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You Can Self Publish a Coloring Book

teacher avatar Katie Cannon, Commercial Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies and project overview

    • 3. Setting Up Your Book In Publisher

    • 4. Setting up your cover with Adobe Illustrator

    • 5. Uploading to Create Space

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About This Class


Learn how Katie Cannon takes basic black and white line art and creates a coloing book that is ready to publish. In this class you will learn step by step how to take a book from idea to finished product. This class is a great way to learn how to add another income stream to your art business. You can self publish for you to sell in person and make the books avaliable on Amazon so that it is avaliable to the world. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katie Cannon

Commercial Artist and Illustrator


Katie Cannon is a prolific artist that loves to make art with whatever supplies that she has
on hand. She believes that art can be created with almost anything. She is a commercial artist as well as an illustrator. Her art has graced home decor and gift items as well.

She is active on Instgram where she shares a behind the scenes view into the life of a working commercial artist. 

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Would you like to see your art on Amazon in the form of your own coloring book? Well, this class is gonna show you how to do it. I want to show you how to take your art from files on your computer to finish book in just a few easy steps. I want to tell you a little about myself. Glogg three times a week at a Southern Lady Tram ones on Monday, it's all about business and giving a little back story on Oh, that I do in my business. Um And then on Fridays, I do a glimpse of my life just a little behind Sainz. What's been going on that week? As you can see, here is a color. But the second coloring book I published and that's a preview of that one of the pages and that's over my block. I also have a design block, which is nothing but just my design work. And this one It was a printable coloring book that created I'm actually in the process of working this up into an actual printed book and it will be called Main Street USA. And that website is a Southern ladies design stop block spot dot com. You can find me on Facebook. I'm a Southern ladies designs l a d want s designs and I dated fairly regularly. You can also find on Instagram my instagram handle This Southern ladies are for seven laid rambling like my website. It's a fun way of sharing some behind the scenes little tidbits of what I do in my day Twitter at a Southern ladies are and I sell my work on a spoon Flour. This is my fabric designs that I've created on spoon flour. I also have an Amazon author page. So if this sounds like a project that fits the bill for what you're looking for, check out how to self publish a coloring book by K. D. Cannon. 2. Supplies and project overview: for this class will be using a couple of different software will be using Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Illustrator Are you See us? To Microsoft Publisher 2007. Both of these software fairly easy to get, and they work really good for what we're doing. Illustrator. You'll need it to create your cover for your book. To cover for your book will need to be created as a high resolution to file, and it will look like this. Once its output, you will have a cover that is a high resolution to file. When I'm working an illustrator, I save everything as a PdF. That way it's easier for me to use it and it takes up less space on my in my drive. I'm working on a PC, not a Mac. This is the first coloring book that I published. It is called Jules and Mandela's. I created 18 different illustrations for this doing broaches mandalas, other types of jewels. And then here's the back cover buzz have to be Tifft files to upload using create space, which is the service that I used. It gets it automatically published to Amazon, which works really good. It's very quick and it's very self explanatory to upload with it. Here's the back cover again will go into detail on how to make sure you're back. Cover is formatted correctly for publishing. This is the second coloring book that I produced, and it's called floral Abundance. Once you create all of these files, you can use them as templates. By using them as templates, you'll be able to create more and more books very quickly. The second book came together a whole lot quicker than the 1st 1 The 1st 1 took me about a month to get everything designed exactly how I wanted it and made sure it worked and fit correctly. So now I have a template. All of mine use the same border at the top and bottom the same image. Change out the colors for each book, and then they'll have a spine when you create it through create space. These will be part of the items that you will upload to class to show your work will create the tiff file for the cover and the back cover, as well as a PdF for the actual book. When you are uploading your pdf, you'll save it into the moon minimum size for that file format. You don't have to post a high quality into the classroom. We don't need your high quality file. So what you'll do when you create this in publisher instead of doing it hot quality, you're gonna do it, um, minimum vital size. And I'll actually show you how to size down your images so that it will open quicker and they will transfer quicker. Book will be accomplished soon. So when you get to the classroom, you're gonna publish finished PDF. Those were the deliver balls that we need in the classroom. 