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You Need Not Always Use Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial: Introduction to drawing with mouse

    • 2. How to create Full HD Art board in Adobe Illustrator CC

    • 3. Drawing the Black Outline for Red Angry Bird in Illustrator CC

    • 4. Drawing the Red Outline in Adobe Illustrator

    • 5. Drawing the Underbody of Angry Bird in Cement color

    • 6. Drawing Eyes and Eyebrows of Angry Bird: Digital Illustration

    • 7. How to draw Angry Bird Beak in Adobe Illustrator

    • 8. Drawing Outer and Inner Shadows in Adobe Illustrator: Digital Illustration

    • 9. Apply a FInal touch to our Angry Bird Art in Illustrator

    • 10. Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Tutorial: Introduction to Skillshare Class Project

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About This Class

Welcome to my new class on 'You Need not always Use Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC or How to use curvature tool instead of pen in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. In this class we are going to draw this Angry Bird, named red.

Well you all might have known this RED Angry Bird already as it’s one of the famous character in the Angry Bird game in both Android and IOS platforms. This game has got more than 100 million downloads in Android alone.

So I thought of drawing this Angry Birds in Adobe Illustrator and here it is.  

What’s so special in this Angry Bird drawing

Well, you can see that this is a 2D drawing, but still it has got a little bit of Shadows And 3 dimensional illusions inside it, right? It’s because of the layered Shadow drawing.

