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YouTube: How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel in 2021 and Grow on YouTube (Quickstart Guide)

teacher avatar Dylan Reeves-Fellows, Economist & YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. A YouTube Masterclass - Welcome

    • 2. The Best YouTube Set Up (Camera, Lights, Microphone and Tripod)

    • 3. The Best Camera Settings for Vlogging and YouTube Videos

    • 4. How To Vlog - The Perfect Video Structure

    • 5. How To Talk To Camera - For YouTube Videos (easy)

    • 6. How to Title YouTube Videos (KEY!!)

    • 7. How to use YouTube Metrics to Enhance Performance

    • 8. Recap and Conclusion - Thank You

    • 9. (BONUS) Other Tools for YouTube Success

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About This Class

People often wonder how to become a Youtuber.... As a YouTuber my self, people always ask me the following: What equipment do I need to film a professional YouTube video, what are the best camera settings for filming youtube videos, how do you get views on youtube, how do you get subscribers on youtube, how do you vlog and how do you talk to the camera for a youtube video naturally. Basically, people want to know how to start and create a YouTube channel with good content that is successful. Youtube success.

This class is dedicated to answering all of these exact questions. This class is all about how to become a YouTuber. The aim is to provide you with all the information I have gained from creating my own successful youtube channel and to allow you to build your own successful channel. I'm hoping to teach you how to rank higher on the search engine and all the equipment you willl need as well. 

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Meet Your Teacher

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Dylan Reeves-Fellows

Economist & YouTuber


Hello, I'm Dylan!

My selling points on why you should watch my classes (and current projects) are listed below!

Economics and Finance graduate of the University of York, class of 2020 I run a Youtube channel with over 46,000 subscribers, podcasts, and a dedicated student platform called Student Ear. Im working on 2 startups; PrePayUK and The Economics Investor. Im pursuing a creative career in acting.

Check out and you'll be able to explore my progress in these above projects.


