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YouTube Ads with Google AdWords for Video!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

YouTube Ads with Google AdWords for Video!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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6 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Enroll google adwords for video oct 2016

    • 2. Youtube ads explained

    • 3. Creating a campaign in YouTube ads

    • 4. YouTube ad group level

    • 5. YouTube ad creation with affiliate steps

    • 6. Project for YouTube ad creation

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About This Class

Enroll in this class to see what I have learned after getting 2 million views with YouTube ads using Google AdWords for video and discover what you can do to get my same results with 700,000+ views from organic traffic every month!

Enjoy a focused course showing why and how to use Google AdWords for video to build your greatest asset online in the form of a YouTube channel!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll google adwords for video oct 2016: Welcome to my Google AdWords for video, also known as YouTube. Ads Quick Class in 2016 created in October Toe help you see what has proven? The very best resource I've found for advertising anywhere online. I will show you in this course how you can get started with you two bads how you scale. YouTube adds up and quickly how to make YouTube ads. Plus exactly why you too bad Zehr. The very most effective advertising I've ever found online. I'll give you a quick look here. This is my YouTube channel. You can see I've got 90,000 subscribers on it down here. And the subscribers I've gotten are directly related to the YouTube ads I've run. I've ranked high on very competitive terms like hacking, and I've been able to do that with YouTube ads. If you look at my popular up loads here, you'll see this video. Two million views. The most watched time on it is still from ads Iran. That many ads. I got a truly viral video on its own because of all the other ads. Iran. And then this adwords tutorial. This linens tutorial. This Kali links tutorial. This tutorial this tutorial, this one, all the rest of these, except for these dating videos, these were promoted with you two bads, and that's how they got so many views on them. All those views added up to subscribers, and those subscribers add up to a lot of income every month, both from ads and from course sales and from clients and coaching YouTube is a single best business asset I have online by far. I'm very grateful to have this YouTube channel, and YouTube ads is by far the best asset I've found to build this YouTube channel. So I'll show you exactly in this course how to get started with it, and it's simple enough. 2. Youtube ads explained: thank you very much for getting started with this class. In order to do ads on YouTube, you need two key things. You need a YouTube account which requires a Google account as the foundation. Once you have a Gmail account, for example, you could make a YouTube account easily out of that, you need a video on your existing YouTube account to advertise, and then you need Google AdWords for video, which is just Google AdWords. And then you go to make A When you click new campaign. You go down to video as the type of campaign you select off to zoom and so you can see that So you go down here and hit video within your Google AdWords account. Now, if you want help actually setting up your Google AdWords account I've got videos already on my YouTube channel showing some things to get started with that So you can just go to my YouTube channel and search on my videos for Google AdWords tips. I've are, and you may have even seen if you've watched my YouTube videos there. So this isn't a how you go through and create the account. This assumes that you are willing or already have created your own YouTube account and signed up for Google AdWords. So once you've done that, then you'll be able to apply what I show you in this class. If you haven't done that yet, maybe seeing when I show you in this class will be useful to motivate you to do that. So let's look first at the results. Everyone wants to see the results. What have you gotten? Well, I'll show you. I'll show you quickly. Here. This is what I've done in the last 30 days with my YouTube Red's. I've spent a little over $800 I've gotten 32,000 views. These air views I'm currently running the most honest teaching. I induced to show you what I'm doing right now. I'll move my head over to the right for now so you can see these. I'm running three YouTube re marketing campaigns right now. These are two people have already seen my videos have already been to my website who have already interacted with me on YouTube or my website or seen one of my old you Timmy courses which have since been banned. But I still have the re marketing data. These then are showing re marketing adds to anyone who has already found something I've created online. This, to me, is the ideal experience with you two bads, and this happens once you're channels big enough. Now my channel gets a ton of organic traffic. I'll show you that analytics on it. My channel gets mostly organic traffic over 700,000 views in the last 28 days. Therefore, it's worth spending my money to simply deep in the relationship I already have with people have already watched my videos. The real value out of YouTube comes from the organic traffic. These are organic traffic, browse features, suggested videos, YouTube search and often director. Unknown YouTube channels and external are all organic traffic. Now the M imagine trying to get these kind of results doing S CEO and other things. I'll zoom in in case you can't see it here, look at just the number of views 300,000 views from browse features this month. 