Yoga for Absolute Beginners Part 3 - Lets Twist Again! | Sacha Heath | Skillshare

Yoga for Absolute Beginners Part 3 - Lets Twist Again!

Sacha Heath,

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About This Class

A great class for people new to yoga or wanting to cover the basics- focusing on twists to aid flexability and detoxification.  

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Disclaimer: As with all exercise programs, when using our yoga videos, you need to use common sense. To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. Sacha will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this yoga program, DVD, online fitness videos, or information shared online. This includes emails, videos and text. 


1. Yfbpartthreewhole: Welcome to Day three of you begins Today we take a legacy of beaches Twist boats is not twist poses Amazing, helping keep flexible, strong backs. They also have a detoxifying effect on their way to fresh us out of ourselves for an amazing day Getting something cozy. So start a comfortable seating position. We're gonna begin to smoke next a little bit Take the time to super slowly turn Had to look over your right shoulder when you looked as far you can look that stay for women take community inhalation the excavation and then you can bring your head back around to face the front tenis Look over your left shoulder Innovation deep exhalation Bring your head back around the center Having one more look over your right shoulder Keeping a cost a beautiful up right here Came to breath Prime Descente More time on your left side The inhalation team Taxation Oh, way around. Now that you're headstand center, you can rest your fingertips on either side of your lift your heart and then inhale lifting her hands up to the sky and if you're next was ready for it came in the back towards the heels of your hands. And as you exhale, bring your fingertips back down to the map, bringing your chin down to your chest, inhaling hands. Come up, ex Holy, the hands come down. We're gonna do just one more time left in the hands up this time keeping your head and center leaving your answer. Bring your left hand forward and right hand back the Han de and you contend ahead to probably your right shoulder committee for us. Simple taking to three breaths looking behind you. Then next inhalation lifting your arms back up to the sky head comes back around to the front and then exhaling your right hand comes forward, your left hand comes back. You contend you have to look over your left shoulders feeding Amazing twist. After two or three deep breaths, bring in your hands back up to the sky and your fingertips raining back down by the sides. You hit Amazing. Well done, everybody. Now you're gonna come up onto all fours. Come into the tabletop position a few times already spreading your fingers, having your hands on your shoulders Have your knees and your hips bringing your inner elbows to face to Walt each other, and this time we do a little bit of a cat. Cabs so arching spine inhaling deeply exhaling clothing, everything Ever bringing change chest talking pelvis under into a cow exhaling into your cat. Stretch back to tabletop position flat back and then bringing you right on and threatening it underneath your left, bringing your idea towards the ground so you can reach out Brie, please, in the fullest capacity, when you're course in your left hand to lift your right hand making your way back to a tabletop position. And then, from here, we can throw out left hand under your left into the ground, extending our right arm if we wish. Breathing using the fullest capacity of our alums, really take the moment to just enjoy this pose and in your air and shoulder, just melt down toe your arms after one more deep breath and inhale. Bring your right hand back in, pressing down, coming back up onto all fours. May you walk your hands forward a little bit, talking your toes under and lifting yourself up into downward facing dog Tom Purposefulness Now competitive your feet here instead, there for a moment to longer said. This is too much for your arms. Feel free to just bring your least and into give us of a break to repeat POTUS that we just did. It was okay. And you can slow down a padded peddling coming in to film this into your spine, pressing back to your heels. And then, if you feel okay with that, you could try lived in your left hand off the map and bringing it to your road to leg little on your right shoulder for a moment, but in left hand down, try listing right wing toe left leg. The left it for you. That right hand back we're gonna come down. Tony's bringing the knees wide and pressing back on our heels and child. You can reach your arms pressing sets up, but I think it tips keeping this post active and getting a beautiful stretch through. I wished Saddam's inhaling we can bring them. He's back to sentence and make our way back up to downward facing dog. This time, try lifting one leg up. How is he? Possibly can. Then they will be. And you gave him that. I'm cool that he'll behind us. So we're coming into a twist, you could do you right in this variation. The right leg is lifted and dropped behind me and you didn't look up towards the sky. If your neck feels okay with that, allow your left heel to drop towards the mat, exhaling the right leg comes away. That's the knees wide. You make a way back into child's pose, this time allowing arms to come down my sides, taking at least three deep breaths here. Your arms back in front. Younis. Time for the toes on the press, back