the video is now going to be alive on YouTube so you can click on the preview. There's a like I said, just a little bit of a delay, but that's OK, so normally I'm gonna watch this time or go all the way until the end. But as an example here, I'm gonna pretend like this is now counted down. This is the end. Soto have smooth transition. I'm going to simply click on blank shot just to fade the video to black. I'm gonna click on stream, so it turns it off here and returning to the YouTube channel. I can stop the streaming so you'll be able to see how long it's played for here, so I'll go ahead and stop the live event. And now the video is going to be live on YouTube so you can grab the You are all you put into Google, see if it comes up you in that way, you'll be able to see its indexed. Once the video is index and you can start looking for your keywords, you go through the 1st 2nd 3rd page. It really depends on how competitive your keywords is and see if you already have some good rankings to start with. And then you can continue to monitor those rankings over the next few days and see if you get an additional boost after the video's been live for a few days. Now, with the video live now, you can continue the S e O process and giving the video even more of a boost and rankings. If it's needed 28. The Benefit of YouTube Video Playlists: We want to do whatever we can to increase the watch time, and we've talked about how important creating quality videos is in this process. But we've also covered a number of things that you can do in order to increase watch time throughout your channel, because the watch time Google likes to see that and they really take that into consideration as part of their algorithm as well. And one feature that YouTube has that can increase watch time is their playlist. This sends more traffics to all of your videos, and it keeps people engaged with your channel so it can build your overall channel authority as well. So if you have multiple videos or you can create multiple videos all around, a keyword or a set of keywords are all very relevant and compile them into a playlist. That's gonna be very, very good for you to do to increase that watch time. So if you can organize them into categories, that's good to Dio. I typically like to start creating playlists after I have about 10 videos or so and then I like to optimize those for specific keywords, so I really like to spend time creating very keyword rich playlists, making sure they're all well optimized. And that way someone can pull up the actual playlist in search results and not just one individual video. So when you are in YouTube, if you have a particular video, you can simply click from the info page to add to playlist. And that's where you can click on a playlist that you've already created. Or you can create a new playlist and added to that as well. So that's how you would go about doing it. But that's a great way to increase your watch time. 29. How to Dominate Related Video Results: now we talked a little bit about the related video sidebar that appears here on the right hand side next to any video that you're watching. And ideally, you want to be able to dominate this space. So that way, when someone is done watching your video or they want to scan to another video, they're going to see as many of your videos appearing here on the right hand side as possible. There's a little trick that I like to use when you're creating videos all around a similar topic. Of course, there will be more likely to appear on that list, but also within your tags. There's another little trick that I like to use, and that is to use my channel name. Or this could be your personal name, any name that you believe someone would type in in order to find you. So I use poor launch. We ignore, separated in together and also portable entrepreneur TV. And then I use those consistently at the very bottom of my ties lists for all my videos, so that can help you rank as well next to your own videos. You can see more of your related videos there on the side bar as well 30. Extra (Often Missed) Opportunity for Competitive Keywords Niches: Adding a video transcription or close captioning to your YouTube video is a really great way to booster rankings. First, it's an opportunity to tell Google again what your video is about. And when you have more text around your video, you have more opportunities to use your keywords and reinforce to go that your video is in fact, on the topic you say it is. On top of that, most people do not take the time or the expense to actually go about creating a video transcript and uploading that. So if you are dealing with a competitive niche, this is something you absolutely want to dio because most people do not take advantage of it because, like I mentioned, it's time consuming or it's expensive to do. But you will really see a return on your investment for doing this. So let's look at how to go about doing this when you are in your video manager Here, you look for the video that you'd like to add the video transcript for, and next to the edit button. You'll select the drop down menu and pull down to subtitles and cc. Now, if your language has not already been selected, A pop up will appear and ask you to select your video language. So if the videos in English Consul ECT that otherwise you can search for the language and select it now you have those blue Add new subtitles or CC Here. You'll click on that and again can select the language. And then you tube is going to present you with a few options here, and you can go about uploading the transcript. In a few ways, you