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YouTube Keywords Bootcamp Learn about YouTube Video SEO

teacher avatar Laurence Svekis, Best Selling Course Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. 1 importantce of keywords

    • 2. 3 What are Keywords

    • 3. 4 How to use Keywords

    • 4. 5 What is the differenece between LongTail Keywords and regular keywords

    • 5. 6 Not just any keywords picking the right keywords

    • 6. 7 Value of Youtube Keywords

    • 7. 8 Keywords Brainstorming

    • 8. 9 Audience Online Personas

    • 9. 10 Check your Analytics for ideas

    • 10. 11 Google YouTube Insta Search

    • 11. 12 Power of YouTube Search

    • 12. 13 Video Ideas with Google Search Related videos

    • 13. 14 Six Amazing Resources that provide keyword strategy ideas

    • 14. 15 Source to the best Keywords from your Competition

    • 15. 16 How to get Keywords from Free Tools

    • 16. 17 Top websites Keyword Finder

    • 17. 18 Keyword Planning FREE tool

    • 18. 19 Free Tools for finding trends in Keywords

    • 19. 20 How to use keywords Use them effectively

    • 20. 21 Keywords for Video Planning and Strategy

    • 21. 22 Free tools for keywords and Trend research

    • 22. 23 BEST FREE TOOL for keyword research

    • 23. 24 Free tool for keyword rearch list building

    • 24. 25 Keyword Tools from Discoveryvip

    • 25. 26 Conclusion more to come about YouTube Marketing

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About This Class

Learn where to get Keywords, become a Keyword Ninja.  Keywords are the foundation to build a successful SEO strategy on!

Youtube Secrets Revealed!!! Supercharge your YouTube experience!

Bootcamp to better YouTube Results!!!

Keywords are more important than ever before, in SEO and in YouTube Marketing.

Keywords are something many marketers struggle with, the importance of having good keywords makes a MASSIVE difference.

YouTube Creators often do not optimize their videos, this holds them back and they are often left wondering why videos are not showing up in high within search results. Search Engine Optimize (SEO) is important in all stages from video planning, video production to video metadata copy. YouTube as with Google is a search Engine! You have to do SEO for your YouTube videos as you would for a website. If you want to get found in organic results then you need to optimize. Keywords are the foundation for SEO. This is why keywords are ever so important.

Creating videos is hard work, but sometimes an even tougher job is the marketing of that content. If you create great videos and there nobody sees them..... :(

This course is designed for anyone who wants to accelerate their marketing strategy to a new level.

In this course you will learn everything about Keywords. Become more confident and efficient in your Keyword Research.

Google is making it harder to get those elusive keywords!!! We list out some great ways to find keywords.

We also discuss the benefits of having a proper KEYWORD Strategy

We help internet marketers and video content producers with smart effective ways to become more successful.

Meet Your Teacher

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Laurence Svekis

Best Selling Course Instructor


Web Design and Web Development Course Author - Teaching over 1,000,000 students Globally both in person and online.    Google Developer Expert since 2020 GDE

I'm here to help you learn, achieve your dreams, come join me on this amazing adventure today
Google Developers Expert - GSuite

Providing Web development courses and digital marketing strategy courses since 2002.

Innovative technology expert with a wide range of real world experience. Providing Smart digital solutions online for both small and enterprise level businesses.

"I have a passion for anything digital technology related, enjoy programming and the challenge of developing successful digital experiences. As an experienced developer, I create... See full profile

