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Yoga Made Easy: Be Stress and Anxiety Free Now!

teacher avatar Peter Cook, Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Teaser

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. My Personal Experience With Stress

    • 4. Course Overview

    • 5. Stressed Out? You Are Not Alone!

    • 6. The Hunter In The Jungle

    • 7. Stress And A Pizza Hawaii

    • 8. Two Sides Of The Same Coin: The Nervous System and Hormones

    • 9. The Stress Response: Fight or Flight vs Rest & Digest

    • 10. Chronic Stress: "30 Hours Of Working And Still Going Strooong"

    • 11. Your Perception Of Stress Matters

    • 12. What's The Big Deal With Yoga: Isn't Yoga Just Another Form Of Exercise?

    • 13. How Does Yoga Reduce Stress?

    • 14. Yoga Is For Women, Not For Real Men!

    • 15. The Origin Of Yoga

    • 16. The Ego Is Not Your Amigo

    • 17. Introduction

    • 18. How Should You Perform A Yoga Pose?

    • 19. Yoga Exercise 1

    • 20. Yoga Exercise 2

    • 21. Yoga Exercise 3

    • 22. Yoga Exercise 5

    • 23. Yoga Exercise 4

    • 24. Yoga Exercise 6

    • 25. Yoga Exercise 7

    • 26. Yoga Exercise 8

    • 27. Yoga Exercise 9

    • 28. Guided Relaxation

    • 29. Yoga Exercise 10

    • 30. Amplify The Effect: Combine The Exercises

    • 31. But I Don't Have Time For All That...

    • 32. Congratulations!

    • 33. Thank You

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About This Class


Hi, and welcome to Yoga Made Easy!

  • Have you recently snapped at someone over something small, like not doing the dishes?
  • Do you often feel tired, nervous or even anxious?
  • Or do you worry a lot and have trouble falling asleep?

If you answer one or more of these questions with yes, then it is likely that you have been under too much stress for too long. Also, chances are that you are not taking adequate measures to reduce this stress.

Then this is the course for you!

This course is for anyone who wants to get rid of their stress symptoms once and for all, quick and easy.

What will we cover in this course? You will learn:

  • the purpose of stress.
  • the nuts and bolts of the stress response.
  • how doing yoga reliefs stress, a fact which is backed up by numerous scientific studies.
  • And the heart of this course: ten simple yoga exercises that you can do today to reduce the stress symptoms in your life big time!

The exercises you will learn in this course are easy. You do not need to be flexible and you do not need to have any prior yoga experience: this course is suitable for all levels!

The focus is on learning how to relax. People that experience a lot of stress are often not able to fully relax their body anymore. Even when they think they are relaxing, they still hold on to tension.

The purpose of the exercises in this course is to restore the connection between your body and your mind. If you practice these exercises on a regular basis, I promise you that you will start feeling the beneficial effects immediately!

So don’t wait any longer and join me now in this course. Scroll up and ick on the Enroll button on the right. Let’s get started. I will see you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Cook

Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Teacher



My name is Peter Cook and I've been an online entrepreneur since 2013. 

After having worked as a lawyer for 8 years, I decided to quit in order to pursue a more meaningful life, working remotely. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

In all my online ventures, I have a strong focus on productivity: how can I get things done effectively? I am a strong believer in the power habits, in routine. And I'm always on the lookout for tools that can make life easier.    

And I also love teaching! So it feels only natural to share what works for me with you in my classes.  

Here Is What Skillshare Students Who Have Reviewed My Classes Say About Me:

"This is such a wonderful course that can help anyone. Especial... See full profile

