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YouTube HeadQuarters SEO Algorithm and Marketing Secrets

teacher avatar Jun Wu, Social Media Influencer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

44 Lessons (4h 6m)
    • 1. YouTube Marketing Academy Trailer

    • 2. WEEK 1 START HERE

    • 3. LIVE Build your Business Event with Jun

    • 4. Why is it So Hard to get Subscribers on YouTube

    • 5. The Power of 3 Secret

    • 6. Why we DON'T focus on Subscribers or Monetization

    • 7. How Small YouTube Channels Make Money

    • 8. Why Your Success is Inevitable - Our Battle Plan

    • 9. Week 2 Intro

    • 10. 2 Biggest Mistakes New YouTubers Make

    • 11. Keywords Research with TubeBuddy

    • 12. Keywords Research with VidIQ

    • 13. Video Execution Worksheet

    • 14. Week 3 Intro

    • 15. What Going Viral Means TO YOU

    • 16. Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Today's YouTube Videos - Part 1

    • 17. Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Today's YouTube Videos - Part 2

    • 18. Watch Time Boost #1 How to Get People to Pay Attention

    • 19. Watch Time Boost #2 The One Third Rule from YouTube Headquarters vid

    • 20. When to Ask for the Subscribe

    • 21. Subscribe and Notification Animation by Graphics Expert

    • 22. How to Use the Subscribe Animation For Your Videos vid

    • 23. Step Viral Video Formula Vid

    • 24. 5 Step Viral Video Worksheet

    • 25. Facebook Ads or YouTube Ads Which Is Better for Beginners

    • 26. WEEK 4 Publishing and Promotion Secrets

    • 27. Before Video Upload SEO

    • 28. During Video Upload SEO

    • 29. After Video Upload SEO

    • 30. Video Upload Worksheet

    • 31. Why We Run Ads?

    • 32. Facebook Page Boost (Fast)

    • 33. Fiverr Backlinks Boost (Slow)

    • 34. Bonus Week Intro

    • 35. New Google and Youtube Accounts Setup

    • 36. Google Ads Setup

    • 37. Linking Google Ads to your Youtube Channel

    • 38. Fun Google Ads Interface Tour

    • 39. Disneyland Google Ads Dashboard Roleplay

    • 40. YouTube Ads for Channel Growth (Medium Traffic)

    • 41. WEEK 5 Continued Growth

    • 42. How to Grow Your Email List

    • 43. Creating 3 Audiences from your Youtube Channel

    • 44. New Video Promotion Chart vid

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About This Class

Welcome to the YouTube Growth Academy! I worked with YouTube Headquarters and learned so much about their algorithm and ranking secrets that it's time to share them with you.

Let me help you get more views, likes, and subscribers from using hacks that I learned directly from YouTube!

We will grow your channel step by step and help you avoid all the mistakes that new youtubers are making. As well as give you the competitive edge that helped thousands of small channels grow during the pandemic.

I will also show you how to run paid traffic to help your channel grow. This is an adventure not to be missed. See you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jun Wu

Social Media Influencer



Welcome to the easiest and funnest way to learn Online Marketing.

I make helpful and fun courses to help you grow on social media and your online business.

My work speaks for itself. :)

15+ years working in the Entertainment Industry - Model/Actor/Director/Producer

15+ years working in Marketing. Branding, business strategies, and growth hacking.

7+ years as a Talent Instructor - Managing the careers and business of clients

As you get to know me, you will see everything I teach, I put to use myself. 

Find me on Instagram and I'll help you! :)

