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Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Warm up

    • 3. Shoulders, Neck and Thoracic Spine (mid back) Stretchings

    • 4. Hip Flexor Stretch

    • 5. Improve Back Strength

    • 6. Cool Down

    • 7. Thank you

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About This Class

Hello everyone, in this video course, i am teaching you some of the best ways to improve backbends. Often students feel lower back pain after backbend practice. Because unconsciously, they put too much pressure on their lower back. Here i am teaching you to use your mid-back while doing backbend So you will not put too much weight on your lower back. 

i hope you will improve your Backend flexibility faster with this course. 


1- Shoulders, Neck, and Mid-Back Stretch

2- Hip Flexor Stretch

3- Back Strength Exercises

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viru Badwal



My name is Viru. I am a Yoga Teacher and I have been teaching yoga since 2006.

I love to practice yoga and love to share my skills with others. Just found Skillshare and I like this, I think it’s a good place to meet people who want to improve their yoga skills.

I love all kinds of yoga styles but my favorite is INVERSIONS balancing pose, arm balance, and handstand.

I love to meet people and share knowledge so please give your comments and let me know if you have any request about yoga I will do my Best.

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1. Introduction : And almost everyone, my name is 0. And in this class I'm going to teach you how to improve backpack. For this class, you need two blocks. One is crap and towel and your net. Now, how do we begin? 2. Warm up: Now let's begin with a warm-up. Fit comfortably. And over the head. Rotate 1234567 bit and 1012345678910 greater. Now from here too is I decide 123456789. And ten got not from here. Bend. Feet, hips distance is stretch. Your right atom. One. Ooh. On-base. 345678910. Got nephelometer. Hollywood frightening. And we're gonna need to work the chest. Swish. Good, nuff from your chin. Can she'll write full and rich. Not released. Up. Stretch your Adams over the head. Fit together. Now that your shoulder to your ear. One. And down and down. Three, down for no gap in the shortlist. And your ear, 5678. Keep your elbows rate down nine. Down ten. And released senior arm cytosol. Relax. Now. Next one after shoulder shrug. Do the extension. Fit together? Adams, over the head. So first shoulder shrug. Their shoulders up as mature can. Then from here, keep your calling is an extension from the shoulders, back and down to up. Extension, back and down. Three, extension. Back, down for extension. Back, down. Five, extension, back, down. Six, extension, back down. Seven, extension, back, down. It. Extension, back. Bone. Nine, Extension back. Then. Ten, extension back and down. Relax your atoms. 3. Shoulders, Neck and Thoracic Spine (mid back) Stretchings: Now in this part, we will focus on shoulders, cervical, upper part of the spine, and middle part. So now it's art media shoulders dequeued a scrap. And holy strap like this. Give you a little bit of distance between your two atoms and keep your elbow, straight. Arms over the head and all the way back and down. If you feel it's too much for you. Just your hands, little white, but fine, little challenge. Okay. So the first round, we'll do ten time. So hernia scrap items over the head, back, down, then back to front. Do is stretch your atoms. Just think in this way. Many spreadsheet Adams front, you're going to test the front wall. Menu items over their head. You are going to test the ceiling. Menu items is back, you're going to touch the back wall. So think in this way, continuum for five and sometime menu especially more, you might feel a lot of kind of burning your shoulders, your arms. So that's not UML, Do not worry. Continue. Seven back to front, ate, mine. Back to front, and ten, back to front. Right. Now, after then, just relax your atom is, notice that kind of sense of burning, tingling around your atoms and thus are all just relax your arms. After this, I want you low doses, okay, second round, ten time and find little more challenge, hence little more close to each other. Almost find this position, very rarely feel this duct. Then find it out how you can go more such as farmer and back to front. Rarely you push yourself and you really feel that stretch all around your atoms. You have atoms. And notice that feel. So do sets shorter rotation. Next, yet going to stand shoulder with a wall like this. So notice your atoms. Almost a shoulder level, like so and a stretch. So again, this is stretch, we will hold for at least one minute. So must you know, PCR time. So Y1. Side. So in this, this scratch your shoulders just little while and see how much you can stretch is spread your fingers. So if they hear for what minute? Dry, he'll fit together. Stay here. You