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YouTube Bumper Advertising in Google AdWords for Video!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

YouTube Bumper Advertising in Google AdWords for Video!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Enroll in YouTube bumper advertising course for low CPM

    • 2. Introduction YouTube bumper ads

    • 3. Creating a YouTube bumper advertising campaign

    • 4. Making bumper ad groups, selecting remarketing, and split testing

    • 5. Project and results for YouTube bumper ads

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About This Class

Enroll in this class to learn about YouTube bumper advertising which is now available as an ad format in Google AdWords for video!  YouTube bumper ads are up to 6 second videos that run on a CPM basis instead of cost per view which allows for a CPM costing a fraction of the usual CPV ads!

Watch the tutorials in this video course to see how I setup my bumper ads for YouTube and the results I get a week later!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in YouTube bumper advertising course for low CPM: welcome to my YouTube bumper advertising course for really low CPM, or cost per mil, which has really cost per 1000. What I hope to do is show you in this class how I'm making you two bads for really low cost CPM and hopefully getting some subscribers and views out of those ads. Who am I? If you haven't seen any of my videos, I'm Jerry Bad Field. I am grateful. I've got just over 100,000 subscribers now on YouTube. I have one of the most popular Google AdWords tutorials out there, as well as the hacking in some League of Legends videos. Now I'm running YouTube ads on a daily basis about $40 a day. YouTube ads have proven to be the single most effective form of advertising I've ever done in my business. Why deeper relationships? Long term, following organic traffic? As you can see on YouTube, I'm working globally to build my audience, the re marketing adds. I'm showing new videos. Two people have already washed a video before, and it's working to get views. It's working to get subscribers. It's working to build my channel. The biggest limitation is, though, if you see on the far right side, the CPM, and if you can't see it, I'll narrated. The CPM is pretty high on Facebook ads. I can get 10 cents CPM per 1000 Advertisers video on YouTube. I'm paying $3.90 CPM to show my ads globally. What I want to do is test out the new bumper ads, which you have a maximum of six seconds toe. Advertise your video. I'm going to try out my new bumper, adds to different six second videos and see if I can get some cheaper. See PM's now I tried before on this League of Legends Video. It got a CPM of 32 cents. That is 1/10 off what I'm paying on my existing YouTube ads. So I want to try if it's possible to get 1/10 of the cost to see if I can spend my money more wisely on YouTube instead of paying three plus dollars CPM globally and in the US as much as 20 plus dollars CPM in the US I'm going to try these bumper ads here. So would you like to continue this class with me? If so, I think you'll enjoy it. I'll show you how I actually make the ads for this, and I'll show you the actual videos that I use as bumper ads. 2. Introduction YouTube bumper ads: thank you very much for getting started in this class. Where I'm going to do is show you my bumper adds to begin with. So we're all talking about the exact same thing. A bumper ad is a video up to six seconds long maximum that you can show before another video. People have to watch it, and since it's so sure, YouTube is seeming to give a good CPM on it. So what? You need to begin with what I'm using. I'm using to new unlisted YouTube videos for bumper adds. So these air six second videos. They're actually less than six seconds, and I'll show you the actual adds I'm using right now, so we'll watch these two first. You need something like this before you can make thes thank you for 100,000 subscribers. Would you help me reach a 1,000,000 new videos daily? So that's the 1st 1 And here's the 2nd 1 Thank you for 100,000 subscribers. Would you join us now? New videos daily. So those those are the two unlisted videos I'm using. You'll see. They're very simple, and they ask for the viewer to do something. They ask help me join me as a subscriber. It's a simple called action, and the thing is, at 32 cents CPM I can afford If 99% of people say no, you'll see Right now all zoom in so you can see my results. Here I am currently paying if you average the cost out versus what I'm getting $700.750 dollars to get ah 1000 subscribers. Now that by itself wouldn't be worth it. I'm also getting thousands of earned views. I'm getting likes and shares also. And most importantly, I think I'm getting watch time on my videos. So the main way you do you two bads is to just advertise videos. I think it's really helpful to rank videos for organic traffic if you look at the videos I have on my channel. Most of these popular videos I have that have allowed my channel to get this big were advertised. Originally, this was advertised. This has been advertised some, although this truly went viral on its own without ads. This one was this advantage to Troy advertised this a lot. This limits, these all got advertised. So the videos that I advertised rank ARF organic search. Still, I want something to be able to do re marketing cheaper. If someone's already seen my channel, I'd rather spend six seconds asking them to come back and subscribe, then to try and put a video for an hour out there that they're not likely to watch. I'd rather get the cheapest video ad I can in front of them. Asked them to subscribe. So these bumper adds air, giving me a chance to build the subscribers and to hopefully