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YouTube Partner Program Secrets

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Take this class to see inside the best of what works for my verified YouTube channel

    • 2. What is the YouTube partnership team

    • 3. What is most important for building an awesome YouTube channel?

    • 4. The easiest way to get more views and rank videos higher

    • 5. The YouTube title and description are most important for organic traffic

    • 6. How to write a great YouTube description

    • 7. Closed captions help with meta data and watch time

    • 8. Getting verified and making a good first banner impression with viewers

    • 9. The biggest mistake I can make on my YouTube channel

    • 10. Avoiding the trap of chasing views and making videos out of love

    • 11. Where to get email support for YouTube channels and more final thoughts

    • 12. Project for YouTube Partner Program Secrets

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About This Class

Take this class today to see what I learned as a YouTube partner with access to a 1 on 1 consultation and private training as a result of getting my channel to nearly 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel!  YouTube offers partners with many minutes watched classes to help boost the effectiveness of what we do on YouTube and makes an expert at YouTube headquarters available to answer questions.

Watch the videos in this class to see what I learned out of participating in this program over the last month about my channel!  The key takeaways include what works best to rank a video, the importance of closed captions to keep viewers watching, how to get verified, the biggest mistake I can easily avoid, and how to get email support among other tips and tricks I am applying today on YouTube.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Take this class to see inside the best of what works for my verified YouTube channel: welcome to you, too. Verified partner programs, secrets. I'm grateful that I'm Jerry Banfield today and I have a verified YouTube channel. The requirement to get verified is simple. On YouTube toe have, ah 100,000 subscribers. Now there are also ways to get verified where you can go to a YouTube creator event and get verified there. But the basic way to get verified as 100,000 subscribers. I'm grateful today of 131,000 subscribers. As I've updated this class, I've gotten 30 plus 1000 mawr since I originally made it. I'm going to try in a fairly short period of time and give you the very best of what I've learned about YouTube over the six or so years since I've been on YouTube, I'll try and tell you the things that have made the biggest difference in growing my channel. I'll try and give you the very best of the things I know at the level. I'm at that. Often you would have to work really hard to get to and figure out on your own. So I love the chance to be a wise person and learned from others instead of having to do things myself. So I hope this class give you a chance to learn some Riri Really powerful tips for building your YouTube audience today and doing it in a way that you can make videos you love instead of just trying to get people to watch them. So thank you. I'm really excited about this course, and I hope you enjoy it. 2. What is the YouTube partnership team: thank you very much for continuing with me here in this class. I'm going to show you what I hope with some really valuable information and make it available to you wherever you're at today. Based on my unique opportunities, I've had to learn it. So what I'm going to do first, did they explain to you Where does this information I'm giving you come from what YouTube has in YouTube headquarters and I would guess other place around the world. YouTube has a partnership team where they consult with the the creator off channels that are active and growing like mine is, and they consult with you to help. You do even better. They have what they call experts toe help YouTube creators like me. And through this, you get the most out of YouTube channel. This is their help page, and this is what they help you do. Develop your channel, meet and connect with you and get inspired by lessons to learn. I am grateful that I both had a one on one consultation with one of their experts in YouTube headquarters. And I've attended some training sessions that air just available through this program. What? I've done is taken notes and put those notes into this video class so that you can learn the things I have access to with my channel here that you've helped me make. I've got access to these things, and I'm going to give you all of the notes I took so that you can benefit the same as I have today. Some of these notes I'm impressed, are quite powerful and accurate in terms of helping me to work more effectively here on YouTube. So here's the notes, and I'll go through these with you and explained each tip I've learned and show examples of how I'm applying this on my channel. 3. What is most important for building an awesome YouTube channel?: thank you very much for getting started with this class. The number one point hope you get out of here is that there's no substitute for making videos on a daily basis, and seeing is believing. So I encourage you go to my YouTube channel, look and see what I'm doing yourself, because it doesn't matter what I say. It matters what I do. I try and make new videos every single day. Now, you might not think new videos every day make a big difference. You might think, Oh, if I just do one really good video week. Making videos every day makes a huge difference because you want to give your most enthusiastic viewers, even if that's just one person. Even if that's your cousin who watches all your videos, you want to give something new every single day. Then, just almost by luck, you'll make the perfect video on the perfect day, and that person will share it with someone else. Now, the second part to this is to not get caught up completely in how many views each new video are getting. What I notice is with amateurs with social media. Here's how amateur evaluates things and I've been an amateur a lot. So it takes one to know one. You go and look over the videos and say, Okay, I'll zoom in a little bit sincere. Well, jury of 100,000 YouTube subscribers You just got 218 views on your newest video. That's terrible. And I've had lots of people say This will go back. You only got a few 100 views on some of these videos. This is you're not even doing good. You got fake subscribers. Is not that many people watching you, Do you two videos toe have them out there indefinitely. The majority of the views that come on YouTube videos are not in the first few hours. You'll see. If you just looked at my new videos, you might not see much happening. But if you go over here, what I did, I sorted by most popular if you store by most popular see ah, they have video 2.7 million views of almost 740,635 100,500 you'll see there's tons of use videos with over 100,000 views on them, And these videos often done months ago, some of them done years ago. Most of these done in the last year. But some of these done two years ago or more. These videos continue to be some of my top videos watched. So YouTube. It often takes maybe three months, six months a year for a video to really do good. This one video this is why I didn't use any ads or anything on it to start with. This video went viral on its own, and I don't know what happened. It took a month or a couple of months, and all the sudden you tubed just started giving me views like crazy on it. So what? You gotta have patience with you? To which, when you do videos every day, it's easy to lose patience. You're on a likely you put a video up in two people will watch it. I have a friend, Ethan. He's just started doing you to let me show you his channel. Here. He's got seven subscribers, which is great. Getting those first few subscribers is really hard, so your channel might look more like this. You started out. You make and get a few views and you think? Well, this isn't going very good. Now. You notice Ethan is trying to put out a video. I told him the same thing. Ethan, do a video every day, Man. Do a video every day. So that's what he's doing now. And you'll see he's got eight views. Four views. Now you might have the tendency to get frustrated and say It's never gonna go anywhere like this. Just do the videos every day and trust the