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1. Teaser: I Let me ask you something. Have you recently snapped at someone over something small like not doing the dishes? The often feel tired, nervous or even anxious, Or do you worry a lot and have trouble falling asleep? If you answer one or more of these questions with yes, then it is likely that you've been on the too much stress for too long. You're probably also not taking adequate measures to reduce that stress. And this is the course for you. I My name is Peter Cook, and I would like to welcome you to this course on stress relief for busy people. If you take this course, you will learn how to reduce your stress symptoms for good. What will be covering in this course? In this course, we will discuss the purpose of stress. You will learn the nuts and bolts off the stress response. We'll cover how doing yoga relief stress effect, which is backed up by numerous scientific studies and the heart of this course are 10 simple yoga exercises that you can do today to eliminate stress symptoms in your life. The exercises you will be learning in the scores are easy. You do not need to be flexible, and it is not required to have any pry over experience. This course is suitable for all levels. The focus in this course is on learning how to relax. Often people are on the stress all the time, don't really know how to relax, even when they think they are relaxing. They still hold onto tension, I notice from personal experience. I've worked as a lawyer for eight years at a big law firm. In this job, I experienced a lot of stress, and frankly, I didn't know how to relax. Only when I learned about yoga and meditation I was able to deeply calm down my body and my mind. Purpose of the exercise is you'll learn in this course is to restore the connection between the body and the mind. I promise you, if you practise the exercises in this course on a regular basis, you will feel the effect immediately. So don't wait any longer. Take back control of your life and join me Now in this course, let's get started on. I will see you inside 2. Introduction: I welcome to the core stress. Really? For busy people. My name is Peter Cook, and I will be your instructor for this course. Before you begin, I want to congratulate you for enrolling in this course. It shows that you're willing to listen to the signals off your body and that you're willing to take this signals seriously. You won't regret your decision to enroll in this course. This course will teach you all the tools you need to reduce the stress in your life big time. So let's begin shall be. 3. My Personal Experience With Stress: really excited to be your instructor for this course. Let me tell you why. Before I started teaching yoga, I worked as a lawyer at a big law firm for eight years. I was currently on the distress of that lines. At this time. I just saw my body is a way of getting my head into meetings. I wasn't listening to the signals of my body, and also I didn't know how to relax it. One day my body cracked one Friday afternoon addicts started. That would last for two years, although I have trouble seeing it like this at the time. In hindsight, my addicts were blessing in this guy's because Western medicine couldn't give me any relief . I turned to yoga and meditation. In the beginning, it helped me keep my sanity and stay positive. In those dark days, I couldn't focus or even read anything for more than 30 minutes. Also, I couldn't be in a room with a lot of people. I remember having a composition with my mom and my dad's birthday. I was trying to listen to what she was saying, but the same time there were three conversations going on around me. and I was tuning in tow. All four conversations. I couldn't zoom out off the other three and zoom in on the conversation I was having with my mom said This just gave me a headache that felt like my head was gonna explode. I had to tell my mom to stop talking to me now. Eventually, the headaches went away. I still practicing law and decided to study yoga, owns that. This has been one of the best decisions in my life. I've now done over 900 hours in advance. Yoga, teacher training and yoga therapy. Teacher training. I strongly believe that if I had practiced yoga and meditation throughout my law career I would never have had these headaches or the headaches wouldn't have lasted for two years. I have now held many other people help reduce the stress in daylight. Three. Yoga and meditation, which has been very rewarding, and in this course I would love to help you reduce the stress in your life. If you're interested to learn more about my personal story, you canal of my e book. In the next lecture, we'll go over what you will be learning in this course 4. Course Overview: way going to covering this course. First, we will discuss that stresses the body's normal physical response to a threat only when you don't know how to step on the brake stress becomes chronic, can cause a variety of physical symptoms, then will touch upon how yoga can reduce stress. You got differs from regular exercise and that it primarily focuses on building awareness. Not just fitness finally will get to the core of this course, then simple yoga exercises that will help put an end to the stress symptoms you might experience today. 5. Stressed Out? You Are Not Alone!: that way, When you're in chronic stress, it may sometimes seem as if you're on, Li stressed out person. In a world full of relatively happy, healthy people, however, this is a misconception. You are far from being alone. Stress is actually one of the biggest health problems in our society today. In November 2014 Kansai Corporation released a report with the results of a stress survey conducted among almost 2000 American workers. 64% of the service employees reported having high levels of stress. Moreover, these employees indicated that they suffer from extreme fatigue and feelings of being out of control. Additionally, in February 2015 the American Psychological Association released their Stress Survey Report . This survey was conducted among more than 3000 American adults. The results of the survey included the following findings. Americans rate a stress hired on what they believe to be healthy. 42% of adults say that they're not doing enough or are not sure whether they are doing enough to manage the stress on. 20% say that they're not engaging in any activity to help relieve or manage stress. The most commonly reported sources of stress include money, work, the economy, family responsibilities and personal health concerns, and the most commonly reported symptoms. Off stress includes feeling irritable or angry, feeling nervous or anxious, having a lack of interest or motivation, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed and being the presser sad. Also, 41% of adults who are married or living with partners said that they lost patients or yelled at the spouse or partner due to stress in the past month. And 18% of those who are employed said that they snapped or short with a co worker in the last month. These are some shocking statistics, and I want you to keep this in mind before you start discourse. Remember, you are not alone. Many people are dealing with stress symptoms similar to the ones you may experience by a rolling. In this course, you have gold in your hands. You now have a unique opportunity to reduce your stress symptoms big time and for good 6. The Hunter In The Jungle: Let's start with this story. It may help you to close your eyes. Ready? Imagine it is the year 4002 BC There are no cities where you live. Actually, you've never even heard of the word city or anything else that we take for granted today. No cars, bones, no coffee, computers or airplanes. None of this stuff exists. Your life is basic and simple. You're a hunter and live in a small tribe closely. Woods. Your main purpose in life is to provide food for your loving family. The man of your tribe. Go out hunting a few times for a week at today's hunting day. This morning, you and the other hunters left early. There's just something toe walking through the forest on early morning. It's a bit chilly. The trees are partly hidden by mist. The leaves are still covered with dew drops. Everything smells fresh. It doesn't take long before you find yourself separated from the other hunters. Not uncommon. Nothing to worry about. You actually enjoy the stillness. Has she moved slowly through the trees? You were careful not to make any sound that might alarm the animals, but then all of a sudden year, a terrifying roared turn to your right and look straight into the eyes. Off responses run alarm while you're running away like Speedy Gonzales, your heart is beating like crazy. Your senses are raises sharp energy you didn't know you had keeps your running at a miraculous speed. Is a tiger still there? Keep running. You're breathing at a fast pace, also your feet on our bleeding, but you don't even feel it. All of a sudden you see a big tree quick, you climb into it and move up just in time as you climb up, the tiger takes a jump, but its open just just miss your feet. You climb offered it to a three brands big enough to hold you and sit down on it. As you lean back against tree trunk, you can finally relax. Your heart rate drops. The pace of your breath decreases After walking around the tree for a while, the tiger finally realizes that he won't be eating this under for dinner tonight and moves back into the misty jungle 7. Stress And A Pizza Hawaii: Okay, Okay. You can take a few deep breast now. It was just the story. Take a moment to come to play. What happened to the hunter facing the tiger? You just imagined yourself in his shoes. Do you think standing in front of the tiger is the right moment to think about that negative? Common James made about two yesterday. Or cut your toenails or to decide whether you want to order a pizza, salami or a pizza. Hawaii Off course. Not 100. Only two options. Fight or flight. This is the first stage off the stress response. The threat responses the body's natural reaction to a stressor that puts the body out of balance. As such, it isn't good or bad. Actually, the stress response is vital for our survival, and it also does wonderful things for your concentration in the short run. Yet most people see stress simply as something bad and something they want to eliminate. Think of it this way. After a long winter, spring has finally arrived for the first time in Monster in your Garden, again enjoying a cup of tea in the sun. The birds