3. Setting Up Your Book In Publisher: Okay, let's get started creating your first book. I used Microsoft Office Publisher. Um, I start with a blank page sizes for my coloring book. I used 8.5 by 11. Do you see here? I could select 8.5 by 11. Portrait, size and hit. Create one time in in the software and ready to create my book. I go up to the insert tab, an insert page. I know that all of my books to have 18 illustrations have to have 40 pages, so I need to add 39 pages at 39 pages. Make sure it says after correct current page and insert a blank page We're gonna hit. Okay, Now, down to the bottom. You'll see that you have 40 pages. This will help you get started. Page One is where you're going, Teoh paste. A copy of the cover of your book. So that will be one of the last pages we work with. Page two is where you're going to enter your copyright information. Gonna open one of my previous books to show you how I write the copy. Right. Sorry about that. I moved it. I'm gonna open a previous file so you can see what a copyright page looks like. And I'll go through this book with you to show you. This is a sample of one of the current books that I have in print. This is the first page where the cover of your book ISS. The second pages where you have a copyright and in the copyright you have published eight The name of the book Copyright with your name, and this is the information that needs to be in there. That's it. All right to reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced, are transmitted in any form or by any means. This is just a standard copyright Burbage. Basically, you'll have your eyes being number, which will be assigned later on in the process. And then I put my information here, it says. Designed and illustrated by Katie Cannon, it gives my website, which is Southern ladies designs, not block spot dot com. You can find me on Facebook at a Southern ladies designs Instagram a southern ladies are twitter, and periscope is also a Southern. Ladies are So this is how this book works. You have your page with your copyright information on it. And now let's get into showing you what the rest of the boat looks like. How we put it together on page three. There's not. There's the This book belongs to. All of your odd pages. In this project will be where you put an image on your even pages. You're not gonna have any thing on it except for Page, for I always put a little information on Page four. That's give some ideas. I want to use the finish coloring books for, like using him for gift tags. Bookmarks are using it to wrap a little small gift. It makes a great way of using it up. I also give some information on what supplies to use and number and Page five. It's where I start with the actual design. Page five Page six is blank. The reason I have a blank page behind each design is for when you're coloring you. If someone decides to use markers this way, doesn't believe through so every pay. Every odd page hasn't designed on it, and every even page does it. And that works its way through out the whole book with a different design on every odd number page. How I get my art onto this. That is the next step we work with going up to the top. And look where it says, insert. You're gonna click, Insert picture from file, then you're gonna select. I don't have them in my pictures. I actually have them sorted everything here and this is where they will be. Find your pictures where you scan something in our something else. Gonna go ahead and start working with my next coloring books. You're getting a preview of the all about food or for the love of Food Cookbook today I've created that's what My kids are having fun with this book. Well, every illustration in here is all about food. I want to make sure that the that it fits. And in publisher, there's an appearance arrange you click, align or distribute and then click relative to margin gods and then go back. Click Arrange a line middle back again, a line center. What that does is make sure this image that you just imported it's centered between top and bottom margins and the side to side margins. Now I'm gonna go to print preview, and I will show you what I'm talking about using this on page two just to give you an example. As you can see, it's centered relative to the size of the overlap. The image that I used has a clipping mask on it. So this side is the left side is just a little bit larger than the right. So I'm just going Teoh, move that over. So there we go. We've got that Get back and you can see in the print preview that the images now center I want my first book has a lot. Everything goes to the edge with this book, I'm keeping everything into a margin so that there is a little bit of white space around the edge. You could choose to do it that way. Are you can stretch your image and make it where it actually