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1. 1 importantce of keywords: welcome to our information video about keywords. We're gonna be defining keywords. What they are also learn everything about keywords. Within this course, learn how to find the best keywords. Learn how to use those keywords, effectively learn everything about the use of keywords within your marketing strategy. We're going to talk about primary keywords and what they are and the benefits of long tail keywords. We will be discussing the best tools to find keywords. We have a full list of free resources at the end of this course that you can use. Keywords are the number one thing that marketers often struggle with. Having a good keywords strategy could bring out results within content. Search YouTube and keywords is essential in gaining traffic and improving your ranking. Key words are important in all stages of video ranking, including your video content, creation, metadata and almost every single aspect of your video. YouTube is the second largest search engine. Next to Google, you have to you have to consider keywords in order to rank. If you want to be found within search, think keywords. You need to optimize those keywords to effectively show up within search results. Keywords are the foundation for 2. 3 What are Keywords: this video will be talking about what keywords are. So keyword. Research is one of the most valuable and high rate of return activities in YouTube marketing. That's what makes keywords so very important. And key words essentially are just the words and phrases that Internet users type in into search engines like Google to find websites that match what they're looking for. So keywords are important because search results matter. You will find that a large percentage of your traffic comes from search, and this is why it's important to get the right keywords in order to optimize that search. Traffic that's coming in search is the number one driver of traffic to your videos. Over 90% of YouTube users use search. Billions of searches are done each month on YouTube. Ranking in searches is huge. There's a huge difference in ranking between those results that come up on the first page, and those were come up afterwards. Quite literally. If you come up on the second or third page, it doesn't even matter if you come up on the 2nd 3rd 4th 10th or 100 page. The first page results are what matter there are some key words that get hundreds of thousands of searches done daily, and depending on what the word is, it could be either highly competitive or not so competitive at all. Why keyword research is so essential in getting those right keywords placed within your videos in order to rank higher and better within search results. These are the terms that users are using to get and find content online. And these are the terms that they're going to find your content online by using so key Words are important. And we're gonna take you through all the strategies, techniques and ways to get keywords, to research keywords and to find the absolute best keywords for your videos in order to fully optimize thumb. Having the right keywords is a difference in traffic for your videos, so spending time toe optimize them properly. To research them properly is well worth the effort 3. 4 How to use Keywords: after understanding what keywords are and the importance of keywords. The next step is to figure out how to use your keywords effectively so you can use your keywords within your video script in order to optimize for those terms. And, yes, Google does do or YouTube does do ah, voice to text feature within their videos, and they are able to to detect your keywords within your videos. So that's why video scripting and using your keywords within video scripting as important. Also, within video optimization in the metadata, typing in the right keywords with entitles, descriptions and tags also affect your rankings and how your video was found within search . We're gonna also look at trending keywords and trending topics. So, using keywords and trending topics, you confined additional videos that you need to create. So if you were creating video, it's about keywords. Just by going in tow, AdWords keyword planner tool and typing in keywords. To get ideas, you can see the number of searches being done. So this is on Google itself, which is slightly it is relevant as well to YouTube because they do share some of the same data and you got to remember us well, that your YouTube videos air going to be showing up within Google. A swell so search is done within Google are affecting how many times your video does get viewed. If it does rank for those keywords, so one typing in keywords, you can look at this and say You can make videos about keyword generators. You can make keywords about odd words, videos about AdWords videos, but search optimization and you can get a whole bunch of tips here about the different types of videos that you can create just in regards to the using the one keyword keywords more on this leader in an upcoming video as well. So what does help you source out new ideas when it comes to using keywords when it comes to keywords, Relevance is important relevance to the video to the content and in order to get the best results for search the keywords and keyword phrases half to be relevant to the content of the video. This is important because relevance of the keywords is essential in producing proper keyword strategies. 4. 5 What is the differenece between LongTail Keywords and regular keywords: So when you're doing keyword research, you've probably heard of long tail keywords, primary keyword, secondary keywords and also different variations of those terms. So, essentially, what long tail keywords are there longer and more specific keyword phrases that users and visitors use and are more and are less likely to type in but more likely to be relevant to the content that you have so generally there keyword combination of 3 to 6 words or mawr and are specific and relevant to the video content. When I type in cooking within the keyword planner, I can see here that I do have quite a few primary keywords. So primary key words are words where there's just the one main word. So cooking would be a primary key word as well as sometimes cooking as and if it is considered within one word that can also still be primary. So none of these are really primary. If you go into ah, 2 to 3 words generally, their secondary eso cooking tips and all of these would be secondary. If you're typing in something like real estate, that's gonna be two words. But that's also going to be a primary term eso. That's the difference between the primary and secondary. So sometimes primary is one or two words. Sometimes they're just a single word, so sometimes combo. Sometimes it's a single, and this is also gonna vary about the amount of search, volume and competition. Eso if a particular phrase like real estate is going to get a whole bunch of searches for those particular primary keywords. So real estate eyes considered one primary key word and you can see the different volumes of searches. So this is, Ah, searches within Google, but it is relevant to YouTube as well. Eso When you look down here, most of these are secondary type keywords, and generally those air 2 to 3 word phrases. And then the longer tail are ones that are four plus word phrases, and they're usually a lot more specific, so they'll throw in a specific location. Colorado Springs Real Estate And it would actually be a little bit more specific like this . So you go Colorado Springs real estate homes or something else to add Ah, third type of descriptor to that keyword phrase. So as you can see here, this is just to keyword descriptors. That's the location. And that's the key word. Eso. Even though it is four words, it's still