You Need These 3 Tools To Do Competitor Analysis Smartly: ECommerce SEO 2016 | Arun Nagarathanam ⭐ | Skillshare

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You Need These 3 Tools To Do Competitor Analysis Smartly: ECommerce SEO 2016

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction to 3 SEO Tools to Do Competitor Analysis

    • 2. 3 Secret tools I use to do Competitor Analysis Smartly

    • 3. Insider Information of your Competitor that they themselves might not even now

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About This Class

Welcome to the class You Need These 3 Tools To Do Competitor Analysis Smartly: SEO 2016

I usually charge $1000 to do a complete competitor analysis for a new website. And now you’re going to learn all my secret tools and techniques of how I’m doing that

I will unveil to you 3 tools, with which you can carry on the growth process, which I discussed with you in my previous class. Yes this is a continuation of my previous class “You’re probably doing competitor analysis wrongly”.

So I recommend you to enroll and take that class before or after taking this class. Here is the link to my previous class “You’re probably doing competitor analysis wrongly”.

As said in that class, I’m going to take those 2 websites, crafterscorner and itsybitsy as my test competitors and I will walk you through my competitor analysis process. In our previous class I have explained you how not to do competitor analysis and how to fast forward your growth process in an animated theoretical way. But this class is going to be completely practical as I’m going to demonstrate you with a live example.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to 3 SEO Tools to Do Competitor Analysis: welcome to my new class. In this class you will realize why you need three tools to do competently analysis smartly . I usually charge Dollar 1000 to do a complete, competent analysis for a new website. And now you're going to learn all my secret tools on techniques off how I'm doing that I will unveil to you three tools with which you can carry on the growth process which I discussed with you in my previous class. Yes, this is a continuation off my previous class. You're probably doing competitive analysis wrongly. So I recommend you toe end Rome and take that class before or after taking this class. I am adding the length to my previous class in the description below has said in the class I'm going to take those two websites crafters corner on itsy bitsy as my test competent ALS aunt, I will walk you through my computer analysis process entirely a normal previous class. I have explained you how not to do computer analysis on how to fast forward your growth process in an animated theoretical. But this class is going to be completely practical. Has I'm going to demonstrate you with a live example. Not only that, you will also learn to snatch the insider information off your competitors that they themselves might not even know. Let's dive into the class. 2. 3 Secret tools I use to do Competitor Analysis Smartly: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to use three tools that we discussed in the previous lecture to do computer analysis, as we found in the previous lecture Crafters Corner, Andi, Itsy Bitsy or the two websites that are deter mined by us as competitors. Now the forced tools that we're going to use is called Alexa Rank Checker Alexa Rank. It's a rank that's given toe every website based on the traffic it gets every month on every three months. For most popular websites, which are getting more than 20 to 30,000 daily visitors, you can check daily weekly monthly on three months, Alexa rank, whereas for new websites you can one li see the three months Alexa rank. The thing you should concentrate here is if a website has got less than 100,000 Luxor rank . That means the website has got a significant amount off traffic. We can call it as a medium level traffic approximately 10 to 20,000 daily visitors. What a suggest you is to look for a website from 100,000 the 300,000 Alexa rank as your computer. If you're just starting out, this should be your first stage acid in the previous lectures. Once you have got into this strange by targeting your competitive website, then you so choose your another competent er under 100,000 Alexa rank. So for now, let's see what Alexa rank these two websites. How God By using Alexa rank checker tool. This is the bulk, Alexa Rank checker tool where you can check Alexa rank for more than one website at once. I have entered the Ural off Crafters corner on exhibit C. Upsides. Then enter the capture on click check button. So here comes the Alexa rank. That is the global traffic ranking for both these websites. I say how, Benson a ball in this lecture both these websites or around the range 100 through 300,000. Alex. All right, so the first stage has got over That is validating your computer, whom you have found manually in the previous step. If the Alexa rank off, the computer you have found is either less than 100,000 are more than 400,000. Then repeat the previous step on, find some other competent of website. Now let's mourn toe our next two goals. They are spy full on similar rib. By using these two tools, we can find many other websites that are