fits The whole it covers the whole page during the same thing. Centering it. I don't think I enlarged it as large as it needs to be, but this is showing you giving an example of what you're paid. You will look like when you're done. Once you have done this and created your page. What? I'd like you to do is you're going to create a PdF. So let's go back to the one that I would have said that it's finished and you're gonna go to file. You have to insert all your pictures, making sure they're all on the odd number page and then create a Pdf because this is what you're gonna own upload to the classroom. So we're going to hit save as Save as opens up this dialog box and drop down the menu. And pdf, make sure if it's not said already, that it set toe high quality printing. One thing about doing high quality printing. It means that once it is sent to the publisher going to print exactly how you want it to print, go ahead and click OK and hits say it will do A. It will take a few seconds to publish it 4. Setting up your cover with Adobe Illustrator: now we're gonna create our cover. I used Adobe Illustrator CS twos are gonna click file Clinton knew. We want to create an 8.5 by 11 portrait image I choose RGB. Make sure the unit is in inches because this is the book that we're going to create his mate half by 11 book. So I'm going to put coloring book template Click. OK, this will open up our 8.5 by 11. File. As you can see, I'm going to use the control Ault and space to make go smaller. And next I'm going to start working with so shapes. We want to make sure that nothing comes in that is important. Comes in contact with 1/4 inch from the side, so I'm going to go ahead of you. Worse. Okay. We need to turn our ruler ship. Neither hit control are go under view and show rumors. Now I'm going to reach over here on the ruler and pulling guideline. I'm gonna go ahead and put at 1/2 inch on each side. The reason for this iss I know that if I keep everything important out of that half, I won't have to worry about it. You cut off, went on what's printed. I may have designs that go all the way out because I do want to believe to the edges so that there was no whitespace from the edge to the beginning of the design on the cover. But I don't want my title going outside of this. My author Neymar anything that is majorly important. Everything really needs to be centered in the center of this blue box. So now we're gonna go, and I'm going to start doing my design. My design has some bars up here. We're going Tiu some more bars. Teoh, this might get cut off, but it might be just a sliver after that. I'm gonna just choose a random color. And I don't want a lawn. No one and I want to get back to my It's my bar. Looks like this. If I want to you, I could select all of them and shrink them all down with the same times. They all stay the same. So the only one that might get cut office, that top one there. Which is perfectly fine with me. And now I'm going to select him again. Hold the shift. Button down. What? All start moving it. Hold the shift button down so it comes down to straight. Hit the button and shift going, and I will bring that down. This could be either the back cover of the front cover. I'm gonna go ahead and open up one of my other files so you can see it. This file is another one of the coloring butts, but it actually helps you see how would create the, um, cover. This is back when I show your back cover. Didn't get an idea of what is needed in that back cover. Here's the back cover for the jewels and Mandela's coloring book. And this shows where I have the three bars of color plus an illustration. This is an illustration piece that I created to put on my books. This makes everyone that I create have the same style to it. Somebody go ahead and right click. Copy this one over to here. Now, I have this here because based on this design that I did, I'm gonna go ahead. Margin. Um, this one here, I want to stretch it out. Clip this pain. Our fitness three bars of color because they're a little bit bigger than when I need my other books. There we have it and there's our three bars with an illustration over it, so it gives a little bit of just a detail to it That is not. And if I just leave it like this, it's just that finishing touch to the cover that makes it look more professional. Um, I studied a lot of coloring books on the market when I was starting to design these. And this is an element that I saw reproduced in a couple of other different books, actually, more than a couple, um, was doing something with the top and bottom of the front cover to give it, um, more finished work. You can actually go all the way to the top. But as I said, when you put this, if you put this all the way up at the top, you may not have that little bit of pink showing. We're not gonna put that there. We're gonna go back and let you see the front, the back here you have the title who were coloring book by and then author's name. I'm born here is the information that I put on the back of most of March. Go ahead to copy it. We're going to put it on here. Basically, what I have here is I changed up. Let's just take time for yourself and relax. With a beautiful collection of Jewell and mandala patterns, each pattern has