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Yoga for Insomnia : 4 Techniques to Sleep Like A Dream; Improves Health, Energy and Mind

teacher avatar Crystal M, Relax thorough Stillness

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Yoga For Sleep Intro

    • 2. Yoga For Sleep: Project

    • 3. Yoga for Sleep 1

    • 4. Yoga for Sleep 2

    • 5. Yoga for Sleep 3

    • 6. Yoga for Sleep 4

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About This Class


-- Are you struggling to get sleep?

Or Are You suffering from Insomnia ?

Or Are You not gaining enough energy level even after Sleep?

Or Are You feeling Sleepy at work?

Or Are facing interrupted Sleep?

If you say YES to any of the above questions, then enrolling to this class would be a great idea. I will show you the simple yoga poses you can practice and get enough sleep. Note that not having enough sleep will result into stress and health related issues. And remember most genuine way to rest and gain energy is by having SOULD SLEEP.

Hi; I am Crystal, Sleep Therapist and Yoga Teacher. I will be showing simple yoga postures helps to rest properly. This is not theoretical class discussing about benefits of yoga. Its complete series of yoga poses to get sound sleep.

This yoga series primary focus is making balance within the system and mind. Doing yoga leisure combines breathing, focused psychological imagery (or visualisation), and also lagging, deep spreading out movements.

Imagine you want to improve your sleep and there are simple relaxation techniques readily available, would you join to learn stress relief tips. 

So, Join our community by clicking ENROLL button now. See You inside.

And Follow the each step mentioned in the class and get to know what works for you and continue doing it as an Habit. Doing work out is continuous process; never stop...

Sleep Well, Feel Better, and Get Refreshed;

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Crystal M

Relax thorough Stillness


Do You wanna SLEEP LIKE A DREAM...!!! then ENROLL NOW

Crystal is Sleep Therapist. Have been practicing Meditation for the past 8 years and teaching various meditation techniques for the past 5 years. Specialized in mindfulness techniques. She provides training and preparation for aspiring Yoga teachers.

