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About This Class

In this Course we're going to go over some great tips I've learned over the past 2 years of my YouTube Creator Journey.

These tips will help you build your channel, get more subscriber, get more views, & grow your audience in ways you might not have thought of before.

We've all heard the generic tips that are spoon fed to us creators in tutorial after tutorial on YouTube.

However, this is not what this Course is. These tips are usually only acquired by someone who has been uploading to YouTube consistently for years & has seen first hand what works vs. what does not.


1. 1: today, we'll tell you why Subs don't matter. I'm also gonna tell you how to 10 extra money with less subs and how smaller channels can actually make a lot more money than bigger channels. And we're gonna get all that. So stay tuned to the end of the video. I'm gonna give you the full step by step play by play of how to actually perform that yourself. So make sure you watch to the end cause I'm gonna give you a lot of knowledge and literally the step by step approach. Now, first and foremost, I want to talk about why subs don't matter now. 200 SUBS 1st 2 won t k subs Why would 200 subs in a certain situation be better now? Don't get me wrong if you're looking at 200 subs versus 20 case ups where one case subversive 100 K subs Ideally, if you could have everything the same and you had the same amount of targeted people on both, you know, channels. Obviously, no one's debating that mawr potential target customers want to be better. However, I want to talk about why you shouldn't do some for some. Why shouldn't your main goal when you started. Channel, you know, shouldn't be to gain subscribers and getting them rapidly. That's everybody's number one focus, and I know it's your number one folks, because it was definitely mine. And it's definitely, you know, it's almost a rite of passage to get over that as a youtuber when you're first starting out . But I want to talk on the touch on this lesson because it's such an important lesson, and I want to kind of give you pause so that you're focusing on the right things and not the subs. And more importantly, I'm not just gonna tell you that I'm to tell you why. So let's say you have 200 subs, but you spent two months building up 200 Selves, and you're kind of feeling a little bit discouraged because you're not seeing the growth of other channels and you're putting in the work and I've been there and I get it. So 200 subs if you built him, you know, based around what you're actually teaching or what are the content of your that you're uploading For me, it's entrepreneurship or making money online and teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs how to make more money quicker for you. It might be music for you. It might be, you know, any literally anything across the board, we go down the list. It could be anything. But if you're building targeted, you know subscribers around what you're teaching that's more valuable than 20 case of subs that are just some of your channel for a variety of different content. The reason being is because these people are subscribed to you and they care about what you're teaching. They care about who you are as a person. There MAWR invested in you as a youtuber and thus more inclined to a watch more of your video's BB. You know, watch through your videos and watch time. We know it's a huge, huge metric, and on top of that there more, which is important. They're more inclined to buy from you in the future. And yes, we're selling here, and I'm not selling you anything in this video, but I'm teaching you how to essentially sell better on your channel. So don't focus on the number of subs. Focus instead on building subscribers around your content and dedicated people that care about what you're putting out there. That's why you shouldn't do some for some. In the beginning, however, you shouldn't do some for some because the people that subscribe to your channel are not going to care about you what you're uploading, thus hurting your metrics. And when YouTube pushes your videos out to those subscribe people that don't care, YouTube is going to get the information back that people aren't clicking through your content. They're not watching your videos for long. They're not liking or engaging or commenting on your video, thus hurting your channel more if you have 20 K subscribers and your YouTube's pushing it out to 1000 of them initially to get fuel for, if that video is good or not, and not that many people are responding or reacting to it. Well, well, guess what? YouTube is not gonna think you have a valuable video, and they're not gonna think you have a valuable channel. That's when you look across the board, you see, you know, channels with 200,000 subs. They're getting 1000 views on each video, and nobody's really responding to them that well. That's also why you look across the board and you'll talk to YouTuber after YouTuber after youtuber. That doesn't make any money on YouTube minus the three k had revenue that they get a month . And the reason is because they haven't built their channel around a specific, you know, niche topic. And the majority of the people that have subscribed it can't talk, subscribe to their channel, don't care about their content and it's not relevant. Same thing with one case. I'm sources 100. So I'm not necessarily advocating for less Subsys better. But I'm just saying, focus on what you're putting out there and building people around however small, dedicated subscribers around the content that you're teaching. Now flip it over. I'm gonna give you the great great info and the knowledge bombs right now and yes, this is happening. I just bought a new white board and I'm pretty stoked about it. So this is you. This is a new YouTube, and this is kind of how my channel looks right now. So let's pretend you one case subscribers, you've built it up for about four months and you're kind of feeling discouraged about your progress, and you're thinking about whether or not this whole YouTube thing is worth it. What's your approach? Well, typically, people link in their in their descriptions what there's nothing wrong with when you're first getting started. But you gotta understand that YouTube's main view and YouTube is making goal is the key people on the platform. And for that reason, if they see that you're linking in your description off the site or they see that you're dropping cards off the site to your website were pushing people for whatever video off the site right away to sell merch or whatever. Well, guess what? YouTube is not going to subscribe. It's not going to YouTube is not going to subscribe to you? No, he was not going to suggest your videos, and thus there's not going to any channel birth because if you're not getting suggested on YouTube in 2018 your channels not gonna grow. That's a secret to growing