YouTube Audience Growth: Grow a YouTube Audience Fast | Nader Nadernejad | Skillshare

YouTube Audience Growth: Grow a YouTube Audience Fast

Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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17 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. YouTube Audience Growth Course

    • 2. Welcome to the Course

    • 3. Purpose of Your Channel

    • 4. Pick Your Niche

    • 5. Bulletproof Growth Strategy

    • 6. Growth Mindset

    • 7. Watch Time


    • 9. Subscribers

    • 10. TubeBuddy

    • 11. Creating Great Thumbnails

    • 12. Create Thumbnails with Canva

    • 13. SEO Titles

    • 14. Descriptions

    • 15. SEO Tags

    • 16. Adsense

    • 17. Congratulations

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About This Class

Want to grow a YouTube audience fast and from scratch? 

If you want to grow a YouTube audience, this course is for you. My name is Nader Nadernejad and I've grown to over 5,000 subscribers on my own, making videos for international students. I've also worked for clients around the world and grown their YouTube accounts to thousands of subscribers too. 

If you're interested in growing a Youtube audience, I'm here to help. Although I can't guarantee the amount of subscribers you'll get from this course, I do guarantee that the methods I'm going to show you in this course are foolproof. 

What makes this course different from the other YouTube courses out there? 

This course is quite demanding in that it requires you to create a lot of content and keyword all of your videos perfectly. I teach you how to produce a large body of evergreen content (always-relevant content) at scale, which steadily and consistently allows you to build your own audience. 

In this course you'll learn: 

  • How to grow a YouTube audience from scratch

  • How to find your niche or start with a niche that you can eventually shape into something else

  • How to create more engaging videos

  • How to use a call to action to gain more subscribers

  • How to produce content faster and get over the hump of perfectionism

  • Learn how to speak in an engaging and convincing way on camera

  • How to use YouTube analytics to create better videos and narrow in on the content that works

... and much more! 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!