YouTube Audio and Video Production - Professional Basics! | Tomas George | Skillshare

YouTube Audio and Video Production - Professional Basics!

Tomas George, Music Production Instructor

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9 Videos (53m)
    • Introduction

    • The most important thing when creating video is...

    • Presentation Skills

    • Microphones

    • Editing in Logic Pro X

    • Camera and Lighting

    • Backdrops

    • Screen-Capture video with Screenflow

    • Editing Video in Final Cut Pro X


About This Class

Learning the basics of how to record high-quality audio and video as a one-person team that will stand you out from the crowd in a world which is now full of online video creators. 

In this course you will gain a basic understanding of audio and video recording and also editing audio and video. 

You'll learn the basics of video and audio techniques that's used by professional one-person team YouTubers and online course creators today. 

This course will cover such topics as :

→ Microphones

→ Presentation Skills

→ Editing Audio in Logic Pro X

→ Cameras

→ Lighting

→ Backdrops

→ ScreenFlow Screen Capture Software

→ Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Software

→ and more!

We'll take a look into recording and editing audio and with Logic Pro XFinal Cut Pro X and ScreenFlow screen-capture software.

What you'll learn in this course will make you a better audio mixer, video editor, lighting technician and online course and video creator!

Learn to love the video creating process and improve your videos today!

This is a course for anyone that wishes to learn the basics of creating high quality audio, video and lighting as a one-person team. 





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Tomas George

Music Production Instructor

Hi Tomas here. I'm a UK Music Producer, Sound Engineer and composer I've been producing and writing music now for over ten years. 

I have a MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) in Music Composition.

I really enjoy creating and editing all types of music, but I especially love teaching it online.

My biggest course is 'The Complete Logic Pro X Guide: Go from Beginner to Advanced', where I take producers and musicians ...

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