get people coming back cheaper . So these should be a good complement to the existing adds. I'm running and it'll be a good test to see if I can also get more people on my channel watching my videos from other ads. So I'm going to do first is make a new ad group within my existing campaign. So I've already got a global re marketing campaign up so it doesn't make any sense to try and do another campaign if I don't have to. So what I need first is I need to be able to do bumper ads so I'll go over here, go back to my video and I'll grab. I'll copy the link addressed going here and paste this and now the videos under 11 seconds . So I have to select bumper ads when I actually create the campaign. So that's good to know now, because you have to actually create a campaign from scratch to do, Bumper adds. So you can't just put them in with your other ads. So what we're going to do next is create a bumper ad campaign from scratch. 3. Creating a YouTube bumper advertising campaign: Are you ready to create our first bumper? Add I'm excited to make my second bumper ad using this new bumper Add video. The one I made before was just a test, but now I'm ready to take it seriously. So I've go down, I click campaign over here and then I click on video to get to work. Making this. Now the first thing I want to do is make re marketing campaigns and try and reach my existing audience for the lowest cost possible. So we're going to call this bumper re marketing global. That way I know exactly what kind of campaign this is. And then I go down here and I click Bumper adds six second video ads and then what I do. I want to try this at maybe $10 a day and see what my CPM is because I've got such a big existing audience. I'd like to know how much I can spend on this right away. And since I'm going to split off these other countries, when I'm actually going to do is exclude the countries that I want to make separate campaigns for, so I'm going to exclude these countries Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada because I'm going to make campaigns just for those. So for now, these air, all except those countries, and then when I will do, I'll go down to add delivery. And what I like to do is limit the frequency, because what I want to do, I just want to do I want to show people one ad, and if they don't go for it, then that's it. I don't want the same person to see my ad 15 times, so I'm going to go one impression per week for this individual ad campaign. So what I'll do is per ad in this campaign that way, every unique ad. So if I later add five or 10 different Mawr, Bumper adds, then one person could see all the different bumper ads in one day or one week. But I want to do is make sure that I've got the impression set up here so that I don't keep hitting the same person with the same ad over and over again. ID rather hit them once and then have a chance to show my add to someone else in advertising. My theory is that a lot of the time the adul work right away or it'll take 10 or 20 or 30 times to sink in. And I'd rather just go and try and hit one person and as many one time. And it is many different people that way. So I set this up to allow my $10 a day budget to fully show me how big of an audience. I can expect one impression per week per ad. So I also have content exclusions in here. I can then throw in some additional things on here. I can do something like tragedy and conflict sensitive social issues, and I can exclude various things on here. However, since I've done that from my longer YouTube videos, where I want people actually watch on this one, I'm not going to mess around with any content exclusions and especially since it's re marketing, just going to try and reach my audience anywhere. So I hit save, and now what I need to do is make my actual video ad, so that's the next step to this, and we'll take a quick pause here 4. Making bumper ad groups, selecting remarketing, and split testing: here is how you make an ad group and an add all in one for YouTube, Bumper adds. So I set this up beforehand, and then what we'll do is make another one and show you doing it again. So, what I've done, I pasted the U R L to my ready to go unlisted bumper ad. I did unlisted because I don't want to put out a bunch of six second ad videos to my existing subscribers. I don't get credit for any views on bumper ads. Anyway. You two requires at least 12 seconds. Ah, view time in order for that to count as a view from YouTube ads, so bumper ads don't count views for ads. Therefore, using an unlisted video is ideal because you can try a bunch of different unlisted videos, see which one works, and then run that one for your best ad, and especially if you reach the same person over and over. Use the settings I just showed you then what you've got is you've got the ability to reach one person over and over and show them all the different things you do six seconds at a time. So I've done this YouTube video where I ask, Thank you for 100,000 subscribers. Would you help me reach a 1,000,000? So I start that off. I put that video, you'll see it automatically selects a six second bumper, then for my display. U R l. It's very important doing is all of these ads everywhere. I just want people to click over to my YouTube channel because that's a trusted link. I'm not going to immediately try and sell everyone everything. I want people to go over to my channel and start exploring from there and subscribe. And then over time, I can build a relationship with them. I want subscribers. It's important to send them straight to my u R L. So the display you are all lets people know that they're just going over to my YouTube channel, and that way it's safe to click on it. They don't have to go in any other website, and it's already