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Yin Yoga For A Sound Sleep - Create Your Ultimate Yin Yoga Practice

teacher avatar Karolina Shaturska, Artist & Yoga Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Introduction To Yin Yoga For A Sound Sleep

    • 2. Benefits of Yin Yoga

    • 3. 10 Yin Yoga Poses Workshop Part 1

    • 4. 10 Yin Yoga Poses Workshop Part 2

    • 5. How To Sequence

    • 6. Yin Yoga Practice

    • 7. Your Project and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Educator, artist and yoga instructor Karolina Szaturska will teach you how to create yin yoga practice that is best for...you! :)

In this class you will learn:

  • Why Yin Yoga Is Perfect To Unwind And Relax
  • 10 Yin Yoga Poses
  • How To Sequence Poses 


Yin Yoga Practice With Karolina Szaturska! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Karolina Shaturska

Artist & Yoga Instructor


My name is Karolina and I'm fascinated by the idea of sharing cross-culturally and internationally the skills and passions we all have. 

I'm a people and culture person, yoga instructor and psychology student, interested in wellbeing practices.

I believe that good self-care and ability to express oneself are stepping stones towards wellbeing and celebrating the wholeness of ourselves.  

Besides, art is fun and makes life more colourful, literally ;).

If you're interested in yoga, please visit my blog.


Best wishes :)