on YouTube. It's 1018. You got to get suggested by the platform. So even if you're getting 202 100 views on your first video, 1000 stuff going 100 on the second video they put out that month, then you get 50 and it kind of sucks. But then you hit, you know, a decent one of 800 and then your last ones 40. These are just examples. But obviously your channel might look something like this. If you're watching this video, that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that because you're gonna make a lot more money. Let's pretend that didn't link in this video where you were trying to sell anything in this video and you didn't like in this video and you weren't trying to sell anything in this video. What you should be doing instead is running ATS. And if you're not running ads and you're not getting suggested, which of the two things that you should be doing You're not gonna make any money on YouTube . So would you rather go for the two K you know, had revenue with 100,000 subscribers every month would rather go for the 10-K 20 k the 50 k every single month because you're running ads telling you're gonna have to run ads eventually, But I'm gonna give you this great business model if you're paying attention to this. This is exactly how the big the big names out there make money doing this. And that's exactly what I'm gearing up to do right now. And I'm telling you, if you watch this, this is gonna work for you. This is literally the business model that everyone's using right now that is working wonders. So the way that you make money with a low with the short channel short channel with less subscribers on your channel is your gonna run ads to a specific you know, information product. Maybe that's an e book. Maybe that's a course from whatever you have knowledge about. Maybe if you're in a music, maybe that's your your CD or you're you know, something like that User Marine. Obviously, I trust that you have enough knowledge to kind of tailor this to you in your channel. But you're gonna have to sell something, and you're gonna have to run ads. If you're not willing to do that, then this isn't for you. And maybe you should just kind of like in your videos. However, for those of you that really want to make money online and have something that brings to the marketplace in, you're just not sure how to do it. Well, you should be doing is running ads. And what you're gonna do is you're gonna run ads and you're gonna use AdWords to run YouTube ads, which is very simple. Create. What you're gonna do with your ad is you're gonna target your subscribers and AdWords lets you do this and the people that watch your videos. So the great thing about that is you don't need a big challenge. You could have 200 subscribers and still target those Taylor 200 subscribers that are, you know, invested in you and willing to purchase your stuff and care more about who you are on other people's videos that are getting suggested all throughout the platform. That might not be yours. So that's why subscribers don't matter. At the end of the day, if you're watching this form of the video, obviously I hope that you see that. So what you gonna do? You gonna run ads to your subscribers and to your to your YouTube videos? The people that have viewed your YouTube videos and you do that on and words very simply don't know how to do it. Just Google. It's really, really simple. So you're gonna run the ABS. And then what you're gonna do is we're gonna take that ad and you're going to send the people that watch this ad and click either the mobile version up on the right or the desktop link on the bottom left. It's really, really simple, and you're going to send them to a landing page. And that landing page is going to be either toe a webinar or another free YouTube video on another channel that you obviously is your channel. But if you don't want to be the same channel, that's a little bit beyond scope of this video. But so typically, what you're gonna do is we're just gonna run that you're gonna send into a landing page to collect their email. And then what you're gonna do is your collector their email. You're gonna get that email into your email list. So whether you're running, you know, an auto responder. Obviously, here is what you're gonna want me running here. So that's your get response. You're a however, your mail chimp, your even your market here, there's a bunch of them out there. There's great ones out there. It doesn't matter if when you're using, I even use wit. Sometimes that works well. So you're gonna run it too? Your ad to Atlanta Cage to collect their email based around your weapon are not going to send them here yet. What you're gonna say is you have a free course to offer them. You know, obviously you're gonna, you know, And then or, you know, you have free training or something like that. Collect their email, they're gonna smith their email to that. It fits you get to the webinar, and then you're gonna collect their email, your email list and what you gonna do, You're gonna send them to the webinar with that first auto response email and that's going to send in the webinar. And that's where you're gonna sell them. Your course. I'm telling you, this is gonna cover a lot more people. And you're gonna make a lot more money just off a small channel than you would linking in your videos directly and that you would, You know, if you're trying to sell stuff straight from videos, I'm care of its merger. Whatever Doesn't doesn't matter. So the great part about this is not You have all their emails. Not only Do you know the shot to a seldom the webinar and and your course or or you know, your e book or whatever it is. But you also have their email, so you can continue to market their products on the back end. And trust me. Yes, you might make a lot of course sales, but the money is made in the back end. 10 extra money on the back end. So you're gonna sell them here, then guess what? You can also sell them on your next video, not sell them, but you compulsion to your next video, thus increasing your watch time metrics, your audience retention, the views, all that stuff. Are all your videos in the future potentially, and then you can also sell them your next offer. Whether that's a week from now, maybe you have another product that you want to sell them that's relevant. You can also sell them your next product, your next product and so on and so forth. And so that's why at the end of the day, subs don't really matter, and you should be focused on building people you know, targeted people around your content in your and your channel and use it to sell on the back end through ads and collecting emails through an auto responder. Hope you like this video. I put a lot of thought into this. I'm telling you, this is what all the top YouTubers that are making a lot of money selling their courses to you are doing. And she's exactly as I look at this. It looks crazy. Looks like the kindergartener wrote it, But there's a great lesson here. I'm telling you, I'm telling you, Tell me if you if you learn anything on this channel, this is probably the top money making strategy that you could honestly learn, and I genuinely mean that. 2. 