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YouTube Channel Art Graphic Design Tips with Canva!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Enroll in Best YouTube Cover Art Design Template with Canva

    • 2. YouTube channel art size and templates

    • 3. Introduction to designing with Canva for YouTube Cover Art

    • 4. What to include in the YouTube channel banner and why

    • 5. Graphic design tutorial with Canva for the YouTube cover art

    • 6. Project for Best YouTube cover design template with Canva

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About This Class

Enroll in what I hope will be the best YouTube channel art graphic design class today showing you how I use to quickly make a banner image for my YouTube channel that communicates what I do on my YouTube channel and when I do it!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in Best YouTube Cover Art Design Template with Canva: watch this video class to learn the best YouTube cover art design format with canvas. All of this can be done completely for free or for a low cost with extra stock photos. Here's my cover art. And while sure it's not perfect, of course there's things you could do different. It's very effective, a communicating what I do. And when I do it, it shows what time zone I'm in. For all my global viewers, it shows that I make new tutorial videos daily, and it shows when I'm live. It also has my website, and it has a call to action to help me reach 250,000 subscribers. This is the cover art format I was shared with when I did my YouTube partner program Consultation available to channels that are growing like mine. I'm giving you all the information I learned that motivated me to make this cover art image on YouTube, and I'm going to show you exactly how to design it here with canvas can vies free. It's available online. You should be able to use it anywhere in the world. It's easy to put things together, so I'll show you right here exactly. Harm able to make this YouTube cover art and how you can do the same for your channel 2. YouTube channel art size and templates: thank you very much for continuing on in this video class in order to get started. What you'll need is the YouTube channel art template, because this would be easy if you just needed uploaded to a fixed size. Here's why. It's hard. This is the YouTube channel art template that I've got linked directly to download from Google on my website. A jury banfield dot com slash resource is This is what YouTube gives you to do your channel artwork, and this is why it's hard. So this area here in the middle, this is the Onley guaranteed area. You've got to show up on every device this shows always on desktop and mobile. The rest of the entire image. The total image should be 2560 pixels wide as seen up here by 1400 or 1440 pixels in height . The problem is, you only get this much guaranteed, and then on the desktop, you get up to this much, and on a tablet, you get up to this much or zoomed in on the desktop and then on a TV, you actually can show the full thumb now I know it's ridiculous and makes doing this difficulty, but I'll show you how to do this easily here. What you need to start is this exact image underneath your design. When you've got this image underneath your design, then you've got the entire image ready where you can just put things into here. And then you can put things into these other boxes like I will show you how to do So you grabbed that? It's on my website. You go to jerry banfield dot com slash resource is you'll see all the things I use in my business here. I've got my whatever I'm using currently patri on to earn money in my business than I've got my website Domain WordPress theme. Live streaming Exactly what I use and down here for graphic design. You'll see. I've got canvas dot com and then I have a direct link to the exact channel. Are templates you need. So these air taken straight from the YouTube help here, which I'll have a link to this also, YouTube gives you this to try and help you make your image. And then the one thing you really need is in this one little link down here for channel our template. So I just took that right here and gave it to you, along with the most recent information about whatever the Facebook cover photo isas Well, so you click download channel art templates. You'll see a ZIP file that comes down into the corner. If you're on Windows, which you need to do is extract this and then you need to pick out the image. Right now it's called the Whatever the template is on it. I'll bring it up over here. It's called Channel Our Template, and there's both a photo shop one and a parentheses. Fireworks one. So I'm using the fireworks one. So once you've got the whole of this file, then you ready to start making a beautiful cover art image on YouTube using Can Va 3. Introduction to designing with Canva for YouTube Cover Art: you're doing great continuing your way through this class, I'm honored. You're spending this time with me here. I will show you exactly how you go. Make whatever design you want to make in Canada. First, I'll show you how to start from scratching Can va If you haven't signed up canvas a free online design program you should be able to use anywhere in the world and I will show you inside as I'm using it. Now you can sign up with Facebook or your Google account or an email, and