YouTube Genius: The Best Way to Know Every Detail About Your YouTube Audience | Diego Davila | Skillshare

YouTube Genius: The Best Way to Know Every Detail About Your YouTube Audience

Diego Davila, Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!

YouTube Genius: The Best Way to Know Every Detail About Your YouTube Audience

Diego Davila, Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!

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3 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. YouTube: Getting Every Details About your Audience

    • 3. IMPORTANT! Final Project

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to install Google Analytics in your YouTube Channel for Free! 

By the end of the class, you will have access to super important information that you can use to grow your YouTube channel and to make smart decisions when creating new videos.

This strategy will take you around 10 minutes to implement.

Let's do it!

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Diego Davila

Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile!

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: Welcome to the Google analytics for YouTube class toe the Euler. How to add a Google Analytics to urinated channel on. Why, that's super important for you. Basically. Because what? By doing that, you will have data super important data about everything that is happening on your YouTube channel. How many people are visiting? What are coming there? What are they coming from? Woods. Language. They speak. Which city are they connecting from? How long they are waiting there. They're watching your videos. Are they men? Women? How old they are. What are their interest on all these super important data that you can collect from your visitors? So in this class, Euler, how to add that your YouTube channel 100% free? You are not paying anything. And you are doing these in around 10 15 minutes. You can apply this right now and this earlier you apply the fastest. Google will start collecting this data and showing this to you in a regular basis. I'm sure you will absolutely love these class, so I hope to see you inside the class. Click on the role. Now, bottom on. Let's start implement in this astrology in the next video. See you there 2. YouTube: Getting Every Details About your Audience: Hey, guys, Welcome to the course on Super Happy to see you here inside this training. This is exciting. And I'm sure you will love these simple strategy that will make a huge difference on the way you manage your YouTube channel. After these, you'll have exact idea. You will have data which is super important about the people that visit your channel. This is the age off, the people, the interest where are connecting from the main language off that they are using on their computers. If they are correcting from mobile orphan computers, everything. All that you will know by then off these class. And I'll show you how to add the Google Analytics to your YouTube channel for free. Totally free. And you can do it in only 10 minutes. Remember that at the end, off the course after this video, you will find another video call the final project on. Remember, that is super important for you to check that video after this one. Because that video will help you to take action and get amazing results. Applying this astrology, I'm ready to start. I hope you are the first step. We're here on the YouTube channel. This is a channel I just created a few days ago just for testing, so I can use it on these class and show you how to do it specifically what we're doing here . The first step is to create your Google Analytics account. If you already have a Google Analytics account, that's great. Just keep watching until the next step will, which will be toe. Generate a specific code for your YouTube channel on at these coat to the channel in the best way. So first, the first step of sites all used to create your Google Analytics accounts. Let's do that. How do we do that? Excellent question. First we go to school and we start for Google. Anna leanings on Ali League's Okay, and here we have some results. The first results east, google dot com slash analytics And this is the website we want to go. So click on that. Excellent. In here you have several options. They have services for analytics, for big companies are also small businesses. What we're doing here, which is totally free, is the first option here on the left, which is called analytic. So click on that and in here. We have some information about the system about this service. But now we don't need these because I'll show you in the course specifically. So we click on the on the green button on the top right hand side call, Sign up for free. Excellent. Now, if you have a Google account, probably you already do you have a Gmail account or any Google Dogs? Account with Dr Account. Any account that you have at Gino, you can use the logging on your Google analytics. That's the beauty off using Google Services because they integrate everything in tow. One account. So I'm here with my account. Let me enter my password. Okay? Passwords, Istan read directing me toe mine main screen. And in here we have star analyzing your website traffic in three steps. If you don't see these specific three specific page that I have seen here right now, don't worry. Google changes very frequently the specific the interface off the service. So don't worry if you don't see these, basically what we need to do here is click on Sign up. Excellent. So now we're ready to add a new account. You see here new account on the first. The first question is, what would you like to truck a website or a mobile app? In this case, we want to track a website. Next. We need to enter the account name this case, you can enter YouTube channel or enter the main off your it'd channel if you want. This is the top level off your Google Analytics account below These setting your property, The name off your website again. Here. You can enter the name of your YouTube channel on this case. This case, the name off my Channel East Diego Davila TV and again, if