You Can Draw Butterfly Art Coloring Sheets - No Art Skill Required - Procreate Quadrant Symmetry | Stephanie Bergeron | Skillshare

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You Can Draw Butterfly Art Coloring Sheets - No Art Skill Required - Procreate Quadrant Symmetry

teacher avatar Stephanie Bergeron, Art Teacher Digital & Traditional Media

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. How to Use Photos

    • 4. Setup Symmetry Tool

    • 5. Project Butterfly

    • 6. Project Easy Flowers

    • 7. Save & Share

    • 8. Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

This Quick lesson is great for All Skill Levels especially beginners and folks who think they can't draw. With an iPad that can run the Procreate App, I share the super easy steps for creating a beautiful Butterfly Coloring pages or Greeting Cards! You will learn how to download Copyright-Free Images from UnSplash and use the amazing Quadrant Symmetry tool in Procreate.

The butterfly photo I use is also available here in the class resources. I will walk you through the few simple steps needed to create your class project.

You will be amazed at how fun and easy it really is to make a finished piece of art!

You will use:

The Procreate App (Current Version)
An iPad that can Run the Procreate App
A Stylus or Your Finger (I'll be using the Apple Pencil)

A clear photo of a butterfly that you can easily see the outline of the wings. The photo is available on Unsplash and down below in the Class Project Section too!

