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Yogic Sun Salutations - Step by Step Tutorial

teacher avatar Anastasia, Yoga Teacher & Meditation Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Story Behind the Surya Namaskara

    • 3. Benefits of Surya Namaskara

    • 4. Pranamasana

    • 5. Hasta Uttanasana

    • 6. Uttanasana

    • 7. Ashva Sanchalanasana

    • 8. Parvatasana

    • 9. Ashtanga Namaskara

    • 10. Bhujangasana

    • 11. Practice

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

A Sun Salutation tutorial for beginners, anyone who needs a refresh, or yoga teachers who needs tip on how to teach the sequence.

A sun salutation is one of the most commonly practice sequences throughout yoga classes today, regardless of location, and usually regardless of the style. It's a sequence that strengthens, energizes, and works on the entire self - body, mind, and soul. But with such an emphasis on it, a sun salutation also comes with caution, such as prevention of injury.

I highly recommend spending the time to watch this class and to learn the proper technique, strengthen the body, and be patient while the journey takes it's course. I promise, with consistent practice, you will be saluting the sun in no time!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Yoga Teacher & Meditation Instructor


My name is Anastasia - Ana Prem. For the last years, I've been traveling around the world and taught yoga on 3 different continents, 7 different countries, and 3 languages, and now I would love to share my knowledge with you :)

I am an Indian Yoga Federation Yoga and Meditation Instructor, IAYT Yoga Therapist, and a Certified Personal Trainer. 

Along with my work as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, I am offering my students a 360-degree approach to their well-being through Art Therapy (neurographics), Yoga Nidra - works with subconsciousness, and Leela: The Game of Self-Knowledge. Currently, I am organizing Boutique Wellness Retreats in Los Angeles, Himalayan Retreats in India, managing my online Yoga Community - Your Friendly Guru (check the link below) and, o... See full profile