2: what's going on guys today, I want to talk about a really cool update that I actually just came across to Facebook's video platform. So I've been uploading to Facebook for a while. You know, I put my YouTube videos that I upload to both my channels on Facebook on my Facebook page because I'm a believer that, uh, if I scroll down really fast, we just see them, you know, after each other after each other. So my clip channel in my original general big believer that you should meet your audience where they actually are. So, you know, if you're trying to grow your instagram, for example, you want to grow not just on instagram, but on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube as well, if possible, so that those kind of you know funnel traffic to each other and you grow on all platforms. You want to kind of meet your audience where they are. So I'm a big believer in uploading to Facebook if you don't already, especially if you're a youtuber. You have videos because it's super super simple. It's a slightly really it's a similar process. There's like seven tags, but there's like a description you upload with the title. You kind of, you know, make the subtitles just like usual on you upload a thumb. Now it's super super easy. It's actually a lot faster to uploaded to Facebook, in my opinion, in my experience. But recently, Creator studios I've been uploading to Facebook for a while, just thrown videos up as you see here. You know, I just throw them all off. A lot of these heroes are scheduled ones, and you know, I don't get nearly as many views on Facebook, but a lot of my audience is actually there. So it's just another avenue where I can kind of get my content in front of them. So I stay out of obscurity, as Grant Cardone would say. So you'll see 18 views here. 20 views here, 16 here, Uh, 31. I don't really get that many views, but it is a potential place where my customers or my audience can see the content and be helped with that content. So it just reminds them that I'm still creating content. I love it. I think it's smart, but, you know, some of the videos do blow up in my experience on Facebook, and I'm gonna get to the ad revenue in a second. Don't worry. In my experience on Facebook, it's kind of hit or miss. So you know, I'll see like like 10 views. I'll see 20 views and also 30 views consistently and every once in a while. One. My view, one of my videos. We'll just we'll just hit for, like, 5000. But actually, recently, I just kind of recognize this. They up, they updated. And there's this new thing called Creator Studio on Facebook. Now this is like I said, I've been uploaded to Facebook for a while, and I've never noticed this before in my life. So, to my knowledge, this is brand new, at least within the past month. Ah, and you also notice here we're gonna talk about in a second. There's monetization. So previously on Facebook there was only a select few amount of ah, you know, creators and and high, you know, class brands that got paid ad revenue for their Facebook videos. It wasn't open, you know. It wasn't an open opportunity for everyone that is, since not the case anymore. Now everybody can get paid for ads on their content if you hit a certain threshold just like YouTube. So it almost seems like Facebook's been doing this in the background and kind of gearing up for it, you know, and not actually telling anybody. And I have not. Maybe I've just been living under a rock and just working on my content. But I have not seen anybody else talk about this recently. And this is a great opportunity, especially if you're looking for YouTube. I know there's a lot of people out there that want up with the YouTube, become a youtuber, and you get paid this illusion of ad revenue that, you know you want to make YouTube videos. Apparently, you could do the same thing on Facebook now. And if I show you the easiest way to get there is, so you go to your Facebook page that you obviously create, um, and then you want to scroll down to or not scroll down. You wanna go to publishing tools? Okay. And I want to come over to publishing fools. You can obviously check out. If it loads, you can check out. You know, all your video library, all the videos that you uploaded. You'll see here, You know that You can see if you have a call to action or you have a button or or a Ah, um, a link you can see, like the actions actually take taken from that link. So Facebook tracks out, which is kind of a cool thing. You contract your conversions better, then you can on YouTube. On top of that, if you scroll down here, you'll see under tools. It says Creator studio. And if that if you click on that, it's gonna take you to the actual creator studio. Now, I am not eligible for monetization yet, but I'm on my way there. You also see that I get you know, I guess 31 engagements, which is up 29%. So there are analytics on this as well. You see, monetization inbox insights. So there are a cool amount of things, and I'm sure they'll be up loading. They'll be uploading. I'm sure they'll be upgrading this as they move forward. But you also notice that you can check your eligibility if you've been up loading for a while. So obviously eligible in all aspects except the followers right now I think I'm like 2000 I guess on 2200 followers. And I need about, you know, almost 8000 more followers. So it's gonna be a process. I'm gonna get there. But it is a cool thing that I wanted to bring to your attention because a lot of people are so one track focused on YouTube, but they're not uploading to Facebook as well. And maybe you're not gonna get to that YouTube admiral ad revenue tear so that you can actually get paid for your your ads on YouTube, you know, for six months. But in the meantime, you could be uploading to Facebook as well, so that you hit that those those thresholds at the relative same time, so 3. 