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1. A YouTube Masterclass - Welcome: Hey, guys. And welcome to my skill share class. I'm Dylan on, Amongst other things, I am a YouTube. Now, over the last four years, I spent this time building up my subscriber base from 0 to 41,000. I've also gone from zero views toe about seven million views in this time on. Throughout this journey, I have learned so so many tricks and tips surrounding YouTube. On If you're looking to start YouTube, you're in luck, because in this class, I'm going to be teaching you all of these tips and tricks is taken me four years to learn whether it be how to get more views how to tie to your video today, appear in the search, ranking the camera on the lighting you need all of that stuff is gonna be in this class. And I guarantee that by the end of it, you're like you and your knowledge on YouTube and how to how to create a successful channel will definitely be higher. Here's an example of some of the content I've made over the last four years. Actually, having said that, they even skiing and they allowed to ski. I don't know. Today I'm learning about the binomial tree. Is there gonna be online exams? They're gonna be canceled there. They're gonna be delayed. The second option was the conservatory. What's the Giza doing? If it helps you, it helps you subscribe down below for near on here and I'll catch you against on. If you want to take part in the group class project, please do so. It's a good one Unless John Minto Episode One 2. The Best YouTube Set Up (Camera, Lights, Microphone and Tripod) : now the bare bones set up in equipment you're gonna need to start YouTube channel. Their successful that engages people on that is very sustainable over the long term. Because the have a sustainable YouTube channel where you get consistent views, you're gonna need a nice set up. Something unique that people remember you buy when there's a nice set up is pleasing to the eye. People can relax and kind of enjoy the videos in a nice to your way on that subsequent graze a long time sustainable YouTube channel. Obviously, right now I'm filming with some lights there, a mic and a camera. I'm gonna show you exactly what my set up is looking like. And I should mention as well that it doesn't have to be a very expensive set up, just making sure that it works well on. Even if you're gonna be a blogger, you could even plug in your iPhone because the cameras nowadays, it's so good. However, if you are filming sit down videos like this, the camera and the set up is a bit more important because having a nice background, as I say, allows viewers to relax. Enjoy the video engaged in the content and come back for more now. Right now I'm feeling you sit down video, and I'm gonna show you that set up while my phone. However, if you're blogging having a trifle, it's such as this one. A great tribe is key Anyway, lets me one to the other set up right now you can see a camera in front of me with a microphone on top and then I've got a light coming down on me and I also kind of lights on my face quite night quite nicely. Now you can see right here. This is a This is a road go microphone to give me that bit better Audio. I've also got this lens on here on this lens is a separate one. I bought separately because it gives me this nice blood background when I'm feeling my videos, as you can see, and then you call a soft box light. Now a soft books. Life is great because the soft box basically means that the light is not too harsh on my face, which is just exactly what I need, because I don't have you washed out, and then we've got a nice try for There's adjustable on it could go up and down on really nice for changing the location. Filming in different locations on that is essentially my set up. You can see it's not that big, but you can get the idea that this settled. It looks good. It looks clean. A nice background. Here, you can see. I've just got some random visible because I'm in the process of setting up a nice background, but it still looks good. We got some more camera gear over here on. You can see that it just the set up on the lighting and the camera really does make a nice difference. But if you want to be a long term successful YouTube, so if I'm flogging, I will use my limits G seven or or a mini flip camera. That's some around here on a gorilla tripod. Then, if I'm film, you sit down video. I've got a soft box light. I got this image D seven mike phone on top tribal. So, yeah, before you start on YouTube channel, I would recommend getting equipment similar to this. If you're sure you want to pursue YouTube on that, should help maximize the quality of your content 3. The Best Camera Settings for Vlogging and YouTube Videos: now. In last episode, we talked about the camera, the equipment to try put their lights. You're gonna need to start a YouTube channel that will give you a high production quality, which is key for a long term sustainable channel. Now, alongside this, you're also gonna need camera settings that help kind of maximize that quality on on YouTube and productions. In general, you'll probably see that a lot of people in a lot of productions offer this nice, blurry background. Now, the way to get this background is basically change your camera settings, and right now I'm gonna be showing you the camera settings that you essentially need to help get this blurry background. Now I should be noted that when you buy a camera lens, they all have different apertures, and they will have. Basically, you buy camera lens and there's a range of aptitude is that the lens you have can go and fit into the better quality lens and the more specific lens for video like the lover aperture is gonna have a capability of producing. So right now I've got a specific lens on as I mentioned last video that allows me to go down for aperture of 1.7, and that gives me this level of blurry background given there's no much distance between me on background, the more distance you create between yourself in the background that it can add plurality between you and the background as well. So that is roughly how it works. You can find this online just the camera lens with low aperture for your camera. So let me show you the camera settings I put on my somebody switch over to my iPhone. You can see right now this is the lens I have on my camera. Onda, let me head over to my settings on the reason why I'm showing you This is because it took me so long to figure out how to get such a blurry background on. I was finally able