See full profile

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1. YouTube Marketing Academy Trailer: Hello and welcome to the YouTube marketing academy IN June. And I'm so happy to see you here. It took me years to figure out why I was failing on YouTube. That's why I put everything I learned from working directly with YouTube headquarters into this intensive YouTube growth course. What I'm going to do is to share the insights, secrets that I learned working with development team to help you get more views, more likes, and more subscribers on your channel. Check this out. After learning the secrets from working with YouTube headquarters, I was able to rank my videos. One of my videos was ranked number four in 22 hours with 1.2 k views. Another of my video was ranked number three in eight hours with only 18 views. Had yet another video was get this ranked number one on YouTube in one hour with no views. Which was totally insane. But it's not good enough that I got results for myself. I created a simple to follow system for people who just created a channel for people who have been trying to grow on YouTube for years. Check out some of my successful students. My horror of scores where the handles and easy to follow template. I sit in use in doubt last week and now my being dosing you, getting more subscribers every day for all this to be in one package is amazing. You can start right off the bat with your feet running, going towards your goals. Whether you want to be an influencer, whether you want to sell. And this program lays everything out for you in a fun way. If I started this course, here I am increasing the number of followers I am having an, it's brilliant. It's a course that I would recommend to so many people and after I recommend in them. Here's a secret about growing on YouTube. If you don't research the right keywords to target and rank for, you are basically creating videos that people are not searching for and your videos will never be found. If you don't know how to script your video in a way that makes people want to start watching and continue watching, the YouTube algorithm will see you have low audience retention and one, recommend your videos to others. And if you just publish your video without the right SEO strategy and without promoting it the right way. It's like a movie premiere in the middle of nowhere. No one will know your video exist and your video will be lost forever. My goal is to help you stop making these mistakes. Welcome to the YouTube marketing Academy. I can't wait to grow your channel with you. In the next episode, I will break down exactly what you need to do in the next few days and weeks to help your channel take off. I already planned everything out for you. All you have to do is to sit back, relax, and follow along. Let me show you what is waiting for you in our YouTube growth adventure. Ioc you in the next episode. 2. WEEK 1 START HERE: Youtube growth is a marathon, not a sprint. So if you get stressed out and burn yourself out, doing too much and working on things you shouldn't. You will not get results for your hard work. And when you don't get results, you will quit. I can't have that. That's why I don't waste time showing you how to set up your channel. Spend hours creating a beautiful channel art, or even spent a day figuring out what to say your bio description. Chances are you already know how to do that. And truth is, no one really spent much time reading your bio or judging your channel art. The thing that really matters is the videos are your channel. That's what got people to find your channel in the first place. And that's what will make people want to subscribe and see more of what you have to offer. I'm not going to waste a second of your time. Let me show you how to start our YouTube growth adventure so you can jump writing no matter where you are on your journey, if you just started YouTube, I don't know how the algorithm works or don't understand the psychology of the users on the platform, then start out week 1. I will explain why is it so hard to get subscribers if you don't know what you're doing and how small channels are able to make money and be successful on the platform. And why they don't have the waist months or years of their time trying to get into YouTube's partner program. If you are trying to figure out what is the next video you should create for your channel, then start a week to, instead of spending hours or research, I made the shortest shrift to the point tutorials showing you the quickest way to get your research done so that you can confidently know that your video will be found by targeting keywords that people are actually searching for. If you know what kinds of videos you want to make and are having a hard time putting your ideas on paper. Don't worry, you won't be staring at a blank screen for much longer. Start at week three, I will give you my five-step viral video formula to help you instantly script your video in minutes. I will also show you how to boost your wash time by sharing with you YouTube's 1 third rule and the research we did at YouTube headquarters, analyzing thousands of channels who grew during the pandemic. I will explain exactly what these channels were doing to get subscribers and even give you the green screen animation that they used and show you just how and when to use it for your own videos. Wow, I am always out of breath. How good about this? But we are not even close to covering everything that I have planned for you in this course. Okay, Let's continue. If you already made your video and are about to publish, please wait. Don't publish until you watch. We for I will fully explained all the necessary SEO steps that you must do in water for your videos to be ranked. And as if that's not enough, I will also show you how to use pay traffic to boost your videos, views and subscribers, staying one step ahead of your competitors channels. I hope you are getting more excited about the YouTube adventure we are about to go on. We don't have a moment to lose because let's face it, you should have been growing your influence on YouTube yesterday. So pick a week and jump right in and hold on tight because it's going to be an interactive learning experience. Can wait, my friend see you inside. 3. LIVE Build your Business Event with Jun: Congratulations and welcome, I am today and I can't wait to help grow your influence and business this month. Before you dive into the course, I want to ask you a question. Would you like me to personally help you with your business life? How marketing as a secret bonus for purchasing my course, I'm hosting a live virtual event to help you build, grow, and scale your email list and business, as well as share of the most current copywriting email marketing, business, and influence our secrets. It's like a workshop. There'll be many fun activities and I will personally critique your work and answer all your questions. After the event, you will have a simple system that will help you attract and converse strangers. Customers on autopilot. All you have to do is go to build your list,, sign up and mark your calendars. If you have taken my courses before, you'll know that my live event will also be simple, easy, and five. So if you want to grow your business this month, yes, this month, open up a new tab on your browser, typing, build your list, and sign up. Just make sure to do it as soon as you can because space will be limited. I mean, I can only help a handful of people at one time, right? So sign up today and I will see you and help explode your business and influence life. 4. Why is it So Hard to get Subscribers on YouTube: Just why is it so hard to get subscribers on YouTube? It's fairly easy to get a follower on Instagram and fairly easy to get someone to like and follow your Facebook page. So why is it so hard to get a subscriber around YouTube? After working with YouTube in their San Bruno headquarters as a content marketing consultant, I finally found out the answer, because the psychology of the people on YouTube is different than years before, when YouTube started in 2005, people who stumble upon a fun or entertaining video, we'll subscribe to the channel looking forward to seeing more of that content. However, when Google bought YouTube a year later, they started a vigorous process, turning YouTube into a search engine. And that is the biggest secret I can share with you about becoming successful on YouTube. It actually also answers the question, why is hard to get subscribers? Let me ask you a question where you go onto Google searching for a solution to a problem, where you find a website that provides you the solution. Do you bookmark that side? Do you subscribe to their mailing list? Do you even bother to like and comment on the information? No, probably not. Once you figure out the answer to your question, you simply click the Back button and leave. And that is the psychology of the people on YouTube today. Youtube is a search engine. That means it is a library, a library filled with billions of books, billions of videos. And most of the people visiting this library, our consumers, they find a video, consume the content, and leave often without liking, commenting, or subscribing. And that's okay because I'm sure you do this to, let's say your dishwasher is overflowing. You go onto YouTube and typing the keyword dishwasher overflowing. And you get these videos, you watch a couple of them to figure out how to solve your problem. As soon as you figure out the answer to your problem, what do you do? You leave the EU borders subscribing to any of the videos that you watched? No, not at all. Why? Because as soon as you found what you're looking for, as soon as your problem is solved, you leave, you simply close the book and put it back on the shelf without looking at any of the other books written by the same author. And there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, why would you want to continue watching or be notified, have more dishwasher videos, right? How do you get people to subscribe to your channel? It's more interesting to think of this question from your point of view. At what point do you made a conscious decision to hit the subscribe button on the video that you're watching? The obvious answer is if you feel that the video is helpful, entertaining, and you wouldn't mind being notified of future videos like this. But let's talk about the not so obvious answer. The answer that I learned while working with YouTube headquarters, this secret is so awesome die YouTube. Don't disclose this information to the public. So you will never find any public article from YouTube talking about this. And that's why it's so exciting for me to share the secret with you right now. You see Google, the owner of YouTube did research into the viewing habits and the subscription habits of millions of users and found that a good majority of them subscribe to a channel after watching at least three videos in succession, I wish I could show you a graph of their research, but they wouldn't let me take any photos when I was in the YouTube building. And that's one of the secrets I learned when working with YouTube, the power of three. Would you like me to show you how to take this power of three concept and apply it to your channel so that you can immediately benefit from this secret directly from YouTube Headquarters. I'll see you in the next episode. 5. The Power of 3 Secret: Of all the things I learned while working at YouTube headquarters, the secret of the power of three is my favorite. I wish I can show you a graph of their research, but they wouldn't let me take any photos when I was in the YouTube building. So this is a graph I made for you based on what I learned from one of the meetings, the percentage of people subscribing to a channel after watching one video from the channel is around 1%. The percentage of people subscribing to our channel after watching two videos back-to-back from the same channel is around 5%. Now comes the secret, the percentage of people subscribing to a channel after watching three videos back-to-back from the same channel is not 10 percent, not 20%, but get this 30 percent. Do you know what this means? That means the likelihood of someone subscribing to your channel after watching three of your videos increases tremendously, making it the perfect sweet spot. I know what you may be thinking, But June 30 percent is not that big of a deal, is too low of a conversion rate. If you have taken my e-mail marketing course, you know that if you can get 30% of people to open your emails, when you send out a newsletter, you are considered a great marketer. And that's why I think of getting subscribers on YouTube. Very similar to getting people to sign up to your email list. To get people to sign up to your email list, you need to have a good lead magnet. One good lead magnet. To get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, you need to have how many good videos? You got it. You need to have at least three good videos linked together in a playlist. Now imagine, after watching the dishwasher overflowing video, the person invites you to watch another short video in which he talks about how to easily fix small appliances in your kitchen. You are probably watched that right now. Imagine after watching that video, the person continues to invite you to another video about five things you can do inside of your house that will immediately decrease your electricity bill for the month. You're probably watched there too, right? Guiding you along and quickly answering questions related to your original query, you are considering subscribing to this channel, right? And it only takes three videos, three lead magnets to capture and maintain people's attention. If you think about it, this magic number three can be found in our daily behavior as well. You are more committed to a Netflix show if the first three episodes of the show captures your attention and it isn't boring. You are more committed to an artist. If you'd like at least three songs from the album, you are more committed to a relationship if the third date you go on is an enjoyable one. And then I wonder why Instagram have three columns. Anyways, the reason why one of the things we will be doing in this course is to help you create several play lists that are linked by three videos or more. This will increase not only your video ranking, your channel authority, but also gets you subscribers. Cool, right? In fact, that this three video strategy works so well that I'm going to use it on you to help you understand what you need to do to be successful on YouTube. Let's play a game. Watch the next three episodes with intention. You will see how with three videos, I will be able to explain how you will conquer the YouTube platform. In the next episode, I will explain why we don't focus on subscribers monetization on YouTube. In a second episode, I will explain how small channels with a small subscriber counts are able to make money and grow their business and influence without monetization. And in the third and final episode, I will explain why our success is inevitable, our weekly and monthly goals, how to immediately put everything we are learning into practice immediately getting your results. I don't know about you, but as much as I enjoyed making videos, I don't do it just for fun. I do it because it gets results and that is what we will be doing. Okay, let's move on and talk about our master plan, what we are trying to accomplish in this course, and how we are going to do it. 6. Why we DON'T focus on Subscribers or Monetization: Almost all courses about YouTube focus on getting subscribers and views on videos. Their primary goal is to grow a channel with massive amounts of fans and then get paid monetization money from YouTube. That's extremely attractive, right? It's attractive because everyone wants to be a YouTube star, to be internet famous from making videos, to be able to make a living from posting videos. But that's just it. Can you really make a living from YouTube? We know it was possible years before, but how practical or realistic is it right now? In late 2017 to early 2018, youtube started to place heavy restrictions on their partner program, which limited the amount of money small channels can make while completely stopping new channels from making money at all. Currently, the eligibility requirements for monetization is at least one thousands of scrubbers with 4 thousand hours of watch time within the past 12 months. This means if you have just started your channel, you won't be able to make money until you have proven to YouTube, you are an active and positive member on their platform. To make matters worse, have you ever wondered how much money you make if you had 1 million subscribers? Google actually publishes this information publicly, $60 thousand a year, and that's before taxes. Can you possibly make a living with that? Okay. What if you had a million views on your video? If you put your blood, sweat, and tears into YouTube, worked for years and got lucky and got a million views on a video. How much money would you make if you have a large channel, around $40 thousand? If you have a small channel around 3000, $400, can you believe that thirty-four hundred dollars before taxes for a million views. Is this the kind of reward worth your investment of your time, energy, and money? This is one of the reasons why on April 3rd, 2018, a person visited that YouTube headquarters in California and started shooting YouTube employees with a handgun, gunfire, and I do too, In California, new information still is coming in, but we now know the shooter was a woman. Police say she's dead and multiple people are wounded. And within minutes there was a massive police presence on scene as well as emergency services. And then it was a bit of chaos with very heavily armed police moving into the YouTube headquarters. Over a thousand employees there, that 1000 employees were trying to get out of the YouTube headquarters at the same time, she empty 10 rounds from one magazine before loading a shooting again, the perpetrator publicly complained about YouTube on her website, writing that YouTube filter her channels to keep them from getting views. And also YouTube had D monetized most of her videos. Look, she got 366 thousand views on her channel. And how much that YouTube paid her, 10, $0.10 cents for 300000 views. She was so angry that she went to YouTube headquarters, injured three people before committing suicide on the premises. Now, I'm sharing this tragic story with you for a reason. Youtube's new policies changed the lives of millions of creators in an instant. I want to remind you how truly difficult it is to make money from YouTube's partner program when you have a small channel, people with large channels were not as affected by this policy change. Why? Because it is in YouTube's best interests to keep these YouTube stars happy. They bringing tons of viewers to the platform daily and continue to keep YouTube competitive in the social media wars. But what about us? What if you are still growing your channel or you just started your channel? Is there any hope? Of course there is. In fact, I will prove to you in the next episode how to grow your influence, your business and make money without a lot of subscribers or monetization. I'll see you in the next episode. 7. How Small YouTube Channels Make Money: It makes sense when you see a large channel make money, right? Like Russell Brunson who teaches how to build funnels with 190 thousand subscribers, make money. Like sunny Lenore doozy, who teaches social media growth with 515 case subscribers, make money. And grant Kardon, who teaches entrepreneurship with 1.53 million subscribers, make money. It makes sense they are making money, right? But what about people like Frank Kern, who makes millions of dollars a year teaching people about the psychology of sales. He only has a channel with 34 case subscribers. How is he able to make money? What about people like jump Hamburg, who mentored me about how to run successful webinars. He makes millions of dollars a year and he only has 9.49 case subscribers. And finally, another one of my mentors who got me started in email marketing, Carl Icahn, a who owns his own marketing agency making ozone millions of dollars a year and he get this only has 4.39 case subscribers. How are these people able to find success on YouTube with such a relatively small channel? Here is the secret. Are you ready? They don't make money from YouTube's partner program. They make money from the targeted traffic to get on YouTube. In other words, they don't wait around to get paid by YouTube, but use the free and organic traffic that's happening under channel every day. And that is what we will be doing in this course. We don't focus on subscribers, but focus on leveraging that traffic and influence we have on our channel. I bet no one has told you this before, but there are basically two paths you can take when growing on YouTube. The business path. If you have your own products and services for sale, you simply create videos related to those products and services. You are waiting for those videos to collect views. You drive the free and targeted traffic towards your website and collect email addresses so that you can contact people interested in your niche on your own terms, away from YouTube. Once your videos have a good amount of views, you can target those views with ads to sell your products and services. Your ad costs will be low and your conversion rates will be higher. Why? Because the viewers are not only targeted traffic who cares about your niche, but they also are one traffic because they know who you are and trust you. For example, I have a small YouTube channel and yet you see this video, this video titled How to Grow Instagram followers during quarantine. It has over five K views during the pandemic. This one video alone, maybe thousands of dollars per week because I ran as to whoever watched this video selling them my Instagram growth course. Now if you don't have products or services of your own, that's totally fine. The second path you can take on YouTube is the influencer path. You simply make videos that are related to the niche that you are interested in. The affiliate products that you want to eventually sell, all while using the targeted traffic from YouTube to grow your other social media accounts like Instagram. The majority of the money you will be making on YouTube are from commissions, from affiliated products, sponsorship deals, or collaborations. For example, a type of video that is always trendy on YouTube is review videos. Where you make a short video reviewing a product and service. Whenever you post a video like this, you are building a community that trust your recommendations, growing both your influence and the value of your opinion. That's why you can charge sponsors a lot of money to promote their products on your channel. For me, I enjoy making fun videos of my travel adventures. Was invited to Peru to document a male beauty pageant that deal with simple. The organization pays my airfare, my hotel, my meals and activities for a week. In exchange, I return back to the United States and make a short video about their pageant. Check this out. The video I made for the organization is only two minutes and 34 seconds long, and it has gotten 25 K views since it was posted three years ago. You can see there is a lot of benefits from using and growing on YouTube, and it is not limited by how many subscribers you have. The key is to make money and grow your influence without waiting around for YouTube themselves to pay you. If your goal is to get paid by YouTube directly, you will be waiting and working for literally years before you make a single cent. Why would you ever waste a second of your precious time on such a poor reward? Nobody got time for that. In the next episode, we will wrap up our first week and give you a concrete picture on how we were benefit from YouTube's massive traffic. Why our success on the platform is inevitable as long as we follow this proven formula. 8. Why Your Success is Inevitable - Our Battle Plan: Let me go straight to the point and tell you why our success on YouTube is inevitable if you follow this formula that we are about to implement. I know, I know that is a bold claim to make. You are probably skeptical right now and you have every right to be, well, once I prove it to you, you will be amazed at how your perception will change the moment you start to see U2 for what it really is, the moment you will be able to do some real damage on the platform. Remember, we talked about how YouTube is a library. A library filled with information. Ever since it was created, people had been filling this library up with their knowledge so much so that there isn't a single topic that you can't find on YouTube. At a rate of at least 500 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every single minute. There is no shortage of information. You may find this intimidating. I mean, the platform is so saturated. How can you ever make a difference, right? Don't worry, the fact that it is filled with endless information is precisely the reason why you will stand out. I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to really think about the answer. On average, how many videos do you watch until you finally find what you're looking for or stop because you've got tired of surging about four or five videos, right? And since the average length of a video on YouTube is about ten minutes, now you know why the average person spends about 40 minutes on the platform every day. Okay, This next question I asked you will break the mold and make you realize how powerful you can be on the platform of the 40 minutes that you spend on YouTube daily. How many minutes is spent watching someone talking about their name, their profession, and their experience, promoting their channels, Brand video, asking you to like, subscribe and hit the notification button. How many of those 40 minutes is spent listening to the person ramble on and on, talking slowly, repeating themselves, and not getting to the point. I think you are getting my point. That truth is, many videos on YouTube. Waste your time. Now imagine how you will feel if you arrive at a short video that gosh straight to the point and give you exactly what you wanted without wasting your time. You will be delighted, right? You will want to watch another video from this channel, right? You will probably subscribe, right? That is why you will succeed. You now know the secret to standing out from billions of other videos. We are not done yet. In fact, we are just getting started. This is our weekly and monthly battle plan. This is how we are going to conquer YouTube day by day, week by week, and month by month. How are you sitting down? All right, let's do this. Here is our Bataclan in a nutshell. One, every week, we will research and find low competitive keywords to target and make our videos according to what people are searching for. Two, because we are only making short and to the point videos are scripting, filming, and editing of our videos will be simple and fast. Anyone watching your videos will instantly fall in love with your content. And it's delivery. 3. After we upload, we make sure people will see the video by sharing it on our Facebook page, boosting it and driving traffic to the video, giving it a surge of traffic so that the YouTube algorithm will take over and show it to more and more people. For, while we are waiting for our videos to collect views, we will occasionally drive traffic to your other social media platforms so that you become omnipresent to your subscribers and fans. Five, then in a month, ones are videos have collected 100 views or more. We will target those viewers with YouTube ads promoting our products and services for sale. And 6, we were also occasionally research and find keywords that have no competition. That's right, no competition at all. Too easily rank our videos at the top of YouTube. Then we will use these videos to drive traffic to our other videos that are trying to rank. This will help your channel rank for more and more competitive keywords. If you are a little overwhelmed by all of these tactics, please don't worry, I will guide you through this process step-by-step. And if you are worried about running YouTube ads or Facebook ads, don't be, I will show you how to easily do that as well. Now some of my students, when they're starting out, don't want to run paid ads, and that is totally fine. I just wanted to give you the option to do so if you wanted that extra boost, because every time we run YouTube ads, we are growing your email list and Google Ads pixel so that we can retarget anyone who have seen our ads, building relationships. This will help you cut out the middleman and start owning your very own traffic. And every time we run Facebook ads, we are growing your YouTube video with views, subscribers, as well as the influence you have on your Facebook page. As you can see, everything we do on YouTube, off of YouTube, driving organic traffic, driving pay traffic all support the ecosystem that we are creating. The ecosystem of your influence and your business. It took me literally years to perfect the system. And the goal of it is simply this. If you are going to put in the time, why not reap the benefits from more than just YouTube? If you follow the system, not only will your YouTube channel grow your Facebook page, where grow your other social media channels where grow your e-mail list will also grow. How's them, right? That's awesome times for a quadruple. Awesome. Okay. I'm having way too much fun with this, and that's fine because doing this is supposed to be fun. I hope you are getting more and more excited at what the possibility this means for you. Are you ready to take the first step of your YouTube journey? All right, let's do it. 9. Week 2 Intro: Welcome to week two of the YouTube marketing academy. It's research time. We are going to hit the ground running and start doing research on what kinds of videos to start making so that we can fill your channel with awesome videos. We'll start this week by talking about two of the biggest mistakes that new YouTubers make and how to avoid them. Then we'll jump right in and show you some research tools to find the best keywords to target for your niche and your channel. There's at least for keyword research tools that I want to share with you in this course. But I don't want to overwhelm you in the beginning. So we start with these two. Why these two? Because they are specifically made for YouTube. When you are researching keywords for your videos, you don't want to start with tools like Google, Yahoo or Bing. They won't tell you the search volume and R2 Bragg. These tools, however, will give you search results directly happening on YouTube, which is exactly what we need to make our videos. I also wanted to tell you that I am not currently affiliated with any of the tools that I mentioned to you. I'm only sharing them with you because they aren't helpful. You can make your own decision as to which tools to continue using and if you wanted to upgrade to a paid version. But the good thing is they both have a basic plant that is free for you to try. After we do our research, we will end this week with a video execution worksheet. This will help you organize all the research work you have done and help you figure out how to link your videos together and which video to make first. It's going to be so fun and exciting because you will feel like a television producer when you are doing it. I can't wait to share their experience with you. Once again, I am so happy to have you here doing this YouTube, a venture with me. I'm going to take great care of you. Okay, cool. I'll see you in the next episode. 