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1. Introduction To Yin Yoga For A Sound Sleep: Hello, everyone. My name is Carolina Chateau Ska. I'm uneducated artists and a passionate yoga instructor. Welcome to this class year got for a sound silly In this class, I will share with you benefits of yoga practice. So what a year, The practice ISS and how it's beneficial that we will. 10 year composes in step by step. So I would like you to grab you lot. But in your case, my personal battery, it could be a nice carpet, maybe an extra long before you can't fight. Actually, any place that suits you that's uncomfortable. Polites on in an easy step by step to Tora, I was shared with you these 10 year composers. Then I would like to share with you some tips how to organize a successful meaning, the most beneficial for here in your sequence. So in yoga it's know about. It's not only about yoga poses as such, the very important thing is how we organize them. So we moved from one position to another position in the most beneficial ways. I'm going to share some tips with you how to organize your your sequins, then bonus. Um, I'm going to invite you, Teoh practice with me. So I've regard a short een year class, and you're more than welcome to use it. As as an example, how to organize year class. The project is you're going to create your ultimate year practice. After this class, you'll be able Teoh, listen to your body more carefully and choose from the abundance of thes practices. These poses these f you that would be most beneficial for you. The given day. Remember couple days on the move time we every day is different things, our needs. That's why I believe the best we can do for ourselves is to listen carefully, eat days and respond. Teoh, what is happening right now to them. And once you have these exercises and these poses, he can choose from them on and it could be an independent year. Okay, so I'm inviting you. Do this class. So grow up your butt. Put on some comfortable clothes and lives began 2. Benefits of Yin Yoga: So. Yoga ISS Very gentle but deeply relaxing. Practice now what it does. It's to like the person pathetic Marvis system. Now in human language speaking, it means that it's Chile's. It's too late, the rest in the chest mode of our minds. It means that when you don't have to be in the mode off, throw from so thing, you know, thinking about finding different kinds of solutions, dealing with stripes in everyday life way. Need this Kalma more relaxed mode for millions, which is full rest and digest, because this is when we just better. This is where we're able Teoh rest to stay, to relax. No, because we are part of we are part of nature. Our bodies respond basically and physiologically Teoh kind of movement that we that we apply a series and in your house this a wonderful effect. But it's too late. Sympathetic, say resting suggest lines. Um, in practice, it means that we're going to apply gentle stretching and relaxing our muscles. It all helps Teoh online in our lines. It also helps to reduce the tension or released completely attention from the body. Sorry, it helps to lined. It helps Teoh release tension and turn the muscles in our bodies. So, as an effect, after a very long and be today realistically quickly were able to switch from this very intensive murdered off working in our minds into this restaurant that helps to online so down and why it down. It's so very able to fall asleep and have some sleep. 3. 10 Yin Yoga Poses Workshop Part 1: Okay, so let's start our practical practical side of this glass. I'd like it to block U Mart or lay directly on your carpet as long as you are comfortable. Make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes so they don't live in your your moves on you feel comfortable in these claws also into disclaimer. If you have any particular health problems, any kind eso high blood pressure. Since plying issues plays console all these poses with your doctor so I can't control. If these exercise are good for you, I'm no able Teoh give you any tips. So it's really important that you exercise mindfully. If anything feels, uh, wrong, please real stuff. Then two days and one general rule for everyone. Yes, if the particular exercise feels good during practice and after I mean one after one day after the practice. It means that scruffy, if anything, happens during practice, stop. And if every anything feels no right the day after, also, probably it's STDs to continue practicing given exercise at the given time. Oh, so you know, Tok on start exercising. So the first house is a child's pose. All right, so we are going to sit on our hails. We are going to sit on our heels. Your knees is why is your hips slightly whiter? Bring your big toes together and set comfortably on your heels. If you feel any discomfort in your knees, maybe a small role blanket in between cars on the back. So I took your thighs is a good 80. Okay. Also, if anything feels not right in your ankles as well, maybe it's a good idea. Support rolled like a cat on the ankles. So here is the space to really take yourself so anything you need. Yes, the way it should be done. Okay. You're the master off taking. How can help himself. Okay, so the legs And now we are going Teoh, fold forward from the hips. Imagine your hips on your hinges. Okay? And you're adore. Cover it or something. Do we are going to reach out with your arms? Teoh, slide your hands on my in front of you. He hoping us Why their way from Java? So active active thing there's And now we are going Teoh ring four had closer to the math, but at the same time, like push against mark should be sending bottoms strong on all the heels, so you can also slightly rotate you shoulder blades outwards and keep your shoulders away from your ears. So the aim of this exercise is to strengthen through your Holstein and to stretch the holes to the top of your head. Is he after reserve string, pulling yet full. Where and at the