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YOUTUBE Thumbnails Power of Images for SEO Video Marketing

teacher avatar Laurence Svekis, Best Selling Course Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Instructor Introduction to Video Marketing

    • 2. Why Thumbnails Work

    • 3. Course Information everything about Thumbnails

    • 4. Basic of Thumbnails

    • 5. Custom thumbnail best practices

    • 6. Follow Youtube Policy

    • 7. Quick Tips on Thumbnails

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About This Class

YOUTUBE Thumbnails Power of Images for SEO Video Marketing
Create Powerful Thumbnails to DRIVE More Traffic to your Video. How to optimize your Videos for better SEO in Search

Thumbnails can make a big difference in views you receive within search. “A picture is worth a thousand words" and a thumbnail is worth more than a description.

Thumbnails are important in search results and in suggested videos.

3 Primary areas that having optimized video thumbnails can DRIVE MORE views.

In YouTube Search a better thumbnail can get you more clicks even if your video ranks lower in the search results. People look at visual ques first when they are looking for content. Having an appealing video thumbnail can really make a difference.

Google Search - your video already has an advantage over websites in that videos in search results have Thumbnails. Use this more effectively to drive traffic to your video.

Suggested Videos - The suggested videos is one of the best sources for traffic to your YouTube Videos. Stand out from the crowd and get more clicks on your video.

Why you should consider optimization of your thumbnails!

more professional impression of your video
YouTube does not pick the most optimal image for your video
Your audience grow as people look at thumbnails first when deciding a video to watch
Quicker way to convince viewers to pick your video
Answer the viewers question and entice them on viewing your video
thumbnails can reinforce your video title and send a stronger message to the potential viewer.
Channel branding and consistency
Important factors in Thumbnail Optimization
Make them eye catching
use good contrast of colors
Represent your content
Always create a thumbnail
Clear and well designed
Visually compelling leaving the audience wanting more
make the audience curious to the content of your video
Close up of faces
Look great on all devices large and small
Hi resolution and clear
Did you know that 70% of marketers plan to increase their use of visual assets? That's because visuals are proven to drive more engagement.

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Laurence Svekis

Best Selling Course Instructor


Web Design and Web Development Course Author - Teaching over 1,000,000 students Globally both in person and online.    Google Developer Expert since 2020 GDE