133,000 from suggested videos. 168,000 through YouTube search. If I had to pay for that, that would cost if I had to pay for it on Google AdWords with paid clicks, that would be the equivalent of anywhere from $20,000 in 28 days. In a minimum to, ah, even some of these terms are very competitive. It will be two plus dollars per click. That would be so anywhere from 20,000 at the lowest toe, over $300,000 at the highest, just from YouTube. Search to make the same kind of traffic that I'm getting for free on my YouTube channel, therefore, and make sense for me to funnel my ad budget to simply deep in the relationship with people have already found me. So you found one of my videos in YouTube search and forgot about it. Then I will continue to try and show you ads over and over again to make a deeper relationship with you. That, to me, is what is ideal on YouTube is to get it set up in a way so that everything you do runs on organic traffic and the ads you do help deep in the relationships you have with your existing subscribers with your existing people who've already watched your videos. That's what I do. Know what I originally did. I'll zoom out and load all my campaigns up here. I'll show you all but the deleted ones so and I'll sort these bike all time. And then I'll do these air just video campaigns on. So I've spent $33,000 on YouTube ads, and that is by far been the best expense on any paid ads I've done in my business at scale . Why? Because I have an asset now that produces this. If you spend 100,000 and Facebook ads that you'll have almost no organic traffic, you spend that in Google AdWords. Just search or display network. You'll have almost no organic traffic. Organic traffic is likely. The reason you're here with me now think about that. How did you originally find me? You probably didn't find me through a paid ad. You probably didn't find me through something like an ad on Facebook. You probably found me as a function of organic traffic. If you got referred by a friend, they probably found me through organic traffic. What you want is to build a business based on organic traffic, and the difficult part is getting the ball rolling YouTube as of snowball effect. Once you get the ball rolling, the numbers I have here are function of working continuously up, loading thousands of videos and then spending 30,000 toe advertise my YouTube videos. Many of the if you'll notice if you look at the actual data. If you see on this bottom column, I've only tracked. If I go over here to conversions, I've only chive hardly tracked any conversions through my YouTube ads. In fact, it's broken or something right here. It's not showing any, but I have tracked a few conversions. YouTube ads hardly do anything directly, which is why people hardly ever think to use them. They look like they don't work, but what they do, they rank a video higher, and when you rank a video higher, then you get the real value out of it. You can see two million off the aid. Two million I have 10 million plus views totalled two million off those are from paid ads and another eight million or from organic traffic. While most of the two million from paid ads came before hardly any of the eight million from organic traffic, why you can do with you. Two. Bads is simulate a successful channel. You can simulate a channel with a lot of traffic, even though most of the people watch, the ads will not want anything to do with you. Occasionally you'll get more views and you'll get more subscribers. You get more likes and shares. Occasionally you'll pick up a big fan off of a YouTube bad, and every big fan you pick up adds up to a lot. So it doesn't look like this. $33,000 in terms of conversions directly has got much, but that 33,000 has accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars earned through YouTube that without this I would not be here with you today. So what I'll show you is how to actually get this set up now based on what I've done. So if you don't have an existing audience on YouTube, what, you really need to advertise a really long in depth tutorial videos. People are lazy, people are really lazy. Did you need me to say that again? People are really, really, really, really, really lazy. What you need to dio is give them everything all at once in a you. Too bad that then if you look at the videos I showed you that were most popular, let's go back down and look. My most popular videos are all really long in depth tutorials. Except for this one's a 50 minute, 55 minute video with a Pro League of Legends coach, kind of a random viral video. After 1000 videos and all these ads, I got one random viral video on its own. The rest of these air simply really long end up tutorial videos, most of which then pitch buying My online course, this one video here that I've spent thousands on ads as able to rank up high on hacking this one ranks up high in Google AdWords, this one high in linen, seven hour to toil. Our tutorial. Four hour to toil. You want to throw all of your best information in tow one long tutorial that then can