can upload the file. You can type it in or paste it in, or will allow you to listen to the video as you go about typing it in. So, depending on the length of your video and your preferences, how much time you want to put into this? If you'd rather invest more time or money, there's a few options for having a video transcript created. Now, if you're dealing with, let's say, a marketing video or a shorter video. One thing that you can do is create a actual scripted that will be read while the video is being played, and then you can simply upload this file or you can copy and paste it into the video transcription here. Now another option is using Google docks. You'll see here. If you go to the Tools menu, you can pull down to voice typing. Now. What this will do is you will be able to recite either your script or you'll just be able to play this as you play your video so you can have the microphone up to where your sound is, and you can allow it to just type out what the video is saying now. This doesn't work 100% accurately, so you'll need to go back and edit it. But it certainly could be easier than just trying to do it all from scratch yourself. Another option is to use Google auto captions, and again you'll be able to go back to YouTube and you'll be able to allow them to create the captions for you based on what they hear in the video. Again, this is not completely accurate, but again, this is going to give you the opportunity to go in and make any edits that you need to, and at least it gives you a good basis to start with again, not having to start from scratch and lastly, you can outsource the transcription again. Going to five or up work both good places. I've had success with both of those options, actually, just really comes down to who you select. Take a look at the reviews and see who you're dealing with. So again, this is a really great way to boost your rankings and take advantage of a technique that many do not. 31. Improving Current Video Rankings: when you've gone through the video optimization process. Up to this point, if your rankings aren't quite where you'd like them to be, or you want to maintain or boost your current rankings, the promotional strategies that we're going to discuss in this section are going to make a big difference for you. These strategies will get more eyes on your videos, and they will send signals to Google that your video is worth ranking. 32. The Power of Social Proof: I previously talked about how we need to treat videos like they are a mini website, and this is because Google still looks at on page and off page optimization when considering where they will rank your video and with videos. A huge factor for Google is social proof, and there are a number of social signals that Google sees that you can directly influence to help your video ranking. So I want to spend a couple of minutes looking at what those signals are and then what you can do to influence them. So there's a number of signals. The first is the number of comments that your video actually receives. How many people take the time toe, leave a comment, and how often do you comment back as well that can contribute to your overall number of comments. Next, you have the total amount of time that viewer spend watching your video again. We talked about quality earlier on The better aren't your video is the longer that people are going to continue watching it, then you have the number of likes or even dislikes on the video. The number of times that the video has been shared on social media, and you can even throw in here the number of times that has been embedded on other websites as well. Now people can also favor the video, and let's say they land on your video but don't have time to watch the whole thing or like to refer back to it later. They can put it on their watch later list. So these are all social signals that are sent to Google that, say, this is a good video. This is a quality video, and the more comments, obviously the more time spent on your videos. More likes more shares, etcetera, the better your rankings can be. So there are some direct things that you can do here to really influence. How many comments, views and so one that you receive. Now the first thing that you can do is once you publish video, go ahead. Share your video on your own social media accounts. That could be Twitter, Facebook, Google plus tumbler. There's so many out there. Share them on your own profiles. If you have friends that can share them, go ahead and have them do it as well. If you have partners out there or anybody that was willing to help you that you built the relationship with asking them to do so is definitely a big help. And when you were even uploading your video, you can select for the video to automatically be published to a couple of social media accounts automatically, So that's worth doing now. You can also use tools like who, sweet or buffer to schedule post for different times in different days because Japan, who your viewers are, and you can look in analytics to learn more about this, and we'll talk about that later on in the course. But you can figure out when people are in your channel where they're coming from. You can share the video at convenient times for your viewers, so don't just share it once and forget it. Make sure to continue to share so everyone has a chance to see it Now. We looked at creating an interactive video altro to direct viewers to take the next step, and you'll need to tell your altro to your specific audience as asking them to do certain things will make more less sense, depending on the type of video you