same time, the hands are pushing Bach. So the neck is long in nice way. Can stay here for a happily graphs, right? So way we always breath in through your nose and breathe out through your nose all through your life. If you feel like with next inhale, look in between your hands on slowly, slowly sit up on your heels. Okay, so that Waas child spurs OK, the next plows is recline, but fly for this. Bows are suggest thick hat that Israel lights late. So here I've got one prepared for me. So actually, what you need is quite a big blind can. It needs to be quite big and quite back. So whats you roll that? It's a nice you know, It's a nice role. It's quite big, actually. So you're going Teoh, pull the bag. Little or a pillow or a cushion on your lot. And we are going. Teoh said we need that now. Bring the soles of your feet together. Make sure your hips are one line. Make sure you see that right. So adroit. Enable them open up your chest. The top of your head goes up the soles of your feet together. Your knees, they go to the sides. Okay. And we are going so slowly. Teoh, lay down on the route blanket. Whatever you have. So we are going Teoh support back from behind. Sorry. Put your hands behind your back in shallowly Tak under your tailbone and rule yourself down away, Down to the To the blanket to blanket. Make sure you just at the end your shoulders relaxed ground. If it helps, you can imagine a nice speck of light Coming Teoh Chest, chest So a lot of attention is released. Your chest? Yes. Opening shoulders. They dropped down. Okay. The gravity helps here and that The end lays your four arms leads your hands He your pounds facing outwards Now it's really important to keep your tailbone. So you know he is slightly stretched. Relax with every exhale way are going to try to relax. D. So what might be helpful here Years in March? Name that with every exhale you can release more and more attention. So if it helps, you can put one hand when you will. Still like Teoh, help yourself serve your breathing chips up how you'll still goes up with every hail and how closed the longer I stay in this position, that's because with every exhale yeah, relax. You had reaction back. Relax your shoulders. The longer you stay here also have helps. Your chest relates attention in deep muscles. This powers is beneficial for everyone, but especially if he's sit in law with your head looking down. Teoh, for example. Looking at the screen. People mobile that way, usually. Tent close mom chest and that's practice. Yes, to the chest. All right, get out the pose that you have bows slowly. We are going to support ourselves with ALS and sits very slow day with longer. Say the Paris slow issued Go back because your body is different. Deeply relaxing with practice you we need Teoh. Be very gentle, okay, plays and yet we can bring on used to get one last year. Sometimes, if you feel tension want you and roger knees, it's no possible to keep them like that when you look down, then maybe take a good idea to use some extra extra cushions to support these. Once you give some support to your knees, they cushion here and I promise you relax. Okay, Right. The next post is the next pose is a bottle, So the previous one was reclined. Butterfly. Now we are going Teoh bottom my house. So let's start from sitting up, writes a drawing neighbor, Liam. Make sure your core muscles are slightly, very gently now, less active. Open up through your just the top of your hat. Iss cold. Okay with this invisible street. So we never said like that. Imagine there is one string pulling from your chest and another from the top of your head. So then we naturally I open up chests on the whole spat. Time is nicely activated and straight, which is the most important. Okay, so now for that box are straight. We need Teoh. Bring the souls about feet together. No, the bottom lie. Here's very individual because you are going to experiment. Where is the best place to keep your feet so you can bring your feet collected to power s. Then pay attention to what's going on in your in your head joins, in a way, the reaction in your knees to pay attention to what's going on. I'm going to bring my feets lately away from my from my office, um, also because it helps to keep back straight. The closer you bring your feet to the hell this, the more more chest is closing and without, it's very difficult to maintain the post right. But today I'm going to relax. Its no inactive your practice. It's a year, so it's all about relaxing, releasing and applying Stretch. Okay, once you've got the position of your feet. So the distance between your heels in your office grab your ankles. You can also grab your feet. That's virtues. Where is your spot? Teoh Ben Boast and slightly fold forward slightly full forward, but don't closure chest. Keep your chest open in marginal string, pulling you putting you forward all the time so the back is straight. Okay, but the elbows they are slightly pushing the knees to the knees are going job and you banding full way. Okay? And she's Your place. Holds day. Maybe it's hair. Maybe you can relax all the way down with your full head on your feet. Okay. So if you want to do that, make sure they keep your back straight. Almost to the end. Okay? Way are trying, Teoh. Live it arching off your back. You don't have to. Aw, shit. Too much. It's more stretching and slowly and delicately open Name you'll hits. So your task here is to choose the best place, the best spot for you. Which is a perfect balance between gentle stretching, genital opening for you. Perhaps that feeling all right in this part. Okay. Also remember that every day is different today. It might be here to more. It might be here and in three days time might be down on the floor. It's really everything is different. Okay, Teoh, go back. We just need Teoh. Use muscles used with the cool muscles to bring your torso old early up. He can support you need your hands to bring them together. And