You CAN Draw, part 1, How to do Contour Drawing | Kim Victoria | Skillshare

You CAN Draw, part 1, How to do Contour Drawing

Kim Victoria, Artist, Teacher, Painting With Intention

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13 Videos (46m)
    • 1Contour vid Introduction

    • 2Contour vid materials

    • 3Contour vid 1stDraw

    • 4Contour vid scribble

    • 5Contour vid 1stDemo

    • 6Contour vid6 1stHand

    • 7Contour vid practiceBlind

    • 8Contour vid Quick Glance

    • 9Contour vid CheckingIn

    • 10Contour vid Simplified

    • 11Contour vid FinalDraw

    • 12Contour vid encouragement

    • 13Contour vid conclusion


About This Class

I learned Contour Drawing early in life and use it constantly in my art; however, I’ve discovered that most people don’t know it and that’s why they struggle learning how to draw. I want to change that, I want to share how simple drawing is when you learn how to see, and how to think about what you see.

    •    Develop the skill you need to draw or illustrate anything well
    •    Train your eye-to-hand coordination and communication easily and quickly
    •    Find out you CAN draw after all

You will practice the drawing skills demonstrated after each teaching segment to gradually build understanding and coordination.

Within the first 20 minutes of class time you will be drawing, and by the end of the class will be able to see objects as never before and complete 2 drawings to share.

No prior drawing or art experience is needed to take this class. If you have some experience but have never done Contour Drawing you will notice a dramatic improvement in your ability.

Whether your goal is drawing, illustration, design or painting, with materials or on the computer, and regardless of style, this class will provide the foundational skill you need to quickly improve in all these fields.

The total time of all the segments of this class is 45 minutes





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Kim Victoria

Artist, Teacher, Painting With Intention

The magic of seeing like an artist

I help evolving artists develop their fine art mind through my painting with intention seeing and thinking processes. I know how to make these ideas clear and easy to actually do.

Early childhood drawing lessons got me started in seeing like an artist, but it wasn't until I found a great teacher that my eyes were opened to all the amazing visual symbolism everywhere in nature, which gave me passion to share this knowledge ever since.

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