then you can use it to make designs. I'll show you starting from scratch, and then I'll show you the one I made. So the first key thing you want to do once you've got your canvas is click on, create a design now, thankfully, Can Va makes this easier? You can find that Can Va actually already has a pre done YouTube channel art, So canvas already got this YouTube channel. Our format you can click, so if you go click created design and then you click YouTube channel arm and we'll give you a fresh space that already has your channel art in the right size so this automatically puts it in the right size. Now, as you can see, this is just a white screen which is pretty useless by itself. Without that image I recommended you download. Because how do you know exactly where to put your images in here? Remember this? How do you know exactly where to put that on here? Well, what I do, I go toe up loads. I upload that image I downloaded. So I click on that. And now what I've got. I just go put this. I uploaded this first off the computer, uploaded the parentheses, fireworks version, and then I zoom this all the way out over here, and I try and get it so that these little purple lines that come up hit exactly right. So there, the purple lines, it just right now, it may not be exactly perfect in every respect. That's okay. What we want is a general idea. You want a general idea of exactly what spot is safe to put the images in. Now what I've got, I have the ability to put whatever I want to in the right place. So these are the other images I've uploaded. Let's say I want to put this drawing of my face on here. So now, now, you obviously wouldn't need to do this because there's already a profile picture, But I'm just using these examples. So I've got this here. I could put that here. So I want to promote, like, patron page. I can put this in over here, you see, Now I can fill these various spots up and throw random legal legends icon. I can fill this space up so that then I know I've got everything in the exact right place on here. And then if I want to go do something like text, I can throw my website in. Jerry banfield dot com. So these I just used from up loads there. I'm doing this kind of quick just to give you an idea, and I'll slow down and do it more detail. So the point of doing it this way Now I've got it set up so that on the desktop and mobile , these air correctly displayed in here noticed there you don't get to see any of the anything that's up here in the image on desktop or mobile or tablet. It's only for TV, so I've now know exactly where to put each thing. For example, if I just want to show this on the wide desktop, I could put this over here. I could throw that over there, and then I could even delete this and move my website. This is how I had it done before and then go over here and shrink the fun. So now the only thing that would show up on this is the jury banfield dot com, right in the middle. And that's how I had it done before. And then what I do when I actually want to download this, I hit delete. Over here, I select this entire image I hit delete. Then I go to download and everything's in the right spot. So when I goto put this actually on there, then everything's in the right spot on the desktop. You'd see over here this is a desktop. It's got the full length, and then all these things air just in for mobile and tablet. So I've got that format there that shows me where to put everything in the right area, and if you delete it and decided that what she needed it after all. And you can just click on Do and you can say, Well, I don't need a double profile picture. Maybe the simplest thing to do is just put your website right here in the middle of it and then upload that to me. That's the utter simplest design I've had that for two years of my channel. I've just finally switched it to this, which I think now is more effective. I want to be able to communicate exactly when I'm live on what to expect in my channel. However, if you just want something simple if you just want to promote your website, I think this is a great way to do a you tube cover art image to just have that ultra simplicity of having it on your website. My website. One of the main traffic sources is YouTube, So I've had my website on my cover art image for a long time. But now, as I'm getting close to 100,000 subscribers, I want to doom or on my YouTube channel than just direct everyone off on my website. I want to build more of a channel, so if you want to build your YouTube channel Mawr instead of just funneling them off somewhere else. I think you're like the rest of this class because I'll show you how I made the cover. Our image I'm using now, this one I did before, though very effective. And you can easily then just change the fun in that you can change the size of the fund Now , be where if you delete if you delete your image, you'll easily you won't see exactly what to do on their. So you remember how I deleted that image. If you delete your image and then you resize things, you may mess up your design area and if you put this on here and you you can't figure out how to get your image underneath it, you go to a range and put back on it, and that will put this forward. So as you can see here, I resize this too big. Now it's going to clip on the desktop and on the mobile, So I want to resize it back smaller. So it works good on mobile because there's lots of views on YouTube that air just on mobile . So this is the simplest way to do a YouTube thumbnail when I'll show you next is how I did my current thumbnail and why did it that way and why I think that's the best for my channel today. 