3: Okay, I'm gonna talk to you about the importance of adding cards, your YouTube videos and how you can actually go about doing that. So there's two ways to actually do it. You can obviously go into editing your video like this, or you can simply right click on the arrow and go to cards. They both work. They both thank you the same place. But this is essentially where you're going to obviously do the majority of your video. You know, you're doing your tags. You're doing your description. Obviously your title if you're adding, you know, like we talked about in my content creation course. Specifically, if you're adding a thumbnail, potentially adding it to a playlist, the other things that you're gonna keep in mind our your and screen annotations, which is something I've kind of slowly been introducing. And always make sure that you have your subtitles. So you go to cards whether you want to click the down our and go to cards or simply go to cards on the editor once you upload. Now, all you have to do is you go to the desired time, so I'm gonna pause it. You're gonna go to desire Time that you want to drop the card. Say I want to drop a card at 1 24 You know a specific video of mine that I would simply go to add a card while my my cursor is on 1 20 I go to create video and playlist, and I would simply select whatever video I wanted. Or if I wanted to add a playlist, I'd simply select whatever playlist that IHS. It's really that simple. There's so much opportunity there, and you don't just need to add videos or playlists on your channel. You can obviously promote another channel. You can ask for a donation. You can take a poll or one of my favorites because, you know, regardless of what you're doing on mine, there's so much opportunity if you can generate traffic through links. So if you're doing affiliate marketing if you're doing CPM marketing, if you're just trying to generate traffic to your website, maybe your you know your your you know, your drop shipping or something like that. Maybe you're selling T shirts and you want people to go to like your tea spring website or something like that, regardless of Whatever it is, you can throw a link, a timed, a well timed link. Of course, that's relevant up in the in the corner with a card, and it's really easy to do it. This is basically how you do it. So you basically just drag your cursor to the time that you wanted. If I wanted to add a link to my website at, like four on this video, if my car somewhere work so jumping there we go for on died. Simply add a card with a link, and clearly you have to. You have to go to um, when you're in your your channel and something I haven't done yet because I have never actually added the link. But you just simply go to your dashboard and then go all the way down to accept your website. It's really, really easy to dio now common touch on how to do it. Before I touched on the importance of it. Like I said, there's so much opportunity there, and he really, really want to use these cards because it kind of takes the ease out of it. For example, if I were going to open this video, really fast and I was watching it from a subscriber or announced viewer perspective. Let me just pause it for a second here. It's really, really easy because it's a lot of times all say in the past, you know? Oh, check the first link in the description. You come down here and see there's a bunch of links in the description, but it's so much easier somebody's already on the video, especially if their own mobile. And there, you know, this is their mobile view of my actual screen. It's so much easier to click something on the video if it's right up here, see the subscribe button here rather than X out of the entire video. Scroll down through the comments are sorry through the description and find the link that you're talking about. Rather, you can literally put it in front of them. So it's that much easier for them to just simply click it because regardless you know whatever you're trying to do with marketing, Ah, lot of the money comes in kind of taking steps out of the process. So you're literally taking about two or three steps out of the process that X out of the video, then they have to scroll down and find it. Then they have to actually click the link. So you're taking two of the steps out of the process and basically negating the barrier to entry, which is why cards can be so vital and are really so important. So if you're not using cards, start doing that. 4. 4: All right. I've got five tips for you guys that are really going to help you increase your ad revenue here on YouTube. And we're gonna jump right into him right now. So first and foremost is creating playlists. That's number one. Now I create playlists for a number of different reasons. You'll see here that I have a majority, you know, of vast majority playlists here. The reason I do this is, you know, for numerous different reasons. Actually, first and foremost, it increased my watch Time over all keeps people engaged on my content and really, you know, obviously it plays multiple videos for people and get multiple chances to get ad revenue. But on top of that, what a lot of people don't actually know about playlists is it hacks the YouTube algorithm , essentially 4 2000 and 18 here. And the reason it does that is because when you put play, let videos in a playlist that are all related, they all have the opportunity, and they're more likely to show up in suggested videos on each other's actual video. So, for example, I went here to how to get the most out of a picture for drop shipping in e commerce crapping Baba. Now this is an old video that I did a long, long time ago. It is 36 views and is probably one of course, you know, videos to likes. But but you don't laugh at that and take, you know, solace in the fact that we all have to start somewhere. But I have some other really, really successful videos, and you'll notice that not only is the playlist here to, you know, showing them on that aspect, but also if we move down, there's a good chance that a lot of the related videos will be from this actual playlist. The reason for that being is YouTube is much more likely, like I said, to suggest videos that are in the same playlist. So that's something to keep in mind. Create playlists with related videos around a certain each topic. Not only will you have a better chance to get found in search results, which will then, you know, obviously bring people into that place in those videos. But like I said, suggested video is the way that you're gonna get seen here in 2018 on YouTube and you can really take advantage of that and really capitalize on the ad revenue for multiple videos in your playlist, and not just one so hope that you guys like that first tip on just creating playlists. It's very, very simple. A lot of people overlook it, but I'm telling you, it can really help increase your ad revenue. Now the second tip is to use cards just like playlists. You're gonna want to suggest people throughout your video to keep, you know, going back to your contents in other forms of deposits. Sorry by suggesting cards on certain points in your videos, whether that's where your video drops off, you know, maybe mind. 10 to drop off most. My audience retention tends to drop off in between like 3 34 Regardless of what yours is, you might want to go on your channel analytics and test that out and see for yourself when your average audience drops off and then put a card there. And then obviously not only will that help you retain your audience, but they will move potentially to another one of her videos because you're suggesting a card there. Also, I tend to in my videos. When I'm talking about something related, I'll say I didn't video just like I just talked about with my ad revenue playlist. And I'm telling