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YouTube Best Practices - Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

teacher avatar Phil Ebiner, Video | Photo | Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. YouTube Best Practices

    • 2. Find Your Target Audience

    • 3. Be Consistent

    • 4. Think About Sustainability & Discoverability

    • 5. Create Shareable Content

    • 6. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

    • 7. Interact with Viewers and Create Raving Fans

    • 8. Be Authentic

    • 9. Practice Exercise - Set Your Own S.M.A.R.T. Goals

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About This Class

Do you need help getting more views and subscribers?

Do you desire to make money with your YouTube Channel?

This course will get you started on a successful YouTube journey. In this course, you'll learn some of YouTube's best practices for growing your own channel. 

In this class you'll learn:

  • How finding a specific target audience can help you grow faster
  • How being consistent is the key to YouTube success
  • How to create videos that are sustainable and easy to find with YouTube search
  • How to create videos that are organically more likely to be shared
  • How to collaborate with other YouTubers, and why this can lead to rapid growth
  • How interacting with viewers creates raving fans (and why this is important)
  • How being authentic will help your channel grow.

I look forward to seeing you in this course!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Phil Ebiner

Video | Photo | Design


Can I help you learn a new skill?

Since 2012 have been teaching people like you everything I know. I create courses that teach you how to creatively share your story through photography, video, design, and marketing.

I pride myself on creating high quality courses from real world experience.


I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, nerding out on personal finance, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife, twin boys and a baby girl, and dog Ashby.

In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and Tele... See full profile