that that's what flight codes. Okay, The next post is about colliding, some stretching to your hips and to the by of your legs is driving flight pose. So to start, stretch your legs in them, bring the away from each other. Make sure that you put them evenly on both sides. Sir, I suggest you use the use your to find. This was even lying for your feet. Of course you don't have Teoh go to why you legs. You can bring them close up, but you put your bottom more back. Okay. But always used us. Used this. If you want to go find up, you just what? More to the front. Um, sometimes it's really difficult set in this position. Then you can use you rolled blanket. I'm your what? So if you put it under your bottom, you said it's likely high up team gesture. Keep your back straight and your chest open. And sometimes it's the best way to start. If rather, high powers is something you for you. And if you feel lots of tension in your knees in your hair and if it's quite difficult for you to keep your chest open, So actually it feels so nice and going to stay here today is well and I'm going to show some variations. So 1st 1 is we just fold for Wade here. They any choose your place, remember? Just up. We fought forward with the back straight. Okay, so sometimes in office enough, like in here and get over to feel loss. Attention. But if you stay here, but it's been And if you concentrate breathing out or that action with time, it may actually feel very relaxing in comfortable. Okay, um, so you can continue until you touch the floor with your pounds. With your full hours. I can't go any further, but for some people, they even reach Reach the floor with that four arms. It was just great. So, uh, Teoh, go back, we activate the cool muscles and we sit up straight again. Um, another verification of dragon homes. Iss to bend to the sides to bend to the right side. We are going, Teoh, reach up. We left on and bend right side. So you bring before do the ground. Now look what is happening. If I push against the floor, I'm able to use this energy to open up through the chest slave. You take my chest and my toll so towards the ceiling So I'm opening my chest through my own head. And if he takes a breath in, you can actually feel how the whole side of your body is stretching. And then with next exhale, you can go all the way down to get out of the position with next inhale hold way up. Do this sitting position on Let's do it to the other side. Because in yoga it's very important to always, um, came batons. So if you do something for once, I and you need to do it to the other side. So reach up with your right arm and band to the left side. Now, if you reach to the floor with left arm, push against the month to slightly take outwards with your So so is the sky number of legs exhale? You can bad even. No. Let's say he you active you, Charles will with the next hand, we go along the way. Uh, okay. And now the vaccination of dragging crowds Yeah, off the training flight post is twists to do the west. You just reach up being held with Next exhale twist to the left. You bring your arms down and you continue looking to the left with the next hair reach Go back to the center end to the other side So up again on to write on our stuff again I'm using my hand My arm slightly pushed Gays floor Teoh twisty more And you Okay, Next inhale. Go back to the center and relax. So we call free variations of a dragon fly pounds we can filled forward. We can band to the signs and we can just Okay. Remember, they can sit on a roll blanket. You can also support your knees with another school under underneath. Uh, there are many. Okay, thank you. 4. 10 Yin Yoga Poses Workshop Part 2: the next post is a cut pit Oppose So cut The house is a yin Persian. Oh, I should want to NASA which is forward bend in sitting So we need Teoh. Sit up straight where legs stretched so needs together fit together on and in young you got boy is kept active But I mean you got used to relax into line before you go Too bad any time of the day If you want to people to imagine you You give away the weight of your body completely. You can even imagine the recut And you do this This move the cats do Sometimes they do such moves with their hands. I'm back today pushing my legs more to the ground with my house it helps to relays attention. It happens to feel the ground underneath. The idea is that legs round on relaxed And then what? You're going to need ISS again? Roll black hat or a crucial right Andi, you need to put it on your legs. They mindful about your needs so we don't want to hurt me knees If if they hurt, probably changed position Hopefully you need to add an extra layer Maybe just you will support away from your knees. OK, but for me today, this must position back it is like and in a cuff will oppose. All we need to do is to just fall forward this time arching you and actually really relaxing. So it's so much different from everything you know about a year ago. Because oh, my God. It feels so good. Yeah, we usually concentrate any gate this time opening up through the chest. This pose is to relax completely. It's one of the most stimulating person prosthetics and person just now system because of this closing and relaxing nature, This pose your free relaxed you toes are relaxed, you arms are relaxed, your back is arched and you head is entirely lost. Um, sometimes you need even more support if you if you can't relax. Yes, probably, um, auction for you today because it's changing. Every day is to put some family layers, maybe on a blanket. Maybe this is the position for you for today. So I can still relax your arms on the floor because law is giving you better support. It's more stable, but you can write your hair all that construction Corkery you created. You go so snide away from your from your troll shirt from your belly. And deeply I have an inhale take and relax, old my souls do. The longer you stay in this pose, the more you can relax a while. Muscles