process and apply the rest of the tips. I shared your videos, and there's no reason you can't get 100,000 subscribers. If you do what I share with you, you will get what I get. I get. I have what I have because of I do what I do. If you do the same thing I do, you get the same thing I have. It's really that simple. So I've tried in this class to show you some of the very best of what I dio, but that you have to have patience and love enjoying what you're doing, or you won't do the work before it gives you anything back. You might think to just make five views or 10 views or something you might think, Well, that's not even worth my time. Remember, it may take years to get a video you've done out there on YouTube. It may take years for you to start is taking me six years to build 100,000 subscribers on YouTube before even started my business. So YouTube, I think, is one of the most powerful ways to build a business online. But and it's because it provides consistent daily traffic every day. If I'll go show you my analytics every day, thousands of people watch my YouTube videos. Let's go look at the analytics now. You might not notice that it just looking at the new videos. But what you'll see is that every day it looks like there's about if I do the math real quick, that's like 20,000 views every day now. It didn't happen overnight. Here, let me show you. I'll show you the last 365 days. Even over the last 365 days, the views have continued to just trend upwards. So what? YouTube tends to trend upwards, along with a big spike here and there. So then, whenever you do get a big spike, you're likely to think that's new normal. But if you'll notice over the last year, my YouTube views of kind of trended upwards, so it takes a lot of patients, but it also can produce some amazing results. And the farther you get in, the faster things go. So I got 84,000 subscribers in the last year, and if you do the math, that means I had 50,000 before that. So in one year I more than doubled my subscribers, and at this rate, I'm likely to have over 200,000 in another year. I have a friend, Joseph Delgaudio. He is building a YouTube channel, and now he has got a He's been doing this for much longer than Ethan, and he's now up to 3800 subscribers, which is making him lots of sales, giving him the chance to work full time online. So the most important things do those videos every day and have patience. You're not going to get to 100,000 subscribers overnight. You aren't going to just blow everything up immediately. If you love doing videos, you can see I love doing videos that comes first If you love doing the videos first, if you love that than all the technical tips I give you will make a big difference. All the technical things I share with you will make an impact. If you don't love doing the videos of your just trying to do him no means to an end, you're not likely to get through the part of doing the videos where no one watches or were . Hardly anyone watches or where you get a few subscribers and it doesn't make any money. So the idea is to love what you do. I love what I do. I love making these videos. I love having the chance to share all of what I've learned with you. I love knowing that the work I do here may help you to make a business online is I've helped thousands of other people just like you to do. Business is part time and full time online, so I'm grateful to have the chance to share here with the arm. I appreciate you being here, and I think the very best way to learn is see what I do subscribe on YouTube. Would you subscribe? Would you help me reach one more subscriber and just see what I do on my YouTube channel on a daily basis? And that way, the most powerful way to learn is to just see what I do. Try it yourself. 4. The easiest way to get more views and rank videos higher: what is the very easiest and most effective and completely encouraged. A loud way to get lots of views on your videos toe. Help your channel grow YouTube advertising using Google AdWords for video. So using Google AdWords for video is the number. One way to build up your views, to build up your videos to give them a chance to get more traffic. You'll see. Over the last year, I've gotten 587,000 views on my YouTube channel through YouTube ads that reflects an ad spend of five plus $1000 to get views on my channel in. Yet overall, I've spent over $30,000 advertising my YouTube channel, and that has been some of the most effective advertising spend I've ever made. Why? Because when you advertise your YouTube videos, it gives them the chance to get organic traffic from browse features suggested videos, YouTube searching all these other sources. So YouTube advertising is by far the most effective way to build your channel up. And if you just want the peace of mind to know that when you make a new video, someone's going to watch it. YouTube ads are really effective for that. So most of my new videos, if you see that I've made them within a week or so and they've got thousands of uses because I'm advertising them. What I try and do is advertise my new videos and give them a chance to get out of the bottom. So what? YouTube Most videos on YouTube are in what I would call the bottom their views videos with very few views that hardly anyone is watched that have not applied the techniques I give you in the rest of the class, including things like the title, the description, the tags and the metadata or captions. So most off the things most of the videos on YouTube are in the bottom. And just advertising the videos and applying the rest of what I share with you gives you the chance to get your videos out of the bottom. Now, most all the views on YouTube are videos that are not in the bottom. So, in other words, videos that I have well written descriptions titles that air tagged and videos that have people who have watched them see it's a positive reinforcement loop on YouTube. So if you don't get those initial people watch your videos. It's very difficult to get anyone else toe watch them. Would you rather watch a video that has 1000 views or zero views or two views? Would you rather watch a video of the 1000 views or 100,000 views? Would you think of video of the 100,000 views are 1,000,000 views has more proof that it's worth watching. See, most of us are attracted to watch the videos that other people washed, because the implicit assumption is that if one video has more views in another than that's a better video, that's just unconscious assumption most of us make. Most of the videos we watch were attracted to watch videos that are have social proof that have proof other people have washed them before. And that, we think, therefore, is probably a better video watch now. Is this always true? No. There's lots of videos that are terrible that I have all kinds of huge view counts, However, in terms of competition, if you want to stand out, if you want the organic traffic here, which is the holy grail of YouTube, you'll notice I've got way more organic traffic than I've put in got from YouTube ads. But there's nowhere would have got these amounts of organic traffic without all the money I spent on YouTube ads. So if you want to act like you have a big channel, then using YouTube ads will allow you to act like you've got a big channel. And when you act like you've got a big channel, YouTube will give you a lot of organic traffic for free that it gives to the big channels. So for big YouTube channels they get, we get in. What's called browse features, especially browse features, are essentially views that just get handed to you because you have videos that YouTube thinks other people watch. So these suggested videos is similar. This my brows features air when people are looking around YouTube. When people are on their home page in the feed, browse features is something that mostly upper level channels get access to. So if you the way you tube one of the ways it seems to do this, all your videos rank based on all the minutes your entire channels watched. So if you notice, even though I have 587,000 YouTube views. Even though my YouTube views count for 8.7 of the total views from YouTube ads, it's actually 11% of the total watch time for my channel, so that watch time for my channel allows all my videos to rank higher. Now, sure, on an individual per video basis. Ah, channel that's smaller than mine may be able to rank a video higher on one specific term. But when it comes to collectively, the bigger your YouTube channel gets, the