Meet Your Teacher

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Stephanie Bergeron

Art Teacher Digital & Traditional Media


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1. Welcome : hello and welcome to deliberately creative on skill share. I'm Stephanie and I have been teaching since 2015 on YouTube on my deliberately creative channel. I have over 450 lessons over there. But I am so excited to be here teaching about fun things you can do in procreate. This is my second lesson. If you're interested in the first lesson using radial symmetry and the super simple, easiest Rose you've ever drawn that you don't even need drawing skills to dio check out that lesson after this one. But for now, we're going to be doing a fun procreate lesson in Quadrant Cemetery. Sort of like this one I did. This is a sample. This is actually a printed out on a piece of printer paper. You can do art on your iPad and then you can save it and send it to yourself and print it on your own printer at home. Or, if you work in larger sizes that don't print well on your home printer, you can send it to print on demand sites. There's a ton of teachers here on skill Schaer teaching how to use print on demand so make sure after the class is over and you've checked out my other lesson that you check out those teachers that air, doing fun things with print on demand. Let's get started on this lesson with what materials we need. 2. Materials: All right. So what materials do we need for this project? Well, we need a stylus. I'm going to use the apple pencil. Or you can use your finger to do all of the work. Really? In truly, it's not hard, and you can do it with just a finger. If that's all you've got, then you're going to need an iPad. Your iPad needs to be able to run procreate. So double check that your iPad has procreate loaded. Now, if you don't have an iPad and you don't have procreate but you have a computer with a program that does cemetery, you can probably figure out how to apply what you learn in this class to the programs that you have. Don't feel limited by not having the iPad because I had people in my first class who said, Hey, I don't have an iPad, but I could do everything that you taught because they had a computer with a program that ran cemetery. That's all we need. So let's get started on getting set up with our photograph 3. How to Use Photos: going to get set up with our photograph. Now you can use any picture of a butterfly if you took pictures of butterflies with your own camera. Awesome. Use your butterfly. Makes it even more personal and even more fun. I'm using safari and I'm going to the website unspool ash and all I did was type in unflashy dot com. We're going to search for Butterfly. I'm just going to type in butterfly and hit return so we get a page of over 6000 butterflies and truthfully, what you're looking for is a shape that you like. It does not have to be just a flat butterfly like this one. It could be a butterfly with its wings up like this one. Any butterfly will work. You're not limited. I want to remember this one. So I'm going to click on collect and my insects in nature collection. If you sign up with unspool ash, there's no cost. It's free to use its three pictures that you can use privately and commercially so you can use it in your artwork and you're not violating anyone's copyrights. Now one of the things that's nice about this is that if you download, it will open up in a large screen. You can click and hold your finger on the screen, then save the image. When you save the image, it saves it right to your camera roll, and then we're ready to go in to procreate. 4. Setup Symmetry Tool: all right, we're gonna get set up in procreate. Now I'm going to open, procreate and get a new canvas by clicking on the plus, then clicking on create. And this. I want to do this in inches, and right now you see how it says too large right here. That's because one of those numbers is 2400 inches. We're going to go eight inches by eight inches and make sure that we're on 300 dots per inch right there, then click on Create. The reason why I chose eight inches by eight inches is that that gives us a nice size screen to be able to work on, and it makes it so you can print on your home printer on standard 8.5 by 11 paper. If you are doing things where you're going to print on demand, you can use larger size sheets of paper. But remember, a larger screen reduces the number of layers you can use. Now an eight by eight on my iPad, I get 89 layers. What we have here is our piece of paper. I want to bring my butterfly, so I'm going to go to the wrench or spanner and click on add. Then I'm going to click on Insert a photo and it will bring up my camera roll. I'm going to choose the last thing that I put into my camera roll, which was that butterfly, and I want to make sure that I select uniform. If you don't have uniform on, it's, it's on free form. If you grab it and move it around, you see how it's flexing and moving. And then if you press and hold on one corner, you can actually get really cool perspective on it, you know? So maybe that's what you wanted to dio. Maybe you want to change the perspective of your butterfly before you draw. It works. It's really cool that way, but I want my butterfly to be uniform. I kind of like this butterfly the way it iss. I want the butterfly to end up looking like it's standing on the flowers that we're going to create. If you can write your name, you can do these flowers honest, and we're going to trace the butterfly. So don't worry, it's going to be OK. So now let's go click on our layers palette. I want to click on the end and reduce the opacity of that butterfly. So that way I will be able to see my pen line when I draw over the top of it. But now I need another layer. So I'm going to add a layer so this layer is above the butterfly. You don't want to be on the butterfly layer when you start to drop, because then you're drawing on the butterfly layer and not on your assisted layer that we're gonna set up right now. So we're on layer to I'm going to click that spanner again or wrench. We're going to click on canvas and then we're going to click on the drawing guide and at it , the drawing guy. Then we're going to click on cemetery rotational symmetry and make sure, very in quadrant. And then I'm going to say, Done. Now I have this layer right here, and it says Layer two, and it says assisted 5. Project Butterfly : I'm going to resize, make it big because I need to be able to draw and I'm going to rotate it so it's easy for my hand to draw. We need to make sure that the pen is set to technical pen, so I need to go back to thinking and technical pen. The reason I like the technical pen is that it makes a consistent line. If you like a line that's a little more lively, you can choose the studio pen. The studio pen gives you thick and thin lines more like a traditional nib type pen. The technical pen is more like a technical pen. It gives you a consistent line. So for this project, I want a consistent line. We're going to just trace this butterfly, and now I see his I right here in his little face right there. You see how it's going around the screen here? All right, then we're going to. We don't see a lot of his body, but there's his tummy I can see, and then the top wing and the bottom wing. We can clean up the lines to you don't have to have a perfect line every time and then the back wing. Now he has little legs, that air sticking