considered a secondary type keyword. Here's some Google graphics about long tail keyword charts, and this is why they're called long tail. Because, as you can see here, the number of search activity for that particular search word. The short of the the phrases primary words are gonna have a whole bunch of search activity for those words because they're gonna be a lot more commonplace. They're going to be used in combination and different types of combinations. She go down the tail, you see the secondary type words. So these air gonna have a little bit less search activity cause they're gonna be getting a little bit more specific. But they're still gonna have more search activity than the long tail keywords. So this is the dragon's tail. The long tail keyword where it just drops off continues to flow down the number of searches . So you might be getting a lot less searches, but they're going to be a lot more specific searches and these air definitely better to be looking at when you're searching for YouTube because this will. This is something you could base entire video off of something that's really specific, but it's still getting traffic and has a whole lot less competition than the primary keywords do in the upper set section here. So when you go down the tail, it's less competitive. When you go up, it's more competitive. And competitive is what you're looking at in considering when you're trying to rank within search engines because they only do have those top slots, those top 10 slots within search. And if there's a whole bunch of competition for those top slots than it's a lot harder to get your videos ranked within those sluts, you can see here within the keyword planner that even though some of them do have more monthly searches, you can see the competition rating that's being placed on them. So high is something that you've got to really consider whether you want to place keywords and compete against higher competition word and you can see here when I go back to YouTube and type in real estate that I've got the original keyword is there. So if I was actually trying to rank for a video that was real estate investing in Canada. I would have a lot harder time getting my video noticed and a lot less chance of somebody watching through if they're looking for real estate photography and my video comes up and it's based on investing in Canada, so you can see that as well. When you do do a search within YouTube and you can see that if I had created a video that was ranking for investment in Canada, I wouldn't be able to show up as high in the search rankings because there's a whole bunch of competition for real estate was to type in real estate investing in Canada, and this is what my video was about. You can see here that you have more of a chance of getting into the higher rankings of the search results, and this is definitely where you want to be when you are trying to rank and optimize your videos and where they're going to show up 5. 6 Not just any keywords picking the right keywords: so initially, when you do do a search for a keyword phrase and you come up with a whole bunch of results , you will be tempted to kind of look at this and say, Wow, the monthly searches air very high in this, and this is the one I'm gonna try to rank for. And that's a mistake, because you should go down and you should look at different ones that might have, ah, lower monthly search rate but have lower competition so you could go for something like Easy and that has less competition. And if you do have these this keyword phrase that you're optimizing for, you have more of a chance of showing up higher with in search rankings and in fact, actually gaining even more traffic, even though that the search volume is less, you'd be able to gain more traffic from just the amount of targeting of those keywords. So the whole idea is when you're looking for keywords to think about what's actually going to get you that traffic. So when you go for the primary ones, you might not necessarily get the traffic cause you're not gonna show up on the search rankings or not easily gonna show up on search rankings, and you won't be able to get that traffic anyway, So the amount of searches that are being done for that term actually become a relevant. But when you there's lower competition for that term, getting a piece of the 10,000 or so searches for a lower talk term, as opposed to the 100,000 for a higher competition term is going to be a lot easier to rank , and you actually going to find you're getting a lot more traffic out of it. So another thing to remember us well is to make sure that your YouTube video is buying with the content that you're you're trying to rank for. So you've got to make sure that you are actually ranking with what you're doing on YouTube . Not advisable to try to trick YouTube because it's advanced enough to know that your video content isn't just about the words that you're placing in here. There's additional and markers that they use to rank the videos in addition to the wording that you're putting in. So you must make your video about that particular content that you're trying to rank for If you're not ranking for that content than you also risk having your audience and viewers coming in. And if your key words don't match up with what your video content is, there's a higher chance that they're actually going to click off of your video and go and watch something else. And this will in fact hurt your watch time and hurt your rankings in the long run. So keywords stick to what's within the video and stick toe with what content you are producing to make sure that everything is in line with the key words that you're using in your strategy. 6. 7 Value of Youtube Keywords: one other thing to consider when you're determining your keywords strategy and determining what types of videos to make and what content to put in your videos is if you have your videos monetized and you do want to get a decent return, you might want to look at the suggested bid as well within the keyword planner, the AdWords keyword planner, because this will give you a strong indication of the value of the keyword eso. If you're going to create a video, you can see that creating Star Wars video games will probably be a lot more lucrative than creating Marvel video games just because you're gonna be getting quite a bit more money because users are bidding up more money for those keywords. Ah, and that, in turn, will give you more money when you do monetize your videos. So this is just a small footnote. You shouldn't really base your entire video games, your tire video strategy on it. You should also look at content and producing quality content for your audience in order to grow your channel in the long term. Ah, but this is something to keep in mind if possible. Toe. Look at that, and if you are trying to make a decision, that can also help you determine what is the best course of content to create. 7. 