you have one more than one channel and this is important. Guys, if you have more than one channel, you can add the account main, my YouTube channels, for example, which is the top level. And below that you will have all your specific YouTube channels. Like on this case. They're gonna villa TV is one of them. If I have another one, I can create another channel under my YouTube channels. Okay, Next we go. We need the website you Earl. So where is this? This is exactly the girl off your YouTube channel. How do we do that we go back here to the channel on you go to you too. And click on my channel. See here YouTube, my channel second option. And now we are inside your YouTube channel. So to grab the URL, all you need to do is go to the top. Here on this is the girl youtube dot com slash channel slash And here is your coat. So we need to copy the whole girl copies. Let's go back to the Google Analytics based these. I remember the http is already here, so we need to delete this Http, on the begin off. Better link. Delete this wonderful next steps. Select the industry. The category off your channel. This is this looks easy, but it's important because Google, you know that Google works in a super effective way. So in the future, if you want to create ads for your channel, if you the site on the future to create YouTube ads, which is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that we have right now, YouTube ads produced amazing results reaching millions of people every day. You is good to have the category while selected here. So for my case, I'll select online communities. You you go through the lease and you decide which one is the perfect for you on. After that, we select the report in some this case, like your country on the Times on I am on Easter time. So that's why I'm selecting on before I go further. Let me tell you, if you want to know more about the YouTube at that, we just talk here a minute ago. I link on the class description. The best class I have here in this culture about YouTube ads. The links will be there. All you need to do is click and enroll. So let's go farther here. Data sharing. You can select all these products from Google. If you want that, you see that it is recommended. Okay, on when this is ready, you click on get tracking. I d. Let's see. Here we have is not showing for some reason. But here we have the terms and conditions that that the terms off services I'll click, I accept, even if I don't see what's going on here. But I recommended to read these on deceive you really accept. I mean, she'll be fine. Excellent Now we have the tracking I d here. This is the track in 80 that we are using. You see here their status. No data receive it in the past 48 hours. Don't worry about these off course. They did not receive any any data because we did not install these code yet. So let's copy this code. Copy. Let's go back to the YouTube channel. And in here when we're the channel, we go to the top, right? Her right hand side and click on creator studio. Wonderful. Here we have the channel on under channel. You click on advance. Excellent. So here we have information about your channel, the country, the keywords and all the things that you already set up. If you don't have these, I recommend you another class that I have teaching you how to create a YouTube channel that will help you to optimize and create the best channel in the war in the best way possible. So people can actually find your videos. When when they go to YouTube and they search for your for your videos for your topic, your videos will come first. Or at least in the first page. because it's super optimized Aisling that on the class description to so scroll down here under. Remember, we're under Channel Advance Scroll down and the last option guys is saying Google Analytics property tracking idea on this east where the magic happens, all went into the Here is space the code click on safe. Let's see the cold this year right now. So you see here at the top your changes were safe. So after now, that's all we need to do. That's it. You're ready now. So after these, Google analytics will start collecting information about everything that happens on your website. People that visit your website What? What time they come, What video They watch how long they stay on your videos. Everything you need to know. Toe actually start growing your YouTube channel to see what people actually like on your videos and creating similar content. Okay, so let's take a look right now or my main Google analytics account. So I'll show you exactly how the data looks like. I'll show you how to access your data. If we click here, you see at the top we have home reporting and add me if we click on reporting. We will be able to access the data. And this is how your data will look like in the beginning. Off course. You will have all zero here because YouTube will start collecting your data. But here is an idea of what do you see? You see here? The daily visitors. Great graphic. Amazing statistics on you. See how many session you have in this period? How many users connected? How Maney page view session, how long they stay on your page? I mean, on my on my averages, one minute and 43 seconds, which is not good, I think for the specific channel, I need to improve that. But now I have an idea that between these this period, they spend these times. So next thing I can compare with other month with other periods and see what I did different in order to engage more my audience The bounce rate is here near new off session here. New stations percentage is 80%. So, baby, basically 80% of the session. Our new and you can see also these on these specific graphic Here the blue are new visitors . 