Yoga for Insomnia : 4 Techniques to Sleep Like A Dream; Improves Health, Energy and Mind

Crystal M, Relax thorough Stillness

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6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Yoga For Sleep Intro

    • 2. Yoga For Sleep: Project

    • 3. Yoga for Sleep 1

    • 4. Yoga for Sleep 2

    • 5. Yoga for Sleep 3

    • 6. Yoga for Sleep 4


About This Class


-- Are you struggling to get sleep?

Or Are You suffering from Insomnia ?

Or Are You not gaining enough energy level even after Sleep?

Or Are You feeling Sleepy at work?

Or Are facing interrupted Sleep?

If you say YES to any of the above questions, then enrolling to this class would be a great idea. I will show you the simple yoga poses you can practice and get enough sleep. Note that not having enough sleep will result into stress and health related issues. And remember most genuine way to rest and gain energy is by having SOULD SLEEP.

Hi; I am Crystal, Sleep Therapist and Yoga Teacher. I will be showing simple yoga postures helps to rest properly. This is not theoretical class discussing about benefits of yoga. Its complete series of yoga poses to get sound sleep.

This yoga series primary focus is making balance within the system and mind. Doing yoga leisure combines breathing, focused psychological imagery (or visualisation), and also lagging, deep spreading out movements.

Imagine you want to improve your sleep and there are simple relaxation techniques readily available, would you join to learn stress relief tips. 

So, Join our community by clicking ENROLL button now. See You inside.

And Follow the each step mentioned in the class and get to know what works for you and continue doing it as an Habit. Doing work out is continuous process; never stop...

Sleep Well, Feel Better, and Get Refreshed;