8 Keywords Brainstorming: when you're trying to come up with concepts for your YouTube videos, a good idea to start in a good place to start is doing some brainstorming. So coming up with some ideas and then connecting those ideas to additional topics and similar type words, Always good practice to create a starter list of words that are you can commonly used to describe your video. So any words that are really relevant to your video and that match common habits that users might place within search for that video. Often times what you can do is you can actually connect ideas that you have. So let's say you have one word. You can connect it to another word to grow your base of different basic ideas that you have for your keyword. Brainstorming. Also, some questions that you could ask yourself, and these questions would definitely help you come up with your base of keywords. So just ask yourself when you're thinking of your video. What would you take to find that video s so you can also look at additional videos and think of what you're typing to find those videos on? That's a good way to kind of start out and create those brainstorming base keyword. It's always remember it's always important to remember to write all of this stuff down. Another question that you can ask yourself is what words would summarize your video. So not only, ah, what you'd be finding your video. So if you had to say a sentence or a bunch a set of words that I would summarize the content of your video, what would they be? And then, once you've got ah, few words down already, you can think of what words are similar so you can go to something. The sources and just look at additional words that match with wouldn't with the wording that you already do have. And if you were to be asked, what would you create? What's one sentence that would best describe your video? That could be a more longer term keyword phrase that you could use within your brain storming, and this is probably it. So maybe if you could come up with 5 to 10 base words and maybe one phrase to kind of get started with the brainstorming, this will give you a good enough base to use all the different tools and resources were going over with later and order to create your awesome keyword lists that I'm gonna be able to rank your video is even higher. 8. 9 Audience Online Personas: So after doing some brainstorming, if you're still having trouble coming up with some proper keywords for your upcoming videos , you can think of your audience. So if you've already created some videos and you do understand who you're targeting and who your audience is, you can come up with some keywords in that way as well. Eso understanding your audience helps you create keywords. I think of the gender, the age if they have any common hobbies or interests, goals that they may want to achieve, and then you can also think about where they might hang out online and what their overall general interests are. And by doing this, you're able to create kind of a persona of the different types of viewers that might be coming in to your video, and you could cater it a little bit better to the wards. Then, as well as you confined keyword ideas. You know your audience. You can search for forums and related websites that might attract them and then think about what wording those sites are using to target that audience as well. And there's another great source for keywords and getting started with keywords. We've got also a number of tools that will help you determine that eso once you do have the website, there's a whole bunch of free tools online where you could type in the website You Earl, and you could get a whole bunch of keyword lists that way. It's also important to remember while you're doing this research on your audience, to keep track of all those different websites that you're checking out that are related to your audience because they could come in useful down the line. When you are doing some more marketing towards that audience, there's a website called board reader dot com. That's a fairly useful tool in order to find out a little bit more about different communities and then finding sites that are related to those communities. When you type in a phrase or a keyword, ah, you're able to see a whole bunch of more ideas and websites that are based around those ideas and from those websites you can check out. You can also see different trends for that particular keyword eso by day, week and month as well as you can see the real rate related sites to that word, and then you could go to any one of these sites and check out what keywords they have available and they're using to target that audience. So that's a great way to kind of grow your keyword list by determining who your audience is , as well as targeting that audience a little bit better with their interests and hobbies. Eso in thinking keywords think about interests and hobbies as well in order to track those those viewers and not audience to your video. 9. 10 Check your Analytics for ideas: So you can also use your YouTube analytics to get additional keywords for the key word batter Gee of new and up and coming videos s so you can take a look at the videos that you have go under analytics, overview traffic sources. Now, I'm not gonna have a lot of data in this particular YouTube channel. I just set this one up to create some videos on eso. But either way, it's the same idea where you could go down to analytics traffic sources and you could go to YouTube search. And from the YouTube search, this is going to give you a listing, a key words that are being used to find your video or your videos. And from here, you could break it down to content per video. So if you want to look at one particular video and the key words that are being used or your overall channel the key words that are being used s so that would be removing out that video and then you get the full channel keywords that are being used to find your current videos, and this sometimes gives you a good idea of the different keywords and what audiences air actually searching for, and this also helps you build mawr towards your channel. Build a more targeted channel overall, gives you keyword ideas by looking at your Channel analytics, and it gives you ideas of what are the trends and what your audience is actually searching for and what they're reaching your channel for. And the more you optimize towards thes keywords, the better your channel gets optimized for overall authority on those topics. Eso The more videos you create towards a particular topic, the more of an authority your channel does become, and the more chance you do have of ranking better. So that's how you use the YouTube analytics. Ah, and traffic sources in Under traffic sources, you just check off the YouTube search. And under YouTube search, you'll get a listing of all your different keywords that users are using to find your channel and your videos on your channel. 10. 11 Google YouTube Insta Search: this video will be talking about that YouTube instant search, the auto complete eso. If you've done some searching on YouTube, you notice that when you start typing, you get a whole bunch of terms here. I believe you get 10 different suggested terms auto complete terms that you can simply click and do the search on, or you could continue to type and be a little bit more specific with your keywords. So if you use that original keyword base of key words that you do have that you created earlier in this course, you can easily type them in within. Search here and you can see that I'm getting a whole bunch of suggestions here for top 10. So if I was doing top 10 videos on YouTube, I could do top. Ted means top 10 Minecraft songs. Top 10 Media Top 10 movies Top 10 Music Top 10 Most Hated Songs. Eso this one here. This is a really good ah, long tail keywords that you can totally base a video upon. A swell as a few of these other ones here, and all of these could be great ideas for creating new videos as well as you do see that they are being searched for cause YouTube is suggesting them as search terms. Eso these. This is a great way to start to get going on your keyword research. And if you take that freeze and you search it and then you start typing again, you're going to get additional keywords suggestions within their instant eso you could go down and you could scroll down. You could suggest you could select any one of these and get even Mawr suggested keywords and get even more targeted. Four key words that are up and coming. Eso once again make sure that you do have something handy, like note pad or somewhere where you could easily copy and paste and build up the's great keyword lists that you can lose later on within your video production. It's also a good way to create ah, bunch of strategy and planning ahead to create videos. Eso If I was creating videos, I could create several videos out of just this one set of key words that I've been looking at. I can also take something like hated songs, and I could go and get additional keywords from that as well So it's a whole bunch of options here, just within the YouTube search itself. And the good thing about all of these terms, these are actual terms that users are using to search out content on YouTube s. Oh, this is a really good way to get some really good terms quickly. Ah, and easily through YouTube search. 