have to push yourself a little more extra. Remember that kind of kind of burning, that kind of filling in your shoulder and your atom. And that's normal. That is threat. Master, spread your fingers. Think you're either moving your wrist and shoulder us away from the elbow. Now 321 and then slowly release. And then do. Counter is stretch like this. Does fought few seconds. Got released. Now switch your atoms. And so again, you can see your left items is soon be the shoulder level, not too high, not too done. And it's rich, dry fit together. So this is just hold for a one-minute. Really feel that you are moving your elbow, your shoulders away from each other is spread your fingers. Sometime when you're holier posture, little longer, you might have a different experience. So try to notice how you're feeling. Menu earlier posture little longer. Really target your shoulder. Stretch your maximum 321. Go now from here, do the companies rich? I will just show you in this way. But you do this especially against the wall. Like so. Could release. Now next we are going to stretch the throat. So in this stretch, just pair density, we are going to address the throat so you have to drop your head back. Like so. This part of the spine is quite flexible, but some people, they find it difficult to hold and they really feel kinda dizziness. And the sharp pin read don't want shot pin. But because this part is Scott flexible, we want to learn how to use it. But then you drop your head back if you experience is too much pain. If you've never done before back bend this part. If you never discuss this part, I want to you use two fingers. Okay. So the first few round, we will use the hand behind the skull like this. So fit together and drop your head back and think you're stretching your throat. So just stay here for 30 seconds and focus on your breath. And think your auditor is stretching your throat. And also experience how you feeling in your back of the neck. Makes sure you have support. They're not almost 30 seconds and slowly coming back. Now, why you resting? I'm going to show you one more time. Our aim is VRE stretching the throat and rubbing the head back. But we want to relax this part, not pens. So I'm going to show you just watch. So in the next round when you drop your head back like this, move onto relax. This part. If you feel is really difficult to hold here, so you have to stick with this, your hand. Okay. Just like this. If you feel it's okay here, then what you're gonna do, try to look back as much as you can and you're a little more exhale than inhale. And exhale, inhale and exhale, try to compress as much who can, and then you come back. Now see what I'm doing. I'm moving my chess flower, leaning forward level. And then from here, head is coming in the end. This is very important. Now, what not to do? I will show you is not held even for me, but I'm going to show you what not to do. Enough. For example, you're looking back and then you start arching, opening the chest more, more looking more back. Now see what I'm doing. I'm not moving here, I'm just doing from here. And this one is not pleasant. So whenever you come back from the back, bend, more the chess flour and less pressure here. Okay. Now I want you to do this one by yourself, three or four round and see how much you can hold. Remember, our aim is especially the throat, dropping the head back because this part is quite flexible, learned how to use it. And of course, if you are muscles around the neck is VK right now, it will take just few days are coupons to strengthen. So take your time and paired-end sin. So this time you heard a little bit longer just to watch your capacity. I want you do this 12 or three round. Now after it's letting the throat, if you fill is still here, some kind of engine. You can relax your neck, do some massage around your shoulder, around your neck. Next, we're going to target shoulders and middle back. So in this class, we want to more focus on how to use your middle of the pack. Some tried to put all the stress in this part, not on your lower back. Next is spread is called Puppy stretch. This is excellent for your shoulders and middle of the back. Now, first I will show you, just watch. So go close to the wall less than your land. So walk it fits our feet together. And from here. Now see what I'm doing. I'm tilting my pelvis. Forward, means lifting my tailbone up towards the ceiling. Then from here, I'm looking back. Then from here and lock your hands up. And your goal here, try to touch your chest to the wall. So keep your hence shoulders width apart are maybe a little more wider than the shortest path. But keep your elbow straight. So from here, when you come back first, your hips, your chest, and head is coming in the end. Indices stretch because our focus is here in the middle of the back. If you have a shoulder, you might feel a lot of status here and that's fine. Okay. So just pay attention how you filling your shoulder