Yarnbombing: Creating Public Art with Yarn

Jessie Hemmons, Oakland Yarnbomber

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9 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Intro to Yarnbombing

    • Things to Consider when Selecting the Perfect Target

    • Collecting Measurements that contain several pieces

    • Collecting Bike Rack Measurements

    • Sewing the pieces together

    • Threading your needle and sewing the piece onto the object (bike rack)

    • Finishing the Yarnbomb

    • Using Facebook, Twitter, and Fiber Artist Resources

    • Using Instagram


About This Class

Want to brighten up your bleak, gray environment with the use of bright, comfy yarn? Or maybe you want to make a political statement by putting bikinis on statues?  If so, you have come upon the right class... it's time to YARNBOMB!  




Yarnbombing is a form of street art that involves covering an object in public with knitting, crocheting, or simply just a bunch of yarn.  It is temporary and easily removed, so it is a way to make a statement without having to worry about the consequences of many other forms of street art.  




By taking this class you will learn about the yarnbombing movement around the world and how you can become involved. 

This class will be taught with self paced online lessons, which will include:

  • how to select a great object to yarnbomb, taking into consideration the practicality, message, and feasibility of the project  
  • how to collect accurate measurements and create a pattern for your project.  
  • a refresher course in the basics of knitting and crochet (for those that are interested)  
  • details of installing a yarnbomb, from crew to time
  • how to document and share your yarnbomb

This class is great for knitters, crocheters, yarn enthusiasts, street artists, artists, grandparents, non-grandparents, teachers, neighbors, community activists, people with a sense of humor, and positive folks interested in brightening their surroundings!


5 of 6 students recommendSee All

Really loved this class! I've been wanting to yarnbomb something for ages but kept getting stuck on various technical points. Jessie's videos give lots of great advice and she was super responsive to my questions. Just finished my first project and am eager to start the next!
Ally Kraus

Acquiring All Skills

Jessie is a great teacher. She's both knowledgeable and laid back, so you feel secure knowing you're getting good guidance at a non-scary level and pace. The topics are diverse, from history to installation to marketing, with lots of specific advice for all types of projects and levels. I've done a ton of yarnbombing and I still learned more than my money's worth!
Lorna Watt

Knitting and crochet designer, Knits for Life

Jessie is thorough and knowledgeable. She provides a great background into the history of yarnbombing as well as teaching you practical techniques.





Jessie Hemmons

Oakland Yarnbomber

I have been knitting since 2009 and have since then become an internationally known yarnbomber. A yarnbomber is a street artist that knits and crochets instead of using spray paint or stencils. I have knitted a sweater for the infamous statue of Rocky at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and have had my knitting and crochet featured in advertising for Target. I have been featured in knitting magazines and articles and absolutely love to teach others to knit and crochet!

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