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YOGA Workout for Strength and Balance. Start today - ALL Levels

teacher avatar Sarah, Certified Yoga and English Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome :)

    • 2. Lets Flow - Your Yoga Flow

    • 3. Lets Meditate - Positive Affirmation Meditation

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About This Class

Today's Yoga class is a mix of postures to build strength and postures to build balance and clarity.

Start your day off strong and with a clear mind. I focus on modern yoga practice and try not to take anything too seriously. Have fun with the postures and enjoy the sensations you feel in your body. That being said, if something doesn't feel right in a particular posture, do not force it. Listen to your body and take any modifications you feel necessary. 

We will end the class with a Positive Affirmation Meditation. Positive Affirmations are phrases we repeat to ourselves to try and change the thought pattern in our subconscious mind. The subconscious is super powerful and to change the negative thoughts we may have there we need to consistent with re-programming it. The meditation is less than 5 minutes and is a simple and peaceful way to end your yoga practice. Close your eyes, listen and repeat.

Breath at your own pace baring in mind what feels natural for your body and your rhythm. There is no perfect practice and we are all at different stages in our physical, emotional and spiritual body, so enjoy the session and leave feeling proud of your progress!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Certified Yoga and English Teacher


Hi Guys :)

I'm Sarah and I'm an experienced Yoga Instructor and Native English Teacher. 

I did my 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher's Training in Barcelona, Spain. Yoga has been a part of my life for the past 11 years. It has been something I have always come back to even after phases of avoiding it. Although I studied Ashtanga, I normally practice a mix of all different styles of Yoga. For me yoga is all about movement and exploring the capabilities of the body. With a good playlist and an open mind, we'll all leave feeling a little more clarity!

Alongside yoga,I am also TEFL Certified and have been teaching for over 7 years. I am currently teaching for the fourth year in a school in Barcelona, Spain. At this school I teach all ag... See full profile