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1. YouTube Best Practices: everyone. Welcome to the YouTube best practices. Many course. This is a free course that I wanted to put together with my best advice for being successful on YouTube, whether you don't have a channel and you are thinking about starting one or you have a YouTube channel that you used to entertain or promote your own business. But you're struggling to get views and subscribers either those cases, this is a course for you. It goes over the best action packed, hard hitting lessons that will truly take your channel to the next level. I haven't always had a successful channel. I struggled to get views in the beginning. It was a pain to get subscribers when I started. But I've put together a system that works based off of what other successful YouTubers are doing, and now I want to teach it to you. So please enjoy this mini course for free. Have fun and roll now, and we'll see you inside 2. Find Your Target Audience: here is a YouTube best practice targeting a specific audience. When you're coming up with your channel, when you're coming up with your videos, you want to think about a few things first, who are you and then second, Who is your audience? When you are completely new and starting out, you have to think about who are you? Who are you as a person? What do you like to do? What you like to talk about? If you're starting from scratch, you might not know what you want to put on your YouTube channel. Maybe you have a business. Maybe you have a brand, and that is who you are. That is the type of video you are going to be creating but is important to Just look at yourself, do a little inner reflection and think about who you are. The second is to think about your audience. Who might that be? Now you might. You don't need to do a bunch of research or data collection. You can kind of just think about it. Who might be your Ryan's. If you're teaching a yoga class based on pregnant women yoga, then your audience is gonna be pregnant women who like yoga. If you're teaching handy how to paint objects for beginners, your audience might be kids or people who just want to get into painting. But more more popular it might be with kids. If you're teaching about fantasy football, then your videos will be watched mawr by men because there are more men who watch fans, football and play fantasy. But there is still a contingent that is women. Maybe you want to be that specific woman centred fantasy football channel, and that brings me to my next point, which is niches or niches. I've heard both pronunciations. Niches have quit. The quickest growth potential when you come up with a channel that is very small, has a small target audience, and you are a small, singular subject person and creator. Those have a lot of growth because every single video that you put out is about the same type of subject and the followers of your channel. Your subscribers will see that and more likely want to view your other videos rather than having a bunch of different videos. Now, this isn't necessarily what I've done with my main videos, Kwan Online channel, but I have done this with separate channels geared towards foot photographers and cat lovers. And so let's look at a few samples. Just so you understand what I'm talking about with knowing your target audience. The slow mo guys, This is a very popular channel. They have over six million subscribers at the time of filming this. What they do is shoot slow motion videos. They take a bunch of stuff you can see here fire, tornado, massive crusher, spiral water, jelly, tennis, all sorts of things and they shoot it in slow motion. Now this is a very specific niche. Slow motion videos. The audience is probably pretty wide. People in general might enjoy watching these videos, but what they're producing is very niche. College info geek Thomas Frank is another good youtuber to follow. Follow. He has grown his YouTube channel so quickly, from just in the thousands to over 100,000 in the past years. So and he is gearing Target college students, his target audiences, people in college, even though he started this channel before, when he was in college, and now he's out of college. He makes videos, four college kids and you can see all of his videos. How to create a final exam studies schedule exam, brain hacks writing APS that help you write papers. All these things are geared towards college students. His name is geared towards college students, so he himself and his videos are geared towards that niche. J. Bates. This is a woodworking channel. He has over 177,000 subscribers, and again he is just making would working video. So he sticks to that stuff. He doesn't really go far outside that realm, and he's had a lot of success. So now we've learned what to do. Let's talk about how to do it. So tips for success are. Find a small target audience, so pick something that is relatively small. You don't want to say my target audience is women or my target audience is Are people between the age of 18 and 60. You want to look at your target, your topic and say my audience is pregnant Woman who, like yoga or my audience is male chefs who want to run the hair own Ah, food truck business, and you don't have to necessarily do it. Male versus female or age Young versus old, but find someone who is really specific in what they like and go after that audience. Then you make videos that those people like Think about yourself. Who are you as a creator? That is the first place to start with. Would you like this video as a person in that audience? And then the last thing is to repeat, If you keep making videos for that audience that that audience will like, you will have success. Thanks for watching. And I hope you enjoyed this YouTube best practice. We'll see you in the next one. 3. Be Consistent: Hey, everyone, welcome to another YouTube Best practice today. We're talking about being consistent. This is something you've probably heard from all YouTubers. If you've done any sort of research on how to have a successful YouTube channel, consistency is key. So first we'll talk about what it is. Well, then look at some examples, and we'll wrap it up with how you can implement it. So, first, what is consistency? Most popular channels are consistent. You. If you go on YouTube, you see popular channels. You will see that they have. They're putting out videos consistently. What does this mean to be consistent? It doesn't necessarily mean every week. It doesn't necessarily mean every day. It could be every month. It just means they put up videos on a consistent basis so that their followers can enjoy their content