on. Sometimes it's wonderful to see how it shifts and changes. Yeah, so, actually, this one of my favorite poses, It's so relaxing. Okay, To get out of the powers, you have to take your arms and hands on, and you help yourself to lift your chest up and sit up straight. What? It? Okay, the next part is a sleeping swarm. Teoh, go into the spouse. We need to get a hold full. So on your needs in on your pounds. Sorry. Remember to keep your fingers spread wide and bring your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees need to be Is what is your hips? Okay, So once you are in this, you're going to talk you toes and push against the much done with facing dog. Okay, so that's the down with passing door, But we're not going to concentrate in this post today. It's just that it's going to help you. Your move your knee to the front, Bring it to the inner side or you're right. And put your shit all the fuel slide the left. What you toes on that we're are We need to make sure that your hips look evenly forward. So make sure you didn't shift weight of your body. But the weight of your body is evenly distributed on both sides of your supposing myself with my arms to help that OK? And that I'm halting with my toes. Judy back. But you can experiment how it feels when you slightly move your right for closure to your left hand. Because we can try different animals. So choose and that she passed four. Recognize ice. Just you keep your right heel around the era of you left him. Okay. And if everything is a right here, we are going to go down on your full arms. If everything is still fine here, you can stay here. Not your lot few years. But if everything feels good here, you can relax foods away, down. You can put one hand on probable the other and put you 10 all this little portion and relax . Old way down. You can also relaxed you chest to the more relaxed more Your releasing a lot the muscles of your We can't even relax completely to the floor and spread your arms wide. The weight of your body is now even Believe on both. Here's okay. Are you going to stay here? Pay attention to what? Stretching because Probably right side of your bottom is stretching as well as you'll find attention to what is happening in your me. For some people this pose, it is no gold because of him. You shoes so you don't need. But if this exercise feels good, probably you feel the benefits of Chantel stretching the whole hip, hip and thigh. Here. Teoh, get out of the position. First, we're going to go back on who arms and also go on your house. You are active and slide your right leg. But with the next it's here. We're going to down with facing dog. So in downward facing dog, we need to keep yes, the way from your shoulders Hands are active. Look, look to it. You make it so Onda you can gently bending me school. If you're stretching off, you can be you. Here's to the mat. Maybe slightly outwards. With your here with next. Raise your left. Need right hands and the left here too. Right. Slide back. Right Leg toes. Make sure the way of your body is distributed evenly. Hipster located in the center of your palace and everything feels right here. We can go down on a full arms if it's still here. We do again way make a cushion out of our hands. But this time with the other hand, Job off the previous one and relax the out of 10 poll. Okay, So if you relax your right temple now not left and put down down to the cushion out you hands. If they're still some room pool stretching for you can release the whole chest to the floor . I'm relax your head to the floor and stretching arms. Why? Okay, I'm going Thio Thio lay on the same side so you can hear me. I like you, Teoh. Maintain a spot. So if he did an exercise to one side, make sure he do everything. Do the other side so you can keep balance. So everything is relaxed here and again. The longer you stay here for you but your arms before the flu. Then hands your own straight talk you toes under. They can relax with one last down with facing door, so any up and ring left foot back wet. Actually, they are Leiber feet on Who should gangsta mouth with your arms with your hands Have the top of your head IHS pointing to the lot. You can look to watch your label. And if everything is all right here, you can bring your heels close off to Matt. Oh, maybe even you You can relax you people, okay? And that she needs down, you can sit on your heels. And that was sleeping. So next pose is a happy baby pose a happy baby Powers is an excellent pose if year stand walk a lot during the day Because every time you bring your feet higher Sorry, high in your heart You help your heart to best. Okay, so to go into this house, we're going to see um And we are going just support ourselves with the house to roll the spine away. Although it down flu, relax. You had have to make sure that your back is straight now push against the mouth with your head and lift up your just stressing through your Mac. And what you should lose down. No. Here your hips and elongate through lower back, slowly, snail early. That's reported on Matt. And that you are sure that the whole back is nicely. Elon Gated on straight. No. Hi. Want me and the apple? Okay, your knees wade away from a chopper now. Right now, coz and lift up with your heels can imagine you walk on the ceiling. Okay. So you can grab you ships. Put them. If you grabbed your shins, I'd like you to put your elbows out less. But you can also you're ankles. Bull. Grab the out to edges off your feet. Whatever. Teachers, make sure that the lower back he's still on the ground. Okay, this is who this is really important. So, um, the Americans imported thing here is that the back is on out of blue on. You pull the names on your chest and we open up through the hips and we can stay here longer. Okay, Now bend your knees mul and bring your knees together. We are going to needs to chest this'll position. We've got active version passage. Massive action is just that