I'm here to help you learn, achieve your dreams, come join me on this amazing adventure today
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1. Instructor Introduction to Video Marketing: Hi. My name is Lawrence, and I've got several YouTube channels that I've been working on effectively for the past year in year and 1/2 and have been able to gain really good success on these channels. And so within this course, I'm going to be sharing some of the techniques that I'm using, especially within this course. We're gonna be talking about the techniques that I'm using, four thumbnails that I've found that work effectively. And they've been able to get my videos, more views and over a shorter period of time. So video optimization through thumbnails is what this course is going to be about and what you can expect in the thin this course is gonna be some riel life data, real knife analysis and some really good information about how you can work within your YouTube Channel two. Optimize your videos and to really get the best out of the YouTube experience to grow your channel and grow your YouTube experience. So I regularly creates YouTube videos, and it's given me an option to make some extra income through YouTube. So I will be sharing a lot of what I've experienced on YouTube throughout my courses about YouTube, and I'm just gonna have an honest, straightforward approach. I talk about what works for me and what I found that doesn't actually work for me. Eso There's a lot of stuff on the Internet, a lot of different articles and tips. Eso I generally do try out different things that I read, and I do have a very analytical approach to it. Where I look at the data Ellicott that starts and I see what's working. And when I do find something that is working, I try to zero in on that and to try to determine why it's working and to try to reproduce it as much as possible. Created videos for YouTube for marketing tutorial videos for almost 14 years now, and I've got a lot of video content online. Song will be talking about as well what I've learned through my personal growth of creating videos. Well, as I've got quite a bit of experience through social media and just being able to grow content, engage with people and essentially using the Internet and Internet technology to grow and engage with users and viewers, I'm also posting some resource content. Eso a lot of the resources that I'm using within this course, I'm re posting within a PdF, which could be a download. Pdf for anyone using the course. And there's gonna be a lot of great resources that I use myself in order to market on YouTube as well as to create videos. 2. Why Thumbnails Work: the way that thumbnails affect the YouTube algorithm is the obvious way is if someone clicks through, they like your thumbnail. They click through to your video and they watch your videos so you get an increased views on video. But the other thing is a swell when you take into consideration. How the YouTube algorithm works is if you are going down. If someone does search funny videos and if they pass up all of these different videos here . Atop that YouTube is suggesting are better options for your search term. And they may be Click something down here a the bottom. This is going to bring a little bit more attention within the algorithm to this video, and it's gonna play into the algorithm, calculating that this video might be a little bit more relevant to your search term than the top video. And over time, if a lot of people do click through, it will move it up within the rankings. You're gonna have the same effect taking place when you are playing through on a YouTube video and when the video is playing, if you do have really good thumbnails, they can really jump out a lot of YouTube users will actually scroll down. They'll take a look at comments and the look at the related videos and Seles related videos . Suggested videos on the right hand side, having really good, effective thumbnails. And besides the views, the Samos, the search there is an additional positive effect through the Google YouTube algorithm, where YouTube will say, Okay, well, this user watch this video and then they click through toe watch this video as well, and over time the algorithm begins toe link thes two types of videos together. Eso This brings additional views and additional rankings and additionally more chance that the algorithm will be featuring your videos and ranking. You hire within the featured videos here as well the suggested videos. So a lot of good can come from having really good thumbnails and effective thumbnails. So these are things to keep in mind that it's only gonna bring you views directly. It's also gonna help influence having your video showing up as suggested videos alongside other videos. And the more clicks you get, the more the algorithm is gonna tie the relationship together. And that's what you all ultimately want to do. Is you want to build that relationship between your videos and the videos that are playing and tie yourself to as many other videos as possible and hopefully get in as much suggested video as possible. So also keeping in mind that YouTube on Lee has user actions to go by Teoh determine what is relevant. Eso they can't readily compare. They do have other metrics that they're gonna be looking at as well, so it's not gonna be only that. But this is definitely one of the main meth metrics because it simulates user action on user interest in video content. 