pitch a product related to that tutorial, but which gives hours of free, helpful information. That's what people want to watch, because once you get them in the video, laziness will keep them in the video lots of times, whereas if you do a short 10 minute one laziness will encourage them to stop watching at that point. These are the campaigns I've spent a lot of money on. $2000 on this AdWords to toil 1700 on this global hacking to toil 1300 on this Lennox to tour. I've spent a lot of money promoting a lot of different videos on my channel. And these, then, are some of the top videos on my channel. Now I advertise them so much that they ranked high and pulled in a ton of organic traffic and still do you'll notice. They also got a move my head back left. They also got lots of earned views. They got a few subscribers a few likes in a lots of shares directly. The shares are the best result. You can get out of your ads. And what I'm seeing is that these re marketing ones are starting to get me more shares per dollar than I've gotten on any other videos. These re marketing global ones are doing really good on getting shares, so that is an indication I want to spend more money on the global re marketings. What? I'm going to do is turn this up to $20 a day and keep that going, these re marketing adds. Then, once you've ran an ad to someone and they've watched your video, then you'll start building your re marketing audience. And that way, once the ideal thing to do is hit the same person with 10 or 20 different videos, then you make a huge relationship with them. Think about how many of my videos you've watched before this more than likely you've watched 10 plus of my videos before this. If you're here and you haven't watched that many you're here is a function of all the people before you who watched a bunch of my videos who got this in a position where you could see it. So this is the value of U two bads explaining his concise of a format as I can think of what I'll do now after hopefully inspiring you to move forward with you tomb ads and after increasing my own budget up a bit here so I can do more remarking, My audience is so big now, I need I want to be able to reach them as much as possible. I'm going to double my budget up here and show you how I quickly add some new videos into existing campaigns. And I'll show you the campaign creation also with more ideas and feedback on that. Thank you very much for watching this. I hope you're enjoying this course. 3. Creating a campaign in YouTube ads: Here's how we create a YouTube advertising campaign is pretty straightforward. Urine Google AdWords for video Let's move me. What do you think? Upper right? Maybe there you click campaign. You go down to video right here, you click on video, and then you've got everything to make a new campaign here, these air, the settings I use for my campaigns. I just do a campaign. I put the name and like, for example, re marketing. And then I put what countries I'm doing so global. So I do a name like that, and then I'll often like now I do when the campaign was created so that when I max out the existing one, then I know to just make a new one. That's how I do the campaign name. Make sure it's type of video I choose in stream or Discovery adds. Now there are new six second bumper adds that will give you a lot cheaper clicks to your website or channel that will give you the chance to get a lot lower cost per impression, but they won't give you any YouTube views, and we're here to rank videos higher on an organic basis. Therefore, you want you to views. Therefore you want in stream ads. So when I do, I do maximum cost per view. I set the budget at an amount I can stand to throw away each day. I'm going to assume it's not going to work at all in the short term, which most the time it doesn't. I put a budget that should be both as much as I understand a waste and enough to rank the video higher so often, if you have a long tutorial video, you may want to do at least $10 a day globally. That will get you 1000 views a day on it that will get a gigantic organic ranking boost their If you don't get good organic traffic after a week or two, then you usually want to stop advertising it or turn the ads down. I wouldn't do much more than 20 or $25 a day globally or that much in the U. S. Canada Australia etcetera because you need several days before YouTube will give you good analytics and you really need a week or two weeks and $10 is usually effective globally and 20 or $25 is plenty in the US Now, if you have a video that's in a hugely popular area that's doing really well, you could try and push it. Depending on the budget you have, I usually stick to 10 to $25 a day. I use all of these options here. I use you to search videos and video partners on display. I usually do most of my ads globally. Why do I do global? I can get one person globally toe watch at for one cent or get one person in the U. S to watch for eight cents. I'd rather have eight people around the world watched them one person in the U. S. Because my ads are for raw number of views in minutes watched. That's what I want out of my ads. Therefore, I would rather get eight times as many people watch the video for the same budget. I also do some ads in the U. S. And Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, specifically, especially with re marketing, because then I want to build deeper relationships with the people who have already found me