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1. Yoga For Sleep Intro: welcome to yoga for deep sleep days way. 2. Yoga For Sleep: Project: welcome to yoga for deep sleep days way. 3. Yoga for Sleep 1: Welcome to yoga for deep sleep. Nama stay. I'm crystal and I'll be your instructor Through the sequence the's poses will help you reaches deep state of relaxation so you can tripped off to sleep easily. Without effort, go ahead and sit in the easy, cross like position with the spine. Erect. Eyes can be open and gazing at a point. A few feet ahead of you begins to focus on the breath, allowing it to be full, allowing the belly to fill and then exhaling completely indefinitely in the belly collapse Longs. Move breaths. One of the most important tools for rest will sleep and then go ahead and find your way onto your knees. Knees air wide apart. Big toes or touching and hips rests over the ankles. The forehead rests on the floor and on, the palms can be above the head. Or you can rest the arms alongside the body with the palms facing upward, continuing to breathe deeply here and child's pose. Go ahead and extend the arms, press up and then curling the toes under lift the hips and pressed to downward facing dog, pressing the chest towards the lakes, bicycling the heels to stretch out the hamstrings and the Cavs, then coming back to downward facing dog, descending the heels as much as possible, engaging the legs, rolling the elbows in toward each other and continuing to breathe long and deep, filling the belly in the chest and exhaling completely and slowly walk the hands back in towards the feet. Bend the knee slightly coming into a former fold. You can shake the head. No and yes, we're bounced the torso lightly, letting go of any tension. You can interlaced the hands over the elbows and rock gently from side to side, peeling the spine release, creating space between the vertebrae. Really that let the neck and the head go completely and then slowly with control, stack one vertebrae at a time to come up to standing, ending with the head, then come to sit on the mat, lying all the way down on the back. Walk the heels in on, then lift the hips up coming into a plow pose. Compress the hands into the earth for support, using the arms to keep you study, then bending the knees. Just feel that stretch through the back. I feel a sense of relaxation here. No need to strain continuing to breathe deeply on. Straighten the legs. If that's comfortable for you, add a little bit of a stretch in the hamstrings, maybe walking over to one side and taking a slight twist, breathing deeply here and then walking over to the other side. Find your way back to center and slowly with control, roll yourself back down. Press the knees into the chest rock from right to left, massaging the low back, releasing any tension that you might have held from that last pot's. And then, when you're ready to go ahead and place the feet on the mat, make yourself comfortable for this final resting pose. Extend the legs, let the toes fall apart. Let the palms face up toward the ceiling and allow yourself to drift off to sleep, letting go of any thoughts or effort. Complete passivity. 4. Yoga for Sleep 2: welcome to our second session of yoga for deep sleep. I'm crystal and I'll be your instructor. Let's begin in an easy, cross legged position with the spine erect and begin to tune into the breath, feeling the inhale and the exhale, allowing the belly to rise and fall. Feeling the breath on the inhale and exhale like away, gently washing up on the shore and receding back into the ocean. Go ahead and walk the fingertips out onto the mats, twisting the body toward the right knee. Inhale the arms up and exhale forward. Fold reaching the belly button toward the sigh, resting on the elbows, reaching out through the crown of the head, keeping the spine Law, making sure to keep the left set bones grounded into the earth and inhale to come up. Exhale the hands to the heart and change sides. Inhale and exhale. Fold resting on the fingertips were coming down onto the elbows. Whatever feels most comfortable for you, keeping the spy long and keeping the attention on the threats and inhale Come back up. Exhale the hands to the heart and then forward fold in the center. Gentle. Stretching the hips. Allow the next. Relax on. Keep the attention on the breath then and how come back up. Inhale right arm up and exhale. Bring it around to the outside of the left knee. Place the left hand at the base of the spine and twist from the belly button because each inhale, feel yourself grow taller with each exhale. Twists a little bit more. Eventually turning the chin over the shoulder back to center. Reached opposite. Arm up and around, hooking it around the knee. Right palm rests at the base of the spine, pressing into the mat, twisting from the belly button, then the chest, then the shoulders and neck and head, and then exhale. Release back to center. Inhale the left arm up, walk the right fingertips out and come into a side stretch resting either on the fingertips or the palm or the elbow. Spend the chest up toward the sky, opening the heart and then change sides, gazing up toward the fingertips, keeping the heart open and the sit bones grounded and then come back to city. Extend the legs way toes up toward the sky and slowly walk yourself down into a forward fold, keeping the legs engaged. You can stack one fist on top of the other to provide a resting place for the forehead, then allow the neck to totally relax. Allow that slight pressure on the fists to massage the head. Release any tension you might hold there. Slowly come up within and ham. Bring the hands under the knees and find your way onto your back. Shiva Sena, Pete apart, palms up completely, letting go. Nothing to do, nothing to remember just this time to drift off to sleep. 5. Yoga for Sleep 3: welcome to our third session of yoga for deep sleep. Nomis day. I'm crystal and I'll be your instructor. Let's begin on our knees sitting on the heels with the Cavs together, placing the palms on the thighs. They can be face down if you find that your mind is overactive or face up. If the mind feels dull, let's begin with deep breathing, filling the belly, filling the chest and then exhaling, releasing the chest and then the belly, lengthening the breath, smoothing it out, feeling the inhale and the exhale as a wave washing up on the shore and receding to the ocean. Then find your way into a seated position. Bring the right leg over the left so that the hell is parallel with the knee. You can gently press the right knee down to descend toward the hell and then place the hands at the heart, continuing to descend. The new with the strength of the leg, opening the hips and again focusing on the breath. Then release on, then change sides, pressing gently on the knee, backing off. If you feel any pain on, bring the hands to the heart and continue to descend. The knee with the strength of the leg. Three evening deeply feeling the hip. Open more on each exhalation and then release the hands on the legs, wearing left leg onto the mat on the right to cross on top so that the knees stack and the hips descend onto the mat and then inhale the right arm up and reach the left arm back to clasp. Palms and fingertips can't reach. You can use a belt or a scar. Point the elbow up toward the sky. Tuck the chin slightly and to send the floating ribs so that the spine is straight and you aren't sticking the chest out and over rounding the lower back. Continue to breathe into the pose and then exhale. Release and change sides, stacking the left knee over the rights and hail the left arm up and reach the right arm around to meet it, using a belt or a scarf. If you need Teoh, breathe deeply into the pose, feeling the massage of the breath, focusing on lengthening the inhalation and the exhalation, and then slowly release. Unwind the legs, find your way onto your back place the right heel on the left knee and inhale the knee and toward the chest. Open the right me away from the body, stretching out the hip and then release change sides opening the left knee away from the body, keeping both feet flexed and engaged that and then release completely onto the mats. Coming to shove ascena, letting go completely receiving the benefits of your practice with total passivity. Allow yourself to drift off to sleep. 6. Yoga for Sleep 4: Welcome back. So yoga for deep sleep. I'm crystal and I'll be your instructor. No mistake. Let's begin by coming into child's pose, the knees wide apart and the big toes touching, resting the forehead on the floor, keeping the arms alongside the ears. Focus on the breath, feel the belly rise and fall against the thighs. I feel the warmth of the breath as you exhale through the nose on and find your way off to cat cow, inhaling the heart on reaching the tailbone up toward the sky and then dropping the chest and the tailbone and Haley and reach up and and exhale. Press up through the shoulder blades, finding the maximum range of motion in the spine. Way, moving with breast at your own pace and curl the toes under and press up to down or facing dog. You can bicycle the heels to stretch out the calves and hamstrings and and then come back to your down dog with the heels descended, impressed the chest toward the knees, roll the elbows in toward each other and press firmly into all four corners of the palms and fingers begin to walk the hands back toward the feet. Place the hands on the hips and come up with a flat back thing. Come to a wide leg stance at the center of your mat, with the toes pointing forward feet parallel. Inhale and exhale with a flat back to come into a forward fold, clasping hands and resting on the elbows or resting on the palms. It can shake the head no to release any tension in the neck. Keep the legs strong and engaged and let the torso completely release, creating traction in the spine. An inhale halfway up and come into a twist, keeping the hips square, stacking the shoulders and release and change sides continuing to breathe deeply here. Released back into your forward fold and slowly come up and bend the knees into a squat, bringing the hands to the heart. Long, smooth, depressed here. When you're ready, slowly bring yourself down to your mats. Be careful with the knees and find your way onto your back feet wide apart. Palms up. Let it all go. Allow the Shiva Sena to guide you into sleep, releasing any tension