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Yoga for Beginners: Sun Salutation A

teacher avatar Yoga With Dakota, Certified Yoga Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Yoga Breathing: How to Breathe Properly

    • 3. Yoga Routine: Sun Salutation A

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About This Class

This yoga sequence will kickstart your body and mind for an amazing day ahead! No prior yoga experience is needed to perform this Sun Salutation A sequence.

Energize, stretch and strengthen your body in this 9-Minute instructional Sun Salutation A sequence. Sun Salutations are a great way to warm up the body and refresh you in so many ways. Engage your sense of humor and take your time. The goal of yoga is to feel better, so laugh a little!

Welcome to a new and happier YOU!

See you on your mat!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yoga With Dakota

Certified Yoga Instructor


Health, Fitness and Yoga have been a part of Dakota's life for 10+ years. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. Dakota encourages her students to be creative and challenge the body. She seeks to inspire every student to feel refreshed, nourished and balanced both on and off the mat.

What is it that you continue to say you want to do or be? Do you want to be leaner, stronger and healthier? Do you want to be more present at home, more dedicated to your work or more adventurous in your life? No matter what it is, dare yourself to stop saying and start doing. It doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to make drastic changes—all you have to do is begin. Let's begin toget... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Dakota. And welcome to this yoga sun Salutations. A course. This course is great for starting your day or your week off to a great start. Now what you'll need for this course is either a yoga mat or a soft grounded surface and optionally yoga blocks. I love your blocks. They can be used to open the chest as well as eight and flexibility for some of those poses we will be doing throughout the course that maybe a little challenging. Now, a question I often hear is what our sun salutations and to clear that up sun salutations or Cyrano mascara and sand script is a syriza poses, performed in a sequence to create a flow off movement. Now they're traditionally used at the beginning of many classes to build up heat and flexibility in the body. This sun salutations a routine is great to get the body moving in all directions and help loosen and strengthen the body and mind. This routine is an amazing way to start your day or work out. So that being said, let's hop on the mat and get started 2. Yoga Breathing: How to Breathe Properly: So before we get into the actual routine, I think it's really important that we go over how to breathe properly. Prana Yama Breath control is what we typically use in our everyday postures. For yoga, O J breath is performed by inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils with a mouth softly closed. This method of breathing is what allows you to stay focused when your mind starts to race or postures become too challenging. I think a large part of stress relief comes from properly knowing how to breathe properly. Breathing is what helps us to clear the chaos in our mind and return to a clear centered state of mind. Let's practice together. Begin by finding a quiet and cozy spot to tune out the day. An option ist to sit cross legged or in a comfortable chair, but making sure the spine is nice and toll palms face up to invite good thoughts in, and then gently closing the eyes, inhaling for account of four, pausing at the top and gently exhaling for account of four. Once more inhale, exhale deep in the throat. Think of H A like your fogging up window, inhaling cold air in exhaling again, inhaling, exhaling once more on your own, thinking about writing a secret message in the foggy window, one more relaxing, the mind gently opening the eyes. Repeating this for 1 to 5 minutes each day is all it takes to make a huge difference in your everyday routine. I hope you enjoy this breathing technique. 3. Yoga Routine: Sun Salutation A: Let's begin in mountain Pose. So begin mountain pose. It's at the top of our Matt or the back of our Matt, and we'll make sure our toes and nice and grounded and what I mean by that is from your pinky toe all the way to your big toe will make sure that every single one is nice and spread out and feel nice and grounded in our Matt. And you can work on flexibility by going on to our tippy toes and our heels and then adjusting. So we feel nice and grounded, all right and mountain pose. We're going to face the palm's towards the front of the room and addressing our gaze to the front of the room as well. Shoulders down and back, tailbone towards the heels and pull in the ribs as if you have a course it on and taking a few breaths here, finding your J. You breath, maybe even setting your intention for this practice today. I know a lot of times we get ahead of ourselves thinking about the day to come. Maybe tomorrow, the concentrating on how you feel internally today, right now on your mat on your next inhale. We're going to suit the arms up Palm's me overhead. Gays can go gently to your palm's relaxing at your shoulders. Quads lift gentle, bend in the knees and exhale. We're gonna drop down. We're gonna hinge at the hips. Go into a forward fold. Now, if you're not that flexible, it's no problem. We're all flexible at different times, but maybe bringing two blocks or a block and resting your hands upon it, we're gonna inhale halfway lift hands come to the shins extending your head and your chest out and up gates to go to the top of your mat. Exhale arms, go down to the floor. We're gonna walk her hands all the way up to the top of our Matt into everyone's favorite plank so your tailbone can go down and back to meet your heels Armed, you're gonna be parallel and then we're gonna lower into a push up your elbows air gonna hug into your ribs, lowering all the way down untucked the toes and keep the chest up into upward facing dog Very modified roller shoulders back pressing all 10 toes into the mat gently lowered down. We're gonna exhale. We're going to roll over the toes, lifting up and sending your hips back into a downward facing dog. We're gonna take five easy breaths here, maybe walking out your dog pressing through your hands, drawing your ribs in towards your spine, concentrating on lengthening your back, sending the tailbone up. Great. Now we're gonna inhale taking our gaze the top of our Matt, gently bending your knees, lengthening your spine and gently stepping or hopping to the top of your mat. We're gonna inhale, extending her gaze and our chest up and then exhaling it all back in gentle Ben in the knees on your next inhale, reaching the arms up overhead and exhaling them down and to meet your chest. Now that was a very modified sun salutation. A as we just did. Now we'll kind of speed things up and make it flow a lot better. All right. So as we go to the back of our Matt, let's go ahead and extend our toes, grounding our body, waking our body up, maybe shaking it out a little bit, all right, and on her next inhale will reach the arms up overhead, extending our gaze, exhaling, hinging at the hips all the way down. Inhale halfway lift arms. Come to Shin's Exhale. It's walking to that beautiful blank tailbone down and back to meet the heels, lowering down that push up. We're gonna hug our elbows in swooping up into an upward facing dog again. We can modify. Or if you want to go ahead and do the full upward dog, we're gonna go ahead and get those shins and quads off that Matt and exhale untucked the toes. Take it back into downward facing dog. Taking a few breaths here, I'm waking up the body. Inhale gaze the top of the mat, gently bending the knees top or step. Exhale to top that you met. Inhale halfway lift. Exhale. Fold it all in inhale arms. Reach up. Exhale. Very good. Now we're gonna pick it up a little bit more, so let's go ahead and do that sequence one more time. All right, so now we're going to get into the mountain pose. Palm's facing forward Gaze forward. Take a nice inhale Exhale. Inhale rising your hands up overhead. Palm's touch. Exhale, hinging at the hips. Forward fold. Inhale halfway lift arms. Come to Shin's Exhale. Our favorite Let's go into a plank slowly lower down to a push up, hugging the arms in and upward facing dog. Exhale rolling over our toes into a downward facing dog, gently walking it out. Nice big inhale gaze the top of your mat. Exhale step or hot to top of your mats. Inhale halfway list. Exhale all the way down, folded all in Inhale state the arms up. Exhale Bring it in Let's go ahead and take it from the top. Let's do our last sun salutation A All by ourselves. I want you guys to kill your own breath feel when you need to inhale and exhale.