when I didn't have an existing channel in terms of an existing audience of Why do Now? I did doom or ads in the U. S. And Canada to try and make that first impression also, and to build my re marketing audience, I will recommend spending whatever you do if you spend money in the U. S. Or Canada Australia UK etcetera, I would spend the same amount globally to get a good if, if you really want to do ads and in the more expensive countries spend the same amount globally for really cheap. I then like to go down here on ad delivery. I like to rotate my ads evenly because they all don't work. Therefore, I'd like to rotate them so that if someone is seeing one ad for me every day, which I then go down here and cap impressions at one per day for the ad group, if someone's on multiple retargeting list than they can get multiple ads, then I trying to one impression per day per ad group. That way, if someone's on YouTube all day, they don't get hit with 15 or 20 of my ads. I'd rather make one impression a day every day of the week, then burn all of them up in one day with a person, and I also sometimes exclude certain content now because I'd rather spend less and not be on sensitive social issues, not be on tragedy and conflict and not beyond mature audiences. I want to try and reach people in the right mood. So this is how I set up my video ad campaigns on YouTube ads, which is in Google. AdWords for video actually don't need to make a new campaign right now. So what I'm going to do, I've already got these campaigns. I'll continue by showing you how to work. Then there's three different levels. There's the campaign levels. The top level. The ad group is the second level. So you have. Do you create the campaign? You'll need to make the ad group, and then the ad is the bottom level. So I've showed you the top level, and next is the ad group level 4. YouTube ad group level: the ad group level is where you set your targeting and where you put all your individual adds together what I'm doing in my re marketing ads and what I do in ads that air for making first impressions, I make different ad groups based on the targeting. So what you see here, the same ads are in all these different ad group. So I click here and show you adds air individual videos. So all these different videos are showing in one ad group, and then that Onley difference between are among ad groups is the targeting. So all these ad groups have the same ads, and then there's different targeting in each one of these. So this one targets people who have already watched a YouTube video who were on my re marketing list. This one targets. People have got my website re marketing. This one targets everyone who's converted anywhere, whether it was a course sale, email, marketing, sign up, etcetera. And this one targets my old you to me re marketing audience and still people who are on existing courses where I still have Google analytics, and this then gets me into that re marketing so these are the four different audiences. So what? The ad group level what you're able to do now? It will try and make it'll. When you go to create an ad group, it'll try and force you to make an ad with it. Also, the key things that the ad group level are this So what? The ad group level. You set the targeting. If you want to do re marketing, what you need to do is click re marketing. You need to have set up Google Analytics to do re marketing. That's what's required. So this isn't a Google Analytics course I'll do some Google Analytics training. If you want Google Analytics training, please ask me to make a Google Analytics training in a discussion. I'll make one you need Google Analytics set up. You need Google Analytics connected with your AdWords account, and then you need your AdWords account re marketing list. All that needs to be set up in Google Analytics. Once you've set that up, you can target that in AdWords re marketing lists. So, for example, I've got all these existing at you to meet courses where I've got the re marketing tracking code on it. I've got all of these. That's how many people Google says I can target with the list. Now for video re marketing, all you need to do is connect your YouTube account with your AdWords account. That's the easiest one to set up. So what I do is just make individual ad groups, which ease each of these different targeting sets. Now, if you don't have any re marketing list, that's fine. What I do is target interests, For example, on my tech ones like my Lennox videos. I then would pick something like this. I select technophiles, and then I select like business professionals and do it yourselfers, and I break those up among each different targeting group. So on many of these ones were Iran. I ran ads to people have never seen my videos before. I'd have one say with keyword targeting here, I'd have another with big open interest groups. I have another with different targeting criteria, and then that allows me to see which ones that adds, actually show on. One of the worst things about you, too bads is you'll target something that seems like it has a lot of people. Ah, keyword like for a certain video game, and your ads will hardly show it all on it. You'll often can raise the cost per view can help with that. But on some things, there's just so few videos, and there's such high competition on it. It's hard to get any ads in there. So what I usually do when I'm making ads on a new thing campaign to promote a video