You Can Draw Faces; How To Succeed Every Time

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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8 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Faces INTRO

    • 2. Faces Materials

    • 3. Faces Getting Started

    • 4. Faces Draw 1

    • 5. Faces Draw 2

    • 6. Faces PAINT 1

    • 7. Faces Paint 2

    • 8. Faces Paint Finish


About This Class


You Can Draw Faces; How To Succeed Every Time

Most people stay away from drawing faces. The whole process is a mystery that leads to feelings of inadequacy. I am here to show you that there is a simple way to break those artistic fetters and really start drawing faces.

Getting the features in the right place will be our first milestone in this class. Keeping the features simple, and in the right place will start you on your way. We will then apply these new skills to a watercolor face that I will be doing with you.


Have you ever wondered why we struggle with drawing and painting faces?

Have you ever tried to draw a face and immediately start to get bogged down and confused with all the details?

In short have you decided that drawing faces and painting them is not much fun?

On the other hand, do feel that you can draw faces very well but are bored with the monotony of the same old same old.

Maybe you are looking to speed up the whole face drawing process and try a new approach?

I want to show you a straightforward approach to drawing faces. An approach that will get you results immediately and spark your confidence to go even deeper into your drawing. I have used this approach with many students over the past 30 years and with great success.

The secret is learning about shapes and divisions. If all you are doing is trying to draw a face you are going to stumble right away. If you can perceive the face as a boundary full of interesting shapes and you can locate  these shapes into a 'measured order' will draw a face every time and it will look like a face every time. I guarantee it!

I'll give you the 'Face Drawing System' at the start of the class. We will master it in about 5 minutes and then move forward to applying it with a realistic drawing and painting of a face.. No photos, screen shots, or mirrors will be used to 'copy' from. 

You will need:
 -HB pencil, an eraser, and a blending stump. (a finger or Q-tip will also work)
-140lb watercolor paper or a heavy piece of paper
-Watercolor paints
-good pencil crayons.(something that will add some accent colors)
-practice paper.

I will guide you step by step all the way through the entire class and we will learn together.

Finish Up With color. depth, and decoration


Bring Your Picture As Far As You Want Or Keep It Very Simple