create and of course, the type of audience that you're entertaining. So, for instance, if you create tutorials, it makes sense to ask viewers to like to subscribed or to click on the next tutorial that you offer. However, you may prefer to direct viewers to your website where they could sign up for your email list if you're selling a product, a service or just building your list in general. But in this altro, consider asking viewers toe like to share, subscribe, click through or even continue watching. And when it comes to how long? If you were spends watching the video, that work is done through the video creation process. So this is one reason why it pays to create high quality and compelling videos. If you don't have a good video, it's not interesting. People are not going to stick around and watch now. There are a couple of ways that you can make your videos interactive to help you get more views and to make your video more interactive, which in turn produce more social signals. So let's look at a couple of those now. The 1st 1 is adding annotations to your videos, and this is a really easy way to tell visitors what it is that you would like them to dio. So when you are on your video editing page, you can simply click on annotations here. The video will start here when a pauses, and then you can select any point in the video where you would actually like to direct your viewers. So if you want to send them to your website, if you want them to look at another video anything or whatever it may be, just select the point here in the video where you would like to put a note. So let's say I want it to go right here. Now what I'm going to do is click on, add in notation and you'll see that there's a number of different annotations. They just look a little bit different so you can play around, see which one you like best. But I can add in a note, and let's say I want to send them to my website to download a checklist. So now I've added that text and I can select wherever I would like For this annotation to appear, I can make it bigger. I can also increase the text size that can change the font color from black toe white. Or I can change the background if I want to make it stand out a little bit more. I can do that. So I am just play around with that a bit. Now I can select when it's going to start when it's going to end. Typically, don't like to leave annotations error very long, maybe five or seven seconds. Enough time for somebody to be able to read it and act on it if they want to. But if they don't, you don't want to leave it there where it's annoying. But you can link here and you'll see that there's a number of options you can ask people to click through to look at another video. Goto a playlist again. This is all about generating Maura views for your channel. If you want to send them to your main channel page, you can do that a Google plus page. But you can also ask them to subscribe right here. So you see, there's a lot of ways you can keep them right here on your channel and continue building social proof. You can also continue through to your own website if you want to do that as well. So that's one way to go about this now, another way to keep people on your channel and to increase the number of views that your overall channel house is to use the in video programming option that YouTube gives you and that is adding a featured video to your channel Now. To do that, she would go to Channel and here under featured content is where we want to go now. Basically, what we're going to dio is we are going to select a video and this video is going to be featured across all of the videos on the channel, so usually selecting your most popular channel or the one that you really want to get as many eyes on this possible. That's a really good one to feature. So simply clicking feature you can have that be the most recent upload that you added. If you want to mix in some variety, but it's good to be able to choose a specific video so you can choose the video that you want Click save and then that video is going to be featured across all of your video so you couldn't see. Hear how it actually going to appear, and you can select when it's actually going to play. So is there going to be toward the end of the video? Do you want to select a specific start time that it will appear? And if you want Teoh, change the message as well. You can do that there and click update, and that's simply going toe. Add that to the rest of your videos. So as you can see, there are several things that you can do right within your video to improve the video experience and to help with your rankings and an added benefit of social sharing is that it can lead to others embedding your video on other websites and also to just provide back links to your video if they don't actually embedded. But they just link back to it. That is also very, very beneficial for your rankings. So the more you can do in terms of social proof social signals, the better 33. Sharing Videos How It Helps Your Rankings: all right now you've shared your video on social media channels, and you've asked viewers through the same. But there's still plenty more that could be done, and I want to continue looking at that process now. First and very simply, you can share your video on social book marking sites and actually, before he jumped too far into that. Remember, as we go through this, you can always outsource any part of this promotion process that you don't like. You don't want to do or have the time to do, and so on. But it is good to go through the process yourself at least one time so that you understand