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1. Intro: the most everyone. This is a course about the Syrian. A mascara sounds irritation, a wide known sequence from the yoga practice. Throughout this course, I'm going to share with you where the sun salute came from, where it originated from. What is the purpose and the sense behind this practice? How you can begin incorporate this practice into your daily routine, what kind of benefits you can get from the practice and what kind of contraindications you should be aware off. When you start into practice San salutes, we will take a look at each post. I'll talk about each posture in the name of the post, how you can perform it and how you can make it easier if you feel that, um, the poses too intense for you right now. For this course, you're going to need only the yoga mat, a couple of blocks and the comfortable clothes. So if you're ready, let's get started 2. Story Behind the Surya Namaskara: so I would like to begin with just giving you an idea on a little bit of story. Behind the sun salutation Suri in the mosque, Autumn Syria translating as a son, the mascot and a Mosca is a salutation. Ah, the sun salutations are actually norther, part of traditional yoga. And at the very beginning, that was originated as, ah, an actual worshipping off the sun. So it was a part of the frustrations and it was mentioned in a very ancient text vetters in Hinduism, the sun viewed as an actual god or deity. So that's why the sun salutation was a way to worship this God, even the way the sun moves throughout the day, often linked to them. The Holy Trinity in the Hindu is Ah, the creator. When the sun comes up the sustainer than the sun is in the sky and the destroyer when the sun is goes down So, um, kind of a way to see the circle off the life the sun salutes who used to be connected to the different mantras where you supposed to be, ah, saying mentally or out loud the mantra as you moving for the practice. We're not going to go too deep into this particular way off. Practicing sounds irritation in this course. I would like to just concentrate on them, um, physical aspect of this practice and just to loan how to perform it correctly. Nowadays, there's a few ways off few writers off san salutation exists. We're going to take a look on the more traditional one, which is a little bit safer for our shoulders and backs. Ah, the other two versions is the two versions from Ashtanga vinyasa practice. So if you used to go to the group clauses in the studios, that probably would You practicing with the push ups, we're going to take a look on a slightly different practice, which also will be extremely beneficial for you, for your body, for your mental health as well. 3. Benefits of Surya Namaskara: the benefits off san salutation. The sun salute has positive effects on a variety of systems in the body. That would be just the overall the physical body preparing the joints, stretching and strengthening the muscles in the body to preparing you for ah, the practice off asana the the yoga postures. It also stretches the nerves. So has a positive effect of nervous system. It works with a variety off respiratory muscles to help you to develop a deeper and mawr mindful breath. Also, because there is, um, a connection between the breath and the movement as you go for the practice has a positive effect on the blood circulation on the endocrine system as well. Because of the facts, the lean circulation throughout the body from the more subtle point off you. It works with the pranic channels, not ease to believe, to help you, to allow the pranic energy to flow throughout the old body. Um, one of the greatest effect off the sun salutation is that it helps you to feel more energized, helps you to few more awaking. That's why this practice is a wonderful practice to adorn into your morning routine or into your morning yoga sequence if you have one already established for yourself, So let's take a look on a few posters, which are included in the sun salutation. 4. Pranamasana: so the sound sanitation is 12 posters. This 12 postures are being repeated twice, so basically to see exposes each of them repeated twice. I'm going to be showing you the post and naming each posts and give you a translation and give you a few insights how you can maybe make it a bit more accessible and how you can challenge yourself through our disciples and the first post, probably the easiest one is prana masin, top of the yoga mat with the feet together. So really encourage you to take your time at the very beginning to develop this awareness over the balance between the right and left foot, pressing your feet down into the floor, relax in the toes and arms can be along the sites to begin with to just experience. How you holding your weight, how you distributing your weight on your feet and then eventually bringing the palms together. Sopron Aama means the prayer and we begin Ah, the sun salute with the um, kind of bringing the attention within the body with drawing the attention. So throughout the practice, this attention, this energy stays within our bodies. Breast the thumbs into your chest as you staying here, you have an opportunity to assess your static posture, making sure that there is no low back arch for that role you reap slightly in. Imagine like you want to press your low back behind you relax in the toes into the floor, pressing for the heels and developing the sense off the center line of the body. Each pose and sun salute will be this awareness this geometrical shape around the center line of the body. Parana Mawson. 5. Hasta Uttanasana: hasta una Sana. Hasta means hands, autonomy, ins extension or relegation hostile town asana With your arms extended up, you move your arms away from your ears and behind the line off your ears, drawing your ribs in to protect your low doc. You reaching your sternum up slightly, lifting your head looking up in the diagonal. Push the pelvis forward slightly, contracting the thighs and glutes, pulling the kneecaps in and up breathing. Inhale so this post can be quite challenging for those who just beginning practicing because of the restrictions in the movement, especially if you have a frozen shoulders or and of this, this posture, this postural habit. So here's two ways, which can be helpful for you to, um, make way towards this pose. And the first way is instead of lifting arms forward in front, a few extended to the sites up with your palms facing towards each other. You can either stay here or join the fingertips or palms together, and instead of arching too deep, you just send your sternum up. So just to stretch the, um, the respiratory muscles here and work with the Oper body and all this position, make sure that your luck's is anchored into the floor. So there is no really relaxed glued to relax ties, because that's what would create the overarching in your low back and pinching uncomfortable sensation in your back. So way to perform a number one. And if even that is not working, keep your elbows bent Cocteau's arms and once again, don't go too far, but just chest rises. Lex Strong reaps in hasta Atanas. 