just enough detail to keep you entertained for hours of coloring tone. Enjoy 18 designs to add your favorite colors to each design can be removed and framed are used for many other art projects. Your only limit is your imagination. So what I do is I changed the separate here. I changed the wording of Instead of a collection of Julen Mandela panners, this one is going to be a collection of for all patterns I like to do. It works. It's not just for pattern. Just for patterns and designs are geometric patterns and designs, not just geometric patterns or geometric designs. What this does it gives a little bit more to the reader of the back cover, so it's not as plain as it could be. I'm going Teoh. Use the align tool over here, Make sure says Aligned Art Board and I'm going to center this in the center of my art, which it looks like a business. All right, so let's center unclipped if they're hurt, and that puts it in the exact center of the page. So we're gonna go back to our previous one. Honey, this the reason I need I'm selecting all of this. I'm going to copy it is because I need the fonts. I use the same exact fonts for all of my books so that they have a Cokie should look to them. So if you're creating more than one book, keep in mind that you want to You used the same books. So this one iss four patterns sounds. And because my title is longer than the other one, I have to quit can. So now we have floral patterns and designs. Coloring book. I'm gonna take a cue from the colors that shares up here for the color of the word and make sure there we go. Floral pattern. You speak pattern and designs coloring book like a cannon. So now we have this, and we can change the color block behind this to match the blue up here and that. Yeah, actually make sure Sometimes if I'm not sure what color blue he's eyedropper tool in just there we go. Good. This back here This border design here is actually one of the ones that I will be using in the book as well to create a page. So there we have it. And now all we need to add is my artist information, which it's the same on every book. So there we have it. And I was gonna bring in my words, just a little more than that half inch because I want to have a good border around it before my words come with them right on the edge of the page. And this is where route in third person. Sometimes it's a little bit harder to write 1/3 person about yourself, but it gives. It tells about me. Um, but it's not me saying it. It's someone else telling me telling about me. So that's what you need today. Get someone to write your information, and that's how you create the back cover for your book. Now we can create. You would save this and put it whatever your title is and your bet and say that cover our BC. You want to save it as a pdf as well as a tiff file, You need a tiff file in order to upload it to create space. When you create the pdf, it means that you have a file that still at it can be edited in illustrator without having such a large file on your computer. Now we're going to export and export this as a tiff. File to file actually holds it a little better you're gonna use. We're gonna do hi for other which we need 300 d p. I rgb okay, even though it is reprinted seem like a when I have not had a problem submitting as a RGB and my color not look the same your monitor maybe different. You may want to work in Pantone colors. Now I'm gonna open up the front cover template to show you how to create front coke. This one is a little bit different cause you're going to be an arch to the front cover. I'm gonna go back to the one copy everything. We're gonna get back. We'll go back to our template. I'm just going to paste everything. Move it to the side, as you can see, what I have on here. I do not need this or this more fix. I'm going to cold my name over. No, I called this over just to give me an idea that you can see if it's right inside. That happened margin. So now I'm going to increase the size, uh, floor patterns and designs to fit inside my margin. Here, delete the jewels and mandalas. Bring us up. Coloring book. I'm just selected. All hold shift down on growing it to where it's about the same size. You have to just eyeball. It needs to be a good size. You want to be able to read it. So what we're gonna do selecting the wrong Would I select this again? You can hit Asa's keyboard shortcut for scale can hold a shift. But now, if you want to keep it even and there we have it, that still looks different. So and you're just gonna look different than mine because you're creating it in your book. Same thing here. I'm going to so like my box who's the eyedropper tool and picked my color. We'll put this back. The reason I Don't leave this on there. When I'm trying to select my eyedropper colors, sometimes I'll pick up black. So there we have it. A front cover is starting to look good. Now, do you see here? There's some of these are cut off. Now go all the way to the edge. Which means they will be cut off when the book is done. But that's perfectly fine. What you're gonna do here, you're actually going to import some pictures. So to import your pictures, you're gonna go up to file and place, and you're gonna choose a picture for your front cover. Said this one's