3. Course Information everything about Thumbnails: in this course, we're going to be discussing YouTube, Thumbnails and importance of YouTube. Thumbnails were going to be looking at various thumbnails and the messages they convey. Eso. The unique thing about YouTube thumbnails is it's able to tell, ah, visual emit picture of what's gonna be happening within your video. Eso This is definitely something that people will look at when they are performing search. And, as you can see here, it's It's appearing as well within YouTube as well as in with Google Search. So this gives a clear advantage to these videos if someone is searching for kids videos that they're gonna be clicking up here a top more likely than they are gonna be clicking down here just because there are videos that are showing up. And this is one of the strategies that people use to gain and gather more traffic to their websites and to get more videos, more people to see their own content. Eso the follow through is that you're gonna get more clicks going through your YouTube video, and then, from there you can drive that traffic onwards to you. Your website eso There's a good follow through of the traffic as well as it is a way to kind of get your message across to searchers, people searching for content and so that they can quickly and easily determine what your videos could be built and what they can expect from your video. So very important part of video marketing and video optimization on YouTube are going to be the videos and the video thumbnails and what they're going to be representing. So we're gonna be analyzing video thumbnails, and we're gonna be basically talking about how to best optimize that and the effects that thumbnails can have, and the message is that you can get across. 4. Basic of Thumbnails: essentially when you upload content to YouTube. So I'm just looking at one of the videos that I have on YouTube here. So this is an account that I created in order to create some tutorial videos on you. Demi eso here. We've got one of the videos that I've uploaded. And when we talk about thumbnail optimization, we look at eso these air the basic thumbnails that YouTube has for any video that you uploaded. They do generate pre generate three default thumbnails. And as a default, when you do upload the video, they're gonna usually select the center one as your default thumbnail eso We've got that one here. And as we can see, if we do save that, that should actually change what the video is gonna look like. And now that I've changed this thumbnail, we can see that it's not as visually appealing as my previous thumbnail. Was eso one of the things that we're doing with thumbnails? And we talked about thumbnail optimization is we're not using the basic default thumbnails , and what we're doing is we're uploading a custom thumbnail in order to promote and optimize clicks going through to the video eso these air clicks showing up that can effectively get you more clicks as it shows up within search on Google as well as it sort of shows up within search on YouTube s O. This is the whole idea of thumbnail optimization is to really optimize thes types of thumbnails and generally try not to use the default YouTube thumbnails unless sigh. Your video has very a graphics and somehow that they've captured a really good screenshot most of the time. That's not going to be the case. And most the time you will be able to improve on that information. Eso within this course, we're gonna be talking about what you can do with thumbnails and what kind of messaging you can actually get across on thumbnails and how to change the mills, update them and optimize them to grow a church, your video views and to get a better performance within search, which ultimately can lead to better performance for your video overall. But when you do want to update your thumbnail on YouTube, you would select the video. Or you could do this when you've uploaded the video and just simply select custom thumbnail , go to your computer and select the thumbnail you that you want to use and and just hit upload. And this will upload that thumbnail as the default thumbnail that will show up in your video and or represent your video on YouTube and then just hit save changes. And now we can see that when we go back out to video manager, these changes should have taken place, and we're back to, ah, customize thumbnail that side designed for optimization as well as when you go to the channel, you're gonna be able to see that this video is showing up via the thumbnail. And it's not exactly using the default default video content that YouTube had selected for the video itself. 5. Custom thumbnail best practices: So when it comes to creating thumbnails for a YouTube, I generally use photo shop, but there are a bunch of different resources. So if you don't have photo shop, there's several free software that's equivalent to photo shop. That's open source. We're gonna have the was listed within the resources of this video, the resource file. So don't forget to download that. That's in the beginning of the course s. Oh, this is just our photo shop example. And we're gonna be discussing what are the custom thumbnail best practices, as suggested by YouTube. Eso what, you're gonna be looking for us having a resolution off 12 80 by 7 20 with a minimum pixel width of 6 40 So what that means is, when you're setting your canvas size, you want to set your canvas size to that size in order to really optimize the content that you're creating. So this is how you do it. Within photo shop, you can set the canvas size, and generally I like to create the canvas size and then load in the content and design it at full size. Eso This saves me the trouble of downsizing it. If I don't get the ratio proper. So this saves me that the any issues that I might have somewhere down the line eso that's always the best practice. And that's usually the way that I started. I create my canvas at the suggested size. And the reason being is, when you're looking at this, you're thinking, Well, that's kind of big, because the thumbnails when you look at them, they're not really that big on the screen. And if you do open them up, open up the midget and you tab, the images aren't really 12 80 by 7 20 So you're gonna look at this and say, Well, you know, why do I have to make them not big? And the reason being is that you got to remember that your YouTube videos, they're gonna be across a number of different plot funds. So this is why it encompasses this sizing mechanism so that this works and it looks good on the really big screen. So somebody is using a media device to put YouTube on their TV or if there sharing their computer over onto their TV screen and they've got a really big screen, your YouTube images still gonna look good. Eso There's a number of different platforms accessing YouTube in a number of different ways as well. So they're going to be looking at all these different sizes. And it could be anywhere from that smaller size that were just looking at really small size that you're going to see within certain this one here as well is going all the way up Teoh the full size of 12 ET on by 7 20 So that's what is going to be the maximum determined by YouTube, the maximum size that there could be showing thumbnails. That s so This is why have a resolution of at least 12. 