into downward facing dog. Do one more variation, lifting the left leg away. And then you left me dropping it behind you and then looking on your left armpit, pressing down towards the ground. Right heel. Judge found praise indeed, exhaling left that comes down these come line. We restore ourselves in child's pose, - hands forwards coming up into unease. Person back into that damage facing dog. But this time walking your feet straight forwards we come to stand. I had a lasting Can you feed together, lift in your toes up spread, finding a stable, supported standing pose. In heading here you have together in your head forwards this time leave to you, right? How many teachers was stretching this family? You two left. Did you see your right side to send you right in? Hang up to send Hey, center left on forwards Right back something around waste and you turn to your right shoulder. Angry. You're away. No, you're right on forwards and your left arm back wrapping your owns around waste came on this sometime. Look over your left shoulder. Inhe left. Read your hands down. You can melt away. Only must be here with a few stated twist variations. So one of the ones they love us tries If you bring your right foot forwards on your left foot, become your right sipper It's close to that as you can manage and you're right fit and I stay here or if it's possible for you, you can walk it in front of your knee or even side of your left knee, said You come into a little bit of a Presley pose called sage twist. From here, you can inhale lifting your arms up, lifting your heart. Find a beautiful straight spine and then as you exhale, take your left hand and how you run leg on your right behind you rolling your shoulders up and back. Tell your heads shoulder some of the reinstallation you can invite the left wing of your spine. We grow sent me to talk while keeping this rooting around, reading through your do your feet. Ready? I have to grow up from the nation. You're twisting enemies, so you never falls. He's a guy. Play the key thing. Forces listen to your body to see how far wants to take you today spines amazing and so precious. So what you want Exhale slowly head around. Your shoulders are back. Middle, back, back you can, but your front Take a moment just jiggling the legs. Never gonna come to the opposite side said this time bending your left foot in front of you bending your left knee and placing your left foot in front of you. You could bring your right foot by left sit bones. You can keep your left. They started your right name in front of your knee or even around the side of me. If that's possible, I would like us that are left. Knee is pointing up towards the ceiling. Inhale head lifting your arms up, reaching to this guy coming for your spine? And is he Exhale how your left knee, your right arm and your left behind back find themselves in certain twist on the side. You can read deeply here, noticed as a free it gives the entire Opens. So this effect is one of the reasons why twist poses. I thought to be detoxifying. They gave a lot of your internal organs a little bit of squeeze so that then when I squeeze is released, there's an increased blood flow carry away. Talks in. I never said fresh, fresh oxygen inhaling coming out slowly you can bring her legs out. I get a little jiggle. We're gonna come to a similar position without eggs, but a different variation of this twist. So bring in your left foot by right set and then learning that position that worked fuel your right leg, whether it's beside in front or to the far side of your name, again inhaling and fund your upright position. And this time we're gonna do it over. So if you're right leg spent over your left leg and you're gonna lift your right hand up and You're right to be outside to the inside. Sorry, Rajni, from here. Your left hand behind when we come to the open twist. So where is last time? Hugging on the into my body? This time we're moving away from me. Finally, open Nestor your left side and exhaling deeply. You have to be a passenger in this funds exciting slowed. Bringing background your shoulders back, Back, back. Let's out front. Give it another way. Looking in the machine, you can even waive your feet feet to drop tools sides we can one time to the other side. So this entering your right foot by your left sitting bone we could bring the left but the sound in front to the outside we could sit up nice and tall, spending on left elbow, bringing it to the inside Your left leg your right fingertips behind you and tendency gradually over your shoulder Exhale Feeling the difference in this twist Enjoying the difference in this twist When you're ready to come out, bring your head back to center your shoulders back Middle, back, back whole taking out the window Live action movie. So I decide beginning to end him coming back you company So I love these poses. Is this Some of my favorite poets unwind after a good year recession just after a long day ? First, give my just standing comfortable having a fidget Having Michelle, can you find place in the back of your head in towards your chest? Hey, could soak your feet in because it to you When your homes out shoulder height you can lift your head off ground and then drop your knees towards the right side. You could turn your head to the left hand. Yeah, a beautiful I want to close melty a little more. It's ground he I mean, you go take your full weight in a full way of your feet. Then he was back of your be hating you. You can bring Hiss back up, find out straight Just join me next