YOUTUBE QUEEN: Grow Your Subscribers + Views on YouTube as a Creative Art Channel | Lauren Poole | Skillshare

YOUTUBE QUEEN: Grow Your Subscribers + Views on YouTube as a Creative Art Channel

Lauren Poole, Textile Designer + Portrait Illustrator

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13 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Declare Your Niche

    • 3. Research Topics

    • 4. Show Up In Search

    • 5. Content Is King

    • 6. Promote Content

    • 7. Video Equipment

    • 8. Add Value

    • 9. Build Deeper Relationships

    • 10. Feed The Ecosystem

    • 11. Collaborate With Creators

    • 12. Stay Motivated

    • 13. The Hardest Part

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About This Class

This class gives you SO MUCH information on how to succeed on YouTube even if you have a small following or don't understand YouTube SEO.

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I go through everything there is to know about creating videos and getting discovered on YouTube!  Growing a following and gaining subscribers on YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint, and you have to love creating content in order for it to work.

But the awesome thing about YouTube is that it's a search-based platform, which means your content is evergreen and will continue being found years after you've created it.

I highly recommend the book, YouTube Secrets.  I've read it twice! :)

Lessons include:

  1. Declare Your Niche
  2. Research Topics
  3. Show Up in Search
  4. Content is King
  5. Promote Content
  6. Video Equipment
  7. Add Value
  8. Build Deeper Relationships
  9. Feed the Ecosystem
  10. Collaborate with Creators
  11. Stay Motivated

I also walk you through the process of which video equipment to use - it's okay to start out just using your iPhone and you can gradually upgrade.


Check out my list of resources at the link below.  Included are my favorite:

  • Art Supplies
  • Books
  • Design Tools
  • Programs & Software
  • Video Equipment

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