Let's see how to draw this Angry Bird as easily as possible and also as quickly as possible in a step-by-step Manner.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial: Introduction to drawing with mouse: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the new class on drawing with a mouse in Adobe Illustrator's Siri's In this class, we're going to draw this angry bird named Red. Well, you all might. How North This red already Angry bird is one of the famous games in both on droid on I Was Platforms on Dit has got more than 100 million downloads, So I thought off, drawing it in a lobe Illustrator Andi here it is. So what's so special in this angry but diagram? Well, you can see that this is a tour de drawing, but still it has got a little bit off saddles and use and three diamonds since inside it right, it's because off the layered saddled groin, let's see how to draw this angry but as easy as possible and also as quickly as possible in a step by step manner. In the next radio, we are going to create a full hedge, D or board to start our drawing salary. Proceed 2. How to create Full HD Art board in Adobe Illustrator CC: in this video, we are going to create a full hedge D art board on Arab illustrator. What is full HD? It's nothing but 1009 20 with on 1080 height. So these values are nothing but pixels. So go toe fi on select new. He will get this new document window Select the profile web on then come toe Whitfield on change this Value 9 2020 Change the height Field 2080 now change the screen PP I that this pixel porridge toe 300 un select. Okay, Now we have got the art boat in which will be drawing the Red Angry book The next video. Let's draw the black and the red outline off our angry birds. 3. Drawing the Black Outline for Red Angry Bird in Illustrator CC: in this video, we're going to draw this black outline on red outline off our red angry bird. So let's come back to our art board, then take the coverage of tool. Make sure that the stroke color is said to black. And also the fill color is said to black. Now we are going to draw the outline. That is the black outline. Let's start from this region. Make a click on, then make a click here. One more click in this region. One here. It's almost like a safe off the egg. Now let's unjust it are. Find unit a bit. That's that we have got our black outline. Now we need to make these to say apes in our outline. So let's zoom in. Tow this region. Make one more click here on day. One more click here. Make it out here now just double click this dot so that this becomes a cardinal points. Let's take one from here. Make a double click. Leave it here, drag one more double click. Live it here on drag. One more we How god three off them. Now let's zoom some more on a double. Click this project again never click this. That's solely how god the first petal or the first tale. No, make a double click number. So we have got the 2nd 1 to Now let's more to the third. I'm just scrolling my mouth to move down. If you want to More left or right, hold control key on your keyboard and then scroll Almost. If you want to zoom in on zoom out, hold old key. If you're on windows and then scroll you most I received your on Mac. Then hold the option key. Um, scroll you almost like this. Zoom in and zoom out. Now let's double click on that one more point and then double click. They look like this one, too. They got three petals or tails, whatever you call it. Now let's make some projection minor circular projections so that it's not exactly straight on. The mine are like this. It's how one more here on more here, on on the horizontal or this these vertical parts slightly bent. No press control zero to have the overall view. So we need to draw these two spot or whatever you call s Har or further, or authorities. Let's draw that take the curvature tool on. Wait for this blue or whatever line you can see here. Right? This spot is getting highlighted. Once it gets highlighted, click on it. You can see the stocks. No, I had a dot here on and and out here. When you add points like this, the same will get a little bit distorted. No problem. We can correct them later. Now we need to take one like this. Make a double play on double click, bring it down and some more like this. It's all now we need to draw the 2nd 1 Cool. If you're doing that, we need to double click here. Okay, Let's do that now. No problem. Let's bring it down on then. Draw the reminding part. That said, we have got it. Press control zero. I think this would move this or I'm going to hold safety and raises it to a smaller structure. So we have got the black old plane right now in the next radio, we are going to draw this red outline 4. Drawing the Red Outline in Adobe Illustrator: in this video. We're going to draw the red outline off. Over Red. Angry. Good. Okay, Coming back to our drawing. Jews read ful. You can find us or 2 55 green. 29 on blue 37. That's the value of this right now take the courage or tool. You can either draw the complete red like this inside this black one are there is another mother. So, like this press control. See on then, press control. We We have got another copyright in this. You can remove these tales. See, there are no trails in the red outline on. Then you can change it to regular. For that, you need to choose this pen tool on select the lead anchor point. Zoom in on, then delete all these points. If you think that this one takes so much off time, then you can dry directly with the coalition. It'll you can do a degree if you get a message like use it. Only you can only do lead anchor point. Then just select. Don't So this again and proceed with this. That said we have got it. No press control. Zero bond. Double click. No one click Now we have made all these ass smooth points Choose the black color which we have chosen earlier. Toe this threat or 2 55 green 29 on blow 37. Now we have got it. Now go to selection Toe on place your closer. Here, hold Sift key Onda Also all key Theresa, is it proportionately London Radios the size a little bit now Place it exactly like this. Now we can unjust this black outline instead off red Because I think this red days off correct proportions or size black is little bit smaller soldered select the black one. Take the coach a tool on then. Zuman no more this dot Here this not from this port. Bring it somewhere. Here. Let's delete this points. These are not wanted being the coach of tool. More these dots. I think this one is not needed to. Let's delete. It's OK now. Now you can see a line here. Right? This this red color is crisscrossing here. You can either take the college. It'll on just this region or simply go to the stroke on select None. That's it. This cross line has gone. Is it all right now? press control Zero tohave overall. Look gone. Let's see Here. See, this black color is coming here. Right? So we need to adjust it a bit. Take the coach a tool on select this red one on more it like this. That soul que press control zero. So with this we have drawn the red outline for other angry book. In the next video, we are going to draw this underbody whole follow red Angry bird does pale a lower green school right? This color we are going to draw next. 5. Drawing the Underbody of Angry Bird in Cement color: in this video, we're going to draw