you have a mother who needs and you can just stay here. That is accident. Thinks of solace here you love a is far too much Full it. This is a come to pose for the lower back to relax, to stretch a little bit more If you want, you can deepen the the practice we have been active for. To do that, we need to bring our four hats to your knees. So lift up. You had, um, and people as close to your knees as you can if you can bring it all the way to your needs , the perfect. But you don't have to. The thing is that your spine easy, but more stretched. If you're wrong, your back This and also you have some practice for your cool muscles, of course. So make sure you're you in yoga practices. Know about engaging your cool muscles. But it about this another thing you can do is he can do some little circles with your lower back. Just what I'm doing right now. Say once on the that is a perfect musalo. Sh black. It helps to turn your muscles. It helps you spine too hot And and also that the perfect exercise in between how the baby and the reclining twist in laying. But we're going to do now like you to bring your arms white away Where Right away from your asses. If you were a big T letter, OK? And keeping your knees you can bring the old way down to the right, right? Yeah. If this is too much, this is too difficult. It's a good idea to put a crucial blanket back to the post so you don't bring me along the way but to the floor. But you can support your like whatever you have, and then you'll have goes to the other side. So if you need to go to the right, you had goes to let can lots along the muscles of your cool or muscles. You relax, you face swell. Okay, so in this pose, how this fine, He's helping this title. Very good. The spine books all the twists, stew, late digestion, the suggestion project digestion. How said that? He said, But if it off this okay, just change the sides bring you have to the center that had one. Lee and the apple. You can make circles with your with, you know, back. Yeah, and once again, your arms do the sights. Lengths to left side had to the right side. Make sure love of your shoulder blades stay. They need to be in touch with their not probably means that it's too much for your legs. Probably they should be higher as you but bring you had to send to have one me and again small circles. The science on with last pose for today. Um, many say it's the most important pose. It's Osama. So it's a corpse pose that is a final relaxation. So bring your feet. It's like this. You'll have so Ida and relax, actually, completely and later, sir, you can fast, probably possible all the way down to the floor. Relax. You had three chests, your shoulder blades scared slightly inwards on pros it each other at the arms. If you have hands your parents are facing about your arms, are they say, 4 to 5 degrees away from your body. I say what the distance that feels comfortable for you today so you can feel like you've got enough space. Teoh, take the breaths in. Okay, Um, I have everyone has come to go right now. You can close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. Every exhale, please. The touch from all muscles. So this is if mounting down, relax the muscles between your eye pervs. Relax. Stay out Cool is your eyes. Your tongue is your last and all day is completely lashed. And you can stay here as long as you want to get out of the house. Bring your arms well, And what Behind you head on. And they got stretch. You can stretch as if he get you're getting up. So Roy yourself to the slide. Support yourself one Teoh. So yet, Teoh sitting position. Cross your legs, or you can call them like me. So that's 1/2 cultist pose. Once again, you left. Make sure your chest is Erica and you dater do what I want to do after your relaxation after your yoga practice. By so feed 10 years post minus some of some extra appropriations to choose from. You have the next video is about how to organize these poses into successful. So the most beneficial, um, you know, yoga sequence. I can see in the next year 7. Your Project and Final Thoughts: Okay, So now it's time for our final project. You've learned 10 year composers. Are you glad? Some tips about how to organize a union A practice. And hopefully you did a year ago class with me. So down you've got all the tools that you need. Teoh Create composed to set your individual yoga back test. So I would like you to choose from freed maximum five posters of your choice opposes that you believe are the most beneficial for you houses that you feel best in. Okay Organized them into sequins on home, each up to you You come ask someone to take photos of you while doing these players Many want Teoh. Give us a written description. The more details you give but so you can give the names of the poachers. But please make a note Why? Why? Chairs in particular pose? Why is it beneficial? So we can all shut? Obviously I couldn't cover with first the bus subject that in your ISS he's are just 10 poses and the class is really packed with no knowledge and chips. But I really we can show these steps we can shut you can Shall you experience as well. So we can create a community of people, take care of themselves and shared good practices and support each other in in in your well being. So, yeah, that is my dream. And my wish for you is that you take this knowledge, you could you find a project, so please don't forget to share it in a in a class, protect and also feel free to use the yoga class, which is also YouTube on my Facebook. Are you a sketch channel? It's all in the description of the class, so feel free to reach out these tables whenever you need. Okay, guys, Thank you so much for this time we spent together. Help. Way to see you. Protect help. You share your days from union practices for you If you sure I'll be able, Teoh, have a look about and see if I can support you with any extra chips that you shot. Thank you. Once again. Now, Missy, keep calm. And do you