easier against to get even more traffic. So it's a snowball effect. So you start the snowball rolling with YouTube ads and what I love about YouTube ads, even though they don't hardly ever work to get someone genuinely interested in watching the video tow, watch the video and take action. YouTube ads tend to lead to mawr organic traffic. Why? Because minutes watched on YouTube are one of the most effective ways to rank a video hire . YouTube ultimately wants people to stay on YouTube. Therefore, the videos that people watch the longest YouTube figures, those air the best videos. So with YouTube ads, you can guarantee to get minutes on your video, especially If you advertise a video right after you release it, you too will give you the benefit of a doubt and put you as high as possible. In YouTube, Search suggested videos and browse features. Now, after the first few days, if people don't like your video as they find it on YouTube search of other places, then you to will drop your ranking down. But still, just having you two bads on your channel is by far the most effective way to build a bigger audience faster now. Do you need them? No, my friend Joseph that I showed you before. Joseph is not ran any YouTube ads that I'm aware of, and he's been able to build a channel up with no ads. If you could do it with no ads, that's great. However, I think ads are one of the biggest opportunities to increase your views really quickly to give you a chance to rank videos really high. Now what, for example, I will go and show you the videos I've advertised in order to get them viral. So let's take a look at that now. Out of my most popular videos, nearly all of them have been advertised first. So this video I actually spent two plus $1000 advertising this video, and this video has helped me to make hundreds of thousands of dollars back because the organic traffic from this video has led to Ton about half a $1,000,000 in course, sales from all the people found it. So I advertised. I spent several $1000 to get hundreds of thousands of views on this video within the first month or two. It then became the top video for hacking a very big, broad, competitive search term. And then from there I had a pitch to buy my hacking course in it and the millions of people that washed it through organic traffic then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying courses. The same thing on this video. Except I just released this video four months ago. This video is doing the same thing. Now this video is the one video I did not spend any money on advertising it until I think I spent a little bit advertising it once. It had 300,000 views. Or so this video I live streamed it 10 months ago. I just did this. I hired a coach. I figured I might as well live stream it. Hardly anyone watched. I had no feedback that it was a good video or anything in out of nowhere. And this is one of the things that happens when you have a big enough channel and I say big enough in the sense that when you have some minutes watched on your channel, when people are watching your videos, YouTube will try and test out as many videos as it can that aren't in the bottom to get. See if those videos air good in this video just really resonated with viewers a lot, and YouTube then featured this all over the place and got hundreds of thousands. Nearly all of the views on this were just given to me by YouTube without having the advertise for it. So I'm very grateful that YouTube did that, because that's one of the only videos I have that I truly just made. And YouTube did all the rest of the work out of 1000 plus videos. This is the one video YouTube just giving me 500 plus 1000 views on with me doing very little so you don't have to run ads, but I'll show you some more. This video I spent hundreds of not thousands advertised this video. Same thing. Now this video I hardly spent. If anything, I hardly spent anything on it. But you'll notice this one has 400,000 views, whereas ones these two with the exact same information in them have over three million combined. So without advertising, this video still got lots of views, but not nearly as many. This video's got lots of views. I advertising this between all these among all these different videos here. I've spent probably 10 to $20,000 advertising. These and these videos. All the organic traffic from these videos and return have made millions of dollars in sales through both direct sales, where someone searches, watches, a video, goes and buys the course, or indirect sales where all the results of the people buying the course before allowed the courses to rank higher to get more organic sales. So this one of the most effective things I've ever found to make sales online, because when you spend money on YouTube ads, you then have a much better chance to get organic traffic. Now If you advertise a video that's not very good, that's really short. You're likely knocking anything. But if you make a really long in depth to Tora video that helps people and advertise it and sell something in it or have some way to make money directly in it, then I think that's a sure thing. Did I? Especially if you sell a video course, it's just a logical up sell. So I've done this over and over again. This is the very best of what's worked for me on YouTube, and I'm grateful you're here to experience this with me. 5. The YouTube title and description are most important for organic traffic: Here's the first tip given to me that I think is the most important out of everything I've learned in attending multiple sessions with the YouTube partner consultants and with having a one on one. The title and description are the most important for organic traffic. These are the things that get you the results, not messing around with tags or having to put the file name in the title and description are the most essential. I'll show you exactly how I'm using those. So what I've done, I searched for hacking for beginners here, and I'll give you an example with my hacking video. So you see, this is my video below the two ads here, The complete free hacking course go from beginner to advanced. So when you search for hacking and as a word, hacking and you search for beginners that has beginner in here and then it also has hacker and hacking skills in there. And then when you go over to look at the video on my channel, what you'll notice is I have a very deep description here. I've got a deep description explaining everything in this video. So then I've got all these time points. I go describe every single thing that's actually in the video as best I can, especially focusing on the technical terms. So there's ethical hacking. There's virtual boxers Kali Lennox. So I take the title and description as my primary opportunity to get organic traffic. And then this video is what has got me the majority off my organic traffic. So if you go over here and look at the analytics on my channel, you'll see that organic traffic comes in three different forms, all going on the traffic sources, and you'll see there's browse features, YouTube search and suggested videos, thes air, three different forms of organic traffic and the title and description are essential for all of these. Now have tested some different thumbnails. The thumbnails are less important than the actual title in description. It's tricky to get a nice title and description just right, so what you do is just do trial and error. Try and do your best to make The description is concise is possible. So you notice on this. This is an older video I did a year and 1/2 ago, and it's got a longer title. The complete free hacking course. Now, on the newer version of this, I've called it start hacking today. This video has 200,000 views in the last two months, and the start hacking today is a very concise set of words in the title. So what I've got I've got two different videos that allow me to split test essentially the same thing. This one's longer with a really concise title, and then the other one is better for getting more search. So out of the two videos, the start hacking today does better in the browse features. The one with the longer title and description does better in search and then suggested videos are fairly similar. So the title and description, or where you want to put your effort the thumbnails to me don't seem to make a huge deal. I don't know, as the thumbnails on the videos I watch make a big difference. The title and description tend to be where I decide to see the