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Yoga with Zen the Zebra and Fun 4 All

Wayne B, Food for Thought

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2 Videos (14m)
    • Zen Zebra Yoga Lesson for Kids 1

    • Zen Zebra Yoga Lesson for Kids 1 Final Version


About This Class

Yoga with Zen the Zebra is a fun and creative yoga class for kids of all ages.

Zen the Zebra and his Spirit Voice "B" will guide you through several fun yoga exercises.

These exercises are designed to increase blood flow, aid in meditative breathing, entertain, and educate.

Once you have practiced these fun exercises with Zen you can do them anywhere. Even share this practice with friends and family.

Everyone benefits! Watch again and again.


So, join Zen and B in their magical journeys in Yoga





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Wayne B

Food for Thought

Hello, I'm Wayne.

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