YouTube Best Practices - Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel | Phil Ebiner | Skillshare

YouTube Best Practices - Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

Phil Ebiner, Photo | Video | Design

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. YouTube Best Practices

    • 2. Find Your Target Audience

    • 3. Be Consistent

    • 4. Think About Sustainability & Discoverability

    • 5. Create Shareable Content

    • 6. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

    • 7. Interact with Viewers and Create Raving Fans

    • 8. Be Authentic

    • 9. Practice Exercise - Set Your Own S.M.A.R.T. Goals

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About This Class

Do you need help getting more views and subscribers?

Do you desire to make money with your YouTube Channel?

This course will get you started on a successful YouTube journey. In this course, you'll learn some of YouTube's best practices for growing your own channel. 

In this class you'll learn:

  • How finding a specific target audience can help you grow faster
  • How being consistent is the key to YouTube success
  • How to create videos that are sustainable and easy to find with YouTube search
  • How to create videos that are organically more likely to be shared
  • How to collaborate with other YouTubers, and why this can lead to rapid growth
  • How interacting with viewers creates raving fans (and why this is important)
  • How being authentic will help your channel grow.

I look forward to seeing you in this course!