video, and if your title and description aren't good, you aren't going to get the video placed in the right spot to begin with so that the primary effort needs to be on making a good title and a deep, thorough description that fully covers everything in the video. When I get calls from clients and do consultations with YouTube channels myself, the main thing I see that's done poorly is the description. If you want your video to rank high and search results, as you can see this video has done here, you want a deep, detailed description in order to do that, because there's different ways that video ranks high, there's the title, and then the description and then YouTube kind of automatically captions, whatever's in it. So the deeper your description, the deeper the chance to rank your video on a bunch of different areas. So, out of everything I've learned, this is the number one take away the title in the description are your most important for organic traffic. The title should be is concise and effective at communicating. What you want to is possible, however, you contest longer titles with multiple keywords with more of a sales pitch to watch the video. As I show with my complete free hacking course with your description, put your time and effort into writing a good description 6. How to write a great YouTube description: thank you for continuing this class with me. What should your descriptions do? I just said that there big emphasis. I asked the YouTube partner team about that, and they said description should read naturally with the most important keywords included in the 1st 2 to 3 sentences and then explained further in context in paragraph form. So I'll show you an example of this than I'm doing on my new videos. So on my new videos over here, what I'm trying to do is apply these tips exactly as they gave them to me. I'll show you the C plus. Plus, this has start C plus plus programming. Today. It's got several 1000 views. And then when I've got here is I've got everything explained in detail and in context. I've got all these different time points and then I've got some links down here in the comments. Now, here's another spot. I'm doing this. So these are my tutorial videos. I'm also trying to do this in my live stream. So on this League of Legends video I'm doing, I'll show you here. So what I've got in the description I've got in the first several sentences I've put the time and effort in the description into writing it out more clearly as to what I'm doing. Then what I do is go down here and I put the entire video in contact. So I say, What is League of Legends? And then I've got a couple of paragraphs here talking about League of Legends and context. So I say, League of Legends or L L For short, it's a video game. 100 million active users Multiplayer online Battle Arena, Mobile, Win a game, game modes. And then I talked about the game modes. I talked about the way to win the game and then I go down here. How long is a game? I talk about surrendering, then the point of putting these two paragraphs these air directly from the YouTube partner Program tips. This is a direct question I asked as far as getting my videos ranked, and the answer I received was to explain it in deeper context. So what I on a lot of my descriptions have done successfully, which is successes. Such a bad word, what I've done to get a lot of people watch my video and to get the videos to rank eyes go into detail on every single thing included in the video. Well, what about in videos where it's all kind of on the same topic? And there's not all those little detail points. So, for example, on this hacking video, it's kind of easy to go break down because it's a video class just like this one. This is pretty easy for me to do this on. I just go explain to each thing I talk about in the class, but on a gaming video and on some of the videos you might do, there really isn't that much to say about it. You're playing the video game, and there's not a need if your videos only five minutes to put in time points for very much of the room. Now, this is a four hour video I did here, so you need time points. But on this one, this is just a live through me playing league of legends. This overall context then helps Google, which Google owns YouTube. It helps you tube understand where this video fits. In the bigger picture, it helps and understand. Oh, that this video is of a multiplayer online battle arena So then, theoretically YouTube correct. Amend this to someone playing a similar type of game, even if they're not looking at League of Legends. So you see on all of these videos on the side, then these air the suggested videos. This is where you get organic traffic on suggested videos. And then there's you tube search. But there's also browse features. So when you go to your home page on YouTube, there's browse features, and then this is a good way to help get in those brows features to put it in context, because someone might be playing a different game. But based on this part of the description, YouTube knows this video might be relevant to that person than playing a different game. So if you put the game in context using or whatever it is, you put it in a bigger context. So, like on a Google AdWords tutorial, I could put Mawr about Google AdWords generally like that, Google AdWords is a form of online advertising where you pay per click to get people to your website, and then when people are talking about different forms of online advertising, you'll see there's this complete Google AdWords tutorial recommended here on the suggested videos on this video, and this video has gotten all over the place because I've taken the time to put in all those keywords. I'll go show you the description on this one, so you'll go down here and see that this you can see how many things there are talked about in here. So there's all these different things I talk about taking the time to really fill out a description is one of the best ways to get your video ranked higher. This video has over 500,000 views and same thing here. There's tons of different time points. There's a deep description, So if you want to do well with your videos, follow these YouTube partner tips first to get that title and description for your organic traffic, and then the description should read naturally. But the most important keywords included right away and then explained further in a larger context and in technical details if possible. These are the two most important takeaways I've got from my work directly with YouTube headquarters, and then I'll show you the rest here 7. Closed captions help with meta data and watch time: Here are some or YouTube partner program tips I hope are useful for you. Here is one that gives you something actionable you can do to improve your watch time and your ranking or s e o Closed Captions encourage longer views and counters Meta data four. Organic traffic What are closed? Captions. When you goto a video, I'll show you. Here's my league of legends One close captions. When you turn these on, then you'll see it. Has the captions come up here in the video? So it's got close caption Now it's really ugly on this one in particular because of how it looks. But the close captions on the video then show the words that are actually being said in the video. These air also called subtitles. Now, you might not think this is a big deal. Read this little tip again. They count as metadata for organic traffic. So what does that mean now you to before your traffic? I said that above. I believe that there's different ways to rank your video and help you to figure out what it is. So the title in the description are most important Now the description helps you get the metadata. But YouTube also automatically attempts to figure out what words Air said. YouTube uses speech to text recognition in every single video to try and detect was being said. If you've got your add mysteriously band on YouTube or you've had problems with your video and you can't figure out exactly why YouTube uses speech to text and these can be won the sneaky ways they can cause problems of their videos. This is how YouTube also ranks videos, along with the title and then the description. Then YouTube attempts to do speech to text, to figure out what's actually said in every video. So even on this video is I'm doing, I'm doing this first. This is on a paid course on skill share, first available there. Then it will be available on my YouTube channel, while after that