4. What to include in the YouTube channel banner and why: This is the current YouTube cover I'm using on my channel. You're welcome to visit my channel and see if I've changed it and how I've changed it. Since I've first published this class out. What I've got no is an attempt to communicate what I do and what people might expect on my YouTube channel. I'm attempting to communicate with a global audience because most of my traffic is outside the US something like 30% of my audiences in the United States, with about 70% or so being global. So I've tried to use symbols and simple design elements to communicate what is a fairly complicated message. So explain these First on here, and then I'll try and go step by step through the design process. What I've got on here is an attempt to communicate what I do on my channel. What is it I do on my channel? I make daily tutorial videos just like this. As you can see down here, my most popular videos are mostly tutorial videos. Just like this. I have hundreds more tutorial videos just like this on my channel, and I attempt to communicate that simply by showing a computer with the degree a nice stock photo. I got that. I paid for twice today for a dollar each. And then I try and show that I do this every day. So the quick idea is if you're here for an online education for free tutorials, I try and show that I do it every day. So that is one of the main things I do. And I've got that communicated in the middle here with this calendar icon and daily, which I hope is simple to understand anywhere. Then I also live stream three times a week in my YouTube partner Consultation call. My YouTube expert at YouTube headquarters recommended I do a good job communicating with people visiting my channel in the cover art image here exactly when they can expect me to be alive. Now, imagine if you watch the TV show and you didn't know when it would be on it. Be pretty hard for you to watch it, wouldn't it? Now? Sure, it can be on demand, but if you want to watch live, you need to know when. So I'm attempting to communicate that I make daily tutorial videos and that I'm live three times a week playing video games. That way, if you want the daily tutorial videos, you can just expect that their their daily and you won't need to worry about trying to get them live as much. Whereas if you want to watch me play video games, you need to come to my channel at a very specific time in order to see my live streams on games. So what I've got is a schedule here. I'm live Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, six PM, approximately 29 PM on both of those days, and that's in Eastern time. So this is in Florida in the United States. And then what I've got here, because if you live in Egypt, there's a good chance you're not going to even know what Florida is. Rather, that's a city or a state or what it is. I've got a little time counting here that attempts to communicate exactly what time zone I'm in relative to the rest of the world. So many people in the world will know that Florida is East Coast, USA Time. Anyone who's in the U. S. A. And many people in the UK Cannon on Australia may recognize this also. But if not, they should notice the shape of what looks like a state. Perhaps with a time that attempts to communicate. Then okay, that's minus five GMT or universal time. So then I've got this over here to communicate what language were speaking time wise. So and then, if anyone's actually from Florida or they like Florida, people may bond with me on my channel on that. So I've got essentially setting the standard over here for the time and where I'm at with my daily videos and then my live streams over here. Now I tend to do them for three or four hours each. But instead of trying to put all that information on here because, you see, I've already got a lot of things on here, any fool can complicate things, I think geniuses simplifying things. So I've tried to simplify things in the very most basic form so that your eyes are automatically drawn to whatever you're interested in. If you're from Florida. Oh, that's cool. Look, he's from Florida to if you're looking at the Times and then you're wondering what time zones Ian, you might be drawn back to the old, minus five. Okay, good. If you're wanting the tutorial videos, you may be drawn in this computer with the degree on it. If you want League of Legends, your I should take you over here. If you want to watch battlefield or console games, you may be taken over here. So in a relatively small space, I've attempted to communicate with pictures as much as possible when to expect me live online. So I've got thes calendar dates. I've got the times here and then I've got what I'm doing. And it's based on the gaming system then. So if I'm on PlayStation or Xbox, I play different games, and then this is a specific game. League of Legends. This is great because I've branded my channel is me personally. So I have lots of different people coming, expecting all kinds of different things on my channel that I hope this image will clearly communicate what to expect to each person who needs it. That's my