and how you feel in the middle of the back. But your goal is pitch your chest to the wall, maybe your forehead to the wall if you cannot get your chest. Okay. So just try your best, your chest and Jean Dutch wall. Then after that, only chest touching the wall at E1, moving your chin away from the wall. Now, going to show you, just look here. So from here, looking up, hips, back, and chest forward, this is the first step. Now from here, learn this, bend the knee and just lightly down. Then your nice grid. Tried to put the stress on your middle of the back. Suppose the chest forward and push your lower belly in towards the spine. Push your hips back just forward. And if you can chin away from the wall, if you feel it's too much, just keep touching your chin and stay here. Then hold as long you can, and then you come back first-year hips that you'd just moving back and slide your hands down. And then head is coming in the end. You want this is stretch your horn at least for one minute. So muster. County, your timing is really important and hard as long you can. Now. This one is stretch your door TO time. Now. Next is stretch, again is the puppy stretch. But this time we will go a little deeper from the shoulders. Now. First I will show you just watch. So fit together items over the head, hips, back, lookup, and chest forward. So the first year do your maximum is stretched enough for me. Bending the knee, pushing the chest forward and nice rate. Then again, C, how much is spread? So just try your best. Now from here, move your hands toward each other. Notice how you're feeling in your shoulder. Nonetheless, they partition. You already feel here. Lot of his stretch along the shoulder blades. So keep watching the chest forward. Must tone your lacks Boolean, kneecap up, engage the course. Now from here you are. Challenge is bad. Your elbow, keep pushing your heart power. Don't forget, push your lower belly in toward the spine or the heart forward and away from the wall. So this is read as mature can or even if you wanted to go more deeper, you can bend the knee just little more, don't just half an inch. And then again, nice rate. Then after elbows thread, first-year hips back, then your chest backs light the hands down, and then cut back. So I want this is stretched by your towel and hopper as long you can't. So this one is just only one brown and maximum misread. Now, in this expression, we are going to target chest again. And this is called justice. Then you have an giving you few absence, so see which one works for you. So firstly, yours wall, because this is easily every level. And if you have something like a scholar, you got veal, you get this one. Okay? The first I'm going to show you with the wall. So just watch and listen to your body when you do this one, because this one is tough to breathe. So from here, touching you nice little wall like this. Then from here it stopped lucky fit up. Like this. Try to give the weight on the chest as much as you can see, how much you can reach and his stay here. So when you come back pressed, flower, Press, flower, PRS, flower. And this way come down and take a rest. So this is quite challenging. How to save the weight on the chest. And horror as long you can. It's just after you listen to your body. If you have this you reel, it might be a little bit easier to see if the weight on the chest. So you're front of the hips. Coming on overview. Like so. Then from here, just down. Up. That's slowly, slowly. Your abdomen on the wheel and your legs more high. So just to be a Denison, you don't want to put a weight here. Okay. We want to save over two on the chest. Tried to put the stress on middle of the back as much yoke and the chest system is a little challenging. I want your Doolittle experiment and find out which one works for you. You can do the same stretcher with the if you, if you have the sofa or the chair. So just yourself and try to learn how to operate on the chest and exhale as much you can. And how long you can write this 123 times. 4. Hip Flexor Stretch: Now we are going to target hip flexes. So most of the students, this part hip flexors are quite tight. And that's why they find it very difficult to do kind of veal paws are even you are you will find it difficult to do for discrete if you have a tight hip flexors. So if you do this one is stretched, you might improve also, ER is split. Now we are going to target hip flexor. So right foot forward and left leg back. Now from here, hence on your hips. And Rob, you're sitting down. So the front part of the heap is coming up and that is done. So since little extents in front of the hip and keep your back leg nice grid. Now, once you have this kind of filling, your extension from the front of the hip, now, I want you paint in that field as much you can. So now from here, hence on your hips, bend your left knee. So do not let you down. Ok. Now, tilt your pelvis back x-direction. Now, keep your hips down. Now