You Are the Captain of Your Own Soul

Kristen Becker, NLP & Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner

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8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction to Alignment & Your Inner Guidance System

    • 2. Know Your Because: How to Pivot Away from Fear Based Motivation

    • 3. Empower Yourself with the 5 Second Rule

    • 4. Step by Step: Putting it into Practice

    • 5. Your Practical Guide to Alignment

    • 6. Put it into Practice

    • 7. Bonus: Guided Inner Harmony Visualization

    • 8. Bonus: Energy & Manifesting


About This Class

You are the captain of your own soul! Stop reacting to life and learn to confidently follow your own intuition & inner guidance system using easy to understand & implement NLP techniques.

Are you creating a life that truly inspires you or merely getting through the life that seems to be happening to you? The truth is, most people go through life, reacting to what happens to and around them, wondering why  they feel helpless and are not living a life that speaks to their soul. You are the captain of your own soul! Its just that we are not taught how to align with our true selves and bring that life out into the open.  We make decisions based on fear and conditioning rather than basing them on what is aligned with how we want to feel. The good news is that it’s really quite easy to become aligned with your true self.

  • Learn to make the choices that are aligned with what you truly desire.
  • Learn to foster the types of relationships that nurture and inspire your soul.
  • Learn to naturally gravitate toward the people, opportunities and experiences that are aligned with how you truly want to feel!

In this course you will learn incredibly simple NLP techniques to quickly align you with your true self. You will learn how to stop reacting to life and to follow your own, finely tuned and highly accurate inner guidance system. You will become empowered to confidently and naturally guide every aspect of your life in the direction that inspires and uplifts you.