design philosophy for making this image. Now, since this is on desktop, I've also listed my website here. If people are interested in my website there, I should be drawn over here to jerry banfield dot com. And then when I have to call the action, help me reach 250,000 subscribers and it's right over the subscribe button I've tried to put everything in here is simply as possible for people want my website. There's my website link with my picture. You can see where I'm at the time you see what I do daily tutorials, You see when I'm live and then I've got to call the action asking you to subscribe. Whatever it is you're here for have attempted to put it in its place on this one image. Do you see the advantage of having a simple website on there? It's a lot easier than doing this. However, with nearly 100,000 subscribers now with you to being my businesses single most valuable asset online, I want to try as best I can with this one image to get everyone into the right area. So I've got to call the action helped me grow my subscribers over here right next to two different subscription buttons and then on this other side to list my website for people who might be interested in going there. So on this one channel art image. I've got about everything in here. And the nice thing is, anything can be changed. Relatively easy of daylight savings time switches. I can change this number here. If I start doing different live streaming schedule, I can just switch the days of the week and the time up and or the game up here. If I get to a new level subscribers, I can easily switch this around. So I've got a channel images easy to keep consistent over time as well. So these are the elements I've put into my channel art image. Based on what I'm doing, you might be able to make a simpler one if you're not live streaming. I think live streaming is the most powerful thing to do today in terms of marketing online . And if you're not doing that, then you might just communicate what you're up loading. If you're just doing tutorial videos of your just doing personal finance of your just doing work for real estate, or you're just trying to do gaming videos than you can use this area in here to communicate what it is you're doing and when you're doing it. If you upload a video once a week, try and tell people what day of the week you're uploading a video, and this is the advice I got straight from YouTube headquarters for my channel. If you are playing a certain game, you might then feature that game along with the fact that you play it daily at a certain time or what to expect. So this area is best you can with pictures. As best I can communicate what it is I'm doing and when I'm doing it. So that's my attempt at this here. I'll show you the then how to actually go in and designed this to match up the design philosophy that I've given you to match this up with reality in Can Va. 5. Graphic design tutorial with Canva for the YouTube cover art: Here's exactly how I made this YouTube cover art image in Can Vel walking through each individual step of it now and I'll attempt to explain the reasons why I did everything along the way. So this is a technical tutorial showing exactly how I turned this, which started as a blank slate into this image. Now, on YouTube to begin, you need that sizing template. So I showed you how to upload it before you need that back in here. You need that on the background. So I actually did all of this with this on the background of it. So what I do first is lining up with the lower left corner down here and then stretch it over to the right corner. Still that it then hits these two purple lines in the middle cross here. So I've got this image then that gives me the exact sizing, and that shows me where to put everything. And then what I do is I hit a range and I send this back. So I send it all the way back behind every single other element. Now, if you do this first, it'll automatically put the other elements on it. Since I did this last, I have to go back and put it in last till now. As you see all of the sizing I do owe, you can see why everything's put in there and you'll notice you don't even see jerry banfield dot com on here because it's not a TV, So this is actually in the thumbnail, but you don't see it on the desktop. Now what I've got, you can see all the spacing I've done. So I started off with putting that in there. And then when I did fill everything in and I filled everything in, the easiest thing to do might be to start with the tax, for example, since hardly anyone's going toe watch on the TV. I just threw my website up on a TV because if someone's watching on the TV, they're probably not on my website. I want them to think of my website and maybe remember my website later, I might put another set of text down here something like, Thank you for watching on your TV or something cute like that. I might do that in the future. I don't feel like doing it right now. I'm doing enough. So I've got this text up here for my TV and then in these two desktop Macs areas, these might be easy to start with. Also, I believe in life and starting with what's easy and moving forward one thing at a time. So what I do, I click on add a new heading here and then I've got my heading down here. So I clicked over on text on the left, and you can either add heading subheading or a little bit of body text. Now, each of these is