and then free on skill share. Even on this video, Once it's on YouTube, it will be automatically transcribed. So even if I don't put anything in the title, don't put anything in a description. YouTube will still know what I'm talking about in here because lots of people upload videos with no original title or description This gives you to Boyd a good idea to more accurately place videos in suggested videos here and then search and also in brows features. Since so many people don't make use of this or don't even realize this, you want to enunciate your words as clearly as possible. But the problem is, sometimes you may have an accent sometimes, and my everyone has an accent to some degree for speech to text. When I talk straight into my phone, it very often doesn't understand what I said. It garbles it up into something else, so you tube automatically takes the words out of your video. What you can do, though, is put your own closed captions on that air transcribed correctly. If you're doing things like Internet marketing, online advertising or tutorial videos on technical subjects, as I've got many of. Or if you're doing gaming videos with a bunch of gaming specific terms that aren't likely to be automatically transcribed by YouTube's data correctly, then closed captions can get you those longer views. Now, what I've learned from the YouTube partner team is that YouTube is obsessed with watch time , so the analytics on your channel they most care about are the average view duration and also the audience retention. So if you go up here on the audience retention, YouTube cares a lot. Both about your average view duration, and they care about your the amount of time people average percent watched. So YouTube cares about how much time people are spending on your video. YouTube ultimately wants to keep people on youtube dot com for a much time as possible, so the YouTube ranks videos heavily based on your view. Duration. So if you've got a video that average, watch time of six minutes as you can see mine average view on all my videos of six minutes . I have a lot of long videos if you have an average watch time of six minutes versus a video with average watch time of three minutes very often, the average of six minutes will rank higher, meaning it's easier to rank longer videos higher often. If you've got transcriptions or close captions on your video, then this will encourage global viewers, especially to watch longer, often if English is a second or third language. If there's not close captions, you're probably going to abandon a video earlier If there is the ability to have closed captions, you're likely toe watch longer and longer. You watch the higher the video is going to get ranked, so I'll show you over here on the demographic. So these are the demographics on my channel, and this may not be exactly what I needed here. Let's go over to geography on my channel. You'll see, while the United States is the largest single country with views on my channel, India is second on here, and then you go down to Germany. So, out of all the views, I've added my channel 548,000 in the last 28 days on Lee, 100,000 of these from the U. S. Many of these from countries where English is not a second language. It may even be 1/3 or fourth language there and then some countries, obviously UK in Canada and us, it's very often a first language. But like Germany, it's a second language Netherlands second or third language Sweden and that you go down here. There's lots of countries where English we're subtitles Help out a lot. You'll notice lots of times you'll see in the U. S. My average views. Eight minutes. But if you go to India, my average views only three minutes, and then you go down to some of these countries where English is a second language and you'll see my watch time in many of them is a lot lower, like Bangladesh. Three minutes down here and that's on lots of views. And then you see lots of these countries where English is not the first language. The average view duration is lower. So when you've got subtitles, you can help raise that global duration up. And even in the U. S. My mom really enjoys having subtitles and close captions on movie. She watches because then it's easier for her to understand what's going on. So this is a YouTube partner tip that gives you a clear, actionable thing you can do to get your videos watched longer. Grab those close captions. What I think is the way to do this is you can see I put so many videos up on YouTube. I'll go over here and click my videos. You can see it's not exactly practical for me to just throw close captions on every single video I put so many videos out and so many hours of video that doesn't make sense for me enough to just throw close captions on every single video. What I can do, though, is put the ones that are doing the best. So any of the videos that are getting good organic traffic, like maybe some of these C plus plus programming ones, maybe some of these League of legends ones. What I can do is put subtitles close captions on these videos that are already doing well and then take a shot and having the videos that do the absolute best. If you've noticed out of the 10 million views I've got on my channel, you'll see that the top two videos account for three million of that. The top one accounts for nearly 1/4 of all the views I've got the next two combined account , then for about 30 over 30 over 1/3 of all the views I've got and then you go down here next . These videos then account for another 1,000,000 or so. So the top six videos on my channel are nearly half of all the views I've got on YouTube and if you throw these in there. It's over half. So the very top videos I have out of the thousands of videos I have, these would be relatively easy. And now some of these automatically get close captions on them. So you can see, while this one did not get close captions on it automatically, the League of Legends one got community, contributed close captions on it, and then this AdWords one did not. So these are ones I can get close captions on, and that one of the easiest ways to do that is to work with rev dot com. Now the thing is rev dot com is a dollar a minute. So uh rev dot com charges a dollar minute. I'm bringing it up over here in the background to show you what red dot com looks like, so I'll bring it down here rev dot com. You get your captions done for a dollar a minute, so obviously the problem is for my video. If I want to do this one, let's say how long is this one? This is This is almost a four hour video that's almost 240 minutes that B $240 to capture this video. Now that probably be worth it based on what I've just learned from the YouTube partner team . So what I do is use red dot com, and I just they turned things around really fast. So I may go get some closed captions on some of my best videos to help them get some longer . Watch time now, since I just learned that this helps get longer views and I want my videos to rank as high as possible. So thank you very much for watching this tip. I hope thes partner tips are really helpful for you. 8. Getting verified and making a good first banner impression with viewers: Here's the next tip. Use your banner photo toe. Let people know when you are live or uploading new videos along with your name and artwork , giving people an idea of what to expect on your YouTube channel. Here's mine. Right now all I've done is used my banner to try and get people to go to my website. I've been using this for years, and when I'm going to do is try and switch it to a new banner photo to let people know what to expect on my channel, for example, what days I'm live gaming and something like new tutorial videos every day. This is one of those little things that I think combined with all the other precise, careful, loving actions taken to build a great you tube channel makes it so. Your visitors are well informed as to what kind of relationship to expect with you in terms off. Once you get all this working right, I'll scroll up here when you reach Another question I had specifically when you reach 100,000 subscribers, is when you can get verified. Although I've seen channels getting verified, getting verified is another little way to boost up your YouTube channel in terms of trust and in terms of establishing two potential subscribers and viewers that you are a serious channel, for example, that you upload videos on a regular basis and you are an integral part of the YouTube community. One off