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YouTube Growth Secrets in Twenty Minutes!

teacher avatar Lakshmi Parkavi, Digital Marketer | Video Producer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Short vs Long Videos

    • 2. Critical Hours

    • 3. Ssssh the Secret Hack

    • 4. What’s in Vernacular?

    • 5. Build your Playlist

    • 6. Engagement never Ends

    • 7. Catch the Trends

    • 8. The MasterList

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About This Class

Learn the Secrets of famous YouTubers to Grow Faster in YouTube. In this course you will learn the growth hacks that are SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE yet unknown to most YouTubers. 

Just twenty minutes of your time is all we ask!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lakshmi Parkavi

Digital Marketer | Video Producer


12 Years of Digital Marketing | 7 Years of Video Production

Lakshmi Parkavi has produced more than 600 videos working closely with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. Lakshmi has directed and produced a wide variety of videos, ranging from Corporate Videos, Testimonial Videos to TedX Videos.

She has 10 years of experience in inbound online marketing and has worked with leading brands to Deep-Tech Startups. She runs a video content and activation agency MangoTree Media in India. She is currently writing a book on Video production and Optimization.


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1. Short vs Long Videos: These are a few videos from famous YouTube channels. Have you ever noticed the commonality in all these videos? That common factor is the reduced link. They're all more than 10 minutes. You do classifies the videos, a short form videos and long form videos. Short form videos are under 10 minutes and long form videos over 10 minutes. To make things clear, a nine minute video is still a short form. With you on a 10 minute video is a long form video. Nobody's people's attentions, finest new. So we should be creating. Reduce that a crisp and to the point right, wrong. When you do always create long form videos, you do the business once audience to stay as long as possible. In YouTube, which means as a creator, you should create long form videos the and short form once the chances of a video with late 1 to 2 minutes getting recommended by YouTube. Super slim channels like Lucas the Spider, which has this need Pixar like production quality. How only 15 2nd long videos, but a super successful in YouTube showing aside, the exception cases here are the three obvious advantages with long form videos longer reduce brings more watch time, which means better ranking in YouTube. Longer videos brings more and enticement opportunities, which means more money. More adult. Your These are the reason why more and more U two was creating long form videos. In short form. Video is only one advertisement that's alone in long form videos. You can have 100 Iceman in the stock, one Madrid Iceman demand and few in between the video that's resulting in more money. Longer videos means higher engagement with friends and potential leads on sales. If you're offering a service, the Cato doing well on you Do Mr Have a super long video? I'm not suggesting 25 30 minutes. Anything more than 10 minutes is good enough. So when are you due? Always create long form videos. 2. Critical Hours: the 1st 72 us after publishing your video is super crucial. Whatever views that you're going to get during this time is what you will get for the next one month and what you will get for the next one year. Things can happen or not happen during the 1st 72 us, so you have to start promoting your videos as soon as you hit the publish button. After publishing your video shadow and asked many platforms as possible, shattered in many platforms and chatted with the right, audiences quickly work hard in the 1st 72 us In promoting the video you published, you can go into a slumber more and take a well deserved break after the crucial something worse, no. 3. Ssssh the Secret Hack: branding What Omar gets you subscribers Simple and straightforward hack include the substrate button in your branding watermark. It's right there in all the videos. We watch it. It's very easy to miss it. Imagine someone is watching your video in full screen more. They really like your video, and they're thinking off subscribing to you. But they have to stop watching your video and exit the full screen with the distractions of the current world. They made a subscript you not come back to watch your video again. You just have a moment with your prospect of substrate able, and you let it pass away by not having a branding watermark. Don't lose your subscribers by making them work extra minutes for you. Instead, you walk a few extra steps on. Upload the blinding watermark. Here's how you can upload a branding order mark branding what the markets all about Subscribing. The best practice is to use a branding watermark but look similar. So you do subscribe. But I would say this using wrecked finding substrate buttons like this 4. What’s in Vernacular?: equals 10 next group. The necklace judges have grown huge in the past two years. Have you ever seen on YouTube search and received autos additions like in Hindi in summer in Canada? Welcome to India, where Indian language duty abuses are predicted. The war. Take English YouTube uses. So if you're looking for your 1st 100,000 subscribers, you're more likely to get it. When you use a molecular language, it's a bull for new UT, worse, in a country like India. 