11. 12 Power of YouTube Search: one additional quick note about using the YouTube auto complete for keyword research is that you're also able to do a little bit of research about how those particular terms show up within search, and you're able to see all the different videos that are showing up under that keyword phrase, and you can take quickly. Look at and see that the Durie, how long that they've been on YouTube and you can see the number of use that they've got. Eso Some of these obviously are gonna be very well known channels. But then there's also some down here that might not be as well known. And if you hover over, you can see a little bit more about the channel information s Oh, this one here has only 56 subscribers. It's got 53 videos, but it is six years ago, so it's got 26,000 views. Ah, you can go down here is well and you can see this one's 10 months ago. It's only got 480 subscribers, and it's got 15,000 views. So top 10 most hated songs eso some of these are definitely attainable rankings for YouTube . You can see also here. There's additional ones been on here for a year. They have 185 subscribers, 506 videos, and they've got 81,000 views. Eso sometimes aiming for a midlevel. Being happy with a mid level range of views is a good way to kind of start out. Some videos will go viral. Some won't. Ah, but aiming for a mid level range of attainable target just by optimizing is a really good way to go when you are starting to create strategy for videos that you're gonna be creating an up and coming so overall just within YouTube search, it's a really good way to do that. Keyword research that's essential for your YouTube marketing strategy. You can see how videos air performing for that keyword freeze, and you can tell the interest in those particular keyword phrases from users that are watching videos that are optimized for those keywords 12. 13 Video Ideas with Google Search Related videos: So, in addition to using YouTube, search to get keyword suggestions and create keyword lists and to do some keyword research . Ah, you can also use Google. So don't ever forget about Google because it is the number one search engine, and then YouTube is number two, and you could see here by typing top 10 YouTubers. You can see the benefits of being on Google and optimizing for Google a swell because you can see that they do show YouTube videos. And they do put some priority on these YouTube videos, boosting them up with in search rankings over websites and other pages. Eso YouTube does perform better in S CEO and within search rankings than a lot of websites that probably have been around for a while and have a whole bunch of content on them. So Google, just like YouTube, it provides you that critical keyword list when you are typing and within search, and you can get them within the drop down and create your lists from there as well. In addition to being able to create your keyword lists here, you're also able to go down to the bottom of your search, and it's got a whole bunch of related terms to your search term. Eso these air really good long tail keywords as well as really great ideas for new videos that you can create. So every time you enter in a search, it has related search. And, as you can see here, if I was doing a top 10 video for YouTubers, I can see. Here's one idea. Here's another one with the most subscribers. Here's one with the most income most subscribers again and Top 10 Utah YouTubers of all time. Eso right here there's at least three, if not four different videos that I could be creating based around that one particular keyword. And then, as you expand your keyword lists, you can keep entering additional keywords and getting a whole bunch of new ideas for videos . Eso very effective and very great way to create new ideas as well as find popular terms that are being searched within Google and YouTube. 13. 14 Six Amazing Resources that provide keyword strategy ideas: So when you're doing your keyword research eso you've done some keyword research on YouTube and you've done some keyword research on Google, and you find that they do have that drop down auto complete suggestion tool. So it's important to remember that they're not the only ones that do this. There's a whole bunch of sites with a whole bunch of massive databases with some great tools for relating content and being able to suggest an auto complete content that the user might be searching for eso going Tobing being does the same thing on as you can see here. The results are going to be different than what's coming up on YouTube and what's coming up on Google The same thing for Wikipedia. They also do that drop down list S so this is another great resource for coming up with top related search terms and a whole bunch of just different terms to create videos around eso . Here's a whole bunch of other ones. Top 10 lists Amazon as well does the same thing. So if you start typing in Amazon, you can see what the popular products are. Eso if you're thinking about products you want talk about products within your videos. There's a whole bunch of options here is, well, lot that are best sellers on Amazon eyes. There's another way to get some great intel and research on your keyword phrases. Psychos. Amazon is the largest retailer most amount of different types of products, and their data is very insightful into what users air buying and what's popular. There's also Yahoo. So does the same thing and again, slightly different list of top 10 items. Eso these air just different items that are being talked to boat and searched within their search engine. And then there's, of course, eBay S O. They do the same thing. So these are popular terms that are being entered in within eBay, and they do drop those down for you as well. And there's the weather network eso within their search, the good thing about their searches. If you're looking for location based stuff, there's a whole bunch of related location based things on keywords here. A swell eso these air six more additional great resources for doing keyword research using auto complete and this instant drop down of content eso as long as you've got your note pad ready. That is a great way to quickly and easily build up your keyword lists and get started on creating some video ideas and basing your video strategy. 14. 