10. 2 Biggest Mistakes New YouTubers Make: Why do we have to do research before we make a video? I mean, why can't we just post a video that we are really passionate about? As long as we do a good job, people will find it and we'll get tons of views and subscribers, right? I used the thing that too until I realized how big of a mistake it is to make a video before doing research first. That's why I want to be direct and give you the honest and scary truth about making videos on YouTube. If you are not targeting keywords that people are searching for, your videos will never be found. If you are targeting competitive keywords, your videos will never be found. Not doing research before creating and publishing a video on YouTube is like writing a book without a title and placing it on a shelf in the library, praying that someone will find it. No one will find your book. Even if you spend hours creating the perfect video and made a super-helpful and entertaining without researching the right keywords to target, no one will find it and your video will be lost in the abyss. And that's unfortunately what a lot of new YouTubers do. They come out with an idea for a video that they are really passionate about. They create it and publish it without doing any research. Let's say you are really good at building model kits and decided to make a video teaching people how to glue a seat on a Ferrari model car. You make the video and publish it with that title. However, after a couple of weeks, your video barely gets any views. Why? If you took the time to do a little research, you'll realize that no one is searching for the key words, how to glue a seat on a Ferrari model car. You see there is almost no search volume for that key word. Your video is lost in the abyss. No one is searching for this kind of video. However, if you rearrange the keywords to reach something like how to use glue on a car model kit. You'll probably get a lot more views. Why? Because there is a lot of people searching for this keyword. Your video does not actually change. It's still about gluing a car model kit together. But by using keywords that people are searching for, you increase the chances of your video being found. That is the first mistake that new YouTubers make, targeting keywords and making videos that people are not searching for. Here is the second mistake. Let's say you are really good at baking pastries and decided to make a video teaching people how to bake donuts. You spend a day filming, editing, and uploading this video on YouTube with that keyword, how to bake donuts. However, after a couple weeks, your video barely gets any views. Why isn't anyone searching for how to bake donuts on you do? Yes, there are. In fact, they're so much searches about baking donors that at this moment, there are 7.53 million videos related to the keywords, how to bake donuts. You see the competition for this keyword is so high that unless you have a large channel, your video would never be found. Your video is lost in that base again turning and we spent a whole day working on this video to a day wasted. However, if you added three more keywords to your title, like how to bake donuts at home on a budget 2021, you'll probably get allow more views. Why? Because there's way less competition for that key word. By targeting three extra keywords, we went from 7.53 million videos to 490 k videos. Your video has a better chance to be found. Now, at this point of our YouTube journey, these are two metrics that we care about that well determined if we create a certain video or not. One, we want to create videos with high search volume, meaning there's a lot of people searching for that topic. 2, we also want to create videos with a low competition, meaning not a lot of videos targeting that topic. This will maximize the reach your videos will get while helping your video stand out from the abyss. Cool, right? Okay, let's continue and I'll show you some tools that we can use to help you do just that. 11. Keywords Research with TubeBuddy: There's not a moment to lose. Let's get our research done so that you can start making great videos to grow your channel. The first research tool that I recommend is to Buddy. It's a browser extension that will help narrow down what keywords you should target for your videos. So go online and typing too and click the button to install it on your browser. Once installed, open up your YouTube channel and on the top right-hand corner, you will see this red button. Click on it. And signing with YouTube too, buddy has a lot of features and I do mean a lot of features, but the only one that we care about right now is the keyword explorer. So click on Keyword explorer. Now you can typing a video idea that you are thinking about making. For my example, I am thinking about creating a video that compares email marketing with a social media marketing. So I would have the R in email marketing versus social media marketing. The two main metrics that we really care about, our search volume and competition. As you can see for this particular keyword, the search volume is in the red zone because there's very little search volume. Now many people are searching for this keyword. So if we made a video about this topic, our video will probably not be found. Good to know, right? The second metric we care about is competition. How many videos on YouTube? Currently trying to rank for these keywords? You can see here the competition value is good, a little better than average. The third metric that too buddy gives you is optimization strength, which tells you how well optimized are the videos currently ranking for this keyword? If it's in the green zone, it means many of the videos in competition with you are now well optimized, allowing you a chance to breaking and rank for that keyword. The values that we currently see before us are unweighted. Meaning is a general estimate across all channels. The strength of two Buddy is its ability to give you a weighted score how it applies to your specific channel. We are currently using two buddies basic plan, that's free. So our limited to only the unweighted score. I'll go ahead and log into one of my accounts that has this feature unlocked so that you can see how I researched keywords using this tool. Once again, I'm going to put in my keyword example, which is email marketing versus social media marketing. When I click Explore, you'll see that this is the weighted score for my specific channel, is still has a fair score around 38 out of 100 because the search volume is still poor. So let's change the keyword a bit. How about if we delete versus so it'll read e-mail marketing, social media marketing, click Explore. And you'll see that the search volume improves tremendously. It now has a score of 65. That's a lot of people searching for this keyword. Cool. Since I usually don't do a video unless it has a score of at least 75 or more. Let's try to improve a bit more. I'm going to experiment and to lead the second marketing word so that it reads e-mail marketing, social media. And now we have a score of a 100. Take a look at the three metrics. Even though the score is a 100, the competition score is in the yellow zone only good. It could be better if we experimented some more and add the word for email marketing for social media, then click Explore and see how now the competition is in the green zone. This means less people are trying to target this keyword phrase. We have even less competition. Just to show you again how one word can change everything. If we add the word growth, email marketing for social media growth and hit explorer, you'll see how crab, the score dropped down to 58. How come? You can see a drop-down because of search volume, there's less people are searching for that keyword phrase. That's why for me, it's a good idea to not include the word growth you my keyword targeting. In a matter of minutes, we went from a score of 38 out of a 100, two, 65, and then to a score of a 100. We did that just by experimenting with the key words, adding a word and deleting a word can change the score a lot and help you narrow down what keywords to target when you make your video, you solve for my example that I originally wanted to make a video comparing the differences between email marketing and social media marketing. But since it has such a poor search volume, it will be a waste of my time to make that video. And that's the power of doing research before you make a video. It not only helps you figure out which keywords to target, but also helps you figure out what your video should be about. And that's one of the secrets about making YouTube videos. You only make videos that people are searching for. So try out too buddy and see if you like it. If you do, I recommend upgrading to the pro level so that you can use their weighted score feature as that's the main benefit of using two buddy in the first place. I will give you more examples of how to do keyword research with two-body in future episodes. Since time is of the essence, I wanted to get your research done as quick as possible so that you can start scripting your videos. I'm going to show you one more app that you can use alongside too buddy to really maximize your research power. I'll see you in the next episode. 12. Keywords Research with VidIQ: The second research tour that I recommend you use when deciding what videos to make and what keywords to target is their IQ. So go online and typing vid and download the browser extension. Once you have it, click on the blue button and select keyword inspector. Just like I said before, these abs have tons of features, but the only one that we care about is keyword research. You can typing a video idea you are thinking about making. For me. I'm thinking about creating a video that teaches people how to get sponsorship deals. So I were typing how to get sponsorship deals into the search bar. Since we are using the basic free plan, their IQ only gives you information on your keyboard and three related keywords. You may be thinking, June, why are we even using their IQ won't to Buddy do the job? To buddies strength is giving you a keyword metrics based on your specific channel. However, it doesn't give you a lot of related keywords to help you brainstorm video ideas. This is where vid IQ comes in. Their IQ gives you metrics for the keywords that you typed in, along with a list of related keywords showing you instantly the kinds of words people are searching for and it's competition. However, to take advantage of vid IQ strength, you do need to upgrade to the pro plan to unlock their feature. I'll go into one of my accounts that has this feature unlocked so that you can see how I researched keywords using vid IQs tool. Now that I'm in my account, Let's just typing the example how to get sponsorship deals. Even though the video I am thinking about making is about Instagram sponsorship deals, I like to start with something general to see what's available and then narrow down. You can also consider sorting this related keywords list by search volume, because we only want to make videos that have high search volume with low competition. Doing keyword research using vid IQ is pretty straightforward. As you look at each of the related keywords, you compare the search volume with the amount of competition it has. The keyword we putting has no such volume. But we can see that even though we didn't specify what kind of sponsorship deals we want to target for. Their IQ is telling us that there's a lot of search volume for how to make money on YouTube and how to make money on Instagram. This could be a video idea for you. Instead of titling the video, how to get sponsorship deals on Instagram, you can consider titling it, how to make money on Instagram and then talk about sponsorship deals as one of the ways to make money. You see how this works. I know I have been repeating this a lot lately, but you always wanted to make videos that people are searching for. If not, you will be wasting your time answering a question that no one is asking. When we scroll down, you can see a related keyword, how to get a sponsorship. You can click on it and then IQ will give you related keywords based on that term. This can be another reminder on how to title your videos. If you think about it, how to get sponsorship deals and how to get us sponsorship are the same thing, just different wording. And you saw firsthand how a difference of wording can mean the difference between no searches per month or 2766 searches per month. If we typing how to get a sponsorship with Instagram, it also has zeros search volume this month. But if you scroll down, you will find how to get sponsored on Instagram with 2500 searches and how to get sponsorship on Instagram with 7000 searches. Further proving that a word change can make a world of difference. As you go through the list, please keep in mind that the score that vid IQ give you is a general estimation. It's not specifically applying to your channel. That's why I like to do my research with vidIQ first to get an idea of the kinds of keywords I want to target. And then go on to Buddy to see how those keywords apply to my channel. Both apps have their own strengths and weaknesses, but by using them together, you can make sure you cover everything without missing any blind spots. They are also quite affordable. The Pro plan for each is around $10 per month. And if you search for a coupon code, you can get a discount as well. So my advice is to download these two apps and try the free version first. See how you like it, and then try the pro version and see what do you think. Once again, I am not currently an affiliate for either one. I just found them very useful. And the fact that they are the two most popular tools specifically for YouTube searches. They may fall great tool to use. Just don't spend hours looking through and using all of their features. We only care about keyword research right now, speaking of which, what do you do once you find a keyword phrase that you want to target? What's next? Let's move on to the next episode and now help you create your video execution plan. 13. Video Execution Worksheet: All right. It's time for me to give you the first worksheet in the course. I am really excited to share this with you because I got my first 1000 subscribers by using this worksheet. That's how powerful it is. But before we talk about the worksheet, Let's first talk about the word execution. Steve Jobs once said to me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions. Bill Gates once said, Vision without execution is daydreaming. And Richard Branson, when said, you do not get paid for having ideas. You get paid for making them happy. They say, execution is everything. You may have a great idea, but if your execution is bad, your idea won't matter even if you spend hours finding the best keywords to target. If your execution of those keywords is bad, all that time will be wasted. So what is video execution then? Remember I shared a secret with you directly from YouTube headquarters, how a person is more likely to subscribe to your channel if he or she watches at least three of your videos back-to-back. This means when you make a video, you are not just thinking about this video by itself. You are thinking about how it relates to your other videos. How can you link this video to the next one and convinced the viewer to keep watching. This is where the video execution worksheet comes in handy. Download the worksheet and open it up. You probably noticed these large arrows right away. They are a constant reminder to link your videos together when one ends and another begins. But more on that later. Let's start at the left side. Once you have done your keywords, researched and found a group of related keywords that you are going to make videos about. You can start to put each of them in this column. As an example, I will show you what I would do when coming out with videos that teach people how to grow on Instagram. Let's say I did research and found that these six keywords to target, these are all good keywords to target. But there is a problem. There's no order to these videos. It's random. Which video should you make first? What should you make last? This is the reason why we are using this worksheet. It helps you organize your thoughts so that the videos you create will have a logical order. Before organizing these keywords into a specific order, don't forget to type these keywords on YouTube and look at the search results. That's why I created this blue column just to make sure these keywords are indeed relevant to the kind of videos you want to make. Once done, you can typing yes, for each that you checked. You can see I created four columns for each of the four videos you will be creating Y4 because there's an average of four weeks in a month and sends you are supposed to publish one video per week. This row will be the four videos you will be creating for the first month. This is for the second month, and this for the third month, and so on. Now comes the fun part. It's time to arrange your keyword ideas into a specific order. This is not only fun to do, but exciting as well, because you literally get to see your own TV show built before your eyes. Here's how to do it. You simply copy each of the keywords from your keyword pool and paste it in the columns. For example, I know I want to make the sponsorship episode after the making money episode. So I'll pick a column and paste them in, making sure their sponsorship episode goes after the make money episode. Since I know I want to talk about profitable niches before talking about how to make money, I will paste the niches episode before the money episode. As you do this for your own videos, you'll notice that little by little, each video turns into an episode and starts to take on a life of its own. These episodes together form a show that flows naturally. For example, if you are watching my most profitable niches episode at the end, I could say something like, Now that you know the most profitable niches on Instagram, let me show you how to make money with those niches. Please watch my next video about how to make money on Instagram. And at the end of the episode, I can say something like Now that you know how to make money on Instagram. And let me show you how to get sponsored our Instagram as that's the easiest way to make money on Instagram. Please watch that episode. Notice how the order of these episodes are natural and logical. You don't feel like I am just pushing you to watch another one of my videos that's not relevant. Just a guess, some extra views. The more logical you order, the more people will want to continue watching. And you will get more views, more engagement, and more subscribers. Naturally, core, right? Once you've finished arranging the order of your videos, the last thing to do is to write a little hook below each video. A hook is the so what of a video idea captures people's attention and makes them want to watch most profitable niches on Instagram. So what? So that you don't waste time on niches that don't work. How to make money on Instagram? So what, so that you can use the three secrets that's working right now and how to get sponsored on Instagram. So what, so that you don't say the wrong things to a sponsor. The best hooks that get people to watch a video usually claim how fast something is, how effective something is, how unique something is, how trendy something is, how easy something is, how cheap something is, and how to avoid mistakes. This is why you see a lot of videos with hooks like don't waste time, W ROI instantly. We're trick that works. Trendy secrets. How to do something for beginners, the cheapest way to fix your problem or watch this before you do anything. You see how compelling these hooks are. This is why now is a good time to add a little hook to each of your keywords to give viewers that extra push to watch your videos. Once you are done, give yourself a big pat on the back. Because guess what? You are now a television producer. What you have just done and what you have before you is your video execution plan. You know your videos will be found because these are the keywords that people are searching for. You know, your videos will get views because you give people a hook, a compelling reason to watch them. And you know, you will get subscribers because your videos are all linked, making people want to watch one after the other exciting stuff. I'll leave this example for you to download so that you have an idea how to fill out this worksheet. Okay, Great. Looking forward to binge-watching your episodes on YouTube. 14. Week 3 Intro: Welcome to week three of the YouTube of marketing academy. Now that you have done your research and know what kinds of videos you want to make. Let's start helping you script and create your videos. And I have lots of secrets plan for you. First off, do you know what a viral video is? Of course you do is a video that has hundreds of thousands of views, is what everyone on YouTube is trying to do. Make that perfect video that gets tons of use. But did you know that that's actually one of the biggest mistakes on YouTube. I will show you why trying to create a super funny or shocking video. Not help your channel in the long run and show you exactly what a real viral video for your channel is so that you can double down and grow in the right direction. Since we are talking about mistakes, I will also show you the top ten biggest mistakes people are making under YouTube videos today. Why they are mistakes? What the consequences are, and how to avoid them. Why you don't want to link outside of YouTube. For the first ten videos you make y making long videos when your channel is small can hurt your audience retention score, making the YouTube algorithm now want to recommend your video in the related videos section, we will then talk about two of the most effective ways to increase watch time and why you need a start implementing them in your videos. How to get people to pay attention to your videos and actually click on the thumbnail to start watching. And the 1 third rule I learned directly from YouTube headquarters and how to use it to your advantage, how to play by YouTube's rules and increase your watch time, boosting your videos ranking. Then we will answer the $1 million question, just how and when to ask people to subscribe to your channel. Youtube analyzed thousands of channels, grew like crazy during the pandemic. And I will explain just what these channels were doing, what they were showing, what they were saying in their videos that convince people not only the hit that subscribe button, but to smash that subscribe button, I will even give you the green screen animation that these growing channels are using right now to get subscribers and show you when to use it and how to use it for maximum effect. If you think that's all we're doing this week, you will be pleasantly surprised if you are having trouble figuring out what to say in your videos. I got your back. I will show you a simple formula you can use to easily turn any video you are thinking of making into an entertaining experience for your viewers and making them want to continue watching more of your videos. And once you master this simple formula, we are going to upgrade your skills even more by using an advanced the YouTube scripting secret. I will give you my proprietary five-step viral video formula. Show you how to use it along with easy to follow worksheets and examples from my own viral videos so that people would now only want to watch your videos, but shared them with their friends, giving you even more reach. Has you can see, I have tons planned for you this week. It's time to create your next viral video and make it an easy and fun experience for you. Can't wait, let's get started. 15. What Going Viral Means TO YOU: Everyone wants to make a viral video so that they can become Internet famous. But what exactly is a viral video? You know what it is? It's a video that has hundreds of thousands of views, or even millions of views. Like funny cat videos or funny prank videos, or amazing logging videos. That is what viral means to the general public. But we are doing something different in this course. Viral videos to us, to our channel mean videos that are the most popular on our channel, that are driving tons of traffic that are related to our niche. For example, frank Kern, a successful entrepreneur who makes millions of dollars per year, only has a channel of around 34 case subscribers. He posts videos about online marketing with the video section highlighted when we look at the right-hand side of his channel and click sort by soul, his videos by most popular, you can see his most popular video has 218 K views. It is an interview he did with Tony Robbins. This is his viral video. It helps drive tons of traffic to his channel and is related to his niche, which is online marketing. And other successful entrepreneur is kinda convey who posts business mindset videos. He only has four K subscribers. When you saw his videos by most popular, you'll see his most popular video has 9.4 K views. It is a video about getting out of a job that you hate. This is his viral video because it is driving tons of traffic to his channel and is related to his niche, which is business mindset. Here is one of my friends channel Cherry, who posts about baking and delicious desserts. You can see her most popular video has 4.4 K views. This is her viral video. Why? You guessed it is the one driving tons of traffic to our channel and is related to her niche. Now do you want to see a really interesting example? This is Christine. She is a violinist and she posts her violin performances on YouTube. When you saw her videos by most popular, you'll see this one, the one with 7 million views. Wow, that's a lot of use. Now, you are probably tempted to say that this is her viral video, right? Well, let's take a look. Did you see what happened? The video is of her violin performance. But the reason why I got so many views was because a string snap during mid performance, which made it extremely interesting to watch. Now let's go back to her channel and take a look at her second most popular video. It has 773 K views. He interesting rate, another accident happened. A light bulb exploded during mid performance, which cover a lot of use. This goes on for one more video where she plays the violin in an airport and is interrupted by a public announcement over the intercom and other accident video that got her 513 k views. Now comes the most interesting part of our channel. The fourth video got only 60 aka views. Why the sudden drop from 500 K views to 60 aka views. Because the views from her most popular videos were coming from people who were watching because of the accident. Let me ask you a question, which is really the viral video that Christine cares about. These three accident videos, or this fourth video with no accident, unless Christine plans to come out with more and more accident videos, which I doubt her fourth most popular video is her real viral video. Why? Because her niche is violin videos, not accident videos. You want to focus on creating videos related to your niche. That is how you can consistently grow your channel in the right direction. Interestingly enough, a similar thing is happening on one of my channels. One of my channels is about entrepreneurship for beginners. This is my niche. See, it says it on the cover art, start entrepreneurship, the easy way. However, if you saw my videos by popularity, you'll notice that my most popular video is a sexy lingerie fashion show. What the hell? This is a video that I post a long, long time ago when I attended a fashion show. Yeah, I guess it's entertaining to watch. However, even though it has over 252 k views, this video is not my real viral video. Same thing with my second most popular video that got 107 K views. A video of silly of me dressed up as a Star Wars Clone trooper character and walking the streets. Hi, can't believe this silly video got 100 K views, but it's still not my real viral video. When you return back to my channel, you'll see this entire row, including the first two of the second row, all got a lot of use and yet are not considered my real viral video. Why? Because my channel is about entrepreneurship. Unless I plan to consistently go to a sexy fashion shows or dress up in different costumes acting like a four. Again, these are not my real viral videos. This video titled How to become Instagram famous. It has aka views. That's my real viral video. And it's also one of the videos that's consistently making me money, consistently bringing me viewers that turns into subscribers, that turns into customers. Why? Because that's what my channel is really about. And that's the reason why I showed you all these channel examples. Please don't focus on viral videos that's not related to your niche. They are not sustainable and they don't attract the right kind of viewers that will help grow your channel or your business. I mean, do you really want people subscribing to your channel hoping that you will have another accident or subscribing to your channel hoping to see more sexy girls or you wearing a ridiculous costume. Of course not. When you get a chance, go onto your YouTube channel and soldier videos by popularity, the most popular video that's related to your niche is your real viral video. That's the viral video that we care about. That's the video that we can do bulk it time and time again. It's videos like these that will help you grow your channel in the long run. Our goal this week is to help fill your channel with real viral videos related to your niche so that anyone interested will subscribe and become a fan of your work. Sound, fair? Great. Let's move on to the next episode where I will share with you the top ten biggest mistakes in today's YouTube videos. 16. Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Today's YouTube Videos - Part 1: If you have taken my courses before, you know, I really enjoy sharing big mistakes to avoid with you. Mistakes I have made in the past. Mistakes. Others are making mistakes I learned directly from YouTube headquarters. So let's get started. Here are the top ten biggest mistakes in today's YouTube videos. First up is making long videos. Lots of YouTube influencers with large channels advise people to make long videos. Their reasoning is if you make a long video, viewers will watch longer, which improves your video ranking and channel authority. What they didn't tell you is that a long video strategy mainly works for big channels. Why? Because they already have thousands of fans who will consume their content as soon as they post. Before small channels, making long videos will do more harm than good. Here's the secret. Youtube keeps track of how many minutes of watch time each of your video gets. And they secretly give each video a grade based on the percentage of video a person watches. The higher the percentage, the higher the score, the higher the score, the higher the ranking. If someone watches only two minutes of your 10 minute video, that's 20 percent of completion. If the same person watches the same two minutes of your five-minute video, that's 40% of completion. Same person, same wash time. And yet YouTube feels that the five-minute video is better and gives it a higher score. This is why in the beginning, when you have a small channel still trying to build authority and ranking, make shorter videos. Interesting enough, it's less work and helps your video rank higher. The second biggest mistake is linking outside. I will never forget the moment when one of the YouTube engineers told us in a meeting that they penalize videos that links outside of YouTube. This means if you put a link in your description that takes a person to anywhere outside of YouTube, that video will have less reach. Soon as I heard that, I immediately went into my channel and remove the link from my most current video that's driving traffic outside of YouTube towards my website. Just like any other social media platform, YouTube's goal is to keep people on their platform as long as possible. The longer a person stays on YouTube watching videos, the more ads this person will see, and the more money YouTube will make. This is similar for Facebook as well. Do you notice how some of your posts with links in the description gets less engagement tempos without links. Now you know why? I know we are talking about YouTube right now, but here's a tip. If you want your Facebook posts to have more reach when sharing a link, paste the link in the comments section. So if you make a video that drives traffic out of YouTube, the algorithm will automatically give your video, let's reach. This is especially the case for new channels. The YouTube engineer told us that there is a growing number of people going onto YouTube, opening a new account, making tons of videos promoting affiliate products and asking people to click their affiliate links. Youtube, consider these people parasites. They are entering the community using the traffic for their own benefit and driving viewers out of the platform. That's why YouTube heavily penalized their channels. But don't be afraid you can still link outside of YouTube. Just do it after you have proven to the algorithm that you are a positive member of the community. And how do you do that? In the beginning, make sure that firsthand videos that you make to not link outside of YouTube, but rather linked to your or other videos on the platform. Once your videos have gotten some engagement, then if you want, you can make one video that Legs out of YouTube and that video won't be as penalized. The third biggest mistake is having a card that shows up too early. In other words, linking to another of your video too early in this video. This is a commonly made mistake and yet it makes sense people are making it. Everyone knows they need to link to other videos in their channel, convincing people to watch more. So they put various cards that pop out at different times during the video, driving traffic to another video. What they may not realize is that if they do it too early, it actually hurts. This video. Why? Youtube's algorithm is a machine. It's a robot. It doesn't have any emotions or feelings. It just reads data. If we have a five-minute video and put a card 1, meaning telling people to watch another related video and lots of people click that card. Do you know what YouTube we're think YouTube will think that your video is bad. It has to be bad or else why were so many people watch only one minute before clicking away? You see how putting a card early on can trick YouTube into thinking your video is getting poor wash time. Yes, you should link to your other videos, but do that later on in the video, preferably after someone has consumed at least 1 third of your content. Why 1 third? I made an entire episode explaining YouTube's 1 third rule, but don't watch that until you finish this episode. Okay? The fourth biggest mistake is not having a hook in your video or a hook in your title. When we are talking about the things that we are passionate about. We sometimes forget to explain why people should care. Like right now, I am passionately talking to you about how to avoid YouTube mistakes. But if I didn't explain why it is so important to avoid them, you'll probably forget, or worse, not care. Some videos have great content but no hook. And without a hook, people may not want to watch it. Like my video titled email marketing tips 2021, how to make money with a small list. It's okay, but there's no hook, not convincing enough to make someone want to watch it right now. So I added the hook, send emails and make money in less than four days and talked about it in the video. Now there is a hook, a compelling reason to watch this video right now, it makes the benefit of watching the video more tangible. I think of making videos like writing a short book, a five-page book. And I think of the hook as the cover of the book. Without a good cover, no one will want to read the book. And what's the best way to announce your hook about your video on your thumbnail. Nowadays, most people judge a video buys thumbnail even more than the title of the video. So make sure to create a hook for each of your videos, okay? Now, if a good cover makes someone want to read a book, then what makes someone want to read the entire book? Cover to cover? We stumbled upon mistake number five, not telling a story in your videos. Youtube is known for a place to find how to videos. There are so many how-to videos, they easily turned YouTube into a search engine. Second only to Google. Let me ask you a question of all the how-to videos and tutorials that you have watched on YouTube. Which one is the most memorable? Exactly, the one that has a short story. Truth is, you can get people to watch your video if you give away useful information, like top 10 ways to lose belly fat, or three ways to make money online, or how to know when a girl is ready to be kissed. You can get people to watch these videos because they are filled with useful information. However, and here's the real secret of a successful video. Would people really remember what you told them a week from today? Especially when you're making a top 10 list video, most people will probably remember one or two points and forget the rest. And if they forget, that means your video is not memorable and they probably won't want to watch another of your video. What story does is make the information that you are sharing now only memorable, but also entertaining. Like what I'm doing right now. I am sharing the top ten mistakes with you and know for a fact that you probably won't remember every mistake I mentioned in a week from now. That's why I tried telling you a short story for each example. Do you remember the second biggest mistake of YouTube videos? It's about not linking outside. And what's the consequence? If you put a link that takes someone outside of YouTube, you get penalized. Do you remember this image of a parasite? Of course you do. It's a powerful image. Do you remember how I came about this information? Of course you do. I learned it from this YouTube engineer. Imagine what will happen if I just told you don't link outside of YouTube or you will be penalized a waveform. Now you probably won't remember why I told you that, but by telling us your story, you are more likely to remember it and not make this mistake. And if you remember my story, you will watch more of my episodes, right? And that's the power of telling a story in your videos. Don't worry if you are having trouble telling stories because we will talk about it in more details in another episode. Speaking of which, since I want to make sure my episodes are short and easy to consume, will cover the rest of the five mistakes in the next video. See you there. 17. Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Today's YouTube Videos - Part 2: All right, Let's get to the point and talk about the last top five mistakes in today's YouTube videos. And ironically the number six mistake is get this. Now getting to the point, there is a reason why as you go through this course and my other courses, all my episodes get straight to the point. I do this to show that I respect your time. I don't waste a single minute talking about things that don't matter or ramble on and on. Now getting to the point, I think there are three main reasons why some people don't get straight to the point in their videos on YouTube. One, they don't actually know enough about the topic they are talking about and are stalling. So it fills up the video running time. Two, since the video is free, they spent a lot of time talking about who they are, their experience and promoting their channel, which has nothing to do with the radio. And three, which I believe is the biggest reason for not getting to the point, is they know so much about the topic that they are talking about that they literally cannot stop talking about it and branch off in all different directions. For example, let's say you are an expert chef and make the best steak I have ever tasted. If I asked you, Hey, how do you make stakes like you do? How would you answer my question? You might start off talking about how you became a gray Chef, where you trained and how you master your skills. And then move on to talk about where to buy the best steak, which grocery store has the best steak for the best value. Then continue onwards talking about what kind of grill is the best to use and what temperature the set it at and for how long he wish I cut you off and ask you to get straight to the point and tell me what seasoning you use. If I didn't stop you. You will go on for days. It's not because you want to waste my time, but because you know so much about your topic, that is a little hard to stay focused. This is another reason why I suggest making sure videos answering a very specific question. That way you get straight to the point giving the viewer instance satisfaction, making them come back to your channel again and again. The seventh biggest mistake is having a branding video when your channel is still growing. Now, this is something that I know some of you may not agree with me and that's fine, but I do have to get it off my chest. A branding video is a five to ten seconds segment towards the beginning of your video that introduce your experience, your company, and what your channel is about. This I feel is a waste of valuable seconds in your video, especially in the beginning, where you want to convince people to not skip and continue watching, having a branding video breaks up the flow of things for the sole purpose of self-promotion. Viewers or start your video by watching you talk about what your video is about. Dan, before you get to the point, they have to sit through five to ten seconds. Have your commercial about yourself and your channel. When your channel is new or small, it's time wasted showing off your brand. And sadly, people who don't care. Adding a branding video is like you forcing your brand down the throw of your viewers. Can you imagine if you were trying to find a definition of a word, open up the dictionary and before the dictionary tells you the information is, spends a few seconds is telling you how long that dictionary has been in business and how many people they have served. If the dictionary did this every time you looked up a world where you continue using it. The beginning of each video is crucial for engagement. People are deciding and judging if they should continue watching your video or skip. Every second counts. Good value, good value right away. Avoid the brand video and keep the viewer watching without breaking the flow. The eighth biggest YouTube video mistake is spamming the description with your keywords. Most YouTubers know how important keywords are in getting their videos ranked. So what did they do? They spam their description with tons of the key words just repeated over and over again. Like if their video was about losing weight and their keyword is how to lose weight in a week. Their description will be something like this. How to lose weight in a week. In this video, I will show you how to lose weight in a week. It's pretty simple to lose weight in a week. What you need to do to lose weight in a week is to focus on why you want to lose weight in a week. Knowing why you want to lose weight in a week isn't important step to losing weight in a week. Oh my God, I know you're laughing at how ridiculous this description is. A YouTube is not an idiot. As soon as they crawl through and notice that you are repeating the same key word over and over again. They will rank the video lower. Any kind of spamming is frowned upon. This is why keywords spamming on your blog doesn't help it rank higher on Google searches. Google hates it. And since Google owns YouTube, YouTube hates a two, so just don't do it. The ninth biggest mistake is using too many tags or unrelated tags. Once again, the mistakes that I am sharing with you apply so small channels. If you have a big channel, it doesn't matter too much because you already have the traffic. And the fanbase waiting to watch your videos, it's easier to get your videos ranked before small channels that's struggling. It would not make your life any easier. The reason is when you post a video and start adding tags, YouTube will try to categorize your video by looking at the key words you choose to describe your video. If your video is about swimming and you start with the taggers swimming, It's a little general but is fine. Then you add swimming in your pool. That's still okay. But if you start adding tags like swimming with my clothes on, swimming and smiling, holding your breath underwater with each tag that you add a YouTube gets more and more confused as to what your video is really about. Can't be all of those things, right? I mean, uh, can be. But YouTube won't rank your video for all of those keywords at the same time in the beginning. That's why a way to help YouTube rank your video is to use one to three very specific targeted keywords that you want to rank for. Then in a few days at more relevant tags as you go. What I like to do is to just publish the video with only one tag, the specific keyword that I wanted to rank for. Then after 24 hours, start to add more tags one-by-one. This may be a tedious process, but trust me, it will help you to understand what your video is about without any confusion. Okay, We have finally arrived at the 10th biggest mistake in today's YouTube videos. And boy, is that a big one? So big that as soon as I say it, you will agree with me. The 10th biggest mistake in today's YouTube videos is asking for the like and subscribe without a specific reason. I bet you won't find a single video on YouTube not asking you to like and subscribe to their channel, because everyone does it. Some do is so much that it becomes annoying, making it appear as if they are needy and desperate. I made an entire episode for you explaining just how to ask people to subscribe to your channel. We will talk about that in further details later, but I can share this one secret with you. It works so well that you will start seeing more subscriptions just by doing this one thing. And what is it gives a specific reason for subscribing to your channel. If your channel is about all the different ways to make cocktails, saying, please subscribe and support my channel will not make people want to subscribe saying, please subscribe to my channel because I posed lots of helpful and fun cocktail videos who are now working either saying, please subscribe, I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday is still not good enough to subscribe. But if you made it very specific and compelling, if you say something like, Hey, don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Because in the next video, I will show you how to make three of the most popular drinks that costs $30 at a club for only $5 at home. In fact, it's so easy to make it. It will only take you five minutes. Please subscribe now and I can't wait to share the secret recipe and help you be the life of the party at your own home. In the next video, you see how it's way more convincing for a visitor to take action and actually subscribe. Now, that's one thing I learned after decades working in the marketing industry. People don't take action unless you give them a specific and compelling reason to do so. So that's it for now. I know it's a lot of information, but don't worry if you don't remember everything. Because as you make your videos and follow our action plan worksheets and handouts. All of these strategies are built in so that you can just follow along each time you make a video. My goal is to make this YouTube adventure not only effective, but easy and fun at the same time. Okay, great. Let's continue our journey and talk about how to boost your videos. Watch time, and convince people to watch your entire video without skipping. See you in the next episode. 18. Watch Time Boost #1 How to Get People to Pay Attention: Let's start boosting the watch time on your videos. Just how do you get people to start watching your video and continue watching, preferably to the end. Most successful YouTube videos starts with the keyword that the video is about, then an overview of what will be covered in the video, after which comes the actual content. And based on research, the average person will only watch about one or two minutes of a video, realize is not what they are looking for or not interesting enough, and skip to another related video. This means the first one to two minutes of your video is crucial. It will determine if the visitor continuous watching and for how long that means the solution for boosting wash time is obvious. What do you say in the first, second minute of your video? To give people watching, what can you do to get them to care and pay attention? I cannot take credit for the secret because I learned it from someone very special to me. The secret is so simple and yet it works like a charm. Ask an interesting question and reveal the answer at the end. Simple, right? And who did I learned this from? My mom. You see, my mom is a college professor and one of the subjects that she teaches is music theory. However, every semester she would get students who don't pay attention in class. They will start packing up their bags early as if they can't wait for the class to end. The students weren't really interested in learning about music. They were just taking the class to fulfill college credit and to get an easy a. So what did my mom do? Every time she wanted the classes for attention? She will ask an interesting and almost profound question and promised to reveal the answer at the end of class. For example, one of her lectures was about music, harmony, intervals and scales, which can be pretty boring to listen to if you are not planning to be a musician. So she started the class by playing ten seconds of this song. De Shi pause the song and said, you know this famous song, you know this famous artist Mozart. But why is he famous? Why is this song still famous 260 years later, by the end of this class, you will know exactly why. And then she proceeded to talk about all the boring harmony, intervals and scales in the lesson plan, the class content didn't really change. The only difference is those students who were eager to leave, we're now paying attention. This simple yet effective secret works so well done. My mouth sometimes plays a trick. Her students, sometimes she will end the class without explaining how all this relates to Mozart. And guess what happened. Now only there's some of the students not leave when the class was over, but actually stayed after and wouldn't leave until my mom bridge that gap and told them the answer. And that is the first secret in boosting your video watch time, getting people to pay attention, create a gap and promised to fill it by the end, create a hook and promised to answer it by the end of your video. Okay, let's put this into action. We talked about hooks before, but knowing you need to create a hook is the easy part. Just how do you do it? Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing. A great way to come up with a hook is to think about what objections people may have when listening to your topic. The hook should handle any objections your viewers may have. How to lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods. Five ways to make money online. Even if you are a complete newbie. How to cure insomnia once and for all. When you're sleeping pills don't work. Three secrets to get more followers on Instagram. That actually works right now. Product review, unbiased review, showing you all the bad and the good. Words like without even give when that actually works and unbiased or hook the audience and convince them that you understand what they are thinking about and know how they feel. Your ability to guess what people are thinking about will increase your video click-through rate and wash time. Why? Because people want to watch videos that they feel are made specifically for them. Here's another secret about creating hooks that is a bit more advanced. It requires you to think about what is the problem you are trying to solve in your video and take a step back and think about what viewers are trying to achieve and why. This can be pretty powerful in getting people to watch your videos. Because once again, it proves the people you understand them. Ways to look classy and rich without buying a Gucci bag. Five, easy to do some more exercises to get people to turn heads at the beach. How to run YouTube ads, because Facebook ads are not working. How to cure pornography addiction with this one simple dating app. Why do people buy Gucci bags? One reason is because they want to look classy and rich. Your video was showed them how to look class you're rich without spending a fortune on Designer Bags. Why do people work out more in the summertime? One reason is because they want to look good partying on the beach. Your video, we'll show them how to turn heads on the beach with the simple summary exercises. Why do people run YouTube ads? One reason is because Facebook ads are not working for them. Your video, we'll show them how to grow their business with YouTube ads without relying on Facebook ads. And finally, why are some people addicted to pornography? One reason is because they are lonely. Your video, we'll show them how to cure pornography addiction by getting them dates using a dating app. As you can see, not as hard as you may think to come up with a good hook. One way is to ask, why are people watching or searching for this type of inflammation? Answer the why. And you will have a lot of satisfy viewers. Why? Because you are helping them solve their problems at its core. As you start creating your own hook that makes your video irresistible to watch. Notice how the hook is usually the second part of the video title. That's because the first part of your video title is your key word, the keyword that you want to rank for YouTube's algorithm, cross from left to right. They will see these words and rank your video based on these words first, the second part of your title is not really for YouTube. It's the hook that grabs people's attention. The reason that compels them to watch a video right now rather than later. Whether it's teaching people how to cure their insomnia, even if they're sleeping pills don't work. Or how to look classy enrich without spending a dime on a designer bag or while learning about harmony. Intervals and skills are so important if you want to be the next Mozart. There is no doubt a well-placed hook at the beginning of your video or presentation will increase your videos watch time. Now that you know how to capture people's attention. How do you keep that attention? How do you keep them watching until the end credits of your video? How see you in the next episode? 