6. Uttanasana: Jonassen. The next one is Luton Asana, folding forward with your feet together. Toast. Relax, Lex. Tree leaning forward towards you. Relax. Place in the palms from the either side off your feet as you folding, breathing the forehead towards solutions. So this post another pre challenging and very Coleman post, which we see in the yoga practice. Oh Tanase in there is allegation. So the spine here is pretty passive. It's a passive stretching for the spine. All work happens in our lex, the pelvis rotating around the femur, bone thighs rotating slightly in. And because of the rotation of the pelvis, the spine is hanging down What usually happens. There is no movement in the pelvis, and we're just trying, trying to reach down. That's not gonna work. And as Ghana, if it's going to be rich, repetitive movement, it's gonna injury about. So what is the waste, too? Get in the post and the most easier way, of course. Dunning the needs. So when you're folding forward, you want to band Younis and place the belly on the top off your thighs. Benjani's as much as you need. Once you found this connection, you're starting to work towards sending the heaps up, but you maintain the belly pressed into your thighs, and if you feel that they starting to disconnect from each other, you just pow's and work here just brief. Otherwise, at some point you'll get all the way. Another way to do here issues couple of blocks as an extension off your arms, especially if you're pretty high. Yet here, the bending the knees and just trying to bring the tour so down to the thighs would be the way to begin. I just want to urge you that often we get too comfortable with the way that we bending our knees and we allow our spine to hang. So if you don't have any injuries, the previous injuries, or any issues with your low back, I would suggest you to work towards the straight Lex. So you begin with your belly in your thighs, but then we keep in mind. But you steal 12 delegation through the hamstrings. You still want to send your seat bones up, so that would, um, well help you to progress in this pose. I want to share you one exercise with you when you get more comfortable more confident with this pose. What you can do is use the block. So how you can loan and teach yourself Ah, the awareness of the pelvis and the lex when you fold for it. So when he's starting to squeeze the bloke as hard as you can, you starting to feel engagement right here and the rotation off your thighs in. So what this rotation brings is your pelvis already. Start to get to this rotation and get to the point when the spine can just hang down so you can begin with doing just the five times off, inhaling arms up and exceeding arms for the sides. And you can go super slow, even palms keeping on the heaps, rotating the size in in into the point when you feel that. Okay, this is my maximum. I try to touch the floor, maybe my elex or maybe go all the way down and just see here Experience here would is engagement in the lax and the pelvis feels like, and then, as you coming up once again, lack strong comma. So this engagement in the lex will definitely three up three up the space in your spine. You feel that everything comes fruit. This from this legs comes from your core. The core will lift you up to this exercise is definitely very, very beneficial for those who learning Um, the folding forwards. 7. Ashva Sanchalanasana: all right. The next post ash was Sentul asana. Ashley means the horse and San Chela, the person who's riding the horse. The are essential us in the basically the low lunch. When you're stepping one foot back, you pulling the floor towards yourself slightly to reach your chest forward, and that's would be associated with the in whole elation. Ah, one of the waste to maintain the balance here. Stoke Latos Under. Sometimes it helps to become more aware of your position and disposed. Roll the inner thighs towards each other, seeing deeper for the right heap. But again, do not allow yourself to over arch. All these always awareness off those reaps inwards sometimes. Um, for those who have a sensitive knees, I suggested to have a blanket, a place on the yoga mats. We can always bring the knee down to the blanket will just roll the yoga mat and place your knee down to two folded Matt. One of the ways to support yourself here once again with the palms on the blocks, it will help you to find more space in the upper body. Pay attention. The front knee. It's never should be so where often I see this way he'll lifted because off the restriction in the way you can step back. So if you're stepping back and you notice you okay, I'm too close. Just bring this food a little bit more forward. So the food is planted and the knee above your ankle Or just the little bit more forward. Ash ra sun chill. Awesome. 8. Parvatasana: part of a Tesana war. Another way to call this post is at home. Okay, Schwann asana or a downward facing dog? Very common poses in the York Bulls in the yoga practice. And you probably need to take the whole course to take a look on every little alignment and dispose, which is going to, um, Lucas, the general points here. Key points. So when you're coming in the downward facing dog, your palms down fingers spread the index and middle pointing straightforward. The restates are in the parallel with the front side of the yoga mat. Difference between distance between your palms. Same is between your shoulders. Distance between your feet. Same is between your heaps. You press the floor away, lifting your heaps. You can begin with keeping your knees bend. Reeves in. You don't want to arch. You want to maintain that weirdness over the long spine, so this kinetic chain from your greased elbows shoulder back to your sacrum had relaxing. Imagine you want to look up towards your navel, and eventually the heels will be coming down. The legs are very active here. Even if you heal swift it you want to work towards descending your weight back para batasan apart with the actually translating as a mountain and I percent a lot like this name a little bit more for dispose because when we think about the mountain we have a base, the foundation of the mountain, which is our pumps and our feet and we have the tip are the pick over the mountain, which is our sit bones. So if you just imagine yourself being in this shape, you're trying to really reach the speak up and ground yourself more through other palms and feet. So there is various ways to adjust and to support yourself in the downward facing dog. I'm just going to show you already gave you one to bending your knees at the beginning to just establish the more balance more foundation Another one. If you have a sensitive Reese, you might want to use couple of blocks here. Blocks will elevate you, and it will be easier for you to shift their weight back. So you pressing the Reese into their blocks and shifting the weight once again. If you need to bend your if you need to bend your knees, do that. So we have the basis you pressing the blocks away. If that doesn't work, either you can just substitute it with a child post. That's absolutely, um, fine. So instead of downward facing dork, you're just sitting back forehead. Now that could be a substitution if you'd like to take it easier. 