flowers. I want to pull up a flower, go back, go over here to my full of abundance. And these are all in the PDS have all of them in vector format. I'm going to grab one of these. Pdf's a place on. What it's gonna do is gonna bring that I'm group it. This is a design I need to really clipping mask when you play something from a pdf. Now, there we have it. I'm gonna group it because everything's gonna be individual this way. I could just place it on here as you can see if I don't select it. Oh, end up with the original pieces. I'm gonna pull us around now. I don't need everything else. We're gonna delete it on March came. Don't take this and I'm going to hold all button down and it's gonna duplicated. Holds Hit the s. And now I'm going to scale it. I really like this one. I've noticed that a lot of people, um, seem to like the ones that the designs that are colored on the front cover they respond pretty well to them. I'm gonna color this one. It does not have to be the exact color of the foot. And as you can see this away, this it was originally set up. Yes, we need double color. I don't like it. No, same yet that you bright. And if you get color, you sort of like it. But you wanna play around with it? A pure play around with it here, changing color language. And also you can select all the one with the same color dry now. No, I just like the other side. I'm going todo a totally different. But this you can play around with your cover adding designs, adding interest. Always remember when you set up your cover in your back that you need this all you need to make sure that your design goes all the way to the edge and that Do you want to make sure if your pages look good, that your cover looks great. Go ahead. So, like this, I'm gonna turn it all one color, and then what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to group bitch that are betting that I'm going to rotate it while in route before I let there are Mouse go Gonna hit Ault that do that? That brings me up on extra copy. I don't talk tonight against you Have got another copy on top, but make sure Do you have some hanging off the edge? And when they hang off the edge, you need to create need to trim it. It's only going Teoh like a piece on top. Now they have selected it all. I'm going to click trim a group this away. There's still something here. I've got a select it. You want to outlaw image? Never. Now we have another beverage over here and you want to go ahead and group it together and you can move all of these off. Now, you can either shrink this piece of art. So it's in the background and have a few of these floating around. But this one here, you gonna bring it over here? Her change Put one here so that now I have something you play around with, how you like to cover, and the basic design is the same. Make sure everything's in half an inch from the top, the bottom and right. Left. You're gonna save your cover the same as you did for your back cover by save as saving as a PdF. That way you can. I'm gonna Steve. This is color template to saving as a pdf so that I can come back and edit it in, um, illustrator, cause I always call it Click the button and make sure it's check. This has preserved illustrator editing capabilities. Get pdf and then I'm going to export it as a tiff file that will give you a better quality image. When you're printing your cover, you're gonna save. You have to hit it twice. Make sure it says 300 d. P I and hit. OK, once you have created your cover, save it as a J peg and upload it to the gallery Would love to see what you 5. Uploading to Create Space: in this class will be using create space, which is an Amazon company. And to publish your book, um, when you get to create special CIA, this is their own main screen, and you're going to set a sign up. So when you sign up, you're gonna log in and everything you follow the steps to sign up, we're gonna law again and create space has a dashboard. This is where you create your titles. I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to add a new title. The name of this project is going to be on my desk. This is another book that I'm working on. It's going to be a paperback. So put the name of your project. Choose Paperback and Click Guided. So let's get started on this. You're gonna go ahead and enter the author name, just joining because you're gonna be the author and I have a serious This is a serious. So it is a book in the series and it's called Patterns Color. And this is Volume three actually will be going for First Edition. Mine is being publishing in English. If yours is not, she's a language that it is being coerced in and we're gonna skip publication date for right now. We're gonna save and continue, and I use a free creates basis. Signed. I s being I don't do a customized being. You can. It's only $10 more. It's just a fee that I don't use right now. So I'm going to assign a free. I s bien. I never said My book now is locked. This eyes being number cannot be changed. This will be the eyes being number you will have for your book and that you'll put on the copyright page that we worked on in a previous list. You're gonna continue. We don't have our interior yet, but we are going to choose a different size coloring book is really the best