80 on the minimum should be 6 40 Because you got to remember as well that the dimensions are going to stay the same. So the relationship is going to see the same. So even if you go down to 6 40 your pixel with your pixel height should be half of 7 20 which is 3 60 s, so you should be going down to a minimum of 6 40 by 3 60 But do try to stay within the full size of 12 80 by 7 20 Good thing about YouTube video is is they could be J pegs. They could be Jeffs. They can be bit maps. They can be P and G's, so all the different formats to create images are acceptable on YouTube. The only thing that you do have to watch for is the size limit. So two megabytes size limits, which usually is pretty good for any images that you're creating, even a high quality. You're going over the two megabyte limit. Eso. You might have to lose a little bit on quality when you are saving your images with when you are using photo shop, you can see the size there and then you can adjust. Start the different qualities. So maximum resolution for this image, it's going to be 363.3 kilobytes. Eso That's well under the two megabyte limit, even at a maximum 100% quality. And the other thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you are using that 16 by nine aspect ratio. Eso It's the most used aspect ratio for you to players and previews, and so you do want to keep it at this thats ratio to keep in mind. This well, is that this thumbnail is gonna be the one that's gonna show up here and it's gonna represent your video so anywhere your video is going to be shared and showing they're going to show the thumbnail as a representation of the video. And this is why the dimensions as well matter to make sure that it's fitting in within most player sizes and all the default player sizes on YouTube. So when you do go to a video, you do have options to embed the videos and you'll notice when you do to go to embed the video, the aspect ratio is gonna be always that default 16 to 9 aspect ratio. 6. Follow Youtube Policy: So when you are creating thumbnails, there's a couple things. There's a few things to definitely keep in mind. It's from just a general room rule of thumb. When you create thumbnails, make sure that you are following community guidelines. Eso If you're not familiar with YouTube's community guidelines, it is a good idea to kind of read through those and understand what YouTube expects from you because you definitely don't want to cross over any of the guidelines. The some nails shouldn't be sexually aggressive, violent or graphic on. They may cause your video to get age restricted. So just from the thumbnail alone, it may cause your video to get age restricted and age restricted partner videos will not have the advertising served against them and will not appear on browser pages. Also, if you do violate the terms of your ability to upload your custom thumb, no thumbnails might be revoked. And if you're consistently doing that as well, and if you do get that privilege revoked, then you're not gonna be able to restore that privilege into your YouTube channel account. Eso This is some stuff to keep in mind as well as you've got to keep in mind when you are creating your thumbnails, they have to be consistent with the content of your video. Eso don't just make thumbnails for the sake of making thumbnails that are gonna be captivating, you have to keep in mind that the thumbnails have to be in line with the content of your video. Are looking at different thumbnails that people are creating. Don't just create a thumbnail that might attract attention might attract clicks. If it has absolutely nothing to do with your video, then you're pushing the lines with YouTube. Policias Well, eso make sure that you always stay in line with policy. Ah, and even though if a thumbnail that works of it drives traffic through, you do risk the chance of upsetting YouTube and eventually Gettings penalized for your actions. Eso the benefit the long term. Usually, when it comes to YouTube, the short term benefit of being able to guy more traffic is not gonna be worth the cost that it's gonna have associated with it. When you're not able to to access your channel and to properly optimize on your channel 7. Quick Tips on Thumbnails: a number of different ways. Different software to create thumbnails of the whole bunch of different ones available online. The one that we're gonna be using within this course is going to be Photoshopped eso. We're gonna be using Photoshopped, but there's a lot of software that's going fairly similar to Photoshop that you can download, and it's free to use eso. There's always gimp right now, I guess Version 2.8. We're also gonna have these resources listed out within the resource files of this course, So we're gonna have a bunch of great links in there so you can download and use the software along to create some really good cool thumbnails Soft for your YouTube videos. Also keeping in mind when you are creating thumbnails. Oftentimes you're gonna upload something, and if you find it's not working, if it's not optimized, not optimal for your video content, you might want to try a few different versions of thumbnails to really see if they are effective. And they are getting more clicks through to watch your videos. So the thumbnails and the clicks they won't I. The way that they're gonna work in getting you more views is audience retention. Eso always also keep in mind that you want to keep your thumbnails in line with your video content to make sure that users, when they are clicking through that they're not disappointed in the content, and they're not quickly clicking off of your videos. A swell eso that's gonna negatively affect your YouTube algorithm for your video and another way, is looking at different thumbnails within YouTube. You can quickly pick out ones that will work ones that stick to you, sticking your mind and ones that are effective in getting your attention. And then the follow through is if they're relevant to the content of the video s. Oh, that's how you're looking at and determining what thumbnails are good and which thumbnails are gonna be effective to use within your thumbnail YouTube video marketing strategies