YOU can CODE: Learn HTML + CSS Basics in One Week!

Conor Muirhead, I design interfaces that help folks get stuff done

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About This Class

This class is great for anyone who wants to get started with HTML + CSS without having to commit to a big project or a lengthy class.

Your final project will be a simple one-page website about you or a topic of your choice!


Learn many of the important basics of HTML + CSS (example lesson video here) Create a beautiful one-page site for telling the story of Goldilocks (example site here) Apply what you learned from Goldilocks to create your simple one-page website Design & code the HTML + CSS for your site!


You'll only need to put in 10-20 minutes a day of active learning time (videos & reading) for the week You can spend as much or as little time working on your project as you'd like; the quality of your site will likely go up as you put in more quality work time We'll primarily focus on type and text, but you can bring your images and videos along, they're welcome to join us.

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Very straightforward and easy to understand. Would have liked to see a bit more of the tutor's code to double check elements (i.e a file in the last video that I can open and compare)





Conor Muirhead

I design interfaces that help folks get stuff done

About 6 years ago I decided I wanted to try changing my career path and start making websites for a living. There was just one problem—I didn't know anything about making websites!

So I bought some books, got myself a text-editor, and starting hacking away at tutorials. After about a week I was gaining some confidence, and started looking for my first real project: I was on a mission to find somebody who'd pay me $1,000 to make my first website. Fortunately it didn't take long, and within a couple weeks I had my first $1,000 project!

Ever since those first few weeks, I've been enchanted by the web, it allows anyone to create and share their thoughts, their dreams, and whatever else they might want to.

I've been designing and creating web projects every day since then, and getting paid well (usually more than $1,00) while doing it.

I believe that anyone can create on the web—if they just had a little help getting started! So here I am, eager to help!

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