Yoga For Desktop Warriors 1: Quick and Easy Techniques to Relax and Re-Energize

Nicola Kluge, Health and Psychology

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Disclaimer

    • The Science Behind Yoga

    • Prep and Props

    • Yoga Desktop Warrior 1 Sequence

    • Class Project

    • Wrap up and Thank you


About This Class


In This Class You Will Learn Fun And Easy Yoga Techniques That Are Designed to Make You Feel Awesome, Quickly!

You Will Learn, How to:

  • Quickly Overcome Fatigue And The Mid-Day Work Slump
  • Re-charge Body and Mind
  • Relax Neck, Shoulders and Back

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You are welcome! :-)

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Thank you for this class, Nicola! I needed it =)
Mariya Popandopulo

Photographer & Illustrator

Great way to take a break from the daily grind and re-center your focus. I especially like how she pointed out all the muscles used in each exercise. Cant wait to see more!
Melanie Smith

Sewing Pattern & Surface pattern designer

A very basic course, but for those of us who haven't been doing it, I would say it is necessary. I am particular ly impressed with lecture 5, the Desktop Warrior 1 sequence. I think you did it with a green screen. If I am correct, wow. Fantastic job!!! Looking forward to doing this sequence.
Teresa Trimm

Get Healthy Again





Nicola Kluge

Health and Psychology

Nicola holds a Ph.D. in Education and Human Services. She specializes in Health, as well as Psychology, and holds teacher certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Health and Fitness.

Originally from Germany, she now lives with her family in Texas, USA.

In her free time, she loves to read, photography, and taking care of rescue dogs.