that, like the hacking video, I'm just do really broad targeting YouTube's targeting seems to be pretty bad. Lots of time. So I just do really broad targeting realizing I have no idea what context these ads are going to show in, and I just want the most views for least cost. And just by brute force and dumb luck, My A video will end up in the right person's hands at the right time, and then they'll share it than the watch it, then the love it. Then they'll go by a course. So that's what I do it. The ad group level. The final thing l show you then is making an actual ad, which then sets all of the rest of this in motion 5. YouTube ad creation with affiliate steps: to make a YouTube ad, you first need the YouTube video. So I go over here to my channel, go to my list of videos and what I have three different videos I'm going to do this with. And when I dio I advertise videos, especially that I want people to see who have already seen my other ones. So I'm going to use these three videos and what this is something I'm creating and putting on skill share. So I'm advertising videos from people who are watching on YouTube to get them to come over to skill, share two of them and then another one to just show my website and get people back to YouTube. The nice thing with re marketing, I can put all different links in the video to get people to go to different websites, because then I'm showing ads repeatedly the same people. When I do ads to get a video viral, I'll show you that where this comes into play. So I'll just get this started right now. I'll show you what I do on that. So this is what I do when I want to get a video viral. So right now, I just need to make a new ad so I can go in at the ad group level. And this is how you also make ads in a lot of different ad groups at the same time. So we'll first go up here. I clicked one ad group, and now I click on the ad. I paced the You are a little video, and YouTube loads up everything for me from there. So the key thing here is the display you, Earl and the final Earl. And since you put the bid in in the ad group level, I'll talk about that in a minute. So for what I do for something like this, I want people will watch this actual video. You see the context that adds getting shown in here. What people are going to see is the Skip ad bun and the YouTube button. Now what people are going to do lots of times, people will really have wanted to watch whatever video is underneath your ad. So I'll of say, before I had you to bread. I don't see ads anymore because I have you to bread. Yes, I appreciate the irony of this before you to read. Let's say I want to watch video about call of duty zombies. If an added comes up that I actually like, then there's often not an easy way to immediately click on it. Know that you can essentially watch the ad after whatever video you watched or what I do and what I recommend. If you don't have 100,000 subscribers like I don't if, and especially if you are promoting a video that you want to use to rank up organically, use the video you earl itself as the display. You are all you want to promote that video so that if someone sees the beginning of it and likes it, they also see a trustworthy link. Youtube dot com. They're very likely to click on it, and you can actually get to views out of that one ad. And then let's say someone watches the first minute of this before they want to skip it, but decides they want to watch the rest. Then they just click the link. It comes up in another window, then then skip the ad and then go back and watch it later if they want to. This is the strategy. I used to get lots of my videos viral because some YouTube users are most YouTube users don't know how to save an ad or to wash the rest oven and after clicking skip and most everyone wants to just skip the ad, so use this in the display. Your ah, forget about your website. Forget about even your channel used the actual video. You are all until you get to doing re marketing. Then you can play around with the You are a little bit so I've got the display, u R l so that you can see the entire YouTube video. I just cut off the beginning off the https. Coghlan's slash last WWI cut that off. So the whole YouTube video fits along with that. What I do then for the title. I just take the title of the video over here. So then that way, when I'm looking at the ads, I see the title. I can search by the title of the ad. So I hit save ad right here, and the normal thing that happens want you. It's a VAT. It will go to under review and another little note. You can have 50 videos in one ad group. So I've got 31. I'm rotating these evenly. So once I hit 50 so ah, few more videos. I'll have to make a new either add group to keep the budget at the same level or make a new campaign to then split the budgets up with a new one older videos. So, as you can see and if you've been on my YouTube channel, you may have experienced all of these different videos I have. The idea is, I want to build a complete relationship with someone. Hey, look, here's my goal. Adverse to Tarell. Here's a tour of my office. Here's my Facebook ads ears my new book up. Here's 10 tips to start a business from zero. You see, I want to just build a deep relationship, so I make ad after an after this. Now what I'm going to do is make another ad and I'll show you. Ah, slightly different display. You are all strategy, so I put another video up here Now on this video, this video specifically to