the ways you can do that is by going. Once you get around 10 or 20,000 subscribers, you can start attending these YouTube partner events. You can get your own YouTube consultation, and then you can ask them to verify you from their thes air, too little tips that I hope are helpful for you and will go into the biggest mistake that you can make on your YouTube channel next. 9. The biggest mistake I can make on my YouTube channel: What is the stupidest thing you can do on your YouTube channel? From YouTube's point of view, the one thing they absolutely can't stand is putting copyright in music and taking videos from others. They told me because I asked. I told them, Hey, I've got banned from you to me. I've got AdWords account suspended. I've got my Facebook page banned from ads in Facebook, not the current one, the one I was using before. I've had a lot of trouble working online because I always either get things working so well someone gets mad about it, or I downright exploit the terms and conditions. And then I get in trouble. So I asked them, Look, I'm trying to follow the rules. Absolutely as good as possible. I've really care about having a good you tube account. What do I do to make sure I don't get in trouble? And this is what they said. Don't pull copyrighting music on your channel, so don't and it's sneaky. They said lots of times it will play in the back off a video game or something, so you have to watch out for that. But obviously don't do anything intentionally, especially not taking videos from anyone else. Don't go grab someone else's great gaming video footage and try and make a video over and uploaded. Don't go steal other people's thumbnails, which then I'm putting one with my face in a generic symbol makes things pretty safe. I've even seen that some other you tubers of With Way More Subscribers and me have gotten in trouble over thumbnails and even copyright strikes. So copyright is the main potential problem that have on YouTube. And if you just make your own videos, do you pretty much have very little to worry about? If you're copying and grabbing things from other people, then you are running into other problems. That means don't try and make music. Cover music over anyone else. Just make your own music. If you're going to make it, make your own videos footage. Now you can record screen capture videos of things online, even though individuals can get mad about it. You are allowed to use whatever you find online in most places to make educational content or to make funny and interesting content. So copyright is really tough on YouTube. I've made an entire free course about it If you want to find that, just look for a copyright course. By Jerry Banfield on YouTube. I've made a complete course talking about this for an hour. The simple version is don't take other people's stuff and put it on your channel. 10. Avoiding the trap of chasing views and making videos out of love: the YouTube trap of you chasing is one that causes a lot of wasted time and effort, and it can easily make you lose passion for you chant tube channel. Now what do I mean by view chasing, I mean, just trying to make videos to get views. This is one of the most epic traps I've fell into as a YouTube partner, and I noticed the other partners I saw were doing pretty good about not view chasing. So what do I mean by view chasing, I mean, trying to just make viral videos, trying to make videos that get the absolute most people wash that absolutely get the most subscribers. And I will say that I've done a lot of you chasing even these hacking tutorials here. There's been a big element of you chasing me, trying to make money in them, and that's why I have so many subscribers. Many of them aren't interested in my videos per se. They subscribe for these hacking videos. So this league of legends one same thing this video, even though it is nice for the viral views aspect, this is one of the worst things that happened on my YouTube channel. Why? Because I kept trying to repeat it. So this one video I had actually quit playing League of Legends after I made this video had hired a coach. I'd wanted to play with my friends and I just quit playing. I said, You know what? This game stupid. I don't want to waste my time with it anymore. And then this video went viral, and I proceeded to make 50 or 100 more videos. I spent three plus $1000 getting Mawr League of Legends, coaches buying stuff to look fancy in the game. And I spend a ton of time and energy making new videos that then did not live up to this one. I if you just chase views, if you just try and make videos that will get the absolute most views, then it'll be very easy to turn working on YouTube into a job. And a lot of the time I spent making the League of Legends videos felt a lot like a job. Like I'm just doing work like I'm not really doing something today because I just love and enjoy it. I'm doing something to try and get more views and make money off it now. Sure, this video is 600 and 30,000 views. About $2 share this one. Videos made about 1200 or so dollars in ad revenue. Now, sure, that's good. But consider what I just said. I actually wasted all the money and ad revenue trying to make more videos just like it. And you'll see none of these other League of Legends videos I did are in the top here, so you can see there this actually, this one just got to 100,000 views on here, which is awesome. So that that is the 1st 1 that's actually crossed it, and I So, out of all the views I made now you'll see I put in a similar effort to making the League of Legends one that I put into all of these other top videos here. And then The problem is, I don't even enjoy playing League of legends. So I'm not making any more League of Legends videos. So when you go chasing views, you can do a lot of things that will take you often directions that will cause pain, frustration, annoyance, time wasted. So let me show you what I'm doing today. By comparison, I'm making videos today that come from the bottom of my heart. So I'm just trying to share my experiences honestly and completely as possible. I'm trying to share what I'm learning in doing naturally. So, like I shared a review of a book I just read, I made a new book called World History Reloaded. I do a podcast every day I make. Here's one I made. I have a big passion for showing people play video games. How those skills are worth actual money. I've done income reports you'll see, and that most of these videos got a few 100 views to. I think the League of Legends one might have got about 1000 for free, but I've advertised some of these videos to give them a chance to see if they'll go viral a little bit easier. But I just make videos now about the things I'm doing. You'll see I've given up trying to just chase things in chase views. I'm just doing the things I'm doing now. I'm sharing honestly what I'm doing. I'm teaching. I'm sharing my life, and I'm sharing my experience instead of just trying to chase views so you'll see, even if the very top the YouTubers making this huge ever to outdo each other to chase views to just get people to watch. If you've heard the phrase click bait that you use these titles that are way over the top just to try and get someone to watch now, sure, you can get views that way for me. I'm finding I want to do views, videos that are intended to have high impact out of people that watch them. I'm not here to make videos that are just for the purpose of getting attention. I want to really make a difference with my videos. I want to help someone who's having a bad day and maybe an ML. The suicidal depression. Feel better to see a reason to live, to be a better husband, father friend, a brother sibling. I want to make videos that have a high impact, so those don't need to be watched by everyone. Toe have, ah, high impact. There's a few 100 people that watch all my new videos, and I'm very grateful for that and that's enough. That's enough now, sure, with you two bads all. I do the work to try and get the videos out of the bottom. So sure, even having a few 100 videos, they're pushing up all the bottom. But if I push it toe like 10,000 views, then I've got the best chance to see to ah, get it up on par with other ones. And then if it's really got it, it can take off on its own. So, sure, I use YouTube ads to boost my channel. I use YouTube ads to show things that I'm doing. So when you combine this strategy for YouTube ads, then you can get other people to watch your videos that