chirp. Flowers are starting to blossom. Life is good. And then all of a sudden you hear a cat. Me outing really isn't annoying me out so loud and sharp. Why is this happening now? Whose car is this? I can just catch. Just go away and be quiet. But then you see the can. It looks a bit scared, was very thin, as if it hasn't eaten for all week. When you realized this, your perception of the cats me on changes. But first you only felt irritation. This is now replaced by warm feelings of empathy that well up inside, you understand why the cat is me allowing you decide to go to the kitchen and find some food. He put the food on a plate, walk back outside and placed in front of the cat, the cat Imedi, start eating and the me yelling stops. Similarly, many people perceive stress is something that is just bad and frustrating because they do not understand the nature of stress. The stress response is the body's way of protecting you. It helps you to stay focused, energetic and alert an emergency situations. Stress can save your life. I will give you extra strength to defend yourself or it spurs you to slam on the brakes to afford an accident. There are certain diseases where human beings can turn on the stress response like Addison's disease. So the shy Drager syndrome. These are not the diseases where you are more at risk for diabetes. Now these are the diseases where a guy goes running for the commuter bus and drops that from hypoglycemic shock. So if you plan to get stress, better turn on the stress response or else you've got, like, a 30 seconds life expectancy. For most of us, though, the critical issue is what if you turn on this threat response too often and too long for purely psychological reasons? The stress response is great for short term crises, and it also helps you rise to me. Challenges, for example, stresses will keep you on your toes during a presentation at work. Or it sharpens your concentration when you're attempting the game winning throw. But beyond a certain point, stress stops being helpful and starts causing major damage to your health, your mood, your productivity and your relationships. To change your perception of stress, it helps to get a better understanding of how the stress response works, and this is what we will be covering in the next lectures 8. Two Sides Of The Same Coin: The Nervous System and Hormones: to change your perception of stress. It helps understand how it works, and this requires that we get a bit technical. So please bear with me the purpose off the stress responses to bring the body back to balance When a stressor occurs. Fancy terms that are used to describe this process are home, your Stacy's and Alice Spaces. How does it work? There's two types of regulations involved in a stress response. The 1st 1 is the nervous system, and a 2nd 1 are amounts. The nervous system has two branches. The central nervous system composed of the brain and the spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system, which is two components. The somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system. The somatic nervous system is responsible for the voluntary control of her muscles. It makes you shake hands sign a contract than salsa, for the purpose of this course is not really relevant. The autonomic nervous system is more interesting. It is responsible for things that are typically automatic blushing goose bums or orgasms. The autonomic nervous system comes in two halfs, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Well, actually, there's another component. Thean Terek, nervous system it governs. The guests are intestinal tract, that gestion of food, absorbing nutrients and expelling waste. But for the purpose of this course, we will leave that for what it is. When the sympathetic nervous system is aroused, all hell breaks loose. Emergency arousal, secreting adrenaline, the stress response, the parasympathetic nervous system. On the other hand, mediaite com better data functions. When you take a nap or eat a big meal, you turn on the parasympathetic nervous system. Often the sympathetic nervous system is referred to US Fight of Flight, whereas the parasympathetic nervous system is referred to his arrest on digest for the most part, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system Oregon opposition. The stress response is all about turning on the sympathetic nervous system to an extremely severe extent about turning off the parasympathetic nervous system. This does not only happen when faced with a life threatening situation. As human beings, we have the ability to change the body's functioning with mere thought with emotion, with memory. If it is the right kind of the first thought. Emotion are memory and you do it chronically. You will be suffering from the consequences of activating a stress response. Too often the second type of regulation involved in the stress response, or hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by glance, their blood born and as a result, can affect events throughout your body. It has long been believed that the pituitary gland is the massive glance because it tells, the other glands went to release the harm us. However, this is wrong. The pituitary is not the master glance because it is not autonomous. It receives its instructions from the hypothalamus. This was such an important discovery that the researchers who had done the discovery won the 1977 noble price in physiology or medicine for it. You could say that ultimately the brain is the master gland to start of a chain of events. The limbic system, which is all about emotions, and the cortex, which is all about abstract stuff like reasoning and processing. Telling the hypothalamus went to secrete its particular hormones. These hormones tell the pituitary gland put to do, which in turn tells the peripheral glance what to do In the case of the stress response. The messages. Century three. No plans on top of the kidneys. This is called the H b A access referring to the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal normals that are most important in the stress responds or epinephrine in also called adrenaline and cortisol. So now you know the basics off the stress response. In the next lecture, we will go over how to stress response actually works. 9. The Stress Response: Fight or Flight vs Rest & Digest : In the last lecture, we talked about two types of regulation involved in the stress response. The nervous system are specifically the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and hormones, epinephrine and also known as adrenaline and cortisol. But that's just dry theory. What actually happens in your body during the stress response? It all starts with a stressor, something that puts the body out of balance. This could be a real stressor, like the tiger in the jungle, But human beings also have the capability off perceiving something as life lettering, which really isn't The structures prances meant for three minutes life threatening situations. But we can turn it on for 30 year mortgage. A good example of Harry. A perception could make a huge difference in turning on or off the stress responses given by Markab Asato, one of the most successful singers the Netherlands has ever know. After a successful 20 year career, he lost most of his money when his company went bankrupt due to mismanagement. We're south of describes driving home after he had just heard the news in the middle of all the drama, I was driving home, really feeling like it wasn't me driving But I was in the passenger seat. It was so big I could not fathom it. I parked my car to the side of the road. I got out of the car. I looked around. There was snow everywhere. Everything sounded muffled. I saw birds fly. Everything smelled nice. I thought to myself, This is not a bad day at all. It is a very beautiful day. It was like a flesh in my head. It's so strange. It just depends on I look at it. If you only think about what just happened. This is the most horrible day of my life. Yet if you look at it objectively, this day is a beautiful day. I didn't realize that I have control of my own thoughts. It's all a matter of perspective. I went home, open a bottle of champagne and celebrated the day. This is a clear example of one of the lessons you will learn in this course. Your perception impacts how you experience stress when a stress response ive the sympathetic nervous system is activated a sense. A message to the adrenal glands, which dance agreed epinephrine and the HB access leads to the secretion of the other importance threshold. Bone cortisol. This causes bodily changes, the heart rate and blood pressure go up, the breath becomes more rapid. Extra oxygen is sent to the brain, which increases alertness. The census like sight and hearing or more sharp blood sugar, glucose and fats are released from temporary storage sites, supplying energy to all parts of the body. The's inbuilt functions are designed to help you fight or flee the tiger. All these changes happen so quickly that you're not even aware of them. The wiring is so efficient that this process has started even before the brain's visual centers have had a chance to fully process what is happening. This is why you're able to run away from the tiger or jump out of the way of an oncoming car even before you think about what you're doing. In the last lecture, you learned that the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for fight of flight functions, whereas the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for arresting that just activities. For the most part, they work in opposition. This means that when one is activated, the other is inhibited. The key thing to remember is this threat response is wonderful in life threatening situations. However, if you turn on the stress response for too long for purely psychological reasons, he's set yourself up for getting sick. 10. Chronic Stress: "30 Hours Of Working And Still Going Strooong" : Ah, healthy person, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system our balance. You need both like you need a guest pedal and a brake to drive a car. The stress responses elementary for your survival. Normally, no ill effects are experienced from the stress response. However, if your system keeps on stepping on the gas pedal, there will be consequences. Your body is not designed to be in survival mode continuously. The stress response is intended for threats on Lee, yet many people are unable to find a break. Chronic stress is fueled by mental activity, like continuously worrying about possible events. Imagine an engine that is I linked too high for too long. This is when the stress response becomes more damaging than the stressor itself. Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in your body and if not addressed, it can eventually lead to burnout. I blood pressure impaired digestion, diabetes, our immune suppression with a greater risk of chronic disease, even premature death. A tragic example of what can happen when you're under chronic stress is the story of meat. A deer on a young female copywriter for young and Rubicam in Indonesia in December 2013 she collapse into a coma after working nonstop for three days. She died shortly afterwards. A colleague of her said that she passed away due to lethal combination of being of worked and excessive consumption of cutting Deng, which is the Thai version off the rebel energy drink. In the last tweets, she wrote 30. I was a working. It's still going strong. If you experience chronic stress symptoms, learn to listen to your body before it's too late. 11. Your Perception Of Stress Matters: recovered. What stresses the body's normal physical response to a threat? Only we don't know how to step on. The brake threats becomes chronic and you set yourself up for getting sick. Many people see stress only as a bad thing. They might say something like my boss is always picking on me. It stresses me out. I let out a big sigh or they equal stress to the documents piling up on the desk. When I worked as a lawyer, I didn't pay much attention to my body. Sure, I would exercise now and then, but I wasn't really in touch with how my body felt. I just expected it to work and to be healthy. I would actually get angry when it started to crack, and at the same time I wanted to feel relaxed. The yoga exercises you will learn in this course will help relieve your stress symptoms big time. However, before you start doing any of thes exercises, it is important that could change your perception of stress first. Why? Because according to scientific studies, your perception of stress influences how you experience your stress symptoms. Let me repeat that your perception of stress influences how you experience stress symptoms . For example, there are scientific studies that show that the belief that stress is bad for you can kill you. Other studies showed that viewing your stress response is helpful can reduce your stress symptoms and their scientific evidence showing that caring about artist built stress resilience. It is outside of the scope of this course to get into the details off the scientific studies. If you're interested in this, I recommend you read Psychologist Calima gonna cause book The Upside of stress Why stress is good for you and how to get good at it. Or check out her inspiring Ted talk. How to make stress your friend. What I wanted to remember is that harmful effects of stress on your health are not inevitable. How you think and how you act can transform your experience of stress. Here's how you can do this. Let's say you have to give an important presentation or you're about to step into a meeting with a teacher of your child who wants to talk to you about how your child has been bullying the others in class. You are nervous. Your heart rate goes up, you start to breathe fasters. Maybe your hands start to shake a little. Normally, these physical signals may make you even more anxious. What it does is always happened when you don't want it to. Now, when you're in such a situation, do your best, not few. The signals as negative as something you just want to get rid off is that smile and say to yourself, Look, this is my body preparing me. It is giving me energy. It is helping me to stand up to this challenge. When you view stressing this way, your body believes you and your stress response becomes healthier. 12. What's The Big Deal With Yoga: Isn't Yoga Just Another Form Of Exercise?: thought. Does this course teach yoga to reduce stress? There's an any type of exercise reduced dress. I don't play again on basketball or go to the gym to live waste. Let me start by saying that a me type of exercise is good. If you want to de stress, they will get you in shape. It will make you feel good about yourself. It will get your blood pumping. So by all means practice. Any other type of exercise to yoga, however, is unique in that it combines physical exercise with mental awareness practically all other types of exercise. There's a goal to be achieved or a challenge to be met, like winning a game or building muscle strength yoga. There's no such goal. Yoga merely uses physical exercise as a tool to bring balance to the mind. The following quote might illustrate this. In an interview with Forbes magazine, Paula are pulling describes yoga as follows. Yoga balances, the body, the hormonal system and stress response. People tend to think of yoga as being all about flexibility. It's not. It's about re balancing and healing the body. To really understand how yoga can reduce your stress, it is helpful to know a little bit about the spiritual origins of yoga. Now, if you're not interested in or feel uncomfortable with the spiritual aspects of yoga, don't worry. Exercises that you will learn in this course do not require any spiritual aspiration. However, to understand how yoga exercises are better than other types of exercise and reducing stress, it is helpful to learn why these exercises were created in the first place. 13. How Does Yoga Reduce Stress?: using poetic terms. The yoga tradition in classical texts such as the hatha yoga, Pradip Icka or they get on the Sumita has always been very explicit about the many healing benefits of practicing yoga. However, only relatively recently have Western scientists began to research these claims. So far, many scientific studies have already confirmed the healing and restorative effects of yoga relation to stress. Scientific studies have, for example, shown a yoga reduces levels off the stress hormone cortisol, which has the effect of boosting the body's immune function. Yoga also boosts level off the feudal brain chemicals like gabba, serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are responsible for feelings of relaxation and contented nous. Anxiety control and the way the brain processes. Rewards and yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which, as you learned earlier in this course, calms you down and restores balance after major stressors over. Here's an example in a recent study conducted by Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and a yoga research society, 16 healthy subjects who were new to yoga but dissipated in a 50 minute yoga class every day for seven days prior to the start of the first class, they were instructed to sit quietly, reading and writing for 50 minutes. The subjects cortisol levels didn't change appreciably during the sitting period. They showed just a normal decrease that usually takes place in the late morning. But when the researchers measured the cortisol levels before and after yoga class, they discovered a significant decrease after class. The findings off, the study suggests a practicing yoga, even for the very first time, can normalize cortisol levels that are either too high or too low, says Fear. Genera. Put up was the president off the Yoga Research Society in Philadelphia and in a 2007 yoga general article on these dressing with yoga Jennifer Johnston, who was the yoga director and researcher at the Mind Body Medical Institute in Boston. That's that is the deep breathing we doing. Yoga elicits something called the Relax ation response, which invokes the restorative functions off the body. Yogic breakfast is also helped reduce muscle tension and the activated stress response. Chronic stress is fueled by mental activity, such as continuously worrying about possible events. You got changes the mind patterns by practicing awareness of her thoughts and detachments on the mat Yoga office momentarily relief and we practice you will be able to bring that awareness to your life off the mat as well and really transform your life. This is why yoga is such a great tool for stress reduction. 14. Yoga Is For Women, Not For Real Men!: weight loss lectures. We talked about the origins of yoga, how it's focused on awareness, differentiates yoga from other types of exercise and how scientific studies have shown stress reducing benefits of yoga. Yet in my experience, that are quite a lot of man who have all kinds of excuses, why they won't do yoga, although this courses for both busy man and women. I want everybody to be on board before you get to the juicy stuff. So this lecture is especially for a man who are still a bit hesitance on stepping foot on the yoga mat. I did some research to try to find out what the main reasons are for men to know to yoga. I ran a little question Eramo man, that I know, and I also asked the question on Reddit the results. Some of the most common reasons men give when asked why they don't want to do yoga are yoga's feminine activity. The yoga studio is a women's space. I need to maintain my masculine image. The 2nd 1 is I'm afraid of being perceived as a perv and the last one I'm not flexible. Let's address all of those individually this is simply not true. The history of yoga can be traced back thousands of years and was developed mostly by men. It was also mostly practice by man. Moreover, practically all the great classical yoga authors and teachers were men, revealed authors like Potentially and Abby Nepal, Gupta wrote. Classical yoga techs were men. More recent examples include Krishna Macharia and its famous students, PKs I younger and possibly Joyce, the father of her stronger yoga Only when yoga found his way through us in the 20th century , it's so mild, transformed into a form of exercise primarily practiced by women. Marketing can leave a big imprint on how we perceive things. When we read about yoga, we see an image of a fit of flexible woman practicing yoga on a magazine cover, and within that magazine you will probably find Lululemon's latest yoga pants advertisement on Instagram. You can find numerous accounts sharing flexible girls during complex yoga poses on the beach or in other tropical locations, and I have to admit it. It often looks really beautiful, However, don't be fooled into believing that this is for your guys. About yoga is so much more than simple gymnastics and it is most definitely for both men and women. Yet it can still be a big step for mental visit. A yoga studio, one man who replied to