election. Hips began with the right side dropping your legs Your I'm jumping ahead. Deal right. Cover your eyes and sinking into the ground on the relaxing, everything resting everything. When you're ready, you have espresso Your your on hands. Bring your son back. I played dropping your right away over your left crossing the next I came into your hips up . Instant right side dropping a niece left you had to write, and I need to do this in the way of your shoulder blades back. Official late Staying contact with the ground. So dropping your legs down this far as you can. Keep your shoulder blades in contact with deepest final. Keep your breath T keep your breath flying. Have you had Baxter loathe? I'm fine. Back into resting for a moment and beautiful Beatrice Fihn. And then we take one more these variations on the other side This is your left leg over your right, your stools. You're right. Dropping your knees to your right at your head. Since the really deep, powerful place and twisting practice can you challenges to realize even more it's field carry toasty. Taking a deep breath. Taking a deeper slow is even help. Bring your head back up to center. I'm crossing your legs, man in your hips sounds middle of your mat that you're owns, for example, size. So you might want to put on another layer, putting some socks, put a blanket of you, put a jumper on. If you want to be nice and cozy, you could walk your feet towards the edges of your mouth. Drop your knees together. This is one variation we can use. Oh, you can buy, like, straight down that in your feet from about size. Having a budget, making sure it's comfortable as possible. Close your eyes. They had a few deep breaths. Become aware of how your body feels in this shit. His rest. So what I am about you todo is to visualize that there is a line coming away up through the center of your body, dividing your right side from your left side. And I'd like to become aware of each power of your body, the left and right, and to fit it. Or just until you feel that way is distributed evenly across both the sides of your body. So fast, even Your Highness, your uncles your feet taking any little shift so that they feel more balanced more evenly placed on the ground. So next up, bringing your wellness with any part, her legs are in contact with the ground, taking a deep breath and then having any fitted anything shuffle to see that your legs feel even in placed upon ground. Next up bringing your attention till hips the back of your hips, your sit bones, adjusting them, realigning them so that you feel completely level as even as possible from the left side to the right side. Bring your honest you back as you exhale. Moving, meditating. Adjusting your back feels like it's laid so evenly upon the ground that your spine is the central column on the left and right sides. Bands bring your oneness to your shoulders, checking to see if they're the same hunt readjusting, realigning so that you're left and right shoulder. Feel as evenly placed as possible upon that, bring your finest your arms. Bring your honesty hands, making an It'll shift any little adjustments that your arms and your hands so even a place upon that Finally, you can lift your head are both a little bit. Bring your chin to your chest and laid back down. It's in the central line, the back of your head. It's a perfect line with your spine. Now that you've found this beautiful alignment that's working for you today, you can bring your own lettuce back to breath. 11 inhalation, feeling that intake of entity until what with a reacceleration Netting your breath Go on with it. Consciously releasing all of your muscles. Feeling iso your lying on a crowd You can give your full weight to this crowd and itself as it receives your body. You just flirting if your mind one days, bring it back to breath, inhaling and sending fresh energy along parts of your body that you have utilized through this session and as you exhale, releasing everything and it's all being the benefits of his practice so you can stay here for as long as you like. But if you're ready to start making your way back out, I didn't want you to take three more deep breaths to complete this practice. After your third breath, you might want to start wiggling your fingers or toes. Jenny looking over one shoulder than ever the other shoulder with your head, bringing this movement back into your body, exaggerating this movement, swaying a little bit from side to side of rotating your ankles or wrists, building this movement up in a way that feels good to you until you can. Christian does it having an amazing stretch stretching anyway. Good to you when you're ready. Well, over one. Perhaps you're right side keeping your eyes closed. Just give yourself a little huh? OK, congratulate yourself for showing up today. You really could have been anywhere doing anything. But instead he chose to give yourself this time for self care, from self love to look after your mind, your body in your spirit. So I congratulate you on that. I'm going to invite you to print your mind. Three things that you love. Three things in your life that you love that you're grateful for. They might be amazing people, you know, amazing places, you amazing things that you own amazing qualities about himself. There could be anything. And with this level, with this gratitude in your heart keeping your eyes close gradually make your way up to sitting. Bring your hands to center If you like. You can chance syllable Or or you could just think it in your minds. Yeah. Thank you.