the challenge is left knee scrape. Host The left back. Dot get here, front of the hip. Now. Right knee is great. Okay. Five to him. Now to venture right knee, bend the left knee and till the pelvis. And target here is stretch your left leg, back, left him back. And then front. Nice great. Gre three. Vent your left knee tilt and stretch hold for a second. And up the tumor for left down tilt and a stretch target. And that last 15 then to your right knee, left knee, celt, puzzle Valley in. Push your hip back. That's going to add up best. Release. Great. Shaquille next. Okay. Now at the site. So this time, left foot forward and right leg back. Okay. So a tha's just to focus attention on the front of the hip. So the pelvis, so extension front of the hip. Notice that front part lifting up and back down. Once you have that sense, front knee straight. Now, bend your left knee. Then bend your right knee and tilt. Keep your hips down and push your right hip back. Really stretch here. And then front, nice red. Now to right knee bent, tilt. And is stretch. Keep your hips down as possible. And finiteness read three. Tilde is stretch, target, stay, stay here. Accept little pinned up. That's got a tumor for writing it down. Tilt and scratch. Good. Push your write back. Nice straight dot. Get front of the hip and left knee straight, got bent your left knee venture ripening tilde postal Valley in an a scratch is straits test statistic. Now, front this grid and fit together. Really been the front of the hip. Guard here. Take a little rest. Next one. Bring your right foot and your left knee down. Yet I want you to take your towel, so protect your left knee. Okay. Now, from here, let put toe pointing back here and move your right foot forward. Like this. So your front knee over the hill like this. So keep your elbow, right elbow or the right knee and just push your hip down. If you find it difficult to balance here, you can take the block like this. Ok, so you have a little support beside here. You can hold a wall. So from here, back Forte, band your left knee and catch your foot. Now 5p time, fostering hill. Keep pushing your hips forward. Now, exhale. Try to touch your heel to the hip. Are touched your toe back side of the rape, lottery stretch in your car and the hip flexors and in hell back five time to his crotch. Hold for a second. And back. Got three. His stretch. Back, Tamar for a stretch. So just try your best. And last one, phi is write back and got null, switch your legs. So take a moment here. Fast forward. Now from here, can't you foot from inside and one touch and back to exhale, touch. Sri, exhale, touch and back. For exhale touch, back, five x held touch back and got now from here. Unreleased. Come to the child. Now, next one is Scratch. We had again targeting the hip flexor. So this one, you can drive it me. So dicta blocks. Bring your right foot forward like this. So walking foot forward. Then from here, left like to appoint and just push out. So you can see my friend for is not here. Okay. No. Move your foot forward. But you're not supposed to do a split like this. Okay. Just let me get your front of the hip. Movie a friendly slightly out fast and find a little more space and see if you can push your half-hour little more. So I stay here. You can hold a block like this up. If you think you're going to stress more, keep your hand on your butts and push your hips. Flower, don't want to you, or this is scratch these one minute and little pin. So just listen to body. If you are a little more. So open up your ribs. Got now from here slowly come back. So take a block and take rest. Then, then you already know this one other side. Left foot forward, and push shared right hip done. You can walk are just keep your hands on your hips and push a forward. So again, pay attention toward the front knee. Sometime if you're nice to much insight, you might feel difficult to post the hips down. So moving nice Like it out and see if you can, is stretched a little more than slightly movie. So you don't want to relax. But we want to improve the we want to go more deep into posture, moving out and pushed him down as much as you can. And our target is the front of the hip. So the front leg is not going to stretch, hence ring. Now almost time. So come back. And take rest in child house, likes the hips. Rock side to side. Now, this one is elastic stretch for the hip flexor. So take your towel and go to the wall. So I want you to touch your knee to the wall and let for where. And all your left knee. Push your hip to your Hill and stay here. Again. In this posture, you have to really pare density, really stretching the front of the hip. So don't do this, don't move your neat too much elephant oil. So keeping the close to the wall as possible. If you are really too tight, then you need a little away from the wall. So touching your hip or your Hill. And here, push your belly or the spine and tink off your tailbone. Rotting, bound. So