get people over to skill share. So what I want to do on this and I go, I'm going to take another window up here. Open this. Grab my referral link. So what I've got over here? This is an actual affiliate, you Earl. So this is my skill share. You are all I can put straight down over here, and then what I've got. Well, actually, I'll need to put this over in here, and then I'll have to take the final. You Earl out here? So on this one, because it does this little affiliate link add movement. Then it has skill shared, not common often. Put W w w in here just to make sure. So this has the display. You are all is skill share slash r slash Jerry Banfield and then the final your oil comes out a little different. So if you're doing third party tracking our affiliate marketing the display you Arles, the aural it shows here, the final girl is then what people actually land on in the display. U R l and the final girl have to be very closely related. I have a slightly different page on here. So then that way the final u r l and I can actually take the r out of that and then in the ad u R L options. What I'm able to do is put the tracking you are all in here. So on the tracking your alive the actual Earl I want them to click on. So this is the U. R L They actually land on and I want displayed. So when they see this, I want them to know they're going to skill share dot coms Last jury being field When they actually click on it, they end up clicking on this tracking template you Earl. And then this one is what they actually land on. So this tracking template takes a little bit of work. And the simplest way, whatever you are elder, is to click on you put here whatever the world actually land on goes here and you can see why it's so much easier to just put in a YouTube video, isn't it? Isn't it a lot easier to just put any YouTube video? However, I'm giving you the little bit more advanced option if you want to give that a try. And if you're doing something like affiliate marketing for another website, I used to do this with you. To me, I'd have the display your oils una me dot com I'd have the link share tracking code in here as the actual you are all the click on. And then the final girl would be the actual landing link that you get out of you to me dot com When you click through a link share affiliate link. If you're doing ads for something like you to meet courses or 1/3 party website, you want to take advantage of the affiliate clicks. Also, I made over $20,000 in a pretty short amount of time by advertising my own courses using an affiliate link in Google. AdWords. This is exactly how to do it. So you hit Save Adhi on here, and then this will have to go under review as well. So what I do, I'll do the same thing. I'll show you in a little, maybe slower motion. I'll copy the link address over here on another skill share video. So I've got the YouTube view video here I go down in here. So this is the display you, Earl. So this essentially needs to be the beginning of the landing page here on what I can do is just put that in there and it will take it straight into the final girl. And now I take off the https and the question mark. So this is the actual page people land on once they click, and then I go over here and grab my skill share referral code. And now I've got the tracking template in here so that the once they click on this, it tracks them and sends them over here. Google AdWords wants to know where the person actually ends up so that the ad has integrity , so to speak. When it says here, they end up here and they go through here on the way there. So that's how you do affiliate marketing in this process with YouTube ads. And then I'll copy the ad over here and go back and paste the name. And so now I save Adhere, I've got another. All right, so now I've got all zoom out. I'll show you have got three new ads under review. Now I'm going to roll the dice here since we're doing this tutorial, the safest thing to do when you have never made an ad before the safest thing to do is make one ad. Just make one ad, make sure it gets approved, and then go make another M. I'm going to roll the dice slightly because I have done a lot of these before. And especially if you've got a YouTube video, you may be able to just roll the dice. If you've got a bunch of different ad groups to target different people and do different countries, then what I do. I've got 12 ad groups. Four add groups per campaign. I have three different campaigns. So what I do, I have three new ads I want. I copy these ads. I go up here, I click at it. I go down the copy and then I I'll zoom back out here, I'll zoom back out. And then what I want to do is go to all my ad groups except the ones I just made it in. So I believe I just made this in the global re marketing Add group. So what I want to do is back out toe all of my ad groups on top. So I do that I go back to the top campaign level. I back all the way out to the campaign level so you can see my three campaigns. Ah, click on add groups. Now, you see, I've got 12 ad groups here. I click on this on the side to select all add groups. And then what I do is unsolicited the one I already made the new ads in so since already made the new ads, I don't need to double them up in there Now. What I do, I hit pace. You can also control or command V. I have paced three ads in new 11 ad groups and what this does then puts those three ads that I made in this one ad group. It puts those three ads