a different funt. Each of these a different size. So this is the heading size default. I click the trash to get rid of it. This is a subheading default down here. I'll pull it down here so you can see it. So this is pretty small. I'll delete that, and then a little bit of body text even smaller down here in the middle of click Delete on that To get rid of it, I usually use the heading for the big things like this. And then I use this subheading for the rest of these different parts on the page. And then I changed the fun up on the Facebook one. Not on this one, but I think you might enjoy changing the font up sometimes from the default to a font that you like best. So I started off. I think it's really nice to have a text called to action on this side to reach a certain number of subscribers. Then you're asking for people to collaborate with you. Essentially, you're saying, Look, help me reach a goal. You're saying that you can't do it without their help. I've found this is a viewer on YouTube as one of the most powerful ways that I actually subscribed to a channel. So I encourage for the desktop version. Put a call the action on the right side because the subscription is over here, called the action that says, Help me reach whatever your next subscriber Gold is. So really, this might make more sense for me to say, Help me reach 100,000 subscribers, but at this rate, I'm going to be there in a few days anyway. And I'm lazy like I'm real lazy, which you might find it hard to picture. Given all the stuff I'm doing, I don't want have to go change this image again in a few days or even a week or two. I just therefore went straight to the next one on this image. So if you've got nine hundreds of garbage, you might skip toe, whatever your next one is, help me reach 2500. I skip straight to the 250,000 subscribers because I don't want to have to go do this again in a few days or change this. Yeah, I'm lazy. I don't have to think about my YouTube cover art for a while. That's why I'm teaching it now in doing it today and then forget about it for a while. So I've got I think a call. The action up here is great. Whatever your next goal is, if you've got 10 subscribers, maybe put it for 100. If you've got a few 100 maybe put it for 1000. If you're not as lazy as me, put it for your next goal on there. And if you've got a few 1000 maybe put it 2,505,000, 10,000 etcetera. Whatever goal is. And then consistently put that goal across your entire channel. I'm not looking forward to changing all my help me reach 100,000 subscribers to help me reach 250,000 subscribers all across my channel because I'm lazy. So I've got this call the action on my YouTube cover photo here and that. Then I've got my website over here. Now, your profile picture on YouTube on the desktop is going to show over here, so don't bother putting something like a some written out called Action here. And then will you have your profile picture over top of it? So I think this is a good spot to just list your website over here. Which is why I listed my website over here, jerry banfield dot com. And then I've got my called action on this side and jerry banfield dot com over here. So I'd say start with the text, throw up whatever you want in this TV area, fill up these two side areas, then you're ready to tackle this inside area. This inside area is I don't know of meat and potatoes. Makes sense. The inside area is your essential design element. So this outside part shouldn't take much time because the majority of people viewing your channel will either see this whole little bar here or just the inside of this. So you've got the inside is where you want to put time on your design elements. So the basic things you need on the inside are text and you deed design elements or pictures. So I'm going to delete this back element here just because this will make it easier. It's kind of cluttered in here with all this other stuff. So I'm going to delete the back element and show you each of these one of the time. Now, I recommend you make it with the back element on because then you know where to put it. You can always resize it is needed, and I will zoom in to show you these things more clearly also. So I've got. Now I'll show each individual design element on the inside core of this. I have four pieces of text I have times. So I've got three text boxes here with times and then I have one here with daily. So that's four text boxes. Then I have four design elements on top and four on the bottom, and then these air two separate ones. So I have 10 picture design elements and four text boxes. That's 14 different things I've put in here. And I've done that because that's what I'm doing. If you conduce. Oh, it's simple. I encourage you as few pictures and his few text is possible. This is the simplest I could think to communicate what I'm doing on my channel and when I'm doing it. So I think over on this side is nice to put your location. Your location is a basic bonding thing, So if you what you can do to get all these pictures, then you search up here. So to get the picture of Florida, I typed in Florida and searched for Florida. And then I got this image of Florida right here. Now these design elements are a dollar each. Now the cool thing I really like. If you are doing work online and you want to make sure you've got all your copyright and permissions, then this is a nice