19. Watch Time Boost #2 The One Third Rule from YouTube Headquarters vid: This is an episode that I've been dying to make for you ever since I came out of a meeting working with YouTube. Once you understand the 1 third rule, the way you script and create your own videos will change forever. Let's jump writing. Youtube, if you don't know already, is obsessed with audience retention, is not enough that your video gets likes comments, but also views, real views, because likes and comments can be bought. There's tons of shady places on the net selling likes, comments and even subscribers. But guess what? There is something money can't buy and that's audience retention. Youtube is smart. They know people are selling fake likes, comments, subscribers, and even views. Why they don't count a view unless someone watches more than 30 seconds or more of your video. If you go into your YouTube Studio dashboard, click on Analytics on the left-hand side, and then select engagement. You will see they have a list of your top ten videos with the highest audience retention. These are the videos in which a lot of people are watching past the thirty-seconds mark. If you want your videos to be ranked, they should have a percentage of 45 or higher. The higher the percentage, the higher the chances of your video being recommended to others in the related video section. Furthermore, two breaks your video into thirds, keeping track of how many people watches up to 1 third of your video. And that's where the 1 third rule came from. This means if you can get people to watch at least 1 third of your video, your video has good audience retention. Youtube is owned by Google and sends Google Ads has a robust analytic system helping people analyze their Ads Data. Youtube also has a robust analytic system. So much so that if you are not careful, you can waste hours and days looking through the analytics section of your channel, this is something that I don't recommend you do. I don't recommend you spending hours looking at the analytics data for each of your videos. So you can come up with the perfect video. That is a sure way to burn yourself out and even give up on YouTube. My job is to make your Youtube experienced simple and easy. That's why I'm cutting through all the crap and just telling you what you need to know. Youtube's 1 third rule. This is why I recommend you make shorter videos so that your viewers reach 1 third of your video quicker, letting the algorithm know you have a good video with good audience retention. This is also why I recommend you not linked to another one of your videos and drive traffic away until people have watched at least 1 third of your video does also increasing audience retention. Now let me share one more golden nugget with you that we're now only keep people watching your video until the end, but also have them subscribing and coming back to your channel time and time again. And that golden nugget is the tell a story. I know people have told you to tell stories to increase engagement. And you probably know how important it is to tell a story. But I want to make it easy for you and give you a short storytelling formula that fits well with YouTube's of 1. Third rule. Here's the formula, concept, example, elaboration. Every YouTube video has a concept. You are teaching a concept to the viewer to help them understand the concept. You give them examples. But where is the story in this concept? How can you make this possibly boring concept entertaining so that people will remember it, remember your video and what does subscribe to your channel. The story comes from elaborating the example, giving some background information about the example concept, example, elaboration. I can't give you this concept without giving you an example and elaborating on it, right? Okay, here goes. Besides teaching YouTube marketing, I also teach email marketing, which is how to make money sending emails to your list. In one of my YouTube videos, I teach the concept of polarization. How if you want to get your community to take action and buy your products, you need to pick a side and throw some rocks at your enemy. I gave an example of one of my students, Kevin, who sells Star Wars FX lightsabers. He had a small but passionate e-mail as the filled with Star Wars fans. He used the concept of polarization to convince people to buy his lightsabers by attacking and bad mouth and their common enemy. The concept is email polarization. The example is Kevin is using this concept to sell his lightsabers to his list. But what is the story? What is the elaboration of this example? In my YouTube video, I told the full story. The San Diego Comic-Con was coming up and I suggested that he do a community events sale. So we drafted up an e-mail sales sequence made up of four days long. The first email is to build anticipation for the upcoming Comic-Con event. The second email is to let her subscribers know the sale is opened for 48 hours. The third e-mail reminds people that the sale ends in 24 hours. And the last email reminds once again that the sale ends midnight. Kevin then told his Star Wars subscribers how much he hated Trekkies, how much he wanted a Star Wars community to outnumber the Star Trek community at this year's Comic-Con and how awesome they will feel for each of his community members to have a lifesaver in hand to show people the true power of the force. If you hate Star Trek by this lightsaber. I then ended the story by showing the result. Kevin sold 131 lightsabers just by sending for emails. You see how just by elaborating an example. Now there's a story. Now the concept of email polarization is memorable. This easy storytelling formula of fits with YouTube's 1 third rule perfectly. The first 1 third of your video is you saying the keywords of your video, giving viewers a hook of a result that you are promising them. And without skipping a beat, you go straight into talking about your concept that will give your viewers the result. People watching are intrigued by what you are offering and we'll continue watching as you move on to the second part of your video where you share an example of your concept. This was solidify and make your concept easy to understand and relatable, making people continue watching. And that's where you end your video, elaborating the example, making the viewer feel emotional towards what you are saying. Because let's face it, telling a story should trigger emotions. When I told you the story of Kevin attacking Star Trek lovers to sell his Star Wars merchandise. Did you feel something? Did you respect what he did or did you feel like he played a trick on someone? You have an opinion, right? And while your audience is in this emotional opinion, native state, your video ends, making them want to subscribe and watch more of your videos. Cool, right? I'm telling you, perfecting your storytelling ability will guarantee your channel will grow. I'm so confident about it because not everyone on YouTube knows how to tell a story, but now you do, and we are just getting started. So don't forget to try this formula out. Concept example, elaboration. As you can see, it fits well with YouTube's 1 third rule, which helps get people to watch at least 1 third of your video, helping your video get ranked higher and higher. Now that you know how to capture the viewer's attention, how to keep them watching, and how to steer their emotions with stories. How do you get them to subscribe? How do you push them over the edge so that they were now only hit that subscribe button, but smash that subscribe button confidently. I'll see you in the next episode. 20. When to Ask for the Subscribe: Now it's time to ask the $1 million question, just how and when do you ask the viewer to subscribe to your channel? Youtube analyzed thousands of trending channels that took advantage of the pandemic to grow their subscribers. Meaning these people started with a small channel and because of the pandemic lockdown and quarantine situation, grew their channel in a relatively short amount of time. So what they do to find out what were these channels doing differently than everyone else? These channels treated a viewer like a potential friend. They simply extended a casual offer, a friendship to their channel. You see the psychology of getting a subscriber on YouTube is like making a friend. If you are chatting with a stranger at a party and you'd like the person, how do you make them, your friend? You cannot just keep on asking, hey, what have you, my friend, hey one or like me, I want to be my friend. Hey, want to like and subscribe to my channel. No, that would not only be annoying, but desperate, even creepy, to turn a stranger into a friend. You offer value, establish a connection, and indirectly offer your friendship. You basically talk about some things you have in common. Share an interesting story or two. You casually say something like a couple of my friends and I play volleyball on the weekend, it would be fun to have you round. That's indirectly asking for the friendship. You seal the deal and confirmed the French have at the end of the conversation by casually offering a specific get-together at a later date. So you continue the conversation for a few more minutes and ended by saying something like, Hey, you know what, we are going to play some volleyball this Sunday at the beach there, whether it's going to be awesome and it's going to be fun. Wanna join us. That's directly asking for the friendship. Interesting enough, That's what these trending channels we're doing to get subscribers during the pandemic. They were giving value in their videos using common lingo to relate to the viewer and immediately, but indirectly asking for the channel subscription by using simple animations like this. Then right before the video ended, they told the viewer exactly what to expect in the next video and casually but directly asked for the subscription to join them. Since we analyze the thousands which handles that we're doing this, I'll just give you the one example that I think that does the best. Check this out. Prior to the pandemic, this channel posted about video games and included gameplay commentary about all different kinds of games. When the pandemic hit the most popular game, if not the only new game out in the market was doom Eternal, a first-person shooter game? This channel double down on that game and posted tips, tricks and strategies only about doom Eternal, you can see his views went from hundreds to thousands. And now this channel has 80 k subscribers and still growing. What was his secret? How and when he asked for the subscription in his videos, his videos are full of tips on how to beat that difficult demon enemies in the game. So all of these new factors and the DLC make the idea of using the unmake are tactically to eliminate super heavy as very attractive. Here's how you do it, frees the barren shooting with seven rounds of unmake are super shotgun, Melissa, he's dead. Wow, that was easy, wasn't it? Ice bomb, rocket. See what he just did. He dropped the value bomb and indirectly ask you to subscribe by using a simple animation. It was so quick that it was almost subliminal. And let's see it again. Here's how you do it. Frees the barren shooting with seven rounds of unmake are super shot gun Melissa, he's dead. Wow, that was easy, wasn't it? Ice bomb? Dan continuous the video using lingo that only gamers understand and appreciate. And it showed all the different ways to defeat these difficult demons. You can shoot a lock on rockets while tossing a grenade. The grenade explodes, faltering the barren, opening them up to the unmake her super shotgun dead remote detonation falter plus on maker and grenade, super shot gun, blood punch, bowl, auto, dead, microwave beam plus grenade on Maker, microwave beam, super shotgun dead. At the end of the video, he directly tells you to subscribe to his channel and tells you to share it with your friends who want to get good at this game. He also mentions his next video will be the ancient gods too, which is the next game in the series, and make us change our approach. And I find that really exciting. Make sure you're subscribed to this channel and send these guides to your friends that need to get better at the game. We'll be talking about the ancient gods part to really soon. Thanks for watching. Notice how convincing this method is in converting a visitor into a subscriber to review after you drop a value bomb, after you share a valuable secret or tipping your video, immediately, use this animation to indirectly remind the viewer to subscribe. This works wonders because psychologically, people are more likely to do what you ask immediately after they receive something of value from you. Second, at the end of the video, directly ask people to subscribe and tell them specifically why. What's the next video you will make and why they wouldn't want to miss it. Okay, I want you to start using the secret right away to get more subscribers. So I will give you this green screen animation in the next episode for you to download and use for your videos. The episode after that, we'll show you how to add this green square animation to your video if you are using Adobe Premiere. So go ahead and download this animation right now, and I'll show you how to start using it in your videos. 22. How to Use the Subscribe Animation For Your Videos vid: Now that you have downloaded the subscribe animation, let me show you how to remove the green screen in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are using another editing software, don't worry, the process and tools are very similar. The cool thing about this animation is that a has two parts. The first is used for the indirect subscription reminder, and the second to be used for the direct subscription reminder. This is what it looks like. Notice how both animation have a bell sound effect that can't be missed. A great reminder, right? Okay, The very first thing we wanna do is to split the animation in half where the first one ends and the second one begins. You can use the razor tool to do that with the two separated. Now it's time to select where you want to place the first indirect subscription reminder. This is where the animation was suddenly appear over the voiceover of your video. The video that I'm working on is about YouTube ads. So I decided to place a here right after I dropped the value bomb of why people are using YouTube in the first place. Here is the biggest psychology secret about YouTube. People are on YouTube because they want to know something, to do something and to buy something. So let me give you example. Now we just go back to our first animation clip. Make sure the audio is in a different layer and drag it to that location. We can test it out to know something, to do something and to buy something. So let me give you example. Let's say a girl is pregnant and is about to give birth. All right, the animation happens at the right time. Now we just need to remove the green screen. To do that, go to the Effects tab, click on the Video Effects drop-down, select keying, and drag and drop the ultra key on top of this animation layer. Once done, click on the eyedropper tool and move over to anywhere on the green part of the screen and click the green. Magic, the green is removed. That's like a $1 million hollywood visual effect done right at home. Now, we want to lower this animation down to the bottom of the screen so that it's not that intrusive. Remember, this is an indirect subscription reminder. It's supposed to be subtle and subliminal, not in your face. After you move the animation in the position that you want. Let's test it to see if it works with the flow of the video. Onto know something, to do something and to buy something. So let me give you example. Let's say a girl is pregnant and is about to give birth. What are some of the things she may be searching for on YouTube? She may be typing these. Looking good. Now let's work on the second animation and we will be done. This is the direct subscription request, is supposed to be at the end of the video in your face and appear right when you say the phrase, Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, don't forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification by me, because in the next video, I will show you how to use YouTube ads effectively to drive traffic to your business. Okay, I found it. Now we will drag this animation layer on top of the video, making sure that the audio is also in its own layer. Right there. Once again, click and drag and drop the ultra key effect onto this animation. Click on the eyedropper tool and move over to anywhere on the green part of the screen and click the green. Hand. Magic isn't a great feeling when your videos show up behind the animation. All right, let's test it to see if it works with the flow of the video. And next video. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification by me, because in the next video, I will show you how to use YouTube ads effectively to drive traffic to your business and how they use it to double your ROI instantly. I'll see you in the next episode. And there you have it. You just did some Hollywood green screen video production work. You should be very proud of yourself. Now you can use this enemies running all of your videos to easily convince people to subscribe to your channel. Cheers to that. 23. Step Viral Video Formula Vid: A couple of episodes ago, I told you about YouTube's 1 third rule and introduce you to the simple three-step formula for scripting and telling stories in your videos. That formula was concept, example and elaboration. Once you have mastered this way of creating YouTube videos, it's time to upgrade your skills and use a more advanced formula. If you study successful YouTubers, you'll notice many of them are using this formula to quickly deliver value and instantly satisfied their viewers, getting massive amounts of engagement and reshared of their video. Since this formula is more events, it has more than three steps, five steps to be exact. But just because it's events doesn't mean you can't copy it and apply it to your videos. If you are ready to upgrade your YouTube scripting skills. This episode, we'll show you how to do just that. The secret of the five-step viral video formula is that you don't waste a single second of your video. Each step has a purpose and everything you do is calculate it to maximize the video value and it's shareability. It's so calculated that each step is planned down to the second. I'll give you an overview of each step and then explain why each of them are calibrated to those seconds. Your video starts with a 10-second intro where you are vocally stating the keyword that your video is ranking for. In the next 20 seconds, you announce what your viewers will learn while clearly giving them a hook to continue watching. Without skipping a beat, you go straight into the content and spend four minutes talking about the concepts, examples, and elaboration of those examples, which automatically turns into an interesting story. Next, you wrap up your video by asking a specific question and telling viewers to answer your question in the common section. The final 10 seconds of your video is spent introducing the next video in the series and why they need a subscribe so they don't miss that episode. This is the five-step viral video formula in a nutshell. Now, let's go a little deeper and explain why each step is set to a certain length. Let's start with the first 10 seconds of your video. If it wasn't for YouTube's voice recognition software, we wouldn't say that keywords at the beginning of our videos. We will rather start with the hook, because people's attention is caught by the hook, not by the keyword. However, YouTube's algorithm cares more about the keywords and can pick up what you say in the video. That's why the first thing coming out of our mouth is the keywords. And that usually takes about ten seconds. Remember to speak clearly and not mumble. The voice recognition is good, but not that good. If you don't speak clearly, YouTube may miss what you are saying. Now the next 20 seconds is crucial. Remember I told you that YouTube don't count of view as official unless it's close to the 30-second mark. That's why your hook shouldn't take more than 20 seconds to complete. Make your hook super clear and quick, which would take viewers to the thirty-seconds mark. If you do this correctly, your content, the value you are giving, your secrets, and all the cool things you are sharing. We'll start 30 seconds into the video. This will make viewers want to continue watching, pushing them to the 1 third mark of the video. By the way, if you run You too bad, you would know that YouTube don't charge you for the ad unless someone watches thirty-seconds or more of your ad, want to know where that thirty-seconds came from. Youtube beliefs, thirty-seconds is where the real engagement of a viewer starts. If a person washes for thirty-seconds and don't skip, they didn't stumble upon the video by accident. It is a true view. Once again, if you start the main content of your video, add the 30-second mark. You catch the viewers off guard and how quickly you are providing value and they will pay attention and not those off. Now the next segment of your video is the one that's the hardest for people to follow. And I bet even some of you may not take us seriously, but just hear me out, okay? You have four minutes to give your content and wrap up. I know what you may be thinking, But June four minutes is not long enough for me to cover what I want to say my video. Remember, our goal is to make a five-minute long video. If you take longer every second that you add to the video, the more people will drop off and stop watching. A five-minute video with a watch time of one minute is considered better video by YouTube's algorithm than a 10 minute video with a wash time of one minute. The watch time is the same, but the length of your video will be penalized. The longer it is, the more that is not watched. You of course, can decide how long you need to cover your content, but just be aware. Youtube is obsessed with audience retention is easier to get lots of engagement quickly on a short video. That on a long video. Don't make a ten minute video when five minutes, we'll do the job. Moving on. After your full minute of content is delivered, you wrap up by spending 20 seconds to ask a specific question, telling people to comment. Telling people to like and comment will not make people do it. People are passive creatures. They need to be motivated and intrigued. This is why when you ask a specific question and say you were helped them in the comment section, more people are likely to take action. This will now only boost your engagement, but also start building a community of fans who feels connected to you. The last ten seconds of the video is spent introducing the next video you plan to publish in the near future. You need to tell them what the next video is specifically about and why they need to subscribe so they don't miss it. The more relevant the next video is to the current video that people are watching, the more they will want to subscribe and continue watching other content on your channel. I know looking at this handout is helpful, but probably not good enough. Everything we do in this course is to ensure that the execution of your ideas is a success. That's why in the next episode, I will give you a five-step viral video worksheet so that you can easily start scripting your videos and know what to say at what time and for how long. I will also give you an example from one of my own videos. I will not only give you my full script, but show you what the final video looks like. See you in the next episode. 24. 5 Step Viral Video Worksheet: We can talk about video script formulas and concepts all day long, but that's not going to get you the results you want. Using this worksheet, however, will, once you did your research and know what kinds of keywords you want to target and what video you want to make. Download and open this five-step viral video worksheet. You can see each column is color-coded to help you quickly organize your thoughts on paper. The example I gave you is from one of my own videos talking about the difference between Facebook ads and YouTube ads. You can see the first ten seconds dedicated to stating the keywords, Facebook ads or YouTube ads. The next 20 seconds is the hook. The hook for my video is which ads are better for beginners. Then we get into the content which is four minutes long. I also created a column for you so that you can make a note as to when in your video that you place a subtle subscribe animation. In the next column, we will wrap up your video in the next 20 seconds and asked for comments. And finally, the last 10 seconds of your video is dedicated to pushing the viewer to watch the next video in the series while reminding them again to subscribe so they don't miss it. Once you fill out that worksheet, it's time to write your video script to help you do just that. I gave you the exact script I wrote for my Facebook ads or YouTube ads video. So download it and open it up. As you can see, all the text is color-coded. I recommend using colors when you script your videos because it will immediately show you what part of your script is the key word, the hook, that content, the question, and the next video intro. It's not a coincidence that you'll notice the colors in the Word document matches the colors in the worksheet. We start with the keyword, which is red, then the hook, which is orange, then the content which is blue, then the question which is green. And finally, the next video intro, which is back to red. As you write your script, keep an eye on the total number of pages in Hollywood screenwriting, one page of script equals one minute of screen time. This is why most movie scripts are around 90 to 120 pages long. This is also true for your YouTube scripts. Each page will take about one minute of your video time. That means if you finish your YouTube script and realize that it's seven pages, you probably did too much since we are aiming for a five-minute video, your script should be around five pages long. Now that you know the five-step viral video formula, have the worksheet and example how to color-code your script. The last thing for me to do is to show you an example of the final product. The next episode is the final product of this five page script example I gave you. When you watch the video, pay attention how I start with the keywords, then the hook. How quickly I get into the content. Then ask for the comment and end the video, introducing another video in the series. Also pay attention when the subtle subscribe animation shows up and when it shows up again at the end of the video to remind viewers to subscribe. Hope you enjoy it. 25. Facebook Ads or YouTube Ads Which Is Better for Beginners: If you're trying to drive traffic to your business, you pretty much have two choices. Facebook ads or YouTube ads. But which one is better for beginners who want to save money? Let's settle this debate once and for all in a moment I will explain one determining factor that will help you decide whether you should run Facebook ads or YouTube ads for your business. I will even show you a case study from one of my own ads where I drove traffic to get people to purchase tickets to a beauty pageant. Believe it or not, this unique example will clearly illustrate the strength and weakness of the two advertising platforms. Let's start with the reason why people use Facebook or YouTube in the first place. Facebook is a place that we go to when we're bored or when we want to interact with our friends and family. Youtube, on the other hand, is the place that we go to when we want to search for something. Like if you heard a course song playing on the radio and you want to hear it again, where do you go? You go on YouTube, type the song name and start listening to it. You don't go to Facebook to find that song. You actually go to Facebook to tell your friends how cool this on is. Going to Facebook is like walking into your community Club is a place to hang out with your friends and see what people are up to. Go into YouTube is like walking into your community library. Sure, you can hang out with people when you're there. But your goal when visiting YouTube is to search for something. Now you know why Google, the number one search engine in the world, turn YouTube into the number two search engine in the world. Now why is this important? As an advertiser on YouTube, we can target people at the moment, they are searching for something and what are they searching for? Here is the biggest psychology secret about YouTube. People are on YouTube because they want to know something, to do something and to buy something. So let me give you example. Let's say a girl is pregnant and is about to give birth. What are some of the things she may be searching for on YouTube? She may be typing these things on YouTube. Now, if you look closely, you'll notice that you can categorize this person searches into three groups to know something, to do something, and to buy something. That is the strength of YouTube. You as an advertiser on YouTube, can target anyone who is searching for these keywords and sell them your baby products if you have one. But what about Facebook? What is the strength of Facebook advertising? Remember I told you a ran an ad to get people to purchase tickets to a beauty pageant. I was hired by a beauty pageant organization in Thailand to get more people to attend your event. In this case, it was a lot easier to run a Facebook ad to target potential customers, then a YouTube bad. Why? Think about it? How often are people typing in YouTube? Where is the latest beauty pageant? Or how do you get invited to a beauty vacuum? No one is typing these keywords on YouTube. There are videos about how to be in a pageant, but not a single video about how to attend the Paget. That means finding people who were interested in attending beauty pageants from YouTube ads becomes a difficult task. It's difficult even if you use the topics targeting option. Google ads, look, if you target people living in Thailand with an interest in beauty pageants, you get over 31 million impressions. Holy, that is so broad, we will be wasting so much of our ads spent if we ran a YouTube bad. But check this out. When I ran a Facebook ad targeting people in Thailand with the interests of beauty pageants. The reach is only 370 thousand people, which is way more targeted. That is why I was willing to pay for 137 thousand views on my ad and got people that sign up to attend the event. And that is the main difference between running YouTube ads as opposed to running Facebook ads. The strength of Facebook ads is their interest targeting. You can target people based on their interests, based on their hobbies, what pages they like, what movies they watch, and what songs they listened to. But YouTube, the strength of YouTube ads is their intended targeting. You can target people based on what they are specifically searching for, what problems they are trying to solve. If you are a beginning advertiser, ask yourself this question, are you selling a product that is specifically solving someone's problem? If so, go with you to bad. However, if you are selling a product or service based on someone's interests, go with Facebook ads. So what kind of business are you running? Have you tried running Facebook ads or YouTube as before, what was the result? Let me know in the comment section and I will help you figure out what's the best ad platform to drive traffic to your business. Now that you know the difference between Facebook ads and YouTube ads, let me show you the effectiveness of YouTube advertisement in my next video, don't forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification button. Because in the next video, I will show you how to use YouTube ads effectively to drive traffic to your business and how to use it to double your ROI instantly. I'll see you in the next episode. 