similar to the competitive website, which we have phone earlier, either in terms off category are in terms off franking or traffic or both. Not only that, we can also find some interesting facts about the websites, which we're going to find using these two tools. Now let's dive into this process coming to our four stool spy full. I just analyzed our first computer crafted this corner. Under this, a civil research tab on a civil overview section. You can find many information about this website. Most off these are insider information. Even the older off this website might not know. So don't get too involved in all of these numbers. You just need to concentrate on only a few, such as organic keywords. Age one key votes. These keywords are nothing but those which ranks from first toe end in the force page off Google Age. Two key words are almost there. This compresses off keywords, which rank from 11 to 16. Then comes keyboards and pages to go five off Google Search result pages. When a scroll down I was just sop to see the ranking history or the age off this to mine since its full stop appearance in Google. Three years, 11 months, approximately four years, even after four years off establishment, they still haven't gotten in 200,000. Alex are rank. This is slow toe even. Say it as a growth. Fortunately, you are in good hands on your broad is going to be much, much faster than this as you're going to implement the techniques that you're going to learn from the scores. Now let's morninto gabled group section. This is the most important section in which you have tow. Analyze on a note for each and every competitors that we're going to find now. This section has got the end, their list off key words that are bringing traffic to this Web site. See the top. A word for this website is craft supplies online, as we have searching the previous lecture, both the keyboards by crafts in India or best graphs seller in India or not the top performing cables. Having noticed, this is why you should not assume anything in SC Wolf For this website. You just need to take the 1st 3 to 4 keyboard salon. Just see their later numbers off search volume on leave all the insignificant ones come back to 53. Anything below age is too low, so we can live out even the 4th 1 since the collective giver list is too small. I'm taking the 1st 4 cables from this website that is crafts a place online, embossing based heat imposing on, then cutter be sizzles. Similarly for its seafood syrup side, we still take the food three d words alone. Do you remember that I talked something about this itsy bitsy brand name? Right? As they said, you could see that the door performing key vote for this website that is a top giver, which brings in more amount off traffic from Puerto other keyboards is the brand name itself that is itsy bitsy. There is for the previous slip side. You could have seen the brand name is nor the top performing keyword because the brand name how product you're in it. So whenever people seek keyboard in the domain name, they didn't have Forget the name off the door mine because many websites used to keep give old Indo mine and they just add some words as Suffolk sor perfect and keep it as domain name. People tend to get confused on. They will forget it altogether. If you keep keyboards in doing name, there is. If you keep a brand name that is so unique on a track to then people will remember your brand name on. You can easily take your brand to the hort off people from my prospect to if a person had read this world itsy bitsy, they will not forget any time soon compared to the website we have seen before. Even now, I have forgotten the name off the previous upside. It's like draft does something right? Let me see. Yeah, it's crafters, Garner. See, this is what happens in the upcoming lectures. Ever talk more about this brand name instead, off he wouldn't know my name, but for now, let's morninto our next tool. Similar with 3. Insider Information of your Competitor that they themselves might not even now: Let's morninto our next tool. Similar way. Now we are entering into similar Web tool. This initially displaced some off the insider information, which you should know to know about your competent er, okay, the global rank for e commerce websites or useless unless they are selling worldwide. You don't need to worry about the worldwide drank if you're selling to local or national market. This is Samos Luxa rank, which we have seen in Alexa Rank Checker tool. So let's analyze the country rank alone. Crafters Corner has got around 32,000 rank in India on the category rank our own 60,000. These are very low ranks, and you cannot end them in just a month or two. If you follow this course. If you come down to traffic overview, you're gun. See the monthly visits. If you come down to traffic overview, you can see the monthly visits. These are just an all ridge figure or estimates they stone several factors. We're still approximately, they said. How got 80 to 90% accuracy? Just use these to know your competent er, These are not a must have information, but it's good to know them well. The bone straight off 26.81% is good. This mentions that the design off the website is too good to keep the visitors inside the website for more amount off. Time are so you can