my question Already, road. That could be some confusion about the social place of the man in the yoga studio. All the women might be totally comfortable with the presence of a man in the class, but it can still feel weird for demand, particularly if the walls are pink. There's a wreck of sport bras and tights for sale, and there's a poster advertising prenatal yoga. A man can feel like he's violating women's space and that his presence is inappropriate, even if that's not really the intention of the studio. I've never been in the studio with pink walls myself, and I don't think I would like leader. In my opinion, there's also responsibility here for the yoga studio to create a space for both men and women. Feel welcome. Are you still not comfortable with the I D? Let it grow on you? It grew on me. You can practise the exercises in this course and other busy Yogi courses in the privacy of your own home. Don't let your pride stand in the way of this unique chance to significantly reduce your stress. This one is mentioned surprisingly often already. Men, right, things like I feel that I will be judged as a perfect only wanting to look at girls in yoga pants. What I mentioned the fear of being labelled a yoga creep, a guy that only goes to occasional glass is to stare it bottoms and yoga pants and pick up girls after class. If this is something you struggle with, you can start practicing at home when this will not be an issue. Build up some confidence in your practice. First busy Yoki courses are ideal for this. We do to go to a class, realize that more and more men are doing yoga, and most women actually appreciate men coming to yoga class. And it helps not take yourself too serious. Eater. I like this reply to my reddit question. I get that man a precious with all sorts of ridiculous ideas of what we're supposed to be. But I try to free myself of that nonsense that of course, I haven't completely and most admired those who were unconstrained by it. Most worthwhile activities begin with feeling like an idiot at some point, and yoga is no different. Why not learn to laugh at ourselves a bit and watch our egos flow? Finally, as you will quickly learn when you start practicing, yoga is very much in our experience. 10 minutes into your practice, you will simply find yourself holding a pose which rise closed and your focus inwards. Think about this for a second. I'm too weak, so I can't live weights. What about this one? I'm too dirty, so I can take a shower. See my point? Let me add to this that the purpose of yoga's not to become a flexible, although this will be a side effect. Why don't you start a practicing yoga? I was very inflexible. When I bend it forward, I could barely move my aunt's past my knees, after a lot of practice, are now able to touch the floor of my fingertips. However, I'm still not super flexible, and I might never be. I sometimes see people coming to the class who have never practice yoga before and are nevertheless able to place their entire hands on the floor the first time they practice the Ford Bent. At those times, it is good to remember the yoga is not a competition. Yoga is a practice that connects the mind and the body by developing an inner awareness. If you were on the stress, this connection is often lost a week, so yoga is exactly what you need, regardless off your flexibility. 15. The Origin Of Yoga : you guys have practice with roots that go back thousands of years. It was designed as a spiritual path realized the true nature of oneself. This is also called enlightenment. The word Yoga means union and refers to the union between mind, body and spirits. You could also say union between oneself and the origin of creation. The purpose of traditional yoga is beautifully illustrated in the word three aspects of the absolute. But artist Beulah Key Ban on the right shows the yogis sitting on the ground, meditating with a golden sky around him. In the second panel, he has drifted away from the ground. It appears years afloat in a golden mist, and in the last panel, only a luminous sea of gold remains. The Yogi has entirely disappeared into a light and self realization. Originally, yoga primarily focused on transcending the mind. The world was seen as an illusion, and a physical body is a puppet in this illusion. Over time, Don three over developed, don't throw yoga accepted that this world is a manifestation of the ultimate reality. We have to accept our condition here, but we have to understand and differently in a transfigured way. and this led to a new relationship to the physical body much more than in the aesthetic pass. The body was seen as a temple of the divine. This led to the creation of hatha yoga. Half a yoga is a fast collection of exercise, including posers, breathing exercises, body locks and and gestures. By practicing these exercises in combination with meditation, the practitioner aimed to acquire self knowledge to achieve the ultimate goal of realizing one's true self. However, it was not just a matter of doing the practice and on self realization would be achieved automatically. Ultimately, self realization was a gift bestowed on the practitioner by grace. Therefore, persistence in practice needed to go hand in hand with detachment to the outcome. So, as you see, yoga was not created to make you into an acrobat. Purpose of yoga is to help you realize your inner nature by bringing balance to the body and the mind old physical yoga styles. We've seen Western classes today you supposes that originate in half are on dust on three yoga styles like a stunner Viasa flow flow, yoga, yoga. A good analogy would be to compact on three yoga to water and all the other yoga styles to drinks with a flavor my coke, orange juice or coffee. Each string has his distinct flavor, but its core ingredient is water. 16. The Ego Is Not Your Amigo: way have flooded with images off super flexible people who are performing the most incredible yoga poses. It may seem as if yoga is just another form of exercise in which people compete to be the best, the fastest, strongest, the most flexible or what not and get this. The 2010 action movie Faster contains a scene in which the actor, all of a Jackson Cohen, is doing a challenging sequence of yoga poses. Afterwards, he tells his girlfriend, I did a sequence of posts this morning that only 10 people off the planet can do, ending with the corpse pose. Do you know what I've done with yoga? I beat it. It started to move on to something more ultimate. This is not at all what yoga is about. In yoga, the physical exercises are mainly used as a tool to train in mind. Awareness is the most important aspect of yoga. The mind and body are constantly interacting with each other, and by practicing yoga you will learn, is not just at an intellectual level, but at an experience your level. Many busy people off them very much in their hands. I know I was when I was working as a lawyer, I would got upset or even get angry if I got sick, whereas in reality I was the one who wasn't respecting my body. By focusing on the breath or a body part, you restored a connection between mind and body. By coming down the body with awareness, you also come down the mind. There's nothing wrong with challenging yourself to a certain extent, I think comfort in the fact that yoga is not about being able to put your leg in your neck off. Pushing beyond physical limits, I feel, would be a great loss if a person would not want to do yoga because he feels he's not flexible. That would be like throwing away the baby with the bathwater. When you step foot on your yoga mat, leave your ego at the door. Don't judge yourself instead, except where your body is today. Follow the advice of a good friend of mine who wants told me the ego is not your amigo 17. Introduction: Let's practice some yoga together. I hope you're excited. The following 10 exercises will greatly reduce the stress symptoms in your body. First, we start with breath awareness being aware of how you breathe. It's important than every yoga exercise. The sun salutations at a second exercise. This is a sequence of moving poses, which is really good to warm of the body. The third exercise is called the Eagle Posts. This pose helps ward off stress by improving concentration and balance. The next exercise is the life force posts. This is a static pulse that can be challenging to hold for longer periods of time, and it is therefore a good post to practice detachment and equanimity. The Cathcart poses a moving past that brings great relief to tension in the back. The child's pose is an easy relax ation post. It feels very safe. The seven exercises called lax of the Wall. This poses one of the best poses for stress reduction because it is easy to perform and can be held for a long time. Then we move into alternate nostril breathing, which deeply relaxes the body and mind. After this practice, we lie down in the corpse pose, which is the ultimate relaxation posts on the last exercise meditation, in which you simply sit quiet and observe your mind. But then yoga exercises you'll in. This course is simple. You do not need to be flexible, just not up front. Though the exercises are not an intense workouts, you're a personal really likes to challenge himself every time he exercises. You might even find some of thes. Exercise is boring, but this is probably why you need these exercises The most people are experiencing a lot of stress, are often not able to deeply relax the body anymore, even when they think they are relaxing. They're still holding out attention exercises you'll be learning in discourse. We'll show you how you can really relax your body again. Once you've mastered the skill, there's nothing from stopping you to then increase the intensity of your practice. If you perform the done simple yoga exercises in this course on a regular basis, I promise you that you will start feeling the beneficial effects immediately. In the next Lexus, I will show you how to perform each yoga pose individually. But before that will first go out for some general guidelines for performing in yoga pills 18. How Should You Perform A Yoga Pose? : is important to perform yoga pose in the right way with the right mindset. Otherwise, you will not get the full benefits off the yoga pulse. So what is the right way of performing a yoga pulse? Yoga pose should be stable and comfortable when you move into oppose. Focus your attention on how your body feels. He can push a little till the limit of comfort, However, don't force anything. Accept the limitations of