Yoga for Crafters | Liza Laird | Skillshare
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6 Videos (18m)
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About This Class

Working on your craft, like illustrating or knitting, can be very meditative as it encourages you to focus on the present and keep a clear mind. Although they are generally considered low-impact, the repetitive movements associated with these activities can cause injuries over time. We at Ragline Knits have struggled through our share of shoulder and wrist strains over the years and have used our yoga expertise to develop a series of simple stretches and mindfulness exercises to prevent and treat these common maladies. 

So, what is mindfulness? Mindfulness involves a conscious direction of our awareness on the present. When you're mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them as "good" or "bad". In these videos, we teach you how to bring mindfulness to your craft. Being simply aware of your body's positioning and taking breaks every so often to stretch will keep you injury-free and allow you to pursue your love of crafting for years to come.

In this class you will learn yoga stretches and techniques that will save you from the aches and pains commonly caused by repetitive movements. We use knitting as an example throughout our videos, but the techniques we teach can be applied to any activity, from sewing to jewelry making, and can be especially beneficial to those of us that are typing on a computer all day. We will also cover some mindfulness tips to keep your consciousness on your craft and not straying back to your mental to-do list.

The stretches featured in the videos will focus on the neck, shoulders, wrists and hands. All stretches can be done in a seated posture on the floor or in your chair. No prior yoga experience is required. You do not need any supplies or equipment for this class, but we do provide the option of using some yoga props or other household items to facilitate your practice.

Please note, if you are dealing with any current injuries, we recommend consulting with your physician before attempting any of the stretches. 





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Liza Laird

Ragline Knits: The Art of Yoga + Knitting

Ragline Knits is a modern knit design company based in Austin and Boston. It was founded by Kate Madden and Liza Laird.

Liza is a knitter, designer, spinner of wool, & lover of handstands. She started knitting at the wee age of 8 & hasn't stopped since. As one of the founders of Ragline Knits she shares her sense of style to help create these one of a kind boho knits.

Liza was trained in NYC. She is a 500 HR Register Yoga Teacher, 800 HR Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. She has le...

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