this underbody segment or this auto recall the lore pale green color or some similar color selects. Proceed with our angry bird. Take this coach or tool, then goto this color choosing and choose the four wrong color as this are 1 99 green 1 78 and blue 1 53 Choose this color on. Take the coach or two. Don't start from already drawn part. If you click on here, then you will start toe. Edit this previously drawn structure so you should not click on those anchor points, which are getting visible when using the coach a tool. So draw just inside this black one store drawing from here. Make a click somewhere in this region under in some work. You That's it. Double click No one click 100. Never click as a less. Join it here. Now choose this color Toe Maar 1 99 Green 1 78 and Blue 1 53 Asset before that's it. Now we have to adjust it exactly. Zuman to seek Overture Tool Let's place adjustable this black. Choose the curvature till now on. Then place it exactly like this. It to exactly follow the line off the black. The first on lost points would exactly much on this black old line. The other points doesn't matter, but the first on lost Daughter should exactly match. So it's real by pressing control. Zero. So we have got it. No. Make sure that the stroke calories None else. He will get a black outline, which may not look nice. So we have drawn this region. It's perfectly and arc. So let's move it a bit like this. Slight, this proportion. You can see it here, right? There is a slide. This proportion. That would be how completed drawing this underbody. Now in the next video, let's grow the eyes. As for last the eyebrows off over red angry bird. 6. Drawing Eyes and Eyebrows of Angry Bird: Digital Illustration: in this video, We're going to draw these eyebrows. As for last the eyes off over red Angry boat. So let's more onto our drawing now. My advice would be to take it separately. Andi, draw the eyes separately and then we can later merge it here. If you're confident off your drawing, well, you can straight of a draw inside this face. So let's start drawing the eyes and eyebrows. Now, take this Ben Toll on a start somewhere in this region on, make a dog. No, make on more dot Here. Here. See? There is an intersection line appearing noted on Make it out here. No, make one here on day. One more in this region, you can see that the green horizontal line is appearing, right? That's the guy and then joined back. Or choose the color you will get here. I like this color picker. Choose this Black Bure, Black on Select. Okay, now we have God. Eyebrows, right. Let's see Somewhat. Heil. Now take the Covic a tool on. Then let me zoom in to have a clear view. Slightly outward. Make a click and and drugs slightly outward. This one should be slightly inward. on makes somewhat higher. So the same here. Slightly donor slightly. Don't work. That's it. We have drawn over. I bruise. Now let's proceed with the ice. Start from this region. Make a click. Make a click Here, let me zoom a toe. Have a clear view on Then one more got here. One more thought in this region. Just double click here. These are sort points. Never click the click on, then double click. Now make sure that the stroke color is set to black on the fill color is said to white and then pull it. Let me zoom in. Pull this boat like this is it. Place it exactly on the starting point off the eyebrow. Now let's start drawing the second I mr dot here and one more just below it on. Then we can adjust it. Make sure double click here to make it a corner point. One more click in this region. Make a slightly upward co double click a click here on, then double click. Now, if you just joined here directly, you will get on art like this instead. Double click it. That's it. Now take the point and join it here slightly a party should not see the red color. So join in such a manner. That's it. Me how drawn the eyes. But we need to make these stroke link bit thicker. You can see the eyes or getting tickled the border off the ice, right? So go to selection toe. Hold safety on select both off them. No, come to the variable width profile on, then choose with profile. Four on Increase the struggling Actually, the profile should be with profile six. So let's choose here with provide six. That's it. We have got the ice. We can make the angry, but a bit more angry, as much us. You make this go upper, you will make the bird much more angrier the same way as much as you pull this ice outward , it will also make the bird angry. This is the logic here. So just accordingly Now we have made enough adjustments. Now let's draw the eyeball, take over tool or their lips too, then grows circled here. Make sure that the filling the stroke color both or black. Now hold Hold key. Take selection tool on then copy this here on slightly reduce its now meter by pressing a sift on all key together If you're in Mac, hold sift on option key Now select both off them Goto effect on distort and transform Unfree distort. You will get this window now this always almost 10 A perfect circle. See, let's distorted a bit Take this corner and I just it like this Okay, No, select both off them. You can see that The outline on the black Let me zoom And you can see clearly this blue outline doesn't match the black fill right or come this issue Goto object and select Expand appearance Now they go Toki the angry ability Sangria Let's make these eyeballs a bit bigger Holding, sift and all key together. Let's place it in. Good. I'm using my arrow keys to line these eyeballs. That's it. We have drawn the ice off over angry boots. The next video Let's draw the North 7. How to draw Angry Bird Beak in Adobe Illustrator: in this video. We're going to draw the beak off this red angry, but both the upper and the lower beak. So let's come to our drawing now. Take the coach or two un, then start from here. Make a dot Here on then in double click. Make a note in this region. Under in double click. One more here. More here on then on. Then join this dot On double click here on. Just move it in this spot. We have got the beaker. Let's change the color. Dorm this. Hello. Now double click this. Hello on then. Based this color, you will get to 51 202 59. That is R J B select. Okay, this is a low that you need to choose for the upper baker. No need to increase the stroke. Ling to about nine point. Andi, make the car pass around. Corner has around on a plane. Straw casts in the middle. See? That's it. Now take the courage. It'll Gein Andi, start from this region. Make a doubt they one more dot Here, make it out in this region and double click it on. Then double click here. Join it under Brooklyn. Now choose the color toe. This orange are 2 51 green 1 76 on blow 59. That's it. Now take the line, Andi, and join this tanker point. So this tanker point. Now take the curvature tool. Let Zuman on and Oh, it Here, pull this region. A structure like this that is is would see a small transition from the lower beak to the upper one. Let me zoom out. You can see here and we need to fill this region with white. So make sure that you select. Drop behind Andi. Lead Zuman, Zoom in as far as possible. No select courage. It'll for us. Make it out here one more dot here. One more. Here we are just drawing behind this region, so make sure you're not touching any off the spots. That's it. Now select Hawaii to selection tool right click. Arrange. Bring the front on, then select a range on select send backward. Arrange. Send backward once again. Under should be one more. Send backward. That's it. All these three lines came forward about this white color. So let's see the final preview. See now in the next video, we are going to draw this in a red color you can see here there is a red color inside off this outer red color. This adds the kind off reflection or a saddle a lighter shadow on. Then we need to draw this sticker. Salo. So we need to draw these two things. Let's draw one by one in each videos. 