see every person is visiting approximately 7.75 pages. That's simply too good. These are some off the things you can know outside the scope off this course because you should get you suit. Get inspired by such websites, which don't too good under pages, purview or bone straight. You can learn from them either the design or how they engage the visitors once they enter into the website. Now let's come toe traffic sources. This is another insider information, which you can use to build upon your strategy. For example, let's come from the May. It has about 0.0 person teach. That means crafters Corner isn't a scent, concentrating on email funnels, which is too bad because they are in comas business. By having our own that people isn't that customers, they can easily convert returning customers in tow, retaining customers. I will talk about how to create email funnel in another course because that's a highly concentrated topic about how to improve the conversion within your website. But this course is all about how to bring in more customers into your website. Now let's compare the search values off both drafters corner on itsy bitsy. You can see that it's embassy has got around 50% from organic search that is, from Google or Bing or Yahoo search engines, etcetera. Customers who are coming from organic search searching for long keyboards tends to convert better, which we have discussed already. That's what this course is all about, right? So I would say its embassy is going in the right direction, both off these websites. How got a very normal traffic from social networks? 7.5% is just nominal because people tend to say what they purchased on Facebook or on Twitter on around 8% is too normal. But this 25% from ruffles. It's something not normal. By analyzing the reference, I understood that most off the rougher traffic is coming from a few blocks writing about Crafters Corner. Like I said in the previous lectures, you can write buying guides on your own domain or on a separate pretty Ural like under your own block. For example, Crafters corner Dotan slash block But I guess this crafters corner is doing the other way. They are writing some information about craft items on a separate blawg which is on a separate dough. Mine are that should be someone other than this craft US corner editor who are writing on some blocks constantly about this website which is a kind off good one. But you should know one thing. Ruffle traffic coming from other websites or good for s evil. But they don't convert well comfort toe, organic search or direct traffic. But if they are coming from articles that are buying died, those customers will convert much higher. So don't get confused. Among these two reference on buying gates coming to data traffic Move these websites How got similar amount off data traffic that traffic is nothing but people who are directly entering the Ural off the website on the address bar on, then coming to your website. So naturally they should be returning customers when analyzing the mail traffic. It has zero person. I can easily understand that both off the subsides are not using the direct traffic to the fullest potential. As soon as you're getting more direct traffic, you should implement email, funnel and then convert your direct traffic into subscribe ALS on, then cannot them back into retaining customers, thereby improving the net value off each new customer you get. So let's leave the reference on the search section for no, because we are going to see the reference section in off page optimization or the In Bones Links section. Now right away come toe similar sites. This is a main purpose off this tool. If you just enter a website into similar Web, it's so smiled people sites that are similar to the website you have entered. So by just having a single competitors site, you can find almost five toe a new competent or websites. But you should be so picky in choosing the websites that are sewn here. Crafters Corner is selling craft Onley toe India so you can leave websites that are having domain extensions as dot us or Darby because these are foreign websites. Also, you can live out websites which don't have some Niles, because they are either having to lower traffic but even have a thumbnail in similar Web or they are not active for a long time, so we can leave them out. Among these we have got five websites. Crafters Corner, India. Another craft was gonna website Kraft Gardeners draft order and then craft zone When I click on drank, this displays some similar websites that are having equal amount off traffic to craft this corner. Here are so you should be too picky because there will be some websites which are completely unrelated to craft this corner such as YouTube, MP three, my city for kids, etcetera. So here I'm going to choose drafted Kraft Valley Blitzer E and then the craft shop. So I need to repeat the process for itsy bitsy dot into I still do it in the bag grown. You have understood the process, right? Let me read. Read it. After finding your first Warner to compensate us manually, you need to use these three tools to find more amount off competent does on then find give old groups off All these competitors I like them in an excell seat. This is the exercise you need to do after completing this lecture