15 Source to the best Keywords from your Competition: in this video and talk about one of the quickest methods in order to get key words from a YouTube video. So if you go down, you're going to see that they don't actually have the keywords listed. They usedto list out key words, and they have removed that. So if I was doing some keyword research and I want to find out what my competitors video is , what key words they're using it could enter in this search term there, go to the video. So I'm just gonna pick out a video here that's a relatively new got quite a lot of views. And I can see that this isn't Ah, a supersized channel. They've got 3000 subscribers, so I could only assume that this could possibly be very well optimized. The keywords they could be using could be very effective s So I'm just going to go over into that video. It's gonna pause the video there. And as you can see here, you don't see any of the keywords listed eso the best and quickest way to get those keywords and see the keywords is to simply right click. Right now I'm using chrome eso the different browsers may have different options to view the source code. Generally, if you're on a Windows machine, you can just do control you, or you could click anywhere on the page and get the source code. There's also an option when you go into the browser to do the source code as well, eh? So I'm just gonna open up the source code and under the source code, the URL for the source code is, if you want, you can just take view source and you can put that in front of ah, the URL and then just press enter. That's another way to see the same source code. And as you can see here, this is the source code for that. You are l. And it's got a whole bunch of code, and then it does have some useful information here what we're looking for, it does have the description, and it's got keywords. So generally there is gonna be too sets of keywords set within the code. The 1st 1 is within the meta data of the page s Oh, this one is going to be a shortened amount of keywords. It's not gonna hold all the keywords that the second list here does. So this is the 2nd 1 Here is the actual video keywords that are typed in for the video. And as you can see here, these are all the different video keywords that are typed in. So they're obviously trying to optimize for step by step, easy step by step, how to tie a tie step by step eso They are focusing on that step by step, and they are doing optimization for that particular keywords set eso You can see that the phrase they're going after and how they've done it and how they've structured it s So this is a great way to be able to get some information on your competition to spy on your competition a little bit, depending on whatever you're freezes that you're going after, do a quick search for it and search them down. And then just do it on overall page source code to be able to find the key word phrases. That's a quick and easy way to get keywords from your competition without any types of tools or anything like that. 15. 16 How to get Keywords from Free Tools: So if you've been following along on my earlier videos, you're gonna notice that I have this little tool here that shows up when I'm using chrome. It's called vid I Q. And its basic I Q tool. Ah, it's the basic version. Even the basic version, which is free to use, has a whole bunch of useful options here. And one of them is getting the tags, the keyword tags from the video itself. Now these air the tags that the video creator actually entered into the tag session of their YouTube video. So whatever the user entered in in this section is what's going to show up here using video I Q. Within the section. And they actually provide a really handy clipboard thing here where you can clip it and you can copy all the tags to a clipboard and then open up your editing software area text editor and just simply paste them in. And this gives you a quick ability to build a whole bunch of keywords quickly and easily. Just using this video I Q tool. There's a whole bunch of other statistics here that are very useful and also will help you out within your strategy and your competitor analysis. But in this video, we're just gonna only talk about the tags you can sign up for a free account advert. I Q. And if you do like their service, I would highly recommend even going to the pro. If you are using it a lot, you get a few more options here, as well as a keyword research tool, which is really cool within the pro version and the enterprise version as well. And you get a historical analysis and a whole bunch of additional options that will help you create better strategy and do better keyword research with for your competition using video I Q S o. The plug in is only available within chrome, and it will show up automatically. When you open up a video, you're gonna be able to quickly and easily see the stats. There's also something here which shows up within the search. So when you do a search, they have an additional option here that shows you some information regarding the search term so it takes the highest, and some other information here is, well, really great handy tool to be able to do keyword research 16. 17 Top websites Keyword Finder: So there's going to be three sites where you get these related terms to your keywords. We've already discussed Ah Google eso. Besides Google, it's a great way to kind of just type in a keyword and then be able to scroll down and see related terms to that keyword the same thing with being. They've got a related searches area here where they give you eight additional related searches to whatever topic. And they also have a related searches option here as well. So they do have two different areas four related searches and 1/3 option is to use Wikipedia. So Wikipedia sometimes might not be utilized as much because it's not as readily available and not as easy to see the different related terms. But if you are searching for a term, they do have a lot of good information, and you can see that there are some bold ID things that do jump out at you eso depending on what topic you're looking for, it may or may not be a really good resource. Ah, but they do have a similar to being and Google. They also have this. See also eso in this they list out there related terms down here. So they provide for Dragon Boat. They provide actually six different terms here that might be related to this particular topic and depending again on the topic. Some topics are gonna show up better than others. Ah, but you're also able to pick out key words from the text as well. That would optimize for your terms as well as for video planning. And when you go down even more, you get some more ideas about different links and other things that are related to this particular term. Eso both All three are really good resources to get additional information and to gain additional options for keywords and keyword phrases to complete your keyword research and bring them into your keywords strategy to create videos. 17. 18 Keyword Planning FREE tool: so to find additional keywords to the keywords you already have, you can go over to the AdWords keyword planner, and this will give you the ability to quickly get keyword ideas as well as create different phrases and options here to do your keyword planning. And this also helps in video creation because it will give you saw a whole bunch of ideas. If you're stuck on what videos to make. And, ah, what topics are going to be related to your channel, you can type in a keyword for your channel here or keywords for other videos that you've made and get a whole bunch of ideas for new and additional videos that you can create. So if you don't have an ADWORDS account, you can sign up just using your Gmail. Eso just use the same account even that you're using Ah, for your YouTube if you don't already have one, and you can just go to under tools and then go to keyword planner, and from there you're able to select and find ah, this keyword planning tool, and then you could enter in the search term. The keywords and you can get ideas here. You can also modify and customize the search. And whenever you've come up with a whole bunch of keyword lists, you can just quickly download them by doing the download ideas. You can select all 801 of them. Or you could be more selective. Be a little bit more deeper into the keywords that you're using and break that down as a little bit more. So you've got some options here for keyword filters. Eso average monthly searches If you want to break it down by that, if you want to break it down by suggested bids, you are odd impression share. You can break that down over here, or, if you want to see particular competition so high, medium