80% on the green is returning visitors. So I have 19% off return investors on 80% off new visitors. So people may be the ones that are being described The discover by new people every day Here you have a little bit off demographic country Where I come in front, you see the language. Basically these are the languages off the people I connecting toe my specific channel. If I go to country you see here the top countries CD we're connecting from the which city you see some power on this case is 12% of the sessions are coming from some Paolo Really Janeiro 4% on stuff like that. So this is important Because if I have, like a huge I mean if I goto countries here, you see this the specific data and showing you ease channel that I have importantes for Brazilian customer on you see that the top kantra here is Brazil. So if you have ah your challenge on in English, for example on you see that the top country that even TV's into your website sees Canada. Let's say just for example, you can create videos for Canadians for people that I actually beast in your website. You can do promotions for them. So you have an idea where your visitors are coming from. I also use the assistant here. Your browser's 77% of coming from Google chrome. 13% for Firefox on On you Go on, Operating system Windows 80% Macintosh 13% And you have other operating system here. So this is basically the idea I invite you. I won't go very deep here explaining you each off these statistics, but is super easy to understand. So when you have these reporting when Google started collecting your data after a few days that you install the specific link on your YouTube channel, I invite you to come here to the reporting on the start, exploring all the options basically on the lie and the left menu. Here, you see real time overview. This means that this is the number of people that are right now connected on my YouTube channel that are watching my business right now. This moment zero. Nobody's watching my videos at the exact moment locations real time on this time. How many foreign where people are connecting. So the countries will show here because I have zero is not joining traffic sources. This Israel time also audience you have here overview off the audience, which is I was I was showing you before active users analyses, use or explore demographics. Behaviors Interests are basically let's let's take a look on interest. You see here, I need to enable this. If I want basically, Gore would show me the age of the people, the gender, where are coming from. What are they interested on? So this is I must enable this one because these data should be super important. You see here interest 5% in sport in the video above 3% computers, 3% sports. So this is good data. In order to create toe just toe polish your channel and have specific content target content for your audience. So I invite you to come here, explore these after a few days that you install, you know now how to install this discovery, which is super important. And in the next video, I'll hope to see you in the next video next video. We'll take a look on your next steps. See, there 3. IMPORTANT! Final Project: Welcome to the final project video. This is great. We're almost at the end. Congratulations for that. And I'm super happy to see you here, actually, because most students don't finish the class and you are one off the big one that is finishing the class and actually taking action. So that's a mason. So class project, What we have here, the class project is important. And it's super important for you to actually do these three steps because remember that it's not enough just to watch the videos. A lair there really results comes when you take action. So that's why I said all the time in all my classes here on skill shirt that you must do all the final projects and I hope to see your project here. By the end of this video, we have three steps, easy steps that you need to complete in order to complete the whole project. The 1st 1 is to watch all the electors. And if you are watching these, probably you already watched or the lecture. So congratulations. You finished that number one step Number two is to leave you review here on this class and why that's important basically be cast you. Review helps the class to grow to reach more people, more students than like you. I looking for great strategies here on YouTube, great strategist, to grow the YouTube channel and grow their online business on you. If you live your review, the class will grow and will reach more students. So that's super important if super important for me, I value I read every single review and I will reply to your review and I just say right now to you. Thank you very much for taking the time to review my class Number three This is also super important is to create a project here on the final project. Are So you scroll down, right, You can scroll out wrong scroll down, Scroll down right now and you'll see a blue button. Say start project. So if you click on that, you can start project. You can create a new project here on excuse sir, You can add a picture if you want. If you don't want, you don't need to add a picture. Buy what you need to do here on the final project east to share the link off your YouTube channel with the community. On what? That Why that's important. It's important because we have more than 13,000 people here on the owner skills your community. So if you share your leading the YouTube channel link here on the on the projects are people in the community will visit your beauty. Your channel. They will watch your video. They will like your video on. Probably. You will get more subscribers. Remember that you are sharing these with 13,000 people on. That's amazing. So that's why I think is important for you to share your project here. Okay. I hope to see your project. I hope to see you in other classes. Remember that in the class description you will find links to my other YouTube classes. You can enroll in all off, then if you want on, start growing your YouTube channel like crazy, you will have amazing results. And I want to thank you very much for investing your time here with me on the class. I value your time I an owner, that you decide to invest your time here with me applying this strategy. And I'm super happy to see that you are committed to grow your business. Grow your own line YouTube channel and grow us a person. That's important. Thank you very much. I hope to see your project here on. I see you in the other classes. Have an amazing day.