way to do it in this. Why, Like Canvey, it's very easy to pull. Stock are in from Canada. You pay the dollar for the design element and then you're covered. I know I've got my copyright, and I'm using it appropriately because I read my terms and conditions. Now, if you want to not pay anything and have it be 100% free, you need to just upload your own images or use the free elements that can VA gives you so on. Some on many of the images on canvas will be free. For example, if you search for a fruit, you'll find some of these free pictures on here. Like here. There's lots of pictures of free fruit that you can use, and there's all kinds of things on canvas, for example, of you search for business I Well, no, not easy. I was wrong about that. Well, there here's one thing that's available for free, So if you click up there on free than you can, you can use it there So some of the things you search for you confined free images to use on Can va, but many of them will be a dollar. So the nice thing is, if you've got a business online, you're trying to play within the rules. Use thes dollar images and your tons of different choices, and then, you know you have a permission to use everything you're using. If alternatively, if you're not worried about that too much, you can just upload your own images and pull them from anywhere. However, it would be pretty sad if you got your whole YouTube channel taken down because you stole someone's image and or used it without permission and uploaded it as your channel art. If you can't pay for anything, you can try and just find Creative Commons images on Google. Now. It's not a perfect system, but you can search on Google for Creative Commons tags. So if I go on here, I could go to just google dot com. I could say Search for something like business. I go over here and search for business, and then what I can do. I can go to images over here, and then I can go to search tools. I can go up here to usage rights and I can click on labeled for reuse. So I this is an okay thing to do. It's not perfect because there could be problems with ease. However, these are labeled for reuse, so you can take these within the rules. He got a lot better chance and using these images and not having a problem. Now if the person who's hosting them took them without permission and stuck them up, you could still get in trouble for that. However, those are the very basics of copyright. And I'll go forward showing you how I did this on here, using the images. Can va provides with you now knowing that what other options you have. So what I do is I go through and search on Can va. I pay, like, $100 in advance so that I can use whatever images I want. Two for a dollar each. It's real, simple and easy then. So I search for Florida. And then what I do is click on this and it comes up here. And then I put it in the right spot. So I then resize it how I need it, and I could rotate it if I wanted to. Don't recommend doing that for your state, but you get the point. So if if I wanted one of the U. S. A u. C, I search for us A over here, if I want something like New York. I search for New York instead. Now, some of the searches are difficulty because the images it gives you won't be what you want right away, so you can modify it. So I search for state. Now, if I want to put New York instead on here, I can't. I have New York right over top here, and then you'll notice the's purple lines coming up. These are what I used to help center and put my image in the correct area. So when these purple lines come up, it's trying to tell me that I've got my image lined up with other various design elements. I think that makes canvas so easy to use. So I delete that over there. So what I've done is just essentially went through and searched over and over again. I finally got to the point where I searched for things like Monday, and then if you find a specific design template you like, and then you go search for it somewhere else, like Wednesday, you see it in their right away. But when you search for a Saturday, well, it's in there right away, too. When you search for daily, then There's not a calendar image there. You search for calendar, So if you want things toe, all be in the exact same style. You want them all by the same designer, for example. I like this style in particular. So I go over and hit info over here, and then I click. I go and click on Icons nine over here and now these air all by the same designer or same company. So I've got all this company now, their own images. And then I search for calendar. And here I scroll down through all these and then I'm able to see. Look, there's all these different dates on here. If that way, if you have a specific day, you do something and you found say, you do something Monday and then you do something the 11th of the month, then you can put these in the same design format. Consistency is ideal and almost everything. So I've tried to put all these different calendar formats so that everything looks the exact same. So then you can scroll down, and if you like images by a certain designer, then you can use the images just by that designer. So This is what I did. I search for this specific brand. And then I found this design element here, which I hope communicates daily. And then if there's something else I like better than I can go down and find that and replace the daily on it. And