Yoga for Balance [Yoga for Beginners 4/5] | Eva Schroeder | Skillshare

Yoga for Balance [Yoga for Beginners 4/5]

Eva Schroeder, Yoga teacher & Student of Life

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9 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. A warm welcome to Week #4

    • 2. Your Class Project

    • 3. How to use your breath to deepen your practice

    • 4. A gentle lying Warm Up

    • 5. Short and sweet Yoga Flow with Sun Salutes

    • 6. Build a strong foundation

    • 7. Beautiful Balance

    • 8. Slow down & re-energize in Shavasana

    • 9. Well done! What happens next week!?


About This Class

Hello lovely! 
How are you today? 

It's Week #4! How does time fly so quickly?!

Get ready to look at the very foundations within strong standing postures. And then - you guessed it: Balance your little heart out. 

Practice this one often! We're looking at finding spaciousness, but also strength and mobility within the shoulders and neck - where literally most of the people that come into my classes hold a TON of tension in. And oh so much stress... Are you one of them?

If you've not yet checked out our first week, here's your link!

This session is part of a 5-part Yoga for Beginners course which invites you to start your very own Yoga journey with me. In the comfort of your own home, always at the ready for a time that suits YOU. 

Create extraordinary changes 
within your life, discover a renewed sense of ease, strength, freedom & lightness within your body, your mind and of course your life as a whole. 

Always be mindful and move with kindness and compassion towards yourself. Never ever beat yourself up for not being able to do any of the postures right NOW. You'll notice progress every time you practice, even though you may not notice it at first. Stay with it, commit to yourself, find that strength and grace within you and follow through.

And above all - enjoy moving, growing and deepening that beautiful relationship to yourself :)


Thank you so much for being here with me. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have ([email protected]).

And if you enjoyed my class, do go ahead and follow me, I've got a ton of good stuff in the pipeline for you. Please do consider leaving me a lovely review, it'll help me so much get my class seen by more students, hence spreading the goodness of the power of Yoga.

Thanks a million, warm wishes & happy practicing!
Eva xoxo

Week #1: Cultivate mobility, strength, & a deeper awareness of body & mind  

Week #2: Hello hips & hamstrings. This one's for you xx   

Week #3: Today we'll tune into shoulders and neck ... #blissbombed

Week #4: It's all about creating a strong foundation & improving your balance. Practice this one often!

Week #5: Your Yoga practice - a tool box for life. We've got goodness for the spine, the hips, hamstrings, find strength and above all - your powerful breath. Probably THE most important factor within our practice. Enjoy