your body over time, he will become more flexible if you relax into the pulse. Now scan your body. It is common to tends up, moving into oppose. Don't hold onto distension. Release it. Breathe deeply and slowly Tell yourself to relax. When you're comfortable in the post, it is important that you remain aware. Remember, the yoga is not so much a physical exercise, but much more. Practice in awareness. If you find yourself thinking about what you're going to have for dinner or about it, annoying colleagues of yours who is always complaining about everything, bring your attention back to your body. You might experience that when you hold the post for a longer amount of time. Certain body parts start to shake this is normal. Don't give in immediately when the shaking starts. However, if you find that your body starts to shake uncontrollably or your breath becomes irregular , you're pushing it too far. Come out with the pulse. Practicing yoga on a regular basis will restore the connection between your body and your mind. Your body will adapt. Poses that are difficult in the beginning will become more easy to perform over time. 19. Yoga Exercise 1: first off the 10 simple yoga exercises to reduce your stress is the breath awareness. Breathing deeply is key to relaxing the body and calming down the mind. Often a person was under a lot of stress tends to have a more shallow breath than a person was very relaxed. So before we get into any off the physical yoga exercises, it is very important that we learn how to breathe properly. Sit down comfortably. You could sit on your yoga mat on a question or on a chair. Throw perfectly fine. Straighten your back and close your eyes. Now place your left hand on your heart and place your right hand on your belly. Breathe naturally. Now, become aware of how you are breathing. Why do you feel your breath? Is your belly moving when you inhale, or do you feel the expansion more in your chest area? Is the breath fast or more slow? Whatever you observe, try not to judge a change it, except that this is how you breathe in this moment. Now move on to the next step. Bring your awareness to your belly and breathe deeply into it. Feel. Are you barely expense when you inhale and was back in when you excel, make her exhalations longer than your inhalations. This relaxes your body. I recommend that you performed the breath awareness forest least five minutes. Developing. Breath awareness has great stress. Reducing effects, for instance, relaxes body and mind. And it also activates the parasympathetic nervous system. There no contraindications for this exercise so anyone could do it. Proper breathing is important for all other yoga exercises you will learn in this course. For example, when you move into a challenging post like the eagle pose, your muscles might ends up. When you become aware of this, breathe deeply and consciously relaxed, tense body parts. This will make it easier to go deeper into the posts. 20. Yoga Exercise 2: sun Salutations are the second yoga exercise. Sun salutations are common sequence of yoga poses and our great warm the body. There are many variations off the sun. Salutations. Here we will be practicing sun salutations A. I recommend to deep in your experience that you close your eyes. You can, of course, open. Damn if you feel that you're losing your balance further, I recommended you practice a minimum off six rounds of sun salutations. Start in the mountain posts stand with your feet parallel, close but not touching. Distribute your weight evenly of above feet and your arms. Besides your torso, establish a slow, steady rhythm for your breath. Finding your center. Now move into the upward salute. Stretch your arms out to decide and overhead and the head, arms and upper drunk, slightly backward, arching the spine. Hello, Joe Belly A fold fort into the standing Ford bent. Keep your legs firmly engaged. Don't force your for it bent. If you can't reach the floor, so be it. Yoga is not a flexibility contest. It is much more important to build body awareness and practice detachment. The ego is not your Amiga. Remember, lengthen your spine forward into the half standing Ford bent. Now extend your spine. Your fingertips can stay on the floor, or you can place them on your shins. The next position resembles a plank, and it's called the Four Limbs Staff posts. Step or likely, help your feedback buying you. You're and should be flat on the floor at shoulder distance. You can spread your fingers to balance yourself a release pressure. Your feet should be at hip distance. Lengthen through your spine. Now lower yourself, keep your leg straight and push back into your hills. If this is too hard, you can bring your knees to the floor. Next. Movinto upward facing dark. Place the top of your feet flat on the floor. Garfield Just Ford. Pull your shoulders back and open your color bones. Engage, relax. Relax the muscles in your buttocks. Parenti in and up. ELEX The next pose is downward facing Doc. Roll over your toes. Ground down through your hands and feet as you lengthen your spine. Encase backward between your lacks. If you find that your weight is resting on your hands, you way to shift it for too much. Push back a little. Remain here for a few breaths. Now bend your knees and look between your hands. Step or lightly hope your feet between your aunt's. I moved back into the half standing for it bent. Bend forward into the standing Ford bench and surrender to default. Reach your arms. Are why to your sites and come up moving through the upward salute and return to the mountain Posts. Don't immediately move into the next round of sunset rotations. Instead, remain with your eyes closed and take a couple of breaths. Awareness is the most important aspect of yoga practice. Feel the effect of this round before you move into the next one. I recommend that you practice a minimum off six rounds of sun salutations, the practice of the sun salutations as many beneficial effects like strengthening the bag for early ventilating the lungs oxygenating the blood, improving muscle flexibility and stimulating and balancing all the systems off the body, including the autonomic nervous system. Although the sun salutations air overall very beneficial in some cases you need to be careful with the sequence. Do not perform the sun salutations. If you suffer from Ionia or every effort, severe kidney disorder pregnant women should also practice the sun salutations after the 1st 3 months. And if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, consult with your doctor before practicing this sun salutations. 21. Yoga Exercise 3: third yoga exercise for stress reduction is the eagle Posts. This is an active and empowering post that helps ward off stress by improving your concentration and your balance. It also opens up your shoulders, your upper back and your hips. This is the only post where I recommend that you keep your eyes open to maintain your balance. It can be a big complicated to get into this position, So don't worry if you don't immediately understand how to perform this pulse. If that happens, just watch this video again. Start in a standing position bent both these now lift your right leg a rapid around your left leg over your left thigh. Who can your right foot by the left calf as deeply as possible. Balance on the left foot. Now do a similar movement with your arms. Raise your left arm in front of your body to shoulder height with the palm facing inward. Twist your right arm underneath it. I wrap it around your left arm. Raise your right hand to clasp your left hand thumb with the index and middle fingers of your right hand. Then bush the armed forces as much as possible threats the left palm and straighten your spine to be in a vertical position. Choose a point in front of you to focus on just above the level of your eyes. This will make it easier to keep your balance. It is best to choose a point. Place at a distance was roughly equals the height of your body. Make sure your hands are not blocking of you to come out of the polls. Slowly unwind your arms and Daniel, Relax. Come back to a neutral position. Now repeat the US now on the opposite side. Standing on your right leg, lift your left leg A. Wrap it around your right leg over your right thigh. Who can you left foot behind? The right calf is deeply. It's possible. Raise your right arm in front of your body to shoulder height with the palm facing inward. Twister left arm on the neath and wrap it around your right arm. Raise your left hand to clasp your right hand thumb with the index and middle fingers off your left hand, not boost arms forward as much as possible. Stretch the left palm and straighten your spine to a vertical position. If you can't help the foot of the race like behind a calf off your standing leg. Press the food to the site of your lack, and you can also touch the toes of the race food to the ground. For balance, start withholding the eager post for 30 seconds on both sides. Once you're able to manage this, see if you can hold it for longer amounts of time. Eager posters Many benefits. It improves concentration. It improves sense of balance. It strengthens and opens up the shoulders up of back and hips, and it strengthens and stretches the ankles and cafs. If you have a knee injury, don't perform the full version off the eager posts instead. Practice variation. 22. Yoga Exercise 5: 50 yoga exercise for stress reduction is called the cat cow pose. This is a gentle exercise that can bring great relief to any pain or tension you might experience in your back. Start on your hands and knees in the tabletop position. Place your hands directly on your shoulders, your knees directly under the hips. Your head is in a natural position in line with the spine. Close your eyes on the X elation around his spine upwards and talk your chin towards the chest. Contract your abdomen to expel as much air as possible from your lungs and drop the pelvis towards the floor on the inhalation. Raise your head and pelvis upward and arch your spine in the opposite direction. Move your belly towards the floor and relax your abdomen as you inhale. This is one rounds. I advise you to perform at least 10 rounds. The cat cow pose brings a lot of movement to the spine, which is really good if you're sitting behind your computer all day. Disposed stretches the back, torso and neck. It releases tension in the spine, and it also provides a gentleman size to the internal organs in the abdominal and pelvic regions. The cat cow pose is a gentle exercise. However, if you have a neck injury, be careful and keep the head in line with the torso. 