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Yoga For Beginners:Online Yoga Class

Libby Seery, World Renown Self Development Expert

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21 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. What is Yoga

    • 2. What Do I Need to Practice Yoga

    • 3. Yoga and Spirituality

    • 4. Reasons to Try Yoga

    • 5. The Best Time to Practice Yoga

    • 6. What Does a Yoga Session Include

    • 7. Things to Note Before Starting Yoga Exercises

    • 8. Introduction to Yoga Essentials

    • 9. Corpse Pose

    • 10. Meditation for Breathing Awareness

    • 11. Meditation: Method 1

    • 12. Meditation: Method 2

    • 13. Meditation: Method 3

    • 14. Introduction to Sun Salutations

    • 15. Initial Class for Sun Salutations

    • 16. Sun Salutation: Method 1

    • 17. Sun Salutation: Method 3

    • 18. Introduction to Yoga Classes

    • 19. Basic Yoga Class

    • 20. Seated Postures Yoga Class

    • 21. Standing Postures Yoga Class


About This Class


The course is self paced and offers you complete flexibility. Choose to study at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge that help is always at hand.

Although it has been created for beginners, we believe that everyone will find this course to their benefit.

The course is structured and carefully crafted so that you can start with the basics and progress at your own speed.

You'll learn the terms of yoga and be introduced to a range of movements and poses, designed to bring you an enormous amount of health and well-being benefits.

Although some people prefer to practice using a yoga mat, this is not essential. In fact, you need nothing more than a shirt and shorts to get started - whatever you prefer to wear is just fine, just make sure you can move freely and are not restricted.

The course contains a number of guided classes as well as encouraging you to compose your own bespoke yoga sequences, as you progress and become more confident. This will help keep you stimulated and motivated to adopt yoga as part of your routine.

Here is the course syllabus:

What is Yoga

What Do I Need to Practice Yoga

Yoga and Spirituality

Reasons to Try Yoga

The Best Time to Practice Yoga

What Does a Yoga Session Include

Things to Note Before Starting Yoga Exercises

Introduction to Yoga Essentials

Corpse Pose

Meditation for Breathing Awareness

Meditation: Method 1

Meditation: Method 2

Meditation: Method 3

Introduction to Sun Salutations

Initial Class for Sun Salutations

Sun Salutation: Method 1

Sun Salutation: Method 3

Introduction to Yoga Classes

Basic Yoga Class

Seated Postures Yoga Class

Standing Postures Yoga Class

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Libby Seery

World Renown Self Development Expert

LIBBY SEERY - Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy: Specialist in the Therapeutic Use of Technology (BACP Endorsed)

I am a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Therapeutic Life Coach.

I run a very successful practice in Harley Street, London which is recognised the world over as a centre of medical excellence.

I am a highly trained specialist with a wealth of experience, working with people from all walks of life; including referr...

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