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1. Welcome :): Hi, guys. And welcome to yoga Workout for strength and balance. We have a lot in store for you today. All right? So thanks so much for checking out my video today. We're going to focus on a yoga flowed up, focuses on feeling strong and balanced through various poses. We will gain muscles, flexibility and clarity. After the yoga flow, I will finish with a positive affirmation medication to leave you feeling good mentally and spiritually. Remember to listen to your body and never force any closes. And most of all, feel feel everything your body is feeling. Thank you. Now let's get started. 2. Lets Flow - Your Yoga Flow: one of your mats did uncomfortable for a strong practice today. Hands intern leaves behind your back. Now let's raise your arms above your head, and it's just stretch it out from side to side and let's go to get back. Hands behind your head, looking at your funds and folding forward found the hips here. We're gonna just stretch out each leg at a time, Try and keep that back its street as possible. Okay, ending the knees, pelvis, two guys, and that's step or jump into a plane and lowering down. Chop it on, go and into Cobra here. Let's feel that. Strengthen our lower back and let's look up okay and now into downward facing dog, the first dollar facing dog of the Siri's, which is always a good time to just stretch out those hand strings, which could be really tight. The more rats here feeling that strength between each change of legs. So being that back us splatters, possibly. All right, and step or jump to your hands Pulis to thighs and halfway up. And if you're going to come back up to standing, Mr Hand over cuts lower in her hands to our sides And don't do that in acid in your time. Hands above your head and down Teoh athlete list. He's looking straight back straight step or jump into playing and down Taronga into upwards . It's looking, uh, cobra into downward facing dog again, stepping them those legs out a gun or keeping them straight if you feel comfortable. Okay. This summer, music right leg up in the air. Try and keep it straight to your and we're gonna bring it in between our hands coming into war. Your one cans above your heads Feeling that Strengthen your time. Make sure your knee is not over your ankle. You want to be at a 90 degree angle and just feel that strength now moving into warrior two here, we want our hips to be paralleled for wall because make sure you're not sticking your inclined part sucking in your all right and into warrior three. This is a great stretching side of your body. Okay? We don't wanna put too much pressure on that left leg it all, So make sure you're supporting yourself If your thighs not with your hands on your thighs okay. When kneeling down and back to the Congo on into looking up and the downward facing dog flat back. This time we're going to go up with Ella left leg to step it out. Before you do that in Les llega, I feel not strength on your right leg, which is now supporting you. And bring that left leg in between your hands come up into warrior. Remember, throughout all this, you should be inhaling and a feeling at your own scoots. Okay, everyone has their own speed there. Your hips are going to be facing the funnel driven. When we come into Warrior two as we are now, your hips changed the parallel with football. So be very closest that here is while a lot of discipline comes in our hands being straight , they wanted straight. And now coming into warrior three everything about nice straight. That nice stretch in our left side. Okay? Always turned in here. Friends. All right, when you're down, we're going to move now to again. Rhonda Well, breath monster, I will not sit back and into downward facing dog. Remember to three think about how you are feeling this current moment. Alright, right? Like back up in the air in between our hands and coming back up the true for your one this time we're going to do a little inversion to take in your left hand to the outside of your right leg, right foot trying for your hand flat on the ground if you can not. You can always use a block, and your right arm is up in the air. You want to be straight and in line with your mother, Okay? From here, we're going to go into a little bit of balance and posture so that right leg is gonna be super strong and supporting you. Make sure you're looking at one particular thing to your balance and we want our left life to be in line will follow. So as you can see, there's no arching about. Okay, good job taking this leg now the left leg and wrapping it around your right leg and let's sink into this foster a little bit. Our arms as well are interlaced. This is a really good foster to cut circulation for a moment. While we are trying to create a blobs longer in the siento inhale exhale. That's a leave this posture and we're gonna go into a little going out just to fielding's. Those with ease tensions come back out and folding four years. Well, paying guys to tell this coming up to half word stance, we're going to go into a step or jump into playing, lowering into Cobra, feeling that after a little bit warm up and into downward facing dog, remember? And victories. Okay, last, like, coming up. And we're gonna bring it in between on coming up again, Toe Warrior one. And we're going to that inversions this time. You're right. Arm goes to the outside of your left foot a lot on the ground or law, and we want our arms to be in line, which could be quite difficult. As you can see, make sure that both of your legs are really strong and around you to the floor longer to breathe. Okay, Now we're going to go into our left side of the balance. Foster left side started. Most people could be quite tough. So here we really need to focus on one point. Something to stare at that will help us focus into our bounds. Your left, like here is your