then they've even got things like countdowns on here. There's all kinds of different calendar options on here, all by the same designer, so I really like that feature of Can Va to provide consistency. And then it's just a function of searching and lining everything up. So, like four on League of Legends Now, I actually just grabbed a League of Legends icon for this because when I search for League of Legends over here, then there's no league of legends that I can use on here. So for the league of legends, the only good option I had to communicate that was to grab the League of Legends icon on there, which isn't perfect. But I think it's functional, and I think realistically there shouldn't be a problem with that in terms of copyright. Now I went over on here, I searched for PlayStation on here, and then I grabbed this for the PlayStation here and actually paid a dollar for it. And then on X box. Meanwhile, I search to get the Xbox one, and then this one was a dollar. I grabbed that off there. However, if you don't want to spend dollars making your image, there's lots of ways you can work around that. So I line all these up, then you'll notice. Then you'll see. If I try and move these a little bit, they're all lined up with these purple bars. So this way these things are lined up with the other images on here automatically. Do you see the purple bars? This PlayStation is lined up with the League of Legends. It's lined up with the times it's lined up with Wednesday. So you just dragged these back and forth as best you can to get them in the right position here. And then when you just keep putting your time and energy into doing this, you get something that you're happy with. Then, in order to upload it here, you click on this Edit channel are and upload it. But first you have to want you finished with this, then that you name it over here, so I hit YouTube. Cover four over here. That's the fourth generation of the cover. And then I hit. Download now one of the cool things. If you want to use this for a presentation or something, where there's a background, you hit transparent background. That's cool, but you don't need that for cover. You hit, download, and then if you have paid elements in your image at this point, can vel will then charge you for the paid elements in it. But what I've done since I already bought all these for 24 hours, I can mess around and move these around on of design as much as I want. So if you use it, download it and pay and then uploaded and realized who this didn't come out exactly how I want, then what you can do is just modify it, move things around, download it again and then downloaded at no additional cost than you upload it up here. And once you're happy with it, you can then leave it and you're all set up after that. So this is exactly how I've done my YouTube Channel art image. I think this is the best way to go about it. It's so simple. And as all the graphic design integrated, you can do this entire process on camera completely for free to make all of these design elements. If you want to make sure you're covered for copyright and everything you can use canvas $1.1 time use. If you're just putting these online, which you should be with their cover aren't. In other words, you're not also printing T shirts with these. You can just grab candles one time use license and then you've got everything's covered for copyright. You don't have to be paranoid about that. You can feel good about it. You don't have to grab expensive stock photos anywhere else. You can just go to Cambon Graham for a dollar each and put him up here. So I think for the majority of YouTube channels, this is a great format to do your channel art in. I appreciate you watching this class, and I hope it's been helpful for you 6. Project for Best YouTube cover design template with Canva: thank you very much for finishing this YouTube cover our graphic design tutorial with canvas. I hope this has been very helpful for you. I make new video tutorials like this each day, As you can see from my YouTube cover art Phono, would you please leave a like on it if you've enjoyed it? Wherever you're watching, if it's on YouTube, would you please tell me with a light that you found it useful or in a comment, let me know what you did with it. I love to see that you actually updated your cover photo or your channel art. Whatever it's called today, if you're watching this on skill share, would you please share in your class project? Show me a picture of your new YouTube channel art so I can see what you've done as a result of this. When you help me learn how I'm helping you, then I am able to more effectively continue helping you, and you then are able to teach the other people who have watched this about what you've done. While you may not even like the exact way I went about this, if you share what you did as a result of doing it this way. Then you may find some other people here watching along with you who may like your YouTube channel aren't much better. And then you will be able to teach others by your channel art who've learned the process I've designed. And then you may be able to get more people connected with you as well. You may get people who are watching this over, then taking a look at your YouTube channel. Thank you very much for spending this time with me today. I hope you found this useful and I hope to see you again soon.