You Can Monet! Waterlily - Edited version | Leisa Shannon Corbett | Skillshare

You Can Monet! Waterlily - Edited version

Leisa Shannon Corbett, Fine art digital painting

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4 Videos (50m)
    • Paint Layer 1- part 1

    • PaintLayer 1 -Part 2

    • Monet Lily Paint Layer2

    • Monet Waterlily Part 3 Finishing touches.


About This Class

This is much shorter, edited version of my first class, the Paint Like Monet- Waterlilies. There are close-ups of how I apply the paint to the canvas and mix colors. If you found the original class too long, try this.





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Leisa Shannon Corbett

Fine art digital painting

Leisa Corbett is an artist and designer. She has been drawing since she was 10 and painting since she was 13 years old. She was never was happy in any profession other than the visual artist, even though she has digressed from her path now and then when she joined the Army and served 8 years in the U.S. Army as a German linguist and Intelligence analyst. She studied Art History in Berlin, Germany and earned a Bachelor of Arts in art history. In her thirst for more knowledge, she earned an MFA...

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