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You Can Draw Simple Background!

teacher avatar George G., Making Ideas Visible.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. You Can Draw Simple Background!

    • 2. "Keep It Simple" Illustration

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About This Class

Hey, are you a complete beginner in drawing?
Don't worry in this very short class you'll learn how to draw very simple background that i've used in our local mug business :) Its one of our best sellers. Have fun, and I'm sure you can draw this simple background! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

George G.

Making Ideas Visible.


Hi, I'm George Grancharov and I teach people cartoon drawing skills. 
Drawing is a skill that can help you solve almost every problem.
If you learn how to draw better, you will think better!

I'm best known for my course "Cartoon Drawing For Absolute Beginners" that teaches what the title says :D

"Draw, Think and Build!"


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1. You Can Draw Simple Background!: Hey, are you a complete beginner in drawing? Don't worry. I have prepared something very easy and funny. You can draw. See this Mark This design this one off our best sellers. It's very simple to draw. By the end of this very short bus, you'll be amazed by your new skills. So pick up your pencil and let's get started. 2. "Keep It Simple" Illustration: Hey, I want to show you something. See these mook? Keep it simple. We have a small local business setting marks and these design ISS won for best sellers. And it's nothing friends, as you can see. So in this video, I'm going to show you how to draw the same design. Let's get started. So I will provide you with this practice sheet, which is our base for the drawing. It's not necessary. But if you help a lot if you're a complete beginner, so don't know it and print it. If you're using traditional mediums like pen and paper. And if you're using quote shop, you can open it with photo shop and use it as a base. In my case, are useful to shop, so I will open it. Okay, now. So what's the first steps? Have you resumed this in 100%? And remember our in brush? I was select our English Gary ago and I've you create I knew Layer and I were called it Grass hopes. Sorry, grass. So you'll start first Wit digress. No, don't try, Toby. The perfect grass. As you can see, I use a simple strokes and try the strokes, Toby as random as possible. So as you can see, the grass around us is very random. Simple, simple strokes like this. Play with it. Don't try to be perfect. Is you can see I'm trying toe be very random with the strokes. Like so. I think if you're using a traditional pennant paper, it will be even easier to draw the grass. Okay, now, the first step, the grass, it's ready. So if you know, if you want to add some more details, for example right here you can at more grass. Are you at more grass like this? This is not necessary. But I like playing with it. Details like this, By the way, I very like to draw a grass and three cent of stuff. Okay, I think that is enough for now. No. What these? The second step. Great. A new layer. And are you called that layer then? And let's bring the document Lito like this to have more room to work with. And so let's boot our tent right somewhere here. How to draw it? Well, it's very, very easy. Basically, look for these four cubes and from the center here like this create a simple triangular shape dare ago. You can add this middle stroke here also. No, we've create the triangular shape. And now basically, we have to create another horizontal line here for the next two coops. So around here, stop. No. Finish the shape in this corner right here. See the same shape. Okay. No, the tent is ready. I will play with details like this as I mentioned time, I like very much playing with details. Dumb. We have the grass, we have the tent and we can start playing with the trees. New layer grease. So for the trees in the front, abuse around four cubes. Mm. I was start somewhere from here. Play with shape, right this dairy ago? No. If you're using photo shop and you're lazy what you can do, you can press control and j and basically take this part and flip it horizontal and you can make the exact same shape. And from the other side this is only if you're lazy Onley if you're using for shop. But let's not be lays right now. And are you draw in the other house? Actually, I don't like this shape very much. I would delete it and create a new one. Let's throw another three somewhere here. Don't be scared to experiment. It doesn't have to be perfect. Remember, in nature, there's pretty much known off symmetrical stuff. Everything kiss organic and the non symmetrical, or create another tree here smaller. Another here to create whoops to create a depth of field effect. And I think that's enough. Let's keep it simple. Okay, we have the grass, the 10th in threes. Now let's draw the moon. It goes to recreating tonight scene. If it's so daytime scene, you can draw some. It's basically they have the same shapes sold on Tory more. Start by simple circle. Nothing fancy. And are you great? This circle shapes in the details. That's enough for the moon. And now let's create the clouds. New layer clouds again. Use simple shapes. One curved stroke like this. Remember, one stroke The 2nd 1 You can create it like this, basically the same, but bigger and dollar. Ronnie's the middle size, something like this, and now I will create some strokes, hopes like this to create, to create a nice detail, and I would create another clout right here above simple shapes. Nothing fancy like this. Oh, gay. We're pretty much ready with this scene and the light. And the last thing we need to do is to create the stars. I really like to draw stars, So I will create here Ah, wide background to see what we've created. A white background. Okay, Press G painted it white. And as you could see, the scene is almost ready now are you? Create the final layer here and are created stars. And now the most fun part ful created stars. I really like throwing stars first create some bigger stars like this. No, I will create the size of the brush two pixels to create some little stars. Keep it around them. As you can see, I create more stars in specific places and leave it empty. Here, here, here. So are you create now the size even one peak. So and I can feel the white spaces here with little little distant stars. And I think that it's pretty much ready. What do you think now? If you're using, if you're drowned this picture on paper, you can use pencils to call or it if you want. And if you're using photo shop like me, we can paint it digitally. You don't have to paint it, but let's paint it because from I like color. So help the paint. It's I will create a new folder and I will call it line work. I would take all off this line work, and I will put it in the folder. Okay, Now we're organized and basically create a new layer here. Ah, both beneath. Excuse me. Beneath the line work hopes beneath the land work folder, and I will call that goal or and grass. Oops. Okay, take some nice green collar. Have you just something like, Ah, this one. And ah, what brush we should use? I will take some painting brush like this, but you can use basically what brush you want and start painting the backgrounds. Okay, We created the grass. Now let's draw the color for the tent. Creates a new layer. Call it color Dent. And for the tent, I was the blue color. Don't try to be perfect. This a panic of the road. We're supposed to having fun. Okay, now let's paint the trees. Same Craig Miller color trees. And I've used again green color, but something darker, something like Discover. Let's try it. Um, I don't like this color. Let's make it greener. Okay, that's much better. So later on, I will give you the color palette so you can use the colors. And don't worry about that. You can take the color science here and to use it for yourself. Now let's paint in the trees. Let's paint and the moon. I would take some gray color for the base. Some shadow effect light defect here, and we're ready with the basic colors. I think the illustration is finished, but there's also room for some improvements. So some people will I actually want to create in the sky. So let's see how you don't work sky for the sky for the night. I've used some blue color like these Very light, very light color. I will bring the past it down 50% ISS. Okay. And now I'm creating new layer for the clouds, and I will paint them in white to make them pop up. Okay, Perfect. Now final effect. Mm. I create a the bull Fordice layer Final One and I will call that effects and I will take some normal based brush like this one, and I will make some light from the moon hitting the tent trees, the grass and a gross a little bit here, and that's it for the final illustration. So if you want to play a little bit with colors, Don's levels, you can create new layer. Both all of this and press control out, shift and e to merch all the layers into one single layer. Now press control and L toe open the levels, and you can play some with the levels something like this control and be to play with the color balance. You can play with the desert colors. I will make it like this something cartooning and yeah, that's it. Before off. Yeah, so that's it. The final picture, guys. And don't try to use the same brush. Issa's me same techniques. I'll give you the simple steps to follow along if you're a complete beginner, but always try to experiment new things and try to develop your own style. Don't take my words to serious. Use my information as a baseline and experiment. Don't be too afraid to experiment and to find your own style. So that's it for this video, and I hope you like it. CIA in the next one, by