what is the extension front of the hip front off your high. Just stay here. Read, write or touch your back to the wall. And keep noticing. Okay, do not deal with the pelvis. Really stretched from the front of the hip bushier left tip down. So rarely feel figured it out how to post the hips or Tropp The sitting down and really stretch front of the hip and push your lower belly in towards the spine, pull the rip stuff. And this is stretched for one minute. So nouns slowly come back. Remember that when you come back? Faster, hands down, okay, and then front foot movie back. Then bring your writing our good. So if you need rest, you can take a rest here. So I'm going to stretch the other side so you can follow. So left-leaning, touching the wall and write for power. Figure it out how to drop sitting bones down, tailbone down, and extension for up the heap. Don't try to find comfort like this. Arch, the back. Now we are targeting frontal behave so abrupt. You're sitting bone, tailbone down and push him or belly in. An AP is stretched front of the hip. Maybe the first artificial VQ. You might feel this is quite tough to, or for one minute. Maybe the first week you might feel is tough cohort this scratch. But after a few days, you might feel that is very good after this stretch. Or epsilon, you can always check the timing. Try two or both side E1. Now times slowly back, so hence down, be careful. So Frankfurt breakfast, then nice together. And 5. Improve Back Strength: Now next few exercise we will work with the sprint. So is spent in the back muscles is start with a cobra. So light on, on your abdomen, like so fit together, keeping beside the chest. Now from here, it starts from the head. Stayed together. Engage your legs and think your front of the hips, you're pressing down. Now from here. Firstly step, lift from the head. Okay, so we're going to compress the back part and is stretching the front part. So cobra pose looking up and is stressed, the throat is stress the chest. Look up. Remember your feet together and put stress on middle of the back, not dumping in the lower back. Rarely post the chest followers shortlist back. 10. Must you count your breath three, and hold for 545. Slowly lower down. From here, feet apart, cross your arms, you can turn your head. And just expedients is time How you feeling in your back? We will do three time fit together. So each time tried to push yourself a little more. So fit together. Pres the pubic down, lifting your head, stress the throught, your chest. One. Good. Rarely put stress on middle, back, really shortlist back, pose the heart follower to keep your feet together. We're lucky with this trend. Three, look back for keep your trie ship in. And five, slowly lower down. Feet apart, cross your arms, you can turn your head. Other site, read. Great. Now one more time. Fit together. This time I want you to come to the fingertips together. Lift. So they lift the chest little more up. But put stress on middle of the back. One got till shoulders, back and down. Chess forward 34 years you'll lax and fight slowly lower down home. You had to feed upon. The head of the lab site. Does expedients. How are you feeling? Right now from here S your toes against the wall, like self. So you have support here. Okay. Now, cross your arms in front of you. Press the pubic bone down. Now from here, one up and down. That tube in hill, X hit up. Horror. And down. Inhale first. Hold for a second. And down must adjust if feet more. Inhale and exhale up and down. The last one. So Scratch as much you can. Last one, inhale, exhale His day. And down. Now. From here set up. Now, I'm going to teach you real post. This isn't one of the best posture. So we will use our shoulders, neck, mid level, the back, lower back, and the front of the hips, hip flexors. So hidden just bare Dennison, what I'm doing. So just notice this 1 first. Before you do will pose. You catch your ankle. Like so. If you cannot catch your ankle, you can take this thread. So you can use this rep, like this. Ok, so it's round trip. So now see you have two arch the back. Now see, I'm moving my hips back, lifting my middle of the back up. So it's very important for the stress on the middle of the back and lift your hips up and push back. Now, maintain the arch here. Just only Grob Joe, sitting down. Notice how you feel in the arch in your middle back. So if you didn't grab the ankle and do 5p time with me. Okay. So take position and arch the back first. Keep your hips down. Now, one, lift. Focus on the arch and just drop the hips down. Mindon the Arch two. And down. Three, focused on middle of the back and guard tomorrow. And down Minton, the arch last one, 5p and down basket. Okay. Now what I want from here, sodium pumps under your shoulder, but maintain the arch, the CIA secret. And from here, Minton the arch, Minton the arch posting hips back. And from here keep your elbow in and post the chest, back and up. Lift as much you