consistently. Consistency is really why people subscribe. You'll see a lot of channels that put out a viral hit, that one viral hit, and they don't have a lot of subscribers. The reason is because people expect to get more videos when they subscribed. They're not going to subscribe just because you put out a funny cat video. They subscribe because you put out a funny cat video every week and they want to enjoy that . They want that to show up in their YouTube feed on their home page. And so that consistency is why people subscribe. Consistency Doesn't Onley mean? How often are you putting out these videos? It also means what format video are putting out. Are you shooting talking head videos? Are you shooting screen cast videos? Are you shooting narrative videos? Are you shooting interviews? It means what type of video are you putting out your elements? Are you using the same graphics across your videos? Do your title cards have some sort of fluidity to them and some sort of consistency in your personality? Do you show your personality in all your videos, or do you just make it super business and one and super personal on the other? Showing your personality or having a consistent personality is important. So again, this consistency creates fan loyalty, and it grows the expectation of another video. And so being making sure that you can be consistent is important when you start a channel because you don't want to start out consistently and then drop that consistency and stop making videos. Your subscribers will drop and people won't subscribe to your channel an easy way to create consistency. So this is kind of a how tip is by breaking videos into a Siri's so creating a Siri's that you could make multiple videos about. Maybe again, I go back to the yoga instructor but doing a series of yoga exercises and breaking into individual videos that you can post every week on the same day. And so let's look at some examples. So we have DSLR video shooter. This is a great guy who does a lot of DSLR tutorials you can see on his home channel that he has new videos posted Tuesdays and Thursdays. So right on his home channel, you see how consistent he he is? His subscribers are growing quickly over 50,000 now, and his views are growing as well. And this is really great. A lot of creators do this. They put there schedule on their home channel artwork so that people, when they visit their channels, see, when are they going to be posting Mike and Lauren? You guys know them, they do another. They do this as well. Friday and Sunday. Friday's personal finance Sunday is how to d i y vlogs now, with Mike and Lauren there similar to me, they don't have a very specific niche. They do all sorts things from woodworking to personal finance. But they've set it up so that on Fridays they do personal finance on Sundays that you do their other stuff and they are very consistent throughout their style. Their personality is really great, and people expect that and are accustomed to that. Here's Android authority for Andrew to third authority. I have a friend that works there and they're consistent and see what that means is putting out a ton of it. His This is just a snapshot of their recent videos, and you can see when you look at when it was published. You have a video one hour ago, seven hours ago, eight hours ago, one day ago. So they're posting almost two or three videos a day on average. In that consistency, we'll get you followers, so these are some examples. Now let's move on to the how tips for success. So the first thing is to stick to a schedule, Whatever that is, it doesn't matter If it's once a week, twice a week, every day, once a month, Stick to your schedule so that your followers understand and expect something. And follow up with that and make a video and publish it so you fulfill their expectation. The second is to create branding elements that you put across your video. So this includes title cards, a bumper lower thirds, similar graphics, putting your your branding for your own company or your business. Putting that throughout your videos that will make your videos look consistent and that will build the quality and the professionalism of your channel. And the last thing which we saw is to add your schedule to your channel art. If you are going to be consistent, and if you can promise to to fulfill that consistency, put it on your channel. Art People love seeing that, and it will get more People subscribe if they know when you will be posting videos. So these were some great tips for success. Go out, take action and we'll see you in another best practices video 4. Think About Sustainability & Discoverability: everyone, welcome back to another you to best practice video. Today we're talking about sustainability and discover ability to important things to make sure that your videos air being watched over and over again. So first, as always, will start with what this means will then look at some examples and then how to implement it with your channel. So, first, what do I mean by a discovery, bility and sustainability with discoverable ity? I mean, will people be able to find your video with YouTube Search. Most of my views come from people searching for topics in the YouTube search bar. YouTube videos also show up on Google when you search for something in Google, and if there's a popular video about it on YouTube, it will show up in the search results because YouTube is owned by Google, and so they worked together. And so you want to make sure that your videos are able to be searched and found, and that comes through strong keywords, which are the key elements. The key topics of your video that show up in your titles, your descriptions and the tags of your video we're going to be walking through exactly how to do this in a future video, but just for for now, no, that this is how people find your videos. It's with strong keywords in your titles and descriptions and tags now about sustainability . What I mean by that is, will your videos be able to be watched over and over again? And are they evergreen? Are they something that will be ableto be watched now and 10 years from now? I've made mistakes before that. I'm going to show you in just a second in the example of a video that doesn't really makes sense anymore. You don't need to watch it because it's a completely updated platform that that is now being taught. And what I was using doesn't exist anymore, and I'll show you just that in a sec. But first, let's look at some other examples and explain these two topics a little bit more in depth. So the first let's look at this channel called How to cake it. Almost a 1,000,000 subscribers. They