to do it. So you want to go on your camera and you want to press menu, you want to go on the equivalent setting, and then it will pop up something like this. Now, on this, you can see there are several different settings on pretty much for me. I've got I so down to a very low ish value about the 400 mark on, then the key things getting a blurry background is toe have aperture set down low. You can see that mind goes from from 1.7 all the way up Teoh a lot higher, but I like it on 1.7 because it gives me that nice, blurry background. I'm going to leave this on 1.7 and then pretty much dies. The only setting I've changed. You can see here we've got my other settings, but that is the only setting I've changed in order to get this nice, blurry background now obviously talking to camera videos, a blurry background. It's nice messing around with settings and changing the aperture is probably nice thing to do because it gives you that feel. But if you're blogging like I often do on my channel, I leave all of the settings on automatic because when you're on about blogging like this, obviously you walk into different spaces that light changes. The whole environment changes around you, so that means you want the camera to automatically detect this and adjust for you. So I leave the settings on automatic for blogging on when I sit down and talk to the camera like this. The only difference is I change the aperture so that I get a nice blood background between me on camera. 4. How To Vlog - The Perfect Video Structure: flogging is one of the most popular things to do nowadays on YouTube. I think being a you Judaism or popular job than being an astronaut, supposedly amongst kids in America nowadays on blogging is at the heart off YouTube. Now, this is how I started my channel student blocks on. Basically, the key to blogging I know a lot about blogging is to maintain energy throughout the video . Obviously you have your tribe would like this. You have a camera on top on you essentially go on the day filming like this, and every now and then to give it that bit of field, you might twist it round and show the people what you're looking at. Maybe use a few hand gestures like this toe that have fled to the video. However, of log, to be successful has to have a very structured on overarching message that has to be some sort of some sort of goal of the block on along the way, you can add montages, you can have music, you can add a pathway toe how you're achieving this goal. And this goal is represented in the title and thumb. Now that we'll talk about later, But there has to be a journey from where you start the day to where you end it on where you end. It is when you achieve the goal that the broad kind of had the intention off achieving. So a typical log structure would have an introduction. Hey, guys, Student books here. I'm a university right now. Which thing? This and then you can move onto what? The goal of the log is. So be like our guys said today I've got my last ever economics s a Jew in, and I really need to get it done. I'm not sure if I'm gonna get done on time, so we're gonna do that today and hopefully do you get it done, that sort of thing. And then you would have to tell the story of the day. So obviously, in this case, my aim is to kind of get this essay done. Said Rather, they I'm I see my friend. A we say very good. Have a little chat way up to man. Yeah. Nice. Nice. I didn't say type of thing. You might walk past a great big lake so good to get some B roll shots off the late like this Andi just taking night shots at the lake. Then you could slow it down a post at some music. It's a nice block. Divergence in towards the end the video. You reach the title, the thumb Now on the aim of the log, which could be alright, guys, you've seen the staff today, So my friends got went past the lake or some nice footage on. Now Just been writing up. Yes. A. Here it is, and I got it done. Just about done on. There you go. You've achieved the aim. You might talk a bit more about the game on. Then you're just six. Conclude wrap up the floor on it. Start nice. The general structure for a block on the key toe or YouTube videos is that add value to the person watching national keeps them coming back from, or if you make them laugh, that's value added. If you show them something new, that's fine. Derided. If you tell them something, you or explain something to them that's value added. Another keys of logs is how you edit them. I'm gonna be bringing out a separate video on this because it's all about maintaining energy, to be short, that subscribe to this channel to see my editing class coming very soon. 5. How To Talk To Camera - For YouTube Videos (easy): in last episode, we talked about how to block. Now, in this episode, we're gonna talk about how to talk to the camera when you're blogging. A lot of these principles will apply as well, but mainly for sit down and talk videos. Now, over the last few years, this aspect of YouTube video creation is something I've really trying to be basically improving on because I build my channel on blogging on. This is a kind of a difference. You're when you're sitting down talking to a camera directly because it's a lot harder to stay engaging because technically nothing is happening around you. It's just you that has to engage people on, obviously wants the background, delighting the microphone, assorted. You're halfway there to engaging people, and the next step is the way you come across the camera and communicate your ideas and your thoughts. Now the key thing that difference between blogging is that the majority of the time when you're filming a sit down and talk video, you want to be looking directly down the barrel of the camera like I am right now, because it creates a sort of connection between you on the audience and it feels a bit weird to do at first. But after a while you get used to it, because if I'm looking off to the side over here, like you know, all I looking down on, then I went to the shops and I know when I was the shops I saw this guy on this guy. It's Noah's engaging is it was like Ryan went to the shops. When I was in the shots, I saw this guy, this guy looked to me, and when he looked back at me, I was like, Well, you know, I mean, when you're looking directly down the camera, Obviously there was slightly different inflections. It's a lot more engaging. Another key thing to having a successful sit down and talk video, which my goal for 10 minutes, which means about 20 minutes of filming time, which is a