support systems. And make sure you're really over and conscious off this support it's giving you. And look how our body is in line. They're just coming around now. The right leg is going to wrap around the left, like, insane with your arms, and you're going to sink into that feeling the tension and they cut off the blood flow. Can't feeling that we will be minutes after. It's always a nice feeling that a lot of growing extra stone to all salts that was being held back. Okay, getting yourself back, stretching it out a little bit where it feels necessary. We're gonna take a big steps here. Legs wide apart can resume this video, but legs wide apart and dropping your hips. We're going to fold forwards, Okay? We're only gonna fold. Ask Florida's we can, keeping our back straight. So if you start to curve your back than do not lower down to state where you can, it's been her hands on her hips. Theory should be a lot of started in the eyes and lips, and they were trying to move down there. 12. It's not with our back because streaming back, who needs to be done coming up strong. We're now going to internalise our hands here. Actually, we're going to rob our vic Toews to help pulls down. Okay, so we are going to keep that back straight again. What? This time, instead of going on tips, we are going to grab our big close remembering to three. Okay? Grabbing your hips to cops, even feel that strength. And you were going to interlace your hands behind our back and hold. Or this is really great for our shoulder blades. We're gonna feel a nice stretch, not only in our supplies, but in our upper back leading in all the tents, parts of my body. It's at the moment. Okay? And coming up strong, busying ourselves, we're gonna come back down one more time. This time, our hands are gonna go flat on the ground in between our Kate. Okay? And you're going to kind of push the ground with your hands. This is really gonna help us get a little bit lower again. Remember trying to your back as straight as possible. And our legs Our legs are straight here, but we're not going to over tense then over flaps. Then if you don't want, needs to have too much pressure. So there's allowed to be a little bit of a flex less in glory. Mean it's OK. They don't have to be a 5% street grabbing your hips to come back up. Okay? And now we're gonna put her normal. Stretch it out. You're gonna really feel something in your legs. Here and again, Hands above your head, Working. They're going to win Yasa full, straight back again to up to length and a clover bring into downward facing dog. My body is a lot more weight announced, that's all. Still good wondering catch up on their breath here. Okay, right. Like goes up. This time I'm gonna take it over to the other side. So now we're gonna fold it. It's almost like a little bit of a hip both tonight. And bring that leg and in between lives again into warrior one coming up strong. This time we're going home to prayer, possibly being fined Alba, and we're going to fold forward. The key here is both of our leads are going to be straight. And, of course, on back is going to ST. It's such a good stretch. But if you can touch your legs touch your nose to your legs, just holding this posture. That's wrong. Switch size. The strongest possible folding forward. Some sides might be easier than others, doctor. Okay. Except doing in that forces you like. Why you so so they are strong. Now I'm gonna look a more bounce and cultures now that we've really gained to strengthen our life. So grabbing the inside of your not foot with your left arm right arm is going straight out here. It's all about again supporting yourself in that right leg. We want to find a bounce between full from your arm to the left, like that, holding this closure, staring at one particular slot for us to keep our balance. And okay, that's your news that shake it out. And the other life. Now again, finding a holder for guests left arms long and strong out in front of you again finding that balance. It's not about how high you can pick up. Just want to buy hips Still square to the ground in this postures. No, the off. That confidence wasn't happened since it doesn't come with does it come from? I think this is too much for you mentioned with dissent popsters There's just do the best you can cluster, never pushing yourself too far. That's Bob until the self folding forward to the ground size to tell this and stepper jump teach lakes more down under chest, sticking out here to downward facing dog. Look at the slot back and sure about it's nice and slot and stuck out here stretching out a little bit. And let's go down into position on the gun. You're Randy Ultimate legs and arms. Here. I have my left those out much on right on out. Take them out and bring a boat to me. This is a really good workout for or and it also helps with the balance. So when our arms and legs air out one about finding straight as possible and then want to touch available to that's continuing side a little bit remembering to breathe. Okay, Now, before this such sides, we're going to quickly just jump into little starts there, back table proposition now and switching sides. So you're right, like your left arm stretching out, out, fingering in the meteo, never you touching me to your album. Make sure you're squeezing your course you're going full potential of this workout. So, uh, it's all about the things fall, Okay, stretching it out. So you want almost still a child taste, but with your eyes and like, stretched out there again? Now we're moving into by a plank. You were just going to go forward and backwards on five plants. Dennis is a really good core workout, and now we're moving on to our four arms with the same deal. OK, so moving forward and backwards this time on our four ARNs backed up by a plank, we're gonna go onto side soon. Left arm on the ground, right arm Here. Your legs are helped