put out videos on how to make awesome types of cakes. You can see this. It looks like an ice cream cone. It's actually a mint chocolate chip ice cream comb cake. And so this is a video that is is sustainable and very discoverable. So with sustainability, cakes are made the same way that they have always been made, but the same ingredients now, of course, this is a new take on creating a cake in a different way, but the ingredients and the way you make this cake will be the same now as it is in five or 10 years. So someone who wants to make a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone cake can use this video today, and they could also use this video in five or 10 years. And that's what it means to be evergreen. It will also be a video that can be viewed multiple times. It's not a viral hit that someone doesn't necessarily want to watch again and again. It's something that people will need to watch once, too, when they find it another time when they're looking at the recipes and another time when they are learning how to make it itself. And these how to videos where you're actually showing something demonstrate eating something in the video are really good for being evergreen and and sustainable. Another example, is Mount McGrath. They put out after effects tutorials now with their discoverable ity. One thing I would have done differently is you see their title is some at 1.1 intruder motion graphics after effects. Some at 1.1 shows that this is a series of videos, and that's great because people know that and might subscribe because of that, so they can see the rest of the Siri's. But YouTube actually suggests that we put the branding of our video the Siri's number at the end of the video title, so I would have called this intro Demotion Graphics after Effects Summit 1.1. But that being said, it still has some great keywords, motion graphics and after effects that many people are searching for. And it's also an evergreen topic because it's not how to use after effects version CS six or version Creative Cloud, which are specific versions of the tool. It's just an introduction that can be done with any version of after effects. Here's another great example learned Spanish great keyword upfront 150 Spanish phrases for beginners. So this is a Spanish learning channel, and Spanish is very evergreen. People will want to learn Spanish now and probably in the US at least Mawr. And so in the future and across the world, people are always going to want to learn Spanish. And now, in a year or in two years, he's 150 Spanish phrases will be the same. They will all be great phrases to know for beginners when you're starting to learn Spanish . And so that's what makes this video's so evergreen and sustainable. And again it has great keywords. Now let's look at my video, which is a bad example of Evergreen videos and sustainability. I have a video that's very popular, but it's called best Final Cut Pro seven export settings for YouTube and Vimeo. Why is this video bad alleys now? For me, it's because finally got Prote seven doesn't exist anymore. Of course, some people might use it themselves because they have an old version. But Apple, who makes final cut pro video editing software, they discontinued the Pro the seven software and they change it to final cut pro acts, which is completely different than final cut Pro seven. So anybody that gets into video editing with final cut pro today won't find this video useful. And so that's a bad example of what not to dio are a good example of what not to dio. So we looked at some examples. Now let's learn how you conduce sustainable and discoverable videos. One idea is to use YouTube. Search to verify your ideas when you're thinking about a topic for a video that you want to make. Search for that topic on YouTube and see if there are other videos that are related or similar to the if it if there are. And if there are videos that have thousands of views, it's a good idea to make that video. If there are no videos or videos that only have hundreds of views, is probably not a popular video topic that you want to spend time. Creating another thing is to make videos that can be watched multiple times. So not all of us have the luxury of creating this type of video for our target audience. But if you think about funny videos like fail videos or cat videos, these air videos that people share and that they watch over and over again, so that's why they get viewed millions of times. That's why they can go viral. It's because people watching the multiple times it's not necessarily a 1,000,000 people watching them. It might be 500,000 people watching it twice. And this is why music videos air great, because people want to listen to the song over and over again. Again. You want to make sure that your videos aren't going toe. Stop being relevant or yeah, you don't want to make sure that like you're creating videos about a subject that won't be around in the next week or two, this is white. Creating a channel based off of news topics is really hard. It's hard to be sustainable because so much work to put out relevant content of in a news related way over and over every week I tried creating a baseball channel where I talk about the latest baseball news, but it didn't have success because I couldn't keep up with the base while news and then every week the previous videos weren't relevant anymore, and lastly, you want to make sure that you choose titles and key words that can be found in the search , so don't pick random words don't choose a title that's like a phrase. Choose actual words that people might search for to find your videos. Thanks so much for watching and we'll see you in another best practice tips video. 