what is involved. And then you can outsource all or some of the work if you'd like to. So as I mentioned, there's tons of social book marking sites that are out there. But just to give you a few there stumble upon, there's delicious read. It is another one with a whole host of subreddit. It's so that you can pick this specific category that best suits your particular video, and there's so many more. So include a larger list rather than just go through them. One by one here, but those are a great way to get some initial views on your videos as well. Now, another great way to share your videos to find places where you can actually embed your video on other websites. Now, if you're not sure what I mean here by this, let me show you. Here is an ECM rush tutorial that was created for the S e. O Toole Hunter website. Now, if you look below the video, you'll see the share icon here, and you have share in bed or email clicking on in bed. You'll be given a link. This is an eye frame link that you can paste directly into the code of a website. And this means the video actually appear on the website, and it won't just be a link directly to the video. So, for instance, on the S. E O. Toole Hunter website is an actual post of this particular video. So this provides a written tutorial that goes along with the video so you'll see here that the video actually shows up. It's not just the link. Now, if you haven't already shared the video a great way to do that is to share the video directly from this embedded video source. So here you can click on the share icon here, and you can choose a source to share it to. That's definitely a great way to share the video as well. So if you're able to embed your video in your own sight or someone else's site that you know that it's relevant, that's definitely a great thing to do. But if not, if you don't have your own side, don't want posted there. Then think about where you can participate as well and provide value using your video. There are many sites out there that actually allow you to embed your video directly within a post, Let's say on their site. So, for instance, there's a lot of question and answer sites out there. So if you think about Cora, for example, you can go in and you can answer someone's questions. Then you could embed your video directly there. You also have Lincoln. You have Yahoo answers, and there's a lot of other places like there's Google communities, which are really great because you can again narrow down to your particular niche that your video focuses on you can look into Facebook groups and find ones that are again relevant to your video. But regardless of the site that you go after, find relevant questions and provide good answers to include your video with. So think about the benefit for the reader first here over the eso benefit that you're going to receive for your video. That's really how you're always going to get the most benefit here. If you're just embedding your video and it's not relevant, people are not going to stay on toe, watch it and not hurt your watch time. Which, as you know no, is not what you're going for here. That's not going to help you rank your videos. So if you're having trouble with embeds, you can hire a virtual assistant on up work to scout out some places. I even know people who hire out on fiber, but you always want to keep quality in mind. No matter where you hire someone from, you don't need to start out with 100 embeds. You really just want to think about quality here over a quantity that's always gonna be better now above them. Beyond all of these sites that many people are familiar with. Think about your particular nets, your particular industry and what sites are there that are very specific to that industry and see what those sites have available for you in terms of getting involved. How can you participate on the sites? Can you answer questions? Can you ask questions? Can you get engaged with the community? Can you write a post? Can you submit a video? Whatever you can dio try to do that and include your video in any way you can. Now off of the whole social media and some of these other websites. Think about your own day today. Activities. If you spend a lot of time on email, for example, you can share your latest video in the signature of your email. It's an easy way to get views from people who already know you already trust you and want to see your content. So again, just get creative and think about the places where you can really get out there and share your video 34. Where to Find Backlinks for Your Video: now justice with a website and in ranking a website. You'll want to build some high quality back links to your video, and the more competitive your topic or your particular keyword is, the more you're going to need to do this. It's obviously the lower the competition, the less back links, if any, you're going to need the higher the competition, the more you're going to need. So let's talk about back lings for a second. Obtaining back links for a video is much like finding back links for website. It's better to build a few high quality back Ling's over a longer period of time, then just trying to get as many as possible as quickly as possible. So just is with anything that's worth doing this choirs effort, and this is where a lot of people stop working on ranking their videos. It's not necessarily hard to do. It just takes a lot of time, and it can be a bit tedious to Dio. And although it can be tedious, the payoff is huge. This is what is going to rank your video if everything else that we've covered so far hasn't already and again, you can