23. Yoga Exercise 4: fourth yoga exercise with stress reduction is called the Life force Pose. This is supposed that's physically challenging one health for a couple of minutes or even longer. Because of its challenging nature. It is a good post to practice detachment and equanimity. Start with your feet parallel shoulder with apart. Bend your knees as if you want to sit on a chair and lift your arms and stress him out in front of you to shoulder height. Your palms are facing up. Relax your shoulders and fingers. Notice. If your spine is straight, it should be vertical. And make sure your head is in line with your spine and neck. Relax all unnecessary muscles. Now close your eyes when your arms elects, start to shake. Don't stop performing the post and step. Bring your attention to the painful shaking body part. Breathe deeply and try to relax the tension in your muscles. Hold the life force opposed for at least two minutes. The practice off the life force poses really good, too deep in the mind and body connection, and also strengthens joints. Arms, lacks shoulders and chest cure. Shaking in arms and lacks it improves overall energy of the body and an improved blood circulation and stimulates the heart. And this posture is for everyone. There are no contraindications. 24. Yoga Exercise 6: six exercises called Cal. Suppose this is a resting pulse that feels very safe because it resembles the fetal position in the modern womb. Sit in a kneeling pose with your needs. Together, any Ford resting your forehead on the floor. If possible, keep your buttocks in touch with your heels. Lay your hands on the floor along psychic torso with the palms up, Release the front off your shoulders towards the floor. You can hold this post forest long as you like. Gels poses very relaxing. It Vitalize is the pleaded nerves and glance and an overall positive effect on the entire body. It also comes the brain. It helps relieve stress and fatigue, and it released back and neck pain. Although you can't really hurt yourself in the child's pose, be careful. If you have a knee injury, he has diarrhea. Or, if you're pregnant, listen to your body and make your own assessment or even consult with your physician. 25. Yoga Exercise 7: seven exercises called Lax of the Wall. Now names can be more descriptive than that right lacks of the wall is one off the best dressed reduction pulses. It is easy to perform, and it can be held for a very long time, even by people who've never practice yoga before. Place your yoga mat perpendicular to the wall. Lay on your right side, which it buttocks, touching the wall and turn yourself on your back. When you're lying on your back, stretch your legs and make sure they're completely against the wall. Place your arms next to your body and relax. If it is more comfortable, you can place a cushion on your hips or underneath your head. Try to not like your thoughts drift. Instead, focus your awareness on feeling your body. You could try to do a body scan. This means that you scan your body, which your awareness from toast ahead. Alternatively, focus your attention on the breath, going in and out when you find your mind has drifted off. Don't get angry. Simply bring your attention back to the breath. You can hold this pose for as long as you like. The legs of the war post can have great benefits because it is easy to hold this post for longer periods of time. It helps her new blood and lymph drainage back into the heart area. It relieves anxiety and depression. It reduces fatigue and it alleviates insomnia. This is a gentle boasts. Anyone can perform it. However, if you have serious I neck or back problems, you may want to avoid this. Posts are only performance for a short amount of time. 26. Yoga Exercise 8: next yoga exercise for stress reduction is called alternate nostril breathing. This is a breathing technique that deeply relax his body and mind. Sit in a comfortable position. It's perfectly okay to sit in a chair throughout this practice. Use what you have learned in the breath awareness exercise to breathe deeply into your abdominal area. Once you're comfortable, close your eyes. Now. Place your right hand in front of your head with the index and middle finger touching the spot between your eyebrows. Blocked the right nostril with the thumb off your right hand and inhale through the left nostril. Next, release the thumb and now blocked the left nostril with the pink and ring finger of your right hand and exhale through the right nostril. Keep the left nostril blocked and inhale through the rights. Now blocked the right nostril and exhale through the left. This is one round. I recommend you practice alternate nostril breathing for at least five minutes. Make sure you finish your last round with an ex elation through the left nostril. Alternate nostril Breathing as amazing effects on your being, it comes down the nervous system. It increases concentration of focus. It regulates insomnia and our model and balance. Any balances, the two brain atmospheres and even your entire being alternate nostril breathing can have a strong purifying effect on the body, especially if you're a smoker. So when you perform alternate also breathing for the first time, you might start to feel dizzy. If this happens, stop the exercise. Also, I recommend to not sit close to any sharp edges like the corner of the table. 27. Yoga Exercise 9: next post with stress reduction is the one that's performed at the end of every yoga class . The corpse bus, it seems super easy to perform. You just lie on your back, right? Well, well, really. Performing the corpse was properly is actually much more relaxing than simply lying on your back. This was already research. In the mid 19 seventies, 40 hypertensive persons were asked either practice the corpse pose or relax, lying on a couch for half an hour, three times a week for three months. The results showed that the persons who had practiced the corpse pose had a much higher drop in blood pressure than those who had just relaxed on a couch. So don't be fooled by how simple. Of course first looks. It's actually considered the hardest post from correctly. Why is that purpose off disposes to consciously relax the body without falling asleep, letting go of everything. Many people are not able to do this, and when they're able to let go, they tend to lose consciousness and fall asleep. Difference between the corpse pose and simply lying on your back on the couch is that the corpse poses a conscious relaxation. You remain aware and present while you relax the body, start by lying on your back. If it makes you feel more comfortable, put a pillow on your head and cover your body with a blanket. Spread your legs slightly apart and place your arms next to your body that your hands rest on the floor more than in other poses, It is important that you close your eyes when you're lying completely. Fill your body, become heavy. Breathe deeply. When you're ready, starts getting your entire body. Start with your left. Lack, beginning at your toes and ending at the top. Then relax your right leg, your left arm and your right arm. Continue by relaxing the muscles in your hip area. Abdominal area your back and your chest. Continue with the muscles here. Chest area. Move up to relax your throat and neck. Finally, relax all the muscles off your face. Now feel how your whole body is relaxed. Stay with the feeling of relaxation. With full awareness. Try to find a state where your as relaxes. You can possibly be without falling asleep. I recommend you practice the corpse pose for a two least eight minutes and to make it easier. You can download an audio recording where I got you through the entire body scan. This way you can simply follow my voice, which will allow you to go deeper into the relax ation. A corpse pose is the ultimate relaxation pulse. It relaxes body and mind and restores their connection. It helped reduce high blood pressure. It relieves anxiety and depression. It reduces chronic fatigue and it alleviates sleeping disorders. There are no contraindications for his exercise, so anyone can do it. 28. Guided Relaxation: welcome to this busy over guided deep relaxation, our guy here into a deep state of relaxation where you will experience tranquility. Ah, wonderful stillness and peace of mind. You don't need to do anything except relax and allow yourself to have this time. Purpose of this relaxation is to deeply relax your body while at the same time, remaining conscious, even any point. During this relaxation, you fall asleep. That's okay. Don't judge yourself for it. With time, you will be able to stay conscious longer until eventually you will stay conscious for the entire guided relaxation. Lie down on your back in a place where you won't be disturbed. Place your arms to the size of your body and close your eyes. Take a moment to adjust your posture, but drawing his shoulders down away from me years, placing your arms a few inches away from your sights. Separate your lack slightly wider than hip distance apart and sent to your head very slightly. Bring your chin down towards your chest to lengthen the back of your neck. Give yourself some time to get settled. Gradually feel your body becoming soft heavy. Achieve a global relax ation off all the groups of muscles now a conditioning off. Abandoning off your physical structure on the ground. Prepare yourself for the gradual relaxation process, which will concentrate the perceived very fine vibrations, slight warming and the loss of the feeling of body outline at the level of the relaxed areas. First, project your mind to the tip off the left leg from down upwards, Begin the gradual relaxation process. Now the over. Relax ation off the left leg. Try to perceive the difference between the left like relax and the right leg but yet relaxed. Protect your mind to the tip of the right leg. Continued the gradual relaxation process from down upward. Now the over a relaxation off the right leg. Protect your mind to the tip of the left arm. Continued a gradual relaxation process from down upwards. Now the overall Relax ation off the left arm. Protect your mind to tip off the right arm. Continued a gradual relaxation process from down upward. No, now the over a relax ation off the right arm. Feel the global relaxation off all four limbs. Protect your mind to the pelvic area. Relax the muscles of the buttocks from down a port. Relax the pelvic muscles. Relax the abdominal muscles from down a port. Relax the muscles off the back from down apart. Relax the muscles off Justin's shoulders. Relax the muscles off the neck and throat. Feel a global Relax ation off the muscles off your face. Now come to details. Relax the muscles off the chin, the lips and tongue. Relax the muscles off the jaw and cheeks. Relax the muscles of the islets and eyeballs. Relax the muscles of the eyebrows, the forehead, temples and the top of your head. No, now the over. Relax, ation off your body. The condition of mental freedom floating not the over los Off the feeling off body outline on expansion of your consciousness into the Fastness, the infinite know the feeling off. Deep internal calmness in her balance, self confidence and in the harmony. Clued now with a grateful thought to yourself for making the time to take a step back. A. Relax your body and mind. Come back now to your physical body, not a feeling off. Increased inner energy, strength, vitality and willpower. Come back more to your physical body. Do whatever feels good to you in this moment. It is perfectly fine if you wish to stay in the relax ation position for a little longer. When you're ready to come back and resume your day, take a few deep breaths slightly. Move your fingers and toes. Give yourself a nice stretch when you're ready, Open your eyes. This concludes the guided Relax, ation. 