and low, you could break down your search that way within using the filters. So within options you've gone option here to you have on Lee. Show items close to related to my search terms show keywords in my account show Keywords and my plan show out adult ideas as well. So there some additional options, and here you can just do keywords to include. So this is these air keywords containing the following item to exclude keywords add negative keywords using your targeting options as well. So we've got a whole bunch of options here, a swell a state range on here. You can entering your negative keywords so you can enter them in here. You can do targeting on Google and Google search partners, so that would include all of their search partners that they have as well as you can base it by location. So you've got the United States, and you can get a little bit more specific as well, city or region as well as languages. So a whole bunch of options to find current keywords and ah, popular keywords that are trending right now. So you're able to see all the different statistics, how much they're being searched, and you can also see here. This is the monthly searches for the past year. And as you can see here, Xbox video games has gone up considerably within just the past month of April 2015 s Oh, it's gone up probably 10 times what it was previously. So this would be a good time if you were optimizing for those words to jump on that particular trend. So keyword planner, definitely one of the best tools out there for creating huge lists of keywords and then going through them and breaking that down within your research and strategy development. Eso keyword planner from AdWords. 18. 19 Free Tools for finding trends in Keywords: So when you are doing your keyword research, it's important to keep your eyes open for trends, items that are trending that might be related to your particular keywords. Eso What you can do is you can go to google dot com for it slash trends, and you could explore within their or you could entering your search term within Google trends. So if you enter in a search term, the worldwide you see that there's always a peek here and it goes down. So it continues to peak year over year. It's got a bunch of peaks. The terms are being peaks within Ah, the headlines and you can see that they're forecasting for 2016 in May the same thing. So April, May June, there's a peak, and then it goes down. After that, the interest and this is, ah, global interest worldwide. You can also adjust this to be a particular country or region. You can also adjust the the date as well as categories. So if you're looking for more specific category and you can just stop, go by Web search and you could also just go by YouTube search, which is really interesting eso this this YouTube search is another great way to see interest on particular topics. So this would be mawr if you already have your keywords. And if you want to see which ones are most effective if you're planning ahead, and if you're creating some videos in February March and you know there's a peak coming up in in April, May June July, you know that you're able to plan ahead, that you have to schedule to create some videos just before head of the rise here of the 10 Poll the peak here, and this is the best way to optimize on those particular keywords and get them out there before the competition does. So here you can see as well, um, if it's ah rising and if it broke out. Eso there's unfortunately in this particular term, there's not enough search volume for the results, but you can break it down by top and rising terms as well as you can see what countries are looking at this. So if you were actually trying to optimize for this in YouTube, go Dragon boat Singapore, and that would give you the most interest in that particular region, and you could be planning it ahead a month or two ahead of time, planning out your videos as you're creating your strategy of what content you're gonna be creating using the key words. Also, they do have a YouTube specific trends. Dashboard eso slightly different. It does have just trending items on YouTube and this again it's some were idea tool that you can see what's trending, and you can apply different filters. You can apply different locations as well as different audiences, and you can see what users per location are interested in. And, um, you're also able to see what's being shared the most, as opposed to what's being viewed the most. Eso sharing is definitely, uh, cater that this is becoming top popular and that particular topic might be trending. So that's another good reason to kind of to jump on that and get creating videos for that topic. You're able to just browse through it as well. Ah, and then the compare option so it doesn't actually have as much options as the Google trends does where you could just typing your keyword, but this is well can give you some good ideas for videos that you can be creating, and I give you a good idea of what trends are coming 19. 20 How to use keywords Use them effectively: so using keywords Sigh. You should use them where you can within your YouTube videos. Use them within the title, use them within description, used them within tags as well as before creating the video. Actually, keywords are gonna become are important there as well. Google actually looks at eyes able to read the audio content. And you can see that when you go to subtitles and CC, you can go into English. And you can see here that Google is actually reading the text that I'm talking the audio text eso it's bringing the audio into actual text content and that means that they can definitely scan for keywords within the audio of a video eso when you are creating your audio of a video, uh, make sure that you are including your keywords within that audio as well. So that transcript of the audio that YouTube is taking in is important as well for determining what the content of your video actually is. And if they do, if they are able to detect that you are using the key words, you can actually rank for keywords that are just audio based, and they're not actually put anywhere else within the information settings of your video. Now, when you are using your keywords, it's important to remember not to sound spammy. Don't just go down and list a whole bunch of keywords at the bottom of your video description because you could get in trouble for that from YouTube. Ah, but just use them sparingly but also used them effectively within your title description and tag area. So it probably is a fine line between overuse and optimized Yuste. Ah, but in general, you got to think that this has to be readable by users, and as long as it's readable and makes sense, and it doesn't sound like you keep repeating the same thing and that you're trying to stuff your keywords, you should be OK as well as within the audio of your video, repeating the keywords and might not be the best strategy. But using the keywords and keyword phrases within the script of your video is definitely a good idea. Toe optimize for those keywords, so keywords truly are the basis of everything, and it is the it is that wording that Google is ableto detect, and from that wording, they're able to determine what your video was about and what it should be coming up for within search, as well as a lot of other number of factors that will determine what it is and where it's coming up from. These are some of the most determining factors where you're using keywords in order to rank for a particular search term within YouTube. 20. 