in YouTube on the ad. Then they can go straight over. So I use. This is my u R L. It's up on the top of the video, and then this way it's clickable on the bottom. I just put the ad name as the title of the video and then down here, I'm doing re marketing ads for this. Now, YouTube continues to try and get me to up my budget here. So for my last adds, I put the budget at 51 cents CPM and you can see over here it got about 32 cents average CPM. So what I want to do, I'm putting it a little higher now because I'm using remarking, I've got millions of people, but still out of the billions of views. That's a fairly small amount. So what I want to do now the last thing I want to select my re marketing audiences and to get access to these which you need to do is link up your YouTube account over with your AdWords account. So I've got my YouTube account linked over here. What I do is I put all of these in everyone who's view the channel and actually on this one . I don't want to include people who are subscribed as a specific list because they've already completed the called action. So then I have the ability to just show ad you'll see out of all these millions of people. There's only 22,000 meeting the targeting criteria who've subscribed. So what I want to do then I hit done. So now you tube doesn't think that I'll get any impressions doing my re marketing. But that's OK. I just want to test this out and see if it works, so I'll test it out. Maybe I'll put a little bit higher bid on here. Since its re marketing, it doesn't think I'll spend anything, though. That's okay. It's just guessing. So what I'll do now is hit, save add group over here and now we'll see what actually happens out of this. So I've just got my YouTube ads remarking up here now. So what I want to do is next. Go over here to add group over here, and then I want to add one more ad in here and it says under review, that's normal. So when I want to do is click plus ADM. I will show you the whole process. Start to finish. I'll grab you another link over here. I'll paste this in here. So now this is a different YouTube video, a different bumper at I'll Go over and change the name down here. Then I'm gonna go up here and grab my channel link. I put that in the display. U R L I cut off the https in the W w so it fits. And now, once I click over here, it auto populates. So that's why I like doing it this way because it's so fast that to then make additional adds. So now I hit save ad and now I've got two different bumper ads in here instead of one. Now, it doesn't make sense to put a bunch of time and effort into making mawr bumper ads until I test these out to see if they're actually going to run it all. So what I've got, I have these. First I have this first campaign up here, and that way I contest the budget strictly on my remarking audience. Now there's a cool thing I can do. And so before I copy or do anything in other countries, I'm to make sure these bumper ads work global. If I can't show relatively cheap bumper ads global that I'm not interested in it. So what I will do now I want to copy this campaign so I won't appear up to edit. I clicked, copying also control. See, what I'm going to do now is paste and I'm going to pace that same campaign I made. Except this one's not going to go out to re marketing audience. This one is just going to go out to pretty much the whole world. So I'm going to essentially get whatever it can take me. So I'm going to do now is take this out and call this bumper global. So we'll try this one at $10 a day also. Now what I have to do, though, since I just copied this one, I need to change the ad group targeting. So what I do is I click on this ad group and then I go over the video targeting. Now everything, including the targeting, has been copied here. Now what I want to do is delete this targeting. So I'm going to test this out globally. So I deleted that targeting. Now what I need to do is add some targeting back in here. So I want is to try some different interests or placements or topics. So I checked my Google targeting last night, and Google's got me flagged under pretty much every interest. So the interest in that sense aren't very accurate. It's hard to predict who exactly is going to be the right kind of person. However, I don't know if it's completely worth giving up or not. I can still try and select some different audiences. I can still try and select things like business professionals. I can see. I don't even know what I actually need to pick on here. Because Google's targeting so bad. Lots of the times on this that then I it I don't even know if there's a point in doing it like this. So what I've done, I've tried to like some categories I think will work. I've got I can select gamers on here, their social media enthusiasts. I mean, it's hard to say which one of these will be most accurate. So maybe health and fitness buffs and maybe gamers. So, yeah, I've got a huge category here. I just want to see how these ads actually run now on the actual interest, you can't split the targeting up. You can't change your bid, but you could put the interest in different groups. What I want to do now is just crank my bid back down, crank that bid back down lower and see how many impressions I get and what kind of results I get. Do people actually subscribe to my channel if they are not previously having washed one of my videos, So this will give me a good chance to fully test out these, Bumper adds. So what I do, I zoom out. And now I've got my existing re marketing campaigns going. And then I've got these two new bumper campaigns, and what I'll do is wait until I get some results out of the bumper campaigns. And then once I see what the bumper campaigns air doing, then I'll make decisions based on what