9. Ashtanga Namaskara: a stronger Nama Scott hasta means eight angle. Eames, Nama. Skaara is the salutation. So we touching the floor with eight points, which is our toes, our niece palms, chest and chin. Um, the more important the most important thing of in this post, I would say to once again protect the low back by drawing the ribs in, but I think was really challenging. Here is the transitioning in this post and bring in the chest down. One thing I want you to imagine that you holding the pencils in your armpits and you never want to allow your elbows to fall to the sites that can bring this imbalance in the post. So we are transitioning in this post from the downward face Indo either by placing the knees first, chest and chin, though, or if you're practicing for a while all together while we're going through the sequence and this is the post when they're trying to hold our breath. That's why when you holding your breath, you want to pull your belly slightly in and rips in. So that's already breath. Give you a tip that by pulling your obscene, you protecting your low back. Okay, one thing here to maybe make it a little bit more easy at the beginning is instead of going straight from down dog, shift forward into the playing. So you already little lower knee's down chest chin. So I would see with this pose is just the practice. Practice practice will get you into the shape. 10. Bhujangasana: Bujang Goss in them. Cool propose. So for the Buddha and Gas Unum from your belly, the toenails pressing down feed Hebrew support as you will be lifting up your knees will slightly will be pulled in so your thighs will be engaging. Instead of pushing yourself into the floor, I really suggest to pull so they really this pooling motion the palms in one line with your chest. Inhale. Start pulling. You still keeping those pencils in your armpits chest rising up. Don't go hanging here, no elbows bent, pointing back. You might even want to rule your shoulders back and lower them down the pubic bone in the lower part of few belly pressing into the floor. Face relaxes. Don't look up. Don't look down. Look in front a few and push your chin slightly in Eugene Gasana Cobra pose. 11. Practice: Now we know all the poses, which is which are forming the sun salutation. Let's take two rounds of sun salute and see how it works. The transitioning between the poses, the breath, the attention. One round we will do slower housing in each post for the few breaths and the second round, we'll do one breath, one movement. So begin on the top of the yoga mat feet together. Toast. Relax. Bring your palms together towards your heart. Brahmas established the balance between the right and left foot. Inhale your way. Reach your arms up. Hostile. Don awesome. Exhale your way. Fold forward. Jonasson, take couple of breaths here. Experience the strong LAX and release off your spy. Step your right foot back. Need down to the floor if you need to use the blokes. Rob the blokes. Ash essential Lassen Once a game. Couple of breaths Allow your right heap to seeing down towards the floor part of what the US in stepping back knees can be bent. Stung in the mosque are eight points. Knees, chest chin. Hold your breath. Now pull the floor towards yourself. Cooled rub Egan. Hail ex CEO. Downward facing. No! Now we will step left foot forward I the drop your knees down and step well. Step along the way through Back in Joshua Son Chela's Xia Lift your back me up. Step your right food to the left Who done us once again Coppola Breath strong Lex Arms forward over the sites. Inhale reach. Exhale Palms to the hard prana Masum One round include two sides So inhale Ha sto Tanase Xia Wu Done us left food Step back. Drop your knee. Powell's Parvati Rocinha They're chamber are stung. Enormous car and knees. Chest, chin hole Pull forward Cobra Ex CEO. Part of what? Tosin? Either drop your knees down first or step your right foot forward. Back me down. Josh was son. Chill us, Xia. Left foot to the right. Don ascena inhale Ha sto tanase Next seal Autonomous One more round. Follow your breath, Prana Masoumeh Attention to the TB's off your fingers! Inhale hostile Jonassen attention to the space behind your forehead. Xia Luton! Assassin Attention in the space be between Uribe Rose. Right foot forward! Ah sh Essential Lawson Gays in Frantz A few in here, Ex CEO part about us in the attention in the naval Hold your breath. Knees chest Inhale cobra Attention between the I bro's axial are What awesome attention in the belly Left foot forward Josh Wilson Chill ascena. Inhale attention between the Ibrox Exhale Would Donna's being here? Lift up hostile Don ascena Space behind the forehead. Watch it! Ex CEO Ron Um Ascena Attention to the TIFs Off your fingers! Inhale hostile Jonassen Xia Luton US and attention between the eyebrow left food back Josh was son chill ascena Ex seal Arwa Tosin Attention in the naval Hold your breath Knees chest chin Inhale cobra Attention between your eyebrows Ex CEO. Par with us in the attention in the naval Right foot forward Josh was sentul us Attention between your eyebrows Ex seal Who done asana Inhale Ha sto tanase Um ex CEO Anonymous Really is your arms. 12. Final Thoughts: So for your practice, Um, I really suggested to begin if you never practice it before, start with one time, Um, one round in the day, Maybe before your practice or just as a separate practice on. Then you can start eating on maybe one round. Um, within each couple days or three days, I find that the sun salutation works really well, if you want to establish your routine because it's always the same sequence, there is no surprises. You get familiar with this. Just remember that when we get familiar with something, we often starting to do it automatically without being mindful of it. So as you go for this practice, try every time. Be completely immersing the practice itself in your movement, in your breath On, of course, in your intention if you have one. Thank you so much for your attention. Thank you for your practice. Feel free to commend and ask any questions you would like to. Um, no. I would be happy to answer. There is no really assessment for this. Um, for this course, there's no task you need to do. But if you would like to share your progress if you'd like to share some pictures and videos. I'll be happy to see and maybe give you some, um, suggest mints alive mints about the poses in this, um, down this video. You also you'll find the pdf where put together on little pictures. And ah, the name for each asana so you can refresh your memory. Ah, whenever you need it. Thank you once again. Have a wonderful practice. No, Mr.