you really care about. Now, if you're just using your videos to as a means to an end, doesn't it seem like a waste toe? Advertise something that you don't want to do any more. I've seen so many people. They make things and advertise them, and they don't want to do it. I have a friend, he works online, and he's done a lot of times. He's made products and services and advertise them, and he didn't even enjoy actually doing them or creating them or any part of the process. He just was hoping to make money. So now it's awesome. When I advertised my videos, I love doing these, and then when people wash them, they can expect more of the same. See, if you're always trying to chase views and you actually get them, then you need to keep doing mawr. So in some ways, this League of Legends video that went viral on its owns one of the worst things that happened to me, it diverted me off in a direction that if I'd stuck to teaching, if I'd stuck to just doing more videos like this, I would likely have made a bigger difference. I would likely have made more money. I would likely have not spent so much of my free time playing league of legends instead of hanging out with my family. So these air big level things you can do, and this is one of those real subtle things it's best to start with from the beginning. Just do the work you love to do and discover that one of the best parts about getting started is that no one's going to watch anyway. You might as well I mean relatively, you. You could make essentially videos for your friends and family, but in your mind especially, no one's gonna watch your videos anyway. Just make whatever you really love. Make stuff you love to talk about that you're passionate about. Like you can say, I'm so passionate about this. I want you to have an easier time building your YouTube channel than I've had building mine . I've made almost every mistake my YouTube channel. I've noticed the other partners in the program doing a good job, but not just chasing views but making stuff they honestly love. Musicians just making their music, artists just sharing their art, people that play video games, just sharing the games they play, not trying toe hype, everything up and go after other views, but just sharing what they do. And that's what I do today. This is my life. These are the videos I make. I talk about what I'm doing. I share what I'm creating, and I trust that I hope it will make the highest impact possible that way. So thank you so much for watching this. I hope this is helpful for you in avoiding the YouTube trap off. Always going after views instead of making videos that come from the heart 11. Where to get email support for YouTube channels and more final thoughts: to finish this off. I will go through some of these points quickly and allow you to finish up this training here with me first. How do you get help from YouTube directly? If you have at least 15,000 minutes, watch time hours in the last 90 days, you're eligible email support directly. So on my channel, it's under the help and feedback tab. And when I click on help and feedback, then I've got the option to send an email directly here to YouTube, and then they will get back to me from there that's available based on my watch time. Now, how did I get a custom consultation with the one on one Google hang out. You have to be invited to these. As far as I can see, I started getting invitations around 50,000 subscribers, and then I recently at about 90,000 just accepted it and took my video call with them. You'll get it to your YouTube email, so watch out for if you've got a 10 plus 1000 subscribers. Watch for an email from the YouTube partner team. It looked sketchy to me. At first. I ignored the first several of them And then I checked everything on the email knows actually legit. Don't sign up. At least this is my opinion. You don't need to sign up with any third party networks to promote your videos. As far as I can see, the sea PM's I get on my ads are much higher than any of those other networks offer. What they try and do is grab as many creators as they can at the bottom level, who aren't making anything on ads and don't understand how to interpret the results off their ads. And then if any of those channels air successful, they just make money without hardly doing anything. And most cases, as far as I can see, that may not be correct in every single case. I am not a member of any third party network. I'm work directly with YouTube, and I encourage you to do the same. Although I trust your judgment, if you have a particular opportunity, that's different. Here's another tip that I got from the consultation. Avoid changing the descriptions once the video is done, because you could lower traffic as well as raise it now. Obviously, when I got banned from you to me. I needed to switch my links from you to me dot com to jerry banfield dot com. So if you have to switch your website up, then that makes sense and try and set things up with their own website with your own name, preferably the rest of the video, though once you've got a really good description written, as I've suggested on how to do earlier in this video, try and leave it there and instead of messing around with the description that the tags do a good job on it to start with and focus your energy on doing new videos consistently, I've got into this trap a lot of trying to fool around with my descriptions after the fact . And now I've learned just make the video, do the description right from the first time, and focus all my energy on doing new video descriptions right? The reason is, if you go change the description, you can actually lower your videos ranking in search. If you go change the tags, you can actually lower it. I did this on a bunch of my videos. One time I tried this new strategy. I saw someone else doing, and it lowered my suggested videos by about 50%. It killed my suggested videos. I was using other people's tags. I was pointing tags in that weren't in other channels. I updated my description and it was horrible. What I do now works and it works really well, and it matches with the advice given by YouTube. Here's a few more quick things in YouTube. They give you cards and annotations. Use both of them. Use the annotations, especially on your most popular videos. To get subscriptions. Ask people to subscribe and then send people to your website. If you're selling something like a course, a consultation used the annotations to communicate. This is one thing you can change after the fact. Beware that using annotations and cards poorly can cost you a lot of wash time in rank. Your video lower. I threw an annotation up by my League of Legends video that appeared to kill my watch time and then that kills my ability to get additional minutes watch. So be careful. Avoid doing too much in the way of annoying annotations at the very beginning of the video , unless you're using it to sell of course and make money, then. Hey, I do that on most of my long course tutorial videos. I figure I'm giving you a four hour tutorial for free. I'm gonna ask you right away if you'd prefer to pay for it and go for it there. If it's something like gaming, people have really low tolerance for annotations like that. So customized based on what you're doing. Big difference between cards and annotations cards work on mobile devices. Annotations do not a significant percentage of your total watch time, maybe mobile. So prioritize putting cards in before you put annotations and a couple more tips down here , make the introduction video on your channel, a explanation of the kinds of videos you do and ask for subscription. I've done this really well on different videos on my channel. I've done it poorly when you go to make the intro video on your channel. You've got option over here, too. On new visitors, you click at it and then you can change trailer. Right now, I've put my patri on video up here and I'm going to make a new video. I recommend consistently make new intro videos on your channel so that people are up to date with what you're doing. You see, I just made this 16 days ago, and I'm asking new visitors. Then essentially go over to patron and then I give them or things I'm doing when you click . Read more here. So I've got my story here, and I've got my pitch for patron. So keep that intro video introduced, people your channel. If you have something like patron of courses, you can promote them there. That intro video is one of the more important videos