8. Drawing Outer and Inner Shadows in Adobe Illustrator: Digital Illustration: in this video. We're going to draw this outer saddle off this red angry bird. So let's come toe are drawing before drawing. Let me select all these Onda slide, Click Bulky. That's right. See this sangria build on this one. Now we need to draw the outer saddle right for that, go to layers on then click on this button to create a new layer more upper on. Then lock this one. Now we cannot make any change in any off these drawings that we have already made. So now select the curvature tool on. Make sure that the stroke is said to none on. Then the color is set to black unsaid. The opacity do, then person. Now start from here. Make a dot Start exactly in the red. Hey, videos. It could double click. Actually, we need to change the vast a again. It has got recent 200. Once we change the opacity to live back to normal, That said they are going to merge with the outline. Now we need to complete the entire pot. Make a double click on lightly. That's it. Now change no pastie to 10%. Um, a little bit. Make a daughter. What? That said me. How done the drawing see the how covered the auto saddle. Now we need to draw this inner Salo. You can see this, right? These regions Financial Journal. So let's make another layer create on more Pull it up. Let's rename it, I just double click it knows Rename it toe outer on Rename it to That's all. Now dig the Covic. It'll again on Let's lock this layer to now start from this region. Now you can even start from the pot because since we locked these layers, you won't start anything it so start from this layer. Make a click here on then double click. Never click, Double click. Actually, these inner saddles you can saw your creativity. You can draw that of it you want that won't make big difference. But still you can saw your creative. Now let's make a dot Here, double click here Double click DoubleClick number Click One more Here it's more it up in this region right here. One more here. More it in this region. One more double click Never click, Double, click that song. Now come back to the starting point. No change, no pastie to 20%. See, we have completed it on. There is a bleach, so zoom in. Selected. I think it has got converted into a corner point. Just double click. That's it. Pressing control zero. It's more to slide here. What? I think I made two points. That's enough. So selecting now. This is good, this inner side always different from this. But still you can play with your creative abilities, as they said before, also, I'm going to draw these two saddles to on. We are going to make these sore planes. Let's do that in the next video. 9. Apply a FInal touch to our Angry Bird Art in Illustrator: in this video. We're going to make the final touch. That is, we're going to draw these two circle saddles. Andi. You can see there is a slight projection on either side of the ice. Right? We're going to draw that. It's great. Another layer. Select. Create new layer. What up? Now? Lock all the three layers below it or beneath it and choose Ellipse Tool Now draw and L. It's holding old key, which would be easier. Dry lips like this. That's not a problem. Change your past 2 to 20. Now we can distorted using this free distortion effect, go to effect, distort and transform and then free distort. No, it can even rotate it indirectly. We need not do. Quotation is a separate process on, then free transform because even if you want her resented rotation, you can do it like this. See, that's not an issue. So it's come back to the earlier positions. Clearly need and see and you to step similar toe eggs structure turn which is lined somewhat to the left. Okay, that's it. Select. Okay. As use will goto object on select Expand appearance now select selection tool. Hold old. Give your on Windows. Hold option. Give your on Mac on. Take on more copy now holding all key. Reduce the size a further bit like this now more. It's slightly right, Moritz lately, right? Make sure they don't meet with each other. That's it. We have covered over sad news. Let me make it a bit smaller. Now we need to draw these sore lines on either side of the ice. Let me zoom and further. No, take the line. Sigmund. Tool on. Look for center off this stroke on and stroll like this. A smaller projection. That's enough. Change the stroke, alert to black and make one more here. No change the style to wit. Profile. Four. So like this one, too, like more on change. Toe profile. Four on. Then increase the points on the This merges with this stroke with no let's juice a coach a tool. So, like this one, let's zoom in further. Make a daughter and make it event and make sure that this culture alliance with a girl wolf this ice bottom part and then choose the stroke up to round cup more it slightly up. That's it. Now, holding control came scrolling to Moto the right. Now when this pot gets highlighted, make a click. This will select this one. Now go to stroke on Choose round cap more It lightly here on this one Here on make a bent. It's all now I'm going to press control. Zero we have computer drawing our red angry Bird. One thing I don't like in this drawing compared to this one is Let me zoom out. I have distinguished this underbody with on without Sadow. This port is with outside on. The sport has got shadow Paris This one has got covered itself entirely with sorrow. So let's do that or changed now make a click here on then let's zoom in first. Now bring it downward. Make sure tones make one more sort own. Here it snowed this way. I used to promote this dot so I'm going to take the lead anchor point toe on delete this anchor, taking coach a tool again. That's it, are we can make this point anchor toe this region so that it looks much more natural. So let's remove this daughter. Let's see how it looks. I think it's fine. Are you can make this smooth anchor point toe corner pine So that the what is more sort like this one, that's it lets you this one toe B How completed drawing our angry bird. 10. Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Tutorial: Introduction to Skillshare Class Project: I believe you have computed watching all the ABO videos on now. You could have got confident off drawing this angry boat by yourself. Don't have a second thought. Open your adobe illustrator and start drawing this angry bird. Pay either watching our videos again. Or you said how drawn already in either case Goto file and then select export. Then save your Auto Illustrator project as a J pic file on applauded your project gallery. Let's see how your outcome is. Thank you for watching. Let's see in our next class.