out and he has some antenna. I'm not going to put his little mouth part here, that little bit that's coming out like this. That just confuses people. So antenna and antenna and I am going to put his little legs on. Look at that. I am still just tracing. Now. Tracing is not cheating. Tracing is a skill that helps you to see what's going on, and it gives you kind of like training wheels something that you can use. You're going to use this as a way toe. Learn how to make those shapes. You're going to learn to use this as a way to speed up your process, to get to the things that you want to do more fun. If you're just doing this because it's a quick way to make some coloring pages for your kids, trace, please trace. If you don't feel comfortable withdrawing Trace, it's OK. But if you're somebody who wants to develop their skills and become a maybe a commercial artist someday or professional artist doing professional books and things like that, you want to build that language in your mind of how things go together. How do the wings it on a butterfly? Tracing is a great way toe. Learn how things fit, especially on something that flies away, that you really can't get up close and look at in real life. Use photographs and go ahead and trace. It's okay Now, I need to get some of these little patterns in here. And I really like how this wing has these little patterns here that look almost like leaves or hearts. Look at that. They look almost like leaves or heart. So I think I'm going to make them more heart like, because this is a coloring sheet that I am creating. And look at that. You learned just by doing that how the pattern flows around the butterfly's wing. All right, so now I am I am going to simplify the inside of his wing. I made a big teardrop, and I am just going to make little lines coming off just like this. Now I'm going to finish putting this butterfly in really quick. Now we've got the butterfly drawn in and you've got four butterflies. We only have to clean up one of them. So I'm going to take the take the original photograph off and just pick one butterfly because there's some little things that I want to clean up is one of the tricks that makes it look like a polished drawing. The cleanup makes all the difference. Now, my brush or my my cleanup brush. I'm actually using studio pen set fairly small for my eraser. And I'm just going to go through and clean up these spots. If I redraw something on this one, it redraws it on all of them. I'm going to go ahead and quickly do this. All right, There we go. Look at that and see, just cleaning it up gives you a much more defined butterfly. Now I see one more edge that I really want to thicken up. And that's this bottom edge of the wing right here. Because it's so close to the body, we kind of need to separate it. And I was thinking that maybe I do want to make those more like leaves by going through the center of each of those hearts. Yeah, I like that 6. Project Easy Flowers: So now we need to put the flowers on. To do that, we need to go to the layers panel and duplicate this layer. Okay, so and it is just by duplicating it, it maintains all of the same settings that you had on the layer before. Now I want to go to that underneath layer. We're going to go to the selection tool, click the background and then click on invert by inverting We now have the butterfly selected and we can go in change the color of our ink toe white change the brush to an airbrush or something that's really big. That gives you a solid coverage. So I changed it to airbrush, and I've made it fairly large. Make sure still that I'm on that bottom layer of my to There we go. And now I can boom. You notice I didn't even go over the whole thing. I just did it in one spot. All of the butterflies are colored, and we can check that by going toothy background and turning off the background. Now you see the butterflies or opaque. I do need to join these two layers together because one is the outline the other is the white feeling of the of the butterflies. So because I'm doing this to make black and white coloring sheet, reducing my layers as I go, I'm going to create a new layer quick. Now I need that to be assisted. The way to do that is to click on the new layer that doesn't say assisted, and then quick on drawing assist right here. Now it's assisted. Now it has the quadrant assist going on. I am going to take that layer and drop it below my butterflies. I do want to go ahead and turn on the background color. It's just easier for you to see. Now we do have to make sure that we're back on the technical pen in black the right size. We're going to do a super simple flower. If you can write your name, you can make flowers. This flower is easy and it makes it really nice because we can get three more flowers for everyone. We can get a big bundle of flowers really fast. All right, we're going to do the super simple flower. First thing you're going to do is go underneath of one of his feet and you're just going to draw a circle. Then you are going to draw a backwards letter C starting at the circle and ending at the circle under his feet because that makes it look like he's standing on the flower. Then we're going to go ahead and draw another backwards. See, now we're drawing a forward, see? And then so you flower easy. Now I want to put a few more in. All right, So we're gonna zoom in here, and we're going to put some detail lines in on some of these flowers. Let's think I'm gonna go with this way. So it's really close to being done. But I think we need maybe a few leaves and I'm just going to come out here and do a leaf. This type of art is so relaxing, and it's very addicting. You can really spend a lot of time detail ing that's on the butterfly there and there we go . Isn't that pretty? 7. Save & Share: Alright, guys, what do you think? Is that pretty? Are you happy that you took this class? So to share your project with us on your my projects Tab, you're going to click on the spanner, click on share and then click on JPEG. You want to save it to your images and then you've got it. All you'll do then is go to skill share, click on my projects and upload your picture. It's really easy. 8. Closing Thoughts : I hope you enjoyed this project. I really have so much fun doing. These is something that you do one and then you do another. Pretty soon you've got a coloring book and that you're going to try it out even if you don't have an iPad. You can do this in many different programs that have cemetery. Check him out and see if these things will apply. But that should they dio and a lot of them. Remember to click that like button on this class. Share the class with your friends. Share on your social media share with me on social media at deliberately creative. Everywhere there's a review bar that popped up at the top of the screen. If you could click on the review and let skill share know if this class met your needs or exceeded them, I would really appreciate it. That's one of the way skill share knows that they should start promoting. My class is if people are taking it and reviewing it and up loading their projects. I have another class here on skill share, doing radial symmetry with the easiest, fastest, most simple rose you've ever drawn, and it will knock your socks off. Remember to go out and do something creative. Take care of yourself so you can take care of those around you. And I hope to see you back here again on skill share. Really soon, but by