always hire this process out, but it's always good to get familiar with it yourself. There's a few places that are worth looking. You have the question answer sites that we talked about. And of course, you don't have to necessarily in bed. All of the videos and some of the sites may not allow you to actually embed the video, but you can include a link so you can include a quality answer, a helpful answer, and then you can include a link to your video for further information. Again, the goal is to get somebody totally watch the video, but you want them to watch as much of it as possible. Your own website, of course, is a great place to get a back link. If you can go through any older posts that you've written, and you can find a place where you can link back to your video in order to help the reader , if they're looking for further information, that's a great place. Friends or partners Websites are always good, and these don't have to be existing partnerships. If you are starting to create content around a particular topic, you need to start building some relationships in that industry and start communicating with other people that could be you helping to share some of their videos. They could help share some of your videos. For example, we looked at social book marking, and one of the benefits of this is that as you get out there and you really start sharing your video and you start putting it in places where other people are going to share your video, then it's going to result in some natural back links to your website as well. So you're going to start seeing some more back links coming in that way as well. Now another one is commenting. You can comment on other people's videos in comments and other people site and refer back to your video. But I do like to mix comments up a bit, and we're for back to both the individual video and then some to the actual channel as well . You can also find relevant niche websites and contribute a guest post and see if they're gonna allow you to have a back link and linked up back to your video. Now, another one that some people do some people don't is private blogged network. So if you are doing this lot and you're building a private blawg networks those air good ways to increase the number back lings and to help your rankings of role as well, remember, as you start going after back links that the number of back Ling's that you get And of course, the type of back links that you get should look natural to Google. So you want to do a little each week versus doing everything all up front, because that's really gonna take you? Ah, lot far there. It's not natural toe. Have all of this happen right away? It's more natural for to slowly take off into slowly build up. And when I mentioned you want to think about the variety in the type of back links you have , I just talked about a number of different types of back links that you can get now. You don't wanna have all of your links coming from the question and answer sites Are all of them coming from core, for example, only from your website. You wanna have a mix of different types of back links because again, that's what looks natural as people would naturally share your content and goes to different places on the Web, and people start linking to it from differently, says they write about it in comments they linked to it in a guest post. If it's valuable, they mention it on a Q and A site. So just always keep that in the back of your mind that you begin building back links a swell. 35. Video Sharing for Backlinks: neither way to get back links on your site is to add your video to some of the other video sharing sites. Like you have a mayo, for example. You also have daily motion and there are many others. So you can upload your video here and then in the description of these videos, you can link back to your YouTube video. So in the description, copy and paste your YouTube video, your l and you're done. This is going to help you get some extra views on your YouTube video, but more importantly, this is going to give you some strong back clings to your YouTube video. 36. An Easy Way to Build Your Channel Authority + Extra Views & Links (1): now, this was a little trick to build both links back to your actual video to help. He gets more views, but also to build your channel authority, which is very important and is going to help you rank newer videos even faster as you build that authority. So what you can do is go to YouTube and look for channels that are relevant to your natch relevant to your industry and comment below on those videos. So here in the comment section, you can type in your comment. Remember, you're not here just to spam, so try to add a valuable comment. It doesn't have to be really long, but just something to show that you are commenting on the actual video that make your comment relevant. And if it makes sense, go ahead and include that link back to your actual video that you're working on ranking. So that's gonna help boost your actual video. But what you also need to remember is that here, when you see other people have left their comment, YouTube gives a link back to that particular channel. So even if you are not linking your video, this is actually linking back to your particular channel. So that is going to help boost your authority within YouTube. So just going through and comedy and different videos, and especially the ones that are going to be relevant to what you're working on is really gonna help build that authority. So this is a great way to accomplish both of those. 