26. WEEK 4 Publishing and Promotion Secrets: Welcome to week four of the YouTube marketing academy. The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived. It's time to publish your video so that the world will see it. However, just pressing the post button is not enough. You must complete your SEO, your search engine optimization steps in order for your video to be ranked on YouTube. Why? Because remember, YouTube is a search engine, a large library filled with endless books. Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you visited the library or a bookstore? Do you go to the back of the building searching for a book or do you simply look at the books that are recommended to you in front of the lobby, right when you stepping. Exactly. That is what we are going to do this week, making sure that your videos are optimized so that YouTube recommend your video to people who are searching for it. This used to be a time consuming and frustrating process. Just what are the steps that you need to do and how do you remember to do them. That's why I created three separate episodes to make this task now only easy but fun before video upload SEO, during upload SEO and after upload SEO, those are the episodes that will fully explain what you need to do and why you need to do them. But that's not enough. How are you going to remember the do everything every time you post a new video? Don't worry, Hi guys, We're back. That's why I created a simple to follow worksheet so that you don't miss a single step. We will then end this week by talking about the difference between organic traffic and pay traffic. And if you want to get an extra boost of views and subscribers, right after you post, I will show you how to run simple Facebook ads to promote your video and how to get backlinks made from Fiverr to boost your video in the long-term. We have so much to do this week. So get your favorite music ready and play your favorite song while we work. Because it's going to be a supercharged week. Let's get started. 27. Before Video Upload SEO: There is not a moment to lose. We have so much to cover this week. And it all starts with getting your video and your thumbnail SEO ready when you upload them onto YouTube, google became famous because of their SEO, search engine optimization, which gives visitors relevant results when they are searching for something. At the current rate of over 500 hours of content being uploaded onto YouTube every single minute. It's not a surprise that YouTube is also obsessed with SEO. If you want your videos to be found, you have to, and I do mean you have to optimize both your video and your thumbnail for YouTube search engine. So let's turn on some exciting music and start our SEO optimization. There are four steps that we have to remember to do before we drag and drop our video onto YouTube to be added to our channel. The first is to make sure that the keywords that you are targeting for, that you want to rank for is in the title of your video file and in the tags of your video file. For my example, I will show you exactly what SEO strategies that I used to get one of my videos ranked number one on YouTube in 38 minutes. The video was titled effectiveness of YouTube advertisement. Either time I was documenting my YouTube journey, you can see when I type thing the keyword and hit search. My video was ranked number one, and it was posted 38 minutes ago and only had 10 views. Let me show you some of the things that I did to achieve this when I finished editing the video and exported it, you can see the filename was called sequence one. Youtube looks at all the titles of the things that we upload. So we have the change the file name to our keyword. So I changed it to the keyword plus the hook because that's the full title of the video. Now the video file is titled effectiveness of YouTube advertisement, how to T2x your ROI instantly. Now, this next secret I'm going to show you is something I learned while working with YouTube headquarters. Right-click on your video and select Properties. Then click on the details. Do you notice there is a tags section that is blank? Youtube is so sneaky. Even looks at the hidden tags of your video files to make sure your video is indeed what you claim it to be. So don't leave this blank. Let's put in our keyword and then click Apply. They're one step down, three more to go. The second step is to ask yourself, does the thumbnail you created have a hook? Open up your thumbnail and honestly ask yourself if someone's others what they want to click it. Does it create curiosity? In addition to voice recognition software, YouTube also has visual recognition software. It's so events that just by scanning your thumbnail, it can tell not only the words in your picture, but also that it's a guy with short hair wearing a red shirt along with a pile of coins. I'm telling you this so that you don't underestimate the power of your thumbnail and conveying information. Make it very clear. People know what your video is about. The third step is a type your keyword into YouTube, hit Search and look at the others thumbnails that are currently ranked on the first page. You want to make sure that your thumbnail stands out from these. You can see my thumbnail is okay, a little better than average in steadying out. You always have to remember that your video is in constant competition with others, whether it's using different fonts, different colors, different prompts, different backgrounds, or even different facial expressions. You need to make sure you do whatever you can to stand out. The fourth and final step before you upload your video is to remember to put your keywords, the title of your thumbnail, and in the tags of that picture file, you can see my thumbnail was just called thumbnail, which is not good enough. So we will change it to our keyword. Just like for our video file, we right-click on the thumbnail photo, select Properties, select details, and then click on the tag section and put our keyword into this blank field. Click Apply. And Okay, How right, This concludes the SEO steps that we need to take before our video upload. Let's continue to the next episode and I'll show you what things we need to do while our video is being uploaded onto YouTube. 28. During Video Upload SEO: Welcome back. Now it's time to upload your video onto YouTube and start applying some core SEO strategies while YouTube is processing your video, there are eight steps that we need to remember to do to optimize our video. So let's start with number 1. The first step is the most obvious, which is to make sure that the title of your video starts with the keywords and ends with a hook. I usually like to put a dash in between to make it clear. Our example is effectiveness of YouTube advertisement dash, how to T2x your ROI instantly. The keywords are for YouTube to know what your videos about. And the hook is to convince visitors to watch a video. The second step is in your video description. And there's a lot of things we need to put in here. Start with the keyword, word for word at the top. Youtube likes to see at least a paragraph or two describing your video in detail, convincing the algorithm that your video is sincere and genuine. What I like to do is just copy and paste the first paragraph from the script that you use to make the video. Just be careful not to spam your description with your keywords. That is a sure way for you to penalize your video. A good rule to follow is that your keyword does not appear more than three times in the paragraph. Why no more than three times? Because you will put a lot of other information in your description, including links. Some of them are bound to also include your keyword. So it's a good idea to ease up on the keyword in the beginning of your description. The third step is to segment your video into easy to find sections. Just like a movie with different scenes that you can skip to. Segmenting your video is like adding chapters. This will make your video more valuable resource for allowing you to, to rank it now only on YouTube, but on Google as well. For example, if you typing the keyword, how to fix a leaky faucet, you'll see one of the videos that Google suggests that you wash is this one. And Google even shows you which part of the video may be the most relevant to you. Segmenting your video is a good way to let you to easily access the value you are providing. To do that, you basically put a timestamp next to each section of your video, starting with an intro, the input 0, column 0, 0 in parentheses, and then fell the rest. If you forget what parts of the video talks about what you can watch your video here and find the time that each section starts and ends. The fourth step is to start putting links in your description. Remember YouTube rewards people for bringing viewers onto the platform and keeps them, they're not taking viewers out of the platform. That is why if your channel is still new and growing, don't unlink outside of YouTube unless you have made at least 10 prior videos providing value and keeping viewers on the platform. The first kind of links that we want to add is related videos on your channel. Simply open up your channel, click on the content and look through which video is relevant, and then put the keywords of the video along with its URL in this description. The second link that we want to add is your channel link. We are doing this so that if anyone enjoys this video and embeds it on a webpage, you not only get a backlink for this video, but also get a backlink for your channel core, right? For more information about the power of backlinks, I made a separate episode for you titled fiber backlinks boost. So check that out when you get a chance. After you put the channel URL in the description, the last link you want to put in is the top three videos currently ranking for this keyword. I know what you may be thinking, But June, why the hell would I want to promote my competitors videos? It might description, that's ridiculously crazy, right? Just hear me out and you'll understand why YouTube prides itself in being an awesome search engine with relevant information. This is why they have a related video section on the right-hand side to continue to give relevant value to its viewers. When you put your competitors link in your description, you are telling you to that your video is just like or similar to these other videos ranking for that keyword. This will not only be another signal to YouTube what your video is about, but also increase the chances of you being recommended as a related video when someone watches your competitors videos. That being said, if you are still a bit self-conscious about this, just put the link of your competitors video without a title. I can almost guarantee you that no one will click on a link without a title. So Argo is not a get people to click on our competitors link, but just let you to know that it's there. Clever, right? Okay, Under the next step, the fifth step is to put no more than three hashtags related to your video in the description. Hashtags works just like Instagram. It helps people search and find videos related to a sudden topic. However, unlike Instagram that allows you to use 30 hashtags, the best way to use hashtags on YouTube is to use around three. The first hashtag that you use should have your keyword in it. This will once again help you to pinpoint exactly what your video is about so that they can easily categorize and file it away in their library. The sixth step is often missed by new YouTubers. And considering how easy and powerful and it is, it is definitely something that you should not forget. And that is to add your video to a playlist that you know that in addition to individual videos, playlist are also searchable on YouTube. Just typing any of your favorite popular songs on YouTube. And you'll notice recommendation down playlist, either a playlist that are similar to your song or a playlist of the album where you sound could be found. Do you also remember the secret I share with you about the power of 3, how it takes around three videos to get a stranger to subscribe to your channel. That's the power of a playlist. Creating a playlist also allows viewers to easily continue and consume large amounts of your video at one time. Now making them search around your channel for the next related video, which few will do. So be sure to add this video to a playlist or create a new playlist with a good keyword. Notice how every SEO strategy we are doing has been to tell YouTube, spoon feed YouTube on exactly what our video is about and videos relating to it. Being so specific so that it makes it easy for you to, to catalog and rank our video. Adding tags is the seventh step. And another way to help our videos get rent. I bet a lot of YouTube gurus, influencers and even keywords, software tools suggests using tons of tags to help your videos get noticed and ranked. Part of that is true. It is a good idea to use some tags that's related to your video. However, I bet none of them told you about YouTube's 24 hour ranking hack. That's how I was able to wreck now only this video that we're talking about, but also others as well. Like my skippable ads video that was ranked number three in one day, or my YouTube ads 101 video that was ranked number three in 13 minutes. The secret is to publish a video with one tag. I know it sounds crazy, but to publish a video with one tag, the tag of your keyword, and then after 24 hours, add more as you go along. By selecting only one tag within 24 hours of upload, you really give you too beyond a shadow of a doubt what your video is about, which helps it to rank at least for the first 24 hours after upload. The eighth and final step before publishing your video. Youtube's shorts permission section. This does not affect your SEO ranking, but it's something that I have to remind you about. Youtube is always coming out with new ways to battle competition for the social media market. Since Tiktok is so popular, that makes them a competitor of YouTube. That's why youtube created a feature that allows users to sample your video for their own YouTube shorts, which is like Tiktok videos. This feature is not to your benefit. If you keep this section selected, you are giving people permission to basically steal parts of your video and use it as their own. Now let me ask you a question. Why would you allow a stranger to do this? At this moment, there is unfortunately no way for your entire channel to opt out of this agreement automatically. So you have to manually go into each of your videos and uncheck this box. So remember to do this for the video you are about to publish. Things may change in the future, but at this point, it makes no sense for you to allow others to use parts of your video without your permission, without any benefit to you. All right. What a long list of things to do before we publish, right? In the next episode, we will really get down to business and show you all the things you can do after you publish to promote your video and make sure people start watching it. See you in the next episode. 29. After Video Upload SEO: Congrats on making it this far. You are before a blow SEO is done. You are doing a blow SEO is done. Now all that is left is your after upload SEO. Just what do you do after you press that Publish button? Do you sit back, relax and wait for the views and subscribers that come rolling in. And how we are events YouTubers, we don't leave anything to chance. There is actually a total of 12 things we can do to give our video that extra boost to get seen and ranked. So let's get started. First up is as soon as your video is published, open up your video and like it. I know it sounds weird to like your own video, but what we are doing is giving your video that initial burst of engagement so that YouTube realized you posted a video and wakes up to let the algorithm takeover. That's why the first step is to like your own video. The second step is to open your video in another window, turn off the sound and have a play from start to finish five times. Sounds weird again, right? Well, what this does is a sense that initial information to the YouTube algorithm, again, that your video is being watched completely without skipping or fast-forwarding. You can open five tabs each plane the video through without sound as you complete the next step in our checklist, just make sure that you don't do a more than five times, okay? If YouTube notices that your video is being watched from your IP address too many times, they won't count the views anymore. While your video is playing silently in the background. Let's get back to work. The third step is to go back into the details of your video and add a card that links to your other relevant videos. Remember YouTube's 1 third rule. The important thing is to place a card that after 30 percent of your video has been watched, you don't want to ask the viewer to leave prematurely, even if it is the Washington either one of your videos. The fourth step is very similar. We want to add up to two n screens at the end that links to your next video mentioned in this video, I know that at this moment, you're next video may not be ready yet. In that case, you can skip this step or add another video here and come back to change it later on. You can also consider adding a card asking people to subscribe. However, don't give viewers more than two choices, because when people can easily decide on something, they would just hit the back button and leave. The fifth step is the last official thing that we will do on YouTube, wishes to add this video's keywords and URL into the description of your previous relevant videos. If you are thinking, man, you mean I have a goal to add this video link to all of my previous videos one by one. And that's going to take forever. Don't worry, there is a fast way to do this. Go to the content section of your channel, selected which videos you would like to add the new keyword and URL to click Edit and select Description. Click the drop-down prompt and select insert at the end. Now you can put in the keyword and that URL and click Update videos. All of the videos that you select, it will automatically be updated with your new videos information. Isn't that cool? I love finding ways that will save you time and sharing them with you. Okay, let's continue to step six, which takes place outside of YouTube. Now, back when I was writing blogs and driving traffic to it, I use the free website service called Ping How this works is every time I publish a new blog post, I will go onto the website, input my blog name and the URL. And the service was send a ping, which is a notification to some of the biggest blog search engines on the net, letting them know I have a new blog post. Why am I telling you this? Well, I notice as sometimes I get a slight increasing views when I do this for my YouTube videos. So you can try this out to simply go to a pink in the blog name, just put down the full title of your video, including the keywords in the blog homepage field. Putting the URL of your video makes sure all the common services are checked and click Send pains, and you are done. Now, it's time for step 7, which is the start sharing your new video on social media. This include but are not limited to your Facebook profile, Facebook groups, twitter, Instagram story, Tumblr, pinterest, and etc. You can also share your new video on-site staff focused on answering people's questions such as Reddit and Quora. Just make sure your video is relevant to the questions people are asking. You are posting your video link everywhere. Don't forget the power of your hook. You already created it and it's even in the title of your video. Just make sure you emphasize on the hook as that's the real reason why anyone would want to stop scrolling. Stop what they're doing, take action right now and watch your video. The next step, step eight, is to send a short broadcast or a newsletter e-mail to your list. Almost all, if not all, the YouTube influencers in the entrepreneur niche do this. Why? Because they know the power of having an email list to contact their subscribers and potential customers by sending a quick email to their list, letting people know of their new YouTube video. They are providing value, building relationships and reminding their community what they are up to so that when they have a product to sell or promote, people are more likely to take action. This is not only great for keeping your e-mail subscribers active and happy, but also keeping YouTube happy as well because you are sending outside traffic to YouTube. They loved that and we'll rank your video higher and higher. So if you have an email list, don't hesitate to send them a quick message with a link to your YouTube video. And if you don't have a list, don't worry, I'll show you some ways to grow a less quickly in a future episode. After sharing your video on social media and your e-mail list, the last place a share in your community is on your webpage. This will be step 9, embedding the video on your website or blog. What most people do is just post it on the website, and that's it. But that's not enough in order for YouTube to know immediately that your video was imbedded on a website, you also need to play the video through. Once on your side, this would tell you to immediately there's someone from outside of YouTube is watching your video. And congratulations, we have reached the last steps in promoting your video. All the free and organic SEO optimization steps have them completed on our end. The final three steps that we have left is to boost your video with pay traffic. Step ten is posting your video link on your Facebook page and boosting it with Facebook ads. Step 11 is ordering backlinks from And step 12 is promoting your video with YouTube ads. Now, some of my students are afraid of running ads because they feel it is complicated and don't know how to do it. There's our hesitant because they don't want to pay any money out of pocket to promote their videos and grow the channel, which is totally understandable. I felt exactly the same way when I started on social media. Social media is supposed to be free, right? So why am I paying to have someone's see my free content? I totally understand how you feel and your frustrations before I show you how to effectively run ads so that you don't waste a single dollar to promote your video and channel to your ideal viewers. Coming episodes, I will fully explain the difference between organic traffic and pay traffic. I will even show you highlights from a virtual seminar that I gave to a hundreds of entrepreneurs who were trying to grow their influence and business using social media and share some of the secrets that I told them about running YouTube ads versus Facebook ads and how it relates to organic and free traffic. See you in the next episode. 30. Video Upload Worksheet: Sure. You know how I like to make things fast and easy, right? And yet, we have spent just three entire episodes going over all the steps that we need to do before uploading, touring, uploading, and after uploading of our new YouTube video. That's four steps plus eight steps plus another 12 steps home. I God, that is a total of 24 steps. How in the world can we remember all these steps every time we upload a video? If you want to ask me, June, are you sure we need to do all 24 steps? My answer is unfortunately yes. After uploading and experimenting with YouTube SEO for years, I finally perfected a system when I finally got my videos to rank not only on the first page of YouTube, but in the top five. I kept a record of exactly what I did when one of my video was ranked number three in 13 minutes with only five years. And when another of my video was ranked number one in one hour with no views, which was absolutely insane. I wrote down and kept track of exactly what I did to achieve that. There are so many steps and these 24 bring out that even I forget a few steps here and there, especially when I'm in a hurry trying to get my video posted during a busy week. So what's the solution? A checklist, but not just any checklist and easy to follow checklist. That is also a fill in the blanks worksheet so that you now only make sure you complete each step, but it holds all of your information so that you can go back to it anytime to see what you did. That's where the video upload worksheet that I created for you comes in handy. Download it and open it up. You can see I have three tabs that separates all the things you need to do before upload, during upload, and after upload. Let's do a quick review, shall we? Since we already covered them in the previous episodes, we'll go through them rather quickly this time. Click on the before upload tab. You can see there are four columns reminding you that there are four things we need to remember to do before we upload our video and thumbnail onto YouTube. I left the three examples in the Excel document. You know how to fill it out and what it will look like. First up is to make sure your keywords are in both the title of the video file and in the tags. Second is to confirm if your thumbnail have a hook that makes people want to click it and watch your video. Third is they do take the time to compare your thumbnail with others showing up for your keyword, making sure that your thumbnail will stand out among the rest. And the fourth step is to make sure your keywords are in both the title of the thumbnail and in the tags. Now your video is ready to upload as indicated by the upload column. Let's continue and click on the during upload tab at the bottom of the screen. First up is an obvious one, making sure the title of your video starts with the keywords and ends with a hook. Second is in the description of your video, did you remember to copy and paste the intro of your script making sure that your keyword appear no more than three times. If you repeat your keywords too many times, U2 will penalize your video for spamming the description box. Third is, did you segment your video into easy to find sections allow you to, to quickly find value and display it on Google. Fourth is in the description section that you link to your other related videos, your channel, and including the top three of your competitors videos. If you are still hesitant on linking to your competitors videos, remember you just need to put the URL, not a title of the video, and no one will click on your competitors link. We are doing this to get on the algorithms good side, thinking we are supporting the community of other content curators. Fifth is to put no more than three hashtags related to your video, starting with your keyword in the first hashtag. Six is an important one and the easiest to do that you remember to add a video to a playlist. Create a playlist complete with keywords for it. Seventh is the hardest to do and yet also the easiest to do, which is to put no more than three tags starting with your key word. Even if you are tempted to put more, it's best to be laser-focused on the keyword tags you want to rank for within the first 24 hours and then add more later on. And finally, the eighth step to do during your video upload is to remember to unchecked and not allow people to sample your content. Because it makes no sense right now to let people still parts of your video without giving you credit for it. Okay, How are you doing? Are you still awake? Take a deep breath, and let's continue to the third tab, 12. More things to do after you upload. As soon as you publish. You can see I created a column for you to put your video URL so you can easily find it for future reference. First up is the weird one. Did you like your own video? Unlike Facebook, who tells the whole world, if you'd like to post, YouTube, keeps that private and helps add a tiny boost of engagement and social proof. Second is have you open five new windows and played your videos from start to finish, five times total. Even though it may also feel really weird to do it, it actually gives the initial boost of engagement and audience retention. That wakes do tube up and let it know you just publish something so that your video don't stay stagnant for hours. Third is to go to the details of your video and add a card that links to one or more of your other relevant videos. The key is to do a past 30 percent of your video and not break YouTube's 1 third rule. Fourth is to do something similar and add an end screen that links to the next video in the series, keeping people hooked so that more people binge, watch your videos in succession. The fifth step, the last thing to do on YouTube, which is the add your video's keyword and URL into the description of your previous relevant videos. This will complete the linking process and have each of your videos connected and linking together, all promoting each other organically, making it a beautiful thing, right? Okay, The sixth step is off of YouTube. If you want to try it, you can share your keyword and URL on ping Just like what bloggers do after that is what I like to call it the three jobs in quick succession. Step 7, 8, and 9, is you promoting your new video on your social media, your email list, and your website. If you are going to embed the link on your website, don't forget to play a once through so that YouTube is immediately aware that your video is being played outside of YouTube. You can't have a job without a follow-up punch, right? That's why we finish up our video upload worksheet with not just three punches, but three upper cuts. I like to think of them as apricots because they are so powerful. Step 10, 11, and 12 is you posting your video link on your Facebook page, Boosting it, ordering backlinks from Fiverr and finally, promoting the video with YouTube ads. A hand, that's it. You finally made it. Give yourself a big pat on the back and a hug. Because if you follow the steps correctly, your video has a very good chance in being ranked. Your video is like a seed. That single greenhouse. It has the proper nutrients and the proper living conditions to grow and thrive. In the next episode, we're going to double down and go all in and explain the difference between organic traffic and pay traffic and why you need both for your seed, your video, your business, your legacy, to grow. Kuwait. 