long time to talk. It's obviously stay hydrated, have a drink every now and then. Just relax. Have a have a break if you need to, because that can be at its now post. Use hand gestures to convey the emotion you're feeling right, So don't sit there like this the whole time to speak like this, Really kind of. If I was hitting home appoints like I was saying, Guys, this is the most important thing. Toe have a successful YouTube channel you could do. You've really got to emphasize it with the hands on K and that engages people. People know you're serious if you use your hands as well. Just imagine you're telling a story to a friend the type of inflections you had used, the type of comical gestures you make And like, just you know, really Just imagine the camera lens is Your friend said you're telling a story with your mate Even if you just kind of relax like this bride, you know what it was. But when I was in the shops, I went to get the milkman getting milk. I looked over the side and decide there was this cheese I picked up the cheese on. It was I don't know what was going that, but, you know, I mean, like, it's all about using emotion as if he was talking to someone. Often inflections were a great way to keep people engaged in the story, because if you're kind of like asking a rhetorical question has you would in real life do liken up in inflection, bro. I didn't know whether he was like one of the cheese or if you wanted, if you wanted the light or if he was kind of hammering home the point, you might end on a downward inflection because that says right. I mean this. This is what happened. I'm glad it happened on. It's all about them sort of gestures. If you're speaking in real life, the really, really connect yourself with your audience who are watching your videos on now will ultimately keep them coming back for more. So obviously a nice set up. Relax and talk to the cameras. If you're talking to a friend, made sure for the majority of the time you're looking down the barrel use emotions. Raw emotions. Andi use hand gestures. 6. How to Title YouTube Videos (KEY!!): So in this basic YouTube masterclass, so far we've gone from being a beginner, starting out on YouTube to being a sex somewhat pro like you know your way around YouTube. You know the set up your acquired you know how to inform a basic structure of of log, how to talk to camera, how to film the sore videos. Onda. Now, obviously, there's editing and postproduction photo shops make some now, but I'm going to be releasing a separate course on this very soon, so make sure you subscribe to this channel to see that course. So now let's assume that we've done the post production. You've done the thumb. Now you've done the editing. But then it comes to another part of YouTube basically titling your videos, describing your videos or that sort of good stuff. Now the way to get views on YouTube is to incite curiosity when people see your video and your your thumb now on your title. A good way to do this is the have, like an emotionally charged what in your title that is also backed up by your thumb now. So let's say I was scrolling through a YouTube video. I saw two videos. I was searching for a day in the life of a university student. Can you see a day in the life of a university shoot on this side below? I see a very stressful day in the life of the university student. Now, as soon as I see very stress one like Well, why is this guy stressed out? Very stressful. What? I want to know what happened, you know, So I'm immediately because of that extra descriptive wide the emotionally charged, descriptive wide I'm more inclined to click on the on the video below. And if I also like, see this title when I look at the thumb now on in one fell now, just like they're in the life of university student where is that one below is also like they're in the life of a very stressful day. In the life of university student, I'm gonna be more inclined to click on it as well. So having that emotional charge in the video title, it really does help, let's say of log, stand out and get more views. Oh, if you're doing a how to video tutorial, something like that, it's more about what the key town people are gonna start for it. So if I was making a video on the best YouTube set up for 2020 I wouldn't put any emotionally charged words in there because people are looking for story. They're looking for information on when they're seeking information. You want to be concise. You want to hit exactly what they're looking for. So I'm my best. Cheap YouTube set up the students 2020 Best cheap YouTube set up 2020. You know you want to really hit the nail on the head if you're aiming at students pursuant to the title. If you're aiming, let's say beginners put for beginners and title. If you're kind of doing a tech review, you want to put the what you think people are gonna be searching for as consumers in the title of the video. So if I was gonna buy a new phone, I might be like wondering, what's better? The iPhone seven or the Hay HTC one plus. So I was searched. What phone is better? HTC one plus or iPhone? Seven on. Subsequently, that's why be searching for so as a title on the description of the video goes, We have to realize that is what people are gonna be searching for on include them T words in your title, then keywords in your description that key phrases in your description on Ultimately, if you do that, you live here high on the search rankings on that will help you generate views. So you have to be truth. The video. If the video is about a specific type of tech, be specific to that type of tech. Include the specifications in the description include the keywords include surrounding information to the video in the Tech on. As you include more keywords and phrases. You will appear higher in the search ratings on such rankings now as well. In the description other than ty items, that kind of rank you higher on the search engine. You want to include a few personal things, like maybe a brief, you know? Hey, I'm 21 of Dylan. I studied economics and finance. I'm now creator on YouTube. My hobbies of this, my hobbies of this maybe two sentences. You want to include a few other personal links so that if people want to follow you mawr and saying more in touch with your life and connect with you. Maura's a creator. They can do that. So many of your instagram and Twitter on if you want to direct people to another video include the video link in the description on any other relevant information. 