you, literally, I'm not just suddenly dropping the card most of the time that I'm dropping a card up here in the right hand corner for you. If you'd like to check that out, people notice it. It brings their attention to it, and they're more likely to click on another one of your videos, which actually does increase your session time. Andi helps your channel out and not only doesn't increase your session time and help your channel out, but on top of that, they're going to another video when you have the potential to show another ad and you're getting more ad revenue. So these air simple tips and tricks that nobody talks about that will really help increase your ad revenue. So first playlists, second cards, and you guess that the 3rd 1 is end screen and annotations? It's pretty simple. Like I said, we talked about this, you know, with cards and play this. It's the same kind of idea so loud on. But if you're not using end screens. You really, really should now end screens. You know, they're not as valuable as they used to be when you two first introduced them, but they still are very, very valuable. The reason being is it's another opportunity for somebody to just hop onto another piece of your content. You're suggesting playlist. You're suggesting a video, and you should be using this rather than lose that that you know, potential audience member for you know, the rest of the day, or for rent, for however long you can pretty much funnel them into another video. So they hit the end of that. It's like pretend you're watching your favorite TV show and you know it just goes to, ah, commercial or it ends at the end. If you know you see a preview for the next week or something like that, you're gonna be more likely to tune in for that next week or want to watch that again right then and there. It's the same thing with cards. It's an opportunity to advertise another one of your videos or playlists and keep people retained on your content and not somewhere else on the platform that will obviously increase your ad revenue because not only will increase your session time like we talked about before, cause you'll get them on another. You know, one of pieces of your video, but it will also increase your ad revenue like cards and playlists, because they'll be on another video of yours. Therefore, you have another opportunity to show them. Yet another ad, the 1st 1 of the last two Number four is make longer videos, the reason being if you make longer videos. And obviously this is a bad example, because it's only 6 49 and right here I can only talk about my ad revenue on a certain video for so long. But the longer you make a video, the more opportunities YouTube has to put ads on it. Not only will they potentially put another ad on it or another, you know, somebody with the ad might put it add in the middle of video, but you have the opportunity to place an ad on on, you know later on in a video, to If you're only making, like a six minute long video like this one here, you don't really have the opportunity to show multiple ads in that video. If you're making a longer video that, like, maybe, like, you know, recorded live stream or something like that. And don't hold me to that. I'm not actually sure if you can throw ads on live streams. I'm pretty sure you probably can, but I'm not positive. But if you're making a longer video, that's that's basically what I'm gonna relate to you. You know, that's like 15 20 minutes long. You have the potentiality to show 23 ads on that video, therefore increasing your ad revenue. And finally, this is the best tip of all. The other ones were great, for sure, but this hands down is the best one so, so simple. But so what? So many people overlook it, and I've yet to hear somebody suggests to do this. But it's literally probably the best thing that you can Dio is. Make more videos, more pieces of content, more videos, mawr ads on those videos. It's just I like to look at him as digital employees. Essentially, no, this is something I talk about, you know, across platforms, not just on YouTube, but the more videos that you make on YouTube. Clearly the more ads are going to be shown because each one of those has the potential to have an add on them or multiple ads on them if you're making longer videos, and so it's really, really simple. But if you just make more videos than clearly your ad revenue is going to go up, it's simple math. So I hope you guys like these Visa tips just to recap. We obviously have playlists. Then you're gonna drop cards and screens and then finally make longer videos and simply make more off them. 5. 5: Alright, guys. So today I'm gonna talk to you about buying subscribers here in 2018 and how to go about doing it the right way. So typically speaking, when you first get into YouTube and I did this myself, you know, you pump out a lot of content and you've not really seen the results that you want to see. And so you start creating more and more content and you try to scale up. You try to do a little bit better, and you realize that it's going to take some time. So the majority of content creators face this this point where they decide, you know, should I buy subscribers, and if so, how much should I buy? Well, I'm here to tell you that there's a way to buy subscribers in 2018. That's very, very effective. That will really, really help you grow your channel, but you're not doing it the traditional way. So X out the fact that you're gonna search for how to buy subscribers the best websites you know, websites like this right here, where it's basically charging you per subscribers. And even if let's just say let's preface this by saying that assuming that all these sites are legitimate and really will put your your sub number up, which I would even venture to say is probably, you know, a little bit of fabrication, even if let's assume that they did, you would have it would actually hurt your channel in the long run. It's the same thing like sub for sub, because you're getting a bunch of dead subscribers that aren't actually watching your your content that don't actually care about the content that you upload, and therefore it's hurting your metrics. Overall, you know, with your your community as a whole, because it's not. It's not one of the highest metrics that YouTube uses to met to measure like the success of the content that you put out, but it is crucial. You know, if a lot of your subscribers just don't click on your stuff, YouTube will stop suggesting it as much to them, and therefore, that will hurt your metrics overall as a whole. So you're buying dead subscribers. It's not worth it away that you can actually get and prompt results around around subscribers that will actually stick with your content. Potentially is a way that I like to dio and that is kind of something that I stumbled across as well as kind of saw other people doing and emulated. So the first time that I actually ever saw someone doing this was probably