5. Build your Playlist: Do you want to know a simple and super effective way to grow your channel on YouTube? It ISS placed. Let's imagine someone is watching your video on YouTube after watching your video. They have three choices to make a choice. One. What another video from your channel. Choice toe. What another video from another channel. Choice. Three. Skip you do all together and spend time elsewhere. Choices two and three are bad for you. What's keeping your channel? I'm skipping you. Do you are not going to do any good for your watching and session? Watch them. The clear winner is Choice one, which is watching another video from your channel watching another video from your channel increases views. Watch time session. What's time Revenue from ads and ranking in YouTube? Ofcourse, choice awareness. Excellent. But you can tie people onto a chair and make them watch videos from your channel. But you do have something in your hands. You have playlists to keep people in your challenge. Playlist is the best tool in hand. How to build playlist, anything. Cough videos and planus. Think off episodes and the Netflix cities. Would you skip a few episodes? No, that's how ideally playlist should be built. Unspeakable, engaging videos that will lead you from one video. You are the so a strategy should be to build a series of videos which together makes a complete sense as a playlist. Suppose your channel is about healthy food recipes. Having a playlist for healthy breakfast with your best videos on the top of the playlist makes a lot of sense. So the audience will stick to the videos in the playlist to explore what they came looking for and not jump to another channel. Take advantage 04 to play and don't easily give your audience to another channel. So let's take it all together to use a simple and effective tool to grow in you to playlists. 6. Engagement never Ends: engagement is everything when you to the likes, the shares, the comments and the subscribes is the lifeline off every YouTube creator. When you do, it's difficult to miss. Alright, guys, if you want to see Part two and get us off this island and get this video to 250,000 likes okay, smack like get us off the island, 250,000 likes and will start preproduction. Why do you do with ask? Encourage Big pleads sometimes even blackmail for user engagement, because that's how is it you do where you can grow your challenge, you can get everything you wish for. When a user engages with your videos, you can increase your legs, sell you much and ice. Get people to talk about you and increase your subscribers next to watch time. One city Our engagement metrics is the most important writing factor on you. Do so higher the engagement, the better. The ranking in YouTube higher engagement means top rank. Can you do? Your videos will be ranked higher when you have high engagement metrics. How to increase user engagement. The best way to increase user engagement is to provide lots of value to your videos, not just passing on information but providing a transformation to your videos. A simple secret to get more likes and comments is to heart and to reply to the comments, make your audience feel respected and validated. When is the right thing to seek engagement, Give the audience and eureka moment and then ask for a subscript earlier engagement. Whatever you're asking. But it's a like or a substrate. Ask twice once at the beginning and one today, and you can ask a question in the video. Conduct. Appalling. The cuts use the end screens plan engagement as a part of your videos, coping process and user engagement, which begins at the scripting process. Never ends. Keep engaging with their uses by replaying and harting today. Comments. As long as your video is alive on YouTube, use an engagement. It's how you grow on you, too. So don't everything in your part to increasing their engagement. 7. Catch the Trends: you do is not easy. It's a tough game. It's difficult to get your 1st 100 subscribers. It's even more difficult to get to 500 subscribers. So how do you grow Super pass in? You do most of The Eunuch Challenge, which grow fasting You do how, one thing in common friends these channels sported the prints and created videos on them. Cap plays on the trends, undergoing huge on into before we get to learn how to create videos on trends. Let's get to know the three types of Prince Evergreen trends. Seasonal trends on Palm prints. Any discussion off friends is not complete without a mention of Google trends, which is the sanctum sanctorum off only marketers. You due West on anyone who is researching on growing with trends, friends that stay forever or called evergreen trends, evergreen trends or topics that do not go. Oh, dated, at least for the next five years. Or maybe the topics that stay for your end their life. Pain beetle in Mossad. How tired By holding lose weight, healthy breakfast ideas or all few evergreen topics. Entrance. Let's jump to Google trends and explore some evergreen topics. So here here in Google Prints. Let's tied weight loss. We're going to do three changes here. Change from us to worldwide change from 12 months to five years. We could leave all categories understood and change from Web search to a new tube search. No me. See if I sing graph, which means the popularity off weight loss is increasing. This is good news for all you did. Was selling weight loss products or equipments, Passing tips on diet plants, German yoga instructors on any YouTube channels into health, wellness and fitness categories. Let's grow down below. And in the interest by region, we find that Pakistan has the highest level off interest, followed by Mauritius, South Africa and India is in fourth place. At first