37. Quick Tip to Get More Views: When we talked about adding tags to your video, we looked adding your name or a channel name consistently in your videos so your other videos will show up in that right ham related videos column. So here's another related videos tag trick that I like to use when you're looking for keywords or the topic of your video. In general, if you are continually seen another, competitors don't hesitate to add their channel name as a tag for your own video. That way you'll show up in the related video section on the sidebar of their videos as well . That's really a great way to get some extra views from people have some more traffic. 38. Options for Using Paid Advertising: if you're struggling to get enough views on your videos or your struggling to find places where you can share it, an easy way to get some views on your video is through paid advertising. So I definitely recommend playing around with getting some natural views from organic views first. And then, if you still need to, you still want to. You can play around with paid advertising, so there's a couple of avenues that you can use here, so we'll take a look at those. But first, I'd like to get a general idea of how many views the actual competition is getting. So, for instance, if I'm going after the video for Phoenix dermatology, I can see here that the videos have had 31 views. 80 12 ah, 104 So relatively low numbers here it seems like the highest here that I've seen is 2300 and that took six years to acquire, so that took quite a bit of time. So for the most part here you have very low views, So what you can do is you can turn on paid advertising and tried to get more than this number of views that you see here someone with 31 or 80. So you don't need to go out and get 2000 views when your competition has a much, much lower number. So, of course, this is looking directly in YouTube. It's not looking directly at Google, but you can do the same thing, looking at videos that are ranking on the first page of Google and take a look at how many views that they have. A swell so really just depends on if you're trying to rank in YouTube, where you're trying to rank in Google itself and what type of niche that you're going after here. So what you can do is when you are in your video list here, you can find the video that you want to promote, and you can click on this drop down menu here and go to promote. Now, what this is going to do is this is going to actually connect you in with Google AdWords basically, and this is Google AdWords for YouTube, so you're going to be able to pay to get views directly on YouTube. Here. This is where you're going to be taken to promote your actual video, and you can start your campaign and you'll be able to select if you want to really narrow down your audience. So if you want to focus on this video, for instance, focuses on Phoenix. If I want to focus on the Phoenix area, I can target user specifically in that area. So that's a good way to get some quick views. A special feeling. Need a little bit? You can have. Ah, very low cost for doing this is well. But another way that I'd like to promote the videos and actually like this method a little bit better is to use Facebook ads. And the reason I like this is because not on Lee can you do all the same targeting that you can on YouTube promotion. But you can actually get social signals from your ad as well. So you're just getting a double benefit, in my opinion, and that really can help so again with Facebook ads, you conduce very inexpensively. You can have a very low daily budget, and you can try to work up some initial views now. You also don't have to get all of the views immediately. You can kind of space those out every couple days, so it just depends on how many views you're really trying to get here. So those are a couple options for gain, some more views if you have a little bit of a budget and would like to do so. 39. Section Intro How to Know What's Working in The Ranking Process: similar to ranking a website. If you choose a less competitive niche and less competitive keywords, you're going to be able to rank faster than, of course, more competitive niches and more competitive keywords. But what exactly should you expect in terms of how long it will take you toe rank video. Here we will discuss that along with how to review your video analytics so you can see how well you're performing and also give you a chance to see the data that Google sees about your video as well. 40. How Long Will It Take to Rank a Video: one of the biggest questions I'm asked us. How long is it going to take for the video to rank? And the truth is that videos can take anywhere from minutes today's two months to rank. And although they can rank much, much faster than websites, at the end of the day, it still comes down to competition. The more competitive the first page rankings are for the key word your video is targeting, the more time it is going to take you to rank. So what I like to do when I'm looking at my keywords is to always take a look at that first page and I want to see what I'm up against. I want to take a look at the competition. So, for instance, here, let's say I want to target the keyword SCM rush tutorial. Now I like to at least use one tool here. The 1st 1 is called Mas Bar, which is this smaller, darker grey bar here. Now I can also install s e o Quake. If I'd like to hear, which is this bigger, lighter grey bar, and this is really gonna give me a quick glimpse at what is going on with competition on the first page, so you can csco quick gives a lot more information. It has Alexa Rain, Google rank. Ah, the amount of traffic going here. How