about a year ago , and what they did was they were doing that give way and I did this. I probably started this about I'm gonna show you some analytics in a second that are gonna show you how much in effect this had on my channel, and it can really have the same effect on yours. Now, I've seen this obviously affect other people Shambles Channel, nor the channel is other people's channels in a positive way as well. But you're gonna have to give. You have to have to give something way essentially so you'll see here that I do the $400 cash giveaway every single month. This is something I started two months ago. I started by giving away 100 bucks, I think, and then the next month, I started by giving away the $300. Sorry. And then the next month, that was a 400. I gave away 300 a 100 this month. It's another 403 100 a 100 on. Then I plan on doing that every single month. Going forward. Basically, what I'm giving away is I'm giving away courses in cash. Now you're going to need to give something away as well. And we'll show you how this is gonna grow your talent in just a second and essentially by subscribers. So you can do cash. But you don't have to do cash. Obviously, cash is king. I'm sure cash will prompt. You know, granted, you're giving away a decent amount in $400 by no way, shape or form is, you know, a lot of money. But it's enough to prompt comments and, you know, channel growth and obviously want to give it away. People are happy, and you know it helps as well, and it helps them as well as it helps me. So it's a good win win for everybody. But you're gonna need to give something away that can be courses. Maybe that's a consultation. I've seen other people give away like consultations for Amazon. If you're doing like Amazon privately willing, they'll look over your listing and kind of touch on your listing and stuff like that. You can give away whatever it is. You have a skill you have something to offer. Figure out how you can basically wrapped that up in a bow and offer that to your potential subscribers. All they have to do is comment, and you'll select. Maybe you want to select somebody every week. Maybe you want to do it every month. Like me, depending on what you're offering, it can be a little bit different. I, like I said, offer a free course every single day. So if we go to my last beauty video right here, you'll see that I give away, of course, every single day. So whether or not giving away cash, whether you're you're giving way consultations and you want to do that you know every single day or every single week or every single month or whatever, it's a good way to prompt people to comment. And what that will do is YouTube will see that more people are commenting on your stuff and therefore it will suggest your videos higher on suggested videos on related content. Now that's really the key here. And that's how you're gonna basically by subscribers s so to speak or by, you know, watch time and five use and so on, so on, so forth, because that will get you more views that will therefore getting more watch time in turn. And that will get you more subscribers ultimately as well. I'm gonna show you some analytics here really fast. And like I said, you'll see here that, you know, this was the first part of the 2nd 1 that I did When I gave away 300 I believe, and it was helping because before then, I wasn't If we could go back farther and I probably could, but I won't show you to too far. I wasn't getting very many comments. Maybe 5 to 10 a day, Max. And then it started us toe. You go up a little bit on my first giveaway, which is about 20 and I've seen 40. And then it was slow, slowly going back down. But it was more than I was used to getting. And then finally, when I launched this one on the six because I didn't want it right away. I actually want to launch this on the sixth of March, you can literally see the spike in comments. And that helped my comment my engagement rate on all my videos, which therefore sent messages to YouTube algorithm that people are responding more to my content and therefore suggest that more and more places all throughout the platform therefore bringing me more views, more subscribers, more watch time, more ad revenue, someone and so forth. More traffic traffic ultimately and therefore I'm growing my channel. So like I said, I'm giving away free stuff. You don't have to give away cash like I'm doing specifically here, but you can. You can also give away consultations. That's an idea. You know, maybe you have digital courses. I give away them as well. You can literally give away anything, figure out what you can offer and entice people to comment on your videos, and that will therefore increase the engagement rate. And YouTube will see that and respond to it so you can literally see just how much is this increased right here? And $400 cash giveaway. 785 comments on that So that was therefore shown and suggested probably across the board to a lot more people and as were a lot of the other ones. And then, you know, people saw this and then, you know, potentially subscribing commented on other stuff. 6. 6: on. The first thing I want to talk about is you know why you might want to do back and keyword research for me. Specifically, this is tailored to basically doing YouTube, you know, YouTube tags and back in keyword research on my YouTube videos. I'm always looking to learn. I'm always looking to innovate on. I'm always looking to kind of I don't want to cut corners by any means, like that's not what I'm trying to say here. But when I am trying to say is you know if you can maximize your output and minimize the time that it takes and that's smart, right? So, uh, the way that that I basically wanted to address this was through YouTube tags and YouTube back and keyword research. But this is really relevant across the board, you know, this could be relevant for, you know, drop shipping for Amazon. You know, private labeling when you're doing back in research for your product, this could also be relevant. You know, when you're doing PPC, whether that's Google PPC being PPC, you know, Facebook ads, whatever the case may be, this has a relevancy across the board because tags and back and keyword research are similar regardless of the medium. So with that being said, I just kind of want to preface it by saying, you know, that this is related to YouTube, but you can really take this and run with it, depending on the niche or, you know, medium it doesn't really matter. Eso really What it comes down to is I'm gonna give you two tips in two ways. That you can do your back and keyword research easier on and kind of help you eso Really? The way that I would I like to do it is you know, because YouTube tags matter a lot when you're getting traffic and your organic traffic, your videos eso You know, this one Give me an example. Right Here is my video on you dummies pricing system. And you know, you could see here I felt in my tags. But