sizes 8.5 by 11. So I'm gonna change date, have 11. Our interior type is going to be black and white with white paper cover. I've not tried the cream color and have not printed anything in full color. The black and white and the white have worked very well. I'm very happy with the quality of this. So once you come back, you're going to upload your book file. Your book file has to be contained into a pdf Doc. A D o c x or R rtf. File a rich text file. It's only for text. Doc does not give good image quality. So we are gonna be uploaded. Pdf for this class gonna save. And now it's gonna tell me that I need Teoh submit my interior. So we're gonna go to cover and I choose. Glossy, glossy just looks better. The cover turned out really well. Um, anything that is black and white has a raised texture to it, so you can actually feel the image on your book. Somebody said she used glossy, and we're going to build your cover online. You're gonna launch the cover, Creator. Cover Creator will help us get this. Get our cover. Exactly. Right. And in this class, we created a front and back cover so we don't need any of these designs. We're gonna go to page five and choose 8.5 by 11. Spineless. We're gonna keep I choose the palm. That's the name of it. And that's how we're gonna upload our files. Click OK, And it will come up right here. This is the information that you need to make sure says this design is intended to accommodate your own front and back cover. Please make sure that the book title appears on the front cover and that all text is at least half inch from outer edge. Upload your back cover image here and make sure that the book title appears on the front cover. All text is at least half inch from the outer edges. This is where the barcode is gonna automatically be in. I'm not gonna upload a file right now. It takes a little while to get those uploaded. Um, you will choose a spine cover and you're gonna click color over here and use a spine color that matches the front cover of your book. So now we're gonna return back. Okay? I'm actually gonna show you through one of my other books. How cover looks Get to the floor with abundance Morning, which used the cover we've already uploaded. When I show you a full size preview and it will show you this is the cover front Cover the spine of this book even though it is called a finalist book has a little pink line Um And then here's the back cover with the art. The blurb about the altar. Another the reference to the book. So this is how that works. So once you have that and will automatically uploaded to that your interior file, it will go through a check process where it will check and make sure that all your bleeds air correct, which will talk. We've talked about that in the previous session and all that. Your pages have the correct DP eye on all of your images. So this is what creates spaces. And once it gets to the review process, you were gonna do a file review, and the company that creates race actually will approve your book, and then you could order a proof. There is a digital proof that is not have a cost, and you can also download Approved. This is the digital proof for, and it will actually prove your book and show you the spine front. Cover the back cover and we'll go through the book. Is this page one? This is where you put a black and white copy of image from front cover. Here's our copyright page, and our this book belongs to page. Here's our coloring ideas in our first page, as you see every even number page is blank, and every odd number page has a design on it, and this is what it does to check to make sure this line here is your believe mark. If there's anything hanging over the edge, it might get cut off to a point. This it does not worry me because most of my pages go off the edge and this is a preview of the floral Abundance book. Once you have previewed your book and you're happy with it, I would suggest you buy I proof the first time you do this order approved before you approve it. Now that I'm on my second book, I know what to look for and I know the quality of the book. So I am approving it and then ordering, because that way it doesn't have the work proof in the back. Once it's approved, you'll choose your distribution, the distribution channels that are available, our Amazon, the create space e store libraries and academic institutions, bookstores and online retailers. This is explained and distribution, um, standard distribution his amazon dot com, Amazon Europe to create space. The store. If you go, you want to know what if this is, It will tell you that this is make sure book available to millions of customers on Amazon com dot com, as well as Amazon Canada. Amazon Europe makes your book available on Amazon Europe. Websites include being Amazon, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The bookstores and online retailers makes it where any bookstore, any major online or offline bookstore retailer get action can order your book. This greatly expands your potential audience. Once you've completed all the steps in this class, we look forward to seeing your book. When you're finished, remember to come back to class. Update your project with a link to your book on Amazon would love to see what you created.