7. How to use YouTube Metrics to Enhance Performance: YouTube metrics are a great way to see once your video start getting used war videos of performing well ones on and how you can improve on your videos. So let's say you have 100 subscribers. You got a few views on YouTube. Metrics is showing on your channel now one of the key ones, obviously, at the time it's how well your child is doing is how many views each your videos of getting , the more views you get, the more people tuning in, the more people obviously enjoying your content. Now subscribers, as well as another key metric of how many people for your channel Andi will be updated your new videos, new uploads. However, the way to increase views according to YouTube, and the way that you can generate more traffic for your videos is by getting more impressions. Now an impression is basically, when YouTube pops up your video randomly to a person who's on YouTube on, they might click. They might know. Now the way to get Mawr impressions is to have a higher watch time on your current videos. So let's say you made a very bad video that was only engaging for the first minute, and it was 10 minutes long on the average watch. Time was one minute. Now when you should see that the average watch time is one minute, they're gonna think, Oh, people aren't watching the whole video of this. You know, it's no a good video. We're not going to give impressions this video. We're not gonna recommend it on subsequently. If it goes like that, video won't get that many views. If, however, a video you upload 10 minutes long, it's got an average watch time of five minutes. That's above your average. That's about most other people's average. You should be going to see this and think people are really enjoying this video. We need to push this video forward on our platform because their goal is to make people enjoy being on YouTube that you see in your video. People are enjoying it because it's got such a high average watch time, and they're going to subsequently push your video forward on you're gonna get more views. So it really boils down to understanding how to make engaging and quality content, which is kind of what I've gone through in this Siri's now obviously to get more higher watch time. You need to have an engaging video throughout on the way to judge. If your watch time is high or low or no, let's say I think YouTube, if you go in there, offer averages. However, if you go onto your channel, you've uploaded a 10 minute video. If you've got around the first, you know, about five minutes, watch time on average for a 10 minute video. I would say that is very good on. There is no riel kind of guideline for what's low. What's high, obviously 10 minutes out of 10 minutes on average, will be insane. But I think if you're looking at anything below 1/3 of the total video length, then you want to start thinking, OK, people are engaged in this video. How do I as a creator made them stay? And it's all about making them, you know, make a promise, and now they might watch the whole video type of thing. You know, make a promise. Show them or they came for the end of the video. Maybe it's almost certain tricks like this and that that keeps you engaged and keeps them watching on subsequently. More views. See you when you're a beginner, when you're starting out on your moving from a beginning to approach, the biggest metric you really want to look at is your watch time because, as you should have told me, and YouTube say, that's the way to grow your channel, get views, have high watch time on your videos that correlated and then later periods on. You could look your click through rate your revenue or stuff like that that are covering it up in another class that is aimed that more kind of pro produced because you've already been in the business for a while. So that is the beginning thing that I'd work on in relation to YouTube metrics. So just keep an eye on that and should help a lot. 8. Recap and Conclusion - Thank You: so thank you very much for watching this class. I hope you learned a lot about how you go from. No having any knowledge on YouTube? Teoh starting a successful, sustainable channel. So to recap what we've learned, we've learned about the equipment required to start to use your channel days gonna offer high production quality. We've learned about the camera settings required to maximize our setups value. We've also like about how to block a typical strike group of law, how to film a sit down and talk video. The kind of the technique had stay engaging or that sort of good stuff. We've learned how to optimize the video tight in the description on then we've learned about how to understand YouTube metrics. Now that is kind of apart from zero Teoh loading four time on YouTube on. That is why I wanted to do in today's kind of beginning. YouTube class on in the future will be doing another class of much more in depth about how you could go from Let's say we've gone from beginner to intermediate here. We want to go from intermediate a pro, and that is what the next class is gonna be on. The only thing that I didn't cover in here because it takes a lot more explanation is Premiere Pro or editing your videos on DFO to show how to make thumbnails. That is also going to be coming very soon. So subscribe and follow me on this channel One skill share on I just hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you did. I appreciate you guys watching. Be sure to check out the class project. 9. (BONUS) Other Tools for YouTube Success : now. All right, guys, you just in the bonus clip right here. But thank you very much for watching my class today. I just wanted to mention since this class was uploaded, I have made a class on how to add it. YouTube thumb. Now, I have made a class on how you can add it. Your YouTube videos on. I have made a class on how to create viral videos. Now, if you've made it this far, you're clearly serious about starting up your own YouTube channel and being successful on YouTube on honestly, feel like my success boils down to my thumb. Now is my title was obviously this set up in this whole video on my editing process. So if you are serious and you do want to be successful, do check out my other classes on my page. So just click my page. Look at them classes. Andi, I promise you, I'm giving you all of my huge acknowledge or this years and years and years and knowledge in this kind of thes three classes. So go check out the other ones. Thank you very much for watching. And I think I got something called to send the outro. So listen to that