YouTube Best Practices - Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

Phil Ebiner, Video Creator |

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9 Videos (49m)
    • YouTube Best Practices

    • Find Your Target Audience

    • Be Consistent

    • Think About Sustainability & Discoverability

    • Create Shareable Content

    • Collaborate with Other YouTubers

    • Interact with Viewers and Create Raving Fans

    • Be Authentic

    • Practice Exercise - Set Your Own S.M.A.R.T. Goals


About This Class

Do you need help getting more views and subscribers?

Do you desire to make money with your YouTube Channel?

This course will get you started on a successful YouTube journey. In this course, you'll learn some of YouTube's best practices for growing your own channel. 

In this class you'll learn:

  • How finding a specific target audience can help you grow faster
  • How being consistent is the key to YouTube success
  • How to create videos that are sustainable and easy to find with YouTube search
  • How to create videos that are organically more likely to be shared
  • How to collaborate with other YouTubers, and why this can lead to rapid growth
  • How interacting with viewers creates raving fans (and why this is important)
  • How being authentic will help your channel grow.

I look forward to seeing you in this course!



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Very helpful and well organized. Especially liked the goal setting section.
for people wanted to start YouTube on youtube
This is such a great resource for growing and maintaining a youtube channel! I've been so afraid to start my own channel, but this is a great starter class to show you step by step how to maintain a consistent goal, and how best to reach out to your audience! Love it!





Phil Ebiner

Video Creator |

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