can maintain that arch. Then from here, come back to the chest, shoulder down maintained arch and just drop your hips town. And then your spine on the met. Okay, so one more time. I'm here, set your palms and arch. So focus on the middle of the back. Minton that lift your hips, keep your elbows in and pulls the chest back. Using the shoulders. It was in the middle of the back. Using the hip flexors, less weight on the lower back, put them more distress in the middle and come back into the chest, shoulder down, then hips done. Okay. Some of you if you're feeling like this from the veal pulse, now c hat is here first. You will feel unit live the Hill. Now. So when you are here, chin to the chest and shoulder down first, then no need to lift your Hill. Okay. Great. So after two or three round, then just how you nice. Big rest, as long as you want. Then c, we are going for the field pose with the wall. Okay, so just watch. So from here you just listened to body and see how much you get rich. So feet, hips, distance apart, must engage the legs, arms over the head. So the target everything, shoulders, neck, middle of the back, and the hip flexors. So this is a time using this rent and using all element and going to the post wall. So keep your back is strong, Lexis wrong. This is good for developing his friend. Now, I will show you just watch. So from here on us over the head, hips back, drop your head back, look the wall and reach if you feel Wallace too far, okay, then you have to walk your feedback. So from here, does the wall now see, keep your chest high. So think of keep your chest high. Okay, put the stress on middle of the pack estimate. You can do not take too much stress on the lower back. So for example, you are here. Now, walk your hands down. Now see if you feel you cannot walk all the way down. So walk, you feed forward, be careful. Then. Go all the way down. We'll pose is stay if you cannot disturb your algo does come to redefine now, but focus just up, down, back, up. Keep your Lexus wrong and just focus on the hand. Take baby steps, chest up. Just up. If you feel you cannot come up, walk your feedback. And then hence, don't remember when you do this 1 first time. You might feel out of bread, but that's fine with the time. With repetition. It will be better and some time because you holding your breath, if you've not read, when you come back, you might feel some estar. Okay, that's normal is happens with everyone. Now. I want to try this 15 times, okay? Again, remember, if you cannot go more than this, just come back, that's fine. Okay. It will take time. And always what we the feet. If you think you cannot go more than this wacky feedfoward and tried to reach down and the same limb and you come up, walk, you feed back and back to the standing position. So I'm going to show you one more time. So pay attention to where your feet work. Okay. So I'm going to show you from here, lock your hands down. If you feel you cannot go. Lucky few, little flower. See. If you can reach menu, come back rockier. Hence, dp, dz is high. Now Islam here, lucky feedback. Okay, so head coming in the end. And I want you to do this 1325 round every time and take your time and enjoy the process. Remember, this is tough, but you couldn't do it. Just practice. 6. Cool Down: Now after back bend, we add up going for some cooling down exercise. So first is the pulse of Coase. Come to the site to site. Maybe pose for 45 seconds. That now sit up. Next one is back extension. So go to the wall like this. And like your back. Now you can see from here, might need almost over the hip. So take this position and Adams over the head. Now, pay attention to what the pelvis to the pelvis. So lifting the sitting bones, tailbone up towards the ceiling, just little notes, little extension and then slowly down, exhale. And what not to do? No shorter, Stan. Okay. Just what be the pelvis? You count this one eight to ten time. Remember when you exhale, lift your Tells, advanced up the hill, back down. One more, exhale. Inhale back. Now from here. Nice. And twist. Drop your needs to the right and look to the left. So just notice how you feeling after you practice. Definitely. You soon not any kind of being in your lower back because you didn't put the best year. Switch other side. So a new Using your atoms, your shoulders, your neck, your middle of the pack, your bag, hip flexors, many using everything bad pen so it become more easier. Otherwise, you're going to put the stress on the one part of the body more than another. Now from here, nice. And sit up. 7. Thank you: So after the practice, if you want, so Asner, you can wait as long you want. And thank you, thank you for joining me. And I suggest do this back this at least five times, vk or group results and share your experience with me and with others. So write your comments and I will reply to you. And if you have any question, please feel free to ask and see you again. Thank you. Now, Master.