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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. YouTube Analytics 101 Introduction

    • 2. YouTube Analytics 101

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About This Class

One of the most challenging things when it comes to creating videos on YouTube, especially if you want lots of natural search engine traffic, is trying to cherry pick the right keywords to go after.

Luckily, YouTube actually gives you all the data and insights you need to make educated keyword decisions...if you just know where to look.

In this short course I'll be introducing you to YouTube analytics and how you can use this free data to increase the number of visitors to your videos and channel.

Meet Your Teacher

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Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. YouTube Analytics 101 Introduction: angry Jeffries here. And welcome to my page in this course about an introduction into YouTube analytics and how you can use the free data that YouTube gives you to optimize your channel and to rank for as many terms as possible and basically, just take the data that they give you. Use that to optimize your channel in your videos to siphon as much traffic from YouTube as possible. So really excited to teach and share on kind of introduce you to the analytics side of YouTube and how you can use that to improve the traffic to your videos and your channel. So I'm excited to teach this to you, and I look forward to seeing you in the next election. 2. YouTube Analytics 101: right in this video. I want to talk about something really cool, which is YouTube analytics and YouTube insights on the insights that they give you on all kinds of data about your audience to help you basically give you a road map in a clear plan to show you how to increase views and traffic to your YouTube video and people coming to your YouTube channel on discovering you. So the thing about like about, you know, YouTube, it's owned by a Google YouTube and Google. Like they basically give you all the data you need to, um, basically, like, you know, have a massive amount of success on their platforms. You just have to know where to look. And I don't really see a lot of people talking about, you know, insights with keywords and things like that. I do a lot of S E. O. So this is a really powerful, uh, feature within YouTube there Analytics platform to basically show you how people are finding you and what keywords there typing in. So you can know what your ranking for and go out there and, you know, uncover these key words that your ranking for and try to rank as many videos about those particular topics and keywords that you want to go after as possible. So I'm going to show you where to find those. So so within your YouTube account, you'll just come on here under analytics. There's dashboard video manager live streaming if you have that enabled Andan Analytics and so Under and Alex, they have all these different pieces of data that you can look at, but I'm just gonna highlight a couple of the the main ones, the things that I look at. I don't really look at most of these, but mainly kind of concentrating like traffic sources. So I can see, um, where how my videos air getting found and what keywords people are typing in to find them. So if we scroll down here, we can see the list of Top 10 videos on a channel based on the number of minutes watched. The number of use the number of likes. We've gotten a number of comments and stuff and give us some insights into our demographics . Like the gender we can see, it's mostly a male dominated, you know, knit here with Internet marketing, make my online stuff. I'm I'm targeting. If I'm doing like paid advertising either on YouTube or Google or maybe Facebook. I have some insights into my audience, so I probably you know it. Probably in my best interest, not really to target female summit because my audiences mainly male, that's searching for my my information. You can see the top geography. Is that US United Kingdom, the Canada Australia? Then we have India in their traffic sources. We can see a breakdown of how Maney and the percentage of people they're finding me by YouTube search suggested videos, external and other sources, and then, where people are viewing these videos own so that can give a high level overview of the best performing videos on your channel. And, um, and then another thing that's cool look at is demographics. He can see kind of a breakdown of the age, So not just the gender, which we've determined is majority mail. We can see the, uh, the age group breakdown. So again, if we're targeting on me, other pay traffic sources like maybe like a stumble upon or Facebook or we can laser target by age group, this could give us some insight into, you know, our main demographics. The majority of people there stumble upon my channel are 25 to 34 years old. The next biggest is 34 35 to 44. The next biggest is 18 to 24 years old, and we can see some of the other data points from there. And then the main thing that I trapped and then the main area that I like to look at is the traffic sources, because this gives us some insights into where people you know, how people are stumbling upon our channels and the key words that they're using to to find us and as well as the suggested videos that they are finding our videos from other you know , other channels and other videos that they've watched that our videos have popped up at the end of the, you know, the playtime of the video. Or maybe on the sidebar on related or suggested videos related to that particular video. So I'm just going to go over a couple of the main ones, which are these ones at the tops of YouTube search. This is what people are searching for and to find you know different different terms and such and basically are a video or multiple videos of ours on our channel pops up for these particular keywords inside of the YouTube search engine, which again this kind of gives us some insights into what people are actually searching for . So, ah, lot of times we try to target specific keywords optimized for certain keywords. Onda, we don't know. I mean, we