29. Yoga Exercise 10: with lost of 10 exercises. The or greatly reduced stress is one of my favorites. Meditation. Many different meditation techniques. But most techniques have in common is a narrowing focus that shuts out the external world and a stilling off the body meditation. You will truly learn the nature of the mind. A common metaphor for the mine is a drunken monkey jumping around. To make matters worse, he also just got stung by a scorpion. Does this sound familiar, meditating after a busy day work and be really challenging. Therefore, I recommend that you first practice some of the pulses and breathing techniques you learned in this course. Before you start meditating, this will release tension and bring bands to your body. Then your meditation practice will be much more powerful. Sit in a meditation position and close your eyes. Start with observing your breath, going in and out. You can count your breath Francis by counting to 10 them back. However, don't try to control or change your breath. Simply observed, the way to breath goes in and out naturally would not be unusual, as should begin to follow the breath for thoughts to enter the mind. That's okay, there are your friends simply allowed him to come and go like clouds passing through a vest sky. Should you notice that your attention becomes hijacked by Jane of narrative thought and you're not focus on your breath anymore. Congratulate yourself. This is actually a moment of mindfulness off, seeing what the mind is doing. Meditation is not interesting for your monkey mind. Meditation is not entertaining, but when you realize your mind is one that off gently bring your attention back to the breath. In this way, the breath helps us to Ankara Attention in the present moment, think of the mind as a puppy. You have a puppy in your kitchen is going to run around, is going to pee in a corner, but you wouldn't get upset. Instead, you would look at it, smile and think it's just a puppy. It doesn't know any better. Untrained and unfocused mind. It's like that puppy. It will learn to meditate with practice if it wonders. Don't get upset. Simply smile and notice. It is a puppy now, but it will learn in time. Keep your focus on the breath keeping, observing the breath coming in, going out once you finish your meditation, don't immediately get up. Stay in the same position for a while. Allow yourself to come back by staying with your eyes closed and observing the effects of your meditation practice. You could meditate anywhere and at any time, but some circumstances are better than others. It will be best meditate in the morning or in the evening before you go to bed. Those times is off, the more quiet, both outside and in your head. Also, don't eat a pizza right before your meditation practice. Meditation is much more challenging if you've just eaten a big meal. Or if you just finished your third espresso off the day, make meditation a habit. It is better to meditate for 10 minutes per day than for one hour every two weeks. If you've never meditated before, start with just a couple of minutes. Once you get the hang of it extended, your financial meditation practice will get much more depth, and your focus will grow when you meditate longer. If you want to meditate for a fixed amount of time, for instance, 30 minutes, I recommend that you use a timer with a gentle sound for bringing you back, Not this. Instead, something like this would be recommendable. There's so many positive effects of meditation that I don't even know where to begin. Meditation. Teacher Shoot to observe what comes up in the mind and practice detachment. It comes the minds. It lowers blood pressure. It boosts the immune system. It has an anti inflammatory effect, and it improved the ability to concentrate. And there are no contraindications for this exercise, anyone can learn to meditate. 30. Amplify The Effect: Combine The Exercises: you now know 10 yoga exercises that will reduce your stress big time. When you practice them regularly, you could choose to form only some off them. That will definitely have a positive effect. However, the true power of thes exercises slides in practicing them in the given order. This will really amplify the effect. I recommend you practice these exercises in the given order at least two times per week. 31. But I Don't Have Time For All That... : then exercises you learned in the scores are especially powerful when practice in the given sequence. But what if you don't have the time to practice all of them? First, ask yourself. Do you really not have the time or are you giving other things a bigger priority? And are these things really more important than freeing yourself off your stress symptoms and being in good health? Yoga is not a magic pill. Dr. Dean Ornish said it wonderfully in a documentary Yoga unveiled. Yoga doesn't bring you a sense of peace, health well being. It's not like taking Valium. Rather, it helps you quiet down your mind and body so you can experience what your true Naturists, which is to be peaceful until we disturb it. Yoga will have the greatest effects if you commit to the practice. But if you dio, the practice will, without a doubt, massively reduced to stress symptoms in your life. If after asking yourself this question, you still find yourself short on time, Here's what you can do. In order to reap the benefits of these exercises, it is important that you're calm and presence while performing them. So instead of rushing through all 10 exercises, it will be better to cut out a few, and then the other exercise as well would stick to the same sequence. And if you're really, really short on time and only have time to form one exercise, I recommend you perform the corpse pose. This is the most important one off the 10. 32. Congratulations!: congratulations. You've made it to the end of this course. In this course you've learned a stresses the body's normal physical response to a threat. Only we don't know how to step on the brakes. Dress becomes chronic. You set yourself up for getting sick. You've also learned that your perception of threats matters. Don't perceive stress is something that is bad for you. Instead, fewer stress response is helpful. Build your stress resilience by caring about others. Furthermore, we have discussed how yoga can reduce stress. Finally, you're fluent in yoga exercises that will help you reduce your stress symptoms big time. Now it's up to you. Rollout yoga mat or get one If you don't have one yet and start practicing the 10 exercises that you learn in this course, Keep in mind that yoga is not a magic pill. Yoga is much better than that. Yoga reduces your stress symptoms by letting you experience what your true nature is, which is to be peaceful. Yet we often lose sight of this because we're not fully experiencing what's happening right now, but your yoga practice will be in you back to the present moment, again and again, practicing yoga on the Met. You learn to become aware of what's going on right now in your body and your mind. Present moment. Hold stillness. Enjoy, regardless of external circumstances. That could be no chronic stress and a person who was constantly present. So even when you find yourself short on time, you could practice yoga by being aware and president in each and every moment. Whether you're in a meeting or you're in a grocery store, observe how you feel and what comes up in your mind. Yoga exercises you learned in this course, are relatively easy to perform. Are many audio composes and yoga techniques that are more challenging, However, especially for those who experience a lot of stress, it is important to realize the yoga's about developing awareness. North Fitness Start with building body and mine awareness with Easton Yoga exercises. Flexibility will come in time once you start to notice the effects of your practice, there's nothing stopping you from exploring all the other beautiful techniques that your grass offer Remember. You don't have to be a victim of your stress symptoms. Reducing stress is simply a matter of combining small steps. Take one step at a time when you fall, Get up again. Success consists off getting up one more time than you fall Just make sure you keep on walking and take your first step today. 33. Thank You: Thank you so much for taking this course. It was my honor to be your instructor. I really hope that you will apply the lessons and practice the exercises she learned. Let me know how they work out for you. If you have any questions about the course materials, feel free to reach out to me, I'd be more than happy to answer them. I highly recommend you download my free e book Yoga for busy people, which is a great resource to go back to again and again. If you want to refresh what you've learned. If you enjoy this course, please Leven owns review. This will bring the course on the the intention of other students who are also interested in learning how day can reduce their stress symptoms. And I would love to see you and continue our time together in one of my other courses. My name is Peter Cook, and I want to thank you once again for taking this course. I wish you all the best day of practice now. Missed a