31. Why We Run Ads?: Social media is supposed to be free, right? So why do we have to pay to get someone to watch our free content? Just why do we have to pay to play? Those were the questions on the minds of hundreds of entrepreneurs at a virtual meeting all eager to learn ways to grow their business with social media. I was invited to talk about the difference between organic traffic versus pay traffic and the difference between running Facebook ads versus YouTube ads. And you know what the funny thing was. I felt the same way. I too, felt it was unfair for us to have to pay, to convince strangers to notice our YouTube channels and to watch our free content. That's why I started a seminar addressing the question head on, explaining the limitations of organic free traffic. Now, this is something that no social media coach or girl wants to admit to you. And that is, no matter how good your products or services or how creative you are, organic traffic is slow. I mean, yeah, it is free, but especially when you're starting out, it is extremely slow. It's like riding a bicycle. Even if you can get lots of likes, comments, and shares are your social media posts. It takes a while for followers to turn into customers, if at all. I mean, you have experienced with your own social media accounts, right? And it is just really slow the growth. That's why people spend so much of their time on social media, quitting so much content to try to get tangent, trying to build a community for the gathering, enough social proof to prove that they are a legitimate business. And all of that takes so much time and energy. But I mean, hey, it's free. So why not start there, right? Just like I explained in the presentation, social media growth is slow, is like riding a bicycle compared to a car. In our case, We are peddling away every week, competing with millions of other users are trying to get their video scene. If we kept at it, eventually we will get there. But it takes time to build up that first momentum, that tipping point where there's enough people waiting to see our content, that they engagement becomes a snowball effect. Then I explained how running pay traffic was like driving a Ferrari. It's certainly not free because a car requires gasoline for if you know what you're doing, you can get further with less gas, allowing you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. And that's the key word today. Time. Ask yourself this question, how valuable is time to you? If you just started your entrepreneur or influence or journey and having enough time to take a slow and figure things out on your own. There's nothing wrong with that. We all have to start somewhere. That's why it's okay to depend on free organic traffic at first. On the other hand, if you have been trying to grow for some time now and know without a shadow of a doubt that you have great content just waiting to be found. Then I suggest saving time and investing in paid ads to give you that extra boost every time you post. Just keeping mind, nothing in this world is free. Everything costs something. You're either paying with your time or your money. To make sure you fully understand the idea of organic free traffic versus patriotic. I will give you another analogy. I think of growing your YouTube channel and videos very much like planting seeds and hoping they will grow. The 21 SEO steps that we did in our video upload worksheet is like adding fertilizer to your seeds, helping it to organically grow. The last three steps is pay traffic. Running ads to boost your videos and channel subscribers is like operating a greenhouse. You are basically taking the seeds that you have planted out in the wild and bring it indoors to take special care of them. However, you do need electricity to keep the temperature just right, and you do need water to continue helping your seeds absorbed nutrients in the soil, right? Well, electricity and water are unfortunately not free. That's why you have a choice. You can either leave your seeds out in the wild and hope that they grow by themselves, or you can invest a little to help them grow. If you do decide to use the greenhouse, if you do decide to use pay traffic to grow. That's what the rest of this week and next week is four. We will end this week by showing you the quickest and easiest way to run Facebook ads to get people from Facebook to watch your videos on YouTube. And then I will show you how to buy fiber backlinks to boost your videos even further in the long-term. Because running you do bads, takes a bit of setting up to efficiently get results. We will start a brand new week talking about nothing but YouTube ads to help your channel grow. I hope you're getting excited at the possibility of even more eyeballs on your videos as soon as you post. Let's start the Facebook ads or venture. Next. I'll see you in the next episode. 32. Facebook Page Boost (Fast) : Welcome to Facebook ads 101 is time to quickly set up your Facebook ad to promote your video. A long time ago, the only way to run Facebook ads was to use their Ads Manager, which looks pretty intimidating if you have never run as before. Their dashboard is filled with buttons, charged columns, data, and settings. That literally takes months to really know what you are doing. Facebook wanted to make it easier for people to pay them money and run ads. So they created the boost system, which sounds much more user-friendly right? Now you can run ads directly from your Facebook page without having to deal with a complicated ads manager interface. If you don't already have one, opening up your Facebook profile, click on the Facebook logo on the top left-hand corner of the screen and click pages so that you can create a Facebook page for your business or channel. The cool thing about running ads from your Facebook page is that anyone who follows your page, who interacts with your posts on your page can be retargeted with ads in the future, allowing you to have a constant supply of warm traffic. People who know who you are to tap into whenever you want to promote things in the future. Very cool indeed, but more on that later. Once you've figured out the basic information and connect your billing information, is time to create your first post about your new YouTube video and then boost it. So click on Create post in Facebook. I'll just use the same example we used earlier, promoting my effectiveness of YouTube ads video. So get your videos URL and paste it in the post. You can see your thumbnail shows up, so you don't need to create another image for your ad. Now we need to write a short hook that gets people to stop scrolling on Facebook and click on the link to watch your video. That's why instead of typing the keyword of your video, we want to write something catchy. The hook that I came up with for this particular video was, why are people losing money on YouTube ads? Because they make them to entertaining. Give me five minutes and I will help you make your ads more effective. Honest emoji. Notice how sometimes a good hook can start with an interesting question to intrigue the visitor and made them think. Another thing I like to do is to prepare this person on Facebook for what's waiting for them if they click on a link. That's why I tell them, give me five minutes and I will help you that way. They know I'm asking them to invest only five minutes of their time to watch a simple video on this topic. This is a secret advertising trick because this will help filter out people who don't have the patience to watch a five-minute video. And it will also increase your videos audience retention time once they click the link and arrive on YouTube. Core, right? Once you finish with your shorter description, click the boost posts which to let Facebook know, we want to turn this post into an ad, then click post. And you will automatically be taken to a window that lets you select the settings for your ad. The three important settings that we care about are the goal, the audience, and the budget. First, we have the goal. So click on Change. Facebook gives you a lot of goals for your ads, such as more messages, more engagement, more website visitors, more leaves, or more calls. Which one do you think you should select? The first time I ran Facebook ads, I chose get more engagement because I wanted lots of people to engage with my post. Makes sense, right? Thank you. You know what happened? I got 39 people to like heart and care for my post. Sounds okay, right. But when I looked at how many people actually clicked on a link, guess how many? Only to what the hell that means of the 39 people who interacted with my post, only two people clicked on the link to watch my video to a rest, stop to light my ad and continuous growling her, Hey, I can't blame Facebook for this awful add performance because I did tell Facebook that I want the mortgage with, and they did give me more engagement. So what we want is clicks. We want people to click our ad and go to YouTube to watch a video. That's our ultimate goal. That is why we need to select more website visitors. Click Save. That way. Facebook will show you add two people who are likely to click on a URL in it. The next option is to create a button. You can either have a button that says learn more or no button at all. Both are fine. It doesn't really change the ad experience. Moving on to audience, which is the second important setting for our ad. Highlight the people you choose through targeting and click on the Pen icon. Here you can choose the demographics of the people you want to see your ad. Men, women, their age range, their location, and detailed targeting made the choices that applies to who you think would be most interested in watching your video. And then go on to the detailed targeting section. Since my video has to do with entrepreneurship, I have that selected as my audience. You can see if I typed in entrepreneurship, so many more options pop out. The strength of running Facebook ads is their interest targeting. And if you're not careful, you can spend hours looking through all the different interests of your potential viewer. Since we're just running a simple add it just to get a burst of views. Don't spend too much time here. Pick a specific interests, and move on. You can always refine your audience later. Just make sure that the arrow is now pointing at too specific or too broad. Next step is the third most important setting for your ad. The budget. After spending thousands of dollars on Facebook ads specifically aimed at promoting YouTube videos, I have found the best budget that will get you the most rich with minimal cost is around $10 spread across two days, making it $5 a day. This will give you enough time to make adjustments if you add is not performing well. On the right-hand side, you can see Facebook gives you the estimated daily results information. I don't pay too much attention to that because each ad is different and is only an estimate, but it's a good idea to take a peek for a general ballpark expected results. Lastly, before you click boost post, now, click on placements and make sure you unselect Instagram and Messenger. Facebook ads, tries to spread your ads everywhere, and we don't want that right now. We only want your ads to show on Facebook. Our goal in running Facebook ads right now is to get an initial burst of views on your video and to grow your Facebook page. Having your ads appear on Instagram and Messenger will not help your Facebook page grow. So we are not interested in that at the moment. Once you unselect them, you can click boost post. Now, facebook will then review your ad and notify you once it has been approved. The approval process really varies. Sometimes my ads are approved and our other times it takes a day. That's why I suggest setting this Arab as soon as your video is live so that you get views from Facebook traffic asap. Now I know running Facebook ads is a major topic with so many things I've learned that I could have created an entire course to cover everything. But at this moment is not necessary and I don't want to overwhelm you. I will create other episodes for you in the future, so stay tuned for that in the meantime, however, I do want to give you some benchmarks, some expectations or your ad performance. So you know, if your ad is working or not. Our aim is to get around $0.20 to 25 cents per click on your ad. If you start to see a costing you a lot more, it may be time to pause your ad and change your hook or change your targeting like this ad that I ran to promote one of my e-mail marketing videos, I spent close to $4 and only got five clicks. And this is too expensive. The ad is obviously not working. Either the hook is not attractive enough or the audience is not interested in my topic. In this case, I recommend you pause this ad. However, if you add looks something like this, which just happened to be my effectiveness. Youtube ads, videos that we were working on. You can see I paid around $10 and got 46 clicks. This average out to be around $0.21 per-click, which is way better. So try to aim for that for your ads. Okay, that's it for now. I didn't want to make a super long video. My job is to give you the bare essentials so that you can start implementing what I show you to start getting results immediately. We can continue to help you polish your skills in the future episodes. But the key is to get started as soon as possible. Get more views, more likes, more subscribers on your channel, on your video as soon as possible. Okay, great, Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. 33. Fiverr Backlinks Boost (Slow): All right, This is one of my favorite videos about getting your videos to rank because I have so much storage to share with you, good and bad. So you are ready to get some backlinks created for your videos. Awesome. Let me walk you through this process and make sure you understand what it is when you should do it and how do you do it correctly? Because believe me, there are a lot of scams out there. I hope I didn't scare you when I said that. But unfortunately, there are a lot of this honest people in this world. So I want to make sure I protect you from them. First of all, what exactly is a backlink? When should you get one? A backlink is a link from someone else's website pointing to yours. This was the foundation of how Google became famous and defeated the other search engines to emerge as the number one in the world. Their original concept was a website that has a lot of links pointing to it must be a good website. It must have relevant information and give people who search for the content a good user experience. If it was a useless website, no one will link to it. That's why Google used to rank websites that have a lot of backlinks high in their search results. This concept is similar for a good video. If lots of people are embedding your video and linking to your video on their website. Google and YouTube can detect it. And in the long run, we're assumed your video is valuable and rank it higher. However, the drawback is that this process is slow. It may take days for you or someone you pay to create these links for you. And then you have YouTube detect them to make a difference in ranking. That's why in the beginning, as soon as your video is published, we immediately boosted on your Facebook page to get immediate traffic. So then the question comes down to when our backlinks appropriate for your videos. And should you pay for backlinks to be made for all of your videos? If you have a large budget and are confident in the value you are giving your videos, then my answer is sure it doesn't hurt. Help your videos get noticed and ranked eventually. However, if you are on a budget where every dollar counts, here's my recommendation. Only have backlinks made for videos that are performing well on your channel. Truth is not all your videos are created equal, even if you put your blood, sweat, and tears into making the best videos ever. Now everyone will appreciate and engage with each of your videos the same way. Some are just more relevant than others and get more views and likes and comments than others. If you are on a budget, those are the videos that are worth doubling down on. If you give these videos more backlinks and authority, it will in time increase their performance even more, getting them ranked higher and higher. Now that you know which videos you want to have backlinks created for, the final questions comes down to whether you go to have it done and how do you do it. The where is easy. We talked about it in previous episodes. One of the best places to have backlinks created for you is on So go onto and type in YouTube backlinks. You'll see there are so many to choose from. But guess what? Even though fiber is a legitimate website, some of their sellers are scammers. Can what do I mean by that? Some of them are claiming to give you backlinks, but what they're actually doing is buying likes and views for your video. This is so bad for your channel that it should be considered a crime. Remember, YouTube is not an idiot. It knows the likes and views that you bought are fake and will eventually move them from your channel and penalize the reach of your video. Furthermore, since these bots, so people are only paid to give you a view, they will skip out of your video as soon as they land on it and no one will watch your entire video first, dragging your entire audience retention score way down. How do I know about this? I, I fell victim to one of their scams before longtime ago after 24 hours and buying a backlink service from a seller. When I looked at my video, suddenly got two hundred and one hundred likes. Instead of being happy, High was upset because I knew that was not held back link works. Backlink themselves. Don't get your traffic to get your videos ranked. Once your videos get rent, then you get traffic right there. And then I knew I was scammed. I knew the seller have bought likes and views for me. After 48 hours, YouTube caught on what was happening to my video and started to remove the views and likes. Guess what happened next? I received the message on one of my Facebook ads promoting the video. Someone took a screenshot of my video showing that I had 53 views but 87 likes and commented sarcastically, love that you're clearly buying likes. At least tried hybrid, you're doing high, was so embarrassed. How could this person know that I wasn't buying likes but with scammed? So how are all these sellers able to get away with this scam? How are they even able to get a lot of five-star reviews on their work. Because the people who bought their service and got lots of views and likes on their videos were happy. They love the attention that they got and we're satisfied, not knowing that it actually hurts their channel more than they could imagine. But they are not taking this course. Are there? You are, you know better. So how can we find the legitimate sellers selling Rio backlinks? This is one of the things I do. Instead of typing a YouTube backlinks, I type in the keyword social bookmarks, which is another word for backlinks. This will filter out the majority of people who directly offer services related to YouTube, selling likes, views, and even subscribers disguised as YouTube promotion services. Once you typing social bookmarks, sort the list by best-selling, and look for services that now only have a high rating, but also ones that have done a lot of projects, preferably 100 or more. Once you find one that you like, contact the seller directly by sending them a message with a two questions. The first question to ask them is, can you create backlinks for my YouTube video? The second question is, can you provide proof of work once completed? A proof, a backlink work looks like this. It's a spreadsheet of the types of links that was created for you and the links themselves. Each of them, once you click on, will take you directly to the website where your video is embedded. Here, let me show you example. I will click on a random link in the list, copy it, and paste it in the address bar and then press Enter. It should take me to the website with my video. And you can see my video is here, including a made-up article written to make it seem like an organic blog. We can do another link test, grab another link and see where it takes us. You can see it takes us to another site where my video is embedded. You can even take a screenshot of my screen right now and send it to the seller and ask them if they can give you a spreadsheet like this once they complete their work. Finally, it never hurts to tell them directly word for word that I am not interested in buying likes, views, or subscribers for my video, I am only interested in getting backlinks made. Can you help me with this? Okay. I hope I made the process of finding and having backlinks made for your videos clear and not too complicated. It's a very powerful way to double down on videos that are performing well to get them to rank even further, you just have to be careful and protect yourself. Many people call their service YouTube video or channel promotion. But instead of actually promoting anything, they buy likes and views and even subscribers to trick you into thinking they are service works. But we know better than that. Backlinks don't get your traffic. They get your videos ranked so that you will eventually get traffic. 34. Bonus Week Intro: Welcome to the bonus week. This week, I will show you how to run You too bad. Because running YouTube ads requires that you set up an account and understand the dashboard before being able to promote your video. I dedicated as separate week to show you just how to do that. This bonus week is very special because it's taken directly from my high ticket easy YouTubers Academy, where I teach my students and clients how to run ads to sell their products and services. Basically teaching them directly how to make money. And he's able to start running ads on my YouTube page. And I had much better results than I ever had when I my own, I noticed a huge spike in traffic, which is amazing. I saw. I got traffic to my website and I started getting a lot more cells. Tune is going to make sure that you do not waste any money in the process. So if you want more website traffic, more leads and more sales for your business, please check out my easy You too bad scores. It will show you just how to create effective ads that will make people click and convert. For the rest of you who are only interested in growing your channel right now, you are in the right place. This week, I will show you how to set up your Google Ads account, how to link your YouTube channel to it and give you a quick dashboard tour so that you become familiar with the ads platform. Then we will create a simple ad campaign to promote one of your videos on your channel. If you have never run ads before, don't worry, I totally understand what you are going through. That's why I will make this process is super easy and simple for you. I will not waste time showing you things that don't matter, but show you exactly what you need to do so that you can collect views and subscribers on autopilot. While usually you already know how to drive fast traffic to your video with Facebook ads. You already know how to drive slow traffic by getting backlinks from Fiverr. Now, I'm going to show you how to drive medium traffic to your videos and your channel with YouTube ads. Medium traffic that were maintained, constant eyeballs on your videos so that you grow, YOU sleep. Hope you are as excited about this opportunity as I am when I first learned it. It's going to be a new adventure that we are going on. And how right Enough talking and more doing. I'll see you in the next episode is going to be fun. 35. New Google and Youtube Accounts Setup: Let's officially start our YouTube ads adventure by setting up a brand new Google account for our business. Just keeping mind that Google changed their interfaces often. So what you see in these tutorials may change, but the process is always the same. So we are at and let's go to the upper right-hand corner and click signing. Since we are starting from scratch, we will click create account. At this moment, we will reach our first row block. Google is asking us, are you creating an account for yourself or for your business? While barely a minute into our adventure, and Google is already making us think. So, what account should we create? Don't be distracted by the two options. They are actually the same thing. This is just a way for Google to market to your account differently. We are trying to market to other people, and Google is trying to market to us. Yeah, that's the world of business these days. Everyone has Margaret into everyone. Anyways, you can select anything you want. So I'm just going to select for myself. Now you can enter your name, pick a new Gmail address, and a password. Click Next. When done, Google will then ask for your phone number, recovery, email address, birthday, and gender. Later on when we run ads, we can target people based on their age and gender, among other things. And how does Google know all this information from people? Well, we are spoon feeding Google our information to them right now. And we that's why whenever you are putting your information online, V careful, Google is recording it and we'll use that information on you. By the way, I I hope you don't mind me hiding my personal phone number right now because I really don't want to receive phone calls in the middle of the night from students asking me about how to run their YouTube ads. So I'm going to keep that information private. Now let's input a fake birthday. Then moving on, Google will send your phone a text with a six digit code to verify your account. So you click send, get the code and input that here, and then click Verify. Agree to the privacy and terms, which is pretty standard. And our new Google account is set up. Before we move on, it is a good idea right now to upload a profile picture. The reason is because later on when we run ads, your profile picture will show up next to your ad, like this one here. So let's click on the icon and select a photo from your computer. Many people like to use their business logo for the Google profile, and you can certainly do that if you want. But my suggestion is to use your personal photo. The reason is because people connect with faces better than a logo. If you want to build trust, now is the time to do it. There is a tendency for visitors to trust a new business with a down to earth face more than a distant looking logo. And that's why I usually use a photo of my face as my profile picture. With that done, we can now go and create our new YouTube channel. So let's create a new tab and typing At this point, you should already be logged into YouTube with your new Google account, you will see your profile picture here at the upper right-hand corner. Click on it. Go to YouTube studio. Then you will be asked to name your channel. So putting the business name you want and click create channel. For me. I'm gonna change my channel name too easy. Youtube ads. Welcome to your YouTube dashboard. Keeping in mind, the main goal of creating this brand new channel is to run ads. It is not to build a channel filled with content to get subscribers. That's not what we are doing. That's why we are just going to update this channel with basic information and nothing more. Let's start by going to the left hand side and click on settings, then click on channel, then to advance settings. Here you see we can link our YouTube account with our Google as account, since we will create our Google Ads account in the next episode and don't have the necessary information yet, we will skip this for now. What I want you to do is to scroll down here and uncheck, display the number of people subscribe to my channel. Just in case anyone lands on the channel from watching our ad. We don't want anybody to know, we don't have any subscribers. We are a business and we always want to build trust. Having 0 subscribers won't look good for us. So we want to keep our subscriber count hidden. Click Save to continue. Then on the left-hand side, click on customization. And then two basic info. Just another reminder, when there are fields to fill out online, people tend to spend a lot of time thinking about just what to say and the specific wording and such. Please remember, we are only using this channel to run ads, so we don't expect anyone to actually visit this channel. However, just in case someone stumbles upon it, we do want to make you look at least somewhat preventable and professional. So just fill out a simple description of your channel. Add a link to your business website and your business email address just in case someone sees it and wants to contact you, click Publish when you are done. And finally, the last thing to do is to upload a channel art. So click on branding. And you can see here, you can upload your banner image here. It says you can use the image that's at least 2048 by 1152 pixels and six MB or less. If you are good at Photoshop, you can create a banner and upload that here. However, if you are not a designer or tech savvy like me, here is a quick hack You Can Do. I see some of my students going to and paying someone $50 to create a channel art for them home. I got no, go onto and get this done for free. On, you can create a free profile of free YouTube cover art and downloaded for free to use on your channel. Why do I keep repeating the free world? You just started your business. Don't waste money on things that don't matter. Save your money for running ads home, my god, is totally going to sue me for telling you not to go there. I know. I know. Anyways, in the search bar on the top of typing YouTube. And you can see YouTube channel art pop out, click on it. And here is a list of different channel our templates you can use, let's just select one right now. The ocean, when it looks pretty cool, live on the water. So relaxing. Oh wait, I'm looking at the forest background. Looks really cool to, let's use that. Miss the smell of trees being locked down during the epidemic is really killing me. I'd rather have the tree cover art for now. So basically we are just going to customize this with our own business name. The cool part is that the size of this image is already optimized for YouTube. So we don't need to worry about how many damn pixels by how many damn pixels. When you are done, downloaded onto the desktop, open up YouTube again and uploaded as your banner image. Click done and publish. Then click View channel. And congratulations, your YouTube channel where you will be running your ads is completed. And you can see here this is the link that will take your visitors to your website if someone stumbles upon it. And we are done. In the next episode, we will set up your account and link it to this channel. And I'll see you in the next episode. 