on each other. And just make sure that our kids are not dipping too much. And it's quite a hard foster to dio just trying your best to not sink too much into this culture. Okay? Changing sides again, really focusing on our core here. Typical straighter arms should be again. It is hard to not sink your lips that tried to focus on that. She had a full potential off this posture to bring back in line. And now the Tonga on into Colbert Foster moving into dollar facing dog. Feeling it out there and back onto on wouldn't do the cut. How stretch here. So changing our foster's really just looking on our bath here. Why back Brad's feeling outside from your neck and then living archer back feeling at your back. And this time we're gonna go into Kitchen Foster. OK? This feels so great. All of your lower body, Okay, we're gonna keep are held up straight, and then we're gonna for all our hands out and just sing into this pasta just feels really good on the head. This is where we're really gonna focus on our breath back up, taking your left hand and less left foot. We're gonna try and just feel that stretch. This will feel really strong on your left. Five. Okay. Oh, full as far as you can. And you can always brought your partner hands together as well. To feel extent with this posture. Defense to Nashville always just let go second. Okay, We're gonna now full forward whilst still grabbing on left foot with your left arm just to feel the maximum possible stretch. We can Okay, tell me back up and gotten length. We're going to again. Switch it up and we're going to look at a little stretch here that will prepare us for school. It's in the future that's taking a right leg straight out. Just hold forward towards that right leg to its stretch there and here we are interested, Of course, if you can do is just sticking to the previous Foster. It's what's just really take a long time effort. So no rush. And if you are almost there, treat your bouncing. Okay, Now let's do pigeon pose on the other side, our hands out and just lead down a little bit reading number brothers and most important part of this practice. Okay, back up. It's time. Light hands to your like foot pulling as much as you can. And you want into law here, your fingers from both hands together behind your head. You steal that. Scratch your life by mental state with war right foot, your right hand. Let's follow your left hand and lay into foster from the sides are gonna be stiffer than others. And that's okay on. And we're going to go into our right. Me stretching out our math to lie, get straight as possible like we did in the other side. Hearing split for the splits in the other side. We were just sinking as much as possible on the straight left leg. Yes. Let's see how far we can go. Some sides are always more difficult again, balancing to a little bit. Okay, so I'm not gonna go crazy on this side of its tiger. You're just going to let themselves yield lightness. I know. Now we're gonna come into a little bit of a seating posture when we're opening our hips. Just a quick little one and opening our legs into Big Z. She wanna go us? Why does you can, But we want to keep our backs straight. So you really can't go That while which super typical? When you haven't been practicing for a while, then what's okay? We just want to get to a posture where our back is straight and we can use our hands behind her. But fine. To support ourselves. Okay. Sign to grab your right foot with your life are we're going to stretch to the right side. The most important part here is to keep your back straight. Let's switch sides to the left. make sure your back straight feel good stretching legs in a size. Here. We're going to just kind of grabbed the center of the floor and try our best to lean forward again. Going back to Robin, not floor. So you can perceive that bones. It's going to play to Ganga and Barbara or almost finished these practice. But really good. And we are looking now at going into then by plank, downward pigs and go my planks. Doing that didn downward facing. Still, it's like a slow thinking about the ocean blank gunned down with racing dog and step jump from a fugitive from the not moving forward lift coming up standing okay, shaking it out into my flock in your hands behind your back again. Hands on your head, folding forward thighs to Elvis and stepping back to Kober. Posture. Downward facing dog down to our knees. We're gonna go into a big little can stand if they're not able. Do not stay in this posture here if you are kick up feeling strong as possible. He even told in our legs up about our birds. Four. Strong and huge. That's the most important, but breezed down. You get into child was okay. It's been a really good practice today. Guys. I hope you feel that stretching all of our body, which is the point of this practice until the next class. Thank you very much. 3. Lets Meditate - Positive Affirmation Meditation: guys. And welcome to positive affirmation. Meditation. I hope this circus you bell after your yoga practice, we do positive affirmations to help us change our subconscious mind. So even just listening and repeating these phrases in your head or allowed will help you change that mind pattern set. Okay, so I advised to listen to the phrase repeat and then, of course, degree. Okay. Enjoy. I am enough. I loved the person I am growing to be. I am surrounded by people to love me. I focus on what I see Control and let go off what I can't. Okay. I am a zillion and can get through anything. I am emotional and that is a beautiful quality. I know my boundaries and stand vibe in. Yeah, I love my body as it is today. I am grateful for my house. Five choose love, but not just anyone. I choose the love that I designed. Peter. Thank you, everyone for listening to positive affirmations. I hope they sit well with you and you can carry them on throughout your day. See you later.