5. Create Shareable Content: everyone, welcome back to another you to best practice. Today. I'm talking about creating shareable content. So what does that look like? First, connect with the viewers emotions. Typically, when a video AZM or emotional people have a better connection to it and they'll want to share it with other people, more often think about on social media outside of YouTube, The post that get the most shares are the ones that are emotional, the ones that tell a, ah, an emotional story that you connect to. So maybe it's an inspirational video or an inspirational story. Or maybe it's a sad video or a sad story these air, the posts and the videos that get the most shares. You also want to make videos about trending topics. Now, in the last video, I talked about sustainability and how that is difficult to make trending topic style videos because after its trending, it's not going to be as popular or as evergreen. But if you do want to make really share a bowl content, you can do that by making videos about trending topics. So look out in the world around us and see what is trending. If you go on the YouTube page. If you go on Facebook, the videos and the post that are again being shared are the ones that are trending. And then the last thing is, consistency leads to share ability. We talked about this before, but if you want toe pre share a bowl videos, you have to be consistent, and people will share your videos more and more. If you put out consistent videos, people will want to share your latest video with others. If you are creating great videos that connect with their emotions, that might be about trending topics, and they come out every week or so. So let's look at some of my favorite share a ble video ideas. This first is one that you might have seen. It's the GoPro Fire Man saves a kid in video. It's been viewed over 28 million times, and and obviously this is just such a heart wrenching but also joyful video at the end, when this firefighter saves this cat from a fire and you see the cat go from, you know in the middle of the fire, unconscious to breathing and alive. And it's such a powerful video, of course, you want to share it? Here's another video. The Amazing Sync singer. So this is Ah, Mo El Nadi. He doesn't have that many subscribers. See, you see, he has over 6500 but this video has almost four million views. That's because this video is emotional. It's powerful. And it you know, when you hear a song when you hear someone that surprises you with an amazing voice, you get connected to that and you want to share this video. Here's one that's about a trending top topic. This guy. He has a ton of subscribers over 15 million, but he created this video about a world without police, and this is coming right after the Parrot. The 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and the Attack in San Bernadino, California, which is close to my home and he made a video about police and in the year of 2015 is the year of police issues. There's been a lot of police violence. There's a lot of uproar about police brutality and making a video about that. It could be smart because you're sharing your personal ideas about a trending topic. Now I have one example on my channel that is so funny that I posted one day it was raining like crazy in Berkeley, where I was living in 2014 and it was raining so much. Streets were flooded. People were walking through the rain to get to school. But the creek where that ran through UC Berkeley was flooded, and I captured some of that rain on my camera. I posted it that morning, and it got picked up by some news outlets that that day, and it got over 17,000 views in a day. And you'll probably see a spike in all of my analytics when we go through them. And that day is where that spike is. And it's just funny, because this video was viewed more times than any of my other videos at that point, and it was not about anything related to my channel, but it was a trending topic for that date. Now, afterwards, it's got in practically zero views, while other videos of mine that are more sustainable and evergreen have grown and God had got in tens and hundreds of thousands of views. And so this is just an example of how a trending topic can make a good video that is shared a lot and viewed alive. So let's look at some tips for success. First, make a video about something inspiring. So if you have an inspiring story yourself, or if you've heard about an inspiring story, make a video about it. This could be a story or could be an inspiring senior. It could be an inspiring person. These air the videos that get shared. The second is captured something going on in your town. So what I mean by this is is there a crazy rain happening? Is they're crazy weather? Is there something happening that you want to share? That's happening right now that people will want to hear about or see. The third is make videos about current events, so this isn't necessarily capturing with your phone or your camera. Something going on. This is videos where you talk about, or it's like the guy that made the video about police world, a world without police in a time where we're all thinking about police brutality and police violence. So making videos about current events and current topics can lead to share a ble content and always try hard to make good videos. So shared videos are typically ones that look good, sound good and have good keywords and titles, and you want to make sure that you're always trying to make good videos. If you stop trying, your video content isn't going toe. Look that great and people won't be is likely to share it. So now it's time to take action and we'll see you in the next best practice. 6. Collaborate with Other YouTubers: welcome to another you to best practice video. Today we are talking about collaborating with other you tubers. So what does this mean? Collaborating with other YouTube leads to massive audience growth potential. Why is that? Because when you collaborate with another youtuber, they will bring their audience to your video, and that audience might subscribe to your channel and watch your other videos. You want to make sure that you collaborate with MAWR and less popular YouTubers than you. You don't necessarily need toe on Lee go after more popular YouTubers because they have a large audience. The reason is because it would be great to do that, but they might not have time. And I've tried to reach out to YouTubers, who have a huge audience toe help and collaborate with, and they're just too busy. They have their own thing going on. But if there are youtubers that have less subscribers, they might be more likely to collaborate with you because they also want your audience. And that's fine because who knows? Maybe that youtuber will get super popular, and in the future, if they have a video with you in the video, when they have lots and lots of subscribers they have. Ah, that's a chance for your videos and your channel to get viewed by their followers. And so these collaborations, though, must make sense for your viewers. You can't just collaborate with a popular YouTuber just because they're popular. You want to make sure that you're creating a video that you, your viewers will want, and so I'll show you some examples of mine. But I've collaborated with other people who do aftereffects motion graphics, and that makes sense for my channel because people want to see that that's who my subscriber base is. That's who my target audiences. But if I collaborated with someone who does gardening, that might not make sense for my viewers, even