You Need to Know That Dead Tree Marketing is Dead and What You Can Do About It | Stan Hustad | Skillshare

You Need to Know That Dead Tree Marketing is Dead and What You Can Do About It

Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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    • 1. Dead Tree Marketing Is Dead What It Takes Stan Hustad


About This Class

Dead Tree Marketing Is Dead!

When I first heard it from marketing guru Seth Godin, I said, "Of course!" and because I am a radio and television guy more than I am a writer and copywriter, it made even more sense to me.  Today we live in a performance economy and your marekting must be a performance, it must be a show.  It must be an experience!  It must not describe what you do but demonstrate how good you are.

Indeed, everything you may have learned about Entrepreneurial sales and marketing may be wrong. In this WiT - What it Takes teaching turorial (show) I want to challenge you to take a long hard look at what you are doing to market and sell yourself.  

After hearing this simmilar presentation one person took all her flyers and brochures, and her business cards, and threw them away.  

Watch the show and then tell me what you will change and ask me how I can best be useful and helpful to you!

All the best,






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Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted

I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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