suppose only had about 10 or 15 good tags here, and I was trying to kind of optimizing maximize, you know, my back and keywords here because you know the top the maximum that YouTube lets you have is ah, I believe it's 500 characters at the current moment eso You really want to maximize all the tags that you can get in those 500 characters, you know, as as they relate to that video. Basically. So what I'm trying to say is supposed I had 10 to 15 but I didn't fill them all out. You'd be doing yourself and your video a disservice if you didn't fill the rest of those tags out. But don't just filled, not with anything. They have to be relevant somewhat to that video because that's what's gonna bring you organic search traffic and keep it there. Eso first step that I like to use is you know, I'm sure you guys all know about it, but if you don't, I wanted to bring it to you. It's basically keyword planner and keyword Planner is a free tool on Google AdWords that I like to use in times like this. I use it across the board when I've source starting a lot of my Facebook ads and doing some PPC. I use it to kind of generate ideas for keywords that I wasn't necessarily thinking off, but I don't use it for that anymore, because all my my PVC is pretty much honed in now. But if I were going to target a new niche or, you know, a new basically run a new campaign or something like that, I would definitely do that now. Keyword research, keyword planner. Sorry is actually free. You don't have to pay for it. You simply just have to sign up for a Google AdWords account. You don't have to run any ads. You don't have to start campaigns. You can just simply use the keyword planner. And they actually revamped Google AdWords relatively recently. And I kind of like the new look of it. So if you're unfamiliar with it, you just simply go up these three little buttons right here with these three little dots and go over the planning and keyword planner. Now you can search through keyword planner in a multitude of different ways on get your your, ah, your keyword ideas. You know, like I said in a multitude different ways. But I like to just keep it simple and search for key word or a phrase. So I'm gonna go back to the baseball example because I always use baseball's an example. So let's just say, for instance, that were on Amazon or something like that, and one of our products was, you know, a t ball set. And I was looking for, you know, other keywords that I can plug into the back and search results of my product in this situation that are relevant to tee ball set but that I might not have heard off. So what I'm simply gonna do is I'm not typing. Maybe I'll type in T ball on Search that then maybe I'll type in T Ball said, And search that that maybe I'll type in another thing that's relevant to that search. That and kind of see what outputs and keywords it suggests to me. So I'm gonna type in t ball set to give you an example here, and we're gonna run with it and say, Get ideas now you'll see What basically keyword planner does is it just gives you an output of relevant keywords that people are searching for on Google. No, YouTube and Google are obviously not the same, but they are owned by the same company. Clearly, um, and one could basically infer that the search, you know, traffic on each is fairly similar. Obviously not you know, the average monthly searches and the amount of searches. But the you know, you can assume that the percentage of numbers on Google keyword planner are similar to the percentage of numbers relative to that keyword on YouTube That makes sense. Eso If you're getting high traffic and high competition for T ball set on, you know Google, you can assume that it's quite similar on YouTube is what I'm trying to say. So basically what this means, you can take this and run with this on any niche. You know, if it's Amazon, you know, if it's drop shipping. If it's your PPC, that's fine. Obviously you're more interested in the competition and suggested bids. But for me, I'm just doing this relevant to my YouTube search results and to make that easier, you know, to input tags that I might not have thought of previously. So I'm simply just looking for relative keywords, and I might not have thought off. So maybe I have like, five of these, but I didn't think of four of the other ones that just can give you ideas of you know what keywords that you can throw in to your back and search results that you might not have thought off because at the end of the day, keywords are huge. You want to take advantage Them? It could honestly, plugging one of these that you might not have thought off. And they go grant. They go down and pages, you know, so you can search through them. But that might be the difference between your video having, you know, 10 200 views over time or really going viral at, like, 10,000 or, you know, 100,000 or 1,000,000 or something like that. Trust me, the key words matter. Do your keyword research. Google keyword planner is probably one of the best tools. And you know, the best thing about it is it's free. We always love free. So I'm an ex out of this and I'll show you my second tip. Actually, it's really, really easy, and this is strictly for YouTube, but you I mean, obviously you can just use it for whatever form or fashion you might you know, like it, too. But basically it's just word counter .net word counter dot net. It's phenomenal tool to use when you're doing your YouTube tags because YouTube, like I said before, limits you to 500 characters in your tags and where counter dot net is just simply a counter tool that you can use to kind of count to see. Basically, you want to get to us close to 500 characters as you as you can, and then you're simply just gonna copy and paste that and throw into your YouTube tax here makes a lot more simple. You don't have to guess. You don't have to, you know, do any of the guest worker kind of, you know, play around with it till it works. You can simply just counted up to as close to 500 as you get, and then you're simply copy and paste. Basically, if you don't want the character is it's all your You know your letters, all your Commons and all your spaces combined are all characters 7. 