kind of results I get. So my theory to make this a good video is just to start out today, having shown you how to set it up and then record this in the near future, when I've got some results for this that I can show you. So from here, we're gonna let some time pass between now and the next video, and then you'll get to see some of the results I get and what I do next. 5. Project and results for YouTube bumper ads: it is one week later. Today I have results for the bumper adds. Let me give you the executive summary. They're horrible, horrible, awful terrible, The bumper adds. Performed way worse than the existing adds. I'm running the bumper adds air nearly a complete waste of money. I can't wait to pause. Thes ads, thankfully, have only had to spend about $40 to learn this. The bumper ads are terrible. Don't even bother with them. The point of this is to show you how I run my business. I'm always trying these new things, and for every one thing you see me sharing that works. There is a very often 45 or 10 or 15 or 20 things I've tried that haven't worked. When you have willingness to go through and try something, you may get it toe work. You may get bump arised toe work really well for you. I feel like there's good potential with Bumper adds. I have not been able to realize it myself. This is my second bumper, adds test. I first tested a six second League of Legends Highlight video. I've now have tested two videos very similar to what already works and they both have failed miserably. So I'll show you the data here so you can see for yourself. So I've got these campaigns up here. They're called Bumper Global. So this is the bumper global. And this makes a good comparison with the global remarking So First big annoying thing with bumper ads. You see, I've spent $557 last month on Global re marketing ads, which got me 45,000 views on my YouTube channel. Those views air really helpful for having videos rank higher. Thes bumper ads don't help a video of rank higher. And that's one of the biggest advantages I found on YouTube ads is that adds help videos rank higher. So that's completely defeated with bumper ads. Now you might ask. Okay, well, there's potential for bumper. Adds to get clicks, right? Yes. Now, for just $27 I got 1393 clicks. The problem is, they didn't hardly do anything, so I essentially have what you might call conversion tracking set up in the sense that on these bumper ads, I sent everyone straight to my YouTube channel. So you would think that out of 1300 klicks, someone would have maybe watched. Ah, video or two on my YouTube channel out of $27 only got 66 earned views. That means out of these 1300 clicks there, almost all universally a complete waste. Nearly all of these clicks complete junk, complete, useless. No genuine interest at all. Now look at this for the $500 I spent. I'll do this over here. I'm looking at the screen to see how it looks for you. $500 I spent on these global re marketing. Then I got 934 subscribers. Out of that, 410 likes and 80 shares on these Bumper adds. So this about 1/20 to make it simple. Not exactly, but pretty close. 1/20 of the budget on 1/20 of the budget. I got 900 last subscriber, so I got on 1/20 of the budget. I got 1 900 subscribers, so that's about 45 times more subscribers. I got out of doing my re marketing ads and then no likes or shares at all, because it's easy like and share the video when you're advertising it and look at the earned views. To me, this is the best genuine indicator. Along with the subscribers likes and shares, I got way more earned views. Once people saw actual video ads often very long, video ads ate a genuine interest in watching more when they saw the bumper adds almost no genuine interest in watching more. You might say, Okay, we just compared a global bumper ad that wasn't remarking Toe a global re marketing campaign. So those aren't quite the same, right? Well, the bumper re marketing global campaign as almost the exact same stats. Only difference is there's two subscribers instead of one. In other words, I tried the bumper ads you saw. I tried them re marketed. Also, they don't work either. The re marketing made almost no difference in the bumper, adds. How horrible is that. Let me compare this to a campaign Iran on a new Android video, this eight hour tutorial video, and it had comparable, if not less, results in terms of the subscribers and earned views. But what it had is 39 shares. Shares are really good on what you'll notice. When I spent $93 over here. I got 9300 views on a video which that is really helpful to rank the video higher. So you get a guaranteed win advertising longer videos. The bumper adds, at least for me, are nearly completely useless. Now, you may get a completely different result with, um this is just the result I've got. So I appreciate you going through this course here with me. I hope this is useful for you. Maybe you can get bumper adds toe work. If you can do your whole pitch in six seconds, bumper ads might work really well for you. As you can see, I'm long winded. I can't get my pitch down in six seconds. However, if I ever do crack my pitch down to six seconds, I may try bumper ads again. I also did not try bumper ads in the U. S, Canada, Australia or United Kingdom. The I am guessing the results might be similar as to what I tried global, but that doesn't mean it's the truth. I appreciate you watching this and hope it's helpful for you. If you've done anything with bumper ads, would you share your experience with bumper ads or share with me What this is motivated you to do. Rather, it is to try and get a pitch in six seconds or try and do some global re marketing on your videos. Whatever it is, Would you let me know what it is? Thank you. And hope you have a great day today.