21 Keywords for Video Planning and Strategy: So when you're coming up with your video creation strategy and you find that you might be stuck on what types of videos to make. Ah, this is where your keyword lists and keyword research comes into play because you're able to use those keywords and create ideas for additional videos, you could simply go over to Google. Go to Google type in your term. Eso If your channel was about video ideas and you're helping users come up with video ideas and that's what your channel is about, you're able to go down here at the bottom and create videos related to these terms so you could have videos talking about how to create birthday videos, stop motion videos, funny videos, short videos, creative videos, video ideas for fun. Eso These are great way to kind of get started and be able to create additional videos around keywords 21. 22 Free tools for keywords and Trend research: this. We're going talk about some or free tools for your video production. Eso One of the tools that we're gonna look at is from words stream dot com Eso just goto word stream dot com ford slash keywords and they have a free keyword tool. Eso. This free tool is a little limited, but you can still get some good ideas for keywords and related keywords when you type in a keyword phrase. So I typed in a dragon boat. Fortunately, not able to see the search volume the competition, Uh, unless you, ah, get the paid version. But you are able to see different terms here. A swell. So this is the key word free keyword tool from words stream. And this is another great way to do some more additional keyword research. Another three tool that we're looking at is buzz sumo dot com s o their free Tulis slightly different than the word stream one. Ah, where you're able to see different Facebook shares, AH, shares on content and able to tie it. Type in a topic. Eso This is more of a content website type system where you can see what's trending and what's important But again, if you're doing some keyword research, these trends that what's being shared the most is gonna be important to be able to detect what's trending and what's up and coming and important eso again. This is a free tool, but it's limited. If you do upgrade, you get a bunch more options here, as well as some additional research options. 22. 23 BEST FREE TOOL for keyword research: So this is definitely one of my favorite free tools to get additional keywords for your keyword phrases and what they do here. It's a website called Sue Full. I believe in pronouncing that correctly. It's S O v l e dot com and what they do is they have a search of a bunch of the popular engines that are out there on the Internet. Eso if I type in, I'm quickly and easily able to see a whole bunch of suggested ideas and topics. Here s so if I go to Amazon, I can see Yahoo's by dot com being YouTube. Wikipedia. I believe that's answers dot com as well as Netflix, and you're able to see all of these in one spot quickly and easily. And there's a whole bunch of Greek content here is, well as video ideas. Eso just by looking at this typing in one simple keyword phrase, Ah, you literally get about 20 to 30 really good ideas about content to create as well as a whole bunch of long tail keywords and keywords that are actually being searched for on these different engines. And the good thing about it is you can download it all within one shot is the download Excel File. I just pressed Download here, and it placed all the keywords within this excel file where I can easily save them, work with, um, remove ones I want Ah, and edit my lists. Here s so quick and easy way to create lists to be used for keywords on and keyword research as well as strategy and ideas to create additional videos on YouTube. So this is definitely ah must use site, great site, tohave and great site to use. So this is gonna be within the resources of this course. 23. 24 Free tool for keyword rearch list building: another great free tool for doing keyword research is uber suggests dot org's So this tool here, you can quickly and easily search everything from Web images, news, shopping, video and recipes on. So if you want to find some additional keywords, you would just simply select what language as well as the category. Or you could do a full category search. So I have to do is just right the term in the box here, and you're able to see some options here that are related to that term and you're able to They actually do have a listing here that creates the list for U. S. So as you're doing research, you can build up a list here on the right hand side. This is another great free tool to use when you're doing some keyword research and give some keywords suggestions and related words 24. 25 Keyword Tools from Discoveryvip: So when it comes to list building and list sorting, there's a few really good tools here at Discovery V i. P dot com forward slash resources They have one tool to combine word lists and another one to sort word lists. So we're just gonna go over to the keyword list sorting C o Toole. Ah, and those lists that we had before If they're in this kind of format, what we want to do is we want to put it as a comma separated type format. So we look at the input splitter here is by lying, and I want to output it by comma. I've got a few options here to sort the out the output. So I consort alphabetically. Reverse alphabetical, random, and it can. Ah, there's an option here to remove duplicates, remove blanks, remove line breaks and remove whitespace. It also tells you that once it did the removal here, once it created the list, it selected eight objects. Eso There was a blank line and it removed the blank lines. So output seven and this allows me to create a nisi list that I can copy and paste right into my YouTube video my YouTube TIG area where I don't have to reformat it. And it's already Comus comma Space Stoute as well. This gives you some good options for creating larger lists, combining lists that might be in different types of formats where they might be lying calm , a space separated and there's a whole bunch of different options here to separate it out. And so sort these lists. Another option here they have, is the FC A list maker. Eso if you were making lists and we want to combine a couple different lists of just some prime keywords, some primary keywords, they all options up to three lists. Eso Normally, if you're doing S CEO, you'd have to write dragon boats, dragon cars, racing boats, racing cars and it does get to be a little bit time consuming eso. That's why these types of list builders are really good. Um, and I'm just gonna enter in one more here. Descriptive word. Eso these air descriptive words thes air objects. But either way you could sort them out differently. And as you can see here, the output here is it just takes dragon boats, dragon cars, racing boats, racing cars fast boats fast cars and creates you a quick list of combining the different words and all the different word combination. You could separate the input again by space comma, lying pipe or other, and the same thing with your output separator. You can separate it by comma, and there we have a comma separated. If I can do other, I've got an option here. If I want to put a dash in the middle, I can do that as well. I can quote around the output. I can sort it alphabetically or reverse alphabetical and random option. So here's some really good options for creating lists quickly that you could use within your S CEO and use within your YouTube and keyword list building activities. 25. 26 Conclusion more to come about YouTube Marketing: we're gonna be adding additional tools and resources as they become available within this course. Outline eso please check back, often as we're gonna be changing the tool and the option lists as we do get some new resources. And as we start using some new additional resources, eso we also attached pdf file that has a quick listing. And of all the different links that we've used throughout this video, don't forget to check out our other YouTube videos form or learning about YouTube and to market yourself on line.