into all the rest of the other ad groups. So now all my ad groups have I jump out to this level. I can quickly go take a look at another ad group. You can see now this one video and then these other two with it. These are all in all my ad groups now. This way, all of my different countries targeted all of my different targeting levels with re marketing now have those same as for access. It takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for ads to go from under review in tow approval. If you get an ad rejected and you used a YouTube video link, you need to stop right away and contact AdWords support. If you use your own website and got it rejected, you might try again using the actual YouTube video You are all itself. If the video itself gets rejected, try and figure out what got the video rejected in the first place. Sometimes some of my zombies videos now those have got blanket rejections because the content is to not family friendly. I guess so Just try out your videos. They should probably get approved within 24 to 48 hours and then try and allow about a week for your ads from there and then, as you can see from how many of these I've done, this isn't a one stop shop. I've spent 30,000 with no more than one campaign getting 2300. Look how many campaigns I've made and these air just ones I didn't delete for messing up. That is 247 campaigns. I've made how Maney added groups have I made. Let's see how long this takes to load. 446 ad groups I've made Does. This is why you're here with me. All of those campaigns doing this over and over and over again on video after video after video over time will add upto a lot for your YouTube channel. I'm excited that you've spent this time with me and I hope you enjoy the course. I've got one more idea for the project. 6. Project for YouTube ad creation: Thank you very much for taking this class with me. Here's the final project that I will do along with you that I will show along with you. I am going to ask for the primal project. Would you please post either you're approved ad or the results you've got on that ad? Take a screenshot of it and post it in the class so that we can see and compare those. So, for example, what I could do I you have snag it. And I used to take screenshots so I can show I could take this screenshot and show you the views I've gotten. Or I could take this and show you the actual videos with watch time earned views, etcetera, and show you this. And then that will make a great screenshot for everyone in the class with you to look at and say, Okay, how do you get this cost per view? How did you get that much? Watch time. Good job. Be a lot of subscribers. That's for the class project. If you just are starting out with you two bads, I'll show you another thing you can do because I want you to be able to do this project immediately. So take him. Take a instead. Take a screenshot of the ad as you've set it up. So to do this, you can click on the little button down here. I'll zoom in its more so you can see on these new ads I made. There's a little button that says Preview down here so you can hit preview on it. And Google will give you an idea of exactly what your ad is going toe look like. And then, as you can see here, it brought the add up. So then what The cool thing to do is view live on YouTube. So what you've got here very much for watching. You can see the video plays there. And then this is the head words video demo. That's funny. So then what you can do is take a screenshot of this. This is the finished ad product, so check out how cool this is. So I've got this old screenshot up here. It shows my actual channel of the subscribe button with all these different videos, which is really nice. That's a nice thing to see in the preview format. So if you would please, for your final project to show you did something with this. Just take, take a screenshot and then once you've got that screenshot, go ahead and save that screenshot over here and I'll save this as the YouTube preview live , and then just upload this as a project in the course. I'm going to do that as soon as I've got this course published, so I'll have done it first. And then what's cool is to see how these ads look on your channel. You notice the name of the videos right here, along with the ability to share it. And then it's got a youtube dot com slash watch link out over here, and then the ad is available to skip right there. So if you would please do that project, the project will help you be accountable that you did something after watching the class, and the project then will help others who are looking to do you Too bad. See that you did something is a class. You may be able to connect with another classmate who seizure you too bad realizes Hey, they have something that I need help with. They may connect with you in the discussions. And you will also help me to have this class rank higher and get found by others who need it, just as hopefully you have. If I would love your help, would you please help me? If you've enjoyed this course, take just a quick moment to leave a review. Every review you leave is very helpful for people just like you to find this video. If this has been helpful for you, I consistently go through and leave reviews on books that are helpful for me and classes that are helpful for me. So I invite you to do the same. Thank you very much for watching this. And I'm making new classes like this every day for you on skill share.