old the actual link it's Oso Quake will give you some additional metrics to learn a little bit more detail about your competition. But what I like to look at is page authority Domain authority in back lings. Now domain authority refers to the entire domain. So in this case, this would be SCM rush. How authoritative is ECM Russia dot com? So they have a score of 79 out of 100 so they have a very high authority website. Now. Page authority refers to a specific page on that domain. So in this case, it is about this specific video tutorial page, not the whole domain itself. And they have a score of 38 out of 100 now. Typically, what I'm looking at competition. Anything in the 30 range, maybe thirties and under. That's relatively more easy to rank for. Once you start getting in the forties and up, that's much, much more difficult to rang for, and it's gonna take more time and more effort. So it's really about picking your keywords and focusing on that competition. So you have a better idea of how long it's gonna take you to rink. Now, you can also look at their back links because up tells you how many back links that they've acquired. And that'll give you an idea of how Maney you may need to go after in order to achieve first results on the first page. So here we have 38 79 36 39 going down. We have one and 18. So here, this is going to be relatively easy to outright. You have a site ranking in the third position with a page authority of one no back links whatsoever in a domain authority of 18. So that should be an easy site toe outrank right there. Now you have a few YouTube rankings. Now you notice all of these three YouTube rankings right here have a domain authority of 100 that's because they're on YouTube. And YouTube, owned by Google, has a domain authority of 100. The highest you can get. But I always want to pay more attention to page authority that I do domain authority cause the individual page here is what's ranking? So we have a 47 of 47 then you can see a one here. They only have to back links one back ling zero. So you can see in terms of back links. There's not much difference here, and you can see that there's a page authority of one ranking right behind a page authority of 47. So these 2 may take a little bit more work to outrank, but you can probably get some high quality back. Ling's here and be able tow outrank them relatively easily. But again, those are the two tools that I like to use mas bar. If you install nothing else, go ahead, install that one and then you can add in S e o quake as well. They're both free. They're both browser extensions that you can install. And that way you can spy a little bit on your competition there on the first page, and you can use this information, decide whether or not this is a key word that you want to target 41. Using YouTube Analytics: with any type of S E O. Monitoring your analytics is very important. That allows you to see what's working, what's not working and most importantly, where you could make improvements to help continue increasing your rankings. And YouTube has the analytic section directly from their dashboard, and I don't think enough people really take advantage of the information here. If you go into your YouTube dashboard, you'll see the analytic section on the left hand side and clicking on that will give you an overview of your entire channel will tell you the average number of minutes that have been watched, how Maney views likes, dislikes, your top videos and so on. And you also see that I'll tell you whether that number has gone up or down since the last period of time that you looked at. So if you're looking at the current 30 days, will compare it to the previous 30 days on. That will help give you a general overview of what's going on with your channel. And while I think that is very helpful, I want to look at this in terms of specific videos as, of course, we're trying to rank specific videos So here we have two sections. We have watched time reports and engagement reports, and as we've been talking through this course, you know, these are both very, very important. And especially if Google is giving you all of this data right here, they obviously think it's important. So under watch time reports, we can look at views and this is going to give us a list of our videos and the average amount of time that they've been watched. So you conceive our first video here. People have watched almost 42,000 minutes of that. There has been over 5500 views. But you're seeing here that the average per cent of the video that's actually watched is only 17%. So that tells us that there's room for improvement. So here below, you see that we have, ah, higher percentage of use for the other video. So let's take a look at what's going on. Clicking through now will be able to see our views per day. But more importantly, what I want to see now is the audience retention, and so here this is going to give us a graph of where people actually leave the video. When did they stop watching? So this way, if you see a huge, drastic fall at one point, you can go to that point in the video, which they're showing below, and you can see why people are leaving. Is there anything that you can do to improve that part of the video? And if so, you definitely want to do that. That may be adding an notation there to redirect users to an updated video that could be redirecting them, too. Your site at that point that could be removing something that you put like an invitation, for instance, on that video, if that may be distracting to them. So you just need to go to that point in video and see what is