if they have a very popular channel, because my viewers aren't going to want to watch that video necessarily, and they might not really want to go over to that YouTubers channel at all. The great thing about the current age is that technology allows us to collaborate with other you tubers across oceans, weaken, do Skype interviews, weaken, create videos and share the content and edit videos together to make it super high quality . There is no longer a barrier between us and anyone else in the world with an Internet connection. So let's look at some great examples. Pat Flynn and Gary Vaynerchuk are great personal finance and brand and business growth marketers and geniuses. Basically, I learned a lot from Pat Flynn and Gary Boehner. Chuck is really great as well, and Pat Flynn, while he's so popular, he also likes having people like Gary Vaynerchuk, a very established, probably more established personality than Pat Flynn himself. And so he has had him on a YouTube video, where he just asked a bunch of questions to carry. And so this is a great example of a type of video where you do a Skype interview and you just have the videos from both feeds showing on your video. Another example, again, with Pat Flynn is a good guy. Caleb Logic. He's someone that I'm going to be collaborating with in some videos in some few in the future, And what Pat Flynn did is ask Caleb to create a video about screen flow, the video webcam and screen casting software, and he created it to Taurel and Pat Flynn. Just put it on his channel rather than Kayla, putting it on his channel and trying to drive traffic to that video. Pat Flynn wanted the video on his own channel, and this is great. This is great for Pat Flynn's audience, because there you're interested in that kind of thing. And it's great for Caleb Logic, because Pat Flynn has a big, much bigger audience that will then go over to Caleb's Channel potentially Marie for Leo. She's another business kind of lifestyle guru, and she you can see this is a playlist of hers with inspiring interviews. She does a ton of interviews with people, and so doing interviews is a great way to build your audience and collaborate with other people. Here's an example of one of mine where I interviewed and after effects guru Mikey. He has a challenge called after effects with Mikey, and he does a great job at doing tutorials, and I wanted to interview him for my channel and I did that, and he a ton of his followers watched this video, which I broke into a serious of videos, and they subscribe to my channel as well. So how do you actually do this one? We looked at, we saw interview other experts in your field. Another idea is to swap videos on similar channels. So that's what Caleb Logic did for a path when he gave him a video for his channel. And then the other is toe actually meet up with other you tubers, get there in person and create a video together. There's a lot of people doing this is well in the Los Angeles area because there are so many people creating videos and you see some of the best YouTubers, the people that are making millions of dollars, and our YouTube stars doing this with each other more and more now. So get toe action. Do this stuff starts setting up dates, just reach out to people I've done it. You can just send them a message, post a comment on their YouTube page or on their channel or on any of their videos, and start to build those relationships so that you can then create videos together and share your audiences. Thanks for watching, and we'll see in the next video 7. Interact with Viewers and Create Raving Fans: everyone. Welcome to a new YouTube best practices video today. We're talking about interacting with reviewers and why this is so important. So first, let's go over what that means. Everyone wants to feel connected. This is just a fact of human life. Even if you don't think you want to be connected with another person or a group of people or people around the world, you actually do psychologically physiologically, you want to feel connected with another person, and the same goes for on YouTube. And so, as an expert, your viewers well, look up to you. You might not necessarily have a teaching channel where you're teaching other people how to do things like I do. But a lot of what YouTube videos are is sharing your knowledge, sharing your experiences and being an expert for other people in your niche. And your viewers just by default will look up to you because you are the one putting out the video. Even though you might not necessarily be the quote unquote expert, the most knowledgeable person in your subject people will look up to you, and you can create raving fans with this interaction. You don't just create re rating fans by putting out a ton of great top content and videos and having people watch it. You create raving fans by connecting with those people so that they know you care about them. And these air the fans that will buy into your brand. These air the fans that you will be able to sell other products that will go to your website that will join your email list that will really be a part of your future business and brand growth. And so responding to comments is soap important here you can see some screenshots from some my videos. You see that? I like to respond to people all the time when they are people that just say great video he can see. George Kenner writes Great video. Thank you, Mr Thriving. Survives is freaking awesome. I just respond and say, Thanks for watching or you're welcome if they're saying thank you. But then there's also people who want to ask questions for me, and I try to solve their problems. And so you see Michael Motta and Larry Morgan, these air to people toe have issues that came about after watching my video and so I respond to those people in the future, we're gonna look at our dive into the Creator studio. But one thing that I love using is the top fans feature. Again, talk about this in the future lesson, but right here you can see my top fans. These are people that are engaged in my videos. They're liking my videos. They're commenting on my videos. They're watching my videos, and these are the people that are my raving fans. So they're the ones that will buy into my brand and will support me if I need that support . So how do you get that raving fan? How do you comment with people? How do you interact with people first, you want to respond to comments quickly if you can. And if you do end up having a popular channel, you might have to log on to YouTube every day to respond to comments. The reason why is because if a few days go by of a week or a month goes by and you respond to the