7: and this is something I used to be doing, so I would post my video Facebook. This is a bad example. It clearly doesn't have you know any any other descriptions here, So you probably want to put, like, a good description in here, so you get a couple more keywords. But the thing that you don't want to dio is you don't want to post your YouTube link. So before I would literally just post my YouTube video and then I'll post the links. So people that come to my and find me on social media in this case Facebook would then collect my link potentially and come to my YouTube channel because I wanted to generate traffic to my YouTube channel. I wanted the subscriber one of the viewer. I wanted the person to be captured on YouTube, Not necessarily Facebook. So what? The reason that this is bad is because Facebook doesn't like any outside traffic. And I know this from doing C p a marketing an affiliate marketing on Facebook. And I'll show you another example. I had literally do this across the board on pretty much all of my videos, So Facebook was pretty much you know, killing the visibility of my video videos, not just with the people that follow me, but also with the people that you know don't follow me that might be searching for some of the tags or the keywords on Facebook that I do post you know, that are relevant to those videos. And so what I went ahead and started doing is I stopped putting the Lincoln there and like I said, I know this personally from doing, you know, running Facebook ads with CPM Marketing, an affiliate. Marketing YouTube does not like outside traffic, and so it's really going to kind of hinder your visibility if you post outside links. So what I do instead is I don't then post the YouTube link when I post my new videos. Now, instead, I do like CTS, which, if you don't know our call to actions. So our post my my title obviously let people know what it's about. And then I'll pretty much say, you know, head over to the channel and let us know your thoughts on whether or not you have any tips of your own. And this is clearly five ways, you know, tips The increase ad revenue. So for this specific example, I was talking about how to use Hashtags on Instagram and the new Instagram algorithm update . And I ask people, you know, what do you think of new Instagram algorithm update? You know, will it hurt your page? Blood wall will hurt you, head over the channel and share your opinion, so I don't necessarily need to give them the link. Common sense would tell them that BG Media Innovation has a YouTube channel as well and I'm prompting them. I'm calling to action them going over to the YouTube channel to actually go ahead and comment themselves. So I get a little bit more visibility. Obviously, hopefully I intend for that to continue to grow. 8. 8: now this is really goes across the board, regardless of what you want to dio. What it's going to do is it's going to bold in your comments where you know you you scroll down. Let's just go to a random video really fast. It's go to this one right here. This is a motivational video. That's not the video. And here we are, just gonna pause it for a second, and you can see if you scroll down here, there's a bunch of, you know, obviously comments and everything. Now I'm gonna teach you a little trick to get your comment and bold so that it will stand out. People will see it when they're scrolling more, and obviously that will. I mean, the title of this video will probably be like, you know, cool trick to stand out comments or something along those lines, or you know how to get a top comment And how that's relevant for anyone is because of your bold if your comments bold people are more likely to see it and obviously more likely toe like it, and therefore it will move slowly up the ranks on that common section. I'm just gonna demonstrate it for us because I think it's really, really cool. And here we go. So I kind of stumbled across this yesterday, and when I did is I put a star here and then I would type something. And then I put another star. This is really relevant across the board, especially for content creators, because one of the tricks that actually talked people was to going comment. Now this is clearly not a relevant video but going comment on relative relevant videos that air in your niche. So, like you're a drop shipping channel, potentially, then you want to go on other drop shippers that have decent followings and comment on their videos with insightful comments because that will, you know, slowly in green you into that community. And people that are in that community will see you and potentially go. Oh, you know who's BG media innovation if you're in the comments section all the time and be like oh, potentially whose BG median invasion and the rake like you and the open you and realized that you have a channel and you bring similar content for my content creators. It's a great technique that can bring you free traffic and get you more subscribers and obviously more views on your videos. So it'll generate you traffic basically for free. And all you really have to do is, you know, comment on relevant videos. It's very, very easy on basically challenged people to do, like 5 to 28 day so back to this and how it's relevant. Now this is gonna actually get this bolt. So let's say that I was in the motivation each, which, if you find a channel for a while, you've been knowing you've been you know, obviously seeing that I kind of want to get closer. I wanted to the launch motivation Mondays, and that kind of had a backtrack. But we will be doing that eventually. So let's just say I was in the Motivation Nation. I wanted to comment on videos, video advices, video because I wanted to get people to see my comment potentially come to my channel to subscribe and realize I had similar content. What I would do is that come down and comment normally, but in this situation, I want my comment to be bold, and this is actually something I discovered yesterday like I said. So what I'm gonna say is, um I just say I don't even if this relevant. So obviously, don't do this. You want to do an insightful comment, but I'm just gonna get for example, I'm gonna get mine blown. Um wow, that Wow, uh, wow. Inspired. That's a bad one, obviously. But just to kind of show you, I'm going to demonstrate this process. You'll see that when I actually commented, it will be in bold see Pretty cool, right? So if you're scrolling down, especially in mobile, I've noticed it's really, really you know, it It's obvious and it looks a lot better on mobile, but obviously scrolling down that differentiates you from a bunch of the other comments that are not involved. Now, I literally discover this yesterday by accident. Like I said, I pinned it on my old video select, just kind of go through and I'll show you what I mean on my video yesterday, which is right here and talk one right there, I kind of just stumble across it. He right here when I put bonus tip with the two little stars. So that's basically what you do. You're gonna come into the comments, you're gonna put a star, and then whatever you want it to be in bold and then another star at the end of it and that will Bolden that for you. So test this guy. Test this out, guys. Whether your content creator, whether you just want to stand out in comments, whatever is tested out, it's really, really cool. Let me know your thoughts on this. Did did you already know this and I just late to the game. What other comment? What other comment Tricks do you know by by any chance that you could share with the rest of the channel that you share with me? Are there other tips and tricks that you use that can help you stand out in comments sections?