on your channels. And if you make a new video consistently for your intro So I'm a consistent new intro videos than those go out to all my subscribers also. So this is my intro video now, and it went out to my subscriber, so I not only have this to introduce people my channel, but I also then get to keep in touch with the people. Have already watched my videos. You definitely want to ask for a description and most off the intro videos for a subscription and ask them than to watch live with you or tell them what to expect when you combine a good intro video with a good banner, you can expect people will get started on your channel if you want to do a great trailer for your channel. One of the ones I've had that's worked really well for me. I've got one that just goes through. It's a really quick one, and it just ask people to subscribe to my YouTube channel. So something like this is really simple, and it helps make sure if someone's came into my channel that they go through and reach the subscribers. Now, another way, you can do one of these trailers you can go through. I've got one here. It explains when I'm live on YouTube, but I don't want to use that now because it already is out of date. I need to update my new strategies I'm doing on YouTube so these kinds of things keep changing, so you want to keep your intro video current with their channel. I've made that mistake a lot of not doing that, and that's why I've got a new or video up there. Horizontal tiles. This is one individual tip. The person I spoke with at least said these horizontal tiles are nicer than using some of the other layout. So now I use these horizontal tiles. You can add these down here. You can add your various towels. You can change them up. So the horizontal rows, what I select, I select single playlist or various other things. So this is a good way to organize your channel. Then the final two or three tips here that were suggested ask for a fixed amount of likes the beginning of every video. Now the same person who told me to do this also said that YouTube doesn't care about likes that much. It does encourage people to actually interact with your video on a lot of my videos. I don't take the time to ask for lights. I'm trying that to get started now and some of my videos to see how the videos perform, another thing you can do, and I'm going to try that actually, right now at the end of this video is to feature comments from recent videos at the end of each video. This encourages people who are really enthusiastic to comment and then hope their comments get recognized. If you get so many comments is hard to respond to them. Then you can do this to show people you're reading them. Another thing you can do is make a song asking for a subscription. So these are a lot of ideas that I hope are useful for you. Based on what I learned, having a one on one consultation with the YouTube partners, I'll show you in this last video what I've done to put these things into practice today on my channel. 12. Project for YouTube Partner Program Secrets: thank you very much for finishing this class on skill share or when this is on YouTube for finishing this video on YouTube. Would you please tell me what you've done as a result of watching this class? If it's on skill, showed you please share a screenshot of what you've done in the class project to show what you learned both for my benefit to see what you've done and for other students who have seen how you've applied this, which then would be able to help them. Also, I'm going to lead by example and show you what I've done is a rolled salt of teaching this today I saw the complete hypocrisy of reading my YouTube partner consultation notes with you about the close captioning, seeing that they provide a higher watch time and I'm being obsessed with watch time in order to get the most views on my channel to get the most subscribers etcetera, I saw Oh my gosh. I'm telling them to get close captions in here. I don't have close captions on some of my best video, so I literally today dropped $500 between making the videos for this course. I put five of my videos in here. Five of my top videos that are all narrated by me that don't have subtitles yet. And I spent $509 on red dot com today to get close captions on these videos. I went over, I went and found my watch time. So I went over to my videos here. I went over to my analytics and I looked and went by Watch time over here. And then I found What are my top five videos now? These are both hacking their narrated by Erman these air really long to And this is a gaming one. So I went down here. Okay, this one's narrated by me. It's an hour long. Get that one. Get the AdWords tutorial over here. And then I grabbed this new AdWords tutorial over here and then another AdWords tutorial here. So I if you see over here, I bought thes five videos. I'm red dot com to get subtitles and captions For now, I've already got one of these. Live is already up there red dot com is an awesome process. They literally stick the close captions on the video for them and I think I can set it up to automatically close captured my new videos. When I get my patri on high enough to do that, I will set it up to automatically caption if possible, or to pull the new videos and have me approve it. I will set it up to get close captions on all my new videos because I've had tons of requests for that. So that's the main thing teaching this today motivated me to do is to go through and start getting close captions, spend the money, get the close captions on my videos to give the viewers a better experience to give the hundreds of thousands of people watching these with English as a second or third language, a higher quality experience. So I will also apply that next tip. I showed you about reading the YouTube comments and end of the video. These air comments I've gotten in the last 12 hours straight from my youtube dot com slash comments. Let's look at this. This was one of my favorite ones, you and I'll read it verbatim. You're coaching is stupid. $40 to play with a shitter. Silver What? Even your stupid online program Stuff is a worthless scam. What are you doing? Not everything you do as to somehow make you money. And I said I looked at it and saw this was the edited version. And I said, This is the edited version Nice. And you can see the reply here. Yeah, I made a spelling mistake. Fixed it. I'm exposed. So I thought that was funny that but this is the edited version of the original comment. And then here some of the other comments I answered on here. My friend Albert also helps me answer some of these. So I I I try and read through some of the comments as best I can, and I try and take the good with the bad. The comments helped me see that I'm not great. And I'm not the worst either. Between the comments where people love when I'm doing, like Uptown Wizard here, keep up the good work. And then so many of the haters that then say things that are, well, haters, you can see the comments here for yourself. Thank you, Ryan, On this one saying great video. I love you. Do. But for love of God, stop screaming so many comments every single day. So this is another one I'm trying to practice. Show the comments at the end of the videos. Here's a couple one. Your videos are so boring. You are so bad and so annoying. Toe watch What the hell you buying a coach for if you ain't doing shit? And then here's 1 30 hours for thousands of dollars W T f f and mawr of the comments down here, so I'm grateful for so many of these comments on my channel. Even the bad comments, you might think help the videos rank higher. So it's nice to see that some people love the videos. And here's one on the podcast. So Alex Post a nice comment here on my podcast. It's nice, and here's a good feedback. Could be much better if you said what your channels about why to sub so good. I will do that. Here's another one. Very inform. Honest delivery Seems like a great guy. Best of luck. Nice. Keep up the good work here, so I try and do my best to stay up on the comments and get help reading and responding to these comments. Also So I've tried to practice a couple of these as I've actually taught the course because the point of teaching this is also to help me continue, learn and grow alongside you. I'm on of you Spent so much time with me here today. And I hope you've enjoyed this class made available first for premium users on skill share and then available for free later on skill share and YouTube.