comment, that person is it invested in that video or in that comment anymore, most likely, and so you want to make sure that you respond while they still have it in their mind. And hey, if your viewer of a video and you comment on it and then you get a response from the youtuber within a day, that's pretty awesome. And you're going to feel like you not necessarily owe that person anything. But you feel connected to them. Another tip is to ask for feedback and respond to that feedback. This is something that I've done all the time with my YouTube courses with my tutorials, with my courses on you to me and other platforms and hey it for anyone watching this right now, please give me your feedback for what you like and dislike about this video. I do that all the time. I get lots of great feedback and then I take action and I improve my videos. I improve the way I teach. I improve the topics that I teach on. And getting that feedback and showing that you're responding to that feedback will really help build that fan base and the interaction with people because they see wow, you're someone that actually takes my opinion into ah, and it matters to you and you act and react to it. That's amazing. Another idea is to talk to your viewers in your videos. A lot of loggers do this all the time. They'll sort of call out specific people who have commented on their channel, or it's not necessarily saying, Hey, Person X, Y and Z Thanks for commenting. It could just be like talking to the viewers like, Hey, guys, welcome to my YouTube channel. I hope you're doing well and if you're it depends on when you're posting videos and how it is. But you can talk about your life. You can say how you're doing, ask them how they're doing and interact with them as if they were right there. And then The last idea is to connect with viewers off of YouTube. So whether it's social media through email through your website, if people are really involved in commenting, you can say, Hey, let's be friends on social media or you can have links to your social media pages or to your website on your YouTube Channel channel, and if people want to interact with you more, they're more than likely to go to those places. So these air some gray actionable tips that I hope you start implementing when you create your channel from the very beginning, start commenting from the very beginning. Thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next video. 8. Be Authentic: everyone, welcome to another YouTube best practice today. I'm talking about being authentic first. What does this mean to me? Being authentic is being yourself and showing it off to your YouTube. You were showing off your personality, showing off your life who you are so that people can really see you for who you are and connect with you. Because of that, you also need to be honest and don't sell out. There's all a lot of YouTubers who and people online who once they become very big, once they start making a ton of money online, they stopped interacting with people. They don't stop commenting on their videos responding to people. And I know that some people is just impossible toe respond to everybody once you get to that point. But you still want to be honest, you still you don't want to sell out and try to scam people. This is what I hate so much about. Online business is when people try to scam others. Being authentic is sharing your personal story throughout your journey. Throughout your videos, not necessarily a video, that's Hey, here's my personal story, but throughout your journey, just sharing your personal story. This is why I give updates. I do do a vlog style videos from time time just to share my life with my followers. And remember, people want connections. People who subscribed to you are subscribing because they want that connection with you and they don't want just wants a connection with a video or a channel. They want connections with a person. And if you are a person who is the owner of your YouTube channel, you can show off. You're authenticity, your honesty and your personality to build that connection. So here is an example of one of my videos where I didn't ask me anything for video creators . And so this is just me talking to people responding to questions live. While they asked me questions. I had a good number of people on this AM A. It was hosted on the skill share platform, but it was a really good experience, and people connected with me and they found me from skill share. But now they were on my YouTube channel. Here's another example. It's a video called My Promise Video vows from a secretly recorded proposal. So this is something that's so personal this is my I proposed to my my girlfriend at the time. My wife now and I recorded that I secretly recorded it and I created a video about it and you can find this on my YouTube channel and I posted there for everyone to see and to share my life with everyone online. And while there's some things that I obviously don't want to be online, I don't want to share too much. There are some parts of me that I like sharing to show off my personal side. Here's another idea that I've done since I start my channel, and that's thanking my subscribers when they become when I reach certain goals. Here was one from a long time ago my 500 subscribers video, and it's just me talking, saying Thank you putting myself on camera And that's something that you should think about doing. If you have your own channel, put yourself in front of the screen. Put yourself on the on the screen in front of camera so people can see you. They will connect with you better if they can see you. So how are you going to do this? Do of lock style video or a series of log style videos where you share your life with people and make it about a specific topic each day. You know, you have a very interesting life, I'm sure, and make it about a specific topic and do a Siri's. You can also create video about your personal story. So this is maybe an introduction to your channel where you kind of talk about your story, how you got there, what you're doing, why you're doing it. You can also share secrets about how you do what you do. People want to learn from experts. And if you are a trainer and expert, a coach. If you run a business or do anything like that, have a brand of your own, they'll want to see how you do it. So while my channel started out as a video creator channel where I taught others how to make videos, people then started wondering. How do I make videos about teaching? How do I teach online courses? How do I make build my YouTube channel? How do I have success doing that? And I share that through videos as well. Another thing is to show your face in your videos, so I talked about that just a second ago. But it's true. People do like connecting with people that they can see. It's a easier connection. I know from research that you, Timmy has done on their online courses. Students like seeing the instructor. There's face in the videos, at least for a part of the video or for a part of the course. It doesn't have to be the entire video. And for your YouTube channels, it doesn't have the baby every single video. It's just throughout, sometimes posting videos with your face in it. So those are some great actionable items. Now it's time to take action, put this into practice and have success. 