could manually search those, but basically, YouTube is showing us here exactly what people are searching for and exactly how they're finding us. So we can kind of once we have this data, we can go into YouTube and see exactly where we are on the page. Uh, what Page we're on for these particular keywords and see how we can improve and optimize our videos to move up the pages on for those particular search terms. So that's 11 place that people are finding. You got suggested videos. This are, um, basically suggested, you know the suggestive related videos in the sidebar or at the end of a video that's playing. People are finding us our videos that way, said this will give us some insights into kind of how people are stumbling across our channel and some of our videos kind of against the further insights into what people are searching for, what people are interested in and, you know, because they're viewing some of these videos there, in turn finding our channel and coming to our our our videos so we can get some further insights since you some other things that people are interested in. So we can scroll through here and kind of get some ideas of suggestions on what videos to make in the future. And then we've got external traffic sources so we can see where people are finding our channel or watching our videos outside of YouTube. So on different channels, like the different searching just like yahoo and stuff. I am source dot organs my website. So I get a lot of embeds own those pages people are playing and watching my videos on actual websites that they're finding through S E. O. So, uh, you know a lot of valuable data here, and I want to give you some suggestions on how to use this data. So basically, I would mostly, you know, I I personally focus on the YouTube search because this gives me some clear insights into exactly what they're searching for. So a couple of ways that we can kind of scale our channel and siphon mawr organic traffic from YouTube itself. They're giving us these insights is, ah, one. Create war videos about this particular topics and optimize your, um, your title tags and your descriptions and your tax your video tax that go below the descriptions for these particular he words or keywords related to these three search phrases. Here you can create multiple channels about these topics. So have multiple channels, and kind of YouTube's algorithm is kind of weird. So sometimes they may not rank multiple videos off the same channel, but they might rank multiple videos of different channels, so you could have multiple channels about the same topic just to kind of dominate the first page of YouTube. For a particular niche or topic he were. You can create YouTube live events about these topics, so under the live streaming, you'll have to basically phone verify your account that will allow you to that one able live streaming and live streaming. Basically, you can stream a a video live or you can upload and stream a pre recorded video. And basically it's YouTube treats that, like trending news, are, you know, like a trending news story. And so it tends to rank that content higher and faster without any external S CEO boosts or back links are social proof eso our social signals. So that's really powerful. And you can basically you can upload the same content again, again, again and just target different keywords. So that's another way. So so that's another way to target. So that's another way to target, you know, different keywords. And, you know, once you discover a set of key words that you can dominate, um, you know the first page of YouTube for then try to get as much of that traffic is possible cause YouTube's giving you this data, and it's hard enough to try to kind of cherry pick the best keywords and stuff. But basically think of YouTube like this and and Google's the same way. But with your YouTube videos, you know, obviously created a channel around something that you know is probably going to get traffic or that you're passionate about it. And then once you start to upload and creating published videos, you're going to go into your insights. And it basically each of your videos is kind of like a little keyword probe. So you're publishing in them, and then YouTube is gonna tell you how people are finding you. And then you're gonna get insights into what, to further target to optimize your channel in your videos to get even more traffic. So once you uncover these keywords here, you want to use that data and use it to increase the number of views and visitors and subscribers to your channel and your videos. So I'm going to show you an example here. So if you type in traffic arbitrage, this is my channel here. I'm source. You can see a shooting over 1235 Uh, there's another one of May, so I'm pretty much all over page one here and dominating for the search term traffic. Arbitrary. I didn't originally set out to do this. This is just something that happened. I noticed that I was getting quite a bit of views from these from these ah videos here that I was publishing this just something that I'm interested in, and I didn't do anything to boost these in. In a way, this is just, you know, natural search, YouTube, search traffic, something that people are obviously interested in. And I just happened to show up on page one, basically dominating the first page for this search term so you can get that you can get those same results by by creating videos around things that you're passionate about and then paying attention to the Data analytics that YouTube is giving you here. You could see the traffic source here on the the number one search term that people are searching for. And finding my videos is actually traffic arbitrage because he have show up again Page one from multiple different videos. So if they're searching for this, there's a good chance that they're going to quick one of these videos because I'm all over page one self. Hopefully, this gives you some insights into YouTube analytics and kind of how how to use it, how powerful it is and how you can use this free data and information to grow and increase thesis scribe er's and the views of visitors of traffic to your YouTube videos and channel