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YouTube Marketing: Video Marketing Made Easy

Samuel Russell, SEO & Video Marketing Expert

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10 Videos (29m)
    • 1 Introduction to Video Marketing

    • 2 Video Hosting and Screen Recording Services

    • 3 Recommended Types of Videos

    • 4 Introduction to Youtube

    • 5 Blueprint of an Youtube Channel

    • 6 Ranking Your Videos

    • 7 Use of Annotations AND Lead Cards

    • 8 Ninja Tools for Ranking

    • 9 Free Thumbnail Creating Tool

    • PPT 10 Youtube Analytics


About This Class

Would you like to get your message out to millions of people? What if you could do that with no marketing or advertising dollars? What if you could solve problems, answer questions and offer value to others? What if you could do what you love and get paid for it? How would that feel?

This training course consists of 10 video lessons, showing you examples of how to use video marketing in your business to increase profits. I will share my video marketing experiences, strategies and tactics with you. This is a beginner level course.

This course starts as if you know nothing about video marketing, but also covers several topics that many experienced video marketers overlook.





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Samuel Russell

SEO & Video Marketing Expert

I have been running my own design and marketing business for over 10 years. Prior to starting my own business I worked for several UK advertising agencies and worked 'client-side' for a while as a marketing manager.

During that time I have worked with and advised hundreds of people in many different sectors. I have worked as business mentor; I am also a distance learning tutor for the Cambridge Marketing College and a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

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