9. Practice Exercise - Set Your Own S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Hey, everyone, welcome to a practice exercise for this section. We've learned a lot of great tips for how we will become a better YouTuber. And in the following sections, we will be learning Maura about specifically, how do we create our profile? How do we make videos? How do we get subscribers? How do we optimize our videos so that we are actually going to be a successful YouTube channel and we're gonna going to be actually diving into the YouTube platform and showing you exactly how to do that. So for this section, I thought it would be a great time and a great exercise to write down your goals. I believe that writing down our goals is one of the best ways to actually complete those goals. The first step. And it's something that I try to do every day and every week. I write down my goals for that week, and I also have longer term goals, and it really does help me make sure that I stay focused and on task to complete those goals. So I'm going to go ahead and write down some of my goals so you can see what I'm talking about. But while I do that, I want you to start thinking about what kinds of goals do you have for your YouTube channel specifically? So thank you so much for watching and let's get straight to the exercise walk through. So I'm standing next to my desk and I have this nice white boards glass board that I can actually write down my goals on. And I really like this. And I suggest getting some sort of white board or corkboard something that you can write on or post a paper on right next to your desk, rather than putting your goals on the computer on a Microsoft Word dog or Google Dog or something like that, because that can easily be just thrown away. Or you don't look at it ever this way. Every morning I wake up every week when I start my work week, I see what my goals are, and I start them when goal setting we want. I remember this acronym Smart, which stands for specific, meaningful, action oriented, realistic, in timely and whenever we set a goal, we want to make sure that it's all of these and the best way to understand This is to actually write down our goals and explain what smart means with our goals now with our YouTube channel. My my advice is to set goals for the views. You want to get the subscribers you want to get into the monetary, the money that you want to make from YouTube. There could be other goals that you can write down as well, like related to Oh, I want toe create a new video each week where I want to create 50 videos this year and post it. But these are the basic three that I think we should go through. So with views, I just passed a 1,000,000 views. And so my next goal is going to be to hit 2.5 million. No, I think that's a good goal, and it's specific because it has a specific amount that I'm achieving. I'm not just saying, Oh, I want to make get mawr views. I wanna have a ton of views. I have a specific amount of views that I want to get. It's also meaningful to me because it's quite a lot of views and compared to one million, it's more than double and so it would be a lot of growth to get to that 2.5 million. This goal is also action oriented. I know what I can do to achieve this. 2.5 million is taking me a few years to get toe one million. But with the ex meant financial growth of my YouTube channel. I know that if I keep posting weekly videos, I should be able to achieve this in the next year and it's also realistic this 2.5 million . If I had said, my goal for views is to get 100 million views or a 1,000,000,000 views, that's not very realistic. And while that might happen someday in the future, right now I know that 2.5 million views is realistic in the upcoming year and the last thing is timely and I keep talking about in the upcoming year because I want to make sure that I can achieve these goals in the next year and you want to set a time limit for your goals and now you don't have to necessarily do in the next year. Maybe you want to set goals for the next month. The next week the next day even. But for me, these air, my long your term goals in terms of use. So there's 2.5 million views is specific, meaningful, action oriented, realistic and timely. Now I'm going to do the same thing with subscribers. I was going to put my subscriber goal as 25,000 I just past 12,000 subscribers, and I think that would be a great next gold. The one problem with that because it's specific, its action oriented. It's realistic and it's timely, but it's not that meaningful. I know that I will get 25,000 subscribers at some point. But to really push myself, I'm going to say 50,000 subscribers because that's going to be more meaningful for me, and it will make me work harder with monetary goals. I've been making around 2 to $300 per month on average, and it's taken a while to get me up to that point and it's still go. It was just recently that I've been hitting that point, and so I'm going to say $500 for this goal, $500 is meaningful. That's quite a lot of money to be making on YouTube. It's specific, its action oriented, because I know that if I continue to put out better quality videos, if I replicate some of my most popular videos and you'll be learning a lot of this in the analytic section. If I use my analytics to create videos that I know will make me AdSense, then I know I can achieve this goal. And with all these again, I want to do it within the next year. So remember, you're smart. Goal setting is a great way to set your goals. Just writing down your goals will help you achieve those goals that's been scientifically proven. So on a piece of paper on a white board on something, write down your goals, make sure their specific a meaningful, action oriented, realistic and timely and include goals for views, subscribers and your monetary goals for your YouTube channel. I hope you've enjoyed enjoyed this goal setting exercise, and I can't wait to see you in the next section