happening. Now that you click through to the video, you can continue to look for more information on that video. You can see the demographics. Who are the people who are actually watching your video? Are they male? Female? How old are they? And Google allows you display all the information that they give you in different graph formats, so whatever you like, you'll be able to change that here. A swell. You'll also be able to see playback locations where people are actually watching the video from so most of people here watching directly from the YouTube page. But 1.5% here are watching him from an external site that could be another website. That could be an app, so this could be somewhere you've embedded. The video or other people have embedded the videos, and then you can see traffic sources, especially as you begin to share your video more and more. It really gets out there. You can see where all the traffic is actually coming from, so you can see here. This video has 40% traffic from suggested videos. That's a related videos column that we looked at as well as when videos end. You have suggested videos that appear in people are clicking on that, and then it. Almost another 40% are finding it directly in YouTube search, which is a great sign for its ranking and looking here at the average percent of the video viewed. We have lower numbers here, but this particular video that we're looking at is actually a longer video and so that can result in lower watch times a swell. However, we see here that 32% watch time is coming from the video being displayed in playlist. So that gives us some information to go off of. Because now this, maybe we want to start new playlist. We want to encourage others to add this video to their playlist, so that gives us another angle for finding some additional views and getting more watch time as well. Then you can look at devices if you'd like to a swell, and then you could move down to engagement reports. You can see how many subscribers have been gained from this particular video. And then if you compare that with another video and one is doing much better the other you can see why people may be subscribing to that one video versus another. So, for example, you can also go back up to the top here, and this is with any of these metrics here you can click on comparison and you can find another video here and then you can compare the data. So here you're getting 27 subscribers from the first video and zero from the second. Why is that? And then you can go back and look at the videos to figure that out. And then there's all these other engagement reports here. They're all rather self explanatory, so I won't go through each one of them here. But do make sure that you're taking even 15 minutes at once a week every other week to come in and review your analytics and drill down to the specific videos that you're working on and see how the viewers are interacting with your video. 42. Putting It All Together: congratulations on making it all the way through this course. This was a lot of information to take in. And I really hope that you were able to take the action steps throughout the course and you worked on ranking your own videos to this process. Please don't forget that I'm a resource for you. I'm here to answer questions. I'm here to help you as you learn. And you go through this process the first time, the second time and so on. And I want to take one last minute to talk about what your next step should be. You've gone through this ranking process that you have a better understanding. Your next step should be really to create more videos, to really start building up your channel to create more quality videos. And that, in turn, is going to build your channel authority. So it's gonna just get easier and easier to rank your videos as you grow. It's always the hardest in the beginning, because you have no channel authority. You haven't built up any audience yet, and you also have no experience. So just remember that as you're getting started, that if you are doing okay now that is just going to continue to get easier and easier for you. So please just continue with the process. If you're able to set a regular schedule in creating content, that's really great for you. It's great for you to be able tow, learn to build your experience up and really just to help build your channel authority as well. If you can't commit to something every day every three days, once a week, feel free to make that schedule every other week or once every three weeks. Every four, we just stick to something that you can commit to. Don't worry about what everybody else is doing. Then you want to focus on getting more views on your channel and your videos promoting them like we've talked about here and just overall continuing to improve your content. Your first video or your first round of promotions may not be your best, but you're learning, so that's OK, and it will continue to get better and better. And don't forget to watch your YouTube analytics take a look at them. It doesn't have to be every day or even once a week. Take a look at them once twice a month and see where you could make improvements, or how you can make improvements to specific underperforming videos to make them stronger so that they're better for your overall channel. And if you can just set aside a specific amount of dedicated time each week to work on creating YouTube videos and ranking them on, that will really help you keep this momentum going. Thank you so much for spending your time here learning with me. I really hope that you've enjoyed this process as much as I have.