36. Google Ads Setup: Welcome to the episode that will show you how to set up your Google Apps account step-by-step. Just a reminder, the exactly look of the interfaces may change from what you see in the tutorials, but the process will be the same. Are you ready? Okay, let's go. Let's start with typing in Google ads in the searches of Google and click search. I always chuckle a little bit when I see the first entry because it's usually an ad, you see it says it's an ad right here at this time, an ad from Google promoting Google ads. I mean, I can't be the only one we thinks that's funny, right? I mean, it's like the movie Inception, a dream within a dream within a dream. I M on Google showing you an ad from Google promoting Google ads. I always wonder if Google owns Google ads to Google half the pay Google ads for their own ads. Anyways, if you want to click on the ad so that Google will be charged for the click. You can go on ahead and do that. Just make sure that the address is Ads dot Now go to the upper right-hand corner and click on signing. Since we are using the same browser as before, it will automatically sign us into our Google account. You see it here. We are starting a new accountable. So click on new Google account and it will take you to this page. At this point, Google ads will start asking you questions after questions about your business, making you more psychologically invested in running ads on their platform. And they will force you, force you to create an ad campaign before they allow you to see your dashboard. See you are not even familiar with their platform yet, and they are already forcing you to create an ad campaign. We don't need to do that right now. We just want to reach the Google Ads dashboard. That's why I suggest you back out to the main page, which is this page, and click on the tiny little link on the bottom of the page that says switch to expert mode. Once again, Google asks you to select the campaign go psychologically forcing you to start running ads asap. We are not ready to run ads yet. We just want to reach the dashboard. So let's click here that tiny link that says, Create an account without a campaign. Also, we just bypassed pages of unnecessary questionnaires and bypass being forced to create a campaign before we are ready, time saved, and dollars saved. High-five. This page, however, is important. You want to make sure the information here is correct because you will not be able to make changes to it later. So confirm your billing country, your time zone, and the currency. Once you have done that, click submit, then it will say, congrats, you're all done. We can click Explore your account. And here is the famous Google as Dashboard. You might not notice this right now, but you are probably looking at Google Ads, dumb down version of their dashboard. How can you tell? Go up to the settings and you see here it says switch to expert mode. Click on it. What's happening here is Google ads will oftentimes by default, set the dashboard in what they call smart mode. This will show you less details of your campaigns, gave you less control of the ad groups, basically treating you like a baby. It's like they are saying, you are not smart enough to run ads by yourself. But hey, we also don't want you to feel like a dumb ass. So let's call it smart mode. Anyways, let's get out of this quote, unquote smart mode. By clicking on switch to expert mode, you will immediately see more details for your future campaigns on the left-hand side. Don't worry about this right now because I will give you a quick tour of this dashboard in an episode to come make yourself comfortable here because we will be spending the rest of the course navigating through it and running ads from it. Let's first get an important housekeeping item out of the way. So let's go up to Tools and settings. Go over to billing, and click on settings. Here you will fill out your credit card information so that Google knows where to charge you when you start running your ad. So pause this video right now, fill out this information and then we can continue. Once you submit your info, This is what you're building summary page will look like. You can go up and click on the Google logo to return to the Dashboard and congratulations, your Google Ads account is set up. We bypass the many unnecessary questionnaires and avoided being forced to run an ad campaign before we were ready and was almost tricked into using Google's dumb as more dashboard. I mean, smart mode dashboard. All in all, a good five minutes spent. In the next episode, we will finalize everything and link your YouTube channel to this Google Ads account. See you in the next episode. 37. Linking Google Ads to your Youtube Channel: Your new Google account is set up, your new YouTube channel is set up, and your new Google Ads account is set up. Now all that's left is to link them together and we will be in business. Make sure your YouTube channel is opened in one tab, like you see here, and your Google Apps account is opened in another tab. That way, we can input the information necessary and switch between the two accounts easily. Let's start by going into your Google account on the top, click on Tools and settings. And then in the Setup section, click on linked accounts. Scroll down to YouTube and click on details, and then click on add channel. Here you'll see it's asking for the URL of your YouTube channel. Let's switch to our YouTube channel tab and grab that URL to make sure you are on the mychannel section, you can go onto your profile picture on the top right. Click on it and click on your channel. Then get the URL and copy the address. Go back to your Google as Tab and paste that URL here. Select I own this channel. Then click, go to YouTube. This will open up a new tab in your browser. It's now asking you to give this link a name. Just put your business name here and click link. At this point, your YouTube channel should be successfully linked with your Google as account. But let's verify it just in case we can do that by going to the left-hand side of your Youtube Studio and clicking on Settings. Then click on channel, then go to advanced settings. And you should see under Google Ads account linking that your new Google account is linked. Very cool. Everything is good on YouTube's end. So we can go ahead and click close. Now let's go back to our Google as tab. Check to see if it's linked there as well. So let's go back to our linked accounts main page, go down to YouTube and click details. And I'll write it says here, our YouTube channel is linked here as well. Everything is good on Google Ads end. The linking is confirmed and congratulations, your accounts are linked and you are ready to go. Now, before we end this episode, I have a question for you. Do you also have another YouTube channel? You have been posting videos that's related to the products and services that you want to promote. If so, we can connect that YouTube channel to this Google as account here as well. Just make sure that the other channel you have is relevant to the ads you will be running soon. For example, if you sell vitamin supplements and you are going to run ads from this Google Ads account promoting those products. But you have a YouTube channel where you post funny viral cat videos. You don't need to link those two accounts together because the two niches are not related. However, if your other YouTube channel is about vitamin supplements, then we can link the two accounts together right now. Why? Because in a future episode, I will show you how to run ads to people who have visited your channel, subscribe to your channel, or viewed videos on your channel. Those are your warmest traffic and running ads to those people will cost you less and give you the highest convergence. Exciting, right? Can't wait. So if you have another channel with content that's related to what you are planning to promote using this, Google has a count. Let's connect those two right now, since the linking process is still very fresh in our minds, I'll use one of my personal channels as an example. In a new tab, I have one of my channels that I also wanted to link to my Google account. Go up and copy the URL of this channel. Now let's go back to our Google as tab and in the Linked Accounts page, click on this plus icon. We saw this before. It's asking for the URL of another channel we want to add. So paste the URL we just copied into this field. And then select, I own this channel and click, go to YouTube. At this point, another tab will open and it's asking you to sign in to the second channel account that you are trying to link. Click signing, input the email address and password associated with the second channel and click Next. Just like before, is asking you to give this link a name, putting this channel's name in the field and click link to verify everything is set up correctly, just like before, we go to the left hand side of the channel and click on Settings. Click on channel. Then to advanced settings. Scroll down and you'll see the Google Ads account has been laid. Now let's close this window. Go back to our Google as tab. Refresh the Linked Accounts page and you should see the second channel is linked. If you want to link additional channels that's related to products and services you planned to promote. You can follow this process again and again, tau, right? We are officially done with linking your Google AdWords account with your YouTube channel. Congratulations and give yourself a pat on the back. It wasn't that hard, was it? In the next episode, I will give you a quick tour around the Google Ads interface helps you become more familiar with this platform so that you can really make yourself at home here. I can't wait to share the next episode with you because if you liked this Nieuwland, you will love the episode. We will run your Google Apps account as if we were running a theme park is going to be a very fun episode to watch. And that's a promise. Chairs. 38. Fun Google Ads Interface Tour: Okay. So you have set up all your accounts and linked everything. I think it would be a good time as any to show you around the Google Ads interface. This will just be a quick overview of what to expect when running ads using this platform. If you have ever visited disneyland, this episode will be a little like riding on the train that takes you on a tour around the park, showing you the major attractions. Just like the train ride. It won't take you to all the locations and have you meet all that Disney characters. This episode will not go through every section of the interface and we don't need to. We'll cover the bare essentials and leave all the little details for when we actually run ads as it would be more practical, guy, wait, so let's hop on board the Google Ads train and start saying zippity, do that. Exhibit 3A, my oh, my what a wonderful day. Plenty of Google's secrets heading our way. Zippity do, does anybody a Lady Luck is on our shoulder. It's a truth. It's actually everything is satisfactory. Zippity, do, does ADA wonderful feeling less make money? Hey, if I'm going to be the only one saying, then I'm going to stop. So this is the dashboard and because it is brand new, you won't see any data on yet. As you start building out your campaigns, you will see more and more options that give you details of the ads you are running. I will show you some examples from one of my own guru as accounts so you can see what the format will look like. Let's start with the top of the page. When your ads are not running, you will see this red bar on top. The first time I saw this, I thought something was wrong. But no, it's just a way for Google to remind you that you are not currently paying them money. That's why it's red and a warning. The search icon is used to find your campaigns that you have ran in the past. So being very organized with how you name your campaigns will become important. The reports icon is something that you will probably never use unless you are an advertising agency and either show your clients reports on how their ads are doing. You will never use this feature. The building icon is where you go to edit your billing information and to check how much money you owe. Google, as you can see, your credit card will be charged automatically each month or if your payments threshold is reached, you start with a payment threshold of $350 and move upwards as you run more ads and build up a reputation with Google ads, the bell icon will show you notifications that Google half are you. Most of these notifications are just google telling you to increase your budget when you have reached your daily budget. It's the most useful when it tells you which ads you submitted were denied so that you can fix it and submit again for review. The tools and settings icon is one of the most used features in Google ads. So you wanna get comfortable here. In fact, this is the place where you will start out each time you create a new ad campaign. The three options that you will use the most under tools and settings are keyword planner, audience Manager, and conversions. Keyword Planner is a tool that helps you find keywords to target. It's helpful because it will make suggestions, unrelated keywords to help your brainstorming sessions more productive. Audience Manager is a tool that allows you to create pores of audiences to target. So you can run remarketing campaigns, as well as track how many people have landed on your website and which pages they have seen. And finally, conversions is a tool that allows you to track how many people opted into your funnel and how many people bought your products and services. And this can be determined by which webpages your customers have reached. If all this sounds complicated, please don't worry, because it will make more sense to you when we run campaigns together. And I can show you step-by-step when and how to use these tools. Right now below the top bar is this tiny little day field. This field is important because it allows you to display the status of your account based on a specific date that you choose. Right now, it's set to All Time, which means it is displaying all the information from when you started the account to right now today, long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. One of those first days of running ads on the platform, I set up my ad campaign and hit run for an entire day. Nothing happened, no new data was recorded. And yet, when I looked at my building statement, money was being spent, what the hell was going on. It wasn't until an entire day later that I found out that the date field was set to the previous week, displaying only the previous week's data. It was like sitting in an ODE meeting room and waiting for people to show up for the meeting when everyone is meeting next door in the new meeting room. So sometimes Google don't automatically update this date field to reflect the date that you are currently in and you will need to update it yourself or risk being stuck in the past and be stuck looking at OData. Now, let's take a look at the main dashboard of Google ads. And you can get there by clicking on the Google Ads logo. Since you don't have any data in your account yet, I will show you one of my accounts. So you have an idea what to expect. Just like Facebook ads, Google ads also follow a hierarchy system in order to run an ad. That ad has the being an AD group, to run an ad group. That AD group has the Being campaign. So when you want to run ads, you start with a campaign, then move on to the ad group and then on to the actual ad. I know this concept may be hard to visualize, especially if you have never run as before. So let me give you an example. Since you had to tolerate my Disney sing earlier, I know the perfect way to explain this campaign, to aggregate, to add relationship. You own Disneyland and you decide to caret three sections of the park to target people based on their interests. Fantasy land, Adventureland, Tomorrowland. These are your ad campaigns. Within each section of the park, you build gift shop areas, and this need dining areas. That means fantasy land has his own dining area. Adventure Land has its own dining area, and Tomorrowland has its own dining area. The dining areas and gift shop areas are your ad groups. Within each dining area of Adventureland, there are individual restaurants like the Tiki juice part. Those are your individual ads, and there you have it. This makes understanding how to run and manage your ad campaigns easier and more fun. For example, if your Disneyland was losing money, what would you do? You will look at each of your campaigns to see where the problem was. Let's say a venture land was losing you money. You will look at the gift shop areas and the dining areas to determine the source of the problem. Let's say you found out the gift shop areas that AD group was the problem. Then you will look at specifically which Gift Shop was eating up your budget without a returning investment. Oh, it's the shop selling Mickey Mouse hats that's losing you money. That specific ad is not getting any clicks. So you were Pause the ad from running, basically shutting down that specific gift shop. Now let me ask you a question. Are you in the mood for some role-play? Let's pretend you are the owner of Disneyland and you just found out your park was losing money. How will you manage this theme park business? In the next episode, we will put this scenario into practice. Have some theme park management fun while learning more about the Google Ads dashboard. 39. Disneyland Google Ads Dashboard Roleplay: So you want to know what it feels like to run your own Disneyland. Well, running your Google Ads account is like owning your own theme park. You can manage everything on the dashboard and make sure your business is not losing money by making money. Lets first do a little review of the dashboard and then we will get into some role-play fun. Okay. Here's the Google as dashboard. On the far left is where the campaigns that you have created will be housed. You can see there are three campaigns currently running. And we know they are running because there is a green dot on each of them. When you click on one of them, it will show you a list of ad groups housed that campaign. A little to the right is a column of options that allows you to view the data and make changes at the campaign level. Like if you click on an ad groups, it will show you a list of aggregates. In this campaign. There is a green dots showing that each of the ad groups are currently running. If you want to view the data or make changes at the ad group level, you can click on the specific ad group and it will show you information just for that ad group. Let's say you want to dive deeper and see specifically ADD is doing well or not. And easy way to do that is to look at everything at the campaign level. So click on the campaign you are interested in and click ads. And you can see the three ads that are currently running. And that's it. You know what? Let's do a quick review of our tour and put our theme park management skills to the test. So let's back out of everything by clicking on all campaigns on the top left hand corner of the screen and click on overview. Are you ready to do some role-play? Let's pretend you are the owner of Disneyland. Here is a fun and purely hypothetical example. This is how well your entire Disneyland is currently doing as a whole. You can see you have paid $23.71 and have gotten 353 views and one conversion. If you were unhappy with these numbers, we can do some management. So while looking at your campaigns, you realize that the second campaign was the problem maker. It cost you $23.18 and you only got three clicks. Fantasy land is operating at a loss. So let's dig deeper. When you click on ad groups, it will show you how well each of the ad groups are doing. How well are the dining areas doing? Let's say this ad group is costing us money without a good ROI. So let's dig deeper and we click on it. Oh, indeed, 313 people have viewed this ad. It cost us $17.95. And now even one person converted. That means 313 people have walked into this restaurant and walked out without buying anything. We are paying the electricity bill for nothing. Let's temporarily shut this place down for now. And we do that by hovering over the green dot. Click on it and select pause. And now dislocation is temporarily shut down. This ad is temporarily paused from eating our budget. Simple right? Now let's say that it's a small world after all, boat ride opened up and all the people in Fantasy Land started lining up the write that attraction. So no one is going to any of the restaurants. That means the electricity for the entire dining area in fantasy land is being wasted. So in this situation, we will shut down the entire dining area, shutdown the ad group in this campaign. We do that by clicking on this campaign and clicking on ad groups. And we will pause the ad group. That's losing us money. Simple, right? But, oh no, there was an accident on the it's a small world after. All right. And a visitor just couldn't take the annoying song and dance anymore and jump out of the boat and started yelling at the dolls to shut up. Well, that's not good for publicity, is it? And as a result, everyone started leaving fantasy land to go to a different section of the park. That means our electricity cost for the entire fantasy land section of the part is being wasted. If the ad campaign is losing you money. In this situation, we will pause the entire campaign. And we do that by clicking on the campaign and going up to the green dot on the top of the page and click pause. There. We just completed our damage control and now can focus on the parts of the park that are doing well. This of course, was just an entertaining hypothetical example to help get you more familiar with moving around the Google Ads dashboard. 40. YouTube Ads for Channel Growth (Medium Traffic): It's time for your first YouTube ad campaign. By the end of this short episode, you will have a YouTube ads running, promoting your YouTube video and growing your YouTube channel. So many youtubes in that sentence, I am going to make this tutorial super simple so you can quickly have a YouTube add up and running. That's why I am not going to over-explain things and overwhelm you for the full detailed explanation. Please check out my easy YouTubers Academy as it were explained, everything in fine detail. Let's get started. We are at a dashboard of Google ads with the all campaigns section highlighted and the overview highlighted and click on new campaign. Select a curator campaign without a goes guidance. Select the video, and then click Continue. Now you can give your ad campaign a name. The best way to name your campaign is by stating the goal, the topic or video that your video is about, the type of targeting and the location of where your ad will run. For this example, I will be promoting one of my videos about email marketing for beginners. So my campaign name will be sub dash, email, dash, keywords, dash USA. This way, I know that this campaign is for subscribers promoting an e-mail marketing video, targeting keywords in the USA. Simple and straightforward. Let's keep the bid strategy section at maximum CPV. In the budgets and dates. Change the budget to daily and set the budget to $5 a day. Which is a great starting point. If this is your first time running YouTube ads, then click on networks and unselect video partners on the Display Network. We want our app to display only on YouTube and not outside of YouTube. In the location section, you can select a country that you reside or the country that you are very of most applies to. For me, I'm going to select the United States. Same thing for languages. Put down the language that is spoken in your video. I'm gonna put down English. Keep the inventory type in standard inventory, but click on excluded types and labels. Select embedded YouTube videos and live streaming videos. What we're doing is to exclude our ad from displaying on those videos. Because people watching those videos are not likely to interact with your ad. Next, click on additional settings. In the Devices section, select set specific targeting for devices. We are going to uncheck TV screens so that our ad does not appear on TV screens. People watching YouTube on TV tend to be lazier and are not willing to pick up the remote to subscribe to your channel even if they are enjoying your video. All right, we are done with the main settings of our air campaign. Now, we just have to complete the ad group level of our campaign and we'll be done. The best name for your ad group is the name of your video. That way, there is no confusion as to which video you are promoting. So I'm going to type in my video name, e-mail Marketing for Beginners. Next, click on demographics. Then select the kinds of people that you want to target. Because you are just getting people to watch and subscribe to your channel and not sell a product. You don't have to be super specific on your demographic. Once then you can skip audience for now because it's advanced targeting that we don't need to worry about right now. Up next is your specific targeted. My favorite targeting option to use to give viewers and subscribers is keywords Targeting. Click on keywords. I really like this type of targeting for the campaign we are running because people who are typing in keywords have strong intent. They are searching for something. So why not have our video pop out the moment they are searching for topic like ours. The important part, however, is to target specific keywords. My video is about e-mail marketing for beginners. But I don't want to target people who are typing in the keyword email marketing. Why? Because that's too general. A person typing that keyword may be looking for all kinds of videos about email marketing. If they saw our ad and click down it just out of curiosity, It's probably not a video that they are looking for and they will skip out of it and not subscribe to you. Well, we want is to target people who are specifically looking for email marketing for beginners. Because that's exactly what our video is about. To get some quick keyword ideas, you can simply go onto YouTube and typing your specific keyword and see why YouTube suggests these are the keywords that people are currently searching for it. You can see just by typing in email marketing for beginners, I get more keyword ideas about this topic. So get around five to 10 keywords and put them in this keywords box. Once, then we can move on to bidding. This is the price that you are willing to pay maximum per view. The average view for an ad on YouTube costs about $0.10 per view. So we will put down $0.10. And finally, we have reached the last part of our ad campaign. Choosing which video we want to promote. Simply grab the URL of your video and paste it in this box. Okay, our video shows up. Then select video, discovery, add. Now you have a choice of a headline and two lines of description right beneath it. Here's a secret. Make your headline interesting, but not to click Beatty. If that's a word. We don't want to trick people into clicking our video, watching a few seconds and skipping. We want people who are more sincere. These are the people that are more likely to watch your entire video and subscribe to your channel. So even though my thumbnail is send emails and make money involved A's, my headline and description will be a bit more conservative. They would just be the title of the keyword, email marketing for beginners. And the two description would be how to send emails to get new leads on autopilot. Lastly, it's asking you the ad name so you can once again typing the name of your video. This should also be the same name for the ad group. You can take one final look at the preview of your ad on both the mobile and the desktop to get an idea of how it will be displayed. If you are satisfied, you can click current campaign and you are done. Congratulations. Hi, I'm so happy for you. You just created your first YouTube bad tears that.