glance, it looks like Pakistan is extremely popular, but wait a magic visible to happen. Click on this drop down on change from region to sitting. Pakistan as a country is popular, but Indian cities are topping the charts in popularity for weight loss. It's not a thing to brag about, but it's definitely a great news for you. Do was in fitness and wellness with urban Indian audiences. No one is scrawled on below. We see related topics. Unrelated queries Related credit is a great place to get ideas for their video topics. If you're thinking off creating medios our own weight loss, these are few popular queries. Our own weight plus your gas in for weight loss. Versatile Ricky Weight loss, Doctor Charlie Weeklong subjects. It's for weightless Check and not Dixie Tweet loss. No, What in do is we'll classify this search queries in tow backs, Brandon Queries and non branded queries. Non branded equities are yoga sin for weight loss and suggest it's very close. Brandon Queries are worse sitting Rickie Dr Shallow Me on Juggernaut picks it versatile McGee and not special Me or famous You Do is the third name Jack and not Dixit is famous for two million Diet plan. Interestingly, he doesn't have a YOUTUBE channel. So who has supported him becoming popular for weight loss, started creating videos around him and great good views. Also, did anyone sport the word? Break up next to related search graze? Guess what Brickell could be If you see breakout, it means that the such time grew by 5000% days or 50 times in the time period that you're celibate, So that's a huge, huge good on. You should capitalise on it and make me new song them. So the take home for evergreen trends is always look for data, at least for five years. Always look for topics that I'm screwing. Seasonal trends are prints that come once in every month or wanting every year. New resolutions. Christmas trees are gifts. The Valley sweets Only big games are all examples off. Seasonal trends for topics. Hunting for trends is one thing, and once you hunted, stay ahead of the shell, you in creating videos for them, it's pretty easy to stay ahead of the shell. You'll for seasonal torrents using Google trends off course here here at Google Prints and let's explore some seasonal topics. Let's begin with face painting. We going ot changes here. Change from us to worldwide change from 12 months to five years. Change from Web search to YouTube Search. Did you notice that the graph for face painting is neither raising nor falling? It is speaking from September to October every year at this time. Can you guess why face painting is popular during September to October in the past five years, cause it's Halloween on. People are searching for Halloween horror makeup ideas? No. Let's compact face painting with Halloween makeup. They're both picking up at the same time of the year. That's because many people are searching for what it is like. Face painting Halloween. Easy, easy face painting. Easy face painting for Helaman, face painting for bigness, for explaining. For kids doing the Halloween season every year, Halloween makeup is obvious as a seasonal topic. But first painting don't not obvious is a good example. Off Seasonal topic. If you're youtuber into make up and beauty, you can come up with the first painting tutorial on release it just before the start of the Halloween season, before the big channels released their videos. With the help of mobile trends, you can get the timing right and also identify popular search queries to create videos. Our friends are hard prints, prints that are super powerful and they come and go. Yes, my ice bucket challenge. Slain or few examples off militants part friends are hard. Parents happen when there's a sudden spike off interest from people almost all huge channels. The dinosaurs off you do trying to compete and create videos on power truants. So there is a huge competition that's going on. That doesn't mean as a new youtuber. You shouldn't work on heart prints. As long as you can create value, you will be able to stand out with your content, so confidently cast the heart parents and create videos with a unique voice and times of value. Parliament according to Google, Monday in everyday tasks like studying, shopping, cleaning or changing to a community experience. So if you're you to work planning to create with me videos like Who could Me Shop With Me? Excites with me, Clean with me, Study with me. So all these with me trends are sizzling heart and popular. So cast, um, and capitalize on them at the time. When I'm creating this video, there is a trend that is taking over there, and there would. Gordana are called unawares. Cardinal has hit the world very bad, and most of us are searching for when are things going to be normal? But for education purposes, the strain has changed slaves and searches off people all around the world. The world will not be the same again for some time now, so it is even more important to support the prints and stay updated on them. Produce content for the trends that are popular and growing. Catch the trends and caplis on them. 8. The MasterList : in the previous lessons, we learned about how to grow from zero subscribers. Now we shall put all the learnings together in the master list. This master list contains